The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 18, 1924 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1924
Page 11
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS PACE FI.FVF.N. MORE MONEY IN SHEEP RAISING A. J. Brenn, of Stafford County, TelU of the Profit In Sheep. "I would rather look aftor fifty sheet) than flvo cows," Is tho way A. J. Brenn, a Stafford comity live atock broader putB his stamp of approval on sheep-ralslng. Mr, Brenn, whose place Is located three miles northwest of St. John, bought ten brod blacltfaco ewes flvo years ago, Sheep were higher then than now and ho pRlfl $20 a head for thorn. But at that price, they proved a mighty flno, Investment. He has sold a good many the last five yearB from his Initial flock nhd still has on band about 275 head. Mr. Brenn takes mighty good cnro of his flock, but sayB that a furinor must be on the Job In any department of his activities, It he makes a success. Mr, Brenn Is strong for sheep, not only for the money ho makes out of them, but for tho good they do the land by fertilizing it. Ho had his sheep on bis wheat long after the farmers bad removed other stock. The cheep had eaten the wheat down 10 closely that many people who noticed It believed tho wheat would never make a crop, but It did. The yield was 22 bushels to tho acre, lie said. At harvest lime, when he had about half of his wheat cut, ho turned his sheep In the stubble and kept tbotu there until he completed the listing. The sheep kept tho tender foxtail grass and other green things eaten up about as fast as they would appear. Not only did they do this, but ho says they ate every wheat head that dropped to the ground, thin also being a good thing, for with the dropped wheat out of the field, there Is little chanco for volunteer wheat In his fields. Mr. Brenn says that a farmer can get a start of ten blackface ewes at prcsdW prices for about $150. He cannot see why mora farmers do not have a flock. District Rally at Evangelical Church Qil and Gas News TO DRILL DEEPER IN THE , . SALLEE WELL IS A PLAN the hole for 1,000 feet It Is said. Every man, woman and child in Wichita is said to be watching this test and It was expected to drill it In late this afternoon. Wichita is expecting a big play to start In that vicinity in tho event this Is brought In as an oil well. The 8allee well le to be drilled deeper—In the event the etock- holdert eo decide. Thle was the decision reached by the meeting of the people Interested in thle tett, northwest of town In the Sand Hills, se. 3-22-6w, Farmers Railed Money,' The meeting was held at the office of Davis and Child, Mr, Child having been In charge of the n- nanceB of this well from the beginning, Jt was enthusiastic. Far- mors In the vicinity ot the well have raised $1,500 to deepen the test and they did this with tho understanding that the stockholders of the company would taise a HKe amount. For this reason It was voted to levy on assessment of 5 per cent on the stock and whon It is paid In to use this fund for drilling still deeper In this hole. Dowri to 3815. • The Sallee was down to 3815 feet when work Was stopped by Youker find Douglnse a month ago, waiting for a drilling line to be secured from another tcBt. Tho bit had jiassed out of moro than 100 feet of hard lime and had gone about night feet Into black shale In a "break" In this lime. There are about 150 feet of open hole in the test. Tho plpo may be underreamed down to begin with and then drilling will proceed. Ail of these facta will be determined when the money is paid In and tne funds are at hand to drill deeper. The company is sending out a letter to tho stockholders today which explains the plan. WICHITA IS EXCITED ABOUT UN OIL TEST Wichita pooplo are excited about au oil tost being drilled a mllo and a half northwest of Clearwater, Sedgwick county, in section 4-29- 2w. This Is about 40 miles south- cast of Hutchinson and is the first test made In that section of the country. The Superior Oil company and Mark Curtis are drilling the test on the McMillan farm. The tost hit nn oil sand formation a fow days ago and oil came up in A district rally will ba,hold tomorrow at the First Evangelical church, opening al*10:30 o'clock in .the morning and lasting until after tho evening services which will start at 7:30 o'clock. The ladies of, the local congregation will servo lunch at noon In the church dinging room. Delegates are expected from Alden, Otterle, and Bast Hutchinson. Tho program is as follows: 10:30, Dovollonais—Mrs. K. A. Blur- ray. 10:45, Ktdclency—Mrs. E. F. Horer, Offerlo Discussion. 11, Membership— Mr». Potter—Discussion. 11:15. Piano Solo—Mrs. I», H. Heth-,| orat; Song, H:30, Social-hour and lunch. 1:31), Song •ervlcn. led by Mri. A. ic. Ashley; Duett, Miss Burnett and Mrs. ErUL 1:45, Orltorlcal Contest—Mr*. K. M. Collins; discussion. 2, Tithing and Thank offering-—ilrt. Chafi. Llpp; discussion. 2:15, P IRIIO Solo—.Mrs. W. A. Keller. 2:30, SolMt'nhil and Day of l J rayer— Mrs. W. O. Snnd; discussion. 3:45. Work In Orient—Miss Wertle Wlllett; Duett—Mrs. Oiston and Mrs. itethorat. 3. Alrlca—Mrs. I. P. nicks. 3:11). K«M Bird Mission—Mrs. M. J. Btelnmeta. 3:20, Italian Missions—Miss 11. bi. Cook. 1:30, ound Tahle—Song. Coyotes Thick Along the River Coyotes are thick In the Arkansas river bo: torn southeast of Hutchinson, according to' C. 12. King, manager of the McArthur Coal Co., who with a group of men went on a wolf chase Sunday morning and scared up five coyotes with a pack of wolf hounds. » Another wolf chase will be hold next Sunday. Thoso who wish to follow the hounds ou the chase are Invited to meet at tho McArthur Packing plant at 9:30 Sunday morning. Five packs of wolf hounds will bo on hand for tho event. No one will be allowed to- carry guns on the chase. Plan for^Revlval. Special services will bo held Wednesday night at the Hadley Memorial church in preparation of tho revival which will start at the church Sunday night. Itev.Edward Bridwell, pastor, will preach. Confined to Home. Itev. C. S. McAllster pastor of the Church of Go* Is conflnod to his home with a bad case of the grip. • *3 AS an Ounce of Prevention everyday. eatlbSt'S bian flakes. 4 More Days Of Jewelry A u c T I o N SALE 2:00 P. M. and 7:30 P. M. Daily I FREE! A beautiful present given to each of the first 20 tadlea attending every afternoon's sale. A genuine diamond ring given away after each day'a sale. mws Jewelry Co. 120 N. Main INTO A "PINK SHALE" • IN EVERLEIGH WELL. The Rowtnna company, drilling the Kverletgh No. 1, ne. 22-18-13w, near Holsliiglon In the Cheyenne Bottoms, has the hole down Homo- whore below 3600 feet and Is said to still bo drilling. The bit passed into a pink shale, declared to be the sfrata found above tho best oil voln/found. In Sooy well. Tho report is that the Ftoxanna company is pleased with prospects. This well has been drilling for nearly threo years and doesn't cause very much enthusiasm right now, for It Is a "long time being finished." STILL WORK ON "TITLES" IN THE SIFERS DISTRICT. There Is no activity at tho Sifors No. I, Salt Marsh district southwest of Raymond, s. e. 23-21-llw. there being some matters regarding titles to land being taken through the court • In Stafford county. There are rumors that things will start up there again when these titles are nil right. The hole was shut down three months ago with the bit around 22-10 fee;:. H. C. Cooper of Holslnglon, associated with Langston and King, are drilling thin test. 3000 feet today and drilling ahead. The plan Is to drill as far an possible before sotting the six-inch casing down via the underrenming route. The water was expected at this place and Morgan Brothers, drillers, tiro feeling good over the progress being made at the test. WANT TO TAKE SHORT TO THE WELCH "PAY." The plan of the company in effnrgo of drilling Hie Short well, west of town, ne. 13-23-Sw, Is to ralso sufficient finds to drill down to tho Welch pay snn*, which should be not to exceed 200 or 250 feet deeper and tho funds are being gotten together for this purpose and with this intention. The hole In down to 3500 f6ot, the contract depth, and Is In good shape for going ahead with the work. THE BOCK MAKING HOLE ONCE MORE. • The Crane and Hoffine test, the No. 1 Bock, northeast of Ellinwood in the Little Choyenne Bottoms is down about 400 feet. The rig was skidded from the first test where a rig bad blown down twice and whero thero was trouble with the hole. The rotary rig was final- 1;* supplanted by a standard cable tool rig. There are now no rotary outfits drilling in the Bottoms. THE TAUL WELL 13 DRILLING AHEAD. Tho No. 1 Tnul well in the Cheyenne Bottoms Ms -drilling abend somewhere below 1300 feet, since work was resumed there by Wichita parties who took it over. THINGS MOVING AT O'HALLORAN TEST. The bit Is going on down at the O'Halloran test, nw. 8-25-0w, southwest of Castleton, where Everet Douglass Is drilling on down for Gano and Hufflne. The hole is somewhere hclow 3250 feet and drilling slowly In bard lime. MORE WATER FOUND IN THE IRWIN WELL. The drillers reached another water sand in tho Irwin well late esterday, at about 2QS5 feet and the bit is going on down, being near Filling the Joints on Medora Pavement The cracks and joints in the Madora concrete pavement are being cleaned, scratched, brushed and blown out now and being filled with an asphaltlo joint filler, heated and poured In. It Is tho method required to protect tho rough edges where there has been Borne wear In the past two years. The Mrrtnra •••>, r,' <« <•> ""• usually good condition. It la only |«ten feet wine ui,t ,. .. ,,. hard roads out of Hutchinson thai Is thoroughly appreciated, for It takes tho hlghwoy through what would otherwise be a sandy stretch of country. INVITES PARENTS TO THE SCHOOLS Special Attention this Week to Education Week Observance. verslty of KanBas, will speak Wednesday morning In a general assembly at the high school. Parents have been invited by .1. W. Oownns? superintendent of city schools to visit the schools during Education week, this week, to see what kind of work the children are doing. Each day Is being worked out In accordance with some outlined program In observance of national education week. Citizenship was carried out in all the classes yesterday nnd talks wero made on what bearing the various subjects, history, mathematics and English would have on the making of a good citizen. In tho music classes students have figured out how much time is spent at leisure. Out of a class of 15 one day a week was found to be unaccounted for. Music Is being suggested as a good substitute for thn time wasted. Posters nro being made by art pupils to Illustrate the seven cardinal objectives of education which are being applied this week. In the senior high school study hall Miss \ Evelyn Evans has very cleverly illustrated tho "worthy leisure" wllh books: John Gnagy has represented a healthy athlete with a tooth brush and Miss Josephine Hulse has painted the seven cardinal objectives in classic letters. As part of the week's program, Prof. K. A. Schwegler, of the department of education at the TJnl- FAIRVIEW it seems the weather man has no rain for us. It has cleared off again without giving us any rain. On Tuesday night of last week tho Kumjolnus Sunday school class met with Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Snodgrass. On Thursday morning Harold Detler was taken to Grace hoe. pltal and operated on for appendicitis. The appendix was perfor­ ated but ho is reported to bo getting along nicely. Mrs. Chns. Schnrdoln spent n few days with hor sister at Little Hlver. Tho Mllzuer family motored to Kingman on Sunday to visit with Mr. Mltzner's parent?. Dortha and Cleo Snodgrass spent Sunday with Mary King. Mr. IT. J. Oelst is overseeing the building of a house for Ida Fastrow. Ttev.- Stevens started a series of meetings on Sunday. Mrs. Bottoms returned to her homo in Hutchinson on Saturday after spending three weeks Mrs. Short. Some of tho members of Farm Bureau attended 'he ann i nl meeting held at Salem on Fr: day. Grandpa Mahuran had his For: painted Inst week. h To Play at McPherson. l.loyd Hohiday and hi?. orf*h^«fr^ will go to MrPherflon Thor^'hr.- night, to piay for a dance to ':>«' ^n by the Busine^ run! Prof.*-Mnn. il Women's Hub of 'hnr. ..• i; -.. The postman of Anni'!*"-!. KS'JT- laud, lias been elected mavcr. 6tart Out at 11. Sallna, Kan., Nov. 18.—Violations of Snlina'a new traffic ordinance cost first offenders a dollar apiece Scores of drivers have paid the regulation cost for losson No. 1, most of them thereby learning that U- turns are prohibited In Iron ana Santa Fo avenues. Family Washing All Ironed, Partly Ironed, or Wet Wnsh We Use IVORY SOAP and SOFT WATER Model laundry tmr CLEANERS IMIW ».i «tt«d WUltr IMkB. Ml> PHONE 4 4 Old Time Medicine SaEe Closes Saturday, November 22 On Rexall Remedies and other Medicine Cabinet Needs Catarrh Jelly in tubfi 19c Dyspepsia Tablets, "b's 39- Asthma Powder. 0 or. 39c Cherry Bark Cough Syrup, 3 o.'.. 1£c ("berry Uark Cough Syrup. 7 oz.» 3So Cod Liver Oil Emulsion, 10 oz 79c Cod Tablets, Special :10's 19c Larkspur Lotion, 2 oz 19c Laxative Aspirin Cold Tablets, 21's ..' 19c Bronchial Tablets, 40's 15c Throat Gargle, 4 oz. .. 19c Throat Pastilles, 60's 29c inker's Petrofol (American) full quart .... 89c inker's Expectorant, 8 oz 49c Elkay's Rat and Roach Paste, 2 oz 19c Cascara Comp. Dr. Hlnkle's No. 3, 100's .. 23c Phenolphthaleln Laxative, pink, 100's 49c . Ilobell's Solution Tablets, 30's 19c Calomel Vi gr. ami Soda Tablets, 100's 15c Saccharin, y 3 gr. Tablots, 100's 23c Compound Cathartic Pills, 100's . .„ 29c Quinine Pills, 2 gr., 100's 59c Zinc Oxide Ointment, 2 oz 23c lloxall '93" Hair Tonic 39c Elkay's White Pine Tar and Wild « Cherry Compound ; 39c Puretest Zinc Sterrate, 1 oz. New sifter can 13c Look at These Unbeatable Prices On Puretest Products Boric Acid. S oz 23c Cream of Tartar. 2 oz 14c llochelle Salt, 4 oz. 19e Sodium Bicarbonate, r.ul 13c distant Aromatic, I oz 39c Glycerine, 4 oz ....23c Castor Oil, S oz • 39c Tincture of Iodine with applicator 19c No. fi Disinfectant, 5 oz 19--. No. 6 Disinfectant, gal $1.96 Rhinitis ,Tablets, lOu's 23c Greek Snge > 1 oz 7c Fuller's Earth. 4 oz 13c Flexible Collodion, 1 oz 1s),-. Puretest Ituhhiug Alcohol' 49c Puretest Epsom Salt. S oz 11c Puretest Epsom Salt, 5 pounds '. 69c Hexall Orderlies 39c Puretest Cod Llvor OU 51e Cnscnra Sagrada, 5 gr. tab., bottle of 100 .. 27c Puretest Sugar of Milk 45c The A. & A. Drug Co. The Rexall Store WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19—PRICES GOOD FOR THIS DAY ONLY Dress Goods and Silks wool printed 11.95 SERGE—An all wool French Serge, In colors. PRINTED SILK FAILLE—40-inch, all silk and Faille In now fall patterns. Suburban Day, <p I CANTON CREPE—40-Inch all silk heavy Canton Crepe In all now tall shades. 12.55 value. M QQ Suburban Day, Viivu CANTON CREPE—10-Inch, good heavy quality. 7Q All full shades. Suburban Day, $ 1 • I 3 CREPE DE CHINE—10-inch all silk Crepe de Chine OQA In all good colors. Suburban Day, O .ww SILK RADIUM—36-lncb all silk Radium. White, pink, tan, honey dew and black. •! QQ Suburban Day, y li£w FANCY CREPE8—An assortment of plain colors ftQft and stripes. Suburban Day, Www SERGE—30-luch ail wool Storm Sergo RQr» in all colors. Suburban Day, www 54-incb tl OR Suburban Day, ^ 11 ww WOOL CANTON CREPE—40 and 54-inch Wool Canton Crepo In a full line of colors, QQ Suburban Day, f£i03 Ready-To-Wear COATS—A lot of cloth coats, all wool material, «»Q QC full lined. Some have fur collars. Suburban Day, ^wiWW "COATS AT »19.75— Hero Is a saving to you ot Just 15.00 for today only wo.are going to sell regular tlQ 7K $24.75 Coats— Suburban Day, 9 • wil 3 COATS AT $33 .00— Here is a lot of good coats, fur collars, fine silk linings, fine materials; a big saving tQQ Ofi awaits you here. - Suburban Oay, yvwiUU DRESSES—Closing out a lot of Silk and Cloth Dresses; all this season's best styles; some are worth up to •Q QC 115.00 or more. Suburban Day Special, ^OitfU ' DRESSES AT $15.00 —A collection ot wonderful dresses for this price—chiffon velvet dresses. Heavy canton crepe dresses; most of this lot is $19.75 and ' ^tlKACI $24.75 Dresses. 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GAIETY DRESSES—Made of Imported Japanese crepe, fast colors; plain and plaids; all new styles. Suburban Day, $2.50 MAIN & SECOND STS. VISIT Oi:|t BEAUTY PARLOR Phone 176 SUBURBAN DAY

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