The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 16, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 4
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TTic Paris Evening News FAR1S. TEXAS 1O. !«•» 3CORTB TEXAS PUBLJSBOQCa COMFAJSV *»ter*d «s Second Class Mai! Matter at th* Post- MXtc* s,t Paris. Teacaa. under Ac: of Congrrets 1S?». Daily Except Saturday and Sunday SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Iuc!xidi2E Sundays) «y M«ft. One Year tS-00 4y Itail, Six Months $2-50 By Carrier iCc Per We«lt Mait On« Month , SO •r *»jmtm£loi> of acr tu* c to rirm or eorpoxmtioe »&!cli &« S*»'« ioD or tb City •ttbecrib«r* who TT--at« lt*.w tbetr pa.p«r» »eat If yoo <So DOE «»t yonr paper Zt tb^r* i* ao corns-slot U Ut co=spUJ=t- tiat tb« Tt* tor repQ koc otb«r«r*M er*dJt«i in ibis i«p«r «z>d »l«o 1 tier*!*. to =i* Q>e to It er local se»» New Yorlc Day by Day BY O. O. MdNTYRE The Timid Soul N EW YOKK. Jniv 16.— Diary: This morning Fred K. Detwiler sent bis etching of The Arno in Florence, •which I've longed to own. Also came a picture of "Will Rogers *s runaway mules. So breakfasting and Erskine Gwynne came and sat awhile to talk of the days when Paris was not a mausoleum. I Finished the essayette andj \vith my -«-if e to look in on j tdsle Bell brought down with what he calls " loose ankles/* and he etfmplained they kept a temperature thermometer under his tongue so often he __ ___ o. o. Mcintn* smokinsr cigars that way. Then ' on to Major Bowes's at Ossining- and walked through bis woods and gardens. Dinner at the River Club witii Amelia Earhart and George Palmer Putnam. Then driv- J Ins" Trith. the Martin Cowboys in one of those t3TJO*r*pbJ&aJ errors, or «ny cc!ni*3tion»l «rrw* tfeal csay j £ *ccntr la *<i-p*ra*i=«; otii«r tbo.9 to correct in n«it i««a« | -_-.,., ~ T .s • i_ A **z*r tt i» hrouirhi w> tbcjr streatioa. AH *<«»*rti*:=s er<«*r* j ne\v faiis'ea tnree-vrj&eeiecL motor cars, tnat u=c*pt«5 o s t&i. b«u oa *. j tnra on ^ dime, to see i; The Drunkard. ?r Also ] talking a moment to the Larry Waterburys ax* &cc«pted j and their handsome son who was sailing at To bed late. I 7n]iini£rnt- Dirergent Vietcs j ~— j i Since the flourish of the Gondorf broth- i .T stormy petrel of east Texas politics I ers, -white-haired and aristocratic of manner. | 1 and journalism. Carl Estes of Tyler, re-! almost two decades ago. the wire tapping | cently made an address over a Dallas radio | game, or as crooks call it, ''the wire ?7 has station in which he severely criticized the I languished. It got too much advertising and actions and inactions of the railroad commis- I blackmail succeeded it as the highest form ot sion with res-jeer to oil control in east Texas, j bunco steering. Wire tapping needs-not only He -osed some plain lansnase and minced no I stars but a full chorus and elaborate stage Tro^cK " • se ^ n o—such as a bogus telegraph oriiee or Perhaps Mr. Estes could not prove every- \ mate-believe pool room. _ ^ than* he said—possibly he could do so, if called 1 Despite its cost and the depression u nas upon—but. his' address brought forth tR-of^en revived and ^vith success recently, No^double column editorials in Vrro east Tesas j the victims are women, rich, oldish widows newspapers, diametrical]v opposite to each! ™h a greed for easy money- Kidnaping; other" ~ " " -threats stifle inc-iinatioti to squawk. The Eilgore Daily News heads its editorial; ~ •**Hot Air" r "referrins-of course to the Estes ad-! j&epeal-I-as swamped Xe\r York with an dress and not to its editorial, and says in ei- j oversupply of bars. So much so hundreds open feet that -what Esies said was not based on i daily to practically no business at all. There { xaets and that he is in bed with Jim Fergnson, I is a fear that the mushroom growth, will go j The Texas ("West": Petroleum council and an j the way of the Tom Thumb g-olf courses. In assortment of rnajor oil companies. Kilgore j mid-town each bar tried to outdo the other in is in the midst of an oil field and the Daily! stark magnificence. Some spent S75.QOQ _ in News is a good and well-edited newspaper and j dec-orations. Each. too. had its first few Its utterances are entitled to belief. I weeks rush, but. in the majority trade dwind- The Henderson Daily News, also a good > led. A half doozen expensive ones have already newspaper and also published in an oil field j called it a day. ] —the same field in fact as the other paper— | : says the things Estes told are the things that •; Personal nomination for the least popular .the Henderson newspaper has been telling its;; figure among the New Dealers—Prof. S. ,G. readers for most two years, so they must be , Tuswell. ; £_ADV SHe WJiJ,L THifJK r-t^ things the Hendersoi "be can prove. paper t=eiieves and may-1 Sidney Solomon, who frequently flares in- , takiu same Both cannot some tiling's on winch eac-h is rig . leaves ns in a position to have to pick them \ crOTr trai lor otirser>-es and tnat is ratner cninctut. ? CHAPTER SS SJETTURXS Thanks a^vfTil Ued by her. hold rny hand.' ders as sorae men's did. He said, smiliagr a. little, ajad mirihlesly. "I -nro-uld not trarit to do that too often!" But it j a ' Daii tam. In worst defeats' he never fails to 1 He took ft for some senis he sai staring down f In tiie street ire signalled a taxi- f I cab and In it fee sa.t away from her. mo- i She liad known so inaay raen wfco it: ; found exctise to edg-e closer wijh Take Your Choice e makes a rite of his Gaily barbenng jasc again she had tie curious and 'every loll- Some day £e would find ilCUrmg. wears the most expensive j sew impulse to tears tbat bad j tne right woman wh# -would no; b« i clothes and haberdasherv and "walks forth IS- pa-tely disconcerted her. i afraid of domestic evenings and of varay rih a resh ower his lapel, the S^^enly he held her * i against his cheek. "I !ovs - ha.ndi what silence mislit bring forth.. very ; "Are yoti tired?" he asked ^ ^ f" 1 ^" a ^ h r ! foraily a ^ e you groins to do; "i don't think sc." . know E ACH of the candidates for governor has at-; j p ^. "-"-4 : C a - tractive things in his baa: of tricks which | He is a 75-year-old retired lawyer whose jaboui it? i know rm not half the j ~ v _.. •-, he opens for the favor of the voters, but so i relaxation is dancing". Twice a wee^k he goesj^a- you should have cut—•* (his i ~ *" ~ '*** l ^ ea "" few of these offerings are displayed by two ; to some fashionable place to dine and dance ] voic t, th * cke " ed > " i? caring counts | •or mo~e of the candidates that to b* sure: ; vcith a fluffv vouns hired companion- He •' TTZ. T . i _. ,, ., -,T • '• ~ ' x ^i_~-" -. - Sr - t T <5on t icno-CT: -whether it ! •»T getting- tne oest tee voters wou;c nav e to ; spares no expense witn the cmner ana pays| dos£/ . ghe £ns ._. £red coollv ^ Sh6 | He interrupted, "i Tv-ant you to you wan me to chater ngs. I'll—" ilect all of the seven candidates *vhich 35 mas- • §25 for the evening. The only provision is the'drew her hand ifestly impossible. ] car^ciug- ladv tnust sign a statement the eve-j: *'-^on't mean to bothre you." he The next best thing: therefore would seem i ning was of 2. purely professional nature andj 52 "" •±o be for the voter to select what appear- best i release Biro from any further responsibl most likely to be accomplished and vote ! New York I \ K^ -w^s staring down on her i do. while with rae. exactly what siie ^ for the candidate offenrs 1 th to do* Marsha." . ^iit i-^jt-v^. suddenly to rest her "Then don't dear." she ans-x-er- j ebeek against his mascuiar upper lightly. ] arni- Sfce heard Jiirs draw a sharp as ( breath. "It laeans nothing." she explained, "but you said I was to n;n squared: he fro-wr,*d, Farley Raps GOPTactics Postmaster General Says ''Ghost Dances" Being Used Bv GOP PRESS COMMENTS Otter Six years The Time* editor introduced to the voter* of the .Deport .country Tons Couaally of Marlixu as the next United States senator from Texas. Mr. Connally was mating; his first race for the seaate. contesting: for the held by Earle B. Mayfield. Times editor believed then that Mr. Connally -was the best qualified m»n in the race, six contesting for the place. Six years have passed and the work of Senator Connally in the United Senate has been outstanding. Texaa voters have had cause to be very sent to Washington. Me is a real tesman and has ably represented Texas. He carried boxes in the Deport country six years ago by a handsome majority and that he will do so again goes without sayinsr- His second term at Washington should prove more valuable than, the first, -which was most successful * • StephenvilJt .Empire-Tribune: Erath county citizens are opposed to the present pardon system In. Texas. That statement is a fact, according to the response voters have given at political gatherings at -which the pardoa system -was described as a- menace to every in- dix-idual in the state. A statement by Attorney General James V. AUred to the effect that the system must be changed brought one of the greatest bursts of applause given any remarks made by a candidate here this summer. County Echo: The Horae Owners Loan corporation is a great idea and will be wonderful as an aid to recovery if it is to be made practical in car- out the purposes of its organization, and is not -weighted down with technicalities and red so that it will be just out- ide the reach of those for whose benefit It was intended. But there's he trouble, in th* 4*partm*tit t» »e# that his edict is carried, out. Th*i*. is a. general governmental; com'" vacation. Mr. Ick«s has a email portion's viewpoint. Othw department * and bureau h *'•"<•'" throughout our system of «ov*r&- ment should "go forth and d» likewise." X>enteon Herald: Some day, perhaps. mototitU will learn not to pick up anyon* whom they do not Jcnow. Th« motorist has everything to nothing to gain by hauling hitch-hiker. Even if' th« Mk*r it harmless, he is at least a parasite, riding through the country on some one else's gasoline. We ar* contributing to sMftlessness and mendicancy by picking up these road bams. Xcws: It looks like Mississippi wants to stay dry. Probably many other states would have remained in the dry column if it had been known rjiat Uncle Sam w%» going to put out .liquor that is inferior to moonshine as some assert.. W» thought we were solng to get good siuff. but they have not passed any of it this way. Cooper Review: How futile are man's efforts. The government has been busy for months attempting to- regulate production of the soil. but the Ruler of All is doing an effective job. It has already been suggested that the people pray for rain. Time may come when God* of the Universe will b« recognized. Cumbj RnsUeri It is said tfcat the government is going to build more houses for those who are without. We dorft need any more houses in this 'section now. What is needed is for people to occupy those that ar* already built and empty "hgTf th» time. Compel the occupants to stav at home long McKimwry Co«rier-Gasette: Recently, the Texas Power and sta j ar fiome ^grht Cornuany announced as av- and 5erx * e a ras« reduction of ten per c-at ^^ th ~ cat - Inake a rates to domestic users. This is £ J* d , osr ' slop the third reduction in tts rates that ^^ c^^* 1 ^ he Texas Power aad I>is;ht Company has made In recent years, has been cutting its rates ust as fast as conditions -will justify tfeem. John W. Carpenter, a. c-f the people, is at the head t the Texas Power and Light. in opinion, private owned and perated utilities safesraarded by. sovemment regmiatioa is msch ^ referable to muisicipiLl o-wner- to cook tn«al. * nd Times: From the prolific promises b«- mg made by some gubernatorial candidates one would think lh«y have a± last learaed that th,» man •who Tnakes the most promts** iio^s the least for the relief ol th* •when he is elected. Voter* that the oaly rest of . Too mnch opportunity for \ sincerity is performance. xploitariort by politicians atter. the should be elected governor of Texas who has not proved his desire to be of service to th« who!* SPRIXGFIELJ>. I.1L. (.£*;•.— Postmaster General Farley Saturda.y characteriied KepubHcan cam- paigrn tactic as "ghost dancss" designed to depreciate advances of the recovery program and "scare the country Into giviiig Jjack to therc the offices of Barasert Secretary of the Interior Harold 1 ekes* lecture to employes in his j Sop* 1 " (OJda.) epartment the other cay is j^n | "We are in favor of the next •wax 3cample other governmental j being- foa^fet on a. pay as you jro chiefs, national, suite and local, j plan. If it is up to Uncle Sum to migrht well follow. The honorable j do the firsancins -we iaiagriae thai, Mr. Ickes' -whose scruples in [ this -A-51I !>e the case JLS TV^ do not de^Hns -vltti. the people he serves | Imagine that even s«ch a. b«n«vo- hav* been unquesaone-3 sine* his f lent old g:entJeman as TJncle Sam elevation to the hij^h position h* | -would make very laj-ye loans to a now holds, told his employes that t jrrxmp of nations who already o-w« henceforth there will be no loaf-1 him II biOion dollar* and o» in.s during: the time ihe pablic isl^'hich th«y can't e-srtfn pay the in- for work. And he puts J tere»J. If tbey yeani for a IOTT :ieerise tax vn itorsobJIes. Hugbes. Hunter and Wnt all cf- jgr- nc^fcjnjr bizrhpr tnsn fiv*? G'-'^r^. Oppois^rits of a sal^s tas. which 31r. Per- jrusori is said to have favored ; n the past, w;i"i find Allred, Kus-hes. : T.I*- Lost BsTtalHon. -doesn'i enjoy a cigarette! after rhe first inhale . . . Whenever --r do. my .fear:" w ' Jlicil masaged to r | him. She wished he were Goeffrey. . i bis cigar frors unraveling . - . Albert Keller. I by aUractior., to fee! through sh.ovr that the vot^r %vhr» ea.r;r:ot find in 7.n:s list, sense hnpeliinjr reason for ibe way he casts ils vote Is hard to please. And after sH. th<- j at^airment of one or all There is a family moving- in around the • out con:^ on: I'm not domestic: corner and the servants gossip they have lived ! ""Why not?" she answered. It might help him, she thought, to kiss before h« rode away. And of coarse It would make no difference to her. Nothing much coal4 raakc aisy difference to her, He tooK off his hat b<*for« he f b«jit bis face to hers; then very gently he touched hig lips to hera. t« mad about you." sh« r/t do: On< thinks, and th«sa— i he anJ. She raised a ha^.d to touch from -which the people cast them in IS 32." Spealdns at the fair gr here. Farley, v^io is chairman of rhe Democratic national committee. defended the "brain trust" against Kepti oilcan attack. and scoffed at dictatorship charges and at assertions that freedom of the pre*s had been restricted. "Instead of propfascies of storm or drouth or bILaard," h "they <thc Republicans) arc trying to convince o«r people that ent federal adruiais a. course Involving: die- or eomnminisaa.. or so- some other Icind of ism tear tl»« fabric of lion and destroy oar form arc not partial In arsrur- S«S a particular kind of revolution if the Democrats continue in po-wer. Some pick th* bogey of despotism, some the speccre of anarchy — t'noujjh how a y could be headed !n both tlons at onc« is difficult to ARKANSAS GETS FT, SMITH. Arte- (#*> —Rain near cloudburst proportions Saturday nJgrht wa« the answer to hia cheek and the touch ma,de him {show a. Iftrle of the madness, a ~ P ?!|ic nice ciiierent apa: i C. »— 1 •* nents aurin; v ear- He had risen slowly an<! as a j very Jlttl*. she thought. Bat h« »aid prayers of thousands of county farmers -se-ho Friday krs«*!t ^e „„„,„ w; , , hh ,,, ^^ of , h jas s^dr^jrtdiVJhr&^r/t^!^ ^ ^ ho ' OUM raih " ""issS'SSu^.^^r^ —«-• "And yr, u wantfid to play magfc. !„,, t<> hort j,- olj Jn any way/ . j to a«k for % drerschiaj;: downpour a ."ector hard h!t . by legis^afurf—t;;*- r passed out -vvnh \\ to tbe position <„ That's one reason are le troublf 1 tak*n to ask as; fitness of the candidate. \ '."hv xr«j are "*vhere "w<» sr^ ; jrenerallv" tnove<i so often the chickens roosed On the keep; from oein? left behind. If the povrer r-f the federa!! povernmest ' to increase ar.d states* risrhts are •; I. a great rr.&sy people are convinced \ tfcat we shell have to change the name of the j c&t-ios to the "United S^ate of \rnenV-a"—• Herald. ; the News 1 3 Years Ago From the file* mi The Paris Morning News thirteen years ago "No." r<e eorjtra£icte<i. ed to ta.'k at>cut mys<;i' , !':.'ii:?,' I He x~( I ingr. "Fleas* b •want- i be^g-ed, "the q'jSt-5 h!m.*»j!f. dnac- | s brotherly." *h«? had | otfc»r—rath*r bores t UON-Kll^IS MAX * LARp;DO. T^xajt. t^*.—v\ mountain lion was bei:»ved to hav« attacked PatrJck Thomas Henderson Solution of Yesterday's Parri* 34. 8lAd* Of So. 35. St. Ev*r: centr. 40. Sin «$. Lxr* txwt 6s. That 6S- Excited «1tJi curiosity «v expectation . Paris of » colt that onely r,j be^n, and of how I His arm that encircled her did n os once tighten, although his ef- ^o ^*«P tt from doing RO more than once jn«<Ie him flush darkly dream night. In I wan Tim Meddlio -Did von SATURDAY, JULY 16, 1921 j t Harrison Waller of Ben Franklin and Miss {; '•'.I Green of Paris were married at tbe home ! i' to the shack down near Air«s C»- Ii*r,:*':?s arid you were on the porch wait:riir a» I ttirned Into the jrukh. "I saw yo« through a. gap ir. the tre*s . . . you held out. ™ovr a.rrrs» and tfce vein* on hia tbiek«n. But fee »e«#ifxS Q^EIC him- s«Jf and brotherly, and Marsha, told him at two that ah*: bad h*d "an «ncbjin*.lmp evening." For once in h*r life, Manrh* felt a Bilgfht sense of e«caj>« at return- inar to her He broke off a.brtii>t{y. Sh^ s".a.r- prim hoa*c. Sh<& f*!t with Bob a* P. M, Jackson reported he bad a «XKJ bav ! f* y ° r ehowlli « ? ou - Bst * J} lif<? - « m-n a nH ^ri p?t up 3>0 00 balefi the past ^ th * <h * BC *' J W ° UI<I try to meadow west of Paris. Texas Power and Light companv's office! Bolivia and Paraguay both claim a vjctory -ixs tbe sasae baitje. Now we know what became; '^f the boys wfeo used to write the communique • .frouj the Western front.— Ft. TVoorth Star-! «'*» moved from North Main to .; street in the Laghtfoot building. ~ ~ ; ; I His* KobingOD, county school supermteud- ean t do business vdife the School of j^iit, reported th&i several coimty schoolis bad 015 s charge sccmint—Comcana | not yet secored principal thop^i the assist- jaBt teaching places were *U """ prove—*' One* more he brok* off abruptly 'I've bored yoa." h« said. & Jitt!« in hi* voice, "Forgl 1 ?* me « saw hiss shots 15 eras square, understood througrh them hJ« not to lr<m&Je fcer, N>v«rr. «h« knowa sxich control. H« h*r cloafc ^or her, but hi» did xiot linger on h«r »houl- She did not aleep »•<«>«- Sb« lay thinking of Go*ffr«y TarJ«ton -who n«ver dr*aro«d a«!e«p or awake knew h*r measure •would f«*l l»«tt«r after an or two with Wm, And m«anttm«, •he lioped che would not realty hurt Bob Powers. (To Be Cont|«««d) til* 4i*tanc* of th« wan I* »2,t»7,4eo near whJcI* ranch c of . hSs near d««a.Jh there at a Friday Today's Amusement* Fog Over Fri»co T>avt». Ponald Woods At The PI*** Melody In Spring KODN Ana Sotticrn At The Come On RlChartf A.r!en Trt« T/uptno At Th. Gn»J 3 36 33 7^ 10 77 35: •4* fe'.&r

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