The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 8, 1964 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1964
Page 3
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Fell asleep, ran into auto ahead AKOLETtm minor injury was reported M ft NNX*** accident oft «««*• Way Ml It SI t»«o CWe*ry Club ibmU Ui« i.m, Setar- day. Martin Joseph Burhe, 30, of Houston, apparently wen* to steep whti* driving hl» t*f> OMimobtM nortti. State Highway Patrolman Cattta Barnard caM Bark* apparently woke op to Had himself directly behind 1 IfW rord driven by MM. Miriam Park Crabtree of IIIAttre*, Anglcton. Barnard laid BWk turned ahirply to UN left to U effort to mlti UM cnttre* auto, but itruek the left rear of the other ear with the ri|ht front of hti auto. The impart knocked the Oribtree ear through a •hallow borrow diteh into over two feet of water, Barnard said. The okttmobU* apun off the highway onto the right shoulder to laee south. Barnard estimated dimife to the Ford at *00, and MM tat OMsmoblw waa demoll- ((XMbMett ttam pace !» tame** m eaweliw oftnew«r. " . the lmptov««inedaretobe ueflow! a« »«« tho*» who have »«er IhaB X dollirti per y»ar to *ptmi WMe llvlnt Burk suffered a chipped tooth, cut Up and other minor injures. Neither Mr*. Crabtree nor her husband, EstlO Crabtree, who wai a pas- •enfer, was believed Injured. and from pfctiiolr be belief to define the pro«erty-etrl«keniibeiiic UMM within a «lve«ieotr«ph- Mai irei «hoe«n»f»««r than 60 per Mat (W ft or 3S per «eot) M mtnjr Mian ai It MMM by U* ftifafe wife earner with the aam« area. TIM would ptttent the unhappy eircumataace of per•Mi M tome ar«u being lift. M to relative o*trt»tw>* while othera UvlMl «t|ere the prteer are math hlfher would Had themteMn ntleeted to • tUrvatlon dole. A atoar and brief (a* po»- •Ible) lUtetnem of Preildent johtwM'i very charitable KM Of reaeonli« ml|« toad ut tu fermulito approitmitely his •apportlm principle: "A" ha* tec* money than we believe he need* In order to live as we think he «bou!d live; "B" haa more money then ii required to live ae we wiah "A" llve«| Therefore, we apply "D'«" iiirplua to "A" and the nilua- tlon Is oorretted at Area roads equipment is rented T« FACTS JjlUjft Sew., Heft* I, 1H4 l«*h irrot« Ttw <-"«rt dtrwtut KanA Ttt, *«* al»» A»*H<»r T l, B«*»ru to ad. The« *t*> to «**•* a t>*r»tlft* **rtU* for Md* nn the e*e*» pnltr> for 10 urn* •( to Pine aj*r a we/r* tf*e ml* of s *w*d rrawlar w tn* Fairurmnui*Mt**i water Itae to rruaa that trictaf nW* butWpeer. aaid thta poitw w*f to ww (,">* **« iT**i*f »«»* 'M' "• ***• MiNDOZA GIVEN PATRICK HENRY AWARD Milton Meadow, left, WM the winner of tbe Patrick (toary Award, balat pinned on Mm by R J. Laker, who wa* chairman of the oratorical content sponsored at Bratofport Hl|h School by the Lake Jackaon and Freeport American Leflon Poet*. Mendota'a talk waa on the Sixth Amendment. Shown from left to rtfht are the other conteitantu, shir- ley Tlpton, Donnle Petera and Bobby May. Mendoaa went on to the Ninth DU- trlct AL contest where be placed ilxlh. The Legion poata alao aponiored a alml- lar conleat at Lake Jack*oa Aator High wttt Dean p*4 aa the wtnaar aad wek Weyrtth awl otter C4«fcMtaab Pool placed fifth In dlrtrtrt ewapetttloa. Jad- gea tor the BUS conteM were the Rev. Wm. Starlvlng. Madtaoa wrtgat aad Wm. Storting. MadUon Wrtgat and Mr., opal Haygood, and w«h Jim ttabora timekeeper. Jadge* at WOH were Kira cooper and W. M. Lane and OavM U ChUdreaa. .-Facts staff photo Well, Ihadthoughtthat writing It down and thinking on It would reveil the principle involved so clearly tint i could CANDIDATES... (Continued from Page 0 AS to experience, Gladney said ha had worked ass Freeport city patrolman, then been chief of police at Clute, aad for eight years had been a deputy sheriff. He was captain of patrol deputies at the time he resigned to campaign for the Sheriff's Office, ha said, and work prior to that had Included criminal investigation. "Experience cannot bo overlooked," Gladney said, "I ask that you view the aualttleatton* for ahertff very elosely- the man you choose wiu be your sheriff for the next four year*.". state the formula la a vary few words, but t cannot. perhaps the reader can. Jamea W. Mccarty Lake Jackson Miss Htisoi fttls tlty'rt tht Most To The Facts; To anyone who doesn't like the Beatles. I myself think you don't like four of the greatest, best lingers In the world. They're the finest, hand, somest, toughest, most popular, and most wow looking singing group America, has ever set eyes on) And as far as singing goes their singing la tbe moat! (Most wonderful, most dreamy, and 11 ha* the hip- peat beat this 'ol country haa and will ever navel) They arent Just a passing fad here today gone tomorrow, but they're here to stay for a long, long while, and for all I care they can stay for as long as the earth lasts J like them so much. Even since they've returned to England they still have oar hearts and always will I Their haircuts are the living end) They makeothorboyi look sick. And as fsr as the movie they're going to fllm. I bet and almost know U will outsell the sick reompared NORG Complete Home Laundry Monday ' and Tuesday : Family Size opacity •NaaiMmipata.rij.VMJP> •OPTIONAL FfAttJ«l •UY NOW AND SAVH 2 DAYS ONLY ^jf^^ ^aW ^^Ht^nT ^^^^^"i^^^^ to II* Beatles) "Cleopatral" Miss Kalhy Menaon Age It Uttzapata Freeport Police report uraaoaport police handled several reports of prowlers Friday night. A resident of the 100 Block of East orchard la Clute reported a prowler at tt;tO p.m. At 10iM P.RU a resident of the 1000 Block of west Second In Freeport reported s prowler bat ofttatrs were unable to locate any auspicious person In the area. At 7t3< p.m. a resident of the NO Block of West Fourth asked Freeport police to keep a close patrol because of a prowler the previous night. Sam lice TO H i-mi it sutherlaodjc. told por . Ftyda? *ve«ng«, that a < , '•&&£& W-. w 5 M R')?- fl l Ulch blprW^flJp? tVom th> nek at Freeport Junior High School between • and 9:30 p.m. that day. H* valued the bike at $38. Police are Inveattgatlng a burglary at an apartment at 118 West sixth la Freeport In which a IBM model .It gauge shotgun and a table- model radio were taken. Tbe theft was reported Friday. Officers said the weapon was owned by J. T. Hewett, who had teft It at tbe apartment for safekeeping. Police are cheeking to see U a school student might have taken two mla-matebed license plates about 2tSO p.m. Thursday, miaatng when the Rev. Warren McAUster waa Interrupted while puttlag new tags on Us ear. Officers said oas MM tag bearing the number, 88 4701, waa taken along with a IM3 plate the Rev. McAUster had just removed at UM Temple Baptist church parsonage scroll Main from Clute Elementary SebooL Tbe pastor discovered the plates were mlialng after go- lag into the parsonage a taw minutes, polios said. A theft of refrigerator gaagea to which two four-foot length of bos* were attached waa reported to Clute polloe by ta* operator of Biseamp Appliances at »0» West Street Police saU no value was set oa Ibe raining gauges watch are used ta alr-eoadltloner repairs. The Uwft was reported Wednesday evening. Accident report A l»» Chevrolet WM *ua- ag*d aa tMlnateJ IMfrV and a IMS rord dumptrutMWO. ta a toUtaloa oa Laa* M*a> *on R«t4 at Lasy Laa* aa tatb vehicle* travalad weet. ctut* Police said the ear's •river, JaaepUn* T. tittwn of 7I» Mxttrtt oaad. *M*io*- umlor a Mi w« Wto Lasy Lane wata the tract, drive* CaeeuMtf uital*J*es»o*,tol. IM«d with tte rear ofBMavta, Mlowu* too ctaaafj, n» «c. ctdmt ecc«rre« at fJU «»!«•*«• coort delrarvd that an *»»r»»n*v nl«« for Im. nvdlat* «*• al a rf»d «*rar«r In the Road DMtrkt 34, ind l«MhnrtM«l the Coanly Tn- (lne*r to rrnt th» maeMno. The action cam* miring • brief tqwrtal RW*ttn« of ih» Court. The •'feper la U< to r»nt - nl from Mwtang Trirtor and Equlpmvnt Con9*ny of llcu»- t«w, at i prlee of »800 r*r month. payment U lo be matte frvm Road m«trtct M bond money* In other aethm »' the m**!. lag, th» court iranled per- MlMlun to lUran IU»rh Inf. for plaetng acorrutaWdmetal pte* culvert on county Road TMon Bryan Beach. They authortaed payment of tt,47S In R. E. Pin* for id- hutments to water and lanl- FP street program proposed A priority list for itrcet re-surfacing In Freeport ha* been set up by the City Coan. ell. Plans an to start at the top of the UM and work down as far as funds for the joint, ly-financed city and county Improvement* program will extend. These are the itreet* tn order of priority: South Avenue B, from Velasco Blvd. to Archer St.; Wharton, from Ave.OtoHlgh- way 3M| YeUowstone, from Ave. T to Ave. U, and AV*. i; from Yellowstone to Varner. Also, Archer, from Ave. F. to Ave, II, and South Ave. H from Archer to Velasco Blvd: Flatter, Ave. C to Gulf Blvd.; Qulntana, from Gulf Blvd. to Ave. Ft West Seventh, from Vetaaeo Blvd. South to Locust. - And, Hickory from W. First lo Bratos Blvd.; E. Broad, from Sycamore to Pop- COURT OH PEMEY'5 FOR TNE BIG EASTER VALUES alley of w. 'First;* ana «o Also. Skinner, from Ave. to half block north) Muwon, from Ave. c to Gulf; Av*. It, from Autrey tu Travis; Virner, from Ave. U lo Av*. S; Oak, from W. Seventh to W. Eighth; Beech, from W. Fourth to alley south of W. Fifth; Magnolia, from W. First to W. Broadj and Wast W. Eighth, 10-1100 Block. Mirder trial vtiire called A speelil venire of ISO persons hi* been called la a murder can set for 33rd judicial District Court In Ang- teton on Monday. Tbe defendant Is George Faultry, who I* accused of killing Jamei Harold Earls outside Clark's Cafe near Alvtn early laat year. Earls was shot twice with • .410 gauge shotgun aad fell dmd in the street by OM cafe. District judge John c. Patterson of Martin will preside. FauHry will be defended by Sam Lee. District Attorney Tom Kenyoo will present to* state'* ease. Fiuttry has mad* a confession to tbe crime. crash DAMBURY - A 31 -year ^>ld Dunury woman eaaapsd terloos injury when her foreign ear want oat of control and overturned on the otd Deabury Road Satwdiy mom- Caro^na VewaBu wa* ttka* to Aaftotan Moanttal by aa Aagfcvton PuaatlU Horn* am- bwUace, but her lajurteswen ballevad miaor. Tbe ac«Meatae«umd about Hue* mile* aorta at Aa*>- toa waaa Ike car want out of Matttfoa Ik* al!ek pavement, A dujgi effailamtoi trd *•** to aw waa «nt agabM* tae drive* W l«bart r. Pcab}> preauax TM« MAMft THf lAstl S KAKMI, VugotatorttjA MOr««Mt«taofti«>ae4r »v ejebjp tf MlMlra nave ta* *Mf mammt vMmlft. Tfce* Dacron btendt Into eloud-toft fofthlont lor Icwtorl I djiseUp saw r*r» Daeroa polyeetir ilae* »•!»! n. DectWately trimmed fiaor>wpoly**t*rMdeot- ton batiste. . .detailed la lace with full panted skirl! Blue, pink, bliek, yellow or betg* la *IM* 10-30! C. Pretty pastel prlnti. . .tn tortured i»erat polyester crepe! Your in »ofleit pis*, blue or yeUow aad mine* •!*»• • to !•! 12 95 THE HIGHEST SHINE... THE HIGHEST HEELSI 10 In 44 prttU t*«r*f* Ull ttri«M trimmot, come "at at UM •wh ("taint juri lit* >•«• In b*»>« *blte, or faiki<« eolori. M't Peaaey a* af ta. MARGE IT! Shop Pewey's Every Night Til 9:00 P.M.

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