Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 7, 1965 · Page 11
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 11

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1965
Page 11
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(TLOVtS WEW940tH?fAL, PfMfty, immiiinimim]imw™!'i[iOT!illi|l!iti!imiwfflifniiTniiiiliii|i!!i|ii|||(f||||||||||||| iim^^iniiivninipiTinniimnnn^^rwir^pnniiiiiiiiniMniiinni' Legal Publication Legal Publication 17 'tlll'ltll'it'ilWItlllllllliriillllHIIRitl] April 18. 23, 30. Mfty ?, 1<«3 STATE OF NEW MEXICO IN THE DISTRICT COCRT COI'NTY OK CURRY FIRST NATIONAL (TTY RANK, a National Bunking Corporal Ion, Plaintiff. -v«- No. 1BS70 FHED I. LCCERO and MAIiY LfCF.RO. his wife, nnd CITY OF ci.nvis NKW MEXICO. Defendants NIITICI; OF Pr.Mii-.Ncv 01 ACTION 'INK STATE OK NKW MEXICO TO TIIF: ABOVE NAMED DEKENUANiK. CHEET- You and each of you arc hereby notified that KIRST NAT'lONAI. < T: Y |;ANK. ' '*"<• > K Naltonnl Ranking roi pot ntlon as Plain- • N '"" 1 '' liff has filed an action in the l)isun-t "'*" Court of Curry County. New MPX:PO. heirt; I 1 ''"" Cajsc No. 1K,"70. whet-;:! you ,-ue named '"nui or desictiatcd as defendai•' and whercm ' '"" the said Plaintiff seek id nhnnn c.i:i- illilfliVP service r,f prmpss >>p..M VMil Thp general objects of said acli"i\ are to foreclose cert/i in rcid estate niort- , I.tXIAL 2« April M. an. M»v 7, 14. lPfi5 NO'IICK Of SM.K Notice Is hercbv ;;ivrn Ihnt thr- undersigned Special M;isler hns been appointed to sell n! public ;uiction In the hiKh("-i hiddcr fur rnsn Ihe following dnscrih'rt real estate, to-u it; leqal Publication llWl'i • -wmi I.FdU, 2 April 23, 30, May 7. 1965 NOTICE Stole !i!iinnii!:t|'ii:;t::!i!ii|i|im!!;!;:iii:i|i|i|!|iiii|iiii||||it|||nnii|||| OfflrB P-2518-X. Legal Publication ftMHMMnH^ t.ftfl.AI, 30 April 23, 30, May 7, 1885 Number of Application P-251S ......... •. Alt..n; IIPll.M. Ilcfhn dppd dated March i. I'*; 1 .!, on jicrty located In Ciii:y C'"inty \e\\ i( o more pat !;c'i!a: i\ descrih.v) in CMmplainl in SRU! i .vise, sen;! ing a TTlissitry 'if pve-i dn'e '.''lit Ihe Tnoltanflp deed in Ihe nnv»;?i: of Sf(SV'.j( payable in mnnthly in-;i:::i:, n^ of N.M iv and tii recover 1 idemeM on said note You and ca< h ot VMM n<r- fur'her M>!I fled that unlcM: y,,u en!,- vu,t *nre In 1h" Sllid Cillise ,,n itr hefnl . 2'lth dav it' Ma\ I'S'. j.idl>ine:i! v. ;' cndcred atMlns' yo--. ,-i;:il cad', "f yo- is plainilff and \V. A <;indys t. Mo,,ic. pi limn as Don llcflln. Pi Kldri'lgp. COP||I;I F.ldrldKe. iMmasi also known a* .lohn II. T" MSI. l.illv P. Toma«i. ClareiKe I! I'rlnc.-. .11 and Daphne Prince. ;I|SM known as Daphne K Pi nice, ai" deli-iidillits. NOW 1IIEREKORE. notice is hereby given that I. Rnfus Freeman, pursii.v-1 ,,,,,. to said appointment (untamed in s.-iid jud.- l,, x . men: and Ihe order of sale therein "ill (he on M;r. 17 liMi.Y at the hour of te 1 : M t •,< ,\ p,-,, A M . offer for s.-iie and sell a' puh... s:, ,| atietion tu the Inched Indder for c:i< : ' ii.i, I t!'..' Hunt d.i'-'f of the Curry (Y"i! :\ Coiirl Ho ise in Clovl<. New Mexico, n'i o! the ,'il>U(> described nvi! estate and ^:ll applv !;••• [nil ..nds of thr •..-I'.'' '" ir 1 '' p-i i me':! and satisfaction of said I id^m, 1 ::' inieiest and ci'sts of flint and otherwr-i. as m;r-' lie directed I'. 1 , the ("'. r.'n feet WF.I.L NO. P hy drilling Ihrep wells, one.' s in (ilanicter and approximately}!'' In depth, to he locator] as follows: I \VELLi P-2.M7 P-:'.-)lS-\'-2 all in Section Han: of i SCBDIVISION Center 4n acres of S 1 ^ rpnler -Vi acres of SW'/i Center in acres of SKVi tit Township 1 North. . Ka«t. N.M.P.M., for thp purpose rlttalini; :'.i'n acres of land located in '!e S'- n f Section In, Township 1 North. Itancp :i:'. East. N M.P.M. Any pers'in. firm, association, corpora- e State of NPW Mexico or the Unit- State ftntlnecf* Offlcft Number of Application P-2517; P-2S17-X, Roswoll. N.M.. April 16, 1963 Notice Is hereby given that on the 13th ' ' " 1965, In accordance with the Session Laws ot 1931, Vraln, County of Mexico, made ap Engineer of New to appropriate 720 the shallow ground ,, _..„ Underground Water 'JIHasIn by drilling two wells, both 16 Inches '"'in diameter and approximately 120 feet to be located as follows: NO SUBDIVISION Center 40 acres of E',4 SWA P-23I7-X Center 40 acres of SE'i both In Section 9, Township 1 North, Range 33 East, N.M.P.M., for the pur pose of irrigating 250 acres of land located In the EH SWVi and SE'i of Section 9, Township 1 North, Range 33 East, N.M.P.M. Any person, firm, association, corpora tion. the State of New Mexico or the L'nilert States ot America, deeming that nr America. deemlnK liat the i,i,,, Rrant i n g of the above application will >f Ihe nlvive application will be: bc detrimental to their rights In the -mental to their rights in the! , , nld 8urface fln d/or underground ' ------ --•' - "-•• m writing the State of said surface and or underground may protest In writing the State j •r'.< nrnnfl'i , , ,. Engineer's grantltR approval of said approval of said np- |icnl|on ^g pri)tes t ,hall set forth defaii.t. and The name rfd no'rr.- Hank I'. thi- relief he crnVe Thf pr-itcst shall set forth a |i -'ifiint'<t r-ensons vvhv th R fus forth an ; p rou , s t an f 8 reasons why the appllcatior appllcntion )jh|)ukl not he n p provei 5 an d shall be ac nppr.ived and shail he nc-, compftnled b y proof that a copy of the liv proof that a copy of the pro-; pr ,, tc ,| has been served upon the applicant. been sorv.-,! upon the applicant. Snl( , pro t est an(i proot of service must be =i nnd prmf of service must be lnu , d wlth the sulc Engineer within ten , MACNKY -nr iriK Ailiu(,ii'-r(|.i V.V-IPM mv hard a'd the seal of the |ii«t . ; c.iur' ' '. ('.in'. i ''uri'i N---- Mp\irn. th , 71". d n- nf Apr-' !'"»"> s ULYAN ANTllLPNY CI.ERK 1!-, OKI'l TV I.l:«i U. J3 A;e \-- I'.' •"•i Mnv MiTH I r TV;-. in srir Ill,-II '•' I " H • • A :- • Y'. I, , I- • N M of P. •IP I'- I'.. .1' MITH THA\->K St. tc" Ov : S'v b.v. f ... ll U!A' In.r tile State Engineer within fpn after (lie date of the last pub"T t'f.s p.nhcf. Cnless protested. i-nt ",-i uill he taken up for rnnsid- iy Ihe state Engineer on Ihnt datr. or about the 17th day of May, S. E. Reynolds. State Engineer days after the date of the last publication of this notice. Unless protested the application will be taken up for con sideralion hy the State Engineer on thai date, being on or about the 17th day of May, IWS S. E. Reynolds, State Engineer t re, M •\i't ! J." May Mil K K Offl.'P f.i:o.\i, n April :wt. May 7, 14. 21. 1965 NOTICE OF SALE Notice Is hereby given that the under sinned Special Master has been appointer II at public auction to the hlghc-s' roR, \r.r. cnM!M"Y bidder for cash N M.. April r'-'" 1 ( " f "''- l(Mvit the following descrlher I- hereby ' I.Ffl \l. A,.- . ',•• MIIH r in ill \iri\fi St. on thp 13th .'icc-irdance u;'h ••ii'i, Cniintv (if :--o, made n[»p!i•: of New Meviio Lot 12 in Block Heights Addition vU. Now Mexico satisfy a judgment B of the Marshal o the City of Clo In the amount o entered Marc.h. 2."), 1965, in the (••-•d II/-', 1'H'K ".(••A Ktiul of' trie 'shallow ground airs I ndercround Water .-ip:ivov,ma'ilv 120 fret " ,rc'l as f"i ov. 1 ! : May 7, 14, 19BS _ NOTtc ffcXICO ^ Cutty ntit R«Mi>tetf fi? ftf»Ml , . 9tlI<>OL ?«o. SCHOOL BONDS Jrew M«leo ., PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN hat the Board of Education of the Town of Texlco, New Mexico, constituting the governing board of Texlco Municipal School District No. 2, In the Counties of :urry and Roosevelt, and State of New wexlco, will on Tuesday, the 25th day of LfcOAL May 7, 14, M, 28, 108 jwAtE OF sew «ft«rco t IN THE DISfRfCt COtRt • _„. CDtlJrt?' OP CtlRRt SOCilEtY FOR SAVINGS, ) HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT, ) corporation, Plaintiff, ) ) No. 16441 JOSEPH R. ODOM and May, P.M., 1965, at Central the hour of 8:00 o'clock Standard Time, at the Texlco High School, Texlco, New Mexico, receive sealed bids and publicly open the same for the purchase of Texlco Municipal School District No. 2 School Bonds. In the aggregate principal -amount of $100.000.00, said bonds having been authorized at an election held within the District on March 1, 1965. Said bonds will bear date as of the fifteenth day of June, 1965, will be in the denomination of $5,000.00 each, will bear Interest at a rate not exceeding four per centum (4%) per annum, payable December 15, 1963, and seml-an- nually thereafter on the fifteenth days of December nnd June in each year, and will mature serially In regular numerical order, without option of prior redemption, mooo.oo on the fifteenth day of December In the years 196H to 1970. Inclusive both principal and Interest lawful money of the being payable United States America at the office of the State Treasurer of the State of New M.-xIco, Santa Fe, New Mexico, or at the office of the County Treasurer of Curry County, Clovis. New Mexico, at the option of Ihe holder. Said bonds will constitute a portion of the general obligation bonds of Texlco Municipal School District No. 2 voted at a special bond election held in said District on the 1st day of March, 19W5. Bidders are requested to submit a bid specllying <al the lowest rate of Interest nnd premium if any, above par at which such bidder will purchase such bonds; or (b) the lowest rate of interest at which the bidder will purchase said, bonds at par. Only one ni't of coupons is permitted. Proposals should be enclosed in a sealed envelope marked on the outside "Proposal for Purchase of General OWIfiatlon School Bonds, Texlco Municipal School District No. 2, Curry and Roosevelt Counties, New Mexico 1 ' and adressed to Clerk of the Board of Education, Te.vlco Municipal School District No. 2, Texico, New MAXINB E. ODOM, hu wife; ) GEORGE J. KRAJNIK and ) ELIZABETH E. KRAJNIK, hU ) wife; MARTIN F. CLOSE ) and MYRA D. CLOSE, ) his wife; DOROTHY M. Me- ) KNIGHT, & tingle woman, ) Defendants. ) HOtlCE OP SALS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on June 4th, 1965, at the hour of 10 o'clock a.m., the undersigned Special Master will, at the main entrance to the Curry County Courthouse, Clovis, New Mexico, sell the hereinafter described real estate to the highest bidder for cash. The property to be sold Is situate In Curry County, New Mexico and ii particularly described as follows: Lot numbered 5 in Block numbered 9, LIEBELT ADDITION to Ihe City of Clovli, County of Curry, New Mexico Mty 7,'u a, », im or Notice h Iwreby glvem that the mider- signed Special Master has been appointed to sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the following described real estate, to-wlt: Lot SO In Block 13, Unit 3, AH* Vista Addition to the City of Clovis, Cufty County, New Mexico. to nfttlsfy a Judgment In the amount of SU.8S0.54, entered Mar. 1, 1963, In Ihe District Court of Curry County, New Mexico, in Cause No. 16459, wherein First Federal Savings A Loan Association of Clovis la plaintiff and G. D. Daughtrey III, also known as G. D. Daughtrey and Guy D. Daughtrey HI and Glenda Daughtrey. his wife ,are defendants, NOW THEREFORE, notice Is hereby given that I, Rufus Freeman, pursuant to said appointment contained In said judgment and the order of sale therein, will on June 2. 1963, at the hour of ten o'clock A.M.. offer for sale and sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash at the front The foregoing sale will be made to j door of the Curry County Court House In satisfy a judgment rendered by the above j Clovis, New Mexico, all of the above de- court In the above entitled and numbered! scribed real estate nnd will apply the pro- cause on March 30, 1965. being an action I ceeds of the sale to the payment and satls- to foreclose a mortgage on the above des-1 faction of said Judgment, interest and cost.' crlbed property. The total judgment, in-lot suit, and. otherwise as may be directec eluding Interest and costs to the dale I bv the Court thereof, is J14.7S1.49 and the same bears] interest at 6% per annum from March 30, 1965. The amount of such Interest to date of sale will be $159.81. The judgment creditor has the right to bid at such sale and to apply all or any part of the Judgment to purchase price In lieu of cash, S/ D. A. Sasser SPECIAL MASTER I.KOAL 49 April 30, May 7, 1965 NOTICE OF SALE B & H TRANSFER & STORAGE COMPANY will sell to the highest hidrt-r In BLOC the following household effect!;: One bed, chesterdrawers, dinette set he' DATED May 3rd, 19fl5. S/ Rufus Freeman Special Master LEGAL 63 May 7, 14, 21, 28, 1«S NOTICE TO CREniTORS Notice is hereby Riven that the undersigned Grace Hall was duly appointed Ad- ministratrix of the estate of Clyde Kilpat rick, deceased, on the 6th day of May, )!W5, by the Probate Court, of Curry County. New Mexico, in Cause No. 315.' nnd that all persons having claims ngalnsl said estate are hereby notified to pre sent the same for allowance within six months from the date of the first publi will he for r- tr of NW'i •es (if N'E '-i CtP* Mf SE'i '. SE'» Nrvth. Ranee p irp-ne or Ir!i".'l!C(J i.'i tiie : t Township -.- M P M i-.-i- corpora- lev -.-, MI t'... District Court of Curry County, New Mex leu. in Cause No. 16-158 "herein First Fe d.-ral Savings A Loan Association of Clo V.K is plaintiff and Herbert I. Slaughle and Helen Slaughter, his wife, are dcfen dants, NOW THEREFORE, notice Is hereby i?l ven that I, Rufus Freeman, pursuant to slid appointment contained In said judgment and the order of sale therein, will on May 28. 1%5. at the hour of ten o'- ('nek A.M. offer for sale and sell at public auction lo the biggest bidder for ^.^ , c „„„„„, rush at the front door of the Curry County ; specified m 'he pn.posa! an Court House in Clovis. New Mexico, al j , vtll hl , 8war ,| 0(1 „„ lne lia «,, uf the above described real estate and will apply the proceeds of the sale to r!ie payment and satisfaction of snl^ judgment. In'eiest and costs of suit, and •iihcrwise as may be directed hy the Cn.irl DATED April 27, 19fi5. S/ UUFI'S FREEMAN Special Master longing to Linda Cornell. The warehouse-.,. n i| on O f (Ms notice nr thov mans lien against said household effects j e wr barred Is S69.80. together with expenses of sale. "arrect. This sale Is to be held at 200 West 1st DONE at Clovis, New Mexico, this 6tl Street, Clovis. New Mexico, on May 1965. at 9:00 A.M. B&H TRANSFER & STORAGE COMPANY S/ JOE FIRESTONE By: Joe Firestone, Manager Mexico. Said bonds will bo award°J to the highest anil best bidder cnnslderjrg the interest rate or rates specified ami the premium offered. If any, and subject to the right irf the Board of Education to reject any and all bids and re-advertise, lne highest bid. will be determined by deducting Ihe amount of ine premium md. it any. from the total amount of interest which Ihe District would lie required to pay from the date uf the bonds to the respective B&H TRANSFER & STORAGE COM-: maturity dales al the coupon rale or rates PANY will sell to the highest bidder In said bonds • BLOC the following household effects: , of the Ii w- Three chesterrtrawers, end table, bed. <t net interest cost, to tn» District. The howling ball and bag. dresser, eight car- purchaser must pay accrued interest from : t" ns ' tw o Ice chesls, two wooden boxes. the date ot the bonds t,. the dato ,:f de-1 parbage can, roll-a-way bed. two folding day of May, 1965. Grace Hall ADMINISTRATRIX WWW 0VW A eash re«I «l«e, to^wlt: Let M of the of tft* ______ vl», aovls, N«w Mexico. If |«8Hill E. Park, Gloria W. Pat* t«f .... , Clt^rf CtoVlt, Ne«r ». *«t»f> A Judgment J (16,977.27, entered As District Court ot C,. Mexico, In C«u»lf No. 18 ___ , ... Federal Savinw * Lew AH aovl», J. E. Smith are defendant*, NOW THEREFORE, f»tl« given that I, Ruful Fr«wn«ft, pUHOfflft to said appointment contained In uta Judgment «nd order of »»le therein, ' ' June 2, 1 985, at the hour of t*n _______ A.M., Offer for sale and sell at public 8tt<- tlon to the highest bidder fot ewW M the front door of Ihe Curry County OBttrt House In Clovis, New Mexico, alt Of tns above described real estate and will *M>1y the proceeds ot the sale to the paynMtlt and satisfaction nf said judgment, Interest and costs of suit, and otherwise U May be directed by the Court. DATED May 3rd, 1965. S/ Rnfus FreeWgft Special Master *%•* 51 April 30, May 7. 1963 NOTICE OF SALE h I.KUAI. 44 April 3D, 196S .NOTICE OF PtBLICATlOX (FOREIGN) •ry. The txjnds will not be sold [or less than par rind accrual interest, nor >hall any divount or commission lie allow- cd «r paid fin toe s.ile of >uin i> nids. The District reserves UK- pnviliyp. nf waivir.K any Irregularity or informality In t r,y bill All bid* shall be sealed and. excel*, the hid of the .itate ol Nc.v Mexico, il one ;s received, shall be accompanied by a deposit of live per cent, either cash or chairs, foot locker, trunk belong to Mrs. K. P. Roark. The warehouscmans lien against said household effects is SL'38.10. together with expenses of sale. This sale is to he held at 200 West Street. Clovis. New Mexico, on May 15, 1965, at 9:00 A. M. B&H TRANSFER & STORAGE COMPANY! By: Joe Firestone, Manager DEKALB OFFERS * at authorlifd capital stock of Issued capital stock is: nr\ i if all bids are rejected. !' j re advertise sail irond* fn I same miiiiii'.'i- as herein p: D.iaid .-ball for e term ration I Tporate existence of erpeUUt! r the officers and President. Box 10S2, Luhhock. ,• E. Tarvcr. V.-Pres, Box inff>. l.ub- F. Tarver, Secretary. Box Inez, Hen i-' later j ari.l for li.i.i.-(I nf K.i.,- Linoleum, crobar, stnjller. polf carl, dis'n pan. 3 floor niats. U fisliin^ rod*;, J TV Mrtnils. vvmdehesier rifle, bowline bull. 'r,c !,\\ ing set. p^jwcr mtn^'ei-. prill tteiong ;•> Hie linhliy Ducan. The warehousemans lien against said household effects is si76.ll together \vith expenses of .sale. This sale is !•• he held at i 1 '"! West 1st Street. Clovis New Mexico, >«> May !."> l%.i. at 9:00 A. M. BAH TRANSFER i STORAGE COMPANY By: Joe Firestore. ManuKur or In >i Sorqhum for Replanting Use l.iib-i , bock. Texas ; ', 1 The objects «n,^ purposes of said cor- 5 ;v>rs!ion are: Electrical construction, tnp i id ,,,. t . ss r u i ; liank. ii-iu' s after herein pre- Ihc Ijuls. Ue- maue to ;,'ie : feS^SSaciL^ HOME CAFE O l t \ fc/1 We Have A Front Dining Room and A Buffeteria in The Back Dining Room. Enjoy Fine Food on Mother's Day at the HOME CAFE \»f '121 Thornton 763-6551 <L(iira;s m of tne lirr.i i i-.r the receipt of i l.very of I'.u bor.ii vw.l b<: t . .-.-.«^t at the Ciovij Nhiiopa!. rv.a-ufacturc. sal«. Installarion. rnalnten-; , ja , lk c», New Mexico, as JCHTI as! anre. «nd repair ot commercial, Industrial.- ; , rttrtlM ,,i c . a n 1 within sixty days I and residential electric llnej. equipment. A c ,, r ;i(](^ copy of ' Tr ; in« of Pro-I acrossones. appliancpn and motors, etc. I ,,,.,,,,, ngs ' n e | allng ' to the Issuance of Gen- I C,. The registered office In New Mexico Is: j ,, ral O blua"on Honds of Texlco Municipal, i+10 Pile Street. C.ovis. New Mexico scnool Diiin.-t No. 2. Curry and Hou.scvelt I i7. Th« name of the statutory acem in I ( v, un t,es, Ne^ Mexico," aril I'ached ap-i New Mexico, and In charge thereof, upon. pr ,, V(i | , lf sam; , , 1V ,., B O j llce of me A [ t .)r- whorn process agaln»t the corpora.ion l n( . y t ; em . rft i ,,; ^g^ may he spn'ed !s: Fred C. Tharp, P. O. i.ix li'niS Hovls. New Mexico Kilffl in the office of the Slate Corpora- m Commission of the State of New levied on April 26, J!»i>, Certificate No. 1 titl STATE CORPORATION COMMISSION Corjmration Departme-t >/ Mt'RKAY E MORGAN Murray E. Morgan. Chairman Me.»-co will bc i.rr, u, 35 April 2J. >i Miy 7 14. !%"> NOTICE OF HKAIirVG In the Probate Court of Curry Co :-ty. N M in the Matter of the l.a.s; Wi.. and 1 l!a >' ot >ld>, 1. .-M/r.i-r.t of O. L. Podd. £>e( eased. No. 'il-i- T(J WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: N-i'.'ce l -t hereby /iv.en thnt an Ir.sint- me -it p'jrjmrUr.g t.-. I.e tne I,ast W:!l and ri»'.>meC.I of O 1- IV'dd. IlPCPaseil. 1'l.e li-giility if the txuids will De approved. l'i additl'in, by NTessrs. T;ill- madge and 'iiillrn-iiUe, Alloti.i'.vs al Li>w. American National Hank Buitdi.'i^. Ut'ti^cr, (\iloiado, and Stan(|-e>, Hesai and Carn- l«>s, Petr(>Je.inT Huildmg. Santa Ke. Nexv Mexico, whose unqualified Joint approving • ipinit'.-i, t.i^ xvitn the printed bonds and a complete transcript of the legal pro- (•ffilmfs mciuding a certificate staling ::i,ti no l:tyat,i>n al'cctinj the valn'i'.y of Me Inmds i.. pe'idii^. w!.-. be fjni' t!>..' at Prcildi-rt. Boa d -w Me\ti_\). this tith I' F. S. THIGPEX ..; K.!ac..:.'.i .1! me f:le;| for <»f C^irry of the Ne-v at r,.'i ., Prot>Vt» Me\:,o. (1,1-. t: In Ihe Prolate New Mexico, and ci-..-k A M. »! the J.i.ltfe of C...TV at C'o\:« New •re a*^d p:itcp for Da\M Turnrr i'k-1-K. Il.«rd .<t Education ..f t.'-.e Town nf Texiuu, New Mexico. i SEAL I ri:un MK < "1 \ I \ . M i i: i nr rvunv Ml \l< II saM Ui- rnt. I.F.O M, 4.1 April 3u, May T 1VS Norn t: or s vi.r i to trip pr»t-at- '['.--•iinieni are Ir .<l')er*Mr s In Clerk of C..rn. or tn-f ire t.'-.e Ti A H TKANSKEP. . --I.-.- '.ntlfled to fie ir • •• .'fice of the Ci*v.'P.t% . .n'v New Mexid .1 .• «• set sai-l hcit; i"/ WITNK-iS my hand and official ies '!.-: la> "t A;>r:l A.P !'"••• PANY will Fold.rig ' Chan t-.vo chestcrdra CetS tills AI^E CO Nile,!,ter 1:1 dineit.' set two beds iers. C'>u(h tw.» metal cal>: M\(Ts»uffed chair, one Mrs Id 11 M He I be It lien aga;nst said house->, together with ex table ni! T GUTHALS CO. County Or* i,rr> i'.. . New M.-\ii-.» 1001 East 1st Clovis, N. Mex. i....: .• Mnv T 1<V.1 NOTICK or s»ir R 4 H THANaKKI! i Sli'ItAOF COM l\\o end -'resser Ivln;.^ The w«reh,.ii>em.ins hold efferlx o Jsl. penses c.f ia!<-. i TI..S »ale IS to hi I Slfeet. Cl.lVls. New j i'»;, at 9 'Hi A. M il'.ill TRANSKKR * STORACK COMPANY '; R\ . Joe r'lrestid.r Muna^er b(«M at. 200 West 1st Mexico, on May 1"> tne fi»ilo\v;ng es. \Ve«r,.igh.i to Shirle> A Tie PORTA ROOM STORAGE SHEDS Solve Your Storage Problems with this new all metal shed. 8 POPiXAK SIZES SF.VKRAL COLOR SKLKCTIONS Fll.K LKXGTII PIANO-HINGE IMM)KS 1NK1DK • GARAGE TVl'K UXK—I KEVS STOKH DOORS Building A Garage Or Home? See Is Fur CONCKETE MASON HV t Lasts A Lifetime • Fire Safety • STOKM WINDOWS • KOI L OK BATT-TYPE INSILATION • WR%THEB STBD7PING • FIREPLACE & ACCESSORIES SEE IS NOW FOB ALL YOl Ii BUILDING NEEDS Couerete CAR STOPS I>i»coum On furch&M of 10 or More. MAULDIN LUMBER CO. SOUTH LEA STREET ClOVIS Tr-. Str^-t eflerti 1 of sale.; !i *3li loffetnor w-'ll expev>e* » »»le In to be hrid at Jim We«i lit, Clovis. New Mevl-x;. on May lo. j at 9 0.1 A. M. i TKA-NSKtK * STORAGE COMPANY 1 B\ : Joe Firestone. Manaxer Field Seeds GOOD SEED IS A GOOD INVESTMENT Choose from these quality seeds • Lindsoy Hybrids • 788 - 77F i: Others • Green M Sudan Hybrid • Green Leaf (ilO-GGO • McKaeheren Hybrids • Ited Carpet 222-444 & G60 • Funk G711AA Yellow Corn • Grain & Forage Sorfthums Curry County Grain and Elevator Company GOO Curry Ave, & West 7th — Clovis, New 3Iexico Manager J. C. Hacker HOME DECOR-SELF SERVICE FURNITURE CO. 824 MAIN 1st & PILE n OSF v»LvrOL THIS WEEK BE SURE fO SEE OUR AD IN SUNDAY'S CLOVIS NEWS JOURNAL' DOORS WILL OPEN MONDAY 9 A,M.

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