Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 24, 1998 · Page 8
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 8

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1998
Page 8
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THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood, Ml — Wednesday. June 24,1998 Page 14 'San Diego' should feel lucky FOR BETTER Off WORSE Dear Ann Landers: This letter is in response u>" Hurt and Poor in San Diego." She is die woman who fell that her mcKber should have given her pan of ihe proeetdx from the sale of the family home after her father died. (Her mother had remarried.) "San Diego" asked for your opinion to help put things in ihe proper perspective. Well. Ann, I have quite another perspective. I am sick and tired of people who feel they are entitled to something simply because they happen to be related. It is very important for my peace of mind to know thai my mother has i secure retirement and that she will rx well cared for in her old age. At present, while I am working on plans for my own retirement, I am also trying to figure outflow 1 am going to provide fcr my mother. She will be facing her retirement years in the no<-too-distant future. "San Diego" should consider herself fortunate that she does not need to worry about her mother's financial situation. That daughter should slop being so concerned about money thai is not hers to begin with. Inherited money should be viewed as a pleasant surprise or'an unexpected gift — not an entitlement Sign me -A MIND OF MYOWN IN AUSTIN. TEXAS DEAR AUSTIN: 1 like your style. Thanks for voicing my sentiments so precisely. Would -it surprise you to know that you and I are definitely in 'he minority? Most people think differently and start with that "blood is thicker than water" adage. Dear Ann Landers: We brought home a beautiful, healthy baby from the hospital and were surprised Ann Landers several weeks Later to find a red spot on his forehead. Our doctor told us it was a birthmark called strawberry hemangioma. Our older daughter also had one but in a much less noticeable place. The doctor said the spot would get bigger for a while but would eventually fade and disappear. 1 have been floored by some of the comments people have made about that birthmark. For example: "Oh, did be bump his bead?" And less polite remarks, such as, "Thai thing on his head is getting bigger" "1 hope that's just lipstick," and my personal favorite, "It's not the kind that turns cancerous, is it?" Here is some information on strawberry hemangiomas. Obviously a great many people need to be educated. Hemangiomas usually appear shortly after birth and have a red, raised, bumpy texture.They may be smaller than a dime or as large as a coaster. They consist of immature vascular materials that have broken away from the circulatory system. These "birthmarks" are quite common. One out of every 10 babies has one somewhere on his or her body. These birthmarks will grow for a while, but then, they will begin to fade. Generally, they disappear completely by the time the child is 5 years of age. Treatment is usually not recommended, except in extreme cases. , ' I hope this information will help educate your readers so they will IKX feel the need to ask tactless questions. -- NAMELESS, OF COURSE, ON THE EAST COAST DEAR EAST CO AST Your letter is extremely informative, and I'm sure it will prevent countless people from' asking questions that could be hurtful. My office contacted Dr, Jerome Garden, a dermatologist at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. He said about 50 percent of these birthmarks disappear by age 5 and 90 percent by age 9. Those around the eyes, mouth or diaper area, however, may need treatment with steroids or laser. His advice was to check all such birthmarks carefully and follow your pediatrician's advice. Thank you for all the folks you educated today. Gem of the Day (Credit Ogden Nash): Confidence is the feeling you have before you really understand the problem. . Planning a wedtling? What's right ? What's wrong? "The Ann Landers Guide for-Brides" will nlieve your anxiety. Send a self-addressed, long, business-size envelope and a check or tnoney order for $3:75 (this includes postage and handling) to: Brides* c/o Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562, Chicago, III. 60611-0562. (In Canada, send $4.55.) To find out more about Ann Landers and nod her past columns, visit the Citators Syndicate web page at, ' . ' ANN LANDERS* • C1998. Cieators Syn<*cat» Your Horoscope Thursday. Juo« 25. 1998 A gratifying, productive year cooW be in tne offing for you. There may b« interesting devetoornenls that wril improve cone*- hons m areas where disappointment one* prevailed. .•'.'.' CANCER (Jun« 21-Jo»y 22) Don't waste your bm» and talents on mundane objectives today: you're likefy to be far more Bridge West * 6 3 2 10 7 A Q 10 8 Q J North * K J 9 4 » A 5 4 2 * 8 2 * A K 5 M 24 M 10 8 South » A Q * 7 5 » Q J 9 8 « 7 4 3 * 9 6 4 3 10 8 » K 6 3 • K J 9 'j * 7 2 Vulnerable: Neither Dealer South Sooth West North Ka*t 1 • Pass I " Pass 1 A Pass 4 * All pass Opening lead: 9 ? fortunate i( you strive lor targets of Hue Significance Know where !o look lor romance and you'll line) it .The Astro- Graph Matchmaker instantly reveals which signs are romantically perfect lor you. Mail 52.75 to Matchmaker, c'o this newspaper. P O Box 1758. Murray Hill Station, New York. NY 10156 LEO (Jury 23-Aug. 22) There arc stiong chance* that things coutd worV out better than yoo anticipate today. Whatever you do. don't let your laith waver. VIRGO (Aug. 23-S*pi. 22) A condition affecting your earning capability will boqin to maKe changes lor the better tod.iy m ways you may be unaware of LIBRA (S*pt. 23-Ocl. 23) Harmony can be restored in a relationship mat s been unsteady lately It's up. to you to offer ihe olive branch SCOflPK) (Oct. 24-r*ov! 22) Something secret is stirring whore work is concerned today When it's revealed, it may not please your associates, but it could put .1 smile on yoor tace SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-D*c. 21) Woigh your decisions compassionately lorJoy Base your judgment on how others will be allected. not by what you stand lo gain. CAPRICORN (DK. 22-Jan. 19) You can gflt worK you've been brusNng aside finished today il you.put your mind to it. Tomorrow you might not (eel quit*'as industrious. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-F*b. 19) rt isn't !*•• ly you II be upstaged by others today — your popularity is coming to a Ngh pom, and your demeanor will attract admtrws PISCES (F*to. 2p-Macch 20) If yoo hav* the lime and inclination, this 19 a good day (0590 bargain hunting — *sp*ciaJty you're looking for an unusual household <U>m ' ' . ARIES (March 21-April 19) The ability to think on your feet is your greatest as&04 today You'll make smart moves whila others are still pondering th« tacts. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Financial conditions look lavorable today, but don't sweat u your most protitaW« opportunities will be engineered by someone e*s«. GEMINI (May 21-Jun» 20) Happenstance and chance could piay large* rote* than usual, in matters of personal importance today When you se« the »»gnal», takn positive action and aim lor the best. 1 Crossword Which lead to make By Phillip Alder Henry Broolts Adams, an American historian, wrote. "The difference is slight, to the influence of an author, whether he is read by five hundred readers, or by five hundred thousand: if he can select the five hundred, he reaches the five hundred thousand." Of course, his royalty check might be somewhat larger from 500.000. but they didn't worry so much about that sort of thing in those days (1907). A reader from Fort Pierce, Fla.. who requested anonymity, sent me this deal He had been West, on lead against four spades, and asked what he should have selected as his lead. Wei), what would have been your choice 1 North probably ft It that his second- round raise to four spades was a slight underbid, but what else could he do? West led the club queen. Declarer won in the dummy and played a diamond, which West won: West switched to a trump, but it was too late South won in the dummy and lost another diamond trick to West Back came a second trump, but declarer got two diamond ruffs in the dummy His 10 win ners were four spades, two hearts, two clubs and two diamond ruffs. "Was (he club queen such a bad k-ad'" my correspondent asked True, it was superficially attractive and, I suppose, might not have been fata! on * different layout. Howe.ver, with his strong diamonds over South's first bid suit, West should have led a (rump. And he should have kept leading trumps every l ' mc ne w °9 a d>a f n° nu ' trick. Then South would have obtained only one diamond ruff and finished one down. He would have lost one heart and three diamond tricks. by NKA. Inr ACROSS 1 Hunting dog 7 Kind of aofa 13 FooTi 0o*d 14 Jimmy Cart«f'• 15 Chartcra 16 Act* Ilk* a grvo«t 17 rW«, H*nrl 18 Indignation 20 V*gaa cub* 21 W**t*rn mar»h plant 23 rMth«r'« partner 24 Compo**f 25 Aflantton- oetting sound 27 Stick tog*th*r 29 Ua* a straw 31 Charged particle 32 WVd* shoe ilz* 33 Lkvn's horn* 34 Gloria Swanson movie, — Boul*vard 37 Ninth mo. 40 Citizen ~ 41 CD- — 43 rtallan currency 45 Yes, Pi«rra 46 Soap lngredl«nt 47 Short »l**p 48 Busy 51 Knowing (obs.) 54 Departs 55 Comfort 56 Strong points 57 Shouter DOWN 1 ftanana — 2 Optic applicator 3 Natur* paths 4 — th« Mason 5 Parisian An«w»r to Previous Puzzt* w K R P A 1 O E R E I N O R E O summer 6 Lacqiw ingredient 7 Round object • Guldo'* high not* FRANK A ERNEST J CAN TtLl* YOU TlMf OgTH* t-Vt KEN WDRKINO TO \ WPKNf, MV MCMORV J I'VE B££N VMMKJN& TO IMPROVE MM M£A<*V BEETLE BAILEY BATTLE STO*V FATI6UE WHATlJ THE MATTER? HAQAR THE HORRIBLE W LHZ THE GRIZZWEU-S HW. THE BORN LOSER TKKT t KCVEE. PEALLY "HrVD IH [ THOUGHT rXBOUT IT, I P£KL!ZeD.. ALLEY OOP WM«. TW LAST \ I rX)NT MIND TCU-IN' TIME i aeT EYea IYOU, OH YOU, YOU Wt«t I I'M R*HT P«DUO BOUT THIS M«*i.' ^raee YOU KIND*. FAT AM' W UP INTO SUCH H^^VVv^.' SHE MAJNT MUCH, MAA CTj It J DC HO OIUIVirLU; a " ' Of An S*erS • TttKJi lor* « R Mir, Ptv™ **p*<mo**1-9or>45*-3535exl ccoe 100 10 FIa«nmaM* mat*riall 11 Wnoi* 12 G*xman city 19 FabukxMbird 22 AnctorX aacwtic 24 Dog 2« 29 Oard«n tooU JOtoltendaiM and tartar 35 Famoua Johony — 3« DoH, • g. 18 Ty 39 Mypootk atato 40 Eucaryplua *•!•< 42 Untidy 44 Mor* lik»)y 40 — Got a S*cr*1 SO Doc for 1-Acroaa 52 Runner 53 Sick KIT -N' CAHLYLE HERMAN L- I* ~H« had to UIM th« wrMhroom, but ftown

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