The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 24, 1951 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, November 24, 1951
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Frederick County DH1A Records ftccorfe For The Month Of October, 1951 Supervisors: Unit 1, Chester Stone; Unit t, Charles T. Murray; Unit 3, Ralph K. Gouker; Unit 4, Glenn Gillespie; Unit 5, George Blicken- itaff. Russell A. Lindsay, assisting » Unit 4. * No. Av. of Lbs. Owner Cows Breed Fat K. Irving Stin« 25 RH 56.4 t P. Ifert Sons 47 RH 50.1 T Huffer 27 RGH 45.7 Ray H. Smith r £ ·«'·» Bar X- *mtth FH 64.0 RH «3.0 RH «BJ M-POUND FAT COW 4 -- Supr., Gten GHIespl* Owner Breed Lbs. Fat 35 RH 44.4 30 RH 43.9 RA 41.0 RH 38.4 RH 37.9 RG 37.4 RH 37.0 46 RGH 36.6 56 RGH 35.9 C. 1 L. Dudrow Paul A. Stockman Sons 17 Lewis W. Brown 26 W. K. Coblentz 20 (3. K. Holter. Sr. 23 Mrs. J. G. Smith 16 -- . UToiford W. Wolfe 18 RGG 37.3 Morris A. Zentz 37 RH 37.2 1. C. Virts, Jr. Henry D. Lakin and Sons Ray H. Smith -- -J. Wilmer House 41 RGH 35.6 Richard Harbaugh 26 RGH 35.5 G E Roderuck 25 RGH 35.2 F.' G. Remsberg 56 RH 34.1 J. D. Gaither 15 GH 34.0 Leo Fontanella 23 Mixed 33.4 David Grossnickle 43 C. Richard Ahalt 30 R. S. Wachter 43 J Edgar Ferrell 31 Mixed 32.6 L Roy Remsberg 29 RGH 31.9 C Irving Staley 60 RGH 31.9 A. R. Keller, Jr v 24 RGH 31.3 .John A. Hope, Jr. 51 .Mixed 30.9 Remcrest Farm 27 RH 30.6 - Paul E. Lutz 16 RGH 30.0 H C. H. M. Binder 16 ' RG 29.9 Thomas Cissel 50 RGH 29.2 60-POUND FAT COWS UNIT 2--Supervisor, C. T. Murray Owner Breed Lbs Fat Edgar C. Virts, Jr. RH 80 Edgar C. Virts, Jr. RH Edgar C. Virts, Jr. RH W. Kieffer Coblentz RH Morris A. Zentz RH Morris A. Zentz RH Morris A. Zentz RH Russell S. Wachter RH Russell S. Wachter RH Hussell S. Wachter RH Richard Harbaugh RH Richard Harbaugh GH Richard Harbaugh GH Dr H. L. Morse RA Dr H. L. Morse RA Dr. H. L. Morse RA Dr. H. L. Morse RA Dr. H. L. Morse RA Simon Stull GH John M. Crum RH John M. Crum RH John M. Crum ,RH John D. Gaither GH Harry Trout GH /David Grossnickle RH David Grossnickle RH Mrs. Juliet G. Smith RG Mrs. Juliet G. Smith RG 79 65 61 67 66 66 79 78 61 87 67 67 64 60 60 73 64 64 60 67 80 66 64 63 Montgomery Co. DHIA Records MONTGOMERY COUNTY DHIA Report -- October, 1951 UNIT 1--C«eo. L. Fuller, Supr. ( FIVE HIGH HERDS Allle Messer 49 RH George Fry 40 GH Robert Stiles ' 35 RJ *M L. Burdette 56 GH M'K'dree Walker 52 RH Gladhill Bros. 35 RH' ·3x milking. 450-LB. FAt COWS 43.8 351 34.3 33.1 33.3 33.0 B. D. I. .Ward Bros. E. D. Fry E. D. Fry E. D. Fry E. D. Fry Robert Stiles T. M. Garrett T. M. Garrett W. I. King W. I. King W. I. King W. I. King W. I. King 60-POUND FAT COW UNIT 5--Supr., Geo. BllckenstaM Owner Breed Lbs. Fat RH 33.2 RH 33.2 RH 33.1 J. C. Stone RH Arthur S. Fouche GH Glen Ellen Farm 'RJ Glen Ellen' Farm RJ West Riding Farm GH West Riding Farm GH C. W. Kent - GH C. W. Kent GH 60 61 61 60 61 61 63 61 73 XB BrS RH RH GH GH RJ GG GG RH RH RH RH RH 474 510 584 581 524 461 461 525 564 458 539 504 470 459 W. K. Coblentz RH W. K. Coblentz RH W. K. Coblentz RH W. K. Coblentz RH W. K. Coblentz RH Remcrest Farm RH Claggett and Washington GH Cecil K. Holter RH Cecil K. Holter RH Cecil K. Holter RH Cecil K. Holter RH Cecil K. Holter GH Walter B. Coblentz GH Walter B. Coblentz,,, RH Walter B. Coblentz RH Walter B. Coblentz RH Walter B. Coblentz RH C. Richard Ahalt RH C. Richard Ahalt RH C. Richard Ahalt RH Maurice L. Dade RH Jones Bros. RG Paul A. Stockman RH Paul A. Stockman RH Paul A..Stockman RH Paul A. Stockman RH Paul A. Stockman RH Maurice S. Ahalt RH Maurice'S. Ahalt RH Maurice S. Ahalt RH Edward F. Holter RH Edward F. Holter RH J. Wilmer House RH J. Wilmer House GH J. Wilmer House RH J. Wilmer House RH J. Wilmer House GH L. Roy Remsburg RH Frank G. Remsberg RH Frank G. Remsberg RH Frank G. Remsberg RH Frank G. Remsberg RH Frank G. Remsberg RH Frank G. Remsberg RH Frank G. Remsberg RH John A. Hope, Jr. GH John A. Hope, Jr. GH Josephus T. Huffer RH Josephus T. Hufier RH Josephus T. Huffer GH Josephus-T. Huffer RA Josephus T. Huffer RH Josephus T. Huffer RH Josephus T. Huffer GH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D." Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sens RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Ira D. Ifert ,Sons RH Ira D. Ifert Sons RH Lewis W. Brown RA Lewis W. Brown , RA Lewis W. Brown GA Lewis W. J. Edgar H. Irving H. Irving H. Irving H. Irving H. Irving H. Irving H. Irving H. Irving H. Irvin? Brown Ferrell Stine Stine Stine Stine Stine Stine Stine Stine Stine RA GG RH RH RH RH RH RH RH RH RH 76 62 112 72 69 ~ 65 62 60 61 60 65 63 62 60 60 68 66 61 61 60 72 67 60 61 69 71 61 61 60 60 82 70 68 74 '66 80 68 64 60 60 60 85 79 73 73 70 65 63 66 65 74 64 64 63 62 60 60 99 92 86 86 81 77 77 72 72 69 68 67 67 66 65 64 62 61 60 67 63 61 60 66 111 99 99 80 75 75 70 61 61 A. Chas. Mullen GH FREDERICK COUNTY UNIT Maryland Artificial Breeding CO-OPERATIVE, INC. Report For October, 1951 CIRCUIT NO. 1--Geo. W. Gorsuch, Technician Initial Services 209 'Ayrshire ' 17 Guernsey *1 Holstein 131 Jersey 16 Brown Swiss 4 Members breeding largest number Cows: Robert Speak Joseph Wachter Betty H. Kreuger Ruth Richard Corn* Ethan Summers Total first service: 7/1/15 to 10/31/51 -- 489 Cows. CIRCUIT NO. 2--E. Alton Dudderar, Technician Initial Service 187 Ayrshire 13 Guernsey 43 Holstein 120 Jersey 5 Brown Swiss 6 Members breeding largest number Cows: E. Earl Remsberg 14 Martin S. Beachley Sons 12 William T. Staley , 12 George Daniels 10 Alvey Young 8 Tot. 1 first service: 7/1/51 to 10/31/51 -- 502 Cows. MONTGOMERY COUNTY DHIA Report -- October, 1951 UNIT 2--Lee Parham,, Supr. FIVE HIGH HERDS A. W. Ratliff 59 GBS 37.7 RGG J. W. (Nick) Harding 37 GHG 35.7 H G\ Dehesh 36 GHG 32. Paul Burdette 63 GH 31.1 36 RH 28.4 79 RGH 28.4 A. H. Paul H. Unglesbee 60-LB. FAT COWS A. W. Ratliff " GG 85 A. W. Ratliff GBS 83 A. W. Ratliff GG 75 A. W. Ratliff RG 69 A. W. Ratliff GG 69 A. W. Ratliff GG 68 A. W. Ratliff GG 67 A. W. Ratliff GG 66 H. C. King No. 2 GH 71 H. C. King No. 2 GG 60 George Crawford RH 77 George Crawford RH 65 George Crawford RH 62 George Crawford RH 60 A. H. Paul * RH 60 Paul Burdette GH 60 J. W. Harding GH 66 J. W. Harding GG 68 Harry Unglesbee GH 61 Harry Unglesbee GH 60 H. G. Dehesh GH 60 Jarshall Whtt» GH «Z iVilsoa Pool* RH «1 Jniv. of Maryland HA 61 W. Nagel (3 x) RH 61 W. Nagel (3 x RH 64 W. Nagel (3-x) RH 66 V. W. Nagel (3-x) RH 84 W. Nagel (3 x RH 60 W. Nagel (3 x) RH 61 W. Nagel ( 3 x ) GH 61 MONTGOMERTTCOUNTY I!UA Report -- October, 1951 UNIT 4--Supr., Jane D. Pyle FIVE HIGH HERDS B. Dorsett RGH 36.5 ff. A. Riley- GH 29.8 A. L. Hulsizer RJ-GH-GG 29.0 23.4 22.5 J. J. Fisher GH-GG . W. Birkett GH 60-LB. BUTTERFAT OR MOUE A. L. Hulsizer A. L. Hulsizer W. A. Riely W. A. Riely W. A. Riely GH RJ GK GH GH 67 64 75 70 71 DDT Insecticide Held Dangerous To Humans LOS ANGELES, Nov. 23 (fP)- Twp physicians told a House Subcommittee today that use of DDT as an insecticide for crops is dangerous to human beings. Dr. Bernard Krohn and Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., both of Monrovia Calif., gave their findings to a subcommittee that is investigating the use of chemicals in food products and cosmetics. The doctors said their opinions were based on scores of autopsies and tests of hundreds of persons Dr. Krohn testified that "more than half of a group of people living in an agricultural area where DDT is used" showed nervous disorders and liver damage. He said the ail ments resulted from DDT poisoning. The physicians recommended en actment of a Federal law requiring growers using insecticides to prov their methods do not make food; poisonous for human consump tion. synthetic Milk To v rovid« Cheaper Pork ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 23--(/W-Synthetic milk for pigs, promising ·nore and maybe cheaper pork. ihops und bncon, has been an- lounced. ( Newboin piglets can be taken com their mothers w i t h i n 48 \ouvs and ruined entirely on the ynthetic sow's milk. It contains i' growth-stimulating antibiotic, erramycin. Piglets grow faster and heavier, are safer from disease and accident und more piglets can be produced with it. said Herbert Luther, research scientist associated with Chas. Pfizer Co., Brooklyn. N. Y. He described the rvilk, tervalac Uradename) to a ynipos,ium on animal nutrition at the University of Minnesota. After eight weeks, piglets get- ing the synthetic milk weigh 10 o 35 per cent more than normal- y suckieil pigs, he said. The synthetic is a dry, white powder, looking like pie-crust mix. It contains terramycin, dry kirn milk, lard to supply f a t , fish oils, tiny amounts of minerals The Ptolemaic System was the ancient concept of the universe proposed by the Greek astronomer Hipparchus who lived about 130 B. C. It is named after Claudius Ptolemy, a later astronomer, who popularized the system. MONTGOMERY COUNTY DHIA Report -- October, 1951 UNIT 3--Supr., Ed. Greble . FIVE HIGH HERDS A. W. Nagel 3 x milking 40.7 B. Weitzer 3 x milking 38.3 Frank Palmer 31 9 W. F. Stickle 30.8 Chester Leishear 30.3 60-LB. BUTTERFAT OR OVER R. G. L. C. Beall GH 64 Chester Leishear GH 61 Vincent Sutliff, Jr. RH 70 Vincent Sutliff, Jr. GH 67 Remus Riggs · GH 60 Remus Riggs GH 60 W F. Stickle GH 76 W. F. Stickle GH 77 W. F. Stickle GH 61 B. Weitzer (3 x) GH 86 B. Weitzer 3 x ) GH 62 B. Weitzer (3 x) GH B. Weitzer (3x1 GH B. Weitzer (3x) GH Drug And PRESRIPTION Service \ PHAKMAfY SUCCESSOR TO PEAKRE'S DKUG STOKE TELEPHONE 208 Join Hospital Aid, Inc., and Help Yonr Neighbor 60-POUND FAT COWS · UNIT 3--Supr., Ralph R. Gouker Owner Breed Lbs. Fat Mrs. Annie Brandenburg Son RG 63.0 Howard Clara Metzger RG 80.0 H. C. Metzger RG 63.0 Wolford W. Wollffc GG 71.0 Wolford W. Wolfe RG 64.0 Wolford W. Wolfe RG 62.0 Glenn Trout Son GH . 63.0 Glenn Trout Son GH 66.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH 94.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH 80.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH 69.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH 94.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH 80.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH 69.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH' 65.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH 64.0 C. Lester Dudrow, RH 63.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH ' 62.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH . 61.0 C. Lester Dudrow RH 6d.O L'. W. West RA 69.0 G. Edgar Roderuck RH 60.0 C. Irving Staley RH 70.0 J. Wm. Howard and Son GALA FLOOR SHOW AND DANCE SATURDAY, NOV. 24th 9:00--1:00 Russell Hinds at the Hammond Organ AMVETS HOMES, Green Sfe, Middleiown, Md. AMVETS and Guests--Phone Middieto*.vn 170 A for reservations Inscriptions WILLIAMSON'S DRUG STORE TRUSSES and SUP1 ». * S 12 North Market St. Phone 68 GH J. W. Howard Son GH W. J. Hahn Ray H. Smith Ray H. Smith * Ray H. Smith Ray M. Smith Ray H. Smith Ray H. Smith RA RH RH RH GH RH RH 67.0 63.0 63.0 75.0 72.0 72.0 72.0 70.0 «9.0 PUBLIC SALE I will sell at public auction where I reside in Woodsboro, Md., on SATURDAY, DEC. 1,1951 BEGINNING PROMPTLY AT 10 A. M. THE FOLLOWING: · 1 10-piece dining room suite. 1 Frigidaire electric range 1 Frigidaire Refrigerator 1 5 piece chrome breakfast set, 1 kitchen table, 1 kitchen cabinet, 1 white enamel kitchen range with oil burners, 1 bureau, 1 vanity with bench, 1 upright piano, 2 metal beds and springs, 1 oak bed, 1 bureau, 2 wash stands, 1 small blanket chest, 1 metal utility cabinet, 1 medicine cabinet, 1 ray-o lamp, 1 3-piece living room suite, 3 clothes trees, 1 9x12 rug, 1 9x12 rug cushion, 1 trunk, 1 cradle, 1 baby crib, 1 9x12 fibre rug, garden tools, lot of old pictures, lot of dishes, some iron stone china, some Haviland, several small stands, 2 fibre board wardrobes, 1 toaster, 1 occasional table, 2 end tables, lot of curtains, several rocking chairs, several benches, lot of jars and other things too numerous to mention. TERMS--CASH on day of sale, , GLENN H. LENHART HARRY TROUT, Auctioneer EMORY CUTSHALL, Clerk / Early examples of veneered fur niture can be traced to ancien Egypt, when it was made for kings ·ttnctlv* *inc« many of lh» associations hav« Increased th« rate of pay to tps?er» Those interested In enrollhij; in the course may apply to their County AKont or to the Dairy Extension oitlce at College Park. There are tic tuition charges, but it nominal examination and license fee will be charged. Testers must pay room and board while taking the two week course. WEATHER Hl'KTS CROWD Inclement weather cut the attendance figure for the second annual "ClnrksburR Day" last Saturday." O. R. Wllhide, general chairman, said the affair was a general success. Clarence Day was chairman of the country store. Mrs. Raymond King had charge of the novelty booth and Mrs. Granville Marts was chairman of the cake booth. Mrs. G. R. Wilhide, Mrs. Dorothy Day and R. M, Wilhide had charge of the tried chicken sandwich and soft drink booths. The hall was decorated in full colors under the direction of Mrs. H. J. Rcdgrove. Mrs. Helen Lower and Mrs. Clarence Roberts were in charge of the Red Cross booth. There was Yh* Newi, Frederick, MU., Saturday, Nortmber M, 19S1 SEVEN special music, it was virtually decided to hold the event earlier in November next year. COMPLETES TKST BRATTLEBORO. Vt.. Nov. 13-With an average of 388 pounds of butterfat and 10,187 pounds of milk testing 38'", the 20-cow herd of registered llolstcin-Kriesians owned by W. KieiTer Coblentz, Middletown, Md., completed their last test year recently. The testing was carried on under the official Herd Improvement program of the Holstein-Friesian Association of America. Milking was done two times daily and testing was supervised by University of Maryland, In cooperation with the national Holsteln headquarters. 4«9 AVERAGE BRATTLEBORO. Tt. Nov. 2$-With an average of 469 pounds of butterfat and 12,058 pounds of milk testing 3.9%, the 42-cow herd of registered Holstein-Frieslans owned by Ira I). Ifert, Middletown. Md., completed their last test year recently. The testing was carried on under the official Herd Improvement Registry program of The Hoi- stein-Friesian Association of America. NOTICES It's mixed for the fish and vitamins. water. Except it tastes like havy milk. The cost is 35 to 40 with oils. cents a pound, and a pig uses 12 pounds before it's weaned, Luther _ said. A concentrated form, to which the farmer could add his own skim milk, will be cheaper. DHIA TRAINING COURSE The Dairy Department of the University of Maryland will hold a training course of DHIA testers. December 3 through 15. to fill vacancies in five counties. At present, Dairy Herd Improvement Association testers are needed in Queen Annes, Frederick. Harford, Washington and Baltimore Counties. J. W. Pou, head of the Dairy Department, in making the announcement of the training course, said that men or women with a high school education or its equivalent, -who have farm experience and an interest In dairy cattle can qualify for the course. Dr. Pou expects the course to be FARMS--Dairy or *tork farm 12 mile* N. of Frederick. Comfortalil* home. Lirge barn--plenty ol water. Reasonable. HOMES--Bungalow. Linden bills. 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, living room. etc. Club basement, utility room earace. Double lot beautifully landscaped, fine view. Owner ivill sacrifice. BUSINESS--Service station complete, located In Taneytown. Kverjr- thlnK S4.50O.OO. Prosperous general store and liquors. Near Fred- crick. Reasonable. CITY LOTS--Two large desirable home site* near Hijk School, front- Ins »n Baker Park. Priced to sell at one*. R. C. BOYER, Real Estate Chapllne BId£. Residence Frederick, Md. Tel. TOSS Middletown. Md. Tel. S7-JT-1 Representing Geo. M. Chapllne, Realtor Time to Join Our Christmas Club Safe Deposit Boxes For Rent THE WOODSBORO SAVINGS BANK | WOODSBORO, MARYLAND | H J5 (MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP.) | * PUBLIC SALE ANTIQUE FURNITURE, GLASS, CHINA, LAMPS, ETC. Fine collection of antiques to be held In heated buildings known as Bernic's Dance Arena, opposite 479 West Patrick Street (Route 40 West) in Frederick, Maryland on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1951 AT 10:00 A. M. (PROMPT) TO-WIT: EARLY AMERICAN FURNITURE Walnut 6 lejr drop leaf table with wide leaves in excellent condition, walnut 4 leg drop leaf table, cherry 4 leg drop leaf table, walnut tester bed, small walnut 2-sectibn corner cupboard with glass doors at top and lanel doors at bottom, pine chest of drawers, 2 mahogany Empire chest of drawers, one with old Chippendale brasses, mahogany curio cabinet, walnut settee, Victorian small mirror back loveseat, 5 matched Victorian ivalnut side chairs fingercarvcd, one odd Victorian fingercarved chair, 2 walnut Victorian marble top dressers, marble top walnut bedside,' cabinet, mahojfany marble top Chippendale stand, solid end washstands, 'Empire chests and dressers, walnut 2 drawer'shavinjf mirror, pine shaving mirror, old mantlcpicce. maple cane seat chairs, blanket chests, square marble top walnut stand, French gold leaf round marble top stand, antique bicycle, hardbotUm chairs, folding chairs, roll top desk, iron coffee mill, cradles, mirrors, 2,copper kettles, bells', metal trays, 3 section gold leaf mantle mirrors, shadow box frames, 2 large walnut deep picture frames, 2 large oval walnut deep frames, 2 large walnut what-nots, 3 schoolmaster's chairs, 2 teakwood ottomans, metal stove base, squar« leg Z drawer drop leaf stand, Empire slip seat walnut chair, Windsor solid seat chairs, Stottlemyer ladder back arm chair, ashwood washstand, Currier lithograph "Noah's Ark," go\A leaf frames, chairs, stands, other pieces, mostly all good solid pieces, some refinished, but mostly all In rough and original condition. CLOCKS--Cuckoo walnut case -with hand carved bird ornaments,' strikes hour, half and quarter hours, running condition; brass base onyx piano lamp with music rack (museum piece), 5 walnut or mahogany shelf clocks, 30" banjo wall clock, 2 large brass shelf "clock. Royal Dalton china mantle clock set with side urn pitchers to match, several china clocks. CHINA, GLASS, BRIC-A-BRAC 3 pc. prism candlebra, 15 pieces fine Bisque, 2 flowered shade hanginp lamps, 3 flowered-shade, table lamps, milk and satin glass lamps, metal and brass base oil lamps, Betty lamps, 12 old beer steins in large and small sizes, Bohemian, satin, milk glass vases, bottles, ornaments, lustre pitchers, water sets, berry sets, 6 pc. fish set with platter and plates, C. Ridgeway flowered toilet set complete, milk glass dresser bottles, colored glass, sugars, creamers, .salts and peppers, cake stands, compotes, old goblets and wines, Ironstone, odd bottles and pieces of glass and 'china, bric-a-brac, etc., pair old carriage lamps, and many pieces not listed for all day and evening sale. TERMS--CASH on day of sale, everything sold without reserve, tunch served, sale in heated building, plenty of parking space free. Come early and enjoy the day--buy your Christmas gifts now. IMSH AL][CE , S ANTI QTJ ES) FREDERICK, MD. Sale Conducted by EMMERT R. BOWLU8, Auctioneer Frederick, Maryland R. L. KEtLT, Clerk 33-35 SOUTH MARKET ST. SAM MILLER'S Army Shoe* and Slippers,, $2.98 Army Fatigue Pants... $1.50-52.98 New Work Shoes $4.88 Army Khaki Pants A Shirts $1.98 Dress A Work Slippers $4.98 New Army Khaki Pant* $3.45 T-Shirts 49c House Paint ,,... £al. $1.98 S I N G E R SEWING CENTER It North Market St. An Opportunity for Holstein Breeders FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1951 13:30 O'CLOCK At The 26th «At tUe barn on Koute 230, just cast of Mount .Toy, P». KEYSTONE HOLSTEIN SALE TWO OUTSTANDING DISPERALS: The roilklnjt herd of Mr. and Mr*. .lo.scph N. Carpenter of Fac- toryvillc, Penna. 25 hoad of milking females slrcil by such outstanding sires as Pennstate Inks Paul, Burke Folies Aubckrrk and Montvic Rar Apple Gypsic. This herd has led the Laokawanna County Testing Association each of the past four years. Ton will want to see this outstanding herd and when you see thi'tn you will want to buy them. The milking herd of John R. Ferguson of Klnburn, Ontario, Canada. This herd Includes 25 head from two to seven year olds, rich in Lochinvar Breeding, throufili t\io of Lochinvar's greatest aons, Montvic Lochlnvar 10th and Montvic Rag Apple AJax. One of the herd is classiiied "VERY GOOD," 23 "Good Plus" This herd has been on test one year. Ten records have been 4.TM%: 3y 434 fat 3.0«9,.; 7y 423 fat 3.65'/'f; 2y 4«7 fat 3.18%; 3y 431 and one "Good." complete with the following results: 2y 47« fat 3.85%; 5y 473»fat fat 3.49%: 7y 457 fat 3.04%; 2y 418 fat 4.10%; 7y 510 fat 3.59%; 2y 423 fa I 3.02%. These records were made entirely on home grown feeds, and with only pasture durinft the pasture season. These herds will be In the barn a full week in advance of the Sale, and you are welcome to see them at any time. The offering will Include 3 young bulls ready for service. From the herd of Harry B. Welk * Son, a yearling son of Lauxmont L. Bale out of a dam with 508.8 Ihs. fat 3.59% 14,100 Ibs. milk In 305 days 2x at 7 years of :IKT. AH animals certified and accredited, \vill be tested within thirty days of the sale, ready to BO anywhere. Interstate charts will be issued at the sale. Bring your truck. KEYSTONE HOLSTEIN SALES, INC., Pennsylvania's Holstein Market, Mount Joy, Penna. Lunch available at the Sale. Phone: Mt. Joy, Pa. 3-4354 Notice to Breeders: Hue to the wide acceptance by breeders of the Keystone Series as the market for their good cattle, we will hold two sales in December; our 27th Sale on December 14th and our 28th Sale, on December 28th. ORDER NISI ON AUDIT No. 17174 EQUITY In the Circuit Court For Frederick County lilting In Equity. November Term, 1951 Robert K. Clapp. Jr., Assignee of Middletown Savings Bank of Frederick County. Maryland. Mortgagee of Mary C. E'ranko. widow, (now Mary C. Dopkowski) On Petition In the matter of the Auditor's. He- port filed the IGth^day^of November, 1951. ORDERED, That on the 3rd day of December, J951. the Court will pro- ·:eec) to act upon the Report of the Auditor, filed as aforesaid in the above cause to finally ratify and confirm tho same, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown before said day provided a copy of this order oe published in *ome newspaper published in Frederick County, at least seven days prior to Raid day. Dated thli 16th day of November. 1951. ELLIS C. WACHTER, Clerk ot the Circuit Court for Frederick County Robert E. Clapp, Jr., Solicitor True Copy--Test: ELLIS C. WACHTER, Clerk. dNov. 17, 24 EXECUTOR'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY By virtue of the power and authority contained In the Last Will and Testament of Edear R. YOUIIR, laic of Frederick County, Maryland, deceased, recorded in Liber II.D.R. No. 1, folio 497, one of the Will Records of the County aforesaid, and pursuant to an Order of the Orphans Court for said County passed on tile Gth day of November, 1!»51, the undersigned will offer at public sale on the premises formerly occupied by the. late Edgar R. Young located at the southwest corner of the Intersection of East Main and Prospect Streets in Middletown, in the County and State aforesaid, on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1951 at 11:00 o'clock a. m., the following described antique and modern f u r n i t u r e and other miscellaneous personal property, to-vvit: Solid walnut chest of drawers, mahogany veneer Empire chest, walnut marble top dresser, Chippendale marble top stand, 2 matching pictures with walnut deep frames, 2 blanket chests. 10 hardbottom chairs, ladder back rocker, 6 dining chairs, square legged table, old Dutch walnut table, walnut shelf clock, large mahogany Ogee mirror, Williams "History of Frederick County," antique china and glassware, dough tray, and sleigh bells. Z volumes; Korrick coverlid, 4 flat irons, Jot of ironstone and other Monarch kitchen range, Kenmore washer, kitchen cabinet, sewing machine. Hoover electric sweeper, leather couch, oak sideboard, refrigerator. Lchr upright piano, table radio and table, several bridge lamps, Morris chair, several rockers, library table, overstuffed occasional chair and ottoman, overstuffed davenport, 9x12 rug, several scatter rugs, 2 iron beds and springs, 3 oak beds and springs, bureau, several split bottom chairs (hickory), lot of linen, bed clothing. lot of dishes'and cooking uteniils. Step ladder, flower stands, kettle and cooker jacket, tubs, bench, lawn chair, lot of small tools, and many other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS OF SALE: Cash. No property to be removed until settlement has been made. ' At the hour of 2:00 o'clock P. M. on the date aforesaid, and pursuant to the authority aforesaid, the undersigned will offer at public sale the premises formerly occupied by the late Edgar R. Young, deceased, located in Middletown, Maryland, as aforesaid, AH that lot or parcel of land of which the said Edgar R. Young died seized and possessed, fronting 73 feet, more or less, on the south side of East Main Street and running back for depth 230 feet, more or less, improved with a. modern. 2-story, slate roof, brick dwelling, containing 8 rooms and bath with attic and cellar. The property is further improved with a 4-car frame garage and poultry house. It Includes a modest sized productive garden with flowers, trees (fruit and shade), and shrubs. Heat for the dwelling is furnished by oil burner through a circulating hot air system The dwelling is substantially constructed and constitutes a desirable private residence or is adaptable to conversion Into apartments. The property may be inspected prior to sale. For appointment phone Middletown 33-M. For title reference see deed from M. H. Oliver Beachley, ct. ux., to Edgar R. Young, et. ux., dated March 29, 1926, and recorded In Liber No. 356, folio 584, one of the Land Records of Frederick ""possession of the above premises will be given immediately upon ratification of sale by the Orphans Court for Frederick County. , .. ., State, County and Municipal .Jaxcs assessed against the said real estate will be adjusted as of the date of sale. ,, TERMS OF SALE: Cash on day of sale or ratification thereof by the Orphans Court for Frederick County, Maryland. A deposit of $1,500.00 will be required of the purchaser on the day of sale. All costs of conveyancing, including Federal and State (stamps requisite for the deed, shall be borne by the purchaser. AMOS A. HOLTER, Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Edgar R. Young, deceased, EMMERT R. BOWLUS; Auctioneer RAYMOND L. KELLY, Clerk , NOTICE No. 17226 EQUITY IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR FREDERICK COUNTY. MARYLAND IN EQUITY Madeline Gelwick* Schaffer vs. Jack Sclnffer. The object of this Bill is to procure a divorce A VINCULO MATRI- MONll by the PlnlntUf. Madeline Gelwicks Schaffer. The Bill stntex In siibstance that the parties were married In FareU- ville, Cumberland County, North Carolina, on July 8, 1848 by Reverend S. E. Howie, a regularly ordained Minister ot the Gospel: that (he Plaintiff is n resident of Frederick County where sh? has resided for more thnn one yea - lint passed; that the defendant is a non-resident of Frederick Comity, Slnle of Maryland, at present rosidlne according to the best Information which your Petitioner ha» at 42B 32nd Place. Manhattan Beach. California; that no children have been bom as a result of the marriage; that ever sine* the said marrinpe. the Complainant has behaved herself ns a faithful, chnMe and affectionate wifo toward the Defendant: that the Defendant since th« said marriage did desert and abandon the Plaintiff during the month of May, 19.10, and said abandonment and desertion is de- . liberate nnd final, has continued uninterruptedly for more than 18 month. 1 , last passed nnd the separation of the pn riles ig beyond any reasonablo expectation of reconciliation. The Bill prays that the Plaintiff bo divorced A VINCULO MATRtMONII: right to rciume her maiden name and for general relief nnd process. H is thereupon this 16th day of November, 1981. by the Circuit Court tot Frederick County, sitting in Equity. ORDERED that the Plaintiff giv» notice to the Defendant of the object snd substance of this Bill of Com- plnint by causing a copy of the sam« to be published In yome newspaper published in Frederick County once a. week for four successive weeks prior to the IGth rlay of December. 15)51. commanding thp Defendant to be and appear in ibis Courl. In person or by solicitor, on or beforf the 1st daV of January, 1952, and show cause, if any he hm. why n Decree should not be passed n' prayed FJ/LfS C. WACHTER Cleik of the Circuit Court For Frederick County Edward D. Storm Solicitor for Complainant Filed November IS. 1851 True Copy--Test: ELLIS C. WACHTER. Clerk dNov. IT. 24, Dec,. 1. 8. 15 PUBLIC SALE PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL PROPERTY By virtue ot the authority contained in the Power of Attorney, duly filed among the Land Records for Frederick County. Maryland, the undersigned. Attorneys In Fact, will sell, at Dublin sale, nt the Court IIou;,e Door in Fred* crick City, Maryland, nl the hour of 11 o'clock, A. M.. on SATURDAY. DEC ^MBER IS, 1931 All thnt Home, lot or parcel of land, situate, lying and beniR nlonR or neat the public road leading from Catoctia Public School House to Jlmlown, in Thvmnont District, Frederick County, ?,lsry!and, containing 3 ncres. more or less, and improved by a 5-room frama dwelling house, -with asphalt shinRle roof, brick covered sidinR, enclosed back porch, woodshed. ho(jpcn, chicken pen, meat house, fill in Rood condition, with two wells of water, electricity, t'i ncres in garden and cleared land, nnd 1'i ncres in Umber. For title reference see deeds'-I. Samuel L. Bircly and wife. t» Catherine M. Rice and John O. Rico, her husband, dated August 28. 1942, and recorded In Liber 434, folio 566. containing 1 acre, more or less,-2 Lester S. Birely and wife, to John O Rice nnd Catherine M Rice, hi* wife, dated October 22. 1943. and recorded in Liber 441, folio 4, containing 2 acres, more or less. This Is a nice, comfortable and convenient home. TERMS OF SALE:--A deposit of $500.00 will be required of the purchaser on the day ot ihe sale, the balance to be paid on or before January 15, 1952. when immediate possession will be given. Tha right is reserved to reject any bid. 1951 State and County taxes will be paid by the Sellers. AH conveyancing, including revenue stamps, at the expense of the purchaser. S, P. BOWERS. ROBERT E. CLAPP, JR., Attorneys in Fact. Emmert R. Bowlus, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL PERSONA!. PROPERTY IN MIDDLETOWN, MD. By virtue of the power of sale in the last will of the late Henry C. Remsberg. and in pursuance of an order of the Orphans Court for Frederick County, the undersigned, will offer at public sale on the premises, on Broad Street, in Middletown, Maryland. on the 1st day of December, 1951, at the hour of 12 noon, all of the following described real estate, to wit: . All that lot of land having a frontage of 90 feet, more or less, on the east side of Broad Street, in Middletown. and a depth of 201 feet, more or less, to a 15 foot alley in the rear of the lot. and being all of the same real estate which was conveyed to the late Henry C. Remsberg. from Charles E. Ifert and wife, by deed dated January 31. 1906, and recorded in Liber S. T. H. No. 274, at foho 20, one of the land records for said Frederick The improvements consist of a large .frame dwelling containing S rooms and bath, with heat, light and water in the house, and the stable or garage. The property is well located In a quiet residential section of Middletown and could be divided into apart""immediately after the sale of the real estate the following described personal property will be offered for Lot of household and kitchen furniture, including some very old pieces. an old secretary, washing machine. bureaus, beds, stands, rockers and other chairs, sofa, wash stands, dishes.' kettles, pans and other kitchen equipment, porch chairs and other furniture, lot of inch terra cotta tile, garden tools, etc. · Terms of sale: For personal property. Cash. For the real estate, ORe- third cash on the ratification of tha sale »nd the balance in six months or all cash at the option of the purchaser, a 4eposit of 10% of the pur. chase price will be required of the purchaser on the day of .sale, ana au costs of conveyancing, including' tn« Revenue Stamps, at the expense of tn* purchaser. Administrator J. b. m. «. t. ·» EmnMtt R. Bowlus, Aueii«e« H. * !«-»«« A t t o . * NEWSPAPER! -IWSPAPKR!

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