The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
Page 10
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TE1* THZ 0AILT IfCWS. rBJSDEKICK. MD. FRIDAY MAT 20, 1932. fC.Tl ENDS ITS ILSETHEt Five Years Ago Today Election Of Officers Held At Convention Friday. MAME SUPERINTENDENTS Declaring thai the fight a not y« ·woe «aii =ost be pressed with vigor. Mr*. Mary R. Hasiup. Baltimore, president ot the Maryland St Wtsnsn's Ct»n*fc*B Temperance Csioc. was the principal speaker at the afternoon senate of the 46th annual con\em.on of the Freoer-ick CWin'jr W. C T O . us th« Sunder school room or the Presov- tanaa church. Rer. Dr Charts E- Wehtor. pestor, Tbt^sday The opes- ta« HKkm eocrened at 10 o'clock in the seaming azsd was presided over by the president, its Fnaca B. Sap- yfatgtm th!fi city Mi«- Haslup. one of the best-knows W. C. T. TJ, women '-n the slate, eas- ptumaed the iniportance o' the organ- tmfTi beep:og up its wo-k with renewed rigor. She stated tha-, w« advocates are vszog ail sorts of propa- gacdft against prohibition. Prur to the enactment of th« e^hteenlh :t was «-·»-* that very lit- Fi\e years ago h -aas a youngster of 25. a fneadly, ri'.her re-_-kI«ss pJot who had jiut completed a record ICTOAS the rontment, and who stood, as you see Juaa here, on the threshold of fame. When th!» picture wa» taken at Roosevelt Field. Captiln CJiarles A Lindbergh and his m snop^ne, the Spirit of S:. Louis, were ready to start the ion-stop 3600-oule Sight v Para That was May 20. 1927 He became a universally acclaimed hero, wealthy, pow- rfal In th» field of a\iat.on He married an Ambassador's d»ughr Their son '»-as '.he nanon's most celebrated baby. Ther. came :n* !c.dr_ipp-r^r. the frantx search the finding of the murdered child's body Lindbergh is a different toca-. maoe ;ren;a'. - ar?l% old by the *-eks of horror h · has suffered, and from which his country, ov/log him *uld not prot l ". h^n ! tle jmin was twins used in the manufacture of beer NOT the wet ad- Tocates are calUng attention to the jtt*ntity of grain Usa: niijht be used in the event the mactifacture and sale of beer tt legalized. Tbe foSowing officers were elected for the ensuing year' President. Mrs diaries W. K:cd. Oroana. first v:c- preadent. Mrs. Armstrong G McKLn- ney, WalkersviTle. second v.ce-pres.- d«nt, Mrs. A. W. Buck^ys- towc; corresponding secretary. Mrs William El Kindley. this c:ry: record tog secretary. Mrs Jacob Sliawbaker. "DTbana, and treasurer. Miss Katherine M. Bartgis. this ci:j. Department«nants elected were: Mrs, Leathermari. this c.ty Christian ciuzessh.p. Miss EUa Main. ftederlcte. e-.asselistic and Sabbath observance; Mrs. Ray Pear!. Frederick flu ire. mission: Mrs Shaw-baker. Mon- XDTia, health: Mrs G O. Paxson. Freti- »rk*. international relations. Mrs A 1C. Coblentz. Middletavm. Seglslatlor. and eaforeemea: of la* Mrs L C Honue. IVMT FeagaviUe. L, T L and Your.g Campaigners: Mrs. May Gayior. M:d- dletown. Exhibits and Fair: Mrs Frank Suman. Frederick, medical temperance; Miss T.»r*i» Haller. Frederick, narcoi- ie»; Mrs. May Marked Frederick, pasers mcd temperance literature: MLSS Charlotte Bemsberg. M:ddto-s-n. press: Mrs. Sappington. Frederick. prison and jail: Mrs. M^c:e Odes. Frederick Junction, scientific temperance instruction: Mrs. Annie Morse", near Frederick, soldiers and sailors. Mrs. Thomas S. Anderson, near Frederick, Sunday School work; Miss Florence Mealey. Frederick, young women's Tsrorfc. Resolutions thanking t^ie ioca'. committee for arranging the meeting and a playlet entitled "Narcotics,' by tnc Toanp People's Branch, of the c:ty. concluded the afternoon session , After cook^ig each bund is placed In a ?tr-.p of tOist. the is reaio-.ed and n:e!t«f butter poured o\er Remeaiber that round sifak put thro-ogh the fine kn.'e of the food chopper twice can be formed into small flat ca«s. each caice bound w;th a strip of bacon and the prepared cakes bro-- ed to make a icry acceptable subs'. tute for ihi- f:lt of beef Sene ' ;h«*ni -A :th sa'ited m'uhrnom caps Oven Meal. Breatded ie*l cuiu. spiciyl apple rings, baked potatoe*. baked stuffed i cr-sp tout, "v-ifc-, co!f«. gr*«n b««ns with onion, Jellied cabbage.' i LUNCHEON--Dried beef r:ce.' s *^ d s - ra * ^^ tapJoca pudchr.g. milk, lettuces aandatches. molasses crop (to --' , cookifs r/.«ned rhubarb. mi!k, tea ' · I DINNER--Tomato bouillon. cold | News advertising pays b!g dlvldendt slleed \eal loal. ne» potatoes au gratis.' Lcies* is ::. L'se %ea! st«»k and cut it in m- ci.Mdual tcrx ^-.R5 Dip «-ach piece in fine dr.ed bread ciuinbs. then in es? , slightly beaten with 1 tab'efpoon cold ws^r and again in crumbs Brown I quickly, first on one side and then on ' the other tn a Lttle hot fat in a frying pan Co\fr close'" ar.d bake in a moderate c\cn ur...l Under, about 1 hcu.- Make a heavy .-.\rup. u».n: 1 cup sugar to 1-2 cup water. Add tao tablespoons of tiny red cinnamon candies and slices of apple about one Inch . thick. Par* 1 and core nppic^ afier slicing Simmer lowly until tne fruit is riear ani cool oelore servintr 1 Cnecse ur._ form tomatoes and scoop out wcxis. fill a m'xture of bread ' crumby and celcr.- w i t h a suspicion of 'cnion and bat-e thirty minutes m a 1 moci'-ra'.f \r- en Ser.« on roiincis of hot tuttcrcxi toast Top-of-sto\e Meal.'.ed iatr.'j chops v.ith minted orange slices, g.ace carrots. French fneti onions Tomorrow'* Menu. BREAKFAST-- St^w ed prune* w i t h ienioii toreal. cream, poi.vto omelet. What's the Verdict of KITCHEN SHORT-CTTS FOR THE M t \ L PLANNER BY SISTER M \RV \E\ Service Mritcr The home-maker ha^ «j 7t- bes:cc the p" M -jr-.nm; a::- serrns of rr.eals. thai any siior.-ci.^ ai cooi'^5 -an.cb oo not sacrifice ,-u.e- nourishment are we.corne P;:ore of tae most practical of i ~d- js tr* g-.:'. plate scr..^^ Gnil plates or b'.ue-pla'es" «.;:-. partiuons io keep foods separ-U~ ".».: j fcsrzr.erlv made patiomed ui olue on.j bm nox th?y rr.ay be p-^rchajed ir. a vanNv of makes and paTTornr of en m as irel: as glass Ther offer an excellent wav of .^;r\- in? almost any type of rnea". Cor,n.\n luscheoiis. o-en d^:rirs -·.«;·.»' plaws. :op-or-ta*-storc ana bro-.c-d a«Cs are most inviting and sa-.e steps- slid cish-cashing and ume when sen- eil on a cac-.partmen. p'.ato It 15 es^% io C£e up ".eft-over.; by tr.e cri^-p^:c method. A snail amount of food tna- ·would be iost :n a serving cisn ma; be apportioned to eacn p^.--e To make your gr.I.-p-ate scn.oe a success a* sure thit the con-.o^-.ation? «re tceU fca'^sceci Iron; tne pojit e: fjew of oe-lor, shape and -./· as RC-as ot Caror ar:d fc-oa ral-je TiJe csombinatKri5 iucgcstec are be*rtr in but a first course of roap and a dessert can be added ·- aeoessary. Bread of soin-e 5or ar.d s beverage are cf course mc.jccc Company Menu. FSiet zugrorj ^th n^ushroozr. c^p* a«w potasos* ;r. crear^ sauce. radishK *nA npe oi:Tes bi.r.erec asraracus on tosst Se sure the creair. sauoe over :h-- poSatoes is not too '.hin Spr^iSje «~;r. manred -Tar^y ;us t oefore sendisc to the table. The aspaAsus :s cut n ur-I^rn-. a=d uec on snaU bundles Y OUR home expresses YOU! Do floors, furniture and woodwork gleam with unmarred beauty, or are they scarred and shabby? Are rooms drab or do they glow with happy sunshine of color? What a transformation can be made at a cost of only a dollar or so by use of --WoterSpor Vornijh that even boiling wstor cannot harm. Wat*rSpar Enamel that dries in four hours and give* bvau- fifol china-imoolh finish. WafwSpar Liquid Wax to giw supreme lustr* and ·togoncvl Mcrvelouily sort hu«sl Glorious shining colon I Slop in for Color Cards. FREDERICK PAINT GLASS STORE 218 North Market St. "The Paint Store" Values White Footwear For Graduation and Summer We have one of the largest selection* of White Slippers, rumps and Ties in town at only $ 1.98to'2.9§ WONDERFUL VALUES Sport Slioes FOR BOYS In Brown and White or Black and Tan 1.98 MEN'S Sport Sox White Silk Brown or White Clocks CHILDREN'S LEATHER BAREFOOT Sandals 69c Sites to 2- Pa jama Sandals With Leather Soles. COOL! Tennis Shoes Men'*. Boys' and Children's MEN'S Sport Shoes Fine Quality -- Newest Combinations to 3.67 WOMEN'S Sport Sandals In White or Blonde. Leather Soles. SATURDAY SPECIAL! CHILDREN'S Tennis Oxfords Sizr to 2 Some Men's Sizei Shoe Stores 151 N. Market St. THE GREATEST BARGAIN OF ALL --INCOME Slore Mark-Dosns oc^ur e?e~- J2?--B;»t isccrce opportu^ yjcb as oSersc tod^r coz:e as ? a Monthly Income Investajcnt5 N»t Stocks. Bor~ or lesarancr Write -- Wire -- Call or Phone for Particulars --No Obligation Direct Royalty Sales C o r p . 4 W. CHCRCH STREET PHONE 1543 We BBJ. Sell or Trade Securities 1 i There Is No Substitute For Quality A large loaf of GARBER'S BREAD gives you more nutrition than a dime will buy in any other form of prepared food. Order it from your grocer; he is your most dependable source of bread supply. The Garber Baking Company jWherevcr you go, you find this malt that leads the field GOOD FRESH COUNTRY BUTTER IB. 20c FRESH COUNTRY ASPARAGUS bu. 12c MILD CREAMY CHEESE ib. KENNY'S LOOSE COFFEE ib. 15c WATER LILY FLOUR i2ib. s k.25c CALL 56 VERIBEST GRAPE- JUICE 2 pint bottles Best Soup Beans 3 lbs. 12c Pearl Hominy 3 lbs. lOc Black Eyed Peas 2 Ibs. loc BKOOKFIELD CREAMERY » \ « \ % \ \ \ CLOVEE DELL RABBIT MEAT * The finest flavored and most delicious rabbit meat } known--milk and grain fed. i 1 lb. 2 oz. pkg. 39c BUTTER| POUND 2 O yc California Apricots 17c big can Del Monte Spinach 14c big can Good for babies good £or every milk and cream use Price « tall CEHS PUKE rni'XTKY LARD 2 POUNDS 15. Pure Codfish pound 19c Pure French Candy 15c Ib. O-c Heart Cocoa bie jar 21c FACTS: Bees are Ceylon. eaten bv natives in DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE \ BIG CAN 15 r^*^r^*s*s*^*M FREDERICK CO. FANCY CORN Kenny's Norwood Coffee 29c Ib. i _ j Royal Scarlet Tomato Catsup 15c big bottle 25c Ib. COMBINATION SPECIALS 30c Pint Jar Best Foods Mayonnaise 20c Jar Bread and Butter Pickles The Two Jars for 38c Kewpie Tissue Toilet Paper 6 rolls 39c Rubber Apron Free loc Jar McCormick's Mayonnaise lOc Can of Any Spice The Two for 20c 30c Box Gold Medal Cake Flour and a 16c box for Ic. the two pkgs. 31c PRICt BLUE R I B B O N MALT-Full 3^49 The Best and the Most COUNTRY DRIED CORN Best Bottle Caps 19c gross i Del Monte i Fruit Salad . big can 25c CAN ^S«N*%«»4V Home Made Potato Chips 25c ^, Ib. CHOICE EVAFOK *TED PEACHES 1 Oc ib. KF VL -- SNAPPY 3-YK.-OLD CHEESE 4Oc ib. 25c It-alian Spaghetti Dinner, with mush- a room sauce and Parmesan cheese 2Ic 5 Sour Pearl Onions 2--lOc bo-ts 13c Swift's Hockless Callies 12i ^c lb. Gold Medal Bisquick 33c pkg. 25c Jar Royal Scarlet Marshmailow Creme. for cake topping, etc. I9c jar One can of Sinclair Insect Killer and One Spray Gun. both for 20c HEADQUARTERS FOR GROVE'S LIME Phone 56 STAUB'S Free Delivery SEIZ, SE^EN-D\T COFFFEI NEWS Advertising Brings Results. Try It! YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and expertly cleaned before patting away for the Summer. Dost asd soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt itself. Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 Q U A K E R CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST, BIGGEST AND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS 200 N. Market St. 10 W. Patrick St. PURE LARD Bulk or Carton --priced extremely low at-4 ib - f ° r 25 c Sour or Dill PICKLES full quart 15- Star Brand SPECIALS THIS WEEK! Chicken Noodle Dii jar 29 Tr:poli Brand. deUc.o-jsly good. Keep a lew Jars oa hand lor :=e hurried srsi or whea you don't Iff! like cooS:=g. PHILLIP'S DELICIOUS Supremefireen Asparagus N ° 2 can 25c A ra!ue 70U can't aSoril :o ovrrloot--a cue or more it ;his price is »a i=.v«t- HNT'S SMALL Pork Beans . . . 6 cansfor 25c So=e 2ner packed--so tender the;."! ait'.: ir: vo-r z:o-j^ . - - a=d note the Izrge size ci= Golden Tip Peas . . 2 cansfor 19c F:^e Qualify peas oSTerffd a; :hc loTr-st prices cTer. Sunbrite Cleanser . . 3 cansfor llc A tre^secdous value just a; house-cleaning t.nia--SwiJ: product. IVORY ^ uest Size 6 cakes Soap Sale . . . stock np *t these prices. Medium Size 4 cakes 25 Large Size 2 cakes 23c MUSSELMAN'S Apple Sauce 4 cans f ° r 25c Jtimbo Country Style EoU \ O., Sanitar Creamer L lbs ' Sanitary Creamery LAND 0' LAKES BUTTER . 2 LBS. 53c STANDARD FOODS . . . at most reasonable prices Standard Corn 4 cans 25c Standard Peas 3 cans 25c Stand. Cut Beans 3 cans 20c ZZSZvg'^.TS^JlSZlStand. Tomatoes 2 cans 15c iblc to bay a bic can for li 1-2 cents, i FOR SALAD--FOR DESSEKT Dole 3--Half Slices of Coral Sea Pineapple 2 big cans 25C Shred. Wheat 2 pkgrs. 19c! Puffed Rice . pS£- 16c j Puffed Wheat pkg. 12'^c Post Toasties _ _.. pkg- Sc Grape Xnts P^S- l~ c Grape Xnt Flakes pkr- 12c IVheaties pkg. 12c Corn Flakes pkg. Sc Kcllogg's Pep pkg. 12c Afternoon Tea 1-4-lb. lOc; V 2 -lb.l9c Camay Soap 3 cakes 20c Lux Toilet 3 eal;es-23c Lifebuoy 3 cakes 20c Octagon Toilet cake 5c Palmolrre 3 cakes 25c Lara .... _ _ cake 5c Perfumed Linit pkg- 15c Chipso 1 sm-pkgs. I5c Chipso Jge. pkg. 19c Chipso Grannies P^ST- 19c Mazada Lamps 20c--35c Buy Six and Save lO'J A GOOD BROOM Granulated Sugar 1 0 lbs 38c Stringless Beans 3 Fresh Peas in Pod 3 n». 2Oc n»». 25c Fancy Beets . Hothouse Cucumbers White Potatoes New Cabbage Iceberg Lettuce Red Ripe Tomatoes 2 bun. 15c' Cal. Carrots 2 bun. 19c j Yellow Lemons 5 for lOc 2 for 25c; Navel Oranges 6 for 20c 10 lbs. 19ci Texas Onions 3 lbs. 20c Ib. 6ci Red Sweet 2 hds 19c, Potatoes 4 lbs. 15c ; Buckingham 2 lbs. 25c, Asparagus bun. 25c Winesap Apples 4 ibs. 2Sc IN OTIB MEAT DEPT. Best Quality Skinned Hams ".X4c Lean Smoked Shoulders . . » 8c Loin or Rib Pork Roast.. »»· i 3c Lean Bacon in Piece . . lb Loin Pork Chops Tender Pot Roast Lean Boiling Beef . . . Fresh Ground Beef . ..Ib. lb. 4 Ibs. l Shoulders . . n, 14C 2 C j Chops . f | Meaty Veal [ Roast ..... I Pocket Veal Roast Ih. 18c 15c 12c Sanico Mild Cured Hams H. Swift's Clover Sliced Bacon it. 17c bhonlder Lamb 1 fl/» 1 B'east of Roast Ib. JLUC ' Lamb . . . . 2 Ibs. FRESH CRAB MEAT FISH 15c

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