The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 9, 1918 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Monday, September 9, 1918
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THE BtJT^ttlNSON NEWS. W0N1MV, SEM%Ulil<lK 9, m\ PUBLIC SALE Wednesday, September 1 lj 1918. 160 acre Farm with improvements, 5 head Horses, 8 head Cattle Farm Implements, etc. S. C. ROBINSON, 9 miles northeast of Hutchinson, 1 mile west and one-fourth south of Medora. John D. Snyder, Auctioneer. to Letters From Boys in A. E. F. Received in Hutchinson How It Feels Under Fire. I Writing from a French village now' tho front on Ills mothers birthday, Lloyd A. Payne, .1 member of Co. (.'., aiiSrd Inf., t••IIH of his llrst experience in a "i|iilt>t" sector: A French village mar Uii' trout. August 17, lulls. IK-ar Folks: I havo not wriiteti home for more limn two weeks although I promisiMl mother that 1 should wriu 1 eaeh week, but you may know that only a I nek ot I line prevented. Today, my mother's birthday, will not pass without u letter If I am forced lo slay up all flight to write. Ami t Khali risk in- cuniiif! the enmity of the censor and make this a Ions one. 1 suppose that first In the order or rrvenls rhoiilil come the fact that I am lust oft "the line." I. have spent nine (lays acquiring nerve,' courage, r-xpori- ienee and "coo'ies" iu the trout line trenehes and have had my "baptism of fire." ] have been subjected to gas and artillery Tire and am forced to ad , mil that I had no opportunity to r.ct CMU. MUU and M 1 ,<io_not_ need^ U. in oilier words, when I get into larger town, I shall fix up u package- of ajouvenirs, French money, etc., atid sou* to him. Where wo are we can buy very few things. The French people "stick" us for everything we buy. To Rive you an idea (Dad. this should inlon »t you and Central Alerc.) 1 paid 16 francs for a can of plnonpple, (almost j;t 00 American money), 5 francs for a small can of sardines ($1.00 tun.), 51.40 for a No. S'-fe can of apricots, ?l .fiO for a Jar of preserves, 80c for 3 lemons. And yet 1 m here to fight for France. I can't understand why II Is permitted but as nnuy chow gels monotonous, I am glad to pay for luxuries to rot them. The only cheap thing is wine and it is worse than carbolic acid. Toll Grandma that 1 think of lief often and that these letters home are for her as well ns for my Dad and Mother. Surely you can understand that 1 simply haven't timo lo write to each one. 1 have riot cashed the draft sent lo W. C. T. II. CONVENTION Reno County Convention Held Friday at Lutheran Church. TO EQUIP A PIOLD KITCHEN Fine Reports from All Unions In County—Superintendents ot Departments Elected. ASK FOR and GET Hot -lick's The Original H Matted Milk Pot Infanta and Invalid* OTHERS arts IMITATIONS my first German as he never showed his bead. More hard luck. i His First Experience. i Our first experience on the line was In what is termed a quiet sector, but if it was quiet 1 cant Imagine a noisy one. Never shall 1 forget the first shell that, exploded over my \ head. Some people say .that a shell sings, but- If it does 1 do not like music. The second night In the trenches 1 witnessed a terrific bombardment by Krliy. upon an adjacent sector. Gas, high explosives and shrapnel vied with one another In making tiio air hideous Willi shrieks from bursting shells. We received a gas alarm and for the first time In my life 1 was afraid. However, when 1 had my mask adjusted and had taken my second wind, 1 was "rarin'" to go alter those German devils with bolii hands and feet. Our alarm was a false one and after a few minutes we removed the masks. Soiuo time ago 1 wrole you that 1 could not conceive of a battle in the air but now 1 can as I have seen one. A more thrilling sight you cannot imagine. Have also seen a bombardment by a squadron of planes, an observation balloon, on fire falling with the observers leaping to safely by parachutes. In fact, so many different phases of conflict that 1 agree with Sherman when he said "War is Hell." It is hell and will try the souls of the bravest men. 1 have only to go over the lop and then 1 shall feel that 1 have done my duty. Afler the first night In the trenches I never felt in the least afraid. We were on guard all night ami slept during the day and 1 have learned thai ono does not require quiet to rest, as 1 elvpi like a bahe, with high explosive shells bursting around the dugout. Wo lived very comfortably in a bomb proof dugout or cave VI or la feet below the ground. Slept in bunks upon straw and had plenty n> eat twice each day. The most Inconvenient feature was that we were forced to carry the "chow" from the kiicheii through a mill.' of trenches ami that w 'as no oasy Job. However, i do not complain as hardship is our lot until this war is over which appears far in the future to me. 1 can nee no end although the Yanks are running Fnlx to deal.i over (lie western from. 1 wish 1 coul-l see home for Xmiis dinner as you folks do hill 1 can't. I'll be satisfied if i Bpend the next .Xmiis with you. Uor many is no! defeated by any means mid the. toughest fighting will come when the bulch take their stand on their own soil. Home Letters Welcomed. 1 reived four letters from home while In the trenebes, one from D'.id mid three lioiu mother. Two of them j where, were writ leu July 12lh, afler you had; received my first letter l'liim Knglaiul. So y.Ou understood about Hilly fells'. That lirlijed me as ( knew that you -would. You can 't heal an Irishman, can you? Did you receive (he cable- Kruiu? I'll send one every opportunity 1 have. 1 see IHin Kby often and h»N looks fine. Saw Mill llryuni, Hie, lllggins shall rable it home at. first opportunity. Dad, keep a check on my allotment to the bank and see that it is deposited for me. This must be all for this time. )>ots of love to all the family. Regards to all our friends and best wishes for all good things for you from your son, L.LOYD. NO. 2)91413. P. S.—Am in the very best of health and you need not worry. Feet have caused mo absolutely no trouble. Bo not worry as all Is well with me. rvl. Lloyd A. Payne, Co-. C, 3r*trd lnf.,Auierican E. F. Wants to See Leven Lane. Harry C. Dodd, who Is in Company C, liuth Field Signal Battalion, writes that he Is in active service again. He says he would like to see just ono strip o£ Kansas prairie country, as there are so many hills over there. His letter follows: Somewhere in France, July 19, 1918. Dearest Mother:—Received your most welcome letter yesterday and sure was glad to hear from you. This leaves me well and having a good time. We are back to the trenches oncV more so we do not have very much timo lo loaf, if you are not working you are kept busy dodging shells as one lands here every once in a while. Well, how did you spend the Fourth? Wo had a big parade and some contests, such as climbing the greased pole. Some of tho boys went to tho top, about twenty-fivo feet, ami brought down three bottles of wine and champagne, but the French hoys had most of the grease on their pants and he had an old uniform with molasses on the legs of them. Oh, you can 't beat a soldier of Uncle Sam'B. You say you just got my card saying I had landed "over here." 1 mailed that over two months ago in New York. They said you would get it right away. i. Say, 1 sure did enjoy my littlc'trip and as fur as being seasick 1 was too busy running around to feel even sick, only one night I was sick, and that WHB when 1 got wet; was sleeping on deck and a big wave, came along and got me and my bed all wet. 1 sure was sick of myself then. We saw quite a few whales and sword fish, but outside of that all was quiet. Had a nico letter from Pearl Taylor the other day. Sure would like to run on to Howard and Frank Ellison over here, but I dou't know to look for them. Frank's old company is here with us, but iHino of the boys seem lo know him. How is everybody around there; all still able to kick, I suppose. Tell Hill Howell Ihal the hunting Is flno over here (after Hie other fellow.) All you got to do is show your head and some one takes a pop al It. Weil, It is about time for me to quit as you will Ihlnk I am on the •Mrs. George Fendley was cleclod president of the W. C, T. li. for Kenoj county at the annual convention held Friday at the Kngllsb. Lutheran church to succeed Mrs. M. C. Glllett who has held the presidency for several years. Mrs. Fendley chose Mrs. Hester Hall as her vice-president. Mrs. Ivllu Iiuml'ord was elected recording secretary, Mrs. E. V. Derry corresponding secretary, and Mrs. 'Mltry Owston of Abbyville, treosurer. The meeting opened at 10:40 with devotional exercises. Committee!) were then appointed and reports were given from the presidents of the county un- 16ns at Nickerson. Abbyville, Arlington, Castleton and Hutchinson. All of the reports showed that the unions had been at work the. past—year, es- Iierlally in wnr work. Castleton and Arlington reported on their work in 1he new department, that of- Americanization work among the Toreign population. These two unions have done an extensive work among the Mexican element In their districts. Portable Kitchen, i Mrs. W. 11. Lewis, chairman of the fund drive for Hnrfield kitchen which the fteno County W. C. T. V. has been working for, made the report that over $7(10 had been obtained and that the remaining $S-5 was in sight; which makes the field kitchen, to be called the Reno County Kitchen, a certainly. This county had hoped to be the first of the county unions to equip one of these kitchens; hut McPhorson and Harvey counties each already have one in the field. The Sedgwick county union has bought a portable moving picture outfit, of tho varioty which Is moved from camp to camp near the front line and to the hospitals, to provide entc'rtalnmcnt fpr the wounded soldiers. The Reno County union also voted to adopt two more French orphans. Following tho devotional services at noon, Charles Hershel Crislip, and Wilbur Nelson Jr., were consecrated to the white ribbon service. The fotlowing superintendents of the various departments were appointed at the business meeting following the lunch served in the church at noon to the delegates by the Hutchinson women: Airs. Rosa Baggs of Abbyville, U T. L.; Miss Martha Splll- man of Abbyville, Americanization; Mrs. M. C. Blmore, work among the colored people; Dr. Etta Mundell, med. leal temperance; Mrs. James Kehoe, temperance literature; Mrs. A. G. Cleadall S. T. I.; Mrs. Margaret li Peterson, publicity work; 'Mrs. A. J. Peats, anti-narcotic; W. C. T. 11. ln- stilule county president; Mrs. Clara Hamra, of Nickerson, Union Signal and Young Crusades; Mrs. Kate Kearns. Evangelical and prison work; Mrs. ,1. A. Wrst, work for soldiers; Mis, Irene Fallis, Rescue and Juvenile Court; Mrs. C. <i. »rcasbear,Flower Mission: Mrs. Chester Hall, Sabbath observant; Mrs. M, C. Oillett,.social department; Mrs. lOnuna., Newberry, child's welfare; Mrs. Grace Crislip ot Abbyville, Y. P. n.; Open air meetings, Mrs. Chloe Smith. hours. Alva Fenn, besides being badly Jolted and bruises, has a cut on his lip. F.ltner Lenta escaped without any injuries olher than cutting his finger, almost to the hone, on the windshield. The Fenn car had one or the hack wheels broken, besides (he w1nd< shield. The wounded occupants were taken in the Methodist Hospital, where they were taken care of, and later to their homes. Jlrs,, Fenn Is resting better today, although she Is suffering from the reaction of the accident. Mr?, Iy<nlz received several bruises but is resting somewhat easier today. Alva Fenn was able to tie around today, although he is suffering from Hie shock. Elmer Ijontz was shaken up some, but is able to be around today. MOTOR^CIEI HAVE BIG SPILL SAUNA RACES The Accident Seemed to be Due to Bnd Condition of Track— Hutchinson Hoy Hurt. WRITES TO HIS CHURCH Rev. Frank Ncff Sends Greeting* to Members of Congregation. LbTTIiR READ AT CHURCH Tells of Rooming With Charles A. Urecnlee While Working Over in France. brothers, ltav Partridge and Hie other! newspaper staff, but 1 will say this Hutchinson boys and all are In good | '""eh beforo I close. I would Rive a health and spirits. There is only oiu' topic for conversation and that is "what we'll do when we get home." That thought alone is uppermost in the mind of all and the war is only a meuiis to an end. Not homesick, you understand, merely lii'd of the continual grind and routine. Mother, 1 can not tell you anything definlie about the number of heavy socks 1 shall require. A certain number will he iusued and before . cold weather 1 shall write you with regard to the number you ean knil. Certainly two or three pairs will be suf- ficlelll. Had a nice letter from Ralph while in the (reaches and would answer al once JJUI 1 feel thai letters home will , reach him tuo. and he will understand that I'm here to light and not on a leave. Had Sanitary Bath6. Mother, when we loft tin; trenches wo were sent to « bath und suuitatlon stulion for (rouliuont for "scratches.' A hot shower for u tonic and our clothes steamed to kill the "bugs." l can see you ticratc-hlng you hyad us you reud this us you have always had a horror of llco, but otto will (jyt 'out in the dugouts. Tito rats wero not numerous, but lue few J saw looked u« big as cats. Honestly, the life In the trenched was nothing like 1 expected and nothing Jlkp we have read- Of course, 1 can 't teil all iu a letter. If I did U .would ho a book and. Put not : trying to break iu as an author. Tell junior (Uftt an soon as jKwslble, good deal to see one mile of Kansas prairie. 1 have not seen a level piece of ground for so long it would scare me If 1 should seo it now. 1 am afraid I will have to move to the -sand hills when I get back so that 1 can climb (hem once in a while. All Ihey have here Is hills. H it was all leveled off Franco would be us MB as the United Status. Well, I will close for tonight and write you again tomorrow. Your loving son, HARRY. With love and kisses. Answer soon. Don I worry about me. SONNHS. The motorcycle races at Salina, last Saturday afternoon, wound up in a tragedy. The rnult seemed to lie in tho bad condition in -which the road was. It was hard and full or ruts, causing several motorcycles/to spill. The first one to spill, was K. IJ. Symns of this cliy. It was In tho first race, the. third lap, aiUl he was going close to a mile a minute, and waB fast overtaking Herbert Jones of Wichita. He was riding for Spec Warner's Racing Squad, on a four valve Indian, when his motorcycle hit a rut, throwing him on his head, and knocking him unconscious. A by slander dragged him off the track, and he was taken to a hospital. The motorcycle was a complete wreck, the frame being badly bent, and the motor was HHcd with dirt. Allen Burrls also of this city, to avoid running into Symns, turned out of the way and was also spilled, lie was closely followed by Spec Warner of Ellsworth, who turned over in the same place on the track, and Albert Altenreid of this city blew tho front tire out on hiB motorcycle, thus spilling him. S. M. Johnson of this city was practicing before the race, /and had a slight spill. This all happened at the races Saturday afternoon. None of the racers were seriously hurt but Symns. He is still in a pretty bad condition. POLICE COURT GOSSIP. * like it belter In tho trench than outside, but I don't like to climb moun- lalns to get in them. There surely are some big hills over here, 'but there is some very beautiful scenery. I wish 1 had my paints for 1 would try awfully hard to gel some prelty pictures. , i Things have been pretty quiet "lo- j day. ' A few big shells have coma over this p. ra. We pay no attention, (o them. Well, I have to stnp. I will write later. Your loving son, HOWARD. Corp. Howard J. nates, Co. n., 137th Inf., A. B. F. <•> <*• <«> * <?> ^ <?> 3> 4> •$><$> <£• <t> •!> D. Gregg of 11S Fourth avenue east was arrested Saturday afternoon on a bono dry charfifi and this trial set for four o'clock this'afternoon. Leundro -Maldonado, Mexican rested on a charge of drunkenness Sunday was released on bond signed by the street car company. Albert Anderson of Langley arrosled on a charge of reckless driving when he ran into a Ford car driven by Alva Fenn severely injuring the occupants of the Fenn car was fined ?10 and costs which he paid. Charles Ruffner, a barber of Riley county picked up by the police on a drunkenness and bone dry charge will have his trial later. Harold Wilkerson of 229 Ninth avenue west was arrested on a charge of speeding. The chief of police at Wichita telephoned Saturday 'evening of the theft of a 1918 Bulck car, yellow wheels, black body, Goodyear tires all around engine number 389995. Usual reward of ?2D. Mrs. M. C. Gillette telephoned in that someone had stolen B plump Plymouth Rock hena from her chicken yard Saturday night, Paul Noble reported to the police that yesterdayniorning between 10 and 13 o'clock that a new Mohawk tire was stolen from the rear of his earns it was standing In froht of the Ellsworth Shoo store. A letter from their nhsent pastor, Rev. Frank Ncff was read to the members of tho First Methodist church yesterday morning b'y nctlng pastor, licv. w. 0. I.eimnon. Rev. Neff who is doing Y. it. C. Ai Overseas work writes: "Somewhere", Aug. 18, 19IS My Dear People: While there has been nolhlngtiartlc- ularly ex-cltlng I his week, yet 1 feel that you would be interested In getting even n brief letter from me, and in knowing that all is well with me. I take it for emitted that you are still on the face of the earth, though as far ns any letters from you Is concerned you arc certainly all "dead!" Hut wlth-.mall such an uncertain quantity, you may have written mo scores of letters, and they have not come, tor at tho present lime, nearly three months away from home, I have had hut five letters, and they were addressed to New York. Perhaps the time goes faster with you, and yon do not miss me like 1 do you, but it ncems a year since I left you, and it sure would be a happy time for me lo spend this Sunday with you. Instead ot that here I am, perhaps five thousand miles from you, nearly roady for my dinner, 11:30 a. m., and you are not up yet, for It is about 5:00 a. m. with you. But tho distance cannot keep me from thinking of you. and I hope that some ot you will find time to lot your thoughts wander around this way today, though not while Bro. Lemmon is preaching. I have just written to Dr. Switzer today, telling him that my work here is about equal to that of a Kansas district superintendent, for it reaches from the Swiss border back about one hundred or more miles into the interior, and Is about fifty miles across, in some places, though of irregular shape. It makes my work very hard to handle, especially since I have no way of my own to get around over the division. I have thought so'many, many times what a blessing It would be if I had our fine ear hone, and could have the use of it myself. To make plain to you some of my! .difficulties, Just try to imagine Dr. Switzer trying to got around over his big district, depending all the time.! oh the chance of a AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT YESTERDAY AFTERNOON Occupants of One Car ITud Narrow Escape—Boys Were Itacing. In Trenches Now. Corp. Howard BatPB, who is In Co. D., J3"llt Infuntry writes that he has been receiving (lie Nuws, but has not been getting many letters. His letter follows: Aug. 14. 1918. Co. V.. 137Ui Inf., A. ID. J*. Dear Mother and all the-rost: How Is ever/body at horuu? 1 am feeling just flue. 1 received several Hutchinson NOWB this afternoon. Tbey certainly oomu In at a good time. I spend most of my timo reading tboni. There were no letters cumo this time. I am looking lor a bunch of Uieni. Wo have moved again Blnco I wrote to you the last time. This time into the trenches. This U our secoud time in tbo trench. It la In a different ploop thus we yew tna last U»e, iBwjskod, KHAKI BILLS The parents of Liout. Bernard McMeel of Meade have received word that their son, who had been reported as killed in tho Chateau Thierry tight, was wounded instead. Seventeenth and Main was a scone ot much confuston, yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock 'w'hen two lAirda had a collision. Mrs. 'Harry Fennlbid son Alva Fenn, and Airs. Wm. M. 1-enlz and son Klraer Ltnz, wero coming from Crescent Park in their car and were just crossing Main street, when a Ford, driven by Albert Anderson of 1/angley, came racing from tho south, on Main. Anderson's Ford struck the back end of the other Vopi, causing the Anderson cur to turn over twice. There were six boys In the Ford from Langley, but none ot theut wero hurt seriously. The Ford was a complete wreck. The whole engine was demolished and tho windshield frame was almost torn from the car, besides tho front wheels were sprung far apart, and it wrucked the bteering wheel. Albert Anderson yos arrested for racing and «arel«ia .4riving. The oacupanta-nt (lie .other car, received tho iujnri^ft. Mrs. Harry Fenn bus a large gash cut Ju her head, just abovo her our. if \yaa thought at first that (her bip was broken or crushed, but iljwn examination, it was found that, tbe muscles in ber hip were sfj ^,lno4 Mrs, Wm. received a cyt W her chin, and »bo was A cablegram was received Friday by P. Dumont Smith from his son Kit- Btaee Smith telling of bis being promoted to a first lieutenant. Ho received his promotion on August 7, just two months after landing in Fnlfece, M. A. Aelraore has been accepted and is to leave here Friday to enter tho Officers' Training School at Camp Pike, Arkansas. The school is to open on Sunday, September 16. -Several other Hutchinson young men havo applied for pormission to enter the school. A letter waa received yesterday from Tom Houston, who Is in Co. 10, 137th infantry, by hla parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. li. Houston, Baying thut recently thorq had been two "honest to goodness" American girls there who sang to tbe company, lie said that it surely did sound good to hear an American girl's voice again. He said that one girl who sang several songs in French wade tho promise that any oue who could, (ell ber every word sho sang, coujd kiss ber three times, but that it was bis hard luck as was the case with most of tbo rest of the wen, not to bo able to comply with UMBO tornjs, Dr. and Mrs. A. p. Rafflngton received two lottorg yesterday from their son Charles Harrington. Ono of them was wrlttpn tho fourteenth of August was from the replacement camp where be Is still recovering Irani bis wounds. Ho says that he in reeling fine now, Now Is the Time To Have Voor Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressing And Repairing Done. Call i 785. We linve n first class tailor, who elevates his time to repair work only. National Dry Cleaners Phone 1783 MES SHOP" ctn*M«rf 5WJ< No. 3 North Main Street. Local tJertlers for lid V. Price Tailored Suits Vast Sums are Spent in Experimental Wells Weather Report K«.w«! Partly cloudy In southeast an* unsettled with probably showers la northwest portion tonight and Tuesday; cooler Tuesday ond In north and west porttona tontQl^t. Much monry h»* brcn spent In the drilling of experimental welt, for oil and (ros In nil |>am of the world. Contrary to the opinion held by soni^, vuiu # siims of money are ftpeni in drilling •wells in new territory, and in a RTcmt many Instances Oils money is lost entirely because or the fnHiiro lo strike cither oil or giui. Oil ami RTW operators not only venture money tn drilling in n„w territory but ulso in drilling deep wells in- territory which has been worked for a long tome with favorable results in tbo'shatlower snntls. in this connection wo will tell something about the devpeat well in the world which still is in courso ol drilling. WICHITA NATtmAL, CAS COMPANr. pray for me, that 1 may be able to do my great work acceptably. With love to all. Your pastor, FRANK NEW, Rclig. work Director, V. M. C. A. ^rippled Ford car going out that way. And yet that Is a~bout what I have to do. or else take a car when the transportation man muy have the greatest possible need of It. In spite of the difficulties, however, there is a large amount of work going on, and today there are at least nineteen regular meetings scheduled, with the. possibility of having several more that are not down on my records. Hero in the main big camp we are . not able to hold any Indoor meetings ' for the present because there is, a sort of an epidemic or the grippe going around, and what meetings wo hold today must he held outdoors. I have arranged for two tills evening, one for white men at one end of the camp, and I will hold a meeting for the colored men al tho other end of the camp. They-are not held BO far apart from any reason of prejudice, but simply on itccount of convenience. I found after taking charge, that nothing whatever had been done in tho way of meetings for tho colored men, so I at once Blnrted something along that line, and will try and keep it going as long as I am here, for they really enjoy it more than some white folks, It certainly makes a busy life for me, and gives me a chance to help the -boys at a time and place when they very much need It, for they apparently go from here direct to the bin tie line, and ours is about the last chance that any one has at thorn." I believe that they are a little harder to reach In tho largo camp than were those among whom 1 worked in the smaller unit, for there is so much activity here of all kinds that thoy do not rjulle so much need the fellowship ot tlto meeting, and the other things distract from the real religious Interest. 1 have not yet seen any Hutchinson boys, though with tho constant change that is going an here I hero is no telling when they may come to this placo> By a strange freak of fato my lot has been cast nearly all the time among boys from tho east, though scattered Individuals from different purts of the country are hero. There la In this building a young officer from Topeka, being formerly oh tho force of, the Ually Capital. By a strange turn of tho wheel, Mr. C. A. Greenlee and I ore rooming together, so 1 get some occasional news from Hutchinson through him, lie holds a very responsible-position, being in charge of tho offico and finance work of the. division, and the hustpeBS is largo enough that it makes a hard 4ask for him, keeping bltn going mora houra per day than the "union" allows. 1 havo had extra "honors" this lost week, being made acting divisional chief while our real chief was out of the camp on -business. ' •" ' It was very interesting, to say the least, to find myself, U even for a few days, & a place, of sweh importance, My/colleagues were Yery alee about it, and spemed to work; with mo on though 1 wero chief. ' Must olpse now and gat Bono other work done. I am praying mat you huve » fJo* day today, H P BP} forget to 4> <S> • PVJLPIT PICK UPS. » * <5> ,£,<;,,!) .J) j£, <«.,,$. <5> .i, <«><$. .J> the First Presbyterian church and Rev. J. K. Wilson will also-attend. , Rally day will bo observed in the Ijitheran Sunday school next Suu- day. The Brotherhood of the Baptist ohurch will meet this evening at the church. Tho Red Cross Aid society of tho Lutheran church will meet Wednesday afternoon with iMrs. D. Tbeede on Sixth avenue west Tho Ladles' society of the Congregational church" are very busy this week making tbe final arrangements for State Fair week. The meeting of the Lamed Presbytery will be held at Oeneseo this week beginning at 8 o'clock tomorrow evening. J. H. Jlaitief Is delegate from Tho music committee of the First Methodist church has selected Mrs. 1 Henry Zinn lo direct the choir of the church, her work to begin next Friday, Tho Ladies' Aid society of the Hadley Methodist church will meet Tuesday Instead of Thursday this week on accounUot the Sunday School institute. / The Zion Lutheran ^Vomen's Homo and Foreign Missionary society will meet Thursday afternoon with Mrs. C. Wilbur Nelson. Mrs. C. 32. Piatt will be the leader. Tho Ladies' Aid society of the First Evangelical church will meet Thursday morning at the Fair grounds and make arrangements for tho annual serving of mcnls. The Kansas Valloy Association of Congregational Churches program commllteo will meet tomorrow here and arrange the program for tho fall meeting. Members or the committee are Rev. Williams of Kinsley, Rev. Garvey of Partridge and Rev. G. 0. Ross of this cily. ^ Miss Frclla Fisher occupied the time for the u9uul evening service at the" Hadloy Methodist church last evening and told an Interesting story of the Deaconess training school and the Bethany hospital at Kansas City, Mo, As a surprise to Mlsa Fisher a subscription was taken' up for her benefit and over $80 was given. MISB Fisher leaves soon for Kansas City, where she takes her last year's work at tho nurse's training school Bethany. , at APPOINTS NEW DEPUTY. Mrs. A. B. Leigh to Be Assistant in County Treasurer's Office, Mrs. A. n. Leigh has been appointed ns deputy in the office of county treasurer to lake the placo loft vacant by the resignation of II. S. iBonhart who went tolhe Solvay Process Co, Mrs. Leigh, has been a resident of Ihis cily for snveral years and is well versed In the work of tho office having assisted Mr. Noonan during the tax paying limp. She has been In this' type of work for several years having been in the counly offices In Uraut county before coming to Hutchinson. Her husband A. B. Leigh is now doing Y. M. C. A. work over In France. If people don't like you even your hack makes faces at them.—Atchison Globe. * ,• Stovepipe and coal hods at O'Donnell's, Fourth and Main, 7-3t Would you _ make a sacrifice for a piano which represents excessive value at the price? The following pianos arc such remarkable fine specimens, so perfect iu general condition, so goodJuLLtope and action as to justify a-<£reat". effort to secure: A STEINWAY UPRIGHT QRANB'-rtlsed, could not bo duplicated under i ?71&, condition just like now, A wonderful bargain. f filROC Our Special Price /\...«pV «W (Easy Terms) EMERSON UPRIGHT GRANP—Used, largest style, beautiful walnut case; perfect condition; 90OR a very special value .«p£tCU (Very Easy Terms.) n • Et-BURN UPRIGHT GRANP ip rich mahogany case, returned trow rent. Condition absolutely like new. (OAR A big saving- ' $£40 (Easy Terms.) , KROEGER UPRIGHT GRANP— Mahogany case, rebntlt like new; perfect condition, A real bargain, VI OR only.., ,., ...... tplvy (Easy Terms.) N Come and see these splendid Piano bargains wo are offering In the last days of ouv greatest Mid3titnmer Sale, CAM- PR WHITE Co. Carl F. Ulttla,

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