Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 15, 1970 · Page 24
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 24

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1970
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

\ i.. i Names and faces Bumper stickers profitable for At Minsky of Dallas The fast-running battle is fought across the cities and highways of America. The ammunition is cheap; just a few cents. There are no casualties, except perhaps wounded egos. And, as in most wars, nobody really wins. Car sticker sales are big business and probably getting bigger. The businessman, once content with a framed "Think Big" above his desk, now often carries his slogans wherever he goes. There are thousands of shops across the country making a specialty of selling stickers. Their ideas come from all over. "I carry a tape recorder and a notebook with me all the time and whenever something hits Dae I write it down," said Al Minsky, who left the retail music business a year ago to open a one-man bumper sticker company based in Dallas. "Sometimes," he said, "people give me their ideas just to see if they'll sell." Stickers can express a person's views to the car tehind on almost any given situation. War, peace, sex, patriotism, the generation gap, pollution, optimism, pessimism — you want it, they sell it. Right now, the Vietnam war is the most popular sticker subject. "Visit beautiful Vietnam by Southeast Asia Airlines" is frequently seen. More rare is the innocent-sounding: "How many Vietnamese fought in our civil war?" A car full of hippies sometimes bears on its battered bumper: "No babies, no manpower, no war." The doves don't have it all their way; the hawks are sticker conscious too. "America—love it or leave it" they admonish, or just "Stand by your President." With pollution now a top issue, ecology stickers do well. They range from "Support your local tree" to "Keep your city clean—eat a pigeon" or from "Fight smog; buy a horse" to "Keep America beautiful—swallow your beer cans." The frankly disillusioned advise: "Fight inflation; hibernate." The vegetarian suggests: "Why not take a cannibal to lunch?" For the man who wants to keep his firearms, there's "Outlaw the gun, and only outlaws will have guns."' The young sport more frivolous stickers like "Kiss me I'm a liberal" or "Pot: hobby not habit." The crusaders go for "Fight Crime," "Stamp out old age; smoke cigarettes" or just "Go to the church of your choice on Sunday." For the sexy there's: "Hormones are a big bust." And, finally, for the blankly pessimistic, there's always: "Tomorrow is canceled due to lack of interest." * * * — LEON BOTSTEIN, at 23 the third president of Franconia College in New Hampshire, wants to help students understand the motivation behind what they study. "It's irrelevant what you study," he said, "as long as the study of it is relevant—if it sharpens the ability to understand." With his arrival at his new job in the tiny White Mountain community of Franconia, the Swiss-born Botstein became the youngest college head in the nation. While his blond wife Jill rummaged through rooms of unpacked cartons, he outlined his ^program for the 7-year-old experimental i liberal arts school, which he takes over Sept. 1. "The entire curriculum will be oriented on problems," Botstein said. "The student will choose one, then join an investigation team guided by three or four faculty members." * * * Mrs. Rita Willey was the quickest of four quick-fingered women recently in a grueling eight-minute test at Rockland, Maine. That made her the world's fastest sardine packer. Armed with only scissors •nd taped fingers, four finalists took on thousands of slippery sardines, sficed off their heads and, faster than it takes to tell, laid them body to tail, tail to body, eight to a can. ' Then with the stage of Fishermen's Memorial Pier littered with the remains in the August sunshine, Mrs. Willey, 33, was named the winner with 67 cans' of perfectly packed sardines. That's 536 sardines in eight minutes, better than one ^er second. "I was nervous all during it," said Mrs. Willey,'an em- ploye of the North Lubec Manulacturig Co. of Rockland, as reporters crowded around. "I was wondering all the time who was going to get ahead." There was a one-minute warmup as about 3,000 spectators cheered their favorites, many climbing onto the stage for a better view. It was all very informal. In second place with 64 cans of beheaded fish was Mrs. Patricia Havener of the Port Clyde Packing Co., while Mrs. Lois Laslie of North Lubec's plant in Lubec was third with 61 and Mrs. Hilda Merchant of Addison Packing was fourth with 59. The women had to judge tile can length, snip the sardine body and tail to the proper length by eye and put them neatly in the can. All cans judged by industry representatiges to be below commercial quality would have been disqualified, but there weren't any. The piecework system puts a premium on speed, and women bandage their fingers to protect them from the scissors blades. Each woman has a different style. Some are flamboyant, arms making great circles as the fish are picked up and fishheads flying in every direction. Others, like Mrs. Willey, work intensely with hands always close to the action. * * * Mrs. Miriam Hargrave, of Harrogate, England, who failed more driving tests than any other Briton in history, finally has won her license after nine years on her 40th try. Now all she needs is a car. The 62-year-old grandmother set out to learn to drive in 1961 and spent more than $720 in lessons. During the next nine years, she struck terror in the hearts of instructors and examiners, and earn* ed a place in the Guinness Book of Records. She wanted her license so she could take her husband, now 79, on picnics. CITY Sat., Aug. 15,1970 MAIL- B The Arizona Republic IS .SAUFM (SAlf SAlf. S»llSAI'*AUSAlf SAll S* J UUf SAll E SAlf SJ • Ullf SAH ? SAlf $J • UIU SAH E SAlf W • UUJ SAll Ml SAUS LI SAII S USALI) USAUi USAUM I USAlf l- SAUSA> SAUSA KtlSAU UfSALf ft II SAlf tUSAU t SAtl SJ ISAUS4 ISAltSJ tAUSAI I SAU « SAW SAC ^ «U$AU .USAL' •SAIIS*' AND BACK TO SCHOOL SALE TOY CLEARANCE SAVINGS S TO CLEM SHELVES FOR CHRISTMAS STOCK "•' —^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••••^•••BWi Don't Break The Ice PUT AND TAKE VOO DOO DOLL WHO YOU BIS MOUTH HOP POP IMS: HOT WHEELS RALLY AM) FREEWAY S6T HOT WHEELS SUKROHMURiPRINT SET DAYTONA MUDMCINOSET AUTODROME SPEEDWAY SKILL TOOTSIE TOY FIRE STATION or SUPER SERVICE STRUCTO STEEL TRUCKS HASBRO MAGIC LITE GIRLS 1 DINNER SET 6 PLACE SETTING, 33 PIECE SHEREELEEII TWIST & TURN DOLL TALKING KEN DOLL Girls' Surprise Pack DOLL CLOTHES EASY BAKE OVEN KENNER Little Dutch OVEN ASSORTED BOOKS WAS $988 WAS 88 188 188 149 168 $999 $O99 WAS $900 $C48 100 $099 $1 79 44 94" ,24 5 PIECE LUGGAGE Avoilobl* in 3 Color. Nested Storage TRIMMMS AND LAWN CHRISTMAS CARDS • Beg. 27.95 BOX OF 28 1C mm* YON mil COVEY 3 QAL., COOLER Llohtw.l B h» Subililultl at iMt i B66 ! y^ ^^^ SPECIAL SHASTA BEVERAGES • Root Beer • Orange • Cola • Cherry BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES SPIRAL STERO PAD Will not slip on your <f«tk • Gregg ruled for shorthand • #2937. Mfr.UsfMa LEARN TO WRITE PAD Specially ruled for beginning writers • Complete with instructions of accepted procedure. Mfr.UstUo 4 19 PENCIL SHARPENER ONLY HANDY STAPLER Compact size • Staples fast and easily • Complete with staples • Savel $128 1 $1 SC44 (78 184 148 198 $488 '88 $( 10 CANS SPECIAL 1/2 X 60 Ft. GARDEN HOSE itui timt BAR'B-Q [BRIQUETS CHARCOAL BRIQUETS Limit 2 to cut. Clock Radio Ideal for Back to School • Wake to music • Solid-state design • Big 4" dynamic speaker • Handsome easy-clean grille IYM THE IDEAL BACKYARD BODY BUILDER -8'6" A coordination excerciser with the nation's physical fitness program 8'6" SHUN Twin climbers Hand over hand ladder Heavy rope climber Heavy duty trapeze rings Extra large tublar trapeze Two chinning bars v instil Mfr.Litt 69.98 100% Vinyl construction with brass couplings Mfr. List 4.95 EXCELSIOR BALES WhJ/eTheyLasf 49 Reg. 1.88 PAINTER'S DROP CLOTH & TARP 9Ft.x12Ft. lOSSq.Ft. *Jfc All Plastic Whife They Last ALL IN ONE NOTEBOOK SET Complete with canvas binder with clip, filler paper, index dividers, theme book and dictionary. A $1.99 VALUE 99' ROCKET BY 3M CELLOPHANE TAPE '/a inch by 120 inch* Will stick to most anything • Transparent. MFR. LIST 29c "Swinger™ 12-Drink Picnic Cooler Pat. Pend. Mad* especially for 12-king size bottles or cans, and featuring new "clamshell" lid with EZ lock, ing handles. Fits in anywhere. Open, close, carry with one hand. Lid is attached ... can't get lost or blow away... over. MAGIC COVER .*!•«• A3 Self adhesive 12' long 3x5 NOTE FILE CARDS 78 ruled cards for index* ing, file boxes or keeping notes on • Great for speeches. MFR. LIST 29e MEMO PAD •Wire bound • Ruled pages • Pocket 3x5" siie • Notes. urn. LIST ate Hi intensify LAMP wide All metal high intensity micro light • Adjustable arm • Take ght where you need it. • HOT? rnH.1 (Mi* DYMO LABEL MAKER Emboss permanent self- adhering labels to all your school needs, books, etc. • Easy to use, just dial the letters. MFR. LIST $5.95 3 RING BINDER Quality canvas covered • Easy to open and close • Regulation size. MFR. LIST 69c 250 SHEETS TYPING PAPER Regulation size by Hytone • Smooth white bond. MFR. LIST lie 500 COUNT NOTE BOOK PAPER! Spiral® THEME BOOK 5 Hoi* wide) marginal nil*. AllMfRCHMDISf fUlUGOARANT«D "INIUHTCRIOIT" HOURS Man. thru Fri. 10.9 Sot. 9-9, Sun. 10*5 PRIMS irncTivi TILLtP.M.AUOel7 LIMIT RIOHTt RCilRVID YOU MUST If .ATIIFIID 5555 N. 7th Avenue

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