The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 8, 1964 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1964
Page 2
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sti « **n «•*,, man*. KMH, *«»*» « «*»>" "•"*•*• JAMtt 1 MAMUfc ............. «»•«•• *«» B, •vserwmo* MTts . w«) M* *ww», tuts** II. MM. * Mt *f (•<•*»•** -« stews ». We. Should paper print names? •hn*M M print tticlr same*7 r.dltw. h.« wrestled wllh this q»»etio« *»*• newspapers •wtaii. PW In* P"**. " '• » B *"»»st dil| ) r «»lls""»s- » Is , d Iff Hull <lll*mmi because Jher* ar* etront *rfuinMl* •llh*r »«y, iirt trav* dancer* *iuwr »iy. Lefilly, • t»»r «f I' sad • l |rl °* '• BM •*•*•• T** oourte trssl lh*m it •*»««, metlst out tlw **me pu*lahin«nt tor violation* of mmlnil law m lor o»*r persons. A boy of M ami » nrl "f II are wt*»y retarded *e juvenllsa, and UWM whria* it* li b*low Mil* Isflertble IIM If* tr**t*d very differently by in* court* the* tho** above it. TrwJlllonilly, n»w»pip»r* have fan* aloof with this dls- (lntll'*i mid* by Ih* liw *nfore*ment steoel** tad Ww eourtf. Ttoy hav* »ee»nt«d th* rnaoslat that M» »»rr ro«t «r» ml fully r«iiMiiii>l»; «h«t »rror i§ tor»tr •»> m«lte« tmiltor in itnmiturn mini* thin m oldur onwj llwl «h»r» it ir»«tor opportunity fur rthibllllitton in In* wrr X"«"«. iMtpll* lh» .,(»Tleni. fUw-lhn mtlMTlM o* • ptrMNulllf ilwi m<< colncM* wllh in* ivMd wttli which Uw tf»\ «Ulnf chant** »n the pUtod birthdiy-Mw»pt|Wf ntv* MM- IM«*. » «tort»t of erim», U» tn* mm** uf In i.^iriif \v. cran* I'h. 1)., M. D. CASK :i-40«' Hank J., ated IS. la an etflrl*ncy *«P*rt. "Dr. cran*." Iw Ivtan. "I leich i lern-at«Suivdi> School clan. "S« I Ililnk a 'SuttcNllon Itoi* wuuld Iw wry helpful In every church, rvtardlvss of Its denomination. '•ror I hav* found that most my aludtnu ilont alay to 'r lh» cl*rt>man'asermon. 'h*n 1 *ak*d them why, * inn >*v*ral very l*i....... jtiuwnrawhlchlpss- a*J akn( lo th* pastor. "ll*r* are aom* uflhcchlst rvaaun* which Uw> t ll»J, ao >ou mtchl Ilk* lo psat them on lo tour rwaJori." SI GCKST1ON BOX Hank 1 ! ld*a aUwl a "SUf. [•stlun Km" oiiuld b*> helpful, fur mint Inn;* taduslrta* follow ttvit j'lin vllh food r*> lull*. A ''S«/fv«lt"n lion" thua wtmld |K>ri«ll a rhurt'h laruit- duet anun>mawi I Kill* of public uplnlan wtlhoul *mlitrrss- slnt th* IndlvUusl psrlshioB- *r. Sti htr« irr i4>m« of tit* suitMllnns l'«l Itank'* t««n. scJwul class oO»r- THE BRAZOSPORTJ-ACTS OPINION - ANAIYSTS - *B».TUR£S •me SLIPPER th* in r*e*nl y*ir«, lh*r* Is reeson for serious doubt shout th* wi adom of thla practice, for decide* there has twea a aleuly reduction In Uw severity of punishment for Juven- II* off*nd*r*. II I* ptrhip* not s matter of colnsldsae* thai it Ih* sam* lime than has bee* steady Increase In Uw pr*val»nc* of )uv*nll* crime, ta ths past decsde, Uds ha* treatly acc*lerat*d. la Uw past year atone, there wss a f per cent increase in adult arreiti, a 11 per coat increase In juvenile arrests. Moreover, lh*rs is this dominant characteristic of Uw pr*s*nt i*n*rilion of Juvenile offenders: An arrotane* towsrd law and it* eaforesmrat, which com** from Uw Juv*nll*'i knowtodge of Uw law's mlktnes* and limitations toward him. KUI Director J. Edgsr Hoover has teen amonf ths sarllest sad wadlnf advocates of • chant*. Notlsg ths statg*rln| truwth imont Juveniles of such erlmss ss murder, rape, robbery by aauuH and felony theft, he ha* been urtlnt the public to mele out adult punlshmsnt for adull crime- And apselficilly, h* urfes newspapers to drop Uw traditions! praettes. • T*M< Uwir ham**, Malays: publicly Identify thum sa wrongdosrs. More and mors law enforoe- menl officer* arc* sgnstai wllh him, ss they fsee more Juvenile probwms with fewer weapons. U Uw newspaper doss ohange to a policy of printing Juvenile names, It will b* wleldlnf a powerful deterrent tocrlmei There laamonf manyatrester terror of the status of social outcast, which comes with widespread knowledge of one'* crimes, than of fine and Imprisonment. And yet, there will be smont those so branded a number of youngsters capable of becoming fin* clUasns, If they could be affnnM proper tuidanoe and a second chance. Bllher srtum*nt Is strong. Nsllhsr would likely cult ths situation of all communities. At this Urns The Fact* doesn't print names (though there sn csrteUt spsclfle •seeptloss}. The Facts haa an open mind on thla, however. And Uw Mwapap*r would In thl* cass be strongly Influenced by what Ih* community itself f*lt to b* most constructive. Think about U. And If you have a strong opinion, and toad reason* for U, w* Invite you to live ua tbs benefit of II. THE WORK? CLINIC Church also aided by suggestion box black robe thst mates his coslums monotonous and uninteresting. If his speech I* dull, st was! we'd Ilk* tn Intensl- Int "enssmbta" lo took at to hold our interest. (4) He us** long words that Uw audience doesnt understand. (t) Hs doesnt tell sny stories ss examuUa. Ks sounds like s teonwiiry teacher tec- lurtnt about theonms In math, (s) He doesnt use Illus- t rations thai are familiar to his sudtene* but quotes from books or author* we never heard of before. (T) It* has no MM* of humor fur h* never tells any iofc**. (t) Us doesn't know our names when he meets us on ths street or even si Uw church door, though he has bsen ear pastor for over s year. (t) H* call* ua "chlldnn" iSoujii w* siv Junto** and ass • tors In Mfh school. (10) ||e never use* any msttc tricks or res»re*c*s to current TV program*, awvtos and rtlwrlaUresttatlalftts** t**B-*«*r* e*k». FACULTi HATtHOa SOM* eolletes also Invite atudente to nte ttwtr pro- dMors, But the fatuity «R*n •r* inrttinsst st ikts, smytof stMswta an laneasinsBt to rstotoaswsrtl Ml Hurt's ntslsrkjfl Altar th* •«* at!*, young tottahtv* adult brains sad tn pr*uy sbnwd ***•* of punk oratory v*. uw *up*n vanity sasdsd to both pulpits tag class- r«M**, '•stefwy (tUwrs" *Mt these «*» ar* taps»n«i«m, always SUNDAY ON TV CKAlTfftL AP SPECIAI. REPORT Laborite , tasting victory, holds close rein on party The fall principle will change things •***! pay t*» *«acl work. TfcaT* whst Uwyn dsmaad- ut, lent ttt ___ Womsjn igltst* fsr tt, llSsTos* 4iifAsnd H, mtoss *M»* for It. Bqwal pry tor *q»al wort. All rlfM. Ut's 1st thst become ttw esonomls bsttto cry of iwsstmtt **»Uii A<n*rle*. "Meml pay for equal worki" I'mfwH. I'm tor It, BIISSSI that slosan also Implies ttBMusl pay for wMwnl work, sad thst msht* sen**! B's goini to chs*«* IMBft. It's COUei to make those Americas* who Se-suiibs to Uw "an created equal" philosophy sppsar pretty silly. 840*0** we an not toinc to psy ths toof-off MM same waf* seals w* pay ths go*fsts*r. We are net tout to pay th* SUfcwnwn ofUwuattad States contnss at the stm* rate w* pay Uwpolltlcsl hset* and truants who are only rarely around for a nil dell. Kqual pay tor sojcal work) unequal pay for inwtutl work. Then Uw htrd-wortom will ret rich ud the fr*e>lo*ders will to broke. 1 know It sounds Ilk* s revolutionary Wee. It's not n Is precisely ths economic philosophy on which our nation was founded sad under which w* became th* powerhouse of this planet. Unsonal pay for unequal work. Do w* dare? Or an our cpood'fed "all equal" Americans now too rotl*** to compete? Unequal pay for unequal work. B* careful. Think twice before you am*. Becaus* one* you do you ean'i demand thst Netroe* be hired as TV performers kiat because they sr* Hetroes, or whites Just because they an whit*. Th* musician who plays nothing sad the railroader who dos* noUdag will get nothing. You, Just because you sn s man, will no looter bs abw to demand mon pay than s woman who doe* men work. Your company, your union, your unsta who own* Uw oompany-nott* wlU be able to nsgottate ft* you a better deal than you earn, Face Its We've been Insisting w*'n "all equal." Any parent with two chlldnn should know better. Any teacher with s roomful owtalnly knows better. Or anybody who *v*r tried to pttoh to Mtakey Mantle. Much of our inequality Is gsnstte, inborn, uaalterabM. We've ••famed backward peopls sad bsokwsrd nsttons wen backward only because somebody *la* wss holding thsmbsek. Til* foolish refusal to recognise IncontnvsrUbta fact has tad us into aome dnidfully detrlrosntal sad frightful' ly uncomfortabta postures at horn* sad abroad. Th* truth will not to away Just bseana* wedsny It Ths truth ta thai not all racehorse* sn equal. And not all men sad women. So bow about It? An you still willing to subscribe to equal pay for equal work? H*m*mbsr, now, it'* not golsf to oora* out equal) IN and Curl Jurtrnn. An Kniint,' man l» hired Inhnunrt • i,,, m , r Kit! Who hH JUM brrn f. IcaMrt *« a war criminal t jo sf wksr* Mr ue»? j,,h n D .i, S d*nt*v KtWll Ctwrl*. Hitr|..,n wealhrr. Tom Rvanx N , 10:00 .... "invtntt firbln* r I ilW beln« pinioned for ^'c**.mTlw:K.perlmen- _'Nrww Wllimnrlnir. mart Layer m u aa nwUM «s*mi: Orirhait and siwt •B fW**W It "Bnlllf jEmmm ** i*eni ts*iff Rnbcrl Murky. C. rrty uaurd tm J*mm T\ "The Calbtrd 8*al" 10:10 • Tlwew* Hi "Kl mw»." CM) lunt, Cisney. Wsrd Bond. nnb>r. Pcylnn. t>r*p*d ronvln mi>. rlr. wealthy hdr«M n«»ln.i h,, lh Tomor. IO:W J w rn i *f"'raWii'"Ruih. „„ ftMlInrr.- Or Htfen 8UMR. profenor of "I'*'*"*' Muhknbrrt Collete. Allen- lawn. Pi..T*clur*i nn penon- illllti of th» OW Tetliment • ITi Lai* »»wi "D*vM inrt c... h" (111 Onm Wtllrv h,, r. Oullla ItuWnl. r.iw.,,1 . Hlllnn. ntannra Mnul Dr>>i Oul of an at* nl mtowW in ..f lit 11:00 Mvisrry «urt*i riory .,f it..) •hepiwrd bay who bernmf F warrlnr kbit and Ml In \m, wllh Ih* daufMtr nf Kln> Saul I gf ran UM Hillmi °ov. Nil- by CBS ntwi corrrtpondentt piul Nlvm ind Dive Dui>n AFTERNOON MONDAY «KK) 11:00 8 "*wi XIriRon „„! Ron 8lon« moderate! hlsh Kheol lourtuium thidintt In- I MORNlfflS Ca fi'iMii TtUcourit CtoX PM> ChlMnn'i ihnw T«U». "fSwiial ••!••*• i T«l»- IAIIWSI rni Celebrity Sana milch wlU II:M IB Oetf C«MlJ«»**rt. • MfMt "Tht Phony." Bf- nm Zlmbillit and Ann H«lm itir In iplrtluil tludy of Amer- Icin ititiu iMkcr who U forced la rtmimln* Mt Uf* whm hto daushlrr btftnt lo llv* by hu SwMSasi TbMln: Track of UM Cit." CM). Robert Milch- urn. Tib llunltr. TereM Wri(hl. Dlini Lynn. William Hopper Mar In Werttm *dven- lurt dnmi of two bnlhen who Mt out lo rapture i mountain lion which hu been de. rtroylnt Ihttr riiu* 1:00 SB Sw* *f court* I • Newt i B«b Dob 7:10 1:00 1:10 9:90 IS C*4MD*B CaMata KaM>n*t Chll. Hill i ByTOMOCHlLTREt LONDON (AP)-Harold Wilson sssnlsss oompteto control over the ooce-turboleid Labor party, sustslwd by ths belief that h* I* only month* away from becoming prim* minister. Hs usss brtia* rather than theatrical tricks to maintain his position as party leader. Vet eometalng about bis performance recalls childhood memories of ths circus. Remsmbor that breathless moment when th* lion temer walked Into Uw cats? H* seemed so kxwly sod trail. Matleally ha soon was Incomplete control. The lions stopped snarllsf and bsgsnroUlag ovsr like hous* cste Inestnlp. Wilson has dons Uw ssms sort of thing to Uw Labor party, long retarded as a poorly disciplined political orgsnlastlon. Left-winter*, rltbt-wiagwi sad moderate* til bow to hi* wishes. Tb*y even profess to have fontotten old feuds. in a WUe over a year Wilson has constructed • w*U- drUtod parllsmeatsry team h*adsd by * etudow CAQU*V or titernalivegovortimeat, wstttag to uohtavs ito momsot of powsr. party an on W1Uc*'§ Wde. HI* old rlmU-Oeccge Brown and Jaroe»Cana*4t«-l«an over backward to cooperate with Mm. Wilson will be «• Wedae»- day. HedecWedwheabewa* • child that h* wanted to become prim* mlaUtar aial h»a kept attar that foal wUh a aln|le>mbtdedneM ran tn BriUab potlttes. The pipe-a-mofcla*; man lit the pl«»Uo ralMoat haa two thing* foUki for hlm-tbe •mall of Tletory fdal hi* own airUUkt meatat poweM. After U year* In opposition tte uftorliM an hungry for office. They kaeptanrd- lag Prims UlsUtor sir Alee DoutUa-Mom* wtthdamaada thai h* call a nmUoaat ewe- UoaatoeM. poUlag mot* Uke plM* by »o». S but Uw prime minister lets to pick H» dab). Then is wldajpreaH bsUst thai Uw ToUsg toranMtHotiseof COB- moa* will earns to imt. Britain's Labor Us* describe UwmashM asSoelal- it!*, bat auay brand* of socialism exist within Uw ' patty. !U«*MrlB4«rsa*aMt- wtotsrs us*a to fm***a1*is- ly o«or how eXwpl* ttw party should commit ltoa*f to ths' nsUoatllsstlon of Industry. Wilson has hurtad that talk. R* work* hard in us noun* of Common* and tour* Uw eountrysld* many weekends. Hi* talk* In Washington Isst week wen part of hi* campaign to keep himself Inform•d. Wltaon gstwrslly isneog- nlaed aa possssslng on* of the brightest mind* in British public Ills. Even Uw ConssrvaUvss glvs him this. H* haaaphotograpble memory and h* *b*arb* dstsils Ilk* s sponge. Hit •enolsstte n- cord wat outetandlag-heooos tough* at Oxford. Brown, 49, and Otllaghsa. •pproachlag hit Bind birthday, both oppoMd Wilson for th* leader*hlpsfter Hugh BaltsksU died Jan. 18, IftS. Brown, the deputy Matter, could *ip*et tonaeom*hom* Mcn.iry IB th* Uborlt* go»- enment. CsBsgbsa, aa ths •hadow esJbtast's sxpsrt OB tnssuty matten, took* forward to beeomlag chsnoeltor NGTtH WW» tneUKsni »H*I •UHlFJWttCw! 01 Anmlci at • world power. Re- 8T Alraasl Wwfclt ^l*«k*n Aolsnmfnt. P*it II." Cantlnu- tac tlory of military awujn- mnl In our 4»lh Mat* ajoaaaslss TtaHU KlpUn- fcrnwsulm AWMI ••* Andri Conwdy - vfrtM Party! Larry emcen nuale and finw nrwii Mike Waller* _ tar Whent Art Jama hotli I" § ?S1. Ar, nnr, Audi. once participation- gi I t*v* LMTI Ludllo CWIWOJf *»*__j JBl WwJCo ftsT WMwIt „,,.«• flerv Ortfflnl .word wme 10:00 9**** *• H**** 1 *"' Cultn aj MeCtnt Walter Brrnnin comedy 10*0 (MM ihOW aed Oladnt Car* WIL WHAT? "Mf," "OUT" IN WASHINOTONT row JITMIY IMON HAS A HIW IOIAS Tb* » nwwbsr* of ths shadow cabins* an •toetsd on an SBBWl IwJi* by th* Labor DAILY CROSSWORD I.Messur*. mentfor agtm •.nmallplug ll.CDnacteua U.HSIW flutterinr In the air IXCandl* 14. Kat away 15. bwffrctual Mlore IT. Hesitation •wind U. Mineral aprmic SO. UiuwiwMrr er«Jl : abkr. IS. Bwn-t potato la llutrni ST. *U««lor n.Omk letter •B.l>*nnlt U.Appar 1. Family p*t a.MUhftoh S. Italian patater 4. Region Thsym*«twe*kty under WitooB's etelrmsnsMp todls- pslloy sM ptsn tattles. •••n «m»B I* matched a tHmmti*. mutt- Th»s 9JSF> Cordon Walker, M, tt* Laborlt* S. Pronoun T. Minute akin osenlng ft, liwpJuuifa tusk •.QuMed 10. Bvfore iB.Prooi*m In l«.«pc*r * oloae w*»h OB for- ••eretary Btohard A, Buttar'*Mf4«ttltw. Oordonwstteri tag real iBfJoawnc*)* M.Mu*ten»t* tt.*u»aiM** in Th* pr«*ch*r *»*n1 muv« aruued anouck while M.AkMd It* t>ioiMil> folds Me baeds ,o*»r Ma tat Inert aad Manse (|* ft MMknlevuM* ntaaatr. (t) 1'^ UUa lu *i*tn>>ls wtUi BU «osfr*|. efdawn 41. Donkey a Mwll 41. Dc»lrurt(ou at aw* body. iw wear* * •otosta M.Cto**to: pott M Anirar *h*U M Bnnv M Chain w - TfHtflt!l JlfttfBffli* By'BENRY OATBOABT Central Press WatMnffttm Writer W ABHINOTON—Rap. Prtw Frellnghuyaen hM soms vlsws on what's "In" and what's "out" In Wsahlngto". under the Johnson administration. Hs puts It this way: •Tram* is Out. DsCtautts doesn't can whether h* ta la or Out Bobby Baksr Is Out. They nave trouble even placing ths nams. •Upstairs' st th* White Hews* ta In. .Women will soon be beck In—at taa*t 00 of them by execuUve order. Pat Brown (California governor) ls still trying to gat In: Mayor Wsgmr (of New Torkl ta wondering. Big press conference* an Out Little prs*7confsreacs. an In. bet IltUs old questions shout Bobby Baker an Out Bl«Jhant Jokes an Out-correction: AU joke* an Out. Southern senators an In as thsy never w*n before. Northern senators an worried. Republican cuniiessimn sn In on* day and Out th* next. dspsndUul on ths need for their votes. Almost forgot this on*." concludes mUnghuyssn. "White Houss lights sn Out. Th* watchword: rusticity." rrcllnghuyssa ta a Republican, but his ob- aeration* of th* current Washington scene sn pretty salute, political differences not. . • • • A UBKBALtt IXW-Durlng th* recent ooosldsrattonof ths tax cut bill-now passed-Ben. Paul IXwgtas, n noted ttt*ral. tod a tight to amend ths measure to provWs men ofja break for low-mcoine tajrpsyers. H* tort resoundingly, n to SS, and la th* spirit of a tru* liberal took hi* defeat philosophically. How*v*r, Deoflas wasn't always so philosophical. Bom* year* ago h* tad another fight on the Senate floor to fores out a civil righto nttl. H* also tost this on*. Walking to the *tevator after th* vote, Douglss was pretty ghunTuntll that point In M* Washington career. Douglss had never availed himself of a s*natorl*l prercejaUvw-pushlng th* •tevator button three time* In ordsr to tot the operator know a ssnator was wmttteg and to come to that fleer oulckly. How.v*r, tkta day, Oougla* lun*<lI to g «*«*.;««|^.«*» was walking with Mm awl snld, "Push that Button three times. Let's pretend w*/n senators.'' Dyenburg, Team eonstltuent of m tomg-Um* dsslns of that town's th* Mlsstasl*|l to poetry. Wrote the . of Uu dteartn*nt 'etfaiec* •«)• •an, will ah*w fOaw of Uw UunthBK *f Bit* IBM* ind dtoniM Uw Ma of •d*ne* newnh attttteron Uw cunpui mt HI maUamhlp to law *f Uf*: Dranui T**r rint laiirtHln: — Bill Lcydtn modenin *: Iliibirt Trout nihn KMWI n**ti Robm n« comdr (B 8«nh for Drama the world {•nwest **ffatn | Br*nti*n. JMJUM Grain. Jua* Hiver. One-Urn* famoui wlky w-sjs.wr.r-^ Gen* Saraun ho«'i. IclmtaviJackVBoijyUi •t Cnnt-wr Slerr* Oolf Club In BwltserUitd 1:10 •» Brknr* M Maw Adm. Arhriih Burke, former Chief of NiviT Opentloni. and former NiutlliM iklpper CnL .Andrr- •m winiMk al Nav/i put 4:00 fB Tulkeialiti "The Clemen- llne lean Story.'' A Mtoon girl, chaitd out of lawn, Jouw Ih* Into and triv«U with an un- Unriy pair of uompanwai I Bob Barker emceei ll:4S BTHdUu UsMi Drama I KIWI AFTERNOON 11:00 ffj Tiaamii tr»l« P*rd: Mu.| nc and conwdy « Hewi B*l SlwlereMt Gene Btriv 11:11 0 *•**••» race Newt of In- tereu to local women MM mt Dr. HadMB* Seerel J«*r. ViilM Apirt-lurTln moo* and Jim Fowltr ul) how inl- nuUi differ In Ihtlr lUuctum, h*bui and aaaptauoiM — Ittgf; •J TwnMteU Catarri "Trat. flc Ttound th* World." World 1 , malar duel 1 traffic problem! ar* dbcutwd by CBS newt- men Alnaader Kendrlt'k' (Uodon). CharlM Kuralt (Rto d* Janelra). Veler KaltKher iTokyo). Robert Scnakn* (Lo* Aat*l*> and Bernard Buman SB Ai Uw W*rU Tnrwi Dnroa • TV ntate: Dick Oirtlll.b 1:00 • D«f*a>B*r Brhtoi Sprint Bmnston comedy SB r-iMwecdi Oime thow wllh Allen Ludden. hott • Ufi BUke A Deall ITSDBn flBnty Hall hart ( 1:13 SB Newi 1:30 B Day h C*Mtt Courtnair dram* • Art UnkleUiVi Hae** Itr. lyt rimoui penonallUn and Khool chlldnn •JB Dwtani Dnma • NCWII Uta Howard H OMml HimHali Oranii B T* TtO tk* fraUii Bud Col. 1<U 1:00 Iyer emceet quit thow I UntU >•*•* IkMln affair tmmnta Uon""' J^ I • Dn*M«j -Bit Blaif A that wund* ta Uw bit death to an brine- Bdi When VUMer Bd -„.„_-» s beai-up hoci* that that has run away tram a car. nival. WWW tent th* lalklnt ••one hit friend may rtiy th* >H*v* Oiw. WUI Tnveli insastil In a fltkl between Iw* rampetuu nUrawlt. Pa- Udln (RkhMd B«m) flndi laal Uw man who hind him I* a theai ind bar EVENING •hteh Pen A ferent "Tdt hav* » Krtdg* ~iat werstetod.' of d O*r**s4hl« th* _ Ckirlw HurlMo, Kay Cnuwiy: wealher, Tom >:u 1:00 • UMlti Whm thwp ar* BHUI* tram a flntk which Paul Martin hu coMraeM lo •rturi- Uwi* fouowi a mnt i tk* run** WIU and you maks. , It gives a chap •!?** JlytfJJ!* ******' UWS 1 Mmill Mueller. 8*n. d*r Vanocur. Rob*n MarK.'l * * cnver *l*tu>4i wuvky WWrR MOCWB-Acrow th* 0 M HJ Trave. *t MBM* Me****, cry U rtotog sgalnst t«ni The IM> ..f Dark Dcorf. - pN«w*i Ray waauwr. Tern Cvam; Sporu. Buy Bavant ..«*« 0*n<

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