The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 16, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
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Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 3
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CROP CONDITIONS IN LAMAR COUNTY, VARIED Cotton Crop Is Reported ToBeSpotted County Agent Say* Plenty Of Time For Crop to Make An Ohio Hoover Out For Congress •With continued dry virtually all Ttreatber county. crop conditions are re- spott county . ported a* spotted . I*. Ed •-ecently inspected crops over the county- Mr- Edmiaston said Monday that som* sections of tb« county bave cotton crops which promise yields much above normal. while other points will ap-, parfcntly have a lower yield than that of last year. He points out horover.. it is yet too early TO nmk» any accurate, prediction of tlwr cotton yield in the county. Ther* *»s yet plenty of time, he eaid. for much of the cotton to raak* and mature a. good ; crop- H*weyer» on all but the heavier soils, the stalks are too small to hold * heavy crop of bolis. He- reported cotton in many parts of th* county to be shedding at this tlmft. Althotr^h opinions of farmers as Jo the need for rain on the cotton crop Tary, it is thought the crop in general would be helped *jj--. «, good raia. .'Boils would be ni'atured iaor« fully and there would b« less immature oper.lny- tlte cotton will open earlier than iMnra! antes* there is rain wlthlts -v short time. With Indications for s. shorter feed crop than usual, it is probable there will ^>e a rrsuch larger acreage planted to fall grain for winter grazing this year, ^aay fa-riuers are expected to plant fall crops of oats, wh«at. rye and other crops to suppi&mettt zrrain ar,<3 hay in carrylnsr thpir llre*toc»c through rst of p«m'.anent pastures of tho county Is also ex- Tn-re which Photon n a* congressman-at-larfle, f .-=««-»• ^«— — . * to .thim.falP* primary, He adjuttment contracts c in Akron. (Associate*; Press "^^ <f^?fth of the , •..•-. crease of 2o per cent ir Herbert Hoover (above), republican,, is an Ohio candidate for nomination a* cortgressman-at-large, ^,_ - the county, south-oC-High-I ««bject ,-way 5 and west of Paris indicate the cotton crop is fair, though .stalks are smaller than usual. The liav crop in that section is said to'be rather light- About two- thirds -o£ a normal feed crop yield Is predicted. It* other sections o? the -county. farmer* who .planted grain sor- arnums will b* assured plenty of feed despite the fact that the corn xirop appears .to b* ^ut by dry weather- Lat* f*«l of all kinds, except on th* lighter soils is said to_b« needing rain badly. Oa^ th* lighter *wils. much of the late- jjiaixied feed is already damaged ~ 'by dry weather so badly that rain would "b« of little "benefit. Farm Buying Prvgram of Work and Play • ^^^^ •• . ^y \ • ^^ ' • "^^^ ' _ Power Higher Planned For Short Course During 1934 Increase of 25 Per Cent Is Found From Federal Benefit Payments STATION- — purchasing power on the average throughout th* United States has been 25 per cent higher during the first nine months ITS which benefit payments have been distributed through the provisions of tbe Agricultural Adjustment Act than in the corresponding period of the- previous year. This is the conclusion reached by I*. IT- Bean, economic advisor to the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, following a study ot the prices farmers receive for tl-eir .products, compared, with the i cost of commodities they buy. Cash income. including benefit payments, during this /nine month period increased 3S per cent but this increase was partially offset by an. increase in the cost of commodities farmers buy. Benefit payments on production contributed Men* Women, iBoys and Gi rls of Texas Will Have Opportunity to Gain Practical Knowledge of All- Phases" Farmland Home Making Providing a. balanced program , for 40 cents each, or a meal ticket , .^ k , an< j f U n, the Twenty- I for meals including breakfast annual Farmers Short } Monday July 30 to supper August Texas A- and- M. Col-13 may be had for $4.50. Regis- t o draw ] strations may be m^de with the __tendance. } ccanty agent, the home demon- Snr^s ^«v* tr ?:^^ Pecan Work Is Expected To Increase Hundreds of Native Trees To Be Budded With Better Varieties I TO RAISE LEVEL | 1 OF BOGGY BRIDGE Work Scheduled to Beein This Week on Clarksvilte Road With, hundreds o* native and nursery stock pecan trees having been cut back last winter in. prepa- lab- i fering "special rates to *the short \ ^ io& for ^«dins this summer. I . . j» i« T»i-nr»aK?« TVis>r«i ivilt >»«=> mnr^ jects needed farm! course ihl. year. and profitable place in live Th» dally schedule VV ll«v,ii >--• «»^" -•-«- _——~ I of activities stresses actual prac- , tice in nearly every phase of home , making, crop and livestock pro-, duction. and manufacturing and grading of many products The Short Co.rse is free to-^. «£* j the college extends a cor Titation to all interested Pushmataha Crops Hurt Wonns Harm Young Birds Round min purchasing power. For the first four months of 1334. the net increase in farm purchasing: power was 2S per cent over the first four months of 1933. Mr. Bean's study also shows to attend. A new short course feature for the | OXTL.ERS, Okla.. — Crop 1334 >, outlook for Pushmataha county is will be a complete very- discouraging as the result of the proionged drouth, says County rural work center, such ^ recommended by for estabhsn- j Farm Agent George Innes. With meat in various parts of - the state j the exception of a few spots, the under the- direciion of the Texas : entire county is affected by the Rehabilitation and -Relief Com- j 3^- weather. and the picture _____ = ______________ mission. It will consist of : three i dra ^. n ^ Mr Innes is directly op- 1 tually every community who has units: a main building containing I pO5 ;te 10 that of thirty days ago. " j learned to do this work. a w<r ~ _. rn it is probable zhere will be more pecan budding: in Lamar .county —Material and equipment for raising the bridge across Boggy- Creek on Highway 5, a. mile and'a half -west of here, } are in plaice and actual -work -was scheduled, to begin either Monday or " Tuesday, according -to S. J. Ix>ns of Paris, who has the contract. ; The structure will be raised twelve, inches zo the level of the new grade, being thrown up on the highway. Traffic -will not; be Interrupted as the abutments to the bridge will be kept closed with ravel and dirt. This work is a part - of the improvement project that is now un- Highway 5, which eliminates dangerous I double curve through Clarksville. | this year than usual.- Many pecan j growers find the latter part of; July and the month of August the best time for budding native pecan trees with improved varieties. Buds may be placed on the new growth as soon as the bark begins to slip easilv. SAX FRANCISCO. Since pecan budding schools j J rot f th * final Paragraph Satur- have been held in Lamar county } <J a >'. m *f e ™* stor ^ of ^ & writer, for ths last thre* ^ears *inder ths| Jchan ' Hawthorne, SS. He was the direction of .A. and M. College f on5 ^ son of the noted author. Na- «xtension service, cooperating with j thaniel Hawthorne. f tbe county agent, nearly all pecan growers of the county have learned, to. do their own budding- Those who- do not want to do their own budding can find someone---in--err- Plant Garden Seed Deeper Fall gardens may b* planttd . yet. despite the fact that dry weaiher continues. "Where »oil .ba» been kept in a good stare of cul- tivanon, seed piaazed deep wfil come, up and if ther* is *. rairt within the next -week or so. trill produce a fair crop of fall-vegetables. As small aniounts of garden aeed may be had at little- cost, It is ivell -worilivrhils to plant fall; gardens. Even though there is a. complete failure ot crops planted. th« cost of seed is low and the soil will he kept in a g^ood stats of cultivation, thus making- Jt better for growing: crops next year. "When garden crops are planted during extremely dry weather, the seed bed should be firm in order that the moisture now present will cause the seed to germinate. Seed planted in loose soil which, is dry will not coma up until there la a rain. All seed should also be planted deeper than usual. a canning "kitchen , _. and an office library, a sjr p^ *^ ~~~ The entire early-planted corn \ Vaiieties which have become and a mill center coniamm and grist.mills. crop ~~~ oeen Damaged in within a radius o the I popular among pecan growers- of - 25 this section of the state include miles of Antlers, and cotton in the •=• ,. • li-i-i'^S *Ji -^fc n^ t—' ^ i- —iu. \^JLT_\JL1 lii *J_t^3 Syrup making ^-}\ be . S °^" !VT | | last few days is being damaged every day. meal will be and Tuesday, "cracking will be shown Wednes - - — ^^ ws day. Thursday and Friday^H^er | ^ ^ ^^ drouth than from boll weevil. The farm agent Is urg- to Are Com- country as a. whole during the firs four csonths of 1534- During this and chair and tile making the re- thres cays- t June corn ch-s only hope in the ire also seed income, including the distribution raon Cause of Underdeveloped Chickens BX HARRY BOOK Many fowls each year are sapped- of vitality and strength arsd cent, leaving a net increase of 12 consequent'^- develop into scrawny cent in the national purchas- of emergency funds, was about j c uring, Tuesday for peanut butter 20 per cent higher, than in the a-nd breakfast food making- Wed- correspondnxg period, of 1333. but the cost of living for the country as, a whole increased eight per for this grain wil! be available within the next few davs through The canning Kiwnen • "-» • ^ the . co-oueratlon of the federal Monday for meat cu.ang and ^.^ ^ _^ federal: relief agency the Success, Schlew, Mtineyinaker. j Stuart and !>e!rnas. There are also a number of other varieties which are we!! adapted to soils and cli- of this section, but those named are more numerous. Sad wood is Tisnally easy to obtain, growers i re being numerous the county who liavs "for graps jtnce Thursday-for tomato juice making. {the past ten erabls seefi corn d has c< ready and Friday for 'an exhibit. under-slzed birds because -in- j itig power- The net cistribation next Tveek. In the workroom plain sewing. | The peach crop •« badly data- making. rope making-i ssed and comimiea trees 01 all the popular varieties, Bud wood "however, should sot be obtained until all preparations for budding have been completed. TiVnen bud wood has to be kept -Vvr* 1 ' ° Ver nisht. it should be kept in a " s "~ cool damp place to prevent drying. "When the buds become dry, "• few of, them live- for weather increase in j and - oasket making will .be shown j may ruin what appear testinal worms, W^rms also se-1 farm parchas!r.g power -sras 2 5jj£ On< iay and Tuesday. Making; of j weeks ago as a buinper appeared a few crop in crete & jpoison that is injurious to- the Tssrvoos system of tro fowL Round worms are the most per cent for the same period. BOGATA YlSrrOKS TO detect. They vary ,frona one-half Inch to three inches in length. BOG ATA. — I>ieut, Jonn J. The fewer worm* there are, the ] Hutchison, accompanied his little home in San An- with r Mrs. V. , f tected by a covering which pre- | T j ie cf or< i here. h;s wife having I those wbo driv© to College Station j jcdieate him a larger they are. Round worms Isy | daug . hter to ;heir ^ { eggs by the mill-on which are pro- j ton j o after a visit bedroom linens, comfort making, j the making, nig makinc. leather work and j chair seating TTednesday and J KEATOX BAKKH.IIPT Thursday arsd an" exhibition o' products Friday will. close the S laced as usual. Buster Keaton, week. -LOS AXGELES. (==? the 1 feced as usual. Buster j aiovie comedian, appeared at t TJAI^AS. Tex-^JP)—S. E. Harris, 37, who in a rage killed ais for- *, n.ier wife and her/ cousin b/ere Thursday, joined them in death Saturday Tvhett he died from wounds inflicted soon after the Stony- * slaying of tite two ^'6rnen, ST. A fee of ?1-50 per person for} federal courthouse- Saturday and | agent in !?'! —Lear B. Keed, charge of the depart- rooms will be made, though said hs is "broke" and unemploy- m*-nt of justice fcere. was arrested free camp g ground is avaiiab?e for ed- He petitioned the court to ad- j Saturday after ths slayin; vents their drying- out when had In the open- With proper moisture j hospital 5everal days anil temperature a small embryo* worm develops Inside the egg- ars-1 within & few days emerges- opera .tion in a San Antonio and wish "to camp. Meals may be • scheduled cbtaiaed at the college mess hall 'assets of 512,900. Mrs. j He j Dessie Jlasterson, shot and killed isd i ITI bed during a raid by officers ; i at hsr home. batch te picked ut> by a c the hatching proceeds inside the iiJt^stTT!?" of the bir<3. The youixj tures of tho county s aso ex- worm jj R< j 5 pro t e ctfoii axsd food in pect«4 to increase this fa.!.. Tn-re | Jhe VltllyiS O fthe> foil's tatesSnal ar» .* st:rab»r <>f crops planted this faU will f«r celleut srra.r,in=r for livestock early | ^_ next year. 1 !n Farmers a.nd landowners whoj plan winter pasture crops or who wish to improve permanent T>as- ntay obtaSn dctallf-d infor- >r, in regard to adapted rrops. 5» acd cost of planting a.r.'l other phases by ca]!lr»i; nl th> county asr«?r.i's office. HIKES I4'ttle, tract. Tn a, Tveeti's tim?. tt;f? ^vomi p-ufflc-iently developed to lay themselves Are hatched ruesunal tracu • d-> <Jan>are to fotvls of but nrs parricularJi- t-o growJu.jr SvOpIc. A "worn >rs program CAH therefore 1 st.srtO'ti TOO early. S.tjce it i?s ;rfsporta.r»t TO foSlow a j>n?v<?T!t- foii program throughout the en- lire y?ar. Clean yards, rotation st'tl proper fccdiTisr method? s! oviisi follow any treatment of affected flocks.. Onc^ a Hock is not be -ur-ii to Siave worms, it is ncces- Sa.turday r'i.i* t^te cornprtny h:iJ | vj : ,rj- to yjw rt• to ffee -the made a voliirstury incr^as*: of! fowls cf the worms'. A?=y poultrv S^O^.OOO s year in tl?-? pK.y of US! ^uilsoH'y *>r ihc oourtiy Acciit ^'Jl rrnp'layp.'!'. the first checks shoTV'ns:; {?v gia^ to sriv-f fa!J l!Tfr>rn>aticr> :n the !ncr»«iMi ^cirs:; tbos« paid this; regard t« trc.tttnrnt of Mr«.Js for week end. VACATION TIME IS BUS TIME «ur« arc only a few hours away by bus. TV"h<?t~,*i* it t"" *• week-end 5*^Rt or nn ^'ST^ndrd v:sr?»- flon. *he 01x1*? Mo T or Coaches win laKf j.-ou sxvJfrJy arfi »r*a*.»jy to the vacation sec-ncs of your choice- ir? 01 yoor vacation cornrrvrnr*:?! -w-h^rs ;• •>*> Moto! Coach Bus. P Tou Plan Tour VacatioTs. And *hc board a Let Our Asr*»i* EXAMPLE OF F*RES TO VACATION POINTS: $ 7.50 6,95 12.70 .$13,45 24,05 17,55 15.85 Hot Sprinrs, Ark Mineral Wells, Texas ., r >cl»a Visra, Ark Hares;? Springs. Ark. , , ?"olcra<io springs Colo. Corpus Ortsti," New Orleans. La. GaKcstop. Texas 13.50, HI 22.50 1 os Angeles, Ol 40,05 THE DIXIE MOTOR COACH CORPORATION Hotel Gibraltar BU*, IT TAKES X MAN Hk« "Bill* Horn, who won the Gold Cup In 19SS, to wind » big racing hydroplane up to 3000 *nd hold h«r to » ip*«d of 60 to 70 mU*» p«r hour...for mile after mile. And when he's tired Camels quickly increase his Tim and energy. YOU'LL LIKE this delightful way of "turning on" y° ur flour of energy A famous New York research laboratory reveals that smoking a Camel produces a definite increase m your flow of natural energy. The effect is delightful, completely natural. Manv smokers have learned of this "energizing effect" in Camels for themselves. "Bill" Horn, winner of the gruelling Gold Cup race, refers to his experience in these xvords: "The man ^vho drives a Gold Cup -winner needs the last ounce of energy he's got. After a championship race I *break ouc* my pack of Camels quicklv, believe me! In no time at all I get a 'lift* and everything Is all serene! Ir*s * swell feeling—just to smoke a Camel and be your real self again! That's xchat I do -whenever I feel played out, and Camels werer get on my nerves^ Try this pleasant and convenient way of ironing out fatigue and increasing vibrant energy. Turn to Camels and learn the truth of die saying, "Get a lift with a Came!." Like to smoke steadily? Smoke as much as you wish! Camels are made from finer, MOKE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS than any other popular brand. They do not get on the nerves. CAMELS Costlier Tobaccos never get on your Nerves Cameto are made from finer, MO2E EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS -—Turkish and Domestic — than any other popular brand Get a LIFT with a Camel!

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