Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 22, 1961 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 22, 1961
Page 2
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Two H O f ». :> I A K (Sllnsurance Continues Dividends By W. JOYNES MACFARLAN WASHINGTON 'AP>—How can the Veterans Administration pay such high dividends on j| s participating life insurance policies? That question comes up repeatedly, especially this year as the VA is paying not only its regular nnmial insurance dividends' hut also will pay a special dividend amounting to so per cent of the regular distribution. Together, the inr.l payments will total almost $:,00 million. The regular 1901 annual dividends, were distributed or credited to polieyholders by March IT — some $258.5 million lo about f>.OG million veteran?—instead of being spread as usual through the year. •The firs! special dividends since annual dividends were instiluled in 1952 will tola! ahouf $2:10 ml- lon. The first chocks are to go in the mails late this month \vilh completion of the payments now scheduled for about Aug. 1 instead of the earlier announced goal of Labor Day. Officials say there are several contributing factors to VA's ability to pay such dividends: .l:_The laws which established the insurance programs fixed I he mortality rates at. high levels Which prevailed in (he IBGfls and present death rates are much lower. Thus higher premiums are required and relatively large div- • J A K K A N LaneySays Continued from Page On* •joducntion has sent a letter lo all {teachers in an effort to influence (heir votes on any issue," Casllc- ; berry's prepared statement said, i ''Under any circumstances it : would bo deplorable." j Eugene R. Warren. AEA attorney, attacked the horse race inspect of the bond program in a television rppcarance at Dorado. "If you nre not convinced (his deal gives lemirc lo the extra .flays of horse racing and is a boon to the bookies." Warren said, "Then ask yourself why the i bookies in Hot Springs are all ! con(rilm(ing ( 0 thc campaign fund." ; Revenue from an extra 12 days of racing at Hot Springs' Oaklawn 'Park would be pledged to help : ret ire thc bonds. B. Colay, went (o the defense of the bond program. Thc act has been "misinterpreted" as authorizing $fiO million when it actually authorized only $20 million, Williams said. The other $40 million would 'he issued in line with increosng state revenues," William».said. He said he thought any additional bonds would have to be approved by a three-fourths vole of the 'legislature. j Colay, one of thc backers of a ^ .proposed $52 million construction" (program which failed in the legis- t l )£)t lature, said the Faubus plan was! prepared by administration per-1 sonnel who had "additional facts: and analyses of state revenues" not available to the drafters of the $52 million proposal. He said the present program is even broader t'han the original plan in which those who drafted il planned "a truly progressive step forward" by trying to aid "not just a few needs but to in Negro Slayer Simply Mad at World MALVERN, Ark. (AP) - To charges of first degree murder were filed here Wednesday against ThtmJoy, June 22, Jersons and wounded five others because be was mad at the world was mad at the world and the Employment Security Division in particular. Gill said Joe apparently knew none of his victims except the first, Mrs. Owens. Buie got the second bullet. Akers was shot when he tried to restrain .foe. who then fieri the ESD office. Williams, McDade and. Dedman were shot during thc flight which ended in a weed patch nea rJoe's ceased for about j Tried to Save Jews, Soys Eichmann •y THOMAS A, HEE0Y Rehearing an Omnibus Bill Set LITTLE ROCK (AP)-The Ar- Hape Star » • -. w • "" " *> icautiously. A final burst of bullets Legal Notice IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ARKANSAS ODESSA MOORE GRTSSETT , vg Plaintiff, JOHN HENRY GRTSSETT, Defendant. NO. 8427 WARNING ORDER The defendant. JOHN HENRY GRISSETT, is hereby warned to appear in this Court within thirty (30) days and answer the com : bookmaking •Warren said i Tlie horse racing angle also i came in for attack by Dr. Dale (Cowling, pas!or of Little Rock' Second Baptist Church. | "Anv rifizc-n of Arkansas wh< ' voles for Ibis bond issue," Cowlin? ;tokl a I.idle Rock civic club :"must accept the responsibility o j support in« evil." He referred (o the racing angl ns "an insidious moral evil,, whicl lie said places backers of the bone iprogr,im iof responsibility for the crime i misery, economic blight and othei ievils which hover under the wing, of- race track gambling." Two state legislators, Sen. Rob ert Hays Williams of 'and Columbia County Rep. Harry itiate a program where the voters ''There is m> connection between , mil book-learning " i as wcli as thc General Assembly *' ! could, ' idends are paid. 2. The government pays the od Iminislrative (overhead) costs of the programs and does not charge them to the insurance trust funds 3. Claims arising from extra hazardous military duty ultimately nre paid from appropriated funds and not charged against the trust funds. The policies on which dividends are paid are largely U. S. Govern ment Life Insurance (USGLI) primarily held by World War I vet- eaus and National Service Life Insurance (NSLI) primarily held by World War II veterans. - —„ „., v,. t i K , No new NSLI or USGLI policies and the seal of this Court, this [may be issued though lapsed pol- 14 day of June. 19G1. |icies may be reinstated by com- plaint of plaintiff, MOORE GRISSETT. ODESSA WITNESS my hand as Clerk, Jamie Russell, Clerk By Katherine B. Lauterbach D. C. (SEAL) June 15, 22, 29, July 6 1961 How! Every Day is $IQO D a y on Missouri Pacific Continued from Page One ral, low. 60s southeast. Northeast, northwest and southwest Arkansas: Clear to partly .',".,., e j; en ' ible Position cloudy through Friday with chance of widely scattered afternoon or evening thundershowers. High today low to mid 80s northeast and northwest, mid to high 80s southwest; low tonight mid to high 50s Russellville northeast, in 50s northwest, upper 50s to low. 60s southeast. Arkansas; Clear to partly cloudy through Friday wilh widely scattered thundershowers northwest portion this afternoon or evening and over southeast portion tonight. Cooler northwest tonight and over most of state Friday. High today in 80s, low tonight low 50s northwest to low 60s southeast. High Friday upper 70s to mid 80s. Louisiana: Clear to partly Joudy and mild through Friday with widely scattered showers Friday afternoon. Low tonight 66-72. High Friday in 80s. THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE .By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. Albany, rain 75 63 ,34, Albuqurque, clear 91 66 .. Atlanta, clear 73 63 .72 Sismarck, cloudy 92 52 Boston, i%in 77 6,4 .01 Juffalp, cloudy 56 48 .24 Chicago, cloudy 75 62 1 Cleveland,, clear 63 42 .03 Jenver, clear 91 52 .. Des.Moines, clear 81 63 .05 plying with requirements. The VA has other insurance programs but they do not have general dividend participation policies. *These fares apply only between Texarkani* Hot Springs and all intermediate stations SAVE $2.05 lo HOT SPRINGS Best travel bargain ever offered! Doesn't it make you want to trade that roadmap and crowded highway for one of our cool, comfortable air- conditioned coach seats? Return Limit—3 months! TICKETS RESERVATIONS INFORMATION MISSOURI PACIFIC STATION : in one step, solve many of ilhe statewide problems which we have had to deal with period- cially." Weather Joe was being held in an disclosed jail. The husky, 200-pound Negro, an- n v c minuies HI or gry because he was made to wait latci ' for service at the state Employment Security Division office here "-j wounded Glover, who was watch- jing the manhunt. Joe surrendered An eighth victim, J. D. Shiif- ficld, :!), of Charlotte, N.C., who . * r-.T '. i -•••-•• r^f ™?* ••!• • *-•» * A J-J*-J J.V\_»^iX 'fil. .' .1 11V f\L JERUSALEM' (AP) '"— Adolf kansas Supreme Court will meet Eichmann testified today he tried in special session Friday to hear to save Europe's Jews by creat-ja petition asking a reversal of its i ing a homeland for them on the'ruling which voided Gov. Orval island.of Madagascar. |E. *=•—•-••• *••- --"• — The' former .Gestapo lieutenant law Published every, Weekday ofternooii itAM HUftlSHING CO, Mfi. t/l. Ptlnto, fttHitnt *(•*. H, W«*M", |*<y-rr«ai, •» tM If«r ••ifdMff MM «f ItoM »•**; fttsi Itjf . C*m«M«Mtf JMMIt II, If!* 211-14 Soul* Wolnuf Street Hap*, Arkaniaf oce ere ' . • -• • ••••" stole a ..10 caliber rifle at a near- ! was c visitin ?>' relatives, was by store, .shot three persons in i ctlt by flying glass when Joe sh the ESD office and fled, still fir-' 01 ' 1 thc s P oili g nl of a Police car. ing wildly. Joe's sister, Necie Grant, with He wounded three others in his wllom llc h'ved, said Joe had been flight and then shot another from .' lc ' lin S funny for several months. a weed patch sanctuary as offi-i shc ' Slli(l nc had been mentally cers closed in on him. He sur-j"f )Sct for about two years since rendered meekly after police lobbed tear gas grenades around him. Shriff M. R. .Gill said Joe apparently lost his head because he wasn't helped immediately at the ESD office where he went to sign up for an unemployment compensation check. The dead were Mrs. Thurber Owens, about 40, an ESD employe, and Billy Joe Buie, 21, of Poyen] a jobseeker. Serously wounded were Elwaync Williams, 22, and Phillip Dedman, about 45. Also shot were Roe G. Akers, another ESD employe; Morris McDade, 25, and D. D Glover, 26. Gill quoted Joe as saying he Detroit, cloudy 72 55 Fairbanks, cloudy 72 49 .03 Fort Worth, clear 84 64 Helena, clear • 84 51 Honolulu, cloudy 85 75 Indianapolis, cloudy 72 49 Juneau, rain 51 40 .0 Kansas City, clear 79 65 Los Angeles, cloudy 79 02 Louisville, cloudy 08 49 Memphis, clear 81 56 Miami, cloudy 88 81 Milwaukee, rain 76 60 Mpls.-St. Paul, cloudy 77 GO New Orleans, clear 84 62 New York, rain 72 G8 .62 Oklahoma City, clear 84 G2 Omaha, clear 80 62 .0 Philadelphia, rain 72 68 .62 Phoenix, clear ios M his wife shot him in a dispute which led to permanent separation. Prosecutor Lawson Glover, an uncle of the wounded Glover, said he would recommend a mental examination for Joe. Pittsburgh, cloudy Portland, Me. rain 65 48 .1 74 60 .25 Portland, Ore., clear 76 56 Sapid City, clear 91 67 Richmond, cloudy 71 69 1.99 St. Louis, clcucly 76 55 San Diego, cloudy 68 61 3an Francisco, clear 72 53 Seattle, clear 73 51 Tampa, cloudy 90 80 .01 Washington, cloudy 74 68 .85 (M-Missing; T-Trace) TELEPHONE TALK Gray, Win CkM. Summer Recreation cr adlllts - K you haven been onto k lately you should drop out soon. There has tWn new equipment added to the area for small chiWren The baseball program js. in full swing and needs the support of fnl wfth e ;h?f e s ^ imrni "f P° o] is °Pen, lots of tables fo? picnic- ing with the family and friends, many rides, swings and plav- pounds. The Southwestern Bell Telephone Company Emo o y w S r»v e n!l atd t0 ^ a part of tW& Community and by the CHy P of Hop"e ^^ re ° reati ° n program Watch Out for Kids this time hear « lot about the be Yoii might be saying to yourself now, "I've heard this several times before this summer, and at least so tteS every summer since I started driving. Why dqn't they ^St telling us to drive carefully?" The main reason why we watch out for ^ W* i is because the chndren increases . Accidents are terrible things. All you have to do is be In one, or see the results of one to begin slowing down I honA : SW ^° pe Wi " A Wnk aboSt this and bi-e"enmo?l careful than they usually are. If we all do. not a singe ' riSL W »L 80 t0 ? c , hool ,,°" crutch ^ s this next ^11 and not a »**1A °'f girl Y' 11 be - missing from class completely as a result of an auto accident. ,' v ^ Tool Chest on Wheels »„„ !I H f* 6 * W !^ re isn<t ? housewife anywhere who hasn't found, at one t«rie or another, she Jacked an ingredient for a recipe she was preparing. Or, for that matter, I wonder the right size washer when they Our men who install telephones avoid situations like these thl,? r nn! ng ? I 1 assortm ? nt of Parts and tools right with them. Their trucks are really Parts Departments on wheels stocked with over 400 different items. They're prepared for every job when they call to install or repair telephone service * f »t . ! "if dy for the "n*^ 6 ^ 6 ^ & 5"5t P»rt of our effort at the telephone company to make sure your service is as convenient and trouble-free as is humanly possible. Hospital Bids Are Received BLYHEVTLLE, Ark. (AP) _ Phillips Construction Co., of Osceola submitted apparent low bids Wednesday for construction of additions to Mississippi County hospitals here and at Osceola. Phillips bid $333,fioi O n the Blythovillc job and $103,285 on the work at Osceola. A suit filed by a Leachville- Manila group seeking to halt the' construction now is pending in Chancery Court. The group contends (he county should build a new hospital in the western part of the county. colonel said he conceived the "Madagascar plan" that was juggled around in high Nazi circles in 1040 but never got past the paper stgge.. Eichmann identified principal portions of the plan as his own, particularly a study of climate and living conditions on the French island off the East African coast, , The defendant, accused of a major role in the Nazi extermination of six million Jews, did not explain hdw'or when the Mada- E. Faubus' $14.5 trillion omnibus Attorneys for a number of state agencies and officials Wednesday filed a 32-page petition asking a rehearing. The Supreme Court said in its June 5 opinion that the omnibus measure was unconstitutional because it contained a number of appropriations and the state constitution prohibits more than one appropriation in a single measure' "It is the bounden duty of the courts not to defeat the will of the people expressed through their halls, unless it is clearly manifest N-tt.'Jujij JllftV l/l tVIJUll llie IViaCia- "•*" J f min-.?.:, H, u t^fuuj IJ Jljeiliucob gascar scheme foundered. Israeli" 13 ' some vested right or provision has produced evidence that Hit-j of thc constitution has been in- ler, Heinrich Himmler and Ges- vacletl >" the rehearing petition tapo chief Reinhard Heydrich decide- on .mass. extermination "as the final solution of the Jewish problem" early in 1941. Hitler, in published'accounts of his informal nightly conversations over tea,-said he rather-favored the Madagascar scheme for a while because,: conditions there would eventually wipe, out the Jews. .'.'.'. - . On the witness .stand for the third ! day, .Eichmann insisted he always approached - the "solution", to -the'Jewish problem by "trying. to :: put< some ground, some §ofl, under'their feet;" r The -Madagascar, idea was the 'irst action.Eichmann claimed as lis own. Everything" else,' he said, was done under orders from somebody else. He contended he was in the :Berlln headquarters of said. Should thc petition' be denied, the attorneys asked the court 'to' explain how appropriation bills are to be drawn up,, saying that such a "guidcpost" is needed immediately, particularly in view of the fact that a special session of legislature is likely this summer to reapportion money contained'in the omnibus law. The omnibus law was a companion to Faubus' proposed $60 million state construction bond plan, which wijl be voted on next Tuesday. Guilty in Staying LITTLE. ROCK (AP) -It will be September before bllie. Mae Hatchett, 17, a Negro, is sentenced for the i960 slaying of another Hit*. N. Waittbvrft, Mltor » faul H. JaiMt, Managing UHat Oanal Parfctr, Ad>crtfeln* Mir. MM." Jean AJIer, Classified Mat,. C. M, (»o4) Roger, it., Clre'l, V^ Scarf* ,W. HoiftW, Meeh. Sup». • •• teoflrf tlast matter at the Part dttltc at Mope, ArkariMt under. tM Act •#, Mareh. I, U»r. Memktr of the Audit Bureau «f Circulation! Subscription Rotes (payable in advance) By carrier In Hope and neighboring Per week $ J, One mtnth 1.JI Per ra«r By moil in Hempsfeod, N LaFayette, Howard and Miller ties — ., : Ona manth $ .i! Thrw monthi ;.... 1.8! til .nMtlM , 3.5k Ona year ... s ', ; •.St • All other mall — Three monthi , 3.91' SI'K menthf ; - 7.8(. One year ....,'..,....., 1S.6C Nat"! Advertising 'Representative) Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sferick Bldg. . Memphis 2, Term.; SOS Texa> Bank Bldg., ' Dalla? 2, 'Texas; 36Q N Michigan Ave./ Chicago 1, 111.; C|j E 42nd St., New York' 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit " 2, Mich. Terminal Cldg., Oklahoma Cily 2, ' ' .... Member at The Aiioclated Pr*»«i The 'Associated Press !„• entitled exclusively to the use for republicatio»i of all the local ' news printed in tWi newspaper,' .as. .well at. oil AP nevl dispatches. . Irvin, Pulaski Circuit Judge William- J/ Kirby convicted <^er of second defiree murder Wednesday but postponed sentencing be- cduSe She is seven months pregnant..She was.returned to Pulaski County jail where she is serving ime for a shoplifting charge on which she was arrested while free on bond, in .the murder - count. NOW! A BUTTON-FRE£j 312 COIL - MEDIUM $1,00 DOWN $1.00WIIKIY Home furniture Co. L M flM^^B^M ^b. .^b. A —^ _ ^^^*^^ ^W^B^^ ^fr — NIXT DOOR TO FIRST NATIONAL BANK 205 E. S« M * , Ark.

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