The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 8, 1964 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1964
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SUNDAY SUNDAY MAICH B, I9M rf4Mrfv>9fTf Temw ,p. Jirvii (ill*) ft jftkts TO Th* F*et»t It «wtm» that lhi« of The Fact* if* Interestnl In teenagers andteenderewy, no II li mainly for teen decency I would tike thU article published. I Ilk* Mr*. Orr who h*d her If voice published sun. March 1. 1964 would Ilk* <o ptt the > people <« <>)• h*ek **o ar * responsible tor making the "hootenanny" poMlbS*. II was wonderful entertainment with the exception of the vulgar Jokes (old. I ft«t cure that the people who are retpontlbte for pro- mntlm the "Hootemwny" did I; not know thai these Jokes were f going to tike place. The wont pert about It was that II was mostly teenagers who laughed. You can be assured that many people there didn't laugh. My family didn't laugh. Any entertainment, no matter how good, cannot be deemed as decent entertainment -when filthy Jokes become part I "of the show. * The group who told the raw Joke about Jexse James was spoken to about It afterward*. I want to praise this group of ymmg people because they had the decency lo be very ashamed and said It would happen no more. If this article Is published I will feel sale In taking my |* •family to the next hootenanny because I believe that the promoters of the "Hootenanny" will caution the entertainers •gainst such. D. D. Jaryta Brasorta -••«• W. M. Ptny hopts ..» • . •»?' r Jo rtcoicllt doti \j , ... ,«,..+ ,*.., ., .. Several dty&agoga local ..rival news modlaedltoriMUed at some length In opposition to Medicare. Now I've never been able to learn enough about medi- care, to decide whether to be for or against II. I've asked several connected' with the ^medical profession, but they all seen to get emotional at the mention of It, . u nut In thta editorial the two principal points against it were that all the' old folks, op nearly all, were In the best of besWh. were Iwtter off thjn most wage earners, had plenty of Insurance, and Just didst need II, and anyway, the cost ftWould Iw so great that It would *nr*ak the government. , How do you reconcile Ihrse two reasons? W. M. Perry 412 circle way Lake Jackson W. McCarty soks , t i basic priicipU To Tne Kactss President Johnson's dee- laration «if "unconditional war on poverty" Is heartwarming. Perhaps, at toast, need will be eliminated and all iwopb In America will have the neees- sltirft of lite. On* point need* I" be uneert little but need not neoes- Heard! Candidates for sheriff fell views CanaWMin tor sherltf mode their opening appeals tor Braaosport votes Frtday. They «ere gpeaktai at a meetmn held by towtw- MRS. T. H. CARSON and VIOIA JOKES, observlni: birthdays today... MRS. DORIS KBESBE, to serve an a director of to Braaorla CouatyTttbercutosls AssMiatloa... KATIfcKA8H,toTBDWIL- U5RS and MRS. VE1UJA MILLER, on a vacation tot la to tn«M» visits to Mes»eoCU», AcaiMdno. and potsU of Inte- rettlncalltemu. >. UJW, R, WROK and son, orapir, IK TV tnt^ttf^tf , JeWS^' «•»*»*; f V99i^9^} •*•* tr^w^^^^p^ tjnifttTi.. '* ' '" ,' •JP^P^nnin^Bje^ _• p- m > apoaftored Commute* on political Education, preventing the three candidates for nherltt, COPE provided speakt*c Urn* tar eaadldato* eeeung Justice of to peace and constaoht portions In Juatlc* Precinct t (BraaoapnrtX H. r. 0quare) Milter, COPE pJwldent and moderator tor to meeting, .announced tot a; cecood rally would b* held to following Friday to hear candidate* tor county commtastonsr ot Precincts I and J, and tor tax asseeeor- eolleetor. Candidate* tor to remaining contested constable positions in to county win atao b* heard at tats meeting. MlUer extended a special welcome to three Negro members ot to audience Friday, Inviting them to return. Statement* ot to candidate* tor sheriff, In to order tn which toy spoke I* a* foltowai MILTON OOODRUM Milton Ooodram pointed out tot a long experience in taw enforcement did not include work in to Sheriff'* Department Therefore be had no obllifatioos within to department, or pareonal grata**, although ha had i trlenda tor*. Thta would, h* MM, allow him to make any needed change*, though any that occurred would reejnr* eonalderabte thought and consultatlon.wtth to person involved. H* had no change* In mind now, b* Mid. H* Mid *ugau*tkms from to public would be welcomed . "There must b* n mutual inter** between to people aad the sheriff, m sheriff need* the people, and toy need Mb." > courteay tower? to public Is a must, he Mid. "tt would be my Job to «*e that every man in to department la courteous to the people." A sheriff'* first duty is to protect life and property, and to second to enforce to taw* ot the land, he said. To do this, to sheriff should be young enough to get to Job done, well educated, and wtth a MOM of responsibility and good judgement. l} There ,1* to, need to work out with Commissioners Court a training program. Thta will b* expensive, and n Is tor Commissioners Court to My, what can be afforded, b the **»i* <* * disaster, to sheriff I* to county'*' chief ton* tor maintaining order. He mutt b* alert, able to make quick dMlrtoaarfh* Mid. » • • «• A sh*rltf,0oodrnjnlld, mast b* atronginhta convlctkfi*, OOODRUK ,„. ^, Ooodfum pointedout totte a*»t«daa a Sunday,, School s»p*rli«*nitant, Training onton'director s*Jteacher. Sine* receiving • commlMlon from "the state in 1*4*, he ha* been in to taw enforcement ttold until I960, whan he entered business for himself, he said. Coodrum Mid to sheriff *boukt nave some fcnowtag* ot Juvenlto probtam*. "Thta ta now one of the main probtom* to b* faced," be Mid. H* Mid tot u a polio* aarnant in Clute, he had established "an enviable record in thta ttald. QENEH. SMITH "' For btt*toa»>lto and atftotant operation, Gen* Smith would aak to Count? Auditor'* Office to set up n departmental accounting system, and «muld keep to recorde available for ten- payer Inspection. He woakT continue to fight, he" Mid, "to rid Braftorla County of aU traces at commercial 'vice, gambling and pros"Aa our county grow* in population, pncperltfand recreatlonalfaellitlea, there will be an *v*s loercMlng prcMure toopen __, tt up to organtaed crime. I feel cur* •WITH i can withstand that pre*sur*." There would be established a pnsoanel training program "tot win bring area-wide credit and recognition to to Sheriff's Department." He pointed out tot to Texas Department at Public Safety and FBI had permanent training programs, and newer •ent raw recruits Into to ttald armed, to learn by trial and error. By Invitation, Smith «ald, to DPS and FBI would help Mt up a local training program not only for to county force* but for all otter local taw enforoomett bodtea that would participate. Smith aaid h* would work toward cio**r cooperation and understanding between to Sheriff* Otflc* and otor city, precinct, state aad national taw •ntorcem*nt agencies. There had been frequent aompUla>a tat to outlying area* of to county did not receive to *am* degree ot protection a* near to oounty Mat. A* cheriff, h* would distribute to protection and patrol aervtae *o that toa*areaa had protection they were entitled to. To help combat Juvenile delinquency, he pnpoMd to Mt «p a Junior D*putta* Aaaoatatioa. Thta would b* don* in close cooperation with to Juvenile officer, anawerabta to JudgT Alton Arnold, nad uad*r to cloM *»pmi*l*n of a carefully Mtoeted deputy. : Such a program wonjd «** hand to He** with to Boy scout and Little Leagia* programs at character building," . smith said h* would laslte to pjblic to orlaagrlevane** to.him, and would keep an open mWd tn toir problems. H* tell thta would Uwraaa* MeJfcteac* in to Sheriff 1 * Department, and mate for mwe efficient, clean taw *n. H* Mid* tor* would n*v*r b* any mtatreatment or tawta* uuucrf force by anyone under hi* eominaad. Smith said h* did not propose to «av* on (W* and oil expense* U it meant reduetag to Mrvteeu of to Department and losing to *tem*nt ot surprtae tot tame with continual patrol*. BOBEltTGtAD»EY. • _^ . Th* *h*rlff ha* a t**m*ndou*. Jo* aad bta dut»e*iire many, ftobert GWnex MW; ienerato. to *b*rltf entor*** the taw. PMteetg ttt* aad property, >*•» top******da*rf**to*ourto.- court* art a targ* part of thta wot** h* said, with Mtftot 9**** ** *••«•» l otto pww, *o*a|y *« «*ertat c .urt*. |hp M eninlei***. «M« to •««•*» at tar test n*ii>klln* nf ****) *f "™f iS^! SfP^F^^^ J ^^^TI!^.''" •vftMMSCXtAtM WASHINOTOH •» Fleaidilil Johnson h»s MSWMeed «j> end Ms wit* and former Pr**i- deat Harry 8. Truman win Itad a V. 8. delegate* to to funeral ot King nwl of dreeec, to be held Thursday in Athens. V1KNTAINE, Lao* - W»- mler WneeSwivahnaPbouma says the Camoadten «te*i ot suU is detemlaW to sign an alliame with OMnmunta* eooBtries-partiettUrtt cms* and Korth Viet Kam-lf Western powers do not guaraate* neutrality and lerrltorlal Integrity. WASHINGTON - DlXteeea- atom art organism*, tor a marathon battle against to administration's civil rights but scheduled for Monday. NICOSIA, Cyprus - creek Cyprlots fined «• hostage* who were welcomed by shott- ing men and weepUg women, but Turkish Cyprtot official* remained grim about to action aimed lo ease communal tensions for a peace-keeping U. N. fore*. LOS ANOELES, Calif. A federal court Jury has convicted all three defendant* in to Frank Sinatra a. kid. naplng ease. • r, CHICAGO -Ca«ilu» Clay has been dabbed Muhammed All by the head of the Black Muslims Whose beaduiurlers is here, and to tighter reports, "I am honored." CONCORD. N. H. - Sen. Barry ColcHrater of Artaona and Oov. MM»pn Roekefeller are climaxing their New 'Hampshire? primary cam- tor to Republican semination, Burglars hit 2 FP firms, take $2,000 Tool*. fWM, VM* Md <4Mr Itefi* nhatd at abxrt »I,OOP •er* l»a»» w two Nrttariee reported to ft etfuirt enttee t>t*r«ay. Ottleet* *»»«« that tonte sad a radio taken from (he rftrte v. tee Mefe* Co, at .40J North Avenue I were valued at H,«i.4«, a*d tot sbmit |IOO in e**h and el(M guns «et« miaMng ffMit to T»«JCO twtt nation at »» East Brawl. The motor eeMpany betf • tary arcwred seweilme Frt> day MgM, aad the other on* FIRESTONE GRAND OPENING WEEK STARTS MONDAY A ribbon-cutting ceremony at I a.m. Monday wilt bench Grand opening Week at to Firestone Store's new location in Tarpon An Village In downtown Freeport. Brasoaport Chamber of Commerce and city officials will participate In the opening ceremonies, AU wee> rlsltonMre Invited to view the much larger «atfter*, with somJMhlng for »eiyone. and registration fw some $>*SOO In merahunJite and nUt certificate firlsea. in addllk)n, 1,000 vlnnerii ot gift certificates will be eelected from ar*a mhlcl* license numbers. Th* store haa a sale* flnor nf 9,900 square feet and greatly eipanded eervtee Uepartmem. For further details of the ne* quarter*, *ee Pate l* of today's Facto. * -Facia staff tibiitu Police starch for CUrttglr, CLUTB - Cluto police were attempting Saturday nlsMto locate a missing aUw-yejp- old girl who had not b*en**en by her parents sine* she left for school Friday morntaf. Police Chief John Cote sfhl to girl, Jo Ann Ortffln ot 829 Acker, was wearing a white sweater, brown plaid. skirt and btaofc shoes whan,; last seen. He said her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James QrUflK: reported to girl missing Oils p.m. Saturday. The girl has blond hair . bins eyes and Just bad he*.' ninth birthday recently. Chief. Goto said. He asks anyonr with Intorraatlon about tba child to get in touch wlttClute Dollce. , . A&P Store ming in AKOLETOB-TWO m*n have I night Urn* the prtr.teeaae a *auer market bet*. " " - M*y«eEdgiirJoa**,S3,aMl Cbarta* Aabton Tnm*y, *% boti m-ttofcvtofct, hate baa* chinrced wtth to bnrgtary Jt O'Btanon'cSunrVata. .'. T**V «NM stofji about ta.i *rjHr*.B , . ed poiteo « report that #m* had'tMa heard into atnM, flta met Angleton Pattot*! "Wayne depptr at »*d they saw to an aisle to tol told Mr*. 0-B«t? IBM his potta* Mtp- Benraetlw % *o*a*, and ton uMjfti'iilin je*j*a«nd Turney mine beck dorr, cnlllng for them tontop, B» Mid to pair gav* up atone*. Ctapper said to man tokt Urn toy bad be** on to root Ot to buHdlng, end deckted toy could no? get U that way. They climbed down, ' i under • wire mesa •ad Jimmtad oaaa a door to gala Mtry. coranred, ttey had '• change ta a aaek, peeling to lllktff CfftlUilf In I tfm^Ltm^ti^. FMEPORT - W. C. MO- LeJOCKSOn FRSKpoirr - w. a MC tMMton, pioneer rnsMent of to city and wrt^nown banker, was listed inerttical condition at commnmty Hospital Saterdly malng. USUsdon had anterad to hosoUal atvtral wceke ag» after n Mcnrrtng but UgM haart atlnck wh|e» was (ol- iMPed by tsaimaili. How vmti bin eonttiii had im. proved sn«Mn«qk> ooepte ot weeks ago. . ..... ' mtaM have amoontod to a*$t,000iftoaate pened. They had btstd* oaly about to or tanteawbMCl*pi»ri»d ktn. O'tmrn arrived. - A city or- political rt city yfifanaftr i^/iiiMt oat r* ""'^" ii • • MghUot«vny catenas tor •nwraltHtoneitorstdsof Hfsnki. Theordi- tobott c«y an4«nenty x.i: /mj^W"•'"• '^~ irger a dangerous distraction LAKE JAC1MON - A new supermarket tftt open in the downtown area Tuesday morning In a building especially designed .to recapture to Dtantatton style nf archllec- Utra> ol take J»ck*m'» hla- tory. The Great Allantle A Pacific Tea Co. store U touted at ItOMrkttgWay.acroM from UkrJaekaonStatoBank. The opening of to new A*I> Store IS part ol the company's nentral program o«eip«wiioo, eonpany isfMlals said. The plantation architecture features stately white autumns supporting a raised eanupy, and lasUgM tKtarec. Th> modern interior contains more to* 8,000 square feet of salts Bpae* ami a total of more tlufl »,000 sqnar* feet. Ths new Lake Jackson A* I* julns tho more than *,MO company stores in the United Mates and Canada. The first aliire wat founded In New Vurk city la last. Mnre personnel h»ve UN* arorklng long huurs its truck after truck <4 merchandia* arrives far the new atore, Everythtas. Is being rewiiwi tor Tta»aday's oncniaf, when' the public la invited tu VM* lh» city's n*> addltton tn Ike •owntown IHMMSM ssctinn. et*t*d. Al least l«« b«r*Ur« w*re involved in the tmrtttrr otto motor comiwaqF. r«lw» said a windcm »»s nreejen, the*) UAlo«k«d, « Hh *mfan enter • Ing and apparently "f»«"»g an overhead doer on H»ea«*M* of the bMMla* to admit aome- oneelae. Missing toota iMtaded a craftsman boa of ie*MHMl t<>oia, vetding torch, three- eittriha ineh, one-lenrlh Inch aad other seta of *.eNt wrenches, air* eoadltlonlng gauges, aad unreal •fnm|u A Zenith two-way radio we* also taken, pott** were tokt. The butt station burglary was repotted at ltNp.m.S*t« urday by the manager, Quentte Hanson 8r, A detective Mid a trailer, need as an office, had been entered after a wintto* was broken on to locked traitor. lie said to traltefc door was opt*) *hM Hnn**n returned from tunch. MiMiat *er» about |i«0 » •JMM ONW ft Ofttt OTWeNHT^ • rifle, 10 ga**» aad It gsog* wiockeeter skotfuw enaflv* pistols, poll** reported. The total loss to the! burglary was set at about MOO. Easter Seal no longer local drive Raster Seals are being Mat to resident* ot Braaorte county, but toy ar* noloafst s local campaign, accord!**; to E. R. Ketebnm. treaswer for the uraaorta Coaaly •**!• ety for Crippled CMhtren. For many year* to Caster Seals were the baste for local fund relate*, h* sakt. But during to past year to Br*a* nru CoteMy Society Joined to united FiNd eampalgn. u*»i •ark of the Bmotia County Society will now b* auMWrted through UF eoa> trltaulloM. llownver, Ketebnm Mid, E«*ter Beato are nuw toeing MM to reeukwu directly tfMi the Tei»» Society for Crte- pM Chiktre* and Adust* of Ifeila*, and all SMney col* leeied "ill be cent lo Oat* l«a. ^ ^ ^ ftwn I. »l«r Heals nlll he**in lir««"fi» County t ' CcMdy Saeteif lor children, «rtw of a oukep trnak was <tiUacted by eating a hnm- bnvtw about I »». Friday. Hate Hlgsmf Patrolman OahrUBanaNsaMtodrtv- cr, Chsrtes dyne Edwards, 2 MINUTES, AND 2 FIRES MUI the Brasart* C"«iu» tbxwpty wentedtotoak Ikuae «h" lurt In to M*t the Unw gweteyee Wive, WMvlduel e>*rtrifa«ii>M Mduihtr etaaa* ncrtk on Farm Road Ml, «*t- tat a hembujioar. H> re* «• to road, eea- •*r*d tornttlagottoDc- minutes, to Freepstt Fir* Department wa* called to taw separate haws* tires Settr • «ay, bat neither «a*M* majer Skd! Oil «ttH The ftt»H CM» <4 to • Co«niy *IU «•** »» • f" \u)n, A urs. Marti*'* A aaark from a wa , macMM aiverentiy ignHad a ca* of gcaalaw la a garaf* •I IIM We* Fi» at to teat* of r, M. , tolwee* Brtsert* a*4 t' J i* ; *' iflMdMmn* a* wend otto garex*. That Bra. call »M Mb at i» k§ ** *•**) The «M. la being re-*ff§n» i*«t and iMef»*te* ret*H» at* JMtte>t tu fen** ***** ehea* Mt *>** to*** 1 * «**««*(. lereV **««***, IMMe M wwi«i > *»»* iw«u*Jiteda», In ajteLiitv. e^aipadkf «ej«*|*betM«e*t 7l»S| Malar tlHittad w to wait, nn^nW ek «*^|lsss1*w dkkd| j^n**! iMkaadfe ^*ja| *J*M fa*V jjfa •*»**••*>. SjJ^twuLuZjJL Wfa

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