The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 23, 1931 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1931
Page 2
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TWO IBB DAILY HEWS, FUDDKflL MD- WJUUIUDAT. DECKKfBKB 23, 1851. I WllffEREVENTSAT EICK Senior Prom To Be Held In Auditorium January 15. DANCES BEING PLANNED - ta t.-.e Cbrjst=jis pro- are x.~? held at tSe Erases, is-.: o;c?r e\:ra-cj-- ac:.v:t;?s tn cr^.zjc:.r:2 *.:u :ce early part o£ 1832 *re be-ns fora^Uied. The ienior cJus ii ^··»-r- -^ ;u Tt-^nter ur?3. :be high :-C2r an^ the ;u=i?r class has o2;ers for tne coni^.; y^ar. Arc-r^ji5 to present plins. the «n- Kr prcz ·s-jf be of a leap-year v» B^i »-.!! ; bel- Jaraarr 15 12 tne aa- c.tor.^n Eac^ 55 the senior facalg' acTisers ^ in char;? c: a eoKKittee to sid a: a;ai:r.z t~ dance a fuxess The ^-·f~**-rf~'** has x-cic«! so terrsr^e ss'.iri. · ap jer' caste numbers an; Al.ce Stj.e; ar. sl-=:r-a. J:a» conaested to ;jt cs se-.eril stunu dar- Isg mterm^s.^n. Prof S Per. tor. Harris ci^ilrnuia of the sits.c conizr.tee, ha* not selected t=e orcr.«tra for tlie affatr. It a expected t.-.a: the color scheme ·*.". foJ- ID-» tr.e cliii c-'.jrs. wr.ich are green Directors Are Elected. The stoctr.olders of the Frederics Etlja schsX bani elected d.recurs lor tie e^svas year rerently Tho«« chosen ·5«?e: HerSer: Staler. Ro«er Heck. Charles Sinscr. R:chari Mtr^^i Futoian. DaU7 Meredith llac^ey and Hel-r. Potts. Sir. Harra. i^pen^or of the bank, gave a short tali: resardir.s the flatus of the baci ar.d ingested a neic ?:»a for the .entering of deposits. Junior Class Elect*. r Ogle. Frederick, was elected of tne jun.or class of the high school at a recent election for the en- Kimg year Paul Brenjls iras chosen Tice-preiifcit; Herbert Staler, secre- tarr-treasur«r. and Ruth Burgee, reporter. Blue asd a lute was selected ea the colors. Industrial Arts Teachers Here. The Industrial Arts Teachers of ·Frederick county met at the high school ias; Tuesday. Two Fredericlc nigh school instructors gave talks. Spencer C. Siull dacussed methods for obtaln- :ng higher degrees of technique on a flashed product. He -was foUowed by Benson, head of the Indus- Departrccsi. who spoke of shop records for pupils. Orsamzatson and preseutauo:! of related rabject matter nsts explained by Frani F. Hagel, of Brunswlci Mt. Pleasant Woman's Club. Mrs. C. I. McDernt vras hostess to ta*. Mt. Pleasant Woman's Club Monday evening Trtth 12 members and two visitors present. The nce-presJdcnt, 3tr». C. H McDeviti. presided. The meeting- -KTLS opened by singint, "O. Come All Ye Faithful," followed by the eoJJect, read ay Mrs. William Biser. The roH-caU was "How Christmas is Speat in Other Lands. After the bus- iaess session, the following program Y*s given: Miss Lorene Barrick, chairman of American Home; music. "Jingle Bells;' reading. Mrs. Bavmond Kelly: singing, "Joy to the World:" realms. Mrs. S-jth Lochner; duet, Miss Dolly ESier and Miss Lorene Barriek: read- iag. Miss Reoeoca Holland: singing. "It Cvne Upon the Midnight C-«r;" exchanging of Christmas presents. Re- ireshrcenis were seirwi. The next njeetcg wa be held at the horce of | Mr. Charles Barrier. January 11. Miss Pearson Trill have charge. j PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM tmp«rti Color and Beauty to Grmr mad FwM Hair . N.T nUORESTONSKAMPOO-IteaIforn«inTMi. oecuoo witb Parker** Hnir Balaam Makes lira ~3UT 9oft and flafffv SO crals by mail ot at dnur~ ~ ' MCOI Cbemkal Worlj. Palcbflctze. N Y The Sta^t Junior A-tcesobilc Glvtn »; Ssinp's w WOE br Joe Smith rxt. 219 "D^°. Avc . T-th tSO.IiO Vot*». s*. TIS Ed»»rd Var.Foswa. . M!, T;-.h 14».TOO Votes. KEMP'S "OX THE SQCAKE ' look at this ior a bikef What Boy or Girl Would'nt ; Want One of 1 DELPHEY'S ! Quality ; BICYCLES ! fox Xmas i. ::np:e h-e ;f b;cjc"es ZT.C Andres vehicles on display. i These rresents make healthy acd . tarry children. Lowest Prices i In Twenty Years Open Evenings J. PAUL DELPHEY THE HOME OF THE BIKE ! WEALTH WITH TOO FEW br CnlKd Fttc» WEDXESDAT. DCCCXBC* S$ W0XZS0AT-* BEST FK4TCKES WJZ *- ·* rt rrn* WABC K«»or (XASTKKX STASDARO TIMS SUBTRACT cat hc'-z to: IT*TIOSS WBAL. RA1_ITJIO«I--SK--7*0 VJZ. . WJ 4-* W. « !»-· JC. it Je-si 06 f u -- Oreto.. Skis Bc» 11 ·»-- Sporu WKCI. » »-lC 9*. f iO-- Tal* C Arctic Brottfcut k- T 3O-T 1 U-CucSKi! Or. t «i-Strt5«» II OO-- Nc« JJ SO-- Coor»4 Or WBCS. Bl'FTAU-- SBtl-- ·«· k- wxAr ·«»-·;·«. T.IS-« is. i 3ft-:».3». it 41-11 «e i ee-- Nt*3. coeatr onct»J T ·»-- Orciu. i: «6-- Mrvs. Or WCK. BfrTALO-- MS -- SM k. WABC f »-« 3B. T 80-« l» . » 3C-S OB T 06-- U. of D : UeArUmr S 1 00-- Bacon » xn£ Lcp« Orcha. wnc. MABTTOKP m .ix» k. WEAT S JC-S 00- » 39-1* 00 10 39-11 CO « O»-lti«r»p«. Si-tact. HUIUM * *·-- Wricfc F*vcnte Orcb. Strrtn Ot»r S 60-- Pl :: os-M»ac»pj. WOK. .VTWAKK -- US-- 710 k- Jar Dec SporM or ft Qo*r!«t 00 -- H-fclfw A;rj l-Ofl, Ore* . DOf t S3-- !»»·» K-T Or. atrlz^ Qukn. t oo-s»:i J.-ck Artsr. Rufrrs It «·-- Tr«ppcr» Bnuruwcrt. Mm 11 «0 -- Oreo . Mocr-b'iini WEAF. KEW TOBK-- d-- TtO k. * OS-- «a»p»r« Kowa Or . Hi.'.'tn?!le« « t»-- aufebir* Ben T li-- ijn=;a Or AZtt JOT A Or. 10 -. _ » « Uwocr-.w Orcfa. « W1.W. CWCfX-MATl-- «»--··· k. I WJZ f «ft-T 15 I 3»-l» OC. 11 U-12 M t « 86-- Mui BnniMaf; Cfe»'.'.»r Doo * T IS -- Slot f t . Or . R f D Roonil*r» It OO -- Kora A P»rct:. V.r'.rtj' 10 4S-- Sporu Ktctlteare: Ors WHK. CLCVEIAXD-- tt».t-- 13»« k. i WABC « !»-« M. T lS-« 90. « 1S-1C J». It M-l OO , · 3»-- pucut: Or. ; «oo-- M:k» Jk Hm»n j i» J»-- F»rt»r-. D»T Or : Potpourri WTAJL CUETELA.ND -- ».i-- 1*7* *. 'WKAT « Oi-« ». « 44-7 OC, T 11-1 00, f t M - l l IS, 12 »-! SO ' 7 oo-- o«n« a o:«= · oo-- rr«i. . 11 10 -- UnMc»! Bd . Boo5'i Or . M'iodlo WXTZ. Dtrmorr-- «»·-- TS» k. WABC T 1S-10 U. 11-SS-ll 30 . f ao -- Renew: TllUccn. Comrdr: OrcJx. 18 43 -- MjTt * Mtrtr. Taltotf Or. wj«. ormorr-- «·« -- TM k. WJZ: T 00-7 15. t 00-10 19; 10.30-U 13. 11 3O-1 00 « 00-- T»l*. Fifhts. Intcrrlew. 8o=i» T M -- Wrlcomrn. rr«t. 10 15-- WftHpenRf w:!i 11 w-- Reportrr wwj. urrtiotT-- aw -- MO k. WKAT 45-7 00. T ]«·* OO. · 11-10 00: M 10-11 00 ( 0»-- TbU Jt_ T»t; If eir« , too- -Or Caoftn Chr-Jlmii. Rle* 1 90-- fKvei:. Cr»»9ra 11 JO- !XT*I Or . Eirtierrj. C«oo-»»ii4- crs o« II J» - Wfe.ttm«n Or WJZ. NEW YO«X-- Me-- ?«* k. C M -- Trtiiurt Box. Plxo IXlo C 29 -- C*l^*£7 Or . Lowell . T »-- I*aiJ Cook. Rlp^ry ft White*? S O»-- Coll«c» Kemorlc*. Soft Or. ( 10 -- KrMj. Heist*. Coat«J» !G M -- Co-usoOr Sp»f_t. Cl«r»-Ln-Em 10 41-- HaJnrooi: N:(hu Bisttbcr Muitc Pmtirr, JuX WbiUa* Fuck. RoSVt Or*. . TOBK-- 44»-- MO k. « 0»-- Oolni le Prai; Orct». f 4-- Rrt» a Dana. Km a 7 IS-- B:n« Croobr 7 n -- Boiwru OOWBCT a won* C 3£--K*t* Co'tti Mi'f CtUNTttl t OO--orfuxbt: Crime Club !» oo-- periouUUe*: Oren : Concert !1 M--Orch ; Street Slater; Cwtwra* Or. II 45--OUen. Ducnia A Sliltt Orciu. I OO--Bill ROOCB Barn On. wcAtr, ygnjjoiunn.ft-' gst--tiT* k. WABC · 4S-7-JO: 1 «»-· M; · IHO M: II 1S-11 4S. 12 00-1 00 * f 00--Strw. Talk. Sport* T M--Feat S 00--Pmtx. 10 JO--Orcfei. WITT, rHn-ADELrHiA-aii !· k. WEAP T IS-7 JO. * JO-11 0» 1 OO--Morrti: PUrers 7 Jd-^Oironlcles; HftrmoBT · 19--Old Sooci 11:00--Orctu. EDKA. rnTSBtntcn ix M« k. wjz e 45-7 is. 7 le-t oo: ··30-10 oo: 10 3O-11 00: 12 OO-12 U « 00-- Unwrence. PeitU : Corbeit I OO--Erueoibir 10 00--Otnj-tr» 1! OO--Sports Ka!! * Pr»nuu WCAE. rrrrsDi'itoii--;«u--iss* k. VTKAP. * OO-« 30 « 4S-7 15, t 45-19 30; 11 OO-I1 IS. 11 30-LJ 00 · SB-- Pone* Sister. 12 O^-Hist* * Mok» WIAJl. «OC»XSTEB~aHL * Z **-« ;». « «-7 !§. 0-ockx 1: c WOT. eCHENECTAOT It CXC_. 790-7 « 1J--ttaarr · »*--L*nd o' Plovers I 00--Soocp A Peep · JO--Com Hiuken la __ _ ·rsr-- «UBT»ACT t SUBdud .1; Or. w.-z i 15-9 ee. WJS9-H a* T 9»-- 0.-» ; Sportl. Ortb ! " 89-- Xr»s. SUtr St: Due* OM. t oc-3 as i* ec-;o is: 11 M-H-« · ·*-- Skippr. PUno Bc*ulr: Nen " «»-- a»s Srlru. orcJj. 10JO-- P»U. s: »»-- Awos B Anaj; Thomas- or*. »e.v« *»* WLS. *»-»«·. Or. u *-!«· ,, ·»-»*- 11 *-- AT»M ' WCft, T o»--Or r:»t . » '*-***' Coart. K*rm»ltk; T«wr 19 3»-- Birtoo. Ort*n; Orcto. woe. KRA*. IM k. e 30-- w 7 s_Jor-. Or ; 11 00 -- Amoi 'n' AnJj M Ja-FroUe: Orebertr. MILWAUKEE » !: Put?: v*a* I » 4*--01d_ CMtnceliorj 11 IS-- Alice *ac* |1» k. 11 «o-- ABX» tr AaJ»; 1 ! 3 O -Kews 1J.OO -- OvlM; KSD. ST. TOrtB TOt »5« i. WSAT- ( 00-» JO. I 43-7 00; «:IS-10.00- 10 30-11 30 , 7 35 -- Reporters j KMOX. ST. LOn«t-- riS.l-- !«·· fc. WA8C ,i 7 i : 7:3 °-*- 80: - 11.19-- Kjcr*; Bonn: Orch.: Or. ( O F Head BSuocs It milled In the coming railroad I negotiations, were contained In * ctate- _ | meat, winch lie has prepared for pabtt- I cation In the Brottatiwoff* -- OveJDd. Dec. 22 --Katasag "over-. Montreal. Dec. 22.--The Railway concentration" of wealth ?or ti»e coan- j Brotherhood will not adopt the 10 per try's economic His. A. V. Whitney, pres- · cent, wage cut imposed by the raUw*j» ideas of the Broiherhood of RaS^rgad j apon tie r;nam trades. Sea. JUBM Trainmen, disciosed today he -arifi urge i Murdoek sa:l today at a conference the railroads to adopt ibe jc-nour day j ol scion heads, whom he led. and zmO- M five day week with vages s^ScUct i -aray officials. ConversatiaBs between the to permit workers to be "usef a! coax-! union and the railways oo the ·Object suaj*rs." ihare been adjourned until the Whitney's views, which, w^li be sub- i of January, he said. Francis Scott Key Hotel CHBISTMAS DINNER $1.50 Per Person OF: HIM Taint Or»ttn Frnit Cap, CBOICZ or: CHOICE OF £: CHOICE OF: CHOICE or: Soap ConsoHun* DmMr. Cmt«u Scafltm He»rt» o( Cclerj- Salted 4t-r- Q«Mtt Ott«M Betted S*bua, CeMcn S«sce CrUed Mackerel. Pantey Better Fried Or»trr» B»si Yocnr Tttrktr. Chestnut Dreuiaf. Cranberry S»Bc« Breut at Guinea lien. Entente. Cnder Bell Biked Counlrj Ham, Glue. Sine* ChanpacBc Koiil rrlaie Klbs «f Beef as JBS. Xcrkahln CHOICE OF S: Maiaed. Cicdied Sweet OR Haiaed In Cream Fatatcei Battered New Fes»7-SaaerkraBt -- Xasncd Tarnip* Fried t-n riant-- Creamed Sptilaea-- Battered Beet* CHOICE on CHOICE Or: CHOICE OF: Felnettla Salad. Blaekttaee Dre»in( Hearts at Lettace. Frencn Dressing Err N'atr. Vanilla OR ChoreUte Ice Cream Apple. Mince OR Pnrapkin Pie--Frnit Cake Eoiilih Plttin OK Ftc Fcddlnt. Fruit OR Hard Saae« French Fastry--Ume OR Oran c e 1cm Te« Mints Mttk THE ABOVt DINNER WILt ALSO BE SER\~EO SATURDAY AND SCXDAT SHEEP'S SILVER Rose, Puritan and Clinton Patterns FULL LINE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLCSIVB AGENT FOB JAMES E. DOLL JBWELBE FOE OVER 50 YE IBS _ AN extendon tde^hone for· Chistnas is a tboughifiA les*g h, one die whole fam-y^ eqoy. See our BosinesK Office today ^-ernd scratdi] several of those hano=srdi list ;! ; i !! ; l KEMFS WILL BE CLOSED SATURDAY DECEMBER 26th Hear Santa Play the Chimes Every Day Until Christmas--Phone in Your Request Numbers. Santa Will Play Them For You Gift Suggestions For Last Minute Shoppers at KEMP'S For HER Hand Embroidered Linen Handkerchiefs 25c Hand Painted Powder Jars 50c Gift Boxed Montags Stationery $1.00 Smart New Gift Handbags $1.00 Good-Looking Silk Umbrellas $2.95 Du Pont Fabrikoid Week-end Cases $1.95 Kid Gloves These are the kind of gloves that women look for at Christmas. Of sort Kldskins in popuiar pull-on style. In black and brotvn. Many arc applique trimmed. They're splendid values for $1.95. Kemp's Street Floor .95 Smart Kidette Slippers 79c Lace Trimmed Rayon Underwear 39c Crepe-de-chine Underwear $1.95 Two-Piece Rayon Pajamas $1.95 Scarf and Beret Sets $1.00 Electric Boudoir Lamps $1.50 Hand Painted Glassware 59c to 95c Lacy Boudoir Pillows 95c You Can Be Sure That She'll Like Lace Top Chiffon Hose Especially When She Finds They Are ALLEN-A 'S $LOO Pair If yon want to give HER a gift that iirill be thorousrhlr appreciated inve HER ALLEX-A LACE TOP CHIFFONS! Xo doubt AlIen-A is her favorite brand. This NEW style is pure silk from the picot edge to the tip of the toe. Full fashioned with cradle soles and French heels. In these XEW shades. SMOKE TONE SHADOW BLACK TROPIQUE MOON BEIGE TAHITI MATIN For Christmas-- Give HER A Quinlan Freshen-Up Kit Any vomac would love to receive the Kath'es- Mary Q-jlnltn Frfjhen-Up Kit for Christinas. This swanky little K:t coinrs .a saiart black or red sarde ttnlsh, edged in I t s designed to ir.»ks possible x quick, thorough cleaning o f tic skin before applying Iresb make-up. TT-.e Freshen-Up Kit contains seven of M-ss Qu--ilan"s de^ghtful preparations-- ner Oans-r.^ Cream Sk:a Stimulant. Skin Youth Cream. Violet -ls--'r.gerj£ Sk.n Lotion (a perfect powder fp-jndation'i.'Vft.'st of '· exquisite M.*t or from Oa display In c"r ToHet Goods Department Pleasing The MEN Is A Year Round Job With Us So It s Just As Easy NO W! Broadcloth SHIRTS 95c These ar- :!v brj- r-.'t sh.rts TC have o\er c-fTcrrd a*. :h!s LOW PRICE Choose from -xoTr br^afic'.^t:- »·.:·· bresw!c:c:h ar.d p'.a^: cokr broadcloth sh.ris in cc"ar a"achci sty'.es. Fu!: cu' and we'.: ta.-cr«: W:t.i s'.a-sc: c^'Jari. A^o whito broadc:olh in r.eckbaatj stv:c. Sizes 14 to 37. Men's Ties 50c Hose 3 Pr. $LOO tas Th--se fine rayon h«-ise conw ir. smart patterns -^ripcsjinJ pa Trr^ Ir. cy.-rs :o 5'j:: e-.c" Ar.i c:cx:k effect Ir. a T:JE variety of colors, ifte. ir.c;. re T. dr.cerr'j: YAl-XTaS at Sdc. S-^s JO to 12. Belt Set Sl.OO Garter Sets 50c GSXVI~E CO'VVHIDE b- : ti ·;- -- --.-7 pU:rc. Ir. c^t bcxcs. Men's Beacon Eooe and Slipper Sets Men's Rayon Brocade Lounging Eobes Men's Broadcloth Pajamas Men's Gray Suede Gloves Men's Lined Kid Gloves Men's Part Wool Coat Style Sweaters Men's Amity Leather Billfolds Men's Colored Bordered Handkerchiefs, Boxed Men's White Linen Handkerchiefs Men's Square Shape Scarfs $5.00 S5.95. S7.95 $1.00. SI .50. 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Wh.:e. blue RTNJ neat patleraf S.zcs 12'_ :o 14. Full c-Jt. Guaranteed Fast co:or. Kemp's Store For Men 59c The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company of Baltimore Gty (Bell System)! West ralxiek -Phone Frederick »M». III Join Our Christmas Club The Family's Christmas Problem Solved! Have Money When Wanted. Club Now Forming Start Now and Have Money When Wanted Most. Clubs to fit Everybody's Pocketbook. Start with 25e, 50c, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 or more. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK No. 1 North Market Street Where Banking is a Pleasm* Little Bob's Tree Was Lighted on Christmas... 'There'll be a happy kid at the Smiths tomorrow," said the lineman as he sat down to his late supper. "They just moved into the old Barker pfafe* late tonight and the service was off. A limb had fallen from the big oak and broken the line, and nobody'd noticed it. It looked like young Bob wouldn't have a Christmas tree lighted tomorrow. "Well, they called us--wanted to know if we could fix the line. I was ready to quit for the day but I didn't mind. You know, I just thought of our own Bill and Ed and it made the work dead easy.' I finally got the line spliced and we lighted the tree before I left. Let's trim our own tree now. It's nearly bedtime." Little Bob's tree sparkled that Christmas morning. Childhood faith in Santa was unshaken because your power company serviceman made it his business to see that the Smiths had electricity that Christmas Eve. Among your neighbors are these men and such tasks find them willing and ready to serve you. THE POTOMAC EDISON CO.

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