The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 18, 1924 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1924
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE ETGHT THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. TUESDAY", NOVEMBER 18, 1924 TAKING CENSUS OF THE FARMERS The Questionnaires are Being Put Out on the Rural Mail Route*. Within the nest few days every farmer in tho United Suites will receive n blank form fur mi agricultural ennuis which Is being taken liy the llurraii of (Vnsn.s of Ihoj ltept. °t Commerce. T. 0. Armour, i postmaster reports that the census ! liliiuks itllt be put in the rural muil I boxes today. Mr. Armour explained that the purpose of the census is to secure farts reKurclliiK the present agrlrul- tural situation for use In preparliu; legislation which will liu favorable to the farmers. Census ouuinerntors will be sent Fat That Shows Soon Disappears I'o.nillr^nt flit ulilrh '-i -.UH'h nlul Rt;t\s \vlii].- H I., net. llvrdi'.i Is a I. unlet! to ciirry, a himlratuje te nctlvl- ty. ji illrh Uln'ii |>V;isnr»'. Vnu can ifiiiev.' I ho fat wht'i-: it chows liy titk. ln« inl'-r wi<-h m.'M iui'1 at t.edtinip, j Cle- rnsclietleu Tablet.; Tliepe little taM-ls are ns p'.tasallti Met effeitive ri,-, tie' faniuus )>irM -i:i>- ti'ill from ullicli tiny take n.-ilne. Hoy ami try a I. ox today. All Mi IOX I H I H the world over ^el) ttiein, at one ..lolliii- for :i t'0\. or you .-an fader lllelu rllrei-t tioin the Miirmij'a Co., to-nrni) | Motors ]IMu.. 1 xMrnlt. .Ml.-li. V"U n thus say K'n'il-b\o to ilietiult, exe (ise and fat. Around to nil tho farms to collect the blanks after- they linve been filled out. The information which Is secured through the census will bo treated us strictly confidential and will iifiubn used ns a basis of taxation, or communicated to any tax assessor. The census blank nsks fof In-! formation regarding the amount of I land owned or rented by tho farm-j er, tho amount of various crops | raised In 1 i>2-t. mid n report of llvo-l slock kept and livestock products! sold. ) | Census enumerators will be ap- ! pointed within n short time to visit j every farmer and secure the blanks rilled out with (ho Information I which Is wanted for the ttso of tho I national government officials. ! Entries Close In | Contest Saturday! ! The home Ughllng contest for local contestants will close Saturday. Some delay in writing the essays and preparing other parts of the contest was caused by the late arrival of the foot candle/ meter which Is boing furnished by Ihe United Water Light and (las company. "ThoKe who have entered arc working il"!lRcnt]y," said K. (',. Aluuiuist. of the physics department of Ihe Senior hl^li school." "many are displaying splendid originality, and I think we ought to have one or two up for the nutional prizes." The essays will not have the names of the contestants on them, eaeli will be numbered instead, to safeguard nsnlnst any partiality. WHAT BOYS SAW IN A VISIT AT CANDY PLANT Road Being Worked East of Medora Now Homer Jennings and Robert Jones won the prizes for the best essays on their trip through tllch- ards-Scheble candy factory. Each hoy of the Pioneer club was asked to write an account of what he learned nnd saw on the trip nnd these accounts were handed to A. A. llcmlngton nt the regular Sunday school meeting in the. Y. M. C. A. The hoys range from the ages of in to 12 years old. The essevs nre as follows: "A TRIP THIKHT.H KICHAKUS-SCHEBLB'S." On Salurd.'iy afternoon, Nov. 8, a group of Pioneer boys accompanied by Mr. Remington, visited the Itlrhards-Scbehle candy factory. Mr. Scheldt! was our guide and took MH through the factory. We first went up to'the third floor where wo saw the making and pulling of eighty pounds of tnffy. The next thing we saw was where they were making fondant for chocolate centers. We were then taken to the drying room. We then saw both Spanish and Chinese peanuts. On Ihe first floor they were dipping chocolate. We then visited their storehouse of gum, pop, rind Christmas candy. Tho Inst thing wo did I was to go down in the basement! whore the boilers were. Homer Jennlngt, "OU1V TRIP." The boys In our club met at tho . "Y." at 1:30 o'clock. Wo walked' to the plant from there. When we. arrived Mr. Remington got permit)-! slon nnd Mr. Scheblc took us j around. j On the second floor we watched . them make tnffy. Tho taffy Is j cooked in largo kettles. When It Is done it is pourod on n large I table, then when It Is cool enough] they put It on the machine that I pulls it. This machine has tour arms. While tho taffy is being pulled tli C | flavoring ond coloring are put in. Rvory onco Jn a while the men hit tho arms with a hammer. This keeps It from sticking. When It Is pulled It is stretcned out Into strings about two Inches In diameter, then It lu left to harden. In the cellar they had some Chinese peanuts and some rrom Alabama. Robert Jonct. Forces from the county engineer'** office are making a real road- , way of the piece of county road | east of the Medora Junction cross-, ine of the Hock Island and Frisco; tracks. For nearly a mile right '• now there are detour signs up ' while the work is being done. It ! is necessary to go a half mile : north, through where the old town | of Medora was located, in order to pet a -'Mind the construction work. This thway is being glveu a good, wide grade, the plan ndopte:' by W'. A. .St^icey, county engineer JjiMik for iitc tomorrow night,; I 'll liiive something intcrostinm to siiy. INGROWN NAIL Turns Right Out Itself A r»!W drops of "OiHuro" in tbo crt'vk-o nf the Innrowing will re- (iuePK influiumnnoii and \\w\\\ nnd MJ toiifiheiiR tho it'iitltir, sensitive' Hkiu underneath this too nail. Unit it van not penetrate tho flesh, nnd the nail turns naturally outwnrd BlniOHt over night. ' "Outgro" is u harmless antiseptic manufactured for chiropodists. However, anyone ean buy from the drug store a Uuy bottle containing directions. Will Your Team Win? F OLLOW the play-by-play description of the football games villi a Manhattan Junior Loud Speaker. It givei plenty of volume and faithful reproduction. Adjustable with the fainoua Cor* Cttt Moduli tor, J(10. ^Danhattan ^JuniorMO LOUD SPEAKER _ Ma&ftyftoiMbrio/tAr/UmeiM ^t— i • ; "DIAMOND DYES" \ | COLOR THINGS NEW i Uouutlful home ilyelng and tint- I IIK Is KUirantced w i t'h niamoud Dyes, just dip m ciild water to tint .s o 1 t, delicate, shades, or boll to dyo rich, peruni neut colors. Kach Jo-cent packuse contultu d i r e c lions so Bimplo any .vtiimin cun dye or lint lingerie, silks, rlhtions, skit la, waists, drooHes, coals, slock- lUK .t, swoalera, draperies, cover- itiK atiglugs, everythiii.u new. Buy "Uliiinoud UyeB' —no other liliul—and tell your druggist w heth er the material ypu wl.-: 1 to coku Is w-ool or til!'-, or whe'.hoi it Is 111) •n. cotton, or mixed goods. RADlOa Program for November 19, ^Gourte^y of R'ulto Dlpesi) KSI> St. Louis PoM-Plapntch (54tJ) 0:4"t yoncerl enst j »il>le; 'j program to hi' tiiiitounc ^il. Willi Kiinaa.« City U1W 2 -3 ladles' hour, muslritl jiroKrain; T-y nidirj trio, | instninir-ntnl Ht>U).« storv. WDAK Knnnii* City Stiir <411) 3:30- i :S0 radio frin; f> timrket^nni. wt -athi-r foi>t-ji.*rt, Timi* «1 KII;I 1 and road ifjort: tl-7 School uf the Air, ad- dr*->=Hes, Mory itiitl music: R-^:lu nro- vriiin jir *'f*'*ntod by tho K*-i:ond. j-ouri J>i.^trlft of lrodfrtitcd Music Clubs: 11:45-1 H . in. NiKHtbuwks. WSH Atliuua Jonrwil (42\» 10:45 lladKiwl.". \Vl-:Kt Hoiiton (.103) C ni^ Hrother club; niusk'iii; 7 Lynn Tilflit; S imislt'id; h*'. WOW Ittiftaln fiV.n music: G:3fl iifw»<: 7 lalk; h-Hi inti^lr-al; in duncu, \V(JN ("liiciKo Tribune C!7d) i or- Situ; «:3f> coiict'ii; S coiu'ert: S Lyim A.- TU-aly conrfirt: 10 concprt. AVUS (Jhh'aBo Clif.) organ; T-10 cuici tniiifr.-', I'tdlist. farm pr^Kram, "ri'iitslra; orcbrstra, soprano, pianist. KYW Cblcapo (ySfi) 7-S-.30 ronofcrt, nut\xt! r»'v|t-w; 3 musical; 5:45-^:30 ifvtif. on'hfNirn. nvRun. Wl*J t/iilcityo <4iS> 7 concert, solos; ]0-L* soloists. YVi:Hlt Ciilcaco (S70) 7 Oriolp or- rlu-pini, t.tik, Utvit'ra theatre; 0 ort 'hi»sirii. rtinlincH, llavvuhan gullnrf; U orflH'Hlrii. vocal. W]<\V Cincinnati (423) S orchestra; S:">r» I'onocrl. entertainment. W'OC I ">(i v e n por t (1S 4) 7 Band minx; S innsUml. WHO Des Molnos (.'26) 7:30 orchestra, tenor, dancing Instructions. WW'J Ui-troU N «-WH (.117) 7:.'!'. P News ori 'h^st ru. 11' nor; ^ :'.',ti or^bfstni, WCX nctioit Kr.-o ITt-JH (517) 5 inusli'iil. WTAS Klfiln <:'«.«•.) fi.R Htrl »B «ext .-ttf: h-l'J Mi-.-Wt'.-triL, artlsti. UBAl' Ft. Worth Star T.'lrjnam M7C) 7:3t'-S:»D conriTl; a:3u-10M3 tlunrc WJJAK KaiiNoa T'lty Wtar Mil) 0-7 Svliool of the Air; mu'iic; 11:45 MuhthawUH. WHB JOinJUtn City Mil) 7-8 story. music. WMAfl Ix>ui.«ville Times Journal • pan 7:3<t-P ••'•ncert orclieHtra, Wi'Co Mirini*ajx0i«-SL I'aul M17) 7 ••••rvlce"*; 7:45 lecture; 6:30 musical; j 1 .-n^cinhlr. WEAK NfK Yiok (492) 6 aervWs; t'.:i>i> tali;; S orchestra; 3 Hlflhop (iallor. W11N' N.-w York i?M) 6:10 WHN ruiployiiumt: S:30 news; 6 ondiostra; lf»;30 orcht-atra; JI Ted I-ewls' Symphonic Olownt*. U'OIt Newark (-idf.) 7 orchestra: 7:tu program, compOMcP, slnRCr; S:30, l^xicnnruplifr; V4T* rr»mjio.n-r. linger. WTAY Oak Park (2S3) i' t ;4r*-7:45 organ, pliinuliiKiics, lalk, orclif.stra. W'AAW Oin-ihH ClSo) C-ll special f-auirv.-. ftchefitra.. fiinKlnir, talks, WI'M PhJla.U-lphla (365) « tnik. WPAIt Chiladclphla (89J) ti:30 lalk; 7 ['«•• ttal; ilanct-. Won iMiilaiKiphia ('.»*'.-) fl:;U> ovi'hM- liH- S rt .ni .vi-t; 'Jia rci'iutl; U:30 dmici;. U CAK i'iltshuruh (4rt2) 0:^(> Kun- siiiiu- Ctrl; ti:4:,-7:.' , .\l sp'.'flal features; 7 :3il tiaisit al. WKAQ J'f.rto Kl.-o (3CD) 10-11:30 conrevt, KKAK Pullman CSS'i) i):30 orchestra COIH-f! t, W.1AU TTovW.»nrp (Sfifl) f.'.SO pro- cvuiu from N. V. Mud '.o. KI'O Kan Francisco (423) 7:30 stor- U:s: !' >nch' .-tra. Kh'QX Hi'Jitil*- (M3) report*, m-ws.: it hi'iltlme; l't-il orchestra; 12-1 onhi-stra. . , wt W'H'A Springfield (U37) f-:0.» bftrttlnn*; \::V, lall:.>. «S:tr. Ivii»;ll.«b op.-rn: H> m- liHMtvif, \ l >:'.'s> popular >ttiigs; 10:to • nr-lu-mta. , K.SJ' SI. Lnuls Ft.-t T>iMpatch I J 4 O) C:4r. concert enm-ruMe; proyram. Z!ON Mr. und Mrs. .lohn Lewis ami raill liy visited Ki\ llnvia und family in ItiiteliitiHon .Sundiiy. Clareiice Sthole la helpiuj; Frank HettH top kafir. Aimunt Sthole, Mrs. CrulihtieUI and itlrls, Mr. and .Mrs. Clarence Sthole and children were gufsts Sunday ai Charlie Stholu's north id Hui t -hitison. Mrs- .lohn lln>s, .Mr. nud >lr». Koy Tayloi-, .Mrs. i '•[•: i i -ie 't; KuRiir ice find children, .Mrs. Morris Gallup. Miss Margaret Hays, Miss Hen- ninuton and Mrs. Stewart Hiirprlsed Mrs. Sam Hays on hor birtlitlay. Claieii.!e Kas.irlcu will go to Western Kansas this week to hrtiiB some, cattit! Iioine. .lust call fi'J and we will put a heater on >our l-'ord in a short lime. Uayluud-Klussluy .Motor Co. lS-lt COLUMBIA RECORD SALE Wednesday—Thursday, Nov. 19-20 25 C EACH Any Columbia 75c Record in Stock. Here it a real opportunity to buy your Xmai supply of record* and save money. Never before have you had the opportunity to buy Genuine Columbia record* in Hutchinson at *uch a low price. Thi* include* *ong*, quartette, Hawaiian, tacred, band, fox trot*, waltzes, etc. RonbiUQh Wiley's Suburban Day Specials 1 WOOL SHIRTS O. D. Color Army Style Lined Bosom — Double Elbow—Two Flap Pockets. Our Regular 92 .69 Valu:. Wednesday Only $1.95 MOLESKIN PANTS Exceptionally well Made of High quality Moleskin Cloth— Our regular $3.59 value Wednesday only $2.65 Tomorrow—Thursday is High School Day at Rorabaugh-Wiley's. Come. ARMY Canvas Leg- jings. Large izes only • 35c Many Other Special Values for Suburban Da/ Shell Belts 35c Jus: thing for hun^na. Each pocket holds three 12 guage shells. Total capacity 30 shells. Adjustable to any size. Come to the Steiling-McPherson Foot Ball Game on Wednesday THE ARMY STORES CO. 407 N. Main Out Door Clothing Of Every Kind. ."12325SSST NEWS Mk#%l^*t««««Ww4s^»k*ll#k^sAV«*«^«s* *W ^Vt ^*«BSSSJ|*%IM*%S ««»1 *%M#*«S**SS^I *s4 Rorabaujh Wiley's Saturday Night—Then Our 24th Anniversary Sale Closes. Make time Count! 24th Anniversary Sale -and- Suburban Day—Wednesday Attend this Suburban Day Sale. Every Department of this big store is participating in our 24th Anniversary Sale. It offers you such an opportunity to supply your present and Winter needs at great savings, New special items are offered for this day, too, so plan to come. Special Purchase of Women's Warm Winter Coats Because of popular request, we have secured another shipment of these good warm, Winter Coats for women and misses. We are fortunate in obtaining such wonderful values as are shown in this special selling. These coats are offered for Suburban Day. They come in Block Plaids and Plain materials—Fur and Self Trimmed Model*—Every Coat is Fully Lined. They are shown in Popular Winter Shades—Buttons, Furs and Stitchings are Used as Trimmings—Sites included for Women and Misses. Toys and Games at Suburban Day Prices! Group 1—This "Bargain Group" Includes 1 lS-inch Air Gun, 15c; 1 2-Inch Sponge Rubber Ball, 10c; l.Selt Spinning Top, 10c. A 35c value for 24o •» Group 2—This special selllns includes 1 6-luch Dress Character Doll, 25c; 1 Pal.- Doll Hose, 15c; 1 14-inch White Enameled Bed, 25c. A B5c value for, 44c. Doll Bungy—An all metal Doll Buggy with Beach oil cloth seat and top. A regular 50c value, at » 33c Doll Sale for Suburban Day, we have grouped a showing of regular $1.50 value undressed dolls to sell at 75c 17-Inch Width Bleached Turkish Toweling, 29c Yd. Full 17-Inch width, bleached Turkish toweling; a good heavyweight; red stripe down tho center; a regular 35c quality. Special,-pw yard, 29c Linen Huck Towels Specially Priced at * $1.25 All linen huch towels In 16x2* inch size; hemstitched floral centers and borders. Broken lines—every towel a bargain, at 62'/ 2 e $1.50 ..All linen huch towels in 18x32 Inch size; hemstitched; extra fine weave; all plain; beautiful quality Sale price 75c Nashua Wool Finished Double Plaid Blankets $5.49 A good, nappy, warm, wool finished blanket; Genuine Nashua quality; our regular $6.50 value In the large size—72xSi Inch. Colors, bl i, pink, bufr and tan In broken and block plaids. Sale price »5.49 Women's High Shoes With Military Heels $1.45 Pair Another Great Bargain! Women's high laco shoes with Military heel?; Black kid, Brown kid, and Brown suede included. While they last, per pair. 51.45. $1.75 Value All Wool Imperial Serge $1.59 An all wool quality serge: full 44-lnches wide; medium twill weave; Colors, French hhte, burnt russet, navy and bjack. Our regular $1.75 value. 100 Yards Regular $2.25 Value Carpet t Yd. $1.59 A 27-Inch width carpet In tan and rose pattern suitable for any room in the house. Our regular $2.25 value, Suburban Day, the yard »1.59 $1.75 to $2.35 Value Genuine Inlaid Linoleum $1.39 Sq. Yd. A collection of genuine Inlaid Linoleum—short lengths, the majority being suitable for small rooms, kitchens and hath rooms. Good patterns and wonderful values. While thoy last, per sq. yd $1.3» About 100 Copies Run-Out Copyrights Each 24c There are about 100 copies of Uun-Out copyrights for the grown-ups. frere's ycur opportunity to select your winter's reading at Bargain Prices,' Specials In Children's Books Each 24c There are mai.y tlt:-s Included in this special group—a few being, The Tale of Tommy Fox. Old Mr. Crow, The Tales of Old Dog Spot, Favorite Fairy Tales, and others. Women's High Heel Lace High Shoes Pair 45c Our entire stock of women's high heel boots included; high heels; lace styles; black and colors. Wonderful values— while they last 45c per p»lr Odd Lot of Women's Sweaters Each $1.00 . Women's and misses' Sweaters In Sllp-ovor, Tuxedo and Coat Styles—broken lines nnd size ranges. Many pretty colors shown—and every sweater a very unusual value at 11.00 each. Women's Wool , Jersey Dresses $4.95 In this special group, you will find women's and misses'- fine quality, all wool joraey droBsos. They are tailored on tho straight lines; neatly braid and lace trimmed, and come in good Winter Colors. Very specially price, Suburban Day at 14.95 Reg. $3.98 Value Infants' Winter Coats $2.98 • Pretty little coats for the little tots—sizes 1, 2 and 3. Made'of cotton chenille In red nnd tan colors. Full lined coats; well made, and warm. Suburban Day only, $2.98. To $1.25 Values Odd Lot Brassieres Each 24c • A great Suburban Day Special —one lot of discontinued styles nf brassieres in broken sizes. Values to $1.25 included. .Price Suburban Day Only 24c each To $1.98 Value Small Boys Hats Each 25c A great clean-, .i salo of odds and ends in boys' nat3. Beautiful hats I D values to $1.98 are Included. Coma early for these. (Infants' Dept. 2nd Floor) Suburban Day Special Velvets— Felt: Silk Hats- All Styles end Colors- Values to $7.50 lats— $9.49 Choice Selection of Wearable Hats COME EARLY... 65c to 75c Value Bands and Paneling 48c Yd. Japanese shades in Venice bands and panelings; silk Chan- tllly and Filet hands in cream and ecru. Widths, 3 to 9 inches. Our regular 65c to 75c qualities, at 48c 60c, 12 Yd. Lengths,, New Val Laces 50c In pretty flno Mostly in edges. 25 Dozen Pretty-Linene and Gingham House Dresses $ 1 A Great House Dress 'Sale for Wednesday. There arc just 25 dozen dresses in this special .selling. Pretty lincnes and genuine, Kalbtlrnie and Amoskeay; ginghams in beautiful colored checks. Every dress is well made, and very neatly trimmed. While 25 dozen last—• SPECIAL EACH, $1.00 Val laces French Vals. Pretty patterns suitable for making Christmas gifts. Shown In cream, ecru and white. 60c value, at 50e 39c to 75c Value Bead Necklaces 24c Here are a great number of bead nacklaces at novelty shaped glass beads in yellow, orange, blue, green, bliick, and some odd cut corals. Very special at 24c Full 8-Oz. Roll Crepe Toilet Paper 3 for 24c Full S-ounce rolls, tlood quality, white crepe paper; Bought especially for our 24th Anniversary Sale. Selling Wednesday anil this week, at 3 for 24c Ladies' Munsihgwear Pants and Vests $1.24 Ladles' Munslngwear pants and vests; white wool mixed material; shell finished r Our regular $2.25 and $2.50 garments. > Special, per gurmont ....'$1.24 Ladies' Silk and Wool Union Suits $3.24 Ladles' silk and wool union sultB of a medium weight; shell silk finished; high neck; long sleeves; ankle length. Our regular $6.00 and $6.60 values. .Special per garment, .... $3.24 Pretty Polychrome Comport Sets $3.24 A beautiful comport seat consisting of a large bowl and one pair of sticks; fruit added for beauty. Just the article for a Christmas gift. Very special, lit $3.24 Ladies'Sheer Wt Chiffon Silk Hose $1.00 Special selling of sheer chiffon silk hose. One number is a full faslilonod stylo, the other n mock fashioned number. Both are good qualities. They have feet and tops. Colors, gun metal, rose, beige, lisle black, and cinnamon. $1.65 Aluminum Dish Pan and 55c Stew Pan $1.24 This aluminum special consists of 1 12-quart heavy weight aluminum dish pan, and 1 1-qt. size Wear-Ever stow pan. $1.65 dish pan, and 55c stew pan, both for t $1.24 18x3.4 Inch Size 75c Floor Mats 39c Floor matts of imported cloth; assortment of good .colors) suitable for door way or bath room, (lood quality material; bound edges In contrasting color?. Special 3tc

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