The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 16, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 2
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THF PARIS NEWS, MOVfDAY t Society Churches a "-3I'Vt:,.- ub Miss Leverett. Is Breakfast | i Honoree 1 Honoring Miss L,eota l^everett, j -who TVill become the br:de of XVil- liana Finftey Tuesday ever.ins. Miss i Karherine. Few entertained with | a i»reakt"ast Sunday mormns: at i the home of Mrs. Dudley Hub-| bsrd. * The table v.-her* the guests xvere seated bad as a c<=n:erp:ece a large j crystal con:port of fruit. A three I course breakfast was served to :be • f olio -a- ins:: ?.!iss Irfver»*w Miss! Martha KtJtchir.*. of Kcustoa. Mis* i Dorrls AVj*:ianis. Mis* Elisabeth j Alexander of Fort \Vorth, Miss j Mary V:rc::r.ia Johnson, Miss Kath- j «rine'Peyton. Misses L,O-ie and j Early inemlrr. Miss Isabel Thielen j and Mrs. 'Lelar.d Han:T"sn \ SOMETHING NEW IN HEADGEAR PARTY HONORS VISITORS HERE i Mrs. E. i?- Olser.. Mr:-. P. psey, Mrs. D*U tSur.r. and the; ea of the First Cor ; 2rreratior!al 1 rch entertained :n honor of Charles T. Tally or Morris- ] TeSii., whD ^~as nere vis;--* Ing ber sor,» the Rev. Charles T. j Tailey. pastor of the oh'-rcn. an-d | IXfrs- J- O. Bel! of Debtor., sister j of Mrs. IX H. Scott, -writh a party j at the Gorders Country club. 1 The devotional ^as led by Mrs. | T>. H. Scot*. Mrs. I^a-a-a Korris led ! 1st. prayer. fo!!ow«d by a piano \ ntzznber by iliss Marian Tally, sis- j i-sr of the pastor i =rno voas here i witli her parents; Miss Mar:e Sar- rs5t> G.«Ii£rhted the sruesrs i?rith reading's cf ~er original poems- A playlet. '•Memories." ?ras present- | ed •'sriih Mrs. M. Z. McCauly. Mrs. | Olsen. Mrs, Krski-e Carter. Mrs. i Leslie Sperry as-i Mrs, HIrie TTH- } ass arid young: Misses Care-line i Csrtsr, Edith Kite and Sa.ra.n Car- j rer participated Iss it. ! in the ] afternoon delightful refreshments j were served to the sn. ests. Otier o-jt of to'svi: jrnesis were \ ~3&rs. VT. M. Mier.ser. of Kiansas ! €Si±y. Mrs. "Win Kendall, and Mas- ; t»r Dick Bell cf Z>enlson- ; Flashes Of Life BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SEEIXG'S BEJL1EV1XG MONTREAL. — "Pictures that move would be strangre. picture* that talk impossible!" So said Madame Adelard Lavoie of St, HUari<>« t Qu«., a small village on the rsorth shore of the St. Lawrence river near Murray Bay. The next tim* she comes to Montreal, she said, she wants to see these "pictures rhat move." \VANTHD: TAX COLJLKCTOR YORK, Fa. — Shrewsbury can't find a tax collector. .EiHory Bouse. \vho has §:: LOVELY LAURA WHEELER QUILT THAT IS UNUSUALLY EASY TO CUT last in the boroush funds for the three years, resigned. | So the borot*srh fathers posted ! this notice: j "Wanted: Tax collector for j Shrewsbury borough to collect tax- j es for said borough accruing <lur- i ing the year. Make application to I E. Storms, secretary, or M. E. j Bricker. chief burgess." i MAGNOLIA not i A FIXE TIME | BUTLER. Mo. — Officials have j discovered in looking back over ol-d I ordinances that the city could reap | a harvest in fines—-if it could only j collect. i An old law. passed In 1905, inak- I es it anJa-wfu! to operate a. rnocor 1 us; thai Spring: is truly here. In this [ vehicle on the pu&!:c square, where - H -o of us In early Spring does thrill \vhen -sve see the lovely ^ a ^ oi;a? o «e of the earliest ...s-^-.ui.^. v ^ floxvers to bloom, it see-rns to tell PATTERN 562 cherished by its fortunate possess- or - r*"*™ 5 « 2 comes to you with complete, sample instructions for „,,{-:•-.—. s^^cmir a^t' •fmis;'h*"E' to[ c " lvAi *S' fcewsns _iai»ii..-i,. 10- gather with yardage chart, dia- Russell Here Wednesday Candidate For Governor Announces Speaking Date For Paris K. Rus»elL Re«i River county's contribution to the field of gubernatorial candidates this season, will set forth ior detail his opposition to legalized on horse racing; in a, sp««ch Wednesday n!ght» he stated Monday morning Th* candidate will also discuss other vital issues, including unemployment relief, home ownership. &nd his stand on prohibition. Mr, Russell is the only, candidate for governor who opposes submission and repeal of present liquor regulations j n Texas. « 3ktr. Russell comes to Paris from i Hillsboro. where he is scheduled] to speak Tuesday evening. Otherj places included in his itinerary for ; this week include Dallas. Denton.) McKinney. Lufkin, Houston and j Beaumont- He •will conclude his week's speaking: with an engagement in Marshall Saturday night. Wood*, Marjraret Hugrh Herbert in roles. .^ The story by George r>y«r deal* with the operation* of a. band of international bond *wlnd!«r* with headquarters in San Francisco who*e thefts are on V fic&ntie scale..-with murder left in their wake. Their labyrinthimn network reaches from the highest •oeiety, with its beautiful and brilliant Wo-.. ra«n in their employ, down through the speakeasies with thu$» to carry out such rough work a» murder and Bette Davis heads the large atnd talented cast in the rol* -of on* of th« leaders in the »wlndlin« Same, a society woman 'Vl»o eventually disappears a.nd is found to have been slain by h«r secret husband, the master mind of the band. : l>onald Woods and Margaret Lindsay, a, new romantic team." axe the screen lovers, ^Vood» in Che role of a star reporter who runs down the crooks and rescues' the ^vho has bee^i a yacht in th* bay. New Laxative Does 6 Things hundreds csiiv. of motor cars ccw pass Although importstion cf bird of.paradise feathers is forbtdCen. this i hisadgsar, worn by Marvelle Andre, California sir!. Is made of ihem. tt is a chisPs head-ilress from the wilds of Kew Guinea and is :>art of 2 vsiuable col'action mad* by the Pacific Geographic society in the South Stas. sLxpcrtatscn to the United States was permitted by th« s-ustraiian ccvernment. (Associztsd Press Photo) Make This Model At Home Paris News Daily Pattern Choice Q x Ji5t. Masaolia, the quilt- ! . gram of quilt to help arraj*s« the maker, may recapture all the love- {blocks for single and double bed ly color of the spring: flower, i size, and a diagram of block which , SITJCV the greater part of the block: serves a» a. gTiide. for placing the ONE. FOR THE GOI>F RECORDS | ^ irTstripiike patches, the mater- (patches and s*jr5ests contrasting TOPHKA. Kas. — Sunday's Hi i ial can be cut Irs strips and the { materials, ... degree 'temperature proved too 1 patches then cut off as needed, a f . Seed 10 cents in stamps or coin —iich for Dr. J. F. Barr's golf '( " wra >" °* doing that greatly sirnpli- \ Ccoin preferred) for this pattern balls. - \ *ies the cutties of the patch pieces, | to The Paris Xews, Xeedlecraft Doctor Barr left his grolf faas 1 An ea - 5 -' ; ' o'-ock to setc. the finish- Dept.. $2 Eisbth Avenue. New At The Plaza F«n-»-mini tfa. "Fog: Over Frisco." a First : tional mystery thriller, opens th« Plaza theatre today. \VH.« | Bert* Davis. Lyie Talboi, Donald i 5. No mo;* . 4- Sif at -.. . riwr*. Chew r«*=-»-i ! the " faas the sun while he went into clubhouse for luncheon. When ; : he returned an hour and a half j i later, he said the covers of ei^ht ! i balls had grrown soft and run to- \ I g-ether. i quilt is one rhat will indeed be t York. N. T. At The Grand ~| j ha,v« the- situation well In hand. I I A thrillins battle with jtinj;!e i sxieriilas brings the picture to an j interesting: climax. County Yotmg People's Union Meets Tuesdav The Haszar County Touas: ?eo- pie*s union Tueeis Tuescay evg- «iss^, July IT. at S o'clock az Hcrw- iiis arranged ana it is hoped chat ^bers "wi" oe present- Cafe and Barber Shop Axe Opened In Antler* /EIH,S. Okla. — TTS-O business t>ast •ssr>&ek, Joe Kennedy arc Sam Sp-eaks. -srljo returned to Ant!=rs after a. lonz absence, have op-ene<i •a. .. ^barber shop or. Xorth Hisrh 5st.reet. an-3. E5 H-utier. veteran cafe operator, has siovec here from J5,rcsncre f c pen ing a cafe o- Sotith Hish. Butler opers^sd a cafe bxisluess IT years In ArdiTiore. If "-stomach GAS •en risrht s:<f? tr dose "brir.srs out Tieves ^ras prH=s:r. ar,c re- c en hearr so yo" nig-bt. Palace CALL 401— Vv« «-in t ? ify or trac;* £cr your ol<3 ismixcre. Corr.e Is to see ne for the besi va!*jes in borne fur- D, H. Baker Furn. Co. House TC.ST Sells Fcr I>e*s~ MORE LOVEX.T FKOCK FOR THJ£ MATRON BV A ADA: There is no hard and fast rule about making: this frcKrk in a print . . . biit most v.-omen -will: It Is so absolutely perfect for n£a; sort of sttiff. Not cut up to break the pattern . . . and sot a. bit cifilcuit. to n-.ake. PERSONALS j,Iiss Lucille Satta-whiie of H.uro. is visiting relatives in Paris. Dr. E. H. opsra-Jon at pital Monday Siark undenvent an. the St. Joseph hos- morning. Mrs. J. 2£. Jackson. *X!O.D major o?era.non You simply couldn't find \ •s.nythir'.s rnore becoming- thar: that ! ^ Sj ".'- . . -7 ., ~ ._ '• Sa.nita.rium of Pans some srraceiul cape couar . . . •? vca •• . . , Suited the town over. You win ; " SC \ * aS "- urn - a ro ner est if you are just i is noi so easy for you to find a siecdertzing 1 frock. But ar.y -wo IT. a r; is sroins: to be the happier for adding one more lovely sheer dress like this to her sum- i nier ~arGroD£_ 5 SS 40 42 44 ar.<J 4-5. Size 35 takes \ yards 3? inch fabric. Iiltistrat--d j -^ r - 3 >iuss Eleanor ;cott returned cit jnday from Demon 10 st^endl the r acins bayonets or blondes with ; e<ju;i; alacrity, Richard Arieu. Ros- i coe Karris. IMonte Blue and tjieir \ Sa:)5 of hard-boiled, soft-hearted j Marines are in the. picture, *"Corae I on Marines:" playing at the Grand ! Tneaire Monday an<i Tuesday. \ Ida I^upino. youagr British beau- : ty. Grace 3rs.<iley and. Toby "Wing » ~a.>:e up the feminine conunscnt j : of this rapid-Ore, action-packed, j romantic film drama- ; under- i ^"hen a.-battleship lands ir t port, j at the I its decks swamtipsr ^tfa sailors ? time : and Ma-rines, Arlea as "L-uckj.*" { ic-n:e I>avis. is -caJIed into the command- ) i er's offic-s and told that his anrnl- } { cation to the Officers" Training j ? CIt School has b^en approved. { "Lucky kno-ws. then, that he can't j ~et Into arty more jams tvsth -wo- i nsen. But Grace Bradley has other } plans. Beinj - an p!d--fia-TS*. sh* * =oon has Arlen well on the -nray j to a rn^rry t;tr;e. r?e sr'trts in a | jam ars«i .is sent back to the jun- \ FO;;TY-T\VO CL.CB The Ix>yal Forty-two club ^ Fifteenth street, Tuesday a.fternoon at 2:39 o'clock. Lurnpkin Hall, built 52 years ago as the home of Governor \Vii- son L.urnpkin of Geortria, stis! stands on the carrspus of the *tat« university at Athens. CITY STEAM r<)R LAUNDRY—DRY CLEANING CITY STEAM LAUNDRY end FIFTEEN CSXTS CIScJ cs or stamps t coins prsrerre this Anne Aiam.s patte te piair.iy 1 r-ame a-fi<irs32 a '« number. BrT SITHiJ TO STA Mrs. Wylie. r£owe:I of returned home _-lc-ncay afier visiting Mr. and Mrs, J. 3. Hart. ey he Mrs. UH:e I. I>:xon cf Sherman is visiting son. Raymond DIxon '•-^ ] Mrs. A. ~E. 3-fcCiure of Houston The smartest -X-ZL^™! •^• ea ->-a.- • ~ ls v isitinr her brother. J. 3. Hart. fs.rh:o;cs. th» ^P^-^E* ^^v.^c*! a.V-' > '*'*'- CIarks*.'il!e street, the Summer season's outstanding j -iccesEories are illustrated a=<3 de- i - kli£s Aiifir - e Hobinson ua5er- A."S PATTERN BOOK FOE SUM-j eph hospital Sunday rr.omi-g and ilHTR. ORDER YOL'R COPY OF f ^ reported doina: n-ce2y. THIS HHIL.PFUL, N'EV-" SUMMER ' BOOK. PRICE; OF BOOK "IF- I Mrs. J. H, Nettie haj returned TEEN CENTS. BOOK A NT) PAT-'' 10 ^ er hon:« In- Blossom after hav- TER.N TOGETHER, T-TTSXTT- p-s been, at the St_ Joseph hospit- ; "When th» T'-Tarine ^eis "word of a shipwreck, piod through the jungle to te | coast to safeg-jard the "children" i I reported saved, ^j : 'Imagrirsc their ernbarrassment i ' Tr?ien they leam toe children are 3 It's every Then trouble start girl for herself, and tn=> ^rirls al for treatment. r^ss orders to Th- Paris Pattern Department_ 2J3 17th Srre<::. Xe-w Torlc Citv. NOTICE J. E. Trumble ins pia.c-:.-5 ^r : <l v;oiir : «. and Call 3^4 When Mrs- B. Zimmerman of As tiers, Okla.. fell and broke her arm and •xsji brought 10 the Sanitariutn of Parts for treatment. "FO ROXTON >IETHODI5T REVTi'AL IS BEGUN OVER FRISCO" with Bettc Da^sis. I>onald "Woods SMASHING SEETHING SIZZLING DRAMATIC At The Lamar HOXTON. — The H.»v. inp 1* e-r 1 ** Su r- <is " i 11 ?'!""- i r*?* q i: art» "; y c*>r. f i-r«er.c e churrh. The ur;:cr, reviva! • Okiahorr.a cc-r^rriunily ELECTION RETURNS 8 » „.*.* \? •'.' f fc ''S""-^' '•«» vew.r or? complete coyrt wi<*« returrt, through th tfOurt«-sy of Th* Paris Ne^s Visit our <» Saturda rslybt. July 2St.h, *r;d «-aic vl>e voT-^s come irs. HlldebrancPs c^-se-i on Thursda: cAlifttr in H'-'ert'on. jjiBinc»r of th* Mr. «r.<J Mrs, mOT.'e t<> fh*; ^***J>icri tri^p^«" T"' Jack Haley. Mary 3oIa.r.<J. Neil irriito--. Patric-a. H!Ii« as<l Jsa- '. Je^-'?:! head the ca.?t of Charts Pio^rs* Pa,ra~'ji:r>t *:;m com- m;r,s T-Jcsday and *V*<*n<-sy5ay tr> >.'•. ar» cr,sr:iia.i P ia.y by Ri^ard he fiirrt is a ffrjanta scored g*ts caught in j :<?. i>a-i bin/Sits i 5-Irs. Felix Smith a.nd rr- at the St. Jcseph hospital :ertt5y. rfrturn* 1 ! to thr:ir home Ku^o Sunday. Miss Ade-:a Cri re-iTi^r cf Dallas spent, the • nd h«r* ^.'Ith th*ir father, -^' l at *he ?».r.iia.r;urn of Pan Bill Mr. s.nd 5Irs. P. K. Scrivner ar ; «i !UtI*5 daughter bave returned to :h»ir hcin* in Houston after a v;*- 3Iondaj. Tuesday, ir.d Mrs. Tom Scott. great scoop, s own pianif, Mrs. C. ?>fi-S ?. eturned fr in. Grani ^, p; n-.^r.t of ban«, a ts a.r,d a! : . ir:?: frorrs the po'.c the j> com youny i>r:de whose ^Jo «{r.g*r, has iy? de- HENSHAW'S I ICECREAM I QT. I 25' I "I EH:*. Mr. * j <jj 'rvA r* 1 '?. ^"^ K > d A fi5 fc^ T*€ iith Mr. ani Mrs.. Jim ,•;! Mrs. I-u*-'k Provine of ff£ ar« «ry<-sts of Mr. an<I cus Tcrrfli and other rel- a McAm:« *•};*> has re- rorc the Sar-itarium of. PI. turned Pans, Mi«« a guest of Mrs. Frank a... L« th« 228 Richmond, poriant «ty perivnce * uJ«tlios w-'i; th* Nutioitaa Urban tb« only im- «o-utb :A «x- n t:e^ro pup- times, «ay» Forahim to p^»* as th* hu*-r m * R - <?r ^ « band, the brid* t^ke* him home, i Sun4ay frorn *-**««•«. Ker nit-wit aunt, a radio far., j h *'"* !> * lf ' r! °" a t '*" <> T,h:r>k* h* j« the r»a! radio *?ns-er, ! ' Jr - 3 - nd Mrs. C. aisd. in to''n« lo rriake hirrs sine:. I «£*"da;i */:coro panted cor?-.plici.i*.-s th*. situation. Sidney » »P^-' *"^e day, Tol'r *.nd I^arry Gray also pl»,y j --- ..... featured roles, " j TO AKRAICX BOY T3;e weather bureau at. A*h*- .'i.''*?, .V. C.. «&y* th" ,»>;l there a*r wlr.tT -w-a.^ The Jisrh:**: in 13 • esrs. endure 9 , pimply blqfcky. compfcxion M**ba Farmer return*** 5 horn*- J?t3n<iay from Ai:»pr« she attendfl a «;,x countsj in "•social a*r'-' ( ,ce t the University of T^xax. : A. them ,';?»,. _l- n . •3eejd«<I a.a to what charge t*> !<xSi:e it him. authorities Monday to arraJjfirn GarJAnd JC. its connection mi:h>t>jn.j|f. of lf ff at a revival "HERE COMES THE GROOM" Haley Patricia E21f» The bride took him for better or worse .. and £Oi the vrorst of if. A mixed-up comedy of matrfmonla! errors. - Wed ZHMdtt y "COME ON MARINES" with SPECIAL SALE OF ELECTRIC TABLE COOKING APPLIANCES Now, during our special sale of electric table cooking appliances, is the time to equip your home with these appliances which bring you new leisure hours from kitchen tasks and new conveniences. These cooking appliances are especially useful and desirable during the hot summer months. Visit our store today and see the remarkable values we are offering in this special sale. Ncsco Roaster Here's real coovessicace ic $ua*- caer cookicg. The Nesco Electric Roaster cocks, toasts, *tew», bakes perfectly a tea-pound bawn or a iix to tevKO-povstd fowl, or cooks a meat and two rcgeables at one opentioo- Ir"* real Electric Cookery — gJ**s TCXJ oore leisure . . . make* your sncals ssore delicious—more enjoyable! A remarkable valoe at otir special price o* . . $12.25 MANNING-BOWMAN "W? r ifAj&r* ! - Pcrcolator This is a high quality percolator , .. capacity fcli »£x cups . . heavy copper body, with superior noB-nraishics> chromium fisish. ft sells regularly for $6.95 ... cur special price, only ... MANNING-BOWMAN ^5*y£«*" Toaster $4.95 rum toaster ... nichroenr ribbon wound clement - . - o<»n «r- nijlsing chromium plated <kx>rs. It is » real qtnUty toaster, which sells ret^jJarly fer J3-5O, Our price, only . . . $2.95 quicWy r 1 skin i«ves sod-» Electric Fans Voo C«B **t, rest, work in <om- fort during dt«»e hot tummer dxxrs wtib »n elcctrk fxs to keep vou cool. Price* from . , . $3*00 Up Everliot Cooker tKHbetber on .» picnic or io the kitchen, the Everhot Electric Cooker is ibcroaghly «r borne. Ir i> * complete CDokinjc unit which rout*, stews* boils, bcke* perfectly. Keep* foods or beverages boi or cold for seven! hours. Our *p«cw! price . . . $9.95 HOTPOINT "Larvaler* Waffle Iroti Tb» Kotpcnm ^w«£Se Iron i» m remarkable vxlne. Cbrocniuno plated . . . wJde tr»y b*»e . . . *cr*T<*-p«K»f fibre feet.., ivory Olmold handlrt , . . he*T indl» caror oa top . . . repilar price $<>.OV During this sale, our special price, ocK $4.95 Slightly Higher on Convenient Terms "ELECTRIC TABLE SERVICE SAVES" Texas Power & Light Company

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