The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 17, 1948 · Page 8
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 8

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE DAILY REGISTER, HARKlSUUttG, ILL., SATCKDAY, J A N U A R Y 17, 1048 Sponsors of the Church Page Dean's Garage Hudson--Packard Sales--Service DEAN HILL Bible Curiosities The ending of the Lord's Prayer. "For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen," does not appear in the oldest manuscripts of the Bible. Edwards Jewelry Co. Elgin Watches' We Give Eagle Stamps Go to Your This Sundby 3 Pool Pontiae Sales Pontiac Sales and Ser\-ice USED CARS WANTED E. Poplar and Mill Phone 702 The Harrisburg National Bank Zola Young Sloan Insurance -- Public Stenographer £. Locust St. Ford Brick Tile Co. PHONE 97 B. P. O. Elks Harrisburg Lodge No. 1058 LEADER DEPARTMENT STORE Outfitters for the Entire Family Harrisburg, HL Send Your Cleaning TO THOMAS' First National Bank Harrisburg, 111. General Baptist SOO West Sloan Street Arthur Austin, pastor Preaching tonight 7. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 11. Evening worship 7. Choir practice Tuesday 6 p. m.; prayer meeting 7. Weekly broadcast over WEBQ Friday 3 to 3:45 p. m. You are cordially invited to all our services. Dorrisville Social Brethren Rev. Clifford Potter, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 10:40. Evening worship 7. Young people's prayer service Tuesday 7 p. m. Prayer service for all Wednesday 7 p. m. We welcome you to each service. Apostolic Church of God Lewis and Elm Streets Elder W. M. demons, pastor Sunday school 9:45 a. m.: Essie M. Claybrook. superintendent. Morning worship 11:30. Evening worship 7:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p. m." Everyone is welcome. Bankston Fork Ernest R. Ammon, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 10:45. B. T. U. 6:15 p. m. Evening worship 7. Our church maintains worship on Saturday nights 7 o'clock. Church of God in Christ 604 East Elm St. Elder W. W. Wright, pastor Sunday school 10 a. m.; Mae Brown, supt. Preaching 11. Y. P. W. W. 6:30 p. m.; Theodore Brown, president. Evangelistic service 7:30. Prayer and Bible band Tuesday 7:30 p. m. Healing service Friday 7:30 p. m. Everyone is invited. - Dorrisville Baptist D. H. Smith, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m.; J[. E. Rose, superintendent. Morning worship and sermon 10:40. Subject: "The Holy Spirit Working In The Church." Training Union 6 p. m.; Miss Joy Randolph, director. Evangelistic service 7 p. m.; guest preacher. Rev. A. 0. Hancock. Tuesday, young people's prayer service 7 p. m. Wednesday, boys' and girls' prayer service 6 p. m. : ·'·" Wednesday, regular prayer service 7 p. m.: choir practice after | prayer meeting. Think this over: If you disappoint your Lord by failing to meet your appointments here, what \vill you do when you meet Kim over "there? Read Hebrews 10:25. Free Pentecost 10 East O'Gara Sam Ripperdan. pastor Saturday service 7 p. m. Sunday "school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 11. Young people's meeting 6 p. m. Evening worship 7. Prayer meeting Thursday 7 p. This young man tudes of others his age he must^soon be earning a living and perplexing questions arise. r. ^'^X^^; What vocation shall he follow? Will the life-work he has in mind offer him a suitable outlet for his talents? Will he be happy and contented in that work? And questions arise about the ethical standards he should set for himself. Just hov/ honest ought a fellow be anyway? How loyal to the truth? Do moral corn- promises pay? In other words, this young man is inquiring into the meaning of life itself. In essence, his question is, shall a fellov/- plan his life plus or minus God? How he works things out depends largely upon his earlier training. If his religious life has been neglected, he is more likely to make {he fatal mistake of trying to get along without God. If he has been more wisely led, he will place God and truth and right at the center of his thoughts. If he seeks the better way. the Church stands ready to offer him every aid. Copyrieht 1947 by E.E.Kcister.Strasbure. Virginia" ·WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON- to God ·The International Sunday School (live with those who have it, and First Methodist N. C. Henderson, minister | . Lcscr. for Jan. *3 9:30--Church school; E. L. Nor-; j,\ ri ^£v j {Vr£ r man superintendent. i"'To'kno-v God" 10:40--Morning worship; sermon ' riore t ji a n j by Dr. H. W. Sweeten. i Uis 6--Youth Fellowship groups. Mr. | J«*us revealed is a God of love. Grouse will speak to this group. v ' ho so lo ^ d l h ~ vona hal "" , de=-i above all we must seek the in dwelling of that One of whon Faul said ' " r can do a11 things Dorris Heights Methodist W. E. Shafcr, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m.; Warren Evans, superintendent. Morning worship 10:45. Youth Fellowship 6:15 p. m. Evening worship 7. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p. m. Dorrisville Church of God 722 Charleston St. Rev. Alvah Crim, minister Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.; Kestncr Wallace, superintendent. Morning worship at 10:45. Young people's meting at 6 p. Children's meeting at 6:15 p. m. Evangelistic service at 7 p. m. Bible study Wednesday at / 'Weekly broadcast over WEBQ Thursday from 3 to 3:45 p. m. Equality Social Brethren Rev. Carl Huston, Pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 10:45. Evening service 7. Prayer meeting Wednesday t p. m. Everyone is invited to these services. Pierson Saline Ridge Baptist Rev. Tommy Cook, Pastor Saturday services at 7 p. m. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Morning service at 11. Evening service at 7. Come and bring a friend with you. First Christian South Webster Street E. M. Oakes, minister Bible school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 10:30. Evening worship 7. You are cordially invited to hese services. The Church of God Homer and Vine Streets Johnny Ganz. pastor Saturday service 7- p. m. I,! T- Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Morning worship 11. Evening service 7. V. L. B. Wednesday 7 p. m. The public is invited to all serv- ces. The church with the ensign (or lag) which is a fulfillment of prophecy. Psalm 20:5. Mt Calvary General Baptist Gaskins City Vernon Buchanan, pastor Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.; Wiley Fulkerson, superintendent. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7 p. m. Preaching service on the second and fourth Saturday nights',. Sunday morning and Sunday night: Everyone is -invited. St. Mary's Church Rev. G. P. Lally, pastor Sunday Masses at 8:00 a. m., and 10:00 a. m. Week-day Masses at 7:30 a. m. Confessions will be heard on Saturdays from 4 to 5 and from 7 to 8. Everyone is welcome to attend divine services at St. Mary's. Sponsors of She Church Page b d i e e ir - through Christ who strengthened The God whom i me." m. Watch for the free bus. Come to Sunday school. the public. We welcome IttcKinlev Avenue Baptist Sloan and JVIcKinley Streets C. W. Miller, pastor 7 -- Evening services: sermon Dr. Sweaten. , . . v o r i J 1° · ^ gavicj.-. :'o kno.v God is to ; realize,' and bhare. God's purpos" There will be evangelistic S erv-itoncerr.i:^ r.r.r.. ices each evening this week at 7 l . That purpo .. ia entirely one o* o'clock. Dr. Sweeten has been j ··«· -TM r.rt,mption. Ifte Lime giving some of the greatest, plain-; ^-TM s( TM'~- ll 1S tnc est, most practical messages T have ! ll:c:nc 0: Jl ^ i^* a -v en Sunday school 9:30 a. m.: Ken-1 heard. Our attendance has been · Ho. o\er..o..y that thirsleth. come nctii M. Smith, superintendent. Morning worship 10:40: sermon by Missionarv George B. Leathers. "Training Union 6 p. m.; Ross Pel hank, director. Evening worship 7: sermon by Missionary Leathers. Revival sen-ices will continue this week. 9:30 a. m. Tuesday through Friday and 7 p. m. daily. Come to the revival. Bring your friends. The public is cordially invited. . . . . good. We urge everyone to hear'. v « i° ^ ' a - r % 5 f a . 1 ^ fj,»TM t, a i n r,,f m «c^ n »c the the.v.-j i: Jor.n the these helpful messages. Invite tallsr.,; nic:i to repentance the !'-_cnc-j o: Christ's ^o i 11 V. I v W V W U f c * · V iHH-^V**!^, V*. V * I V ·-- , . j - , 1 *t-1fl t\*fi S. C. S. will be Wednesday 2 p. m. .'"-\ -' al J l ( ' Sd ; a " nu .. ° .:. Ths Harrisburg district mid-win-. *t oorr.ii-.j^r. 1 aui J ni your friends. The executive meeting of the W. u 1:1 sitcr ] Church of the Nazarene Corner Main and O*Gara Leo Darnell, minister Sunday school 9:30 a. m.; Wil liam Hughes, superintendent. Morning worship 10:45; sermon by pastor. Junior N. Y. P. S. 6:30 p. m. Evangelistic service 7 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p. m. Call 869W for bus. The Communion service Chu-ch of Christ 217 South Granger .Tc:«cs C. Brat-hcr, minister I'.iblc school 9:45 a. ni. "Worship 10:45 a. m. including 3 - . ( a c h i n g on "Safe Course." Iv.cMir.2 service 7. Lesson sub- Vct. "What is That to Thee?" Kihle stuoy and prayer meeting V» d".c5day 7 p. m. Yoi« arc cordially invited to Firs! Prcsbvtcrian Stewart W. Kadford. pastor fi-r.O a. m. Sunday school.' !0:45 M ·wrrin:; worship. Sermon subject. "The Rule for Gentleness." 5-15 p. m. Junior High*. West- Fellowship. Youth Ycsocrs. to be fol- 1' by Senior High Wcstminis- · -r Fellowship. 7.oo Evening worship. Sermon s'-l'iecU "Moral Blindness." The Deacon^ meeting originally for Tuwday evening will will be at 11:30. First Baptist R. W. Wallis. pastor 9:30 a. m.--Bible study: F. G. Burnett, superintendent. 10:50--Morning worship. Sermon subject. "The Holy Spirit and ' the Lost Soul." Scripture. John 16:7-11. ; 6 p. m.--Training Unions: Cha?.' L. Mitchell, director. i 6 p. m.--Brotherhood: II. C. Renshaw. president. 7--Evening worship. Sermon subject, "The Holy Spirit and the Soul-Winner." Scripture. Acts 2:!-' 4. GalaUa-Raieigh Methodists J. E. Turnock. pastor "Carry your Bible to church." Evangelistic service at Raleigh _ . . Saturday 7:30 p. m. li-cm n o U . . 01 Uoci, revealed to Sunday school at Galatia 9:30 in t.le oi-r lesson ciiaplcr a. m.: J. H. Jackson, superintendent. uu experience-;, o. Sur.dav school at Raleigh 10:30 hard-inn, most 011 a m ; \vess York, superintendent. f.nnv.:*. cr.'Jurca.; ;yj orn jjj S worship at Raleigh 9:30 . _ ., -». «* * «»rt ·% t * *· * *· ha: no.-.e ol l«cn. a m _ ·,,- tt-paiatc u.-iro-.i, Corning g 10:45. worship at Galatia --i: po'Atit- he QC- · '.'_r i-.ul! s«y *· ·o'^-i^aio u«" bo IRC I'-'' ~ *'- ^O«- Evangelistic scnice at Galatia 7 p. in. Gospel. Come, pray and sing the r.ot ^ hold. On Wednesday at in. the annual congregational im; v.ill he held. Our Redeemer Lutheran 208 South Main Street Arnold Wagner, pastor Divine Worship. 9 a. m. i Tune in the Lutheran Hour cv- WEBQ 2 p. m.. or KFUO 3 p. nv Each Saturday at 1:30 p. m the Lutheran church of Hamshur^ ( presents "Victorious Living" WEBQ. The pastor will .speak on the topic, "The Pitfall of Christ- I ianity." · . HICK IS HOT You \\;ml it warm like here inside and outside you. Co Muth ;nid freeze. Stay here! NICK'S The Talk of the Town" Pravcr sen-ice Wednesday at Galatia 7 p. m. · Pncr service at Raleigh Thurs;o-jnc: fa:i'i tn;.'. »j ; ; a y 7-39 p. m. The study in the -..-·in. It J^ to Q 0 " s p c j o f j o }, n continues. Bring -. ;s!ld ins pur.xjSC* oyr B ; b]c .. i..l i uon- Wc Jl;:dy lo j^ Bib3c p r c ac hing ..c:= cu».:r. o. .-onou , ,, r( j i^cfon;, churches. We wcl- · ..-. iJul ^--'-i rcprc j chr - slian f an ,ii v n i g ht at Ra- P at it--- lcjgh . vi3 j bc 0},^^^ Friday 6:30 ,·',.^1. ··" l! V --^ p. n. You arc asked to bring a fj.n^^: -. :: .no^n 10 ..:..!-.. · ^ , covcrc j nj;,h for pot luck and stay vi.d i- ::.. -,', ; - -ire f ^ I1 /^;,\ ( , ^.jl.rifor a time of Christian fellowship. ' , : , : - . . - : . "..^cut.ori-. n:«\o n.-(., ^^ Pleasant Baptist 331 East Walnut Street Kcv. S. I). Woods, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 11. Rally by the Mary Smith circle. EAcnins worship 7. yc..r^. v.hs:. j Usher board meeting Monday c- Ii2\i : 7:."0 p. m. at the home of Mrs. , c Jhit. ;n ::-.f \cr.. i" ·«· lr.c nnM- ior.:ui '-"rt r!cK:r tl.^r. i'vcr. -. ,^iciio.» of In"? arc- 1.'I.". liCC 1 ')' 4 '- ''-e 51 - PI v. or.-1 -,'-, V ·:·! ic.s arc. Om Portcc. . a., \\f;'.;d .'.''·''...-.e that tha'. ,ii m · ," vf-rTiC us from the lr.c Mar.- Smith circle meets Monday ·-.ror..-. of the 1 p. m. · 'wn IIKC Cordelia Williams circle meets .sec'Jt.ons in Tuesday 7 p. in. v,c car. .sec | Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p. .',o'ks. and i ni ann Mamie Brown circle meets Thurs- x m day 7:30 p. rn. al the home of Mrs. h a \ c ; Mabel Raw lings. Junior choir rehearsal Friday 6 p. m.: senior rehearsal 7. A welcome is extended the public. '- 1 ''" Buena Vista Methodist George D. Jenkins, pastor Church school 10 a. m.; Everett Cooper, superintendent. ·Morning service 11. M. Y. F. 6 p. m. Evening service 7. Midweek prayer service Wednesday 7 p. m. Everyone is welcome. American Sunday School Union James G. Johnson, missionary Number Ten Sunday sciiool at 10 a. m.: Miss Wanda Waller, superintendent. Murray Sunday school at 10 a. m.: Bernard Ping, superintendent. Chenault Sunday school at 10 a. m.: Lemuel Pittman, superintendent. Stonefort Methodist Robert Gulledge, pastor Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Preaching first and third Sundays of each month 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Midweek prayer meeting each Thursday 7 p. m. Young people's II. Y. F. each Sunday 6 p. m. Anyone not attending services elsewhere are always welcome at our church. Mountain Grove Church of God Rev. Alvah Crim, pastor The Mountain Grove Church of God is located 13 miles south of Warrisburg on Route 34. We have services on the first and third Saturday nights of the month, and a cordial welcome is extended to all. Gaskins City Baptist A. II. Modglin. pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Worship service 10:35 a. m. Sermon theme. "Under the Wings of God." Training Union 6 p. m. Evening worship 7. Sermon theme, "Christ at the Door." G. A. meeting Monday 7 p. m. at the home of Sue Hutchcralt. R. A. meeting Tuesday 7 p. m. at the church. Teachers' meeting Wednesday 6:30 p. m.: prayer service 7. with Bro. Raymond Grccr as the leader Brotherhood Friday 7 p m at the church. Miles Chapel C. M. E. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. The morning service will be omitted. ' Epworth League 6 p m . Evening worship 7:30. The public is invited to all services a-. Miles. Additional Church Notes on Page Six (has. V. Parker Co. FURNITURE STORE "The home of Cros/ey in Harrisburg" BREVITY OF MAN'S LIFE "Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not ... For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it \uU sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease . . . But man dieth, and wasteth away: yea. man giveth up the ghost, and where is lie? If a man dies, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will 1 wait, till my change come." (Chapter 14 of the Book of Job.) "Vitality Feeds for Every Need" 621 North Jackson Phone 119W Hear the Voices in Song World Wide Devotional Shedding Brightness Over Many Lands; All People Enlivened by Their Religions. ·THEY ALL SAY" MILLIARD'S CAFE ROIM! COOKED MEALS City Style for Country Folks Country Style for City Folks Corner Jackson Locust CLOSED ON SUNDAY Harrisburg Printers (Formerly Hooker Printing Co.) LEGAL BLANKS, YEAR BOOKS, PROGRAMS GENERAL COMMERCIAL PRINTING W. L. ARMSSTEAD, Prop. 22 South Vine Street Phone 11SOW A Union Shop PAN KEY BROS, Baked Fine Since 1909 rugs EAGLES AERIE NO. 2106 HARRISBURG, ILL. W. A. Grant Jewelry Co. Your Sunday Best Keep your clothes sparkling to look your best every day. CALL 25 9 ·

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