The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 23, 1956 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1956
Page 4
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Friday, March A )i Waijlntmt STATEMENT OF CONDITIONS OF PERPETUAL AND IRREVOCABLE FUNDS IN TRUST AS OF DECEMBER 31, 1955 ASSETS CASH (CITIZENS .NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO.) .£i.SS,,.3d TOTAL i 2 - 593 - 50 LIABILITIES PRINCIPAL IN TRUST $2.S%.50 TOTAL ' S2 - S93 - 50 I HEPTCBY CFRTTFV THAT THE ABOVE STATEMENT IS TRUE A.TD CORRECT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE SIGNED -ladies K-Sherwood. President. Citizens National Bank & Trust Co. TRUST OFFICER TOTAI .iMOUVT OF PERPETUAL CARE FUND NOT YET COLLECTED OX TERM SALES CONTRACTS BUT ALLOCATED FOR PERPETUAL CARE. NOW IN PROCESS OF COI T ECT1ON AND TO BE PAID TO TRUSTEE AS COL- fFrTED ACCORDING TO TRUST AGREEMENT ....S3.573.50 TOTAL PRINCIPAL OF PERPETUAL CARE FUND. .S2.S93.50 " TOTAL i - ---; - $6.467.00 CERTIFY THAT THE ABOVE STATEMENT IS CORRECT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEF. CEDAR CREST CEMETERY INC. TRY SUN CLASSIFIED ADS MEET THE GREATEST ROCKET EIGHT ! C&K& &, MOW tout. = BLOCK! (OR 'ROUND THE TOWN IF YOU LIKE!) • SEE YO.UR NEAREST DEALER REVIVAL MEETING March 25tti Through March 31st 10:00 A.M. and 7:30 P.M. Daily Lester Rotoff Brofher Roloff « * great evangclirf, known throughout the nation. He can be heard on 13 radio stations . . . hold's revivals, gospel rallies and Bible conferences. He is a pasior of the Alameda Baptist Church in Corpus Christ!. Everyone is invited to hear him. Brother Lester Roloff Nurseries Will Be Open at All Services Sunday School ............... 9:45 Preaching Hour .............. 1 ! :°° Training Union ............... 6: ^ 5 Evening Worship ............. 7:30 Stewart Heights Baptist Church 311 Eas? Roman Clifton L Smith, Pasfor Noon Coll Stock Quotes • W Kiwonions H«or Publicity ^ Telephone Merrill Lynch, PierTe, Fenner t BeanTT MOII f fl 'SCrfllOfl Ofl Moll/if 65% 164 1ST* 40 H 7S 3 s 66 16 Allcf: Ludlum '42' Allis-Chalmers • •••• ••• "^ Amor Cyan. ...... AT&T-... Anaconda Cop .'• Ander P • • • Both Steel ... Colanese >•• Celotex ' Chrysler Corp ..... Cities Serv ... • > • • Columb Gas ........... Creole Pel Dow Chem ....••' t)u Pont Chem ....... Iresser Eastman Kodak . • El Paso Nat'l. Gas FairchUd ETIJ? • ••• Freeport Sulph Ford • Gen Electric Gon Motors Gen Teleph Gen Tire *- Rub Gillette Saf Goodyear Tiro • Greyhound Bus Gulf Oil . •••• Gulf State Util 42__ Houston. Oil .160-."4 H.L. & P. Co 4 *M* HUMBLE OIL "3 . Invoerial Oil - • 47 Ir.l'l Nickel • 91 5 -« Int'l Harv • 37 H Jones & Laugh •• W!s Libbv McN 6 8- T ", T .O«5'. Loe-o. s Ir.c • - 0 •* La Land ••• 133 ^ Mack Trucks 31-s j Merrill Pet- 3 9 '•* j Monsanto * 9 ^ j Nat Dairy Prod 39?i Ne'.vp News Ship -. Ohio Oil i Olin-Mnth ..... Stude . ..... ............... Pacific Pet .... ........ • Pac West Oil ......... i Pancostal Pet . . . ............ • l?i Panhandle P and R .......... 12 % 49 I'enney's Jnc Phillips Petr Pure Oil Repub Steel Sapphire 65 *; 86 44 "i 13 vs 87 60 M: 64 5 s . 45 . 44 61 te j 9 '""2 14 ?i 95 93% 46 2714 4ST.< 5-16 Si 63 : A 67 Vs 72. 57 Vj 103'-j 59 s ; 03-"'s 59 V; 60 3 -.Violinist Will Present Concert The final Civic Music Association/concert ''for this season will be presented at 7:45 p.m.. Monday in the Robert E. Lee Higfc school auditorium, when the internationally famous violinist, Ruben Varga will appear. New members o£ tils association 10:30 Sport^ Desk •vrili'.be able to; attend'thi* concert U-OQ Tonlfht bv showinf the atubi of thtir Shell Sinclair Oil Skelly OH •• Socony-Vac • Sou Paclf St. Kegis Paper .. Stan OH 'Calif .. Stan Oil Ind Stan Oi! Ohio Stan Oil X J Sun Oil Sunray-Mid Cont 2fi r 's Tennessee G«s - 29->s Texas Co 132^ Texas Gulf Prod 37»i Tex Gulf Sulph ••• 3S 1 -* Tidew-ater Corp ...;.......... 45'i Textron • • • -*">• Union C *nd C 121K- Union Oil of Calif ••• 59*4 XT SSteel 59% United Airlines 42T* United C*rlK>n .......... «7& 'NA'oodley Petr 57 5i Feb. KO Cotton Up 1 Alum. Ltd 120^2 T.Y. Log- CHANNEL 2, KPRC-TV ^ FKlDATt 5:00 Looney Tom» 5:15 Sun-Up Cartoon* f 5:30 Superman * 6:00 World At J-*rre : 6:10 Today in Sport* 6:15 News; We«th«r 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:« News C*t»vmn 7:00 Truth or Gmscauencet *:30 life of RUey «:00 Curly Fox 8:30 Star Stage 9:00 Cavalc*de of Sport* 9:to >"e\r»: Weather 10:00 Bigr Story 10:30 Home Folk* Jubilee 10:45 Les Paul—Mary Ford Melvin. T. Munn, widely known public relations man and president of the Klwanis Club in Dallas, made his la*l appearance in Baytown Friday morning when he gave his inspirational rendition b£ "The Sermon On The Mount" at the second assembly at Robert E. Lee high school. Munii, a prominent church worker and active with Key Clubs throughout the state, was in Baytown two clays and appeared &t Kiwanis and Key Club meetings in La Porte and Baytown as well as at the two high school assemblies. At the Kiwanis luncheon at the tower Thursday, Munn spoke on the "unsung heroes in every community—the people who do so much for others and for their community and never get credit for it." *The largest crowd to attend a K5-. wanifi luncheon in several years, Lon Morris Students Will Present Musical Lon Morris college drama and music departments will present a oroadway musical comedy, "Where's Charley,"-at S p.m. Saturday in the Lee College auditorium. There will "be no admission, charge. A plate offering will be taken at the production with proceeds going to the Lon Morris scholarship fund- The Lon Morris group, seventy strong 1 , is nationally recognised for achievements in "their dramatic productions. Vaxga wa* t bom in Tel Aviv and became a studrotlin the Palestine Conservatory of Muaic at the age of "seven, Wirfle still only a boy of •up a hand grenade thinking it wan just a "bright metal'object" and it exploded, in his:face which made him totally blind, A long search among doctors for t helprproved lutile and he -was caugh't'in. the war in Budapest. Kere'he' the Franz Liszt Conservatory until the German ArSy: occupied Hungary. Permits (Continued From Pa&e One) hirag up on deadlocked 3-3 votes. As originally proposed, the ordinance calied'for a 11,000 permit fee and a 5230 pipe cutting fee. Councilman H. M. Campbell questioned the 51,000 fee, saying it would .freeze out small speculators. 'Middleton said the ordinance was designed to do just that. Councilman Lacy Lusk argued that the city hasn't been getting enough for its permit and maintained that another S500 wouldn't stop anyone from drilling. Campbell' proposed a $750 drilling fec'and a S25 pipe cutting fee. The vote was P-ufus Bergeron, Campbell and Al Clayton. -Yes;" Lusk, D.-H. Mears and Mayor R. H. !%ett, "No." Lusk moved for adoption of the original^tj^OOO an<T_t250_fee6. J ~*This~timVthe'vote was Bergeron, Campbell and Clayton, "Xo;" Lusk, Mears and Pruett, "Yes." Later in the meeting, Lusk proposed reducing the cutting lee to S200. This time Bergeron changed his vote to "Yes" and the ordinance carried with only Campbell and Clayton voting "No." 13:00 Sign Otf SATUMJAT 5:25 Morning Prayer 8:30 Mr. Wliiard 8:00 Children's Corner 9:50 Pinky Iff, 10:00 Andy's Gang 10:30 Uncle Johnny Coons 3.1:00 Fury 11:30 Buffalo BUI Jr. 12:00 Saturday Serial 12:30 Winchell-Mahoney 1:00 Saturday Showtime 2:00 NBA Basketball 4:00 The Way 4:30 Annie Oakley # 5:00 Roy.Bofer* 5:30 SoJdiert ot Fortune 6:00 Peopte'* Choice 6:SO Big Sorprite 7:00 Perry Como S:00 People Arts Ftuinj S:30 Star Theater 9:00 George Gob«l »:SO H 11:00 Movie Spectacular CHANNIUl.KGUL.TV 5:00 11 Video Liine ^ 5:50 >"ews; Weather " 5:45 DODJC Kdwa.rd» 6:00 I Married Joan 6:30 My Friend, Flicka 7:00 M*m» 7:30 Our Mis» Brooki 8:00 Cruiader J!:SO Playhouse of Stars 9:00 The Line-Up 9:30 Person to Person 30:00 BiC town 10:30 Weekend Theater 1:00 Kews; Sign Oft GRAND OPENING SUNDAY 3 — 6 P.M. ^ FIVE MODEL HOMES + FREE POP LIVE BROADCAST DADDY DEEPTHROAT AND BAND 20 FLOOR PLANS $9,000 to $10,500 $25 HOLDS YOUR HOME Central Heights West Texas at Airhart Bayiown Ph. 2308 or 50M Live HOW you want to Live Live WHERE you want to live 7:50 8:00 »:15 8:30 9:30 10:00 30:30 31:00 31:50 32:00 32:30 3:00 2:00 3:45 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 X:30 9:00 9:30 J0:00 10:80 31:00 32:15 SATURDAY Rural Reveille Man To Mam Our Daily Bread Capt. Kangaroo Winky Dink Mighty Mouse Texas Ranger* Adventure Man and Medicine Lone Ranger Capt. Midnight Western Star Playhouse Big Ten Basketball Quality Theater Lucy Show The Falcon Be»t the Clock Jackie Gleason Stage Show Two for Money Always Jan Gunsmoke Runyon Theater D*ath Valley D»y« The Vine Show Off CHANNEL! 3, KTRK-TY 5:M fi:00 f:!S C:30 7:50 8:00 X:15 JJ-.30 »:00 10:00 10:15 10:30 11 :(*) 11:05 11:20 FRTDAY Mickey Mouse Club Fay Willing Xe'wit: \\V»ther Rin Tin Tifl CrodSfoftds Texan SpotliifM Town and Country The Vine Wrestllnr Pane Mystery Omnifont Xews To Be Announced Sinn Off SATURDAY 8:45 Anthmi; Prayer 8:55 Xftw»; Weather S:00 Satfebrusri Theater 11:00 Into Focus 11:30 Ilienomena 12:00 Saturday Matinee 4:30 Wrestling; 5:90 To Be Announced «:00 Kflwl and Albert «:SO Or.»rk .Fubik-f 8:00 I/iwrenefc Welk 9:00 Cbanee of ff> B Time came to .hear Munn speak, Sam., Alton!, president said. In recognition of Munn's work: with the Key Clubs, the Baytown Key Club was invited to conduct the luncheon program. The 20 members of lhli Ke >' Club, composed of Robert E. Lee high school boys, attended the meeting en masse, and President Bobby Sanders, presided at the meeting. James Stricklin, who hist week end was elected governor of the Key Clubs of the Texas-Oklahoma district of Kiwanis International, was presented as an honor guest. Munn introduced Stricklin and spoke of the youth's outstanding work in the Key Club. Stricklin was elected to his new post l\ey Club convention in Waco last Saturday. ' : .' (Continued From I'**? One) mark in Baytown, we *re already dotting 1 our aights Xorihc day, not too many y««.r» off, when Baytown.. will reach 20,000 telephones*. Our compwsny is preparing for ft continued rapid growth in Baytown so that we will be able to provide the best possible service at all times." . .": General or the Southwest is part ot the General Telephone System, the largest system of independent. (non-Bell) companies in America. General System operates 2H- million telephones in 30 slates, Canada and the Dominican Kepubllc. Another 'company In General System, is Automatic Electric Co., manufacturers of the dial switching equipment in use in Baytown. KRfL To Air Program On Exceptional Children Radio Station KREL, In coojwra- < lion with : the University of Texaf, \ . Sunday will broadcast the iccond in • a scries of 13' programs dealing • with exceptional children. Olio broadcasts fire aired at 5 p.m. each Sunday and the program this week will be entitled "Nobody Buys A Broken Doll." The series 'Is to better inform the public concerning children who are physically and mentally handicapped or cannot otherwise live a normal life. Try Sun Classified Ad* HATAWAY ELECTRIC CO. 24 HOUR SERVICE lUJi E. Lobit Dial 74SI More than 500 express trains are now operated on Zritish Railways. 150 more than before World War H. *... . **sfc REVIVAL COADY BAPTIST CHURCH March 25th thru April 1st. Corner of W«de Rd. and'Ctdar Bayou - Lynchbufg Rd. .„.,.„._ -, (& Mile North of Station KKEL) SERVICES AT 10:00 A.M. EACH MORNING AND AT 7:30 P.M. EACH NIGHT Nursery Open - - Everyone Welcome •••iMindHBMM^rtlMrtHIMHMHVMHM Garden Shop Open Saturday 9:30 to 6:00 Sunday 9:30 to 5:00 SALE 2 YEAR Tyler Roses Bundle of 3 For Red Crepe Myrtle we . of 3 Bouaanvilka I Gal Can Reg. .1.29... Bedding Plants Carton of 12 Reg.69c Hibiscus 98c 49c Bundle 1 Gal. Can Caladium Bulbs Lange 129 29c Each Sheep Manure J50 Lb'. Bag Reg. 1.98 . I 77 Natures Organic & Minerals 50 Lb. Bag Alpen Peat Moss 100 Lb. Bag *|69 One color to buitdk Choose from 5 colors Root wrapped 2 to 3 canes per bush Chain Link Fence SEARS NEW LOW PRICE Include* Ste«l Lin* Posts, Top Roil and Fittings Hot Dipped Galvanized 79 Per Running Foot Pott Securely Set In Concrete • Top Q * $Mrs Implied—Guaranteed • 11 ga. wire—48" high Top Quality News; .Situ Off SATUHOAT STOKE HOWS f :30 TO »:00 For Free Estimate On Chain Link Fence Call 8131 No Obligation FUE PARKING STORE SIDE — 771 W. TEXAS AVI, FM. 1131 IAYTOWN

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