The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 23, 1987 · Page 23
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 23

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 23, 1987
Page 23
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THE BAYTOWN SUN Sunday. August 23, 1907 1-D SUV CLASSIFIED 422-8323 DtADLINES i-1:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday for ads starting the next day. 1:30 p.m. Friday for ads running Sunday and Monday's Paper.' The same deadlines apply to cancellations. ; • : 6itf*n A4i-(Bordered Adver tisements) 2 Days prior Monday thru Friday at 9:30 a.m. (For Example: 9:30 Monday for Wednesday) Ads for Tuesday due at 5:00 p.m. Friday. '103 Trucks-Vans 1M Work Cars 105 Autos Wanted 106 Antique Cars 107'Auto-parts Service 108 Motorcycles 109 Utility trailers 110 Aircraft 101 Automobiles 102 Imported Autos 201 Boats 202 Boating Equipment 203 RVs ahRV'stoRent W 5 Sporting Goods 206 Sport Leases 207 Campers/Covers 310 Houses to Move 311 Mobile Homes 312 Trailer Spaces 313.Monuments-Lots 301 Houses for Sale 301aCondo/Townhouses 302'Acreage 303 Business Property 303 a Multi-Unit Property 304 Vacation Property 305 Out of Town Property 30t Farms & Ranches 307 Waterfront Property 308 Lots for Sale 30° Property Wanted 401 Houses to Rent 401 a Condo/Townhouses 402 Apartments to Rent 402a Motels/Hotels 403 Trailers to Rent 404 Bedrooms to Rent 405 Roommates Wanted «H> Articles to Rent 407 Business Rentals 301 General Services 502 Child Care 503 Building Contractors 504 Instruction 605a Machinery-Equip. 606 Livestock-Supplies 607 Pets-Supplies 608 Food Fare 609.Soil-Fertilizer 609a Nurseries 610 Articles Wanted 611 Garage Sales 612 Articles for Trade 613 Games-Hobbies 601-General Articles 602 Furniture 602a Antiques 603 Appliances '604 Musical Instruments .605 Building Materials Kmulmmcn' 701 Professional 702 Managem 703 Sales 704 Medical 705 Technical 706 Trades 707 Clerical 708 General 709 Part Time 710 Temporary 711 Work Wanted 712 Business Opportunities 801 Legal Notices 802 Lodge Notices .803 Personals 804 Special Notices 805 Lost & Found 806 Car Pools 807 Card of Thanks 808InMemoriam 809 Travel News 810 Entertainment HOURS Monday thru Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. AUTO WHOLESALERS INSTANT CASH |.\I M IS TB Caprice Classic- For your cm, VIM, t Inicta. negotiable 426-ZS1 1014 S. Afeuofer . .............. UHM6 ! CHEVROLET, 1*6 BELA1RE- S1XO (Also. IS78 Caprice Classic- W» Botti A-NKREPO l*» Buick Century Limited ji.WO mlto Eicellenl conation SS500. Call Mr, Hraun.«;-5»4l : BAYTQWX NISSA.N- »ili suy your import, paid tor or not Late modd. clean rari only IEOIN Ma'tt._ , ,.4a-t38« BE£N"7VR> : E5"DOW>- Before «il CHEVROLET. 1»T7 CAPRICE CLASSIC H95 CallCMSil. AM.JFM cassett- ! Air. SliOi mile Good stupe SffiO Cill bet» eec 9-5 4S4W 56.0rt! miles Original o Call «r-SSH> aie at (J1-24M. Heggle. Dlr jC4.II42.srrE BUICK, IK RECAL- Grand Hiianal IfSfvvni "FT""" liii'"~riviTT~FB~" T.!«™. o™*~ .-,„„„„ i. h..i- IMW iCHENROLtT. UI4 CA\ AL1LR- Power veering & j»jgon Is.wo miles Ait syrxi SEAL DICKENS MOTOR CO. WHERE QUALITY IS CONSISTENT TWAfexwkr 417^711 OLDMOBILE, H REGENCY- IMS. 4 :HEVROLET, iiw SUBURBAN- iilverado S3.500. Tall 576-3646. CHEVHOLET, 1*77 PICKUP- 18.0M door, hilly loaded. 13.C«jO miles, excellent heads. M rear end, sajOO.426-6151. condition. 43-S-aa: Sights: 4jS-gg. CHEVROLET. IMS SILVERADO- OLDS MOBILE, UIJ CUTLASS- Loaded, a&S Also. Chrysler, 1984 Supreme. Brouehsra Excellent modi- Laser. Loaded aas. Call 438-831. two insi<fc and out Original o»n«. CHEVROLET. ICT- 1 ton Dulie. Ex- S7.C-W miles, mws. 338-4516 ceJIent condition HSW OLDSMOBILE. itM CUTLASS- Call ta-£5J Brougham Coup*; Supreme C. BANKREPOS! DIRT BIKES: Honda OWa. Hondaj CR125. Mateofle.-. Mr. Braun. 4:K-Sfc WANTED— Used pick-up covers BILL BLAKE MOTOR COMPANY ' 1M SUZUKI W6P- Dirt i street, Full miles on all new 250 motor, 2.02-327 license. First 115M firm. 4SJ-11S9. before CAWASAKI, KZ»»Excel!en> condition. P.uns great. SlteO. or best oi- ler Call 428-215 1" LEER ALUMINUM- Long wheel base carapercover ssw) Call 42-45B). Your Expanding Market Place! FREE HOME MARKET EVALUATION iNo cost or obligation. Call Carole 422*8323 SSl-EffrL _— automatic, air K2SO. Consider linanc OLDSMOBILE'. l«*0 DELTA l«- !»g P ART AL\ ALTO SALES, __ CHEVROLET. UK- Locg wide.~V» !»«' HEAVY DUTY LOW BOY jOpryshek 31417-1711. Ni TRAILER- Tilt Bed S450M. Call | Highlands Tractor, 4X-U16 RED CARPET LANDMARK/FADAL k ASSOC. Ro>afe Brougham Auto, power, air, CHEVROLET, 1M3 SUBURBAN- JO INCH X I FT.- Uihty trailer »!'Ji iHUD, VA AND BANK REPO! J! BinCK )»!- LtSafct* C^SS^loVwOT' 1 ' 1 1Uaur > S(wn KuU > ""^ Ex « 1! « 1 E»ce!!enUond«kiE.aei.'i!424jKa7 _ «.») miles, fully loaded Asking SS150 ! spare tire SIM. j oCbaioBiLt im-'Caaiss Suprerae CaU alter 4pm. 4W-25»-792>. ! ~ (CHEVROLET. IM MO:VTE CARLO- j SPECIALIST— Call LaVoyce for i dresses and qualifying information i£!- i Air i [»««• \« iiresaw iMKc Ki CHEVROLET, im GOOD TTMES- Custom Van. Gcod condition JS.950 Cil, -tod ewdtMn . •«•«"« K»*«l 4S2-WU sl'ICX i«l i?-XiJm!ie> l .AM:KMc»«rtte ...... ......_ ...... CiL>.«7 :'.«>. t>r^ntt>rr 'uTJiilpd. S ^ ; " —.-——-* - ,.,. >: j EASY nsANCLNG NICE CLEAN CARS t TRt'CKS PONTI ACS". CMC PAKTAIN AVTO SALES ».JS^t«l._^ | Sleeps 4 W.COj miles. 311 engine. Ne« iPOXTUC, IMO"TRANS AM- a f.r«i : tirt5,tuttery. i starter SlTWorbestol l!i> Sraod or» !>ijr£UEt;> jte ifjridejpr travel traiief 333-371 Cft) CiU4>S2Mi!-.rr«jn jroR57iSTFi»- 1 too duiih^ori'. jJ-M— Owner financed a! 10% VS.ffs.\ down plus I years insurance 51'.7: ' •• ! h.p. Evinruoe. J fcpth-fraders. Trolling j roR SALE- M on ^ acre, new sidine.. TKL'CKS- >r» and uvrf '.ri<v?n> Ftninasi AM i> iiSabi? 1 our (uJi wr\ CADILLAC', tin BLAwini- ti Irj'J^r mtcnc?, W,(t.« railrs. elc nan! IAB.N Mun C i TORbTui' ML r ST.OiG- : l.;«ri SA\T YOU I USED CARS ISTs Cho reitt Psciap. C?J co« n jcit Auto.air, Wl/FM cassette Pa\ |&iiance erf S11C3 or isaunse D43 month U 11 o<i anj»er. lejve Chevrolet motor s of chrome 454-351S Moo-Thun afwr 6 Acy no* l> remodeled, front fencw; yard w.'.h,' 5un decft. £ stalj horse bam «ith arena ; Appt only.caliC4-1797after5:>.'pir. " ~VA/HUD ! Foreclosures : ta-ZTll : REAL ESTATE NETWORK. ISC ; uk or in* (.'ili teeodi rORD. ir» LTT>~ Go iO Vofis^ta^rr. It.K»j tS>. FOR DAVE D\ E Wttfeu Tiic CLF-"GW tire>. f.:, TH AV. Ciil'-T-IW! KireiJra! t««>. 1 voTvo, trv- jc'Iil'L FORD. 1TW PICKUP- With rebuJl c;<Kor. i * itfe t:rH CiiiESllCI FORD. 1TT7 F-li»- Short »t«J base I t»r Aifioraitic. f->.ef. 1 air S'e» arts Real I teat i trailer Deep V S«i« not im|>:r -1 ^^lEIi 0 !^!?^ iMusfsnirSTJFn'cT jl*7« II FT MOS-ARK- fi&erglass bass;Lite new. H03 Ga>la Will accept any ' - I boat 50 hp Johnsnn. With trim i tin ; reasonable o!fer WS^Ta i Q^= , Hunt Garden apartments .. CMC. i N PICKUP- i Hughe :ilE Pearce Publishtr's Notice All ml ititti * tii*4 *n thii rw*i it ivbftct Ic th< feu H.UMI, ACT of M6I • Melt itakii it illifil to • <»er1i»t "*nj fitttt- »«<:«. lmit«tien or 4ii crimimtion Wit^ en r«». C«Uf. ttt. Or rvTicntl • •r *n initntten te <ftT luch prilirtnc*. two. GOOD SELECTION- « Websy Utenoileican . JKUNTEKS SPECIAL- m CJ-3 HBU i(90<l liiri 4 son '.of*, plus 4 ejtri lire a or,'-, tsW.TEX AVE IT•"YW. r 'HAVE- ! LINCOLN. IJI1 TO»S CAR- ' JEBP. i" pl :'*:S r ' i!ra!ieflilw ' 3ort>es " o! 'iChainber5 3-3-; «ith [orraais. i ^;,~.-5li ^arge oen wits fireplace 21ar?elols, t 5J QUACHTTA- ;« H aluminum. Dee$ i^acre 1 Oineriagenls, LAIRD REAL) »ibe Shoreiine ia!>anued trailer S35<' ESTATE, 573-IK5, '™.£^fjf !£?:. i;t 5.i.f____,^ i DA ; ESTORl^luS"si7rSu»17^"ra^ IS). 18 It... in- apartment Positive rash fio» Aswjme .-?x:f< i.Tite*; »-rAji?>** , top. oteflet ccoStiaa. M»J. Cafl 4T' twin: outboard, loaded, galvanuedlna month paytner,ts Nothingdoun. «] S1SSA.V. IfB PICKUP- ?:; Baysbore Dodge-Toyota M.UDA. IK c»- ?»v*f: *.M KW <-ai;* .iitrti^l! X 3! • •KAIBA. im S5- l >t» mw; JV.1.1' C5 Sk" ;*tEK : O.'K> I Les Marks Used Cars SASTYOCI '.!« Bad K***; LVSX - SMITH'S AUTO SALES AND SALVAGE- Oper. » <lj;i i »«* r w p.<* 'J3> or. !«t*, cir> .. : i : -.r.4er CT HT» ZEPHYR- :« GRA.\D ur.-irr 9V" Do™ S00"0« """ NEW AND USED MOBILE HOMES Will ttorf* »of onrrhmq wttti a ' 400" of mo»r GOOD BAD MOCBIDIT 'rt* Delivery CHAPMAN MOBILE HOMES '^V^; fc * 713 457 6955 M »;"r" Ei ion Boytown Cr«dit Union REPOSSESSED Cor» onrf Mofofcytl*§ Tto»el Troilpn Boots For Sole Fmoficmg Available MITT LIQUIDATE, 471-2424 : OTT MOTOR'S INC. * e ikuare innrt HMO c*n. »IH-7l«* O-BC CASH FOR LATE MOOCL USED CARS AND TRUCKS LesMarks CbevTolet CONTROLLED ACCESS GATES! (SECURITY GATES) Quiet Secluded Property-Great Lease Specials Bring this ad and additional Rent Bonus! ( Across from S« .tefmo Retails «e: SKSXi Sacntice i S_Msla Call collect. 713-44i-(3« 5?_..^'.-!5^.°l i . f f,.'. : r.' ! ^-. : j JSlT NEWMAirDR— larfTnoirii 1F75 GLASTRO.N- li : - !t tn-huil oper. ; nrasonable offer considered t*r» T^ fi p EvtrjMde Witii Shorrhr.* Ci-iyTO ^ _"^ L ' FOR SALE OR WANTED: inome J'.iKas'. Street 1« FT. BOVF TRAILER JUJ.-SW .. ..... ._... .......... . ..... K n SIDEWINDER- Ready to MI! Must srtl van Ct 1 «*»-wr7 after t v 55% Lou sir, x-51 Kippieowk Caii " FOR' SALE" aT'owER- " oia~Siver • r. ; ry, 1 '.-.-:. Microwave. . ! ejir*-A;re ' c-js'.orr. cabinet*, custon-, : !ar». all eiecfri; ly^r, ' CQACHME,S I PROWLER RV PARTS 4 SERVICE POP-VPRE.VTALS- PHOPANEMtlORFl'EL JFOR SALE BY OWNER- 4-3: lake •« acre I7S,(*«' CaliO-IMt i acres Hjn>iarr<er area Perfec! for cou IpJe'BSftW 40^H«-Ti», |M-J- Older section of Chaparral WIft'WALK? Her- ,ceil*r.tcortdstjor. IISM.T iic*a42-«tt COACHM.A.V POP-L'P CAKPER- Sierps 6 S'I-^T ice-too^, nvnir,* Puegcot, Porsche Mercedes, Fiat, Datsun Toyota, Audi, Triumph Volvo, Subaru. Renault Honda, VW, Etc! , WHiipERBC PLVES-l;7<!itU reduc •*•£ Beau:i!ui t-r ! ; ; '*:th p«»i and sw | Nr 1 - carpet ant: ma.i> i^ieri!tie> ANCHOR REALTY. CM747 OR «1- TW kan »r tare a | .1— U!V»I«B hr ywr imjerti Before you make another move ** us out Town Lake Village Apartment Homes * Spacious 2 & 3 br. apartments * New ENERGY EFFICIENT A/C units (which means lower utility bills for you) * FREE gas (heating, cooking & hot water) ' Rents starting as low as $275" , * Responsive maintenance * On site security * Lush landscaped grounds ' 2 sparkling pools (adult i family) TRAVEL TRAILER- M !; Tern 'M CKrVROLET ENGINE- »t Suit oelsxe Front imsf p.wra Hear 1 ? 71 ?:. iaaa <'«r.f>«<ei< rrsuraufactiire^ Cjul 'jedraMS Pa; t,a;ance t( si; S3 or BEAUTIFL'L BRICK i-IVJqi— Is • »i>CBe 4774 r«w.h *>»•:» rra lino f»puUr Fur Pir>. JMVi .54 n>:. under j answer lease Keiuacf Ji^.ti€7 FIIA appraisai N<r* tymace "'. tsfwwr Cen'.ri! air BETTY, 4SI-ISS; 0»wr »ill ron-. 2500 E. James at Kilgore Call* 422*0521 *" |£iiinore ar« puJoo. nnia i cJutc* UK i !*• SCAMPER- Foid ou cisiper |W traOr tiotb toe «reel bite l»N:air Sierpj6 ulfrie* J3,4X^ I'amaai Y7 SC ne» patoo & nn^j Cill .Uiurce 10% \ A loar. REDUCED— :c S45 W: 'Ask about our back to school SPECIAL 1981 BUICK REGAL LIMITED Moonroof, oil power, cosieTTe *3295 fiusnu. ISTICNtYSUI ttceiieW ttraxsrx »iUi chrome «tr»» pwerea Cill ifter 6 p n 1*7TRAS'EL-EZE~34R travel!! • *lfc rw,' air 4 ne* refncrrilor 3tE\HOLET. Iffl CHEYEWE- Nn. ire> SI TW lean l ul!) K>«)ea ISR3 V'uKti KIC) <>an, air .'all Rtfftt»; ci :«» « ) SW * , Tens Ave S~t~W~prSTOL Model clips IKS Rucrr Securm 6. 37 mapium I speed loader, J21W Burgondy li whit*. Automatic. o»f, am/rrn, Ne« air. iane fenced >ard Covered! o awl nwrr 4r7-»5y7or 367 «Ct. o>;-i lect _ I BY OWNER— Sice 3 bedrt)«>m bncK.. «orm uirdows. carpet, new air'hea*,.^ awumaole toar, For safe or rer.: >?7 ' 6Eit. I ; — — I J BEDROOM HOtJSE-" NearT^op i»i"' Needs repair Jtfi.K*] f'allia.lliK Landmark/Fadal The Collection Deportment 422 3611 DEER FEEDERS- Kits or complete! MOBILE HOME-on Slots J3>.i«i (erten B«I pncrs fall Came Gefteri HIGHLANDS— OurEimgJ?-! JWUW Feeders, J»«6e j HUMBLEST.- Handyman .IJS.WM " ~'swroiiTbEEKrEEDESs~""i™ crri BEACH RD.- i acre. M i. j BillBlikeMoinrCo ISS.tW. Looded. All power. New point. Nice cor. '299 DOWN 19MFMD FUTURA right red White vinyl Top. Roily wheels. Automatic. '59900** V#ry nic* . Top. 1986 CHEVETTtS t CAVALIERS An. Stereo Special f'ff, Purchase, Good S*ieO-or $499 Down. »96.96/month. From '3890 Plus HAL Dort; blo«. L*« rww in- Wior. AuTomotic. Air. 1979 DONE VAN Long wheel base. Cold air, Bright red. Roily wheels. "499 DOWN 1979 CHEVROLET CAPRICE CLASSIC Door. Automatic. Air. Stereo. New tires. $ 40/WEEK NnrlN TrifriV wMfV. 1973VOIKSWA6EN BfETU Dork blue. '599 DOWN ICfMKf Oif. rvVHr TifW. f iMHsatnioiir MM TO f 1ST COM f tji sum »mro 2 SCHILLING- Coramerciai ISft.^ (t WATERFRONT- 74 acre SlT.iXO SHORE ACRES- IM nnK.Slu.iV/ CHAPARR.AL-Corner lot !I3.(»>; : PLUMWOOD— M tounhome S^ W- : FALCON BASS BOAT- l»8l 35 h p »ALFORD-31 - I mow' Kvinrude. »Ii»ciT»<ines.SII«i >n cab'DUPLEX-Comer James Caillard As) over camper, loaded. Sia« ST3 S»U3 us.uo.wi Heetouab , Qvitt Compltx Spociovs 1 -2-3 btdroom •portmtnts 2-3 htdroom TownkMses I •^ MM HMi vr N«A-M OtMti -A- SftcM DiKtMiti 422-8585 SO* CITIZEN SPECIAL MIH M! W KPOSIT ™^^ ^i^^M^MI • HHB ^^^HW BEN READING USED CARS WO CRfDIT 427-ian DOG DAYS SPECIALS Large 1 Bedroom ..... $ 200 Large 2 Bedroom ..... $ 275 • 10 Pools • 6 Tunis Cowls • Clrirooi, • WoifM I Exorcist • Wishor/Dryor dwoctions • Firoplicc • Froo tosic CiMi • Profession! MoBfoowit WOODHOLLOW ARTS.

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