Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 16, 1972 · Page 14
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 14

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1972
Page 14
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14 PAMPA DAILY NEWS I'A Ml'A. TKXAS fiBlh YEAH Knclay, JUMP 16. 1972 Worry Clinic Federal Welfare Money Forthcoming, Says State Official w . _. . ., ..,.,.1 .*_.j .. i .. 1J .^,«,i«»«wi u ment of the feden By GEORGE W. CRANE, PH.D..M.D. "Jane'a excetilve religious fanaticism probably l« competition for a MIM! sin," a psychiatrist would say. So analyte her case with care. Violators of God's law* (unlike ordinary criminals} fear the 4 dramatic forms of divine punishment noted below! CASE U-S11: Jane K , aged 36, has a sexual problem. "Dr. Crane," her husband asked, "could you please explain why my wife has become so fanatical in her zeal for a splinter type of religion? "For she now neglects our 4 children. "She refuses to let them salute the flag or have any pictures of Christ in our home. "And she insists that we all join her religion or she will leave us and get a divorce.'' RELIGIOUS FANATICS Often we psychiatrists find that when patients carry their religious fervor to an abnormal degree, they are compensating. For they have an inner guilt complex, usually in the sexual realm, that makes them try to swing the pendulum to the opposite extreme. Maybe some of you readers will recall the play called "Rain," wherein a missionary zealot was obsessed with the sinful life of an attractive young prostitute. But the play ended with his succumbing to her wiles. His earlier fanatical religious hostility had thus been due to an inner conflict of conscience with his erotic desire for her. When I had an interview with Jane, she was openly defiant and took the attitude that I knew nothing about religion, for hers was the "one and only" true worship of God. But I side-stepped the religious issue. For in counseling, you need to by-pass the obvious, since such symptoms are generally a camouflage, to hide the real culprit. Finally, Jane confessed. She had been promiscuous in high school and borne a baby out of wedlock. She had let it be adopted. Then she admitted to having Indulged in homosexual relations with her college coed roommate. They were lesbians during her senior year. And even after marriage, she admitted she had cohabited with a male dog on several occasions. "Dr. Crane," she tearfully exclained, "I must have been crazy!" That was when Jane subconsciously decided her only alternative was either insanity or fanatical devotion to a very strict, unconventional type of religion. And in her zealous devotion to this splinter sect that she joined, she lost normal parental perspective. "Self-preservation" is usually the greatest motivating force (instinct) in human beings. So send for my booklet "How to Stay Sane and Happy" (How to Prevent Nervous Breakdowns!, enclosing a long stamped, return envelope, plus 25 cents. (Always write to Dr. Crane, Hopkins Bldg. Mellot, Indiana 47958 enclosing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 25 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) ByLEEJONES Associated Press Writer AUSTIN (API - State welfare commissioner Raymond Vowell assured legislators Thursday the $125 million federal windfall that Gov. Preston Smith promised was indeed forthcoming. Smith said Wednesday the $125 million for social services DDT Use Ban Victory For Environmentalists NEW YORK (API - DDT, once hailed as one of man's greatest weapons against disease and crop damage, turned out to be a time bomb. It killed the mosquitoes that carried malaria in many parts of the world and it killed the insects that destroyed much of man's food crops. But it upset the balance of nature, and sometimes left things worse than they were at first. It turned out to be so persistent that it spread throughout the world, perhaps on the winds, moved quietly into the food chain, resting finally in Antarctic penquins and in man. "The important thing now," Cameron said, "is to have government and scientists educate farmers on the many safe and effective alternatives to DDT, the integrated control techniques." The federal decision allows a few uses estimated at requiring less than 1 per cent of the 14 million pounds of DDT now sold annually in this country. DDT shipments abroad, some 26 million pounds yearly, are not affected. Both product formulators and environmentalists immediately went to court over the EPA ruling. The formulators asked the federal appeals court in New Orleans to set aside the EPA order, and the environmentalists went to federal court in Washington seeking to eliminate the exceptions from the order. DDT—dichloro diphenyl trichlorethane—is one of a CAPRI Ad. 1.25 Ch. 50 7:30 & 9:35 ,,f W -v, ..LlflNSBURV DRVID a-JMfE-EICSON to the needy would enable the special legislative session to avoid new taxes while funding all state programs for an entire year. Appearing at a joint House- Senate committee hearing on appropriations, Vowell was questioned about the money by Sen. Tom Creighton of Mineral Wells. Creighton asked if Vowell was confident Texas would receive the funds from the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. "Yes, I am," Vowell replied. Vowell said he would be able to certify to the state comptroller within about two weeks the exact amount Texas should receive. State Comptroller Robert family of chemicals developed after World War II. Among its first uses were attempts to control the beetle that causes Dutch elm disease and the lice that spread typhus. But it is not easily broken down by the normal chemical ' activity of living things. There is no proof of any human death from DDT, but it is blamed for having wiped out great populations of birds and fish. A U.N. study last year estimated that there may be one billion pounds of DDT in the biosphere. Much of this can be expected to find its way into the oceans. Yw'UW WITCHED yn'UWDAZZlED! Repack Your Cooler (or have us do it-no extra charge) Insist on COOL PAD Media. Fresher, Cooler Air. Won't Shed Particles. Longer lasting- No Sag Builders Plumbing 66i B/Ol Top o' Texas No. 1 3RIVE-IN Open 8:30 Ad. 1.25 Show at Dusk TO THEM LIFE IS A BALL CLASS of74 ITHEY TAUGHT MORE THAN THEY LEARNED A GCNEHAl FILM CORPORATION p.«ient4t«J" No. 2 "THE GRASSHOPPER' (R) SHOWBEAT 'Man of La Mancha Has Its Problems Hy DICK KLHINEK TARQU1NIA, Ualy— iNEAl—You drive north and west, of Home, along the sea, past the old seaport of Civitavecchia and then turn inland at Tarquinia. You follow the signs which say "L'Uomo Delia Mancha" and they take you along old Etruscan walls and down rutted roads and finally up into the hills. And there they are shooting one of the big pictures of '72 "The Man of La Mancha," with Peter OToole, Sophia Loren and .James Coco. Arthur Miller is the director. He's bearded now and he comes over with a big smile. "Welcome to Disneyland," he says, and there is something magical about the location. There is, first, the windmill which Peter OToole, as Don Quixote, will attack with his broadsword. On one side, it is a normal, battered old windmill. But it is built on a turntable. When it rotates, the other side has a grotesque figure, which is what the mad Quixote sees. But there is something else peculiar about the location. You can't quite put your finger on it until Hiller explains why the company elected to shoot the film in Italy rather than in Spain. "We needed a stage big enough for the castle and prison sets," he says, "and Rome is the only place in Europe with one that big. Of course, the countryside here isn't quite right, as you've probably noticed. It's too green. We had to burn these fields to get them brown enough for us." And that's what's wrong. All along the road from Rome, there have been green fields. Here they are brown and narched. But it fits the mood of the piece. As OToole and Coco come riding along, it suddenly looks right. O'Toole is mounted on a used white horse and Coco, as Sancho Panza, is astride a moth-eaten donkey. They trot toward the camera, singing at the top of their lungs. But O'Toole's steed, weary-looking though he is, begins acting up. "That always seems to happen at this time of day," Hiller says, "and nobody seems to know why." They wanted a funny-looking, skinny, horse. Hiller says the Italians shrugged and said there were no funny- looking, skinny horses in Italy. So they brought one in from Yugoslavia. He's sway-backed, one ear is bent down, his jaw is lopsided. Hiller says that once the horse got to Italy, however, he had a miraculous recovery. He filled out and even his bent ear perked up—"now we have to stick it down with Scotch tape." Both O'Toole and Sonhia Loren have done all their own singing. Hiller and associate producer Saul Chaplin both say they were amazed at how good the two stars sang. Thev say they may elect to dub in O'Toole's big number—"The Impossible Dream"—to give it a bigger quality, but even that is doubtful and they may stick with Peter's own voice. "There is a precedent for dubbing only one song," Chaplin says. "In 'West Side Story,' Rita Moreno sang one song but we dubbed in another." When Hiller was first signed to produce and direct "The Man of La Mancha," he says he got scared and began reading everything he could on Cervantes and Don Quixote. "Then I realized I wasn't doing a documentary," he says, "just an entertainment." O'Toole's make-up, as Quixote, is remarkable—gray hair, beard and long mustache— heavy gray eyebrows, a long nose and a longer, leaner face. His make-up man, Charles Parker, does it every day—and he says it takes 45 minutes while O'Toole says it takes two hours . "I'm a great admirer of El, Greco," Parker says, "and tried to get that quality in the make-up." (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) UlCU IN THK KADDUC is the way to ride out Cheyenne, Wyo., way. even if it's a bicycle and not a hoss a fellow is riding. And particularly, it appears, if the pedals are where the saddle should be. What will they think of next? S. Calvert needs official word from Vowell before he cart count the federal money in determining whether the appropriations bill passed this summer is balanced by revenue. The welfare commissioner said HEW officials had assured him Texas was qualified for federal funds paying 75 per cent of expenditures for social services to the needy. These services include various measures that might help individuals and families stay off weltare-or get off welfare. Included are psychiatric care, family planning services, ml- gr nt labor program, drug abuse control, vocational training and rehabilitation. Prior to Smith's announce- ment of the federal funds, legislative leaders had planned to defer about 180 million in new taxes until next spring by appropriating welfare funds only for eight months of the fiscal year that starts Sept. 1. Once the program is completely phased in, it will cost about $17 million a year, Vowell said. HAS HIGH HOPES THEBES, III. (AP) Thebes' residents number only 442 persons, but the citizens have high hopes of restoring the old Alexander County court house as a tourist attraction. The courthouse, built in 1848 at a cost of $4,400, has been vacant since 1860 when the seat of county affairs was moved to nearby Cairo, III. Thebes is in the heart of one of the nation':: most severely depressed areas. i TEACH GUN SAFETY ROUND LAKE BEACH, III. (AP) - Lake County's 4-H members have added gun safety and training leader dogs for the blind to homemaking and farm-related projects. Patrolman Steve Townsend and Chuck Auxier direct 55 youngsters in gun safety. The battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759 was the battle that won Canada for Great Britain. OUR 100TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR sto Shop Every Night Till 8 5 \bs LITTLE GIRLS' SHORT SETS, 2-6X SANDALFOOT PANTYHOSE All sheer nylon in great tones. $ ] 29 Colorful striped tops, solid shorts. In nifty nylon stretch. Machine-wash. 77 C SPICIAL IUYI SIT Best WINDOW COOLER • Best Because IT COOLS UP TO 6 ROOMS...extra large duet and grille— more air delivery _ _. . Because lf*HAS S^SPEElT BLOWER for maximum cooling or modenate temperatures • Best Because FULL RANGE VOLUME CONTROL allows you to adjust air volume by merely turning knob. Close damper complete for cold weather protection. • Best Because Adjustable ball-bearing grille deflects air in any direction Reg. 189.95 *169 142.87 10 X 14-FT. TWO-ROOM FAMILY TENT FOR OUTDOOR FUN 8 x 10-foot tent in rear. 60- sq.-ft. screen room in front. &QQOO Blue walls, blue-white roof. $99. MODEL 24000 VALUE! BOYS' FLARE JEANS Slim Western look, hit colors, flareleg shape! No ironing needed. Terrific price! 2 fr Volim to '6 • For GIRLS' REG. 7.99 TRI-STRAPPER Crinkle vinyl, manmade soles, heels. Black, white; antiqued buckle. For $£44 ages 4-12. 3 *20 OFF! FEATHERWEIGHT CHAIN SAW WEIGHS LESS THAN 8 IBS! Ideal for the sportsman, camper, homeowner! 2.1 cu. in. erv $ 1 1 AQO gine. 12-in. plain nose bar. I I Jr CHECKS CASHED FOR CREDIT CUSTOMERS

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