The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 6, 1970 · Page 5
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May 6, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1970
Page 5
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* V Urges Enforcing of Time Limit camp- CAMPING- Continued from Page One we can save * these grounds. 1 ' "It's a question of having 1,000 people happy in the park or 1,800 unhappy," said Director Fred Priewert. The following limits will be imposed: Doliiver Memorial - 44 camp sites. Stokes said the only camping area in the park is 6n a shelf at the edge of a steep vhill and ihat consequently, the area cannot accommodate more sites. Clear Lake - 350 camp sites. The present water system in the park will not accommodate more people and the campground has been worn to the point where the roots of the frees are sticking up out of the ground, Stokes said. He recommended this, area be fenced off and dirt _be spread over it to save the trees. Pine Lake _ 225 camp sites. The park septic tank and sewage field system will not accommodate more than this without danger of polluting the lake, Stokes said. Black Hawk — 225 camp sites. Camping was first restricted in this park last year because of over-use, Stokes said. Itraddition, camping also will be limited this year in the Emerson Bay fishing access area,on the east store of Lake Okobpji, Stokes said; There will be/38 spaces available and no more, he said. Specific Sites In years_past, campers could drive into a camping area and set up wherever there was room. As camping became more popular, the commission in recent years started designating specific sites for tents and trailers. But park officers were instructed to make every effort to accommodate any overflow elsewhere in the park. Now the overflow will be turned away. Stokes said park officers have mimeographed lists of camping areas in other parks nearby where overflow campers can go. Iowa's state parks had a total attendance of 10,713,000 last, year, Stokes said. The various' campgrounds had a total/of 624,712 guest days (one /guest for one day). / A strong plea to' enforce camping time limits in the parks was made/by Commis- slorier Les Liclflider of ."Cherokee. At present, there is a two-week limit to camping in a state park/ "It happens in at least some parks/that a group will commandeer a campground and iy there for the whole sum- DRIVER BLACKS 00T, HITS CAR A Des Moines man apparently suffered a .fiefirr attack wfille trying W back his. automobile from a parking place in tire 800 block of Mulberry street Tuesday, .police said. ' William Bagg, 47, of 809 Eighth St., was listed in satisfactory condition Tuesday night at Veterans Hospital. Police said Bagg "appeared to black out" or suffered "a mild heart attack" while backing out of the parking space about 1:30 p.m. Bagg's foot remained on the accelerator during the seizure, police said, causing his automobile to strike a car parked behind him several times. Firemen were called to the scene when someone reported Bagg's car to be on fire..Police said there was no fire but there was smoke from the spinning rear wheels of Bagg's vehicle. Bagg was issued a summons WIREPHOTO (AP) Surprise From the IRS! Horace Robart of Saginaw, Mich., had been expecting a $312 refund from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but instead he received a bill for $80,067.58. A computer mixup caused the error, the IRS said. IRS spokesmen say the error will delay his refund by two or three months. INDICT OIL FIRM FOR POLLUTION By Morton Mlntz >'o The Washington Post WASHINGTON, D.C. - A fed. eral grand jury Chevron Oil Co. indicted Tuesday the for ,/mer," Licklider said. "At the end of the two-week limit, they simply pack up, drive out of the" park and drive right back for another two in again weeks." One-Week Interval? He suggested that, a one-week interval be imposed between consecutive camping periods to give others a chance at the campgrounds. CAETANO TO SPAIN LISBON, PORTUGAL (AH) — Portugal's Premier Marcello Caetano will visit Spain May 20-23 and confer with the Spanish chief of state. Gen. Francisco Franco. for failure to under control. have his vehicle Deadline Is Set on _Chess Tournament Registration will close at 9:30 a.m. Saturday for the 1970 Greater Des Moines Chess Championship tournament at the YMCA. The Des Moines Chess Club is sponsoring the event, with three games scheduled Saturday and two Sunday. Information is available from Jon Frankle at 277-7920. Seek PttblkrJupport for Peace CONGRESS Continued from Page One unspecified,; but lawmakers assumed this would mean bprnbing, mining or otherwise neutralizing the port. The American and_South Vietnamese forays into Communist military sanctuaries inside Cambodia will set back North Vietnamese military efforts by eight months and make it possible to continue or perhaps even to accelle- rate the-scheduled U.S. troop withdrawals from South Vietnam. . • If AmericanJroops.are still in Cambodia by July 1, "I'll be replacing my new chairman of the joint chiefs of 'staff (Admiral Thomas H. Mqorer) — probably with s&rhe ensign," Mr. Nixon said. The President made Mhese and other points during lengthy briefings for 30 senators and 75 representatives. It was Mr. Nixon's only detailed explanation of his moves in Cambodia since his televised speech on the Thursday night. subject last The briefings were designed to allay congressional fears and to answer a Senate Foreign Relations Committee demand for a face-to- face explanation by the President. Few Minds Changed The briefings did not appear to have changed many minds in Congress. By and large, those who supported the President were reassured and armed with new arguments, and those who were skeptical or opposed to the action' said they remained unconvinced. ,.%. Nixon met in the morn" ing with members of the Senate and House Armed Services Committees and in the afternoon with members of Foreign Relations the Senate . Committee and the. House Foreign Affairs Committee'. From all these committees - especially the Senate Foreign Relations panel — there has been criticism of the President's new course in Indochina. Morgan said he was im- jpressed by Mr. Nixon's briefing and so, he thought, werfc the members of his committee. Senator George D. Aiken of Vermont, the top Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, called Mr. Nixon a very skillful moderator but said: "I wouldn't say we received a wealth of new information . . . nor would I say t'h a t many minds have changed." In both the morning and afternoon meetings, Mr. Nixon briefed the Senate and House members and answered questions. And there were briefings by top military and diplomatic advisers. Senator Robert P. Griffin (Rep.,. Mich.) told reporters Mr. Nixon had done a masterly job. adding: "He made clear his intention of not expanding the war, and said the invasion of the Communist sanctuary would actually limit the war, enable him to help >save American lives aud continue withdrawal of troops on schedule." Those attending the morning session at the :White, House w e r e largely administration supporters, but Senator Stuart Symington (Deni., Mo.) what" fie Tieard, "does little to lessen my apprehension." "Real Reason" Representative Charles Whalen (Repr r Ohio) said'Mr. Nixon's answer . to One question made it clear to him that "the real reason" for the_U.S. drive was to lessen Communist pressure on the Cambodian government — something which administration spokesmen have told the public is secondary to blocking attacks on US, forces in South Vietnam. The House, meanwhile, is due to vote today — probably favorably — on a proposal to...prohibit use of U.S. ground combat troops in Cambodia except as deemed necessary by the President to protect U.S. lives in South Vietnam. Mr. Nixon told congressmen he supports the proposal. Senator George S.- McGovern (Dem., S.D.), leader of a drive to force a Senate vote on cutting off war funds, announced formation of a Committee For a Vote on the War to rally public support for the move. "We inten.d to push for a vote in the House, a vote in the Senate and a vote in November," a McGo.vern aide said. Plans for a Senate debate on Vietnam and Cambodia this week, centered around the proposal to repeal the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin resolution, Went awry when Republicans on the For- D«s M«in»t Ri W«j.,Miy j. f • eign Relations Commit^ jected to denunciation ,ot Mr. , Cambodia tttotS ift the feport on the proposal Senator John J. Williams (Rep., Del.),.backed by Senator John Sherman Cooper (Rep., Ky.), won unanimous consent for the recommittal of the Ton- kinjepealer to the commitfee, after he asserted "the staff got a little overzealdus" and wrote its views in the committee report. The report drafted by the committee staff alleges in part that Mr. Nixon's dispatch of U.S. troops to Cambodia "evF~~ dences a conviction by tfie ex~- ecutiye thalit is at liberty to ignore the national commitments resolution and to ~ take over both the war and the treaty powers of the Congress when congressional authority in these areas becomes inconverk lent." • \ Nuclear Bomb ICSt in LAS VEGAS, NEV. (AP) A nuclear bomb with a power of less than 20,000 tons of TNT was exploded Tuesday at the end of a tunnel 1,030 feet beneath Ranier Mesa in the remote northeast corner of the Nevada test site, the Atomic Energy Commission said. There was no leakage of radiation from the shot, the AEC said. The low-range shot was the seventeenth announced nuclear test of the year at the test site, 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. In other action, the commis-! thick. knowingly,,, and,, wilfully^failing. _, to take required precautions against oil pollution by its wells in the Gulf of Mexico. The indictment—returned Jin | New Orleans but announced jhere by Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell-is the first to be brought under a 1953 law, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act. The grand jury named no Individuals. Chevron was charged with 900 separate offenses. Each carries a maximum fine of $2,000. In theory, the total penalty could be $1.8 million. In 1968, the parent company, Standard Oil,of California, had sales of $3.6 billion, ranking thirteenth among the nation's industrial corporations; assets of $5.8 billion, ranking tenth, and net income of $451.8 million, ranking seventh. The indictment grew out of a massive oil ancLgas fire in February and March involving a platform fed by 12 Chevron wells 9Vz to 13 miles off the Louisiana coast and 75 miles southeast of New Orleans. The fires were extinguished on Mar. 10. Then came a huge oil spill that, at its peak, measured eight .miles long, 500 feet wide and, at points, a few Jnches thick. Surrounding the spill was a much larger irridescent film a few millionths of an inch Your Ford Dealer's rii/of sion: Approved development plans for the Finley Landing recreation area on the Mississippi River north of Dubuque, at a cost of $563,414. The 116-acre tract will include two marinas, camping and picnic area, nature study area and the necessary sanitary facilities. The area will be developed by the Dubuque County Conservation Board. Approved devetopmehT .plans for Pinicon Ridge Park on the Wapsipinicon River north of Central City in Linn County, at a cost of $116,400. The money will be used to enlarge the present campground and construct a new road and parking areas. Approved developments plans for Nation's Bridge Park on the South Raccoon River in Guthrie £ouniy south of Panora, at a cost of $76,000. The park would include picnic and camping areas, hiking trails, sanitary facilities and fishing access. Approved a permit for the Determann Blacktop Co. of Camanche to construct a barge- docking facility on the Mississippi River near Camancjie, with the provision that the company be required to build a dike around any asphalt storage tanks to prevent pollution of the river in case of accident. Stokes said the facility would be used mainly for sand and gravel. Accepted a bid of $9,883 by ~tfie~Travele?s Insurance Companies to prpvide personal liability insurance for commission personnel. Stanley Kuhn, director of Administration, pointed out that the 1965 Legislature opened the way for individuals to sue state employes for damages or fake arrest. KILL 3 IN INDIA MOB CALCUTTA, INDIA (REUTERS) — Poliqe shot and killed three persons Tuesday when a mob attacked a police outpost in this capital of troubled "West Bengal state. Oil erupted into the gulf at a maximum estimated rate of 42,000 gallons a day. The big- gejst leak was not capped until Mar. 31. Interior Secretary Walter J. Hickel, who on March 25 had called for criminal prosecution of Chevron, said Tuesday that his department "will continue to prosecute, as vigorously, as possible, those who .pollute ..." After flying over the spill sfte,' he called the situation a "disas- ter"I,jxhiclL_"never should have happened." He said his investigators found that Chevron failed to keep sub-surface safety devices called storm chokes on 137 out of 178 of its wells, which it bas-leased from the government since 1947. The Chevron case has been regarded as the first real test of the determination of the government to attack oil pollution at a time of unprecedented national concern about the eviron- ment. New KLEENITE gets dentures cleaner, I » 4 A : ' brighter, New Improved-Formula KLEENJTE Denture Cleanser . . . with cleansing action unsurpassed by conventional cleaning tablets, unoxy gen ated pastes or powders. More detergent action, strongs-penetrating power. mqre bubbly effervescence than «ver. Surges to every denture surface, penetrates where no brush can reach. Loosens film, flushes away foreign matter. Only New KLEEMTE givei you this formula that gets dentures cleaner, brighter, /aster without brushing! Leaves den- tuies fresh and oo'or-free. TORINO SPORTSROOF FAIRLANE 500 2 DOOR HARDTOP TORINO Get the buy of theyearon the Torino. 14 models including your Ford Dealer's lowest- priced hardtop - specially equipped at a sale price. the Year! Performance, high style and outstanding engineering won Motor Trend's ''Car of the Year" competition for the entire Torino line. From the economical Falrlane 500 Hardtop to the sizzling Torino GT to the luxurious Torino Brougham, there's a "Car of the Year" for every kind of driver-and every kind of budget. AH 14 models offer you features that you won't find on other Intermediate-size cars. The Torino gives you a longer wheelbase (117'). and a wider track (60.5* front, 60* rear). Concealed windshield wipers. Curved side glass. JJnltized body, And the wind-shaped sleekness of aerodynamic styling. Ford's.smooth-runnlng 250 CID SJx is standard. Or you can take your choice of six great V-8's, including a mighty 351 CID V-8 that runs on regular gas, Right now, your Ford Dealer's offering Economy Drive savings on specially equipped, specially priced Fairlane 500's. Your Ford Dealer's lowest-priced hardtop, It comes with dual racing mirrors , , , color-keyed carpeting . . . wheel covers,. .white sidewall tires and, if you like, a vinyl roof.., all at a low sale price, Come see Torino, Mustang, Falcon and all the other money-saving cars on display now during your Ford Dealer's big Economy Drive. Maverick leads the EcxaramyDrive, Ameriea'sfciggest selling smalfcar. It's yours at 1960 prices. See Your Ford Dealer for America's Biggest Choice of Economy Cm. DEWiY FORP SALES, INC. 444 E. 4$ PHONE 288-2273 DES MOINES, IOWA CHARLES GABUS FORD 4545 MERLE HAY ROAD PHONE 278-04! I DES MOINES, IOWA METRO FORD I7TH » INGERSOLL PHONE 2K4III OK MOINES, IOWA ANKENY MOTORS, INC. PHONE W4-422Z ANKENY. IOWA

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