The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 6, 1964 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1964
Page 6
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FAK6 THt FACTS YOU Att INViTED TO OUR RIVIVAl MARCH 8th to 13th 2 S«rvic»* Daily 9:30 AM A 7PM o«**t »t»i»*f RIV. W. W. NAWTHOINi Aitmimetrator, Mtndr It'*", MlT.m<,fi Mu«ie I.*e4*r •V. ROM! H. MWRON .t«n Vtll»r M»tl«*ll«» Chwreli, M«-i«t'-«i NUNSMY PROVIDED FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Lei* J«elt*« Finolists are decided in three divisions AtsrrK (Ai>)-*Hh nnsi- ,«t» jir«*tr <toemw! I* three .lt*i«ir/n«, Cl**i** f« "Od AAAA w«r» ready t'»»»y »'* ftrrsf wtiich vrntVt determlM (h«ir r»fr»»»M«llv»§ IB till* »,..>«» i.l IM filat* *ehc«ltj(iy lutin-tiiull T'Kinum*nt. (i|*nl(NI In* •»*'("'' day of lh» l>ia tournament In a Cl>s* n »mi-fln»l game **re Krankatrrfi, • eh»m|>1«n In iSKI, »r»J McA*»), lh» prM* ijf (ho high I>l»ln» whij wilt Ih* ch«m|iloBi!hl|i bit yi>ir »nd earn** an impreanlv* 3:1-2 r*enrd in this y»ir'( *«mi- final clash. rrtftkaton betl (>l*it« Ilia In » qiurter-flnal gam*. Th* other ClM* R **ml- flMl lam* milehed IMto, who COMPLETE HOUSEFUL Thlt Through Our 20 Yrt. of Furniture Cxporlonc* FURNITURE INCLUDESi MtnUGERATCR . STOVE* DINETTE LIVING ROOM GROUP BCDROOM CAOUP AS LOW AS 1" WEEKLY PUHL'S FURNITURE CD. 617 N. HWY. 288 CLUTI AN 5-2075 p**t will M<4I to t«e*k * Mm* «*m» <Hfl*fc» •eortnf r***d «Ml v*« *MI» iM4, *»d f»*w»ey, «*», MM M«Adoe, drew * fin* tt**a fey* Mrt iUtonrtttetllr mo**d into MMnl-flMl Bi«». Third'ptM* eintM *t*» w«r« (cMrtnlMl in CU**M 8, A, AA, 1*4 AAA, T«* toll bay* MCI*** AAA/ w«r* **t for Mffll-flMlMtttW thl* afternoon, Datlaa Adam•Ml, 1&-4, and SMI ABtoato Lee, 27-4, were oppawflt* Id th* flr*t AAAA (tow, with rc>rt worth Hattnm, »8»4, «nd Stephen r. Au*tiB of Hearten, W-i, nutated w tb* **««»d gim*. FiniU In til el***** are net for Saturday. Cl**r Creek, AAA «htm. plOM in IS»3, allowed II may be capable of defend!* It* tltt* thl* y**r by defeating* *P**dy Kllfare iMm from g**t T*K•*, 68-60. Jimmy Umax, iUo * uttr oa U*t year'* eh*m- ptonahlp «qa*d, pumped In 30 mint* (or Iht wildcat* from South*** T««M, making their eighth tournament app**r*M* in th* l**t nlM year*. Urry Gilbert, on* of two **nior •tarter* on th* Kilgore Uam, was hi* team'* higi> Mortr with 17 point*. Th* DuIWofi work*d their flit-broli offense to perfee- tlon In tlw tlr*t half,but (lowed down conalderably In th* •eonnd h*U, **pMl*liy *ft*r lo»lni jo* O'lUcen on foul* lit* In the third quarter. Kll- (or*, »l*o it th* tournament In IMS, ind l«88, ha* never r*ieh*d th* llntl*. Crihim eUlm*d th* other (Inil *pot oppMlt* clear Cr**k by *h*klnc off * •booting clump end bwtlni South Sin Antonio, 47.48. Th* Stem' victory, ih*ir tBthlna row, WM paced by 6 foot S all-cut* center, Mlfc* Loeh- n*r, who thr*w In * point* and crabbed II rebound*. South Sen, trying for It* **o- ond *Ut* till* in low year*. STATEMENT OF REVENUIS AND DISBURSEMENTS VELASCO DRAINAGE DISTRICT V««v faeM 0*c*«k«r 31, If!) TaxfH collcctfd - 1963 Salrii of MI r,i|' .mil irlund of cxponses t Inn expend 1 1 urcs: s' h.-ilary and expcnnc ACTUAL $ 255,880.05 189.00 BUDGETED $ 265,000.00 -o$ 256,069.05 $ 265,000.00 $ 5,340.00 $ 5,000.00 sorvlct- and expense Gfiiural ctiKtnut'rinn services Accounting .ind audilinc, 1'ayroll taxes , withhold ing and Insuruncc OpcfALion and maintenance of pump u tat ion Waii'luniHc and oltict expense rk'uquilo control Kc|ul|>mrnt rupair M.I lilt iMiaiicr ot ditcheK 11. IK L.ikr and t Union Bayou Rehabilitation Mutnteiuncf nl He.i wall New cons t rue I Ion Hurricane protection program Contingencies l<|ulpmc<nt addition)* KXCESS OF REVENUES OVER EXPENDITURES 3,814.06 2,340.14 2,135.00 16,348.54 7.170.71 2.438.75 12,412.47 12,576.36 65,204.75 22,129.25 1,401.53 21,264.25 4,831.47 -o$ 179.407728 176,661.77 20.363.97 6,000.00 3,600.00 2,500.00 19.125.00 4,000.00 1,000.00 20,000.00 11,400.00 60,000.00 27,375.00 12,600.00 30,000.00 28.500.00 9.900.00 241.000.00 24,000.00 24.000.00 -o- »*£* , ^ • v-** .j^*,,^' • »*• &* .<v^ Ktctt.1 l.A. PtctliMf J.A. Trtvto, VUt Pi ««l4««t tC. Itw. StKftMKf hardly <al a K *«k>ii too** for * tOfff Btf*i, aflf*t^ «%*l ptoyef tor **» AM, cot t* Ctaa* AA. Un***1*f ad' "&»»*« to Mi* final* oepMti* Ctnyon by emniat tt* San V*qM*n>i from Sooth It-M. N «M III* ISOi ory tor th* •tot* Tmat «HM, whtoh wa* p***4 *y Ottf DeiMlw'* t* •eltl* mi IT noMt ifUrry *M KMtc al*o AM faartl itihaaie* 4ft <o nwi uuvu *v T*w nmoll aVRUaHMr flat WHO taam «u l*d try waller BWW with I i point* and Tbomaa MoUna with 17. Canyon nanini It* WMHMI record to 31-8 e**lly put awir ntrdla-Mfterncd 8I-4S in the ota*f AA Mffll-flMl cam*. Th* tall E*|»»« from the Pan- hindl* u*ed Bobby Etan*' 17 point* and a *troni rebound IH lame tor their victory. Wayn* w**««r had 17 tor H«r- dln-Mttmon (mm Soutboat T*«*«, Henrietta made no* of the moat (antantle comeback* in tournament hlttory In a Clean A Mml-flaal iam», rallylnt from a 27-7 deficit at th* end ot th* tlrit ojHrtor to edt* Eurt chambm 64-63 in double overtime. Two free thrown by Urry L*F*v*r* and on* by David SchlcJc won It tor th* Bearcat*, who hare !o*t only one* all **a*on. Tommy 81m* and Pant GUI had IS each tor Henrietta, while Jimmy York to»ied in 18 and Pat Grlvlch 16 for Ea*t Chamber*. Eaat Chamber* lo*t th* Cam* at th* free throw line, with Grhrtch and Jimmy Kl«er both mliilnc (hot*. Talco put four men In double •eorlnc flew** to off**! a 33- polnt ptrformano* by Wad* Crook who mlaawd hi* flrtt •hot and then aunk IS In a row, to defeat Santord-Frltoh, 77' 61 lu In* other class A **ml- flnal tilt. Gary Buchanan with 18 wa* high for Talco. Dew rtcrtftioi BOWUNG Dow Diamond League Team ctandlnc* — Lucky Strike* 81-15, H*llo Trio 2016, Star tlchtwr* 18-16, Pla- ette* 13-23. Hlch Individual ^ Aleae Watt* 199. Ilith team game-Lucky Strike* 46 1. ABC Leacue Team Btandlnfi-Oo* O'B 38-37, OM R'*, 57 1/2-38 1/2, Strike Out* 56 l/S-39l/2,Ten Strike* 50I/S-45 1/8, Gaa- **r* 50-46, Lone Shot* 48-48, Dribbler* 44-82, HotShots 4452, Scatter Shot* 381/287 1/2. AM Pin* 3244. Hlch tuuivlduai came-O. F. Sohumm 223. Hlch team game -Scatter Shot* 7 17. Nlcnttttwk League Team (Undine* — Maverick* 57 1/2-341/2, Magneil- um Three 56 1/2-38 1/2, Traffic 66-35, teduttrlal Relation* 55 1/2-36 1/2. ChlorlM Three SSt/i-Stl/S. Glyeol Three 541/2-371/2, Re- Mareb 63-3», MagnealumOne 48-43, olyeol on* -18-43, Transport 47-44, Plnalam- m*r* 44-48, Rpoxy Realn 421/J-491/2, plant Engineering 34-58, Reactora 3486, Ethyl-Dow 33-58, DolUr- makcr* 17-78. Hlch individual game-A. E. Mayflald 210. Hlch team game -Chlorln* Three 1015. SHADE TREES e Wtraping Mulbtmri* • Sllv-r Laxrf MopU CITRUS TREES ' SHRUBS « Tomato & Ptppor Plants & Plum TNNM AZALEAS CAGE SCORES oll*f«BMk*tb*n fir THE ASSOCIATKOPBESS NYU 74, pordh*nM **ton Hull l°*. Vpwl* 77 M«nhiti«n II«, St. Peter* W nowllftf Green M, DePaaKO Rle* ft, 30. Method!*! 90 T*«M A«M M, TMM 61 Arkanaai 106, f**** Chrl*. Han 77 T*n* Teen M, Btylor 82 Hardln-Slmmon*, 94. AMItn* Chrlillan 70 New Mexico M, Brl|h*m young DO Idaho stale III, Monttn* W Wyoming 92, Utdh 77 Atlantic COM! Conference Flrnl Round Clcmiion 81, Maryland 67 Wake Fore*t 7», Virginia 67 No. carotin* 10, So, Camllna 63 Duke 7B, No. Carolina State 44 Aggies edge Texas in final game Dy BOB MORTON A P Sport* writer Champion Tex** A&M, no doubt looking ahead to bigger thing* in NCAA pUyotte, ha* survived • harrowing week which cloved out thl***a*on'8 Southwest Conference baiket- ball campaign. Flnt it wa* a feeble 7060 double overtime victory over lowly Texas Christian, wlnl*** In league competition, *t Fort Worth Tuesday. Then Thursday night th* kingpin Agglea, possessing their first outright till* In 41 years, almost lost their scalps-on their horn* court yet-before nipping IM3 tl- Ullt Texas, 65-43. Twice in the last 10 seconds, with AtM leading only 0443, Texas' Jim Bob Smith missed on one-find -on* tree throw situations which could have brought an upset, The lead changed hands 16 times. to other other cam**, second-place Texas Tech defeated Baylor at Waco, 96-82; Rice got Into a three-way tie for third with Texas and Southern Methodist by beat- Ing SMU at Houston, 97-80; and TCU tost Its final bid for a league victory, swamped by Arkansas 108-77 at Favet- tevlUe. AtM thus emerged with a 13-1 S*agu* record, the *ol* toss to Texas Tech at Lubbock. Tech finished 11-3, with SMU, RJoe and Texas bunched at 8-8. At (he bottom of the SWC heap were Arkansas, 6 -a; Baylor, a-M; and the Horned Frog*, 0-14. A*M, -with and over-all record of it vletoti** and «lx defeat*, meets T*xa* Western at Dallas Monday night In the playoffs to name the NCAA representative to the Midwest Rtglonal. Crilghton and Oklahoma City University also are paired In th* Dallas playoff. fcnlor eoltH»» **•! MtMOoU WMHp*rt# 6Vff ft day and on* WfM period. Aggies poised at Border meet ~SS op top man among the scoring leaders,, getUaf 8S point* IB hi* bat two game* (or a season total of 1S4, nooaier- enee teortac Rhlae kid with 3» potato. Two ScwMwwa* Coatewe* records feU in th* nni-RKw battle. The Mostavg* 1 den* Elmare grabbed 17 rebound* to s*t * MHumi mrk of 806 br*akls« the afaadard of 1W fW^sts^itt lit* e Bat Rbiii* reblitfad fey dunkiBf in I) 0*ld go*4* for a MHUMI total at M* wkfeh era*«d th* reewd SU estab- llahed by IB SMUftar, Jim LANEDO, Tex. (AP) - AB ISMQH th»t is wtpeeted to pay off wtth * score of records tttrttd today in th* massive, four-division Border Olympic*. Texas A4M, Baylor and Texas were poised for a orwk at AWleo* Christian College's championship In Ih* university division. Texts Southern was favored to win the college division for Ih* flfth straight Hm*. But th* eollMlans won't see action Mill Saturday. Mean* white, 94 high ichool* and n Junior colleges went through day-long preliminaries with a doten records within reach. Most of th* athtetei-676 of them-were in the high school division. Th* university and college divisions hold preliminaries Saturday morning whll* the high Mhool* and junior colleges run off their final* Saturday afternoon. University and college fl- Hoistoi (tills it Lfrtdo golf «t«t LAREDO (AP) - The University of Houston team holds a 24-stroke lead today going Into the third IB-hole round of the Border Olympics Golf Tournament, The Cougars whipped up a teem total of 879 Thursday to putpace Texas Tech and North Texas State, tied for second at 603. Th* University of T*xas wa* fourth at 604. Th* 83 golfers representing 18 colleges and universities tee off early this morning for another 18-hole round In the meet. Rff ilirs shoot at Join !«••• PENSACOLA. Flu. (AP)The regulars on the PGA golf tour w*r* shooting at the "old man" as they teed off today tor the second round of the |30,OW Pensacola- Open. The "old man" Is a 88- year-old John Barmtm, who plays Infrequently on the circuit but twice In the recent past stole the play from the younger stars of professional golf-when he won the 1962 Cajun Classic and when he led after 18 holes In the PCA Championship that year. Ml* are Saturday night whe« Randy Matson, IhaTexa* A*M freshman, apteer* In a shot put exhibition. He ha* don* 68 feet 8 inch**. While Mataoa will probably be th* ttar, he wottH be after a record, since he Isn't ell- glbto for it. That will leave hi* varsity pal at Texas AtM Danny Roberts, to put some new mark* In th* book*. Robert* appears lik»iy to break both the shot put record of 87-8 3/4 and the discus record of (64-7 1/2. There are two of a probable haif-doxen overall records due to be set as an army of 1,018 athMM from 81 universities, colleges, Th* BTaioejwrt Net* I* •uthorla*d to aMauati th* tottowiac candidate* tor public ottle*, Mbjeet loth* ^ action of th* Dtmoentto* and Republican primary election* of May t, IN4. (Where no party litndieat- ed Ih* candidate is D*mo- AUBSSOR' CCULICTOR L.O. Honlt M. A, Robert Cladney JUJTICE, PCT.9, PL. 1 R. Qyne Tnama*, Incumbent ft>9ld Pol. Adv.' Pal mer s ANNUAL ALL FAMILY BOAT SHOW OPEN HOUSE SUN. MARCH 8 PRIZES AND REFRESHMENTS MNMttirMi KILL TERMITES Arab Simple-\9*M*nti foW»r ovoitobf*) Mk our ARAB Expect fttth«fk«t» &T LUMBER CO. AL THOMPSON J» AntUtoa Dr. Clot* AN 5-2864 GARDEN SHOP Braxotpotf Village Snopplna Center Sunday »m g*> op«n«Vlly •\ally9MMPM Caladiums Leafed and lovely for your beds now. Whit*, pinks, greens, reds. 3" Pot 3/1-00 SKQAL SAT.& SUN.ONLY JAPANESE Box Wood 1GAL. 2WM Fertilizer 197 SOtba. SPECIAL SAT. '& SUKvQNIY COMPOSED SHEEP MANURE Sov«30<f. r«g. $1.29 c 99 50lb». Tomato SPICIALLY FORMULATID POR SOUTHWESTIRN FMtMtai QRASSIft TM kairtar MM**; .itamttaayaar ***SrMto • DuMrei 12-4-6 aat* <•! -$495 mnMaltJ 50 Ite. $3.75 WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND A GOSPEL MEETING M A R CH 9th .,.: 14* ~ 7i3B P.M. Dally (PveturiM « a1H*f*o» Bvangellat each evening.) AAAN'S RELATIONSHIP TO GOD PAST PRESENT—FUTURE i., March 9th ____.. "Me«' t Rel.tlenahlp to the eM Lew" leeeker THEME: . Ja«*a Meer* ... . Owrdi t* th* H*w L*w" i'» Rctetlenahlp te-th» Church T. E. Week •nraerie Church i'a R*Utlen»hlp I* the Geaeel" Jean Weolley dele Church "The Cfcu«h alnce th* Dey el Penteee*!" " Belleck .... W. C*lu«i*J« IF YOU WANT IT AMI dwi m$t WE CAN GET IT Ukt CHWCH OF CHWST

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