The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 25, 1986 · Page 22
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 22

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1986
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

t-B THE BAYTOWN SUN Friday, April 25, 1916 Long distance prices lowered WASHINGTON (AP) — AT&T, MCI and GTE-Sprint are planning dramatic reductions in long-distance rates June 1. For people making out-of-state calls from home, AT&T calculated its average long- distance bill will go down 8.9 percent. The $1.5 billion AT&T cut, which must be approved by the Federal Communications Commission, triggered plans for the new round of price restructuring in the hotly competitive long- distance arena. AT&T's competitors were studying the plan but said they would keep their prices competitive. • Because of its size — the government estimates AT&T still has about 80 percent of the interstate long-distance business — the phone giant must submit its price structure for government approval. The smaller companies can change their prices at will. Under the AT&T proposal, the cost of daytime state-to-state calls would drop by 11.4 percent. The price of weeknight calls before 11 p.m. local time would drop by the same percentage. Smaller reductions — 2.7 percent — are planned for calls after 11 p.m. and on weekends until 5 p.m. Sunday. The reductions would not affect rates on calls made within states. The changes would come the same day the FCC doubles a $1 charge residential customers pay for the line that connects them to the telephone central office. When the reductions were announced Thursday, Gene Kimmelman, legislative director of the Consumer Federation of America, called it "a nasty trick that most of those benefits are going to flow to daytime users." "The average residential customer, who is going to pay $1 more a month, is going to get a miniscule nighttime and weekend rate reduction," he said. But Herb Linnen, the AT&T Washington spokesman, said, "It's wrong to assume that residential customers call mainly on nights and on weekends." He provided figures that show that 27 percent of AT&T's daytime long-distance revenue comes from people using their home phones. Calls from home account for 45 percent of the revenue in the 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. period. Those are the periods that would get the largest price breaks. Strake wants to keep GOP chairmanship SUN CLASSIFIED 422-8323 We're Working For You AUSTIN (AP) — Texas Republican Party Chairman George Strake says he changed his mind and decided to seek another term as party leader because he wants to keep the GOP ball rolling. With the party fielding more candidates than ever, Strake said, "I don't want to risk any loss of momentum, any disruption or transition which might jeopardize our opportunity to elect a Republican governor." Strake, a Houston oilman, earlier this year said he wouldn't seek another term as party leader. But he said Thursday he reconsidered after state Sen. Buster Brown, R-Lake Jackson, decided not to seek the job. One reason for his change of mind is so the state party organization will continue seeking a broad range of support, Strake said. "I think I can do a better job — as I have done in the past — of welcoming in the new without extracting the old and of making the old feel at home without shutting the door on the new," he said. Brown said he decided against seeking the job because of his duties in the Texas Senate. "I didn't feel like I could do justice to both of them. They're both full-time jobs," Brown said. Strake said he expects opposition at the party's state convention in Dallas in June, but he declined to say who might challenge him. Party vice chairwoman Diana Denman of San Antonio had been running, but she said she didn't know if she would continue should Strake seek re-election. "Obviously, I find it easier to run races against nobody. If somebody runs against me, I intend to run an active race and intend to win it," Strake said. The GOP chairman said he had three goals when he took the job, two of which have been met. Those were the re-election of President Reagan and replacing Sen. John Tower, R-Texas, with another Republican. His third goal is for a Republican to recapture the governor's mansion, Strake said. He said the party is growing under his leadership. Polls indicate about one-third of Texans now consider themselves Republicans, Strake said, and there are 1,026 GOP candidates in Texas this year, nearly twice the 584 who ran in 1984. "I am looking forward to another term as chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and to continuing the momentum we have established during the past several years," Strake said. Lawyer says homeowners want $100,000 from Phillips PHILLIPS (AP) — Homeowners in this Panhandle town who face eviction by the Phillips Petroleum Co. have amended a suit to ask for $100,000 in damages for each homeowner ordered to move, according to their lawyer. The amended complaint, filed this week in Amarillo federal court, also asks for a preliminary injunction blocking Phillips from enforcing the eviction order until litigation in the class-action suit is concluded. Phillips residents living in the southern part of town have been ordered by the Oklahoma-based oil company to relocate by Aug. 31 to make way for expansion of the company, which is the area's largest employer. Those in the northern section have until Dec. 31 to give up their land, which has been leased from the company. The original complaint, filed Sept. 4, asked the oil company to compensate homeowners $60,000, said Michael Mosher, a Dallas lawyer representing the homeowners. Hormel striker charged BEDFORD (AP) — Ron May, a fired air traffic controller who went to prison for striking, said he couldn't resist the chance to participate in a demonstration in Austin, Minn. "When I heard about the scabs crossing the picket line up there, I knew I had to go," said May, one of 20 Dallas-area union supporters who two weeks ago manned picket lines alongside meat- packers who have been on strike against the Geo. A. Hormel & Co. plant for eight months. May and 16 .others were arrested during the violent protest. But, he said, he isn't bothered by the possibility of going back to jail. "I would do it again this weekend, if they asked me to," said May, the former local president of the defunct Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization. Police said the pickets refused orders to disperse and threw alkaline solution, a smoke bomb and rocks during a pre-dawn demonstration. But May said they locked arms peacefully to resist police attempts to break up the demonstration. "Anybody in the front of the circle was arrested, and I was in the front, "he said. It's not the first time May, 38, has given his support to other strikers. In 1983, he picketed in Arizona with striking copper miners. "If I have the time and the money, I go," May said. 101 Legal Notices 102 Lodge Notices 103 Personals 104 Special Notices 105 Lost A Found 106 Car Pools 107 Card ofThanks 108 In Memoriam 109 Travel News 110 Entertainment 2UU Employment 201 Professional 202 Management 203 Sales 204 Medical 205 Technical 206 Trades 207 Clerical 208 General 209 Part Time 210 Temporary 211 Work Wanted 212 Business Opportunities 300 Articles for Sale 301 General Articles 302 Musical Instruments 303 Building Materials 304 Machinery-Equipment 305 Antiques 306 Livestock-Supplies 307 Pets-Supplies 308 Food Fare 309 Soil-Fertilizer 309a Nurseries 310 Articles Wanted 311 Garage Sales 312 Articles for Trade 313 Games-Hobbies 400 Services Offered 401 General Services 402 Child Care 403 Building Contractors 404 Instruction 500 Rentals 501 Houses to Rent 502 Apartments to Rent 503 Trailers to Rent 504 Bedrooms to Rent 505 Roommates Wanted 506 Articles to Rent 507 Business Rentals 600 Real Estate 601 Houses for Sale 602 Acreage 603 Business Property '6Q3a Multi-Unit Property 604 Vacation Property 605 Out of ToWn Property 606 Farms & Ranches . ; 607 Waterfront Property 608 Lots for Sale 609 Property Wanted 610 Houses to Move 611 Mobile Homes 612 Trailer Spaces 613 Monuments-Lots 700 Recreation 701 Boats 702 Boating Equipment 703RVS 704 RV'slo Rent 705 Sporting Goods 706 Sport Leases 707 Campers/Covers 800 Transportation 801 Automobiles 802 Imported Autos 803 Trucks-Vans 804 Work Cars 805 Autos Wanted 806 Antique Cars 807 Auto-parts Service 808 Motorcycles 809 Utility Trailers 810 Aircraft DEADLINES tttrt Mt-hOO p.m. Monday thru Friday for odi starting the next day. 10 a.m. Saturday for ads starting Monday. The same deadlines apply to cancellations. DM* MHBordered Advertisement*) 2 Days prior Monday thai Friday at 9:30 a.m. (For, Ex. 9:30 Monday for Wednesday) Ads for Tuesday due or 5:00 p.m. Friday. OFFICE HOURS 9065 —Elongated. Slimming. Soft blouson descends to dropped waistband. Dress has camisole undertop. Misses Sizes 6 to 18. $3.25 for each pattern Add 75C each pattern for aostage, handling. Send to: Marian Martin PaltenK, flCMferttait Tbe Baytown Sun 62-10 Northern Blvd., Woodsioe, NY 11377. Print N*me, Address, Zip, Size, Pattern Number. 84 Fresh fashions in SPRING - SUMMER PATTERN CATALOG. Free pattern offer. Send $2 + 75c postage. Books $2.95 -f- 75C p&h. 123-SMch 'n' Patch Quilts 11 ^flower Crochet MARIAN MARTIN PATTERNS SHOWER CENTERPIECE. Bride doll !• perfect size for shower centerpiece. Make from stuffed pantyhose and fabric scraps, use yarn to match the bride's hair color! Full-size patterns. #1332-2 $4.95 9307—Sew-easy flare dress just slides over your head (no zipper). Tunic version tops your favorite pants. Women's Sizes 34 to 50. S3.25 for each pattern. Add 75c each pattern for postage, handling. Send to: Marian Martin Patterns. Reader Mail 84 The Baytown Sun 62-10 Northern Blvd., Woodtkte, NY 11377. Print Name, Address, Zip, Sbe, Pattern Number. HUMPTY DUMPTY. Egg-head serves as child's doll or handy bookend. Won't fall apart when he falls off the shelf, because he's stuffed fabric. #2125-2 $4.95 To Order... fully Illustrated and detailed plans for these delightful projects, please specify the project name and number and send the dollar amount specified for each project. Include S1.50 postage and handling. For faster delivery, use zip-plus-four zip code. Add S2.95 for catalog. Mail to: Classified Crafts Dept.C T7r>2n Box52189 Tulsa, OK 74152-0189 CANADIAN RESIDENTS: Ple*M add S2.50 lor postage. lul Legal Notice NOTICE TO BIDDERS The Barbers Hill Independcn School District is accepting bids FOR SANDBLASTING. PAIN TING 4 REPAIRS ON BARBER HILL HIGH SCHOOL FOOT BALL STADIUM BLEACHERS Bid Forms may be picked up i Ihe Business Office of Ihc Ad I ministration Building. Bids are t ,be returned to C. Wayne Watson I Business Manager, no later than 3:1)0 p.m. May 19. 198fi Bids will he opened at 3:00 p.m May 19. 1980 and action will b lakcn on bids at 7:3U p.m.. Ma 20. 1986. al the Regular Boar Meeting. Fresh fashions in SPRING - SUMMER PATTERN CATALOG. Free pattern offer. Send $2 + 75c postage. Books $2.95 + 75« p&h. 11W«ppi« Crochet Mw-fri I:M •.«. 1*.IM •.*.•}}: MARIAN MARTIN PATTERNS For more information phone: 71 576-2221, Exl. 206. C Wayne VVatso Business Managt SANS/PAR "SmictwItkNtunl" Something Added: • COMMERCIAL /RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL • MAINTENANCE AND CONSTRUCTION • MASTER ELECTRICIAN LICENSED, BONDED. INSURED •RIGWELDERS "Rapid, Quality Response" •QUALIFIED-Your Materials And Procedures -"TURNKEY WORK" All equipment and consummoblet (713)422-4837 314ScMNng P.O. fax 3072 77522 CALLED CONCLAVE- o( Kennedy Commudry MlKT Friday, April », 1986, al 7p.m. in Die Asylum In U» GOIMC Creek Lodge Hill lor the purpoee of work tn the Order of Red Craa • MalU Sojourning knlgtUi cordially InvHed. D.B. Landrum, Commander W.R.Artwood, Recorder I, DAVID EARL LEE- Will not be responsible [or any debit Incurred by anyone other than mystlf as of April M. 19W. David Ear) Lee. LOST- Small black calico female cat. Klngsbend area. Reward. Call 427-3430. LOST BLACK HANDBAG- Between Wllma St.. In Beach City k San Jacinlo Mall on April l?Ui. SUBSTANTIAL REWARD! Contact Bobble Blttner, 3832001. MHO D1 CUTl- AccepUw applk*- llm lor bwteadtn, barbadu, cocktail waMrM*M and dtak jockey. Apply at BAYTOWN ttPLOYMENT Duvns- uy, «c*ttmi bewflts. 1 jm. eftmner- cial experieaee • at )Ma( 8 yn. «kt. Apply: CWM Transportation, L«e Dr. * Hwy. 141. EOE MM W. Bator. MM IN CaliUi ttMTIt RZSPONSttLE PUtSON- lo work at J dayi week, Hon.- WAITUSfltS- cooks * dishwashers. Apply Magnolia Restaurant, 1-10 Magnolia E»H, Key Truck Stop. Wed.-Frl. «:M-11:00 a.m. tX per week. Own transportation. Highlands/Lynchburg area, Mrs. StodcwtU, UH777. JtCS MINUTE MAN- stores, needs cashiers, stackers, and deli help. Apply at 7914 Thompson Road, Highlands, **• (434. WANTED- Part-time Video Electronics Repair person.Call between 8:30 t<:30 weekdays. 422-4070. LOST- Gray Yorkshire Terrier. Male. Has black spot on right hip. Vicinily of Ward and 146. REWARD. 427-2817. FOUND PUPPY- Stephen F. Austin Campus. Femaie, tan with black nose. Wearing blue collar wilh bell. 427-0860: evenings 420-2458, FOUND- Large black & white male dog. Vicinily 146 & McKinney. Call 428-2404. MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY- Good salary. Restaurant experience preferred. Must be able to work days and nights. Apply In person or send resume to Giovannis Pizza, 1514 San Jacinto M a] 1 No calls please. CASHIERS, STOCKERS, COOK- Mature person willing to work any shift, must be dependable. Apply al Convenience Supermarket, 7101 SJolanderat I- 10. Baytown. 421-3982. LA CHATTE CABARET- Now hiring dancers It waitresses. No experience necessary. Open 7 days a week. 11 to 2. t30 salary + commission. 45HI846. HYDRO-BLASTER- Telephone & Transportation. Apply in person: 1120 W. P asadena Freeway. ASSISTANT MANAGER- needed for apartment community, Baytown area. Will train. No pets. Non-smoker. Apply: 10101 Fondren, Houston, Monday- Friday, 8:30-4 p.m. GOVERNMENT JOBS- (16,040- »9,23Wyr. Now hiring. Call I-M 6000 Exl. R-9629 for current federal list. Fee required. THE KETTLE— on 1-10 Is now hiring bus boys, waiters, waitresses, cooks, cashiers, with exp. Apply within. TEXAS STATE OPTICAL- Position open. Apply In person Goose Creek Center. 6956 Garth Road. AMWAY— If you seriously need to make additional income and are willing to make the necessary commitment; we can help. Call 422-7962, NEEDED- Experienced sales associate for new concept in manufactured housing. Base salary plus commission. Highlands. Baytown area. Call Leslie. 426-8481. EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE AGENTS- Needed. BAY AREA ASSOCIATES, INC., 427-7S56. 2 COUNSELORS NEEDED- for 40 jr. old national home service company, to represent us in Baytown area. Join our team & build your future. Call Bob. 644 5300. LVN's NEEDED— for private duly nursing. Must be able lo work all shifts, and every 1 other weekend. 422-5543. LICENSED PERSON- needed lo care for elderly gentleman. 12 hour shifts. Call 422-5543, DATA PROCESSING/ENTRY 'ERSON— Must be aggressive and con- 'idenl lo take charge ol operation of computer facility. IBM :H experience >referred, but not required. S1400 to ilTOO. Send resume to Personnel. P.O. Box 038. Baytown. Tx. 77522. LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER- Prefer mature grandparent type lor < yr. old. Lighl housekeeping, cooking. Salary negotiable. 424-3438 between 6 p.m.-8 p.m HOUSEKEEPER WANTED- Reliable, conscientious person to care for our borne, 2 days per week. Send work history, current references to P.O.Box 1707, Baylown.Tx. 77522. BABYSITTER/HOUSEKEEPER- Mun. thru Fri. 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. References a must. After 5 p.m., 3832332. CASHIERS NEEDED- 2 to 10, and 10 to 6 shifts. Apply wilhin, Ecol«107.103301 10 East, Baytown. % Diamond ShamrockTruckSlop. EXPERIENCED LEASING AGENT- i\ ceded in Bay town area. Call 453-8709. CATERING TRUCK HELPER- 6 a.m to 7:30 a.m., 5 days a week. Baytown Refinery'. Own transportation. 671-2938 CASHIERS/CLERKS- Evenings 4 Nights. Apply in person E-Z Marl, 0729 Hwy 146.573-9904 Or 426-9900. TIARA EXCLUSIVES- has an opportunity to help you earn extra cash for that summer fun. For more details, cal 424-8828. NEEDED IMMEDIATELY- Someone to supervise children during ladies' one hour exercise class. Mon.-Wed.-Fri. 10 a.m.-H.a.m. 55 day guaranteed with more possible. 424-8777. 110 TO m HK. POSSIBLE- Part time or full time. No experience necettary. Will train. Call (or interview, 427-TOtl, belween»».m.*6p.m. MAINTENANCE PEWON- with 2 yrs. experience. Apply In person: VUlage Lane apartments, 4W1 Village Lane. No phone calls. VISIBLE CHANGES- Houston's No. 1 hair cutting operation Is In March of experienced, hard-working people to work In their San Jacinlo Mall salon. We offer top pay, benefits fc education. Please call 421-2943. U.S.TECH- San Jacinlo Mall needs audio/computer sales people. Apply In person, no phone calls. LARGE CORPORATION- seeks Ex perlenced Window Tlnter to start work immediately. Good company benefits including dental Insurance. Call for ap- polnlmenl 422-3589. HELP WANTED- Porter fc light maintenance person. Experienced only. Apply wilhin: 4601 Quail Hollow Drive. PRODUCE MANAGER HOLIDAY FOODS- Garth Road. Experience prelerred. Apply wilhin. Ask for Bobbie Clark. A Budnesi All Your Own The Avon W»y 422-6729 FATHER * SON- Will mow and trim yards. Freeeslimates. Call 422-6519. LADY- would like live-In work lo care Tor elderly lady. Excellent references. Ask for Billye. 121-2710. HAIRSTYLING CAREER Sal of Utility Success Starts With QUALITY INSTRUCTIONS ' Personalized Professional Instructions ' Internationat Videos In Hair Design & Techniques * PellGrants- Studeni Loons Available 923-6968 RS Barber Colkg* 10 Openings Only !!!NOTICE!!! Classes Will Be Starting This Coming Monday If you, anyone in your family or friends are interested in TRAINING for work as a: PIPE FITTER STRUCTURAL OR PIPE WELDER Please cad the §TS Admissions Office at (713) 427-0695. FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE FOft THOSE WHO QUALIFY. VA APPROVED. Accredited by Southern Association Colleges 8. Schools Baytown Technical School 324 t. Airtiart Drive Baytawn, Ttxa* 77520 SUV CLASSIFIED New to our Sunday Shopper... RATES; (It's easy!) • IF YOUR AD RUNS IN OUR REGULAR CLASSIFIEDS AT LUST 3 TIMES. YOU PAY ONLY ... • OttTIMC SHOPPER DULY HMB-) Now Your Sun Classified Can Do More...For Less * all . • Anflakto t» JUUetes Fir fate, bcrata t* TraHprtaUM jrfratistri nljf. \ • tailM Tmbf Ml M- I

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