The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 16, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Monday, July 16, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NttRTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA If Yow tm N«w* I. Not On Yom ftrcfc By «t!5 o'Clock, Call TW N*w» Offk» lUfor* • o'Clock For Prompt 164 <* 16ft. totting Full AMoeiated Pre«« Leased Wire Service (AND THE DINNER HORP?) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION VOL. LXV NO. 22* PARIS, TEXAS. MONDAY, JULY 16, 1934 EIGHT PAGES ESTABLISHED 1 Mobs Raid Grocery Stores In Frisco • ."> ' - •••-.. • ' .. : - .. • • :. , ; ^/ • . . J.Frank Jones Is Without Opposition For Place On Commissioners Court Now Another of the. L-iuiar county f Dunasari of Precinct commissioners" races went by the [ leaves J. Frank Jones ;. whicS the only wayside Sunday, following: the c?ndidate for that ofrice , Mr death of Commissioner Roy H- • Parisgrafs was serving his first term as commissioner and vras a. candidate for reelection. He was opposed only by Mr. Joner, who &as served several years as commissioner in Precinct 2. T. W. Russelt commissioner of Precinct 4, who is aJso serving: his first term and seekinz reelection. * _ ,^»^_ ^ - * THERE ^re who appreciate recorauieded for a p poillt _ M r. Russell said he will not ^ commissioner untn about tfce firsc of A ^ wfcen he ex _ * t .tbe value of the government . pointment „ posonaster here . canning plant in Paris which is j However Mr Russell said 3Ion- ix-iasr operated at a cost of more | day he wm not wlthdraw from tfce xlnui $50.900 per month. And few race ^ bis ap p Oln . meat j^ not tbexe are wno seem to realize that feeen ^^ thousb reC ommendathis: plant was secured at consid- j don by Con?ressman Wrigat Pat- erable cost and effort on the part ; man ^ tantamount to of our Paris Chamber of Com- | merce. If very many business ] concerns realized .all of this it ap- _. —» ; ^-**-& .1*4 4V *.-*. WTVWAU^V, »>*-'; pears that the Chamber o,_ Com- 5 pects his appointtaeiK to ^ made . merce would not be sutferrns so | Tony BoQth forsner commission . much from the Jack of funds wi^h ?r of Precinct 4 is opposins Mr which to continue its sood work. j Russell for reelect ion. Mr. Booth ; 1 has also served, several years as} . Fortunste Ss Laniar county in I commissioner from Precinct 4. | having Miss Brulah Biackwell as. j A successor to Mr. Dunagan is j bome demonstration a?;ent during j expected to be named within ,the j satch abnormal and highly Import- f nest few days, though Mr. Russell's j ant programs as the beef • caanlns j successor wiJI not be named tsntil | project- When the plant was open- ; after Mr. Russell's resignation- j f^t last fall it made one ^' llis i I» tlie event that Mr. Russell is ; be*«t records in Texas, oannin^ { re-elected, in the first primary. ; ntorc than one thousand head «••? j son^eone will nave to be appointed i beeves. And now on the larger f for the foil term as well as for the • or-e^attos that plant is doing jusi j remainder of the present term, I as well, even tbouirh this 5s. a; dif- j —— -' j *eas<*n of the year for meat > Funeral For Dunagan to Be Monday County Commissioner Dies At Local Hospital Early Sunday Morning RITES TO BE HELD AT FIRST METHODIST FEAR OF VIOLENCE AND FAMINE GRIPS SAN FRANCISCO 4 o'Clock Is Hour Set; | Simpson and Wright to . Conduct Service* j the hope j t.nat since our liome demonstra- | ajse'nf : "iSia c -'tne cocnty farm hav» "had their duties almost J. forcins them to w«?rk and harder hours than ever some of the salary cuts they have been given should be restored. While the bu^cer is j be-ins: made -«r» it is hop^3 that : JJui our county officials will carefully -; this. ': Clint Small To Talk Here On" Monday Candidate For Gov Be Sixth to Lainar Voters Funeral services for Com mis-j sioner Roy H. Dunagan, 41, who | died at the Sanitarium of Paris j [about 3:40 o'clock Sunday morn- j Ing» will be neld at First Method- • 1st church az 4 o'clock Monday j afternoon. Services wil* be con.- j ducted by the Rev. C. M- Simpson j and Dr. W. M. Wright. Burial will ! b«. at Evergreen cemetery . Mr, Dunasa.ii has been a patient | a* the Sanitarium, for more than ] two months, -folio-wins' a major j operation. He was a native of TLamar \ ty, aaving been born at Atlas, j Xoverrtber 5, 1SS:, the son of the j late Mr. and Mrs. T. J, X>nEagai«-j | ilr. Dunagart received, his educa-j i tion in Paris schools, beln^ a grad- ; >• uate of Paris high scnooi. { i Serving his* first term as com- | i missioner from Precinct 2, Mr.' i ,•••._- j j Xfunag-an was elected vice president; 'of the East Texas County Judges; i and Commissioners Association -at. I to j a meeting held here last spring- \ j Prior to his election'as. comirns- i sioner. Mr. Dunagan engaged In, southwest : of Paris. '- J Violence Is In Evidence At Beginning Artillery Units, Tanks and Machine Guns Bought Into Citv | SOLDIER FORCE IS I INCREASED TO 4.OOO On Recovery •--Senator. Clint SrriaH of Amarillo. j the former Miss Allie Hammond, candidate for governor of Texas, i to whoni he was -married. Novem- will speak here Monday night in•'! ber 22. 1S13: two sons. Roy Sam-i the interest of his candidacy. The I inond 33unagaa, and Thomas) gjj^e Ho^tlHtie* 4re Re-1 meeting wUl *>e held on the south | Craig JDunasan of Paris; a brother.j " T - -*" ',.- \ <ide of the P^aza at $ o'clock. = T, H. Dunagaa of Houston: and; snnied As Union i>lem- ; sister. Mrs. Henry' Allen of Ama- j bers Attack Workers | N° of Federal Out-: Se " ator Sinal1 ^l be the stet ? ; gubernatorial candidate to speas lay Is Expected to Be { here this summer, ail candidates | having been here except Senator 5 Small and K. K. Russell of Aa- FoUowing funeral services a: the ; church, a. Masonic service wli! bej held az the Mr. Du::a Sa n;^ !ed air settled over the nona. Senator Si was post master of Paris Lodge No. f oocks Monday after three Ions-. " _ X 27. A, F- and 'A. M. and a member i shoremen were killed and another • Inception of Struggle May 9; Longshoremen Qnit a wateriront S. pi* ha* a Rood r>o.<nia»ter, ' -»n excellent record of s«?rvscf his comittaTiUy. stafe and nail is well qualified and possessed ?w$re to JWTVC courteously ar.d j Nut Sheflers Go On Strike Police continued a. ciose -cratch : over the docks -while .hearings for; in-en charged, in three cases \ Repaid ntlnistrator or r*U?r «ork Sn \ WASHINGTON. iJP or any county and sat- j err.ment spent around S4.500.000.- } Senator Small's platform upon \ of j\aFayette Chapter Kos 4S. R. | critically wounded fs'fv *x-*rybodv but Pat \Vamer is i 000 of emergency money the psst | whicii he is basing his campaign j ^ ^j and o£ j^aFayette Council i snnfight. -which, marked renewal doing tne work-in I-arrtar county | Hscal year but nearly feaH of it | :nc5udt-js strict enforcement of the I ^ o , 34 TJ, and S. M. He was ajof longshore hostilities. in" fftich'a scanner that th*»re if R. « ^>ore a return address. } law with a combined ranger and' _— ~ miuSmiim of rorr.plaints. He de- ! How niuch of that will come j state highway patrol force as a 1 See FUNERAL. Page S. serves the wholehearted support j back is a debated i>oir,t_ j state constabuJa™.-. This force, he t and co-on«rs.t307> of a?I the peo- ] ^""^ t>^t available figures indi- ] maintains, should be equipped | He has a hard job to fiH. j cats that about S^.000.000.000 was with. aims, broadcasting and re-| j used for loans, federal credit pro- \ cejving sets, armored cars and all j _ ? jects. and in other channels where j equipment needed to nxeet the | remains—ostensibly at least—an | criininals _ Hc als<> advocates! ^>^ r ; } a chaitcc- in the pardon sv^tem. « '°| The rest of the $4.5*0.000.000 • reco-mendlng that i>a.rdoa board i ii^^ R l^:ll5 e ^^°^^l^\^ 1 -^ three members, one ap-1 ^ ~"*"^ ***-*" •«" -•«•«-- -~~^ pointed by thv governor, one by : 8-OOO San Antonio • T^l* 1 <t f t-rt *"T!S •> V ET^-T* *»>*"** E J* Tt*$ (T*^^ l^V ; efficiently- ; vation activities, hichwavs. hos: | at*.o,n^> g., a.n__ o..e ^> ; Uurch^ins an d other wcif.-vre <^ I the s»P«^« **-•- -'* lavori? a j ' .-^v,^; „= i Jaw to prohibit acceptance of; W HEN location for the first COR- *«.P..*w. ^ ^ v ,-.- t »^ < ;< _ ^ OCB ^ n ^ ^ar- ' . . . ... • J>j->mo liAntiTtiiffrstin-n ^ri«i<-< = ^_;-^- s D > »>*•«.» v. > .•<. t>. oc tf. »ri*. I.3.r v«ntion of ths news; Tense Air Along Houston Docks After -Three Longshoremen Are Shot^ Kflled Chronology ! Strikes Wax Of Big Strike Over Country HOUSTON. Texas. UP? —A rrou- JMob of 1.5OO Storms Gro- I eery; Food Supply 1 Alarminglv Low i ". •""•', i SAX FRANCTSCO, £P) —- A i paralyzing: union labor strike went > into effect here and in east bay .•cities Monday and j troops, with tanks, machine : and one-pounders began to eon| verse rapidly upon the stricken I H.aids by mobs •_«n grocery stores I met eased. Rioters threatened the pronrieiors. smashed windows and stripped the places of food sup- i plies. '. •" I Thn fear of starvation catEsed } state highway police to provide es- I corts for the first food trucks : | which attempted to reach, the area. j fron? Sacramento. f Regular arn-.y troops stood | ready to call at the Presidio;mil-'. • itary headquarters here. .'•'"" j Under virtual -.var-time. siege- i the entire bay district was crip^ » pled and roving: bands of strike j pickets attempted a stoppasse'-of I food supplies to the population of ; 1.300.eOv persons. I Thousands of workers «ere Tor- : ~ 1 ced to walk to their jobs when all istreet car service wss halted by j the strike. , Tanks were loaded on railroad. ! f-at cars at Salinas and spetl on ; their way to the "battiefrouts." ; The state has 7.<jt?o troops at .its • command ana y. regular army o£I ileer said he believed the soldiers f would be able to take care o? the ~ • situatio". . . • Coast Labor Troubles Breed In should -he regular troops be Many Parts of United ^Hed. however, the officer said I tJOO men of the 3»th infantry were ; ready and 3'~K> more soldiers cotiid ; be mustere-i almost inim-ediately- By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A« truck drivers of San Francisco joined the maritime strike, pickets congregated and halted trucks, bearing produce ana other supplies, a* shown above. Pickets flagged trucks and warned driver* to cease hauling operations. Among ether groups voting to join the strike was the teamsters* union, v.-hose president, Michael Casey (left), is shown welding his gavel to signify that the vote to join the walkout had carried. San Francisco was gripped fcy fear of violence and famine in the face of a threat, ened walkout of organized labor. t Associated Press Photos) States The "seice of San Francisco"— ; I with murder and assault to mur- i , . \ aer \vere arraigns a. 1 Sunday's outbreak occurred as [ 20 negro independent loasrshora- i men . were riding to -work sz the ] docks. A coi;pe. which police be! Ileveci contained I a sreneral strike intended bv union '• ~. : lor more srnardsmen and compan- Demand Increase In Waees t,?5 C^OTTEC * *-» * *fc* *->, »».*-« *.-" --- — ^ r ^is »cc*pted. Joel Shirley -.5 } proxlmation of how :.lon looks, on ' -«^ paper: T^ftJcinsr one «f the b<sst pr^ldrnts th«r ci?*mber of CoTrtwc?rc<- eve had. AH h« needs !« a little more | support from the citisensbsp f T»» In doinu more than hi* P^rt- t " - ' i ftT-rsrif—r R^-covfrablp: i !,y and eventually abol- j union and was carried out • precision ar«d without major orders. Police arrested cr cen ished. He also says that all stale | boards Jtad bureaus which serve? s Pistols and shotsnins were shov- • *~,QQQ. | ed. from the coupe and a. stream j May 13.—First major violence. lead poured into the negroes" j with, two killed. 64 injured s.~ !Los and amoinobiie- Three its-1 Angeles. dependents were sh-^i down with \ June 16. — Ssttlemect plan pro- fatal w-iur.ds. Thre-s others were.; viding for joint coritrol of hiring smick. : halls signed by employers and | Orjt tiegro infiepeiideiit jerked ; longshoremen's representatives. •. out a pisto! and returned The fire, j ^TuJy IT. — LLA membership re- 1 wounding U. O. Reeves- a white iject plaa. complainias: it failed to I man ana union ioagshoreraas. The -. provide for grieva.nces of other i negro's pistol fire was cut s By THK ASSOCIATED PRESS May 9,—Twelve thousand. long- • shoremen quit work, demanding ; 30 hoiir week, union recognition. ; labor 10 paralyze the eaiirc pop- control of hiring halls, better con- ] ulation area of 1.300.000 persons dizions and ?1 an hour Instead of i —started at S a, an. Pacific Coast So cents. ; Time Monday. May 9-J6. — Allied maritime plans are being pushed "with workers, including marine engi- a -,i possible haste" for a cenerai neers. cooks, stexvards. water ten- s:r i' K ' e i n Portland. Ore. ders. seamen, dock checkers and 1 Three necrroes. were killed, three ; the masters and mates anc pilots ; ot hers wounded and a white man walkout, s^-elling strikers' ranks to wai; sho - ^ 0^3 b-lazed in Houston. ilayor Angelo Rossi appealed to ;tinvr Governor Frank Merriam quickly moved it on the wazerfrtm two leadei-s at i = when a bullet felled hira. I mise the "closed sti Corporstion ComroodiTv ^ on ' cott Crcdi .... and incus-ry shouid berth* coronado pecan Those killed were Frank Row- ' r June 26- — President Koosevel- and Jim Barnes, riding in a ; named national Farm Credit to a discussion by lh« j ministration loans and investments » the Banking and Insurance Com-j reported that rocks were thrown variw of asrHcuit-urn? credit i miwion. i al so ^« workers a«emp-.Sr.p to ea- { corr«. T*HE COi-CMXS of The News arc . 54Sr.OOO.D&«>, >&cn 1 rt«aS esrate on the pro- j j., a improvement bond ?s- ] >jo< _ _ * *™ T« I ("!»?*•*• OT" ^*^J^T^^^ <L ' * *• * *• t * i of Tiuch vital, import- ] ^^ aI5 the peop!«% | ^Jx 6 !.000.000. Public Works loans \ »-^ ! supported by the Inaustries which • early this morning but re^asea , ..^.^ w - n ich followed the track, j board under new labor disputes ~ 'they serve. He refers especJally to |t hen: without filing charges- lhe iaud G*o^ H^rdx rid'n^ in the I to investigate strike and act as ar- Ad-jtne Raiiroad Coniniission, and I arrest* wertr made when it was Xrtlck ^ "j*^ H^!./ "another occn-1 bicer if requested. to b* Bi»,nV- capital arj*l sur- for ,,-h" " favors the continuance of 5 p?r capita apportionment { cs and liberal support j pant of the truck, received injur- j :-h physicians said wouJd \ i ies, wni See STRIKES. Page 5. Col, to ntsmJcipalitSes and s-n no« ftn ¥ ' 0 '"°' > *® 0 Reduction of the number of dis- ; there are some <juc»?ion> ? the tx*>p!e wf.-.ild Ukc to a*k. The | ^^^i^SrTJ 0 ..^ !H^"-^S.* ^™H™TO™: ;r^r;s?r *»%* ~z \ "'^Assrr-.i.^. ™ \ ^-^^ sism*^. b«t if th« interrofffllor j P^f*^ no name will b<! ti-s*fl in \ invest m*nt* Hee FOtTK, Piure S, CoT. 1. f I ler the- plajst. , , i • i pi^> v ® fatai, ', The strikers are demanding: \ Reeves, taken to a hospital, was! 1—That sheUers now paid 2 \ charged in three murder and as- i jand 3 cents for shelling a po::rtd j sa^ to murder cases. S. F- Brown. | of pecans be raised to 5 and S | a Resro ssaid to have be*s riding \ and courts of civil apJ cents;v ) in the rumble seat of th« coupej the stst* j? ? ".—That machine opera; ors.; asd H. J. Freeman, white union; alr-o fa\ ore«1 by the West Texas thos** who crack pecans^, be raised i dock worker, sxirrendered ts> au-; candidate. He favors bearing of a 1 '^om. 25 and SO cents to 50 oents j thorities and were placed under j grea?*»r par; of court cost by IU- t or more for cracking 10? pounds; similar charges. ! SONKOM — A ferry abandon-j for reforms in criminal | of pecans. } The kilH^ss marked the most: d v^ca^e th« river bad Te^as. \vijere there Is 10115- shot-emea-employer trouble. General Hugh S. Johnson.. N. RA. chiei, said at Portland. Ore.. "why this situation should last another 24 hours is beyond my comprehension." The president of the Alabama Cotton Jlanufactxirers association said that a general strike in the industry there, as proposed by 4:1 locals of the Union Textile Workers of America. probably would mean ati indefinite shutdown of every mill in Alabar^a. In Minneapolis, the efforts of anti-strike speakers at a labor meeting- to have truck drivers cancel a str;ke set for niidnight Mondav were howled down. * rjct River At Bonham Dry, So Ferry Boat Lies On Bank ies of soldiers headquarters here. Polioe iiisued "move on" order* to all groups congregating in the a o \v n to wrs st ree ts. Mayoi Rossi hirsiself was the : center of a disturbance directly in front of the hall of justice. wn;ere he went t-> confer with. Chief of Police \Vi5iiarji J. Qairtn on the crisis. Six alleged communists surrounded the mayor arsd shouted epithets at him. Chief Quinn 1 personally came to Rossi's and locked up the disturbers. Five spet.'ial tro-oo trains, carrying more than I.«>00 officers and men c-i the l<50-th infantry. California national guard, eirjbai-ked :'rt>rr. Ix>s Angeles. Called tv strike duty. 1,500 Srua-'IsTner. left Sarr Luis Obispo Or.e reginient of irrfantry. the ISJ'h fror>f Southern California and part of the 143rd field artillery from, :Vte bay district and ^ valley with specia? lr.s: the ea:nr> empty of so I die rs. mer 1 . were concentrated at San I^u:s Obispo ready to be sent where rteeced The motorized ar- *il!er:--mrrs ivill act as truck es- S*-o SMAI^U P«sre> S. Col. « ? th Will Rogers SKOt\"HE<.;AN Did you »v«r Bubble Trouble Keeps Fan Dancer In State Of Jitters CHICACO. >.— T»kc That these prices b« ) ally accepted by all small contra e| tors. ) 4.—That thes* price* be eifec- f tive through The month of Sep[ teml>er. f M. Rotlrjguer, general ; tativc of the Peca^ Shelters Un' ion. who is directing the s:r:ko. ! explained that the strike was call- oiher night Sally was dotr.s ; ed when employers called the drirtk. Should the drouth is so dry • reach acute stage*. this we!! 'ar-d th*: w ou!d probably be used by both Ector and Bonham, PKOBK L.ONGV!.E'.V t '-• ; P- ty grand jurors ^londay to hear ev SHOOTING —Oresrs couc- were e:ath*!re<J dence concern- TEXA>" CONTRACTS MARIUAGE AT 92 anton men after a prolonged i >.»». strike The continued use of i thos * llviRS on the O«c*ahoma. — Snowy- pendent by these coastwise trrators have beer-, the cause sporadh disturbances. i baijks of Rsd Kiv - r conc « ntraled haired G. \v. Fisher laughed at forts or; construction of a; cJd age M ,> nd ay as- he ventured s emergency transportation j forth ~ on his honey nioon at the jhat looks lik« *t was hull* JuM. | on<J who j^no^.^ Bavins a couple : an admirable job <>£ dnrscins be- i workers back to work a week .tso to *njoy. Well, this wholes state of | of ^trjcjj ft-»th«rs is rhild » pS».v M*in* looks that way. If it's n«t } compared to th« intric«^5ew a beawtifwl lc,kf. U's a beautiful tre<? or a pretty jfreen of ; their efi ! for interstate traffic after ih* ing the fatal shooting of Johnny Page. 33. a «.* > st Harrison county farmer, if. a barber shop Saturday. WEATHER hay m«*«!!ow. And beautiful oM ti?-nr \ houitw with barns btjilt rijtht In : with tho kitchens. | "Vacationers sn<1 cx'^i">ininjc hAvc improvetl 30 p*r cent over last y<?jir. Ro«<3.-« h«vc been fixed «p with "hJtlinjt" w 1» nude behind transparent "bubble." hind the balloon when suddenly it !-at " and S bounced away anti there was Sally t sh«-llers and si I alone. { for crackers. "1 was pftrirsocJ, just petrified." j agr*<rd to return to work at ihose cent. All thews done, ><?t t*>« editorials ««ay that the now «l**l J* a fattur*. Tf« a funny world. You feed a h* bite* you. Tour* WXIX. Kand c»f world's fair fan <Jan»~* no- \ know wh«t to do. Thank good- | t^n tnriety. who took tim« our b«. i n<w» a bn**/.* c*m« slon*; and j tt\efn shows to fall; of h*r art— | wafted it b»ck," anil her trouble. 1 By the next ntjrht j*hft hnd—with ( Of th« Izitt*r th«*ro se^in« to !>e i th« aid of stag* m*chanK-s—overs'- ; t,ONT>0N, tVPj.—Gre-at no <?n<JL T^ast y«wr Jt wast the re- thing: under control. That is, »h« \ an£ the United S»at*s did until—boon*—and the balloon | Mondajr to su»p*nd Thursday bi- wnx son*—out of the reach «>f friendly breezew «>r human has>d». And what did Sally <i«>? Sh* 4 f t«lfc*«m.«-^414. WWi^M*V» 1 * " M.F ^'i v« .»«v **, j^,r» » ^ !.«•..- ^«. : rt^i'c'v^* 4V.' A'CrdUl.i VV» >^\^» r^ <t L iriWC*^- — (» ^ «..- J.. V.—. \ ' * Th« authority for thf» t* S»Hy Uhe »ld. "For a moment I didn't | waw wct , k for one wwk ana at xhe IS3$ "« vnl «*n?er«nc^I» j and no ferryman i» on dut>. be- {churcn here perforuttng: the cer-; peratures have been around * _ . ^ j-fc_ K - ? • rfv^ *%h^« •k*n«--*-*^. »** j^-*i>^»*«* V^T> *^v*iw"* >i*tfrt - jr»-?k >i«f^ T r* A v*4 t«t ^r*T i>f>* >15£Tr* \V3*_t*»z^ i J^ —™u*. .1.^ ^k «^ j-T «»-* * A **^»'irf<»< ; of the navy's highest officers held ' cause there is not enough water j: ern<>R y, ' an official but secret conference t tn the river channel to float th« i formers who h«*r every thinjp »ub»uantUtl than Thi* year Jt*« the wHe» of a <ar»rJ<:iou« air-fl31e4 l>«n<x>n thai throughout the empire. ttatT IMS naval conference for and state Fisher's second marrrage, sp*akini: here have waxed her* Monday. The officers srath- | t, 0 at across. {vjj s first wife having died last in putting forth their rfairn* for ered from navv bases and fleet* | Re^nt renewal of interest in oil | year. I* his first wife had lived t ability to "save the couatry." Tern| tests in this section has renewed i another y^ar, they would have j peratures 5*amrday the first test of this i celebrated their golden wedding forty years aso. about j anniversary, • (eiaht miles northwest of Bontxam.; When Kisher went to Couniv lin** ? ^""^*** w The teat was sawk 1760 feet and! Clerk Jesse Runnels to obtain «. nterest in i thausand r«tn for dear life. Tw »h«> thinks was the work of ?t«nwi t are rivtn« th* UUto lady . »t**l>- j uncouth p*r*on with a pin «ttt*fc " Mn th* *nd of * can*. <..>ei'many of of the summer, {.varsity hertr staged a H v iMvis, ambasssador-at-Ta^mJnst Adolf Hitler Monday. a»tl other American dele- J clw»hin,« wtih brown-shirted will l*%v» Thursday for-lb€rs of the student bod>' who t port tli* chancellor. 7* TO sttur*.** ran^*«l from de*r**s. SundAy teinper- front 75 to 3J> de- then abandoned a» no oil indications xv«r* found. But stow it supplies a larjre stream of pure cold water, and traveler* stoy tit*r« UcensH?. the cl«rte asked, i Gen«r»Ky fair "Is It for yovtr boy?'" |«nd "Tm th «"boy who wants tt."|*»d tot* him witb * rail*. * wtod* «• to partly cl««idy ttoertf

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