The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 17, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1948
Page 7
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1110 01 ' I'll 1 . , n l ..troW i"it it , of the Vmltmii ·d"io cairy on. He lA .,f s Vinlaiid: he 'iSel^oHl!! I *!«f!! sti fa" ... thinks may Thorlin st.iyt-d III' 1 ALLEY OOP ""*"7'~Q|7CN'5GN ftr.SU'.:? / ···« i i»*» /. ^il"S ACTy^lth. By V. T. Hamlin OH. OSCMt AND AMOS PLAN TO TWkCK DOWN THE source or THE . BG UP AND AROUND IN PROJECT _ . TAUIN ABOUT? 's Top 15 __ e je Teams Meet Defeat SPRINGFIELD, 111, Jan 17--:the last seven seconds on a double r r -- i l n e e ot ihts weck.s "top'foul. Fairficld seems to have its iV dovtislate piej basketball j bigger rival jinxed this season icjms \\eic deleated List night, The Indians won when the two i . \ o of them in itsoundinu upscb i clubs met Dec. 12, but rairueiu The "iKhfh bis su.pi.scs .aw(embarrassed them by holding the - _ , 1 1 _ . - » 1 Min f r \ f i n ill si \ / * \ s i / l l tlt t /\ \f\ f f\ 1 1 1 Gi\e » i r floors ll ? a . brand nc« sparkle w i t h a «r 0 od smdmc and rc- S V N D K K S BY THE H O I K . P V Y . O K W E E K TISOH HALL ;nt.s IM£ suipiisrs . tw|i'inuiirrasscd them by holding i i i u u i u nip Lawicnteullc. Xo count to 15 to 10. o in uua-nt United 1'iess ratings. "·' '·-"" '"' bv a 49 to -18 count, and Wood THE STORY: Narney U l l l IO *J lu ju. Edwardsville lost on the Wood , gainst powerful Collmsville just . , eaten by the No. 8 club, La Grange .i to .11. 'iv.clvu of tiie ft:jiv.;e. lop i ated clubs, the pic , j - c '·'· " Conctelc N (onimcKial Products IMio. 808 ,, .,. ...... elU'l l."i nHaci. b\ sew IT .. '\ it tones 'iht- olbet 'top 15" \\i7mcr v c i e Dtcatui o\oi Splint;- lu-ld 4K52. Puiut U-..T Nokomis (2-34 Robinson oei Tone Haute 51-34. I'okin ovei Can Oak-ibui " o'ei Kcv.a- j ' a i i s o\(.r Chatk'bton hjl'.M o\C'i i'lora, 36- '!! '," \ \ mke'.!·· o 1 .1 Evans- '*-i«ii ( o i u n v . i i l e (ACT Gran- C i v i"'{' -''"'I l J i r i t K n e \ \ i l l c : chc,to».3339 ton, 4 J--' p t t , -30.'.'· Complete Mock of Washer and Kac'uo Paits ?r » . I , . Cr -"-! Robson Kadio c\i Electric Ser\ice 17 ' R1 \ \ U C I V I^U. Robinson's win over Terrc Haute (Garfield), runnerup in the In- aiana state tourney last year, help ed console the Maroons for their t\'.o-point defeat by Pans Tuesday. lujatYand Halas Deny Irish Ace Signs Pro Contract SOUTH BEND, Ind., Jan. 17-i UPi--Both Johnny Lujack, Notre ncto a contests, Dame's all-American quarterback, tt.i Clmto'i. 51-46, and George Halas, owner-coach of b\ sHonu Danville, the Chicago Bears of the National R- '5,-i.Kit/e b e - t Riverside, piofessional Football League, de- .'·- C I .\iaoia un-ct Free-jmed today that the 22-year-old 'n~-'r,-ri Kankakee d-smpcd Blue star passer had signed a contract ;U,.ml,' 40-28. «nd Dundee wallop- \\ilh the Bears. l l i b » I U I X I . l«au v, , - / -- . - · calls on me the morning after the accident. She asks if anyone else had been at my house besides those mentioned in the newspaper accounts. When I tell her that Jjmmy Peters came by later--»ut 10 one else--she seems -ehcvcd. After she leaves, Liutenant Leiphan of the police department turns up. He questions me further about last night's doings; says that the accident was not an acci- \vhile Leiphan and his men went Bull Dogs Win 57-49 Tilt frbrn West Franklorl , i «·* Cummins and Brown Score 20 Points Apiece in Loop Game The Ilarrisburg Bull Dogs outscored the Red Birds of West Frankfort, 22 to 6, in the third quarter last night to trounce the Franklin county boys, 57 to 49, in a South Six conference basketball game played on the local floor. The victory gives Harrisburg a .500 percentage in loop play and drops West Frankfort down a notch in the standings. Both teams were tied with two wins and Galatia Beats Golcontla, Galatia today held undisputed possession of first place in the Little Egyptian basketball conference following its 50 to 49 win over Golconda and Hosiclarc's 45 to 43 loss to Vienna. Coach Wendell Phillips' crew now has won six anil lost one while Rosiclare, previously tied with Galutia, luis a record of ttV0 and two. · - Gulatia kept the lead throughout its hot night by hlttlnu frequent long shots In the nanow Golconda uym. Goleondn pulled close in the last two minutes but could not net ahead at the finish. Griffiths of Galatia was high scorer with 17 points, followed by Trail of Golconda with ll. Next Tuesday night Galatia en- tei tains Btookport in another conference game. The IXub Register. 20c a \voek. \vhile Leiphan and his men went teams were " e V v ,£ ,, TM ?"1 into the house. They stayed there]three losses before the game last * * *^ * * . · p r _ r r 1 . -- ,...· mt U!^U r~f*r\**tr\f Af R l 1 1 R O D "O°o JUIlg UII1U. 1 began to wonder if Jeff knew that the police thought il was murder. I'd telephone him as soon as the police were gone. No ... I'd go to see him. It would be better 10 talk this over face to face dent. It was murder. o '* XVI "Murder! You--you night. . , ,,... _ , The high scoring of Bill Bob Brown and Herb Cummins helped the Bull Dogs to victory in a contest which saw the local boys scrap all the way. West Frankfort is noted for the scrappiness of its i i i . j:J MA+ Isif innit* talk this over face to face noted for the scrappiness o i u b I waited until Leiphan and his | boys and they did not let their men came out the kitchen door!fans down in this respect last and loaded some things into their.night. So it was a swell game to cruiser in the driveway. I was too watch. - . ._ ,,,,._._ _.»! «Vv A « 4 - t~nf\tvtel T*iFF t f\ _· **« f _.. T i v l f l n TAMI tint FRIENDLY FINANCING I FOR CASH THAf PUTS YOU ON YOUR FEET OUR 20-MONTH LOANS JUST CAN'T BE BEAT! +S · l . % " viuruyi'i 1 wu-~"j ( v*^ must mistaken" Something was wrong Mth my voice. It came out as a thin "'squeak. 1 Beared m throat and tried again. '"Why? . . who . . . who . . ·'' The detective gave me a direct look from his gray eyes. "It s no mistake," he said flatly. "We have proof that they didn't die accidentally. As to who killed them . .* -* r .1«j1 n »Vlfrcf*lW V i U I a m 111 Ulv U l i v ; n a j . * "«».» vw concerned about seeing Jeff to v.onder what it was they put into the police car. I waited until they drove away snd then I ran into the house, dressed, and hurried down to my own car in the garage. V £· ~ sthen-- V,«.Uo-..i Play Carrier Mills Tonight Tonight the Bull Dogs travel to Carrier Mills for a non-league game. Last night's contest was very close and fast during the enti»e first half. The lead see-sawed Fuller Bryshes Phone 678 HENRY L. LIGHTFOOT LOANS Signature ami Uenlty Collection Adjustment Sen ice Ska22s Bhlg. 1'ho. 893-W INCOME TAX SERVICE j.lim «JUii a wl i» i*n*».v e »"-.' with newspapers strewn all .- - . .... , , h p m the place. Lu had a gloating look dentally. As to who killed them £ near -sighted eyes, and why . . . Your re a raysteiy fe , ntensified w hen he writer, I hear. You ought to be able to figure out a few angles on that." Sarcastic he was'and not at all friendly. . , I sat there completely befuddled ?nd knew that he wasn't going to tell me anything more and my . * *~ , . * *** *-\. 1 1 lr r» ?J (VI f 1 V! - V ' V U l X.C11 Hi V 4 I W ^«* **O" I i r J j t i l * l l « -*- **** *N»**-vfc - v '\~' «· * , i back and forth with ^neither team Jeff wasn't in his office at the s j, 0 wing much advantage. West studio, but Lu Leyden was. bit-1 F ran kf or t jumped off to a 3 to 0 ting m Jeff's feather chair be-j lead but four O f Brown's 10 points Innd Jeff's big mahogany desk| Q{ the first quar ter gave Harris- ·ft ...... «.«._»_» r+»«/-itifn f»\\ f\\f AT* . t i i _ ^ -3 **.( A 4 - j ^ Q t i T i t n SL31 UP TO 20 MONTHS TO REPAY ,,,_. i- -- - lull me aiij-t**i**t . · · v « -- vulh the Bears. fa b to ]ump like a Mexi- Halas said that he would get a can bean t ing to fjgure things «ieat big bang out of it, if pub- Murder, he had said. Mur.. . . . . .A .. ~ r « 4 t»t«£iA-n//*at" v-i**,. 7 i _ i _ . » A u«.i. rt .F^ if n i C t l b U l f j 1J4**»J^ v ^ « v - 7 - lished reports of a three-year, $54,000 contract were true because he "knew nothing about it." , Luiack said that he had talked to Halas by telephone, "but we never had a real conference. "We have an appointment for .a conference Jan. 21 in Chicago, Lujack added. I Lujack said that he definitely would play professional football 1 but had not decided on a team Draft rights to Lujack are held bv the Bears in the National League and by the All-America conference Chicago Rockets, which I are now being reorganized. 1 . - J I V. n J-1 V-H-kT IT C.UI. I i l U l U v i , *«^ ··*-·*- cler' 1 still couldn't believe it. "Wei!--" Leiphan prompted. So 1 went over the entire evening again. I even went back to the afternoon before and gave him ? resume of the events at the studio which had led to my having /Wis and Ait at my house. I tried to be concise and thorough and l told him everything I remembered. There was one small incident in the evening's events which int] I forgot to mention. But the ovei- rcl] sight was unintentional. I didn t any think of it myself until later. Leiphan kept hammering for-de- * .* *^.,1 A V l^nrmr a n f l l l l sa\\ me. , ."Well, aren't you the lucky "irl 9 " He swept a thick white li;.nd toward the newspapers "All tins nice free publicity for your fust picture" , He \vas like that. He always had to give everything a sardonic, per- veited twist" Even the final trag- the papers and IUUNCU ut ».«=«.. There were pictures of the death car at the bottom ot the canyon. There were pictures of Avis from the time she six months old up to the pres- , more and OI IJIC Anal, viuai*.^* o-- · burg a short lead of 4 to 3 with but a minute and a half gone. The teams from then on alternated taking the lead as each basket was scored and at the end of the period Harrisburg was ahead, 15 to 14 cciv ol death. 1 picked up lacked at them. The second quarter was every bit as close as the first, as Brown scored five of Harrisburg's nine points, but when the boys departed for their halftime rest and instructions, the Bull Dogs were trailing, 24 to 25. Fast Third Quarter Harrisburg played a magnificent third quarter, accumulating 22 points to only six for West Frankfort, as Red Bird Coach Brown Ground Floor, Rose Bid?. Harrisburg 113 N. Main SI T. J. McCann, Mgr. Phone 451. \ ii*3 M \ uiuiiLiio v*v* "i' *·-- --- * , * * · H Hif^fprAnt comi)in3~ o r t oocli one snowing rnoic nnu i Vaimy LIICU uu, nVore of Av» There were pictures ( Uo^s to^aUempt t^ha^the BuU The write up said the party had Cummins connected with six field a business conference. And goals for 12 points wasn't a hint about the As the final q Tonite 6 p. ?TJ. 14e and 40c been there fdia I.VA ·»·** £,*,...«.. hint about tnei As the final quarter started the accident was, Harrisburg led, 46 ta 31, but West , · i 4t..· I T--n«irf^rt riif nn an Offensive lare now being reorganized. .Kailb. ne w-untcu ·-« .-."-.. , .,,,,,,.-Halas said he had heard that j lhe dnnks specifically. How many j } no;v u h e r e Je{£ 1S? 'the Rockets had offered Lujack wc had had And hovv strong they see him _» annhing'mor^than just"that. I Frankfort" puT on "an"' offensive That was Sat I had been look-'spurt that outscored the locals, ing for. :ian n-vpi- nu"".'^-'--o --- in« l u i . , _. He wanted to know about { looked back at Liz. ''Do vou I'd like to Keaster Ruir Upholstery Cleaning 503 W. South St. Phone 839R Harribburg Kirbv Vacuum Cleaner Dealer il / G R A P E F R U I T AND CKAPE ewprr somes AST FOU ICS-BOX DRINK WONDER ORANGE, ITS WONDERFUL 11 It- IVUVlVviLO ****** v**^-- -- -- · u "a fabulous salary to play with them instead of us." Lujack said he had talked m a general way" with R. Edward Garn, who is representing the lea- *ue in its search for purchasers of-the-Rockets' franchise. ** "'It's not absolutely necessary r/# that I Play in Chicago," Lujack f f j t said "But it would be nice. Ill ^ jSst have to weigh the offers I receive." _ Merchants Nine To Meet Tonight The Harrisburg Merchants baseball team will meet at the Mc- Kinlev school gym tonight at 8 o'clock instead of the Junior high school gym as was previously S^member is asked to be we naa nau. .miu .iu« j^y 0 I" tee mm. . . . ,,,,,,, had been I told him hed have to ..p ro bably celebrating his new aslc Liz Leyden--Liz had mixed frcedom in'some bar," Liz cracked, them. All except the last one, I!, Bv the way ;' he leered at me ^\* ^mpmhfirmg suddenly tnat .. - 11ffh h : s glasses, "this certainly tnem. AH CA«.;F. ""-,--·"·. .',,,. ·=aid, remembering suddenly tnat it was Jeff who had fixed the last drink for Avis. The one she had had while (he rest of us diank CC "AH I made," I said, "was^hc coffee and the cheese snacks He put it all down carefully in little black-backed notebook "BV tne way. "c iwv~ -- _-through his glasses, "this certainly works out nice for you all around, sn't it? Jeff's, free-now. . "l walked out without answering Td changed my jnincl about go- him. ld changed my nmiu *»»»· juarKii in« to see Jeff. Leyden's words were used had stopped me. W^h t hf pohce ^ ^, 18 to 11. Harrisburg Coach Ralph Davison used only six men in last nights contest. He started Vinson and Brown at forwards, Cummins at center and Jones and Catliri at guards. VanderPluym was the on- Iv substitution, entering the game several times at both the forward and guard positionsr' ' ~" ~ West Frankfort started Durham, Burnett, McAllister, Youchoff and Harkins, and five other men Now you ccn borrow under our new twcniy-month plan. This gives you extra cash fo pay bills, boy t'nings you need, and do other worthwhile tilings .. . and spread the payments ^ovcr a full period. Phone or come in to'lay. You'll like ou; friendly service, and prompt, confidential way of doing business. , "Sure T!-ey Cui! ^9 ^iSI-S^ :'' ^ ^^ 1 - ^j^^f^f 1 ' * ' j i-t .*,!.'· PAT I JEFFREYS * SLSZAK 1 '.u f i Sun^ 2 p. m. -- Men. 6 p. m. -- Tues. 6 p. n 14c and 40c nao sioupeu me. ,.."- --- i off on the tack they were, it might be better if Jeff and I didnt.seem * * * be better if Jeff and l aioni see". I could be sarcastic too. "I sup-| t chu mmy. They might decide «.,, x-«,, havft all the ans\\ers ., ,,,, . vas a mo tive there for Jett pose now ·re \vas a HL\J*.I*^- -·- ' -'have killed Avis Or for me to reason to worry- present. The Daily Register, 20c a week, bv carrier boy COLLECTIONS PJ-. ^, f .,;. g « j :cc . jn , j nets and b.'d (ron a"po", ary- No collection, no charge! M. D. Ncslcr Collection Agency 302 E. Walnut Phone 113 MOTSIXGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance 17'= S. MAIN ST. Phonp G55R "-J- 'V 3 -r j r . "p c ; c " R K c "Isn't he a darling?" Molly the Kilkmaid asks the fillic calf. "He's roSy-poly "c-iMC he drinks Dairy Brand Milk. The doctor «:ays it's best for him-- lurkc". him jtrow strong anil sturdy. Iair" VTM ni} is prelU wor.(!ciful. isn t it?" into a likable g,""- ~~- ".r\i;- know what to do with them^ Hi» eyes met mine with seemmgb friendly candor DR. D. A. LEHMAN EYE. E\R. XOSC. THROAT Glasses Fitted Xorth Vine Street 4--Harrisburg Hospital ' he answered with sudden have killed her. s and his mouth quirked; fiut j had no likable grin. "But 1 don t , t that then - ... ..-- ·' ".-(To Be continued) Cross^enJeTWill Withdraw from GOP Governor Race SPRINGFIELD, 111.. Jan. 17.-- t all?" I asked sulkily. ; (u . R) _Lt. Gov. Hugh \V Cross to- He was blunt and direct. d repc ated his denials that he x m « m^n here. We d like! ,- _ frt withdraw from the race gea Tm7 reiuct-anriips Then) I remembered that he hadnt ac-j tually told me anj;thm£ I w as | Bull Pups Win In the matter of free throws, Harrisburg sank 11 out of 24 and the Red Birds connected with 13 out of 18. West Frankfort had defeated Harrisburg; 50 to 41, in the open- . _ ^e 4.1mA r-*»oc-j-\rt rf\f T n P terribly mixed up. ^s'that all?" I asked sulkily "No" He was blunt and dire "I have some men here. W e i d l i k e to look around inside your house He had made me forget lor a governon moment that he was if *t.gat,ng what he said was murder. ShocK came back, lage. And a sense of out J^iaiAlOUUifej t/w vv *-r - - » ing game of the season for the Bull Dogs. The Bull Dogs last night were wearing new white suits. In a preliminary game the Bull Pups "beat the Frankfort freshman- sophomore team, 48- to 37, with 'Logsdon connecting for 16 points and Roper 14 for the local squad. Box score of the feature Wt: Harrisburg (57) .FG FT TP P* Vinson Brown Cummins Jones Catlin VanderPluym Totals GOODRICH TiRHS I'ascn^cr. Truck. Tractor TIUK HATTERY -OS h. I'ojilar Terms 174K1 Barker Miley '^niAXCE AGENCY *t» COUNTY CREDIT REPORTS INVESTIGATIONS COLLECTION SERVICE Phone 678 srr John B. Owen, J. P. ' s K M a i Main Phone 65. State, or Drivers' Licence, He, ions. Deeds or Mortcascs. J'. ^^^^^^.^^^ L °° Sli Seen at Lac Beauport, P. 13 t don't suppose I could stop » U J C said Cr0 ss would not vou." I said acidly. withdraw. He claimed however. - .,, ,,-_., --,,,,«» vmi rould. nc ^uoDorters of Gov. Dwngnt n. SSei.' seeki^re-election 1, 1 billu ov'k"J · , , 'I don't suppose you could. T^Wd in'thc patio »-a suited SIU Plays Eastern Illinois Tonight In Conference Tilt CARBONDALE. Ill- Jan- l ?-~ Dcfcnding Illinois Intercollegiate Athletic Conference champions. JlCU 1113 v*v-«»»--'·" is 10 withdraw from the race the Republican nomination for vernor. ., Cross authorized an aide ,, .--_ Si5Sk Cm of a TMmS ia Up? "ho w . Frant[ort (49) FG FT TP PF **"* said Cross raid no. g*S * McAllister Youchoff Green who is SCCKIUS t?-*"-:-~Z" Harkins to a third term, had offered the AUen lieutenant governor endorsement whit , as a candidate for state treasurer Link and a promise of organization sup-l Grey dnu a v'",.... c«.,,pc senator unoi,,,. «A r ^·c LAUGHS! GA1S! GHOULS! Danny M jtfj | ^ Sa£--a E Ea g f.p/0 ** i.i^' , T - i'. t - 4 VIRGINIA MAYO «,M BORiS KARtGFF - FAY BAiHTER "v" S i. "Sx- V^-^? «·***» outvie ·*«»·»·"· - - - ^5" //^-ti-f^ ANMRUTKERFOSD-THURSTOHHALL * / 2^fc%- v FlOnENCEBATES^ V/ .^fc ^jg. ..· .-x ,.,, ft^ij^vn The Goldwyn Girls C^i '/· 1 7* to a third term, naa w" 01 "*-- Alien lieutenant governor endorsement ,-whiteside as a candidate for state treasurer Link and a promise of organization sup-l Grey Sort for United States senator m sloan 1950 if he would pull out of the Moorc j iyd\j ii «*v «v»·-·»- t , gubernatorial race. ° Candidates for governor as .as other offices must We nominat- Maroons visit Eastern .--. State College Saturday night in a k-cry important I. I- A. C. S 3 TM 0 Coach Lynn Holder of the has indicated that K " J* ." 18 13 49 20 Totals *~ -" .-- -- , Officials: Darrow of Cairo and Main of Karnak. roons na» niun.*v« »·--- --depend upon the same siartinc lineup which has brought 10 MC- lories against only two defeats In this starting lineup the Maroons have two men «"-"·»;" 7 over 12 points per game, forward Bob Colborn of Flora with I.T.I points in High School Basketball Scores Now Shoeing Double Feai-ure -- 12c and 35c .1 " " North of Rio Grande Starring William Boyd Resell Ha«cn Gabby Hr.cs nounccd mat I1C ,"""'" ,"V hc RC-! candidate for re-election to the Re , this year. State committee iii *-«' goani ·"*·"_!. ~i-« *V,n ram wanted to that 4 to l. ^i/vUlivlv* t »T ··· **f*r^ r *·*!» ular center position. The s E.dorado. ISafef ^ Films at Logon Meeting Monday Roc k«cll of the By United I'rcss Ccnlralia 74. Marion 51. Fairficld 49. Lawrencevillc 48. Robinson 51. Terre Haute (Gai field) 34. Mt Vcrnon 6«. Bcnton 36. Salem 56. Flora 31. Pinckncyvnic 53. Chestei .39 , Murphvsboro 43. Du Quoin 39. Mt Carmcl 35. Carmi 30. Vienna 45. Rosiclare 43, Sparta 48. Anna-Joncsboro 41. Collinsville 55. Granite City 31. Pclcin 41. Canton 25. Galcsburg 40. Kcwancc to. Paris 59. Charleston City 3«. Vandalia 55. Taylonnlte 46. Mattoon 67, Danville 62. Pana 62. Nakomis 34. Sunday 2 p. m. -- Monday 6 ?. m. 12c and 35c r^e*; J'.CCVL TAX first proponent of " ofMt Carme! and Joe Hughes of ,«{J»JJTM n |\ vh ich «ill be held West Frankfort who is known for j * J^ nweunR scboo , his crisp passing and alert, fi$ht- on^Monda jiign bus - ncjis mcctl ng E« "i^ Jan. 20. t^^^SVriilHl^ 1 ^^^ 1 ' ^ ^.^ti^fa'sssri ssy^l 1 ^^ ^ JL*SK . _ * . . J V.wv 1 f\ T*^T*^\* rana w^. i^«»«"'."" -,. ,,,, Decatur 41. Spnngficld 32. West Rockford 62. Elgm 43 rv-ai rs '.nc first proronwi »' cw lia*k School at i^,^^^'S|^^ ra 1S^ ist run oo»» "" v " -- t 4V,:, . hrl ll,- l^TlTc BcauportV P-.V^lt.^Ws^-cW^^ K,\ \kt ^chooK .HI America andjhe ^£ aena . CM^HT «.« nVs o(' coitnl'c^N T,t America. Skiing with '^toSE^ professional and 4 . k 11I^.*^r»^\ Alliance. =" fi «aSB!-iJ!|5r|S5S?.t» , ... ' i .*.. _..KI;^. ic rAr^iallv i Eastern battle. ocy. 'joliel 38. LaSallc; nc-iuui; «» .'·-* -r. i Johnston pupils, and a bingo - \\ili be scrv- -°- . K our, Professor... ^ e w*^^ ? ^ Lady's a WOlfttiggl \ , ;, -* / RAY \ *·*: *'* " I MILL A N D V TERfSA W R I G H T BRIAN DONLEVY J S? I N .*·"% £~* «"^;: J!. · " ' . against seven at home. Some Fast Traveling The trolley coaches, street cars and gas buses in this country travel more than 5,000 mile* ever? mimito of the day and night. .EN. SF4PFR1

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