Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 22, 1962 · Page 4
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 4

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 4
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w b R o- C T li ir S F y C EDITORIALS Sfafe Legislators Reply-? (Editor's Note: A number of state senators and representatives have prepared a rebuttal to a recent "state of the State" address by Governor Jlmmie Davi?. Since area television stations refused to give the legislators equal time for their answer to the governor, the legislators' address, delivered Tuesday night by Rep. Joe Cooper of DeSoto parish, is reproduced here as a public service.) I,\tm,S AND GENTLEMEN OF TOE STATE OF LOUISIANA' During the next 30 minutes I am going to discuss some things about the government of the state of Louisiana that you should know. I am going lo tell you exactly who owns and operates the Baker Bank and Trust Co. of Baker, in union an average of nearly six. million dollars of state money h;:s been on deposit ever since this administration took office and upon which the state is draw- ine no interest. I am going to give you the truth about the code of ethics bill, which was killed bv this recognizing the good and the bad 1 and making no effort whatever to stop or remove the bad. •'Same Source' Which Made Pleas The governor said, "most of the continuous criticism comes from the same source." Yes, this I source is the same that pleaded with 'he governor, his administra- , tion and his close advisors, to let ; the people know how their money was being spent. To invest our idle funds so that j the taxpayers could be assured of dividends on their monev. To let •that the number of slate employees not under civil service in Lou- iisiana grew by 30 per cent be- j tween October, I960, and October, \ 1961. That was hi just one year, | jail during this administration. | Now, my friends, if this state-; i ment which Governor Davis made I ; is right, then the report of the | | United States census bureau is ; wrong. Failed to Tell About " e would have saved you and me millions of dollars and how they too. were killed. Motives Given For Address That i? not all I am going to discuss, but first I would say, I approach you on this program \\ith some trepidation and I humbly ask that you consider my re- 1 marks here, as an effort to aid in < the development of a sound pub- t lie attitude as to government and support, for an improvement of our state. > tell you before he too* of: state racing commission had and that , To reaffirm ourselves to hones- > ployecs with the slate contractors jty and integrity and to place a I licensing board jumped from 22 penalty on those whose interest to 82. practically quadrupling the j conflicted with the state. V e s. staff. | these are the same sources of crit- The governor tried to seek the i lcj sm. i shelter of civil service by saying Referring to the listing of the; the growth in the number of civil unclassified employee bill, Gov-j service employees the past year I ernor Davis mentioned a few I was lower than usual. This is true, i agencies employing only a few un- i But he didn't tell you that during classified employess and claimed; the first year of his administra- that to submit a list of these em-1 tion the increase was among the ployees to civil service for cen-' highest in recent history. tral listing would be an injustice, Ou r chief executive did not tell to these hard working people. ! you that the little Baker bank and This representative handled this j Trust Co> has nad from tllree lo ISSUES OF THE DAY _ : ..._ - -^ - - - - - •-—= J ~._-. -f-- r.miiiiiuii__ The Public Speaks I have no other motive for this i bill on the floor of the house and ncar '- v " nine million dollars of the Don't Know — / Recently Read About Some Sedative That Had Bad Effects' (Editor's Note: Th« Lake Charles American Press ftivitcs interesting and sober comment on issues of the day. Letters should not be longer than two double-spaced typewritten pages. They mnst be signed and given street address and city.) Letter Brings Large Response You recently published a letter of mine in which I expressed my opinion of lhe "Reverse Freedom Ride" movement. As a result of this publication I had many telephone calls from people who were interested enough to voice their opinions on the matter. I would like to thank all of those people who called, those for as well as those against. It is heartening to know that so many are interested enough in the happenings of their community to take the time to say something about it. As long as we have such free speech we have democracy. It may please those individuals who called my commanding officer to know that their attempts to stifle and suppress free speech j and the freedom of the press were ! successful in that I WAS duly rep- j rimandcd for writing the letter. j My views on the subject most certainly did not represent the views of any military organization. For those who had the lack of good judgment to believe that someone of my humble rank could speak for such a military organization I have nothing except sympathy. This is verbatim from the Cnn. | gressional Record of April fi. page 6944: Rep. Gross (Iowa); "Mr. Speaker, last week when the I House had tinder consideration the $4.2 billion appropriation hill for the Department of Health. Kd. ucation and Welfare, I called at. I lenlion to some of the fellowship grants under the National D,.. | fense Education Act which vidcd for studies in music, folk- j lore, Jazz, the theater, the ecnU ogy and economics of flowing w.> I ter, and a score of other subjects wholly unrelated to National Dp- fense. In studying the hearings [ also came across a research grant which is almost beyond ho. lief. This is in the field of intei- national research grants, and was in effect as of January l, IP.M). I was one of 10 who voted against the appropriation bill and I would like to call this to your attention, those of you who voted for the bill. Here is a grant of $33.. 101 to the Israel Institute of A p. plied Social Research, Jerusalem. Israel; the project Is this, and [ will read it verbatim from thq record of the hearings: " 'A test of husband and wife relationship. The aim is to develop a diagnostic pictorial test of both intraperson- al and interpersonal aspect? of the role of relationship of husband and wife. The te.'-t should be sensitive to the perceptions of actual behavior and norms, and to the consonance perceived between these.' "Mr. Speaker. I find no worrN address. May I say with all sincerity, these comments are not made with the intention of becoming engaged in any conflict between political personalities. I am not a partisan politician. Rather, I am a country merchant \\ ho believes that sound principles for a private business should apply equally as well to our governments' business. Answer to Davis Considered Duty In the fall of 1959 when I campaigned for the office as representative of DeSoto parish, I pledged myself to one purpose that in working for the welfare and interest of the people, I would sincerely and honestly represent them. address by Governor Davis in which he severely criticized cer- state's money on deposit through-j out this administration. The bank) stockholders have realized an av-i erage of approximately two hun-j dollars each year i not once did I refer to it as an anti-deadhead bill. The primary purpose of this bill was to provide a central listing of all unclassi-, fied state personnel, that wej. cd . might know how many employees m earnin 8 s on th ese state depos- j the state had, and how much was ! lts ' V ver since the Bakcr bank ' being paid out in salaries. was formcd - an average of sixty i T,,,. ,,.„ , , . , . per cent of the bank's total de-! This bill was not designed toj its has bccn slat mon | harass or persecute any employee I as the governor would have you D— \sn* Bn*%L believe. It was designed to fur- DOKGl DUf/K nish our accounting department, OwnPfC / JcfM our budget committee and our ^""*-!•> i-ljlCU legislature with the proper infor- Now, my friends. I regret the mation upon which we c o u 1 d j necessity of bringing in names, base our decisions in planning i but the bank itself is just a build- and adopting a balanced budget, ing- There would be no point in _ discussing the bank unless we Declared Factor ] name tne p e °p' e wn ° ° wn and °p. | erate it. No reflection on any in- DeflClt i Dividual is intended. It is a "mat' ter of public record. Here are the PEARSON SAYS Moscow Lures Yugoslavs Please lot it be known that I i lo comment further on this utter speak solely as a citizen of the!waste of the taxpayers' money." By DREW PEARSON (Copyright, 1962, by the Bell Syndicate) I admit the odds are in favor of the I ambassador. would unnecessarily alarm the British — all of this culminating (Editor's Note: Drew Pearson, who once spent two years in the Balkans, long considered the No. 1 breeder of war, today discusses the big gamble taken by the United States in aiding Yugoslavia.) But long experience with t h e I in the break between Tito and the Yugoslavs and some residence Soviet in 1948 when on June 28, here in the old days convinces j Yugoslavia was expelled from the I me that the insatiable Yugoslav j cominform. United States exercising my right of free spcoch. ROBERT E. CECILE 5 Pine Place Maplcwood, La. Woman Opposes Withholding Tax What makes some taxpayers so naive that they believe we are actually going to get a tax reduc- Even if you knew what thii Schlesingcr type verbiage was all about, wouldn't you want such shenanigans stopped — especially on your money? (Mrs.) MARY HOLLOMAN 5603 Jackson St. Alexandria, La. More Courtesy Urged in Stores tion, even after the November j Thank for your article, o our arc I elections and even if everybody - B , Complainl f,, of Thu ,. s . . DORS vntp npmnrrnt? Tnn mnnu •, . ..".... as of February, 1962: 'Buddy) Billups—One of one. I cannot understand how any \v. i business, and felt I would be remiss "and neeli-' f het .| cal ! y <our f ate government j contributors "aurin^'his guberna- _ wouia remiss ana negn , a bv far our ]argest busincss) l toria , cam p ajgn _ R312 s ^ rcs . or w nvcs d yearning for independence that! "I shall shake my little finger,". DOES vote Democrat? Too many dates back to the days of the; Stalin savagely warned, "andiof us don't know and don't care Turks will come out on lop. j there will be no more Tito." jenough to find out where our Besides, relations with Russia; But Tito didn't budge His liard earned money is going, have not always bccn as pleasant < friends in the satellite countries; The withholding tax Is a dia- at the White' who dared show leanings toward j bolical device designed e were shot. Attempts ! the touch on o •nuca Mates nasspemi fripnd - All! " H !m£L Thnnlhl' Were made , ""A 8 ° W " ^ He ' Jt Sccms also lo have softened Yi."oslavia is wasted Ilicn , ds . a ° f e d«nking than the was abused and boycotted. But,some heads. itiguamvut is waoit.u (i llps s m p, n ,hv Knnrnvv'c cii-im. . Vnrtnd'ivi-. J\A ™t ,,,iiu« (l • i .• i i i lUgoMdua dm not wither on the I^ets look at just one place ' vine. ' PULA, Y U G 0 S L A VIA. Whether the one billion dollars has spent for aid to . ., day evening. It should have been on the front page of the paper, under big headlines. If store personnel would use a little more courtesy, and not no in h ,. ' ' ' mln h P 001 ' balance when President Tito goes Dun ; hp , d , t n \ fVt^ostti' l-i* f\ t h ic vrt fit- nt f /»n Hi* J . l ~ to Moscow late this year or early u. s. aid came In the rescue in mv duty fail to Rive the people of my parish the efficiently without real facts behind the bills and the •• h.,,, Qn j u,,,,, ^,,,^u"n, ' " u • r~Y - " ••-!—«•• -.. t ....>.^.. ? m ch lhey are bcm§ of the slale board of commerce i knowing how many employees it r ., . , • , . i has and how much t" actions of this recent legislative ; paid . The , ack of this f j sca , My comments were presented Guy C. Billups—1,200 shares. Guy c. Billups Jr.—Chairman That he is taking such a I was perhaps the most important answered, news Tito gave me during In e • Stalin's chief grams sent by Tito to "Grandpa," and Yugoslavia went its own way, the code name for Stalin, begging > more vigorous, more healthy, and for supplies, went ignored and un- more democratic than any of lhe problem. We poor peasants can find place to park. gone and then start agitating Con-1 ^™ti[*' ^^ ***" where our withholding-plus has; tion, and the request of a number of members of the state senate and the house of representatives and people of many other parishes, whom J believe to be conscientious and dedicated people that I make this television appearance. and industry appointed by the 1 governor—1.550 shares. ' ! Mrs. Irene Billups—300 shares.) remarked, i I. W. Patterson—Chairman of concern at that fight- satellite countries. grcss to pass Rep. Bruce Alger's of tax- heedless Americans will then see how an cm- a leading department store," a customer can be v e r y trying, but after all, he's tlm a '' e the governor's gubernatorial cam- that is not now availa- paign and former director of the ble under the public records act." stale department of commerce: vacation in the Soviet Union," he : being too communistic. said, "but so far I have had no, "Why did you need to form Came the death of Stalin, much we're sending to Washing- i Khrushchev liberalized the Krem-jton for such stuff in addition to Tnanks a S ain for your editorial lin and made a special trip lo j the millions we're sending to our '• c ° m m e " L l ' ct ' s nave moi ' p « Cracle where, in thn nrpscncn • nnnmv "more Perhaps this information is available to the governor, but as state representative I made Lake Charles, La. and industry — 1,000 shares. Raymond E. Cox—4,007 shares, i Eugene McGce — State repre-! THE WORLD TODAY Hopes Principles Finally Prevail parish, and attorney for the bank | At the same time two major' —120 shares. i Rufus D. Hayes—Commissioner newspaper reporters, the Times Picayune and the Morning Advo- of state department of insurance, cate, made efforts to secure this ! who ran on the governor's ticket information and failed. i —1,500 shares. "T h r i f t y Three, Inc." — 700 shares. I do not question the legality of; what has been done in the Bak. , er bank during this adminislra- This is lhe taxpayer's money,; tion, but I must leave this ques- this u; your money^that is ^being | tion to public opinion: "Is it ethi-; 1 submit the following remarks. Governor Davis, in attempting and your "representative'should 'be| Cnrlo o defend his disappointing ac-! able to secure this information. | v - uucr H is true, thai the public rec- Taxpayers Due This Information N'ow, we believe deeply in the principles of the legislation which was the prime target of Governor Da vis's criticism. We hope and b'jlic-ve that these principles will finally prevail and it is in .' I J "—*• •t*w*n- ( f HI til. iO IJUiJItl j LltJIl the promotion of this belief that • spent, you should be entitled to ''< C al'' 1 i - I I li r« i 4 t U _ f ^ 11. : „ _ I jL* ' f V fc* I . ; ints mformalion. Your senalor governor uavis, in attempting and vour rpnrn^nt to tions during the recent session of ; Belgrade where, in the presence • enemy. ° "more often." of the entire Yugoslav nation, he j Then maybe we'll gel up enough ; MRS T CROMWFLL time to go. Perhaps at the end of.special proletarian brigade," : menf by SK was aVn'SlSTult tne" ^ ^ ^ 6lh ' Stre ° l this year or early next year, how-1 Stalin wrote Tito in March 1942.! and amazing reversal. ; .—_ ever, 1 shall go. I have been in-j "The British and the Yugoslav; Next day, Borba, official organ viled to rest," he said frankly, | king are justified in suspecting the of the Yugoslav government, pub"but of course that means lo partisans of acquiring a Commu-. lishcd an editorial .slating that talk." list character and aiming at So- Yugoslavia would not participate Earlier, he had said that he \ vietizing Yugoslavia." j n the "Soviet crusade against planned to talk to Premier "Remember," Stalin warned on; capitalism." Khrushchev about patching up his another occasion, "the Soviet has, There the matter has stood. De- differences with the United States.! trcat y relations with the king of j spite all sorts of templing offers. However, it is just as certain ] Yugoslavia" — then denounced by Tito has not rejoined the Soviet that Khrushchev will seize the; Tito. orbit. Senators Tower, Lausche, visit to try to woo Tito back into i And ^ when ^Stalin finally did get i Proxmire, and Goldwater, to be 'Unpayable' By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst Ameri- the Soviet orbit as it is certain ] around to sending a military mis-[sure, have recently given Tito's: WASHINGTON (AP) — that Southern senators will fili- s ' on lo g' ve at least moral sup-j independence policy a hefty kick'cans are living it up, up, up. buster against civil rights. P ort to Tito, Brigadier Fitzr o y in the seat of the pants with their j T hc national debt has reached Nothing galls the Kremlin more I MacLean, British attache to Tito, I demands — which nearly succeed-i $300 billion for the first time in than an independent Yugoslavia • lcl| s in his fascinating book on! cd - that the United States cut history, the Treasury announced : This meant getting into World building up 70 per cent of its Tlt °. Jl'e Hen-tic, how the first off_ aid to Yugoslavia. Monday. War II and. later foreign alii- some years ahead—was the American decision lo abandon its isolationism, which had been its viewpoint throughout most of its history, and become an inlerna- tl0nal leader - trade with the West, opening Us ««<• 01 me Kussians was lo de- Bui even so, I do not th.nk Tito , ances, foreign aid, nuclear we;«p< doors to thousands of tourists ! mand e la bo r a t e lavorat*nes will sign up again with Moscow.' . ll ^ ?f" q , «, -i.- 184 ons and the space race from lhe West, receiving U. S. which the partisans did not have, i He will be friendly, accept some : th 5. , , l^ °Mh! LT / And this is what happened: r« t_i_ .. _!„„,.„ f 1 „(!,,-.., ,v^;i: * * * (.'irlrt nnnnrtc- c'tnnc- nnl ••* f- ,i« rt r ! *^J ^' ll - *-IlU Ol lUU Unil CGniUl'V ti I », .. ... _ .1 the legislature did so with a , ords act would permit a person to smooth presentation on the basis, go to each agency in the state and , - Named of half-truths, inaccurate and incomplete statements. eventually determine many employees worked In trying to justify his actions, h 0 w ' of killing the code of ethics bill, j there, i tne governor referred to it as the' fighter planes and other military equipment from the West, and at times thumbing its sup i trade concessions, act as unof- ; STALIN EVEN COMPLAINED ficial mediator between the Unit- that the partisans were using red dl . , b „ , k sta rs on their uniforms which j-^ j> -"v • J i _ — _ ed Stales and Russia. But he will remain independent. 11199. , » , mark ' u was $1.437,000,000 Claims Governor Avoided Issues HP failed to bring to the public light and public knowledge the real events which brought about , But inias-inu how time consuming • mosl sinister piece of legislation it would be to go to all 230 agen-' ever introduced. The dictionary nose at Moscow. The leaders of the Kremlin, however, read the newspapers, j And when they see that Sen. John ; Tower of Texas almost accuses President Kennedy of treason for selling Hunter planes lo Tito — though the deal was actually Krai CVL'lllS \MllL-fl DrOUgni 3DOUI ,1, , , .~ "•' Kill Itnuovnr 1 f,,n\ cnmrmllnH In filled b.V EiSellllOWCT — a II d and a, e continuing to bring about >'governor chose o keep ,t. The J™^ ' J fcel com P ellcd lo w h e n they see Sen. Frank *^ *-> Mrtirn IMIS\»* i- «i i ft ' ''I'ln-. ...,. I rilrliIlfrT*lIl*\\. , ., , . t . . .1 .., Lausche ol Ohio whipping the Sen- cirs scattered all across the stale. The problem is that no one lnin has this much time and the result is thai the information is never revealed. This is the wav sinister as meaning some- evil, something b;id. My friends, time does not permit me lo give you the names of the many groups which supported this criticism upon ministration. him and his ad- governor said, "The number of unclassified employees is not YOUR HEALTH Nof 'Cafch/ng 7 By Dr. Theodore H. Van Dcllen; studies failed to find such micro- He" expressed a common knowl- la !' ge ami ' iot ' s not var y f rom ont ' | organisms in the involved joints edge when he said "there is good and bad in every administration." But, my friends, he failed to poim out to you what he has done during his administration to carry out his sacred responsibility lo promote the good and curb t he- bad. administration to the other." State Employes Un 30 Per Cent The only place most of us can get complete information un suite -State employees is from the United The Rather, his administration has , States Bureau of Census and their been an endorsement of lhe bad j information has to be several and a deterrent of the good. He months old before we can acquire cannot justify himself by simply '> it. The census bureau did report 4 WED., AUGUST 22, 1962, Lake Charles American Press Lake Charles American Press SIXTY-SIXTH YEAR Pub!l»fc«d Week Doy end Sunday Morning MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS Preu is evIHIed exclusively lo th« uie (or repuol'cotlen ol oil fhe local n*«$ printed b) this n»#ipap«r at well at gl! AP n»ws dispatches. - TELEPHONES - Mqm OtKe - BUBO Si ........................................... Pnone HE - SUBSCRIPTION RATES B( turner Per Week •• 4Sc By Carrier Per Year — Us. to Bt Moil In Allen Beuurfjord Cuicansu Cowon and Jefferson [AIVIS parishes, ond Sunday Per Yeor il/.OO. Doily Only. Per feur 110 00: Sunday Only Ptr^ Year i7,60 All otr«.r moll per ye«r 123.40 Eni«r *4 at Uk< Choriei Post Ottict as Second Class Moll Molltr Act ol Conerwi March 2, 187V T h e iissociation of Louisiana Chambers of Commerce. The New Orleans B urea u of Governmental Research. Tho Louisiana Civil Service leujjuc. Tiu: Louisiana Organization for: Legislation. Louisiana Slate Bar Association. : The l>ouisiana AFL-C10. Industry, labor, civic organiza- { tions. and the man on the street supported this legislation. ' The .si.-nate passed this bill over- j wlieliningly with 28 votes. The ju-' diciary "A" committee of the; house passed it out of committee j by a vote of 10 to 5. No one can j convince me that the fine mem-j hers of this committee which included eight lawyers would ever have permitted legislation to pass which they feit in any way danr aged the legal rights of the people. All these groups and many | more who supported this fine legislation .sland cliargcd today by! Governor Davis as a part of a ( sinister movement. (To be concluded Thursday) to cut off all aid to Yugoslavia, then you can be sure the leaders of the Kremlin will make ih e most of it. THK BIG QUESTION, THERE- fore, is: Will lhe one billion doi- 1 tdl ne h(JW lar gamble of lhe Truman-Eisen-1 germs an ,j - Kennedy administrations Tribune) "I'm a victim of rheumatoid arthrilis," writes C. R. "My doctor tells me- this disease is due to infr-'Clion but I can't undcr- sland jusl what tyjK. 1 . Can you rheumatoid arthritis cannot be passed along during contacls with other members of the family. R js .he for be wasted? Will Yugoslavia, the j coo j < independent, s e rn i - westernized Communist country, be cajoled back lo lhe Kremlin fold? me lo visit my grandchildren and _,. . . . .. ... \ J J **" 1 «**ni iti i*, Ibis type of arthritis is a gen-l down to $i 6 ,185,000,000. eralized condition and the pain-; ful, swollen joints represent a re-' action to internal changes. No one the space race. And this is Under Roosevelt, with 13 million people unemployed and tha country desperate, the govern,, i , , , , menl really had to go into hock, has never dropped below the j B y the end of the 1941 fiscal year billion-dollar figure since. lhe debt slood at $48i961 ,000,000. \et, it never got up to the $2 E , billion mark until 1917-the year' ltlat America got into World War 1— when it became $2,976,000,000, a jump of $1,751,000,000 over 1916. That was peanuts compared with what was to come. By 1919 the debt had risen to $25,485,000,000, thanks to war costs. With lhe war over, the United States Iried to whittle down the debt and did so, steadily. From 1920 to 1930 the debt decreased every year until in 1930 it was ... ., A11 UM . . y cars mentioned here from «» knows why the smaller joints us- , LO u ally are involved, especially 10W . . . . . v '. to lhe following June 30. So that , ' '^' '" "While I'm on the subject I'd like to express my gratitude to It's a question the American ; lhe . meclical , Profession for oral ambassador in Belgrade is wor-1 Cortisone. I know I would be in a rying those of the hands, wrists, and feet. Other joints and tissues may be affected but not to the same extent The relief of pain following the use of corticosteroids such as was for the fiscal year which began July 1, 1929. It's a memorable date. The great depression began with the the last fiscal year of President Hoover's administration — 1933— i YJUK iiuuiu cum me i.uuuii*! ma ui , , , ,- j , • ,. iiuuvci a aumuiiML uilUJl — iy,jj— Europe are speculating a bo ut. i drl 'S- Il « expense but I'm filad cortisone is dramatic. I is un- the debt had inched up to $22 539 - lo * cnd m onc on l n d foitunale °^ l ' oducts do ' . George Kennan, a former ambas- ! lo *P cnd m y monc y on " sador to Moscow and an expert without olher and do foi ; tunale not • cu ™ ,. disease P l ' oducts do ' 000,000. nothing what was to come. In 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States was in Us second world war. The roof blew off. The war ended in Augusl W"> -which was in the 1946 fiscal year-and for that fiscal year tha national debt was $269,422,000,00(1. Under President Harry S. Truman the public debt went down steadily every year until the country got involved Ir. the Korean War. Up went the debt because o£ the new need for spending. President Eisenhower took over in the middle of the 1953 fiscal year. The debt for that year was $266,071,000,000. It climbed steadily under Eisenhower, except for one year, even with the Korean War ended. If there's any satisfaction from the money the United States has to spend in the contest with Rus- on Russian-Yugoslav affairs, has The cause of rheumatoid arth- already taken some soundings. , rilis is not known. At one time, infections were blamed hut newer theories center about heredity and hypersensitivity lo cert ain immune bodies in the blood. The Yugoslav government knows that next year they will only get a driblet of $10,000,000 in surplus U. S. farm products. The ambassador is afraid Yugoslav leaders will politely say "no thanks" and accept instead the supc-r-gL'iKTous economic concessions dangled before? I h e m by Moscow. Personally, 1 don't think t h i s ; initiated the disease and then dis- will happen. On the surface, I; appeared from the body. Careful sia, it's the fact that Russia has Still, looking hack, even that j lo spend, too, and the Americans' r. Van Dellen will send leaf- fig ure seems insignificant because living standards are far better. p ,,.._; --f^--- — — -• — ...M ...».Q...» >W v««4|, MV-\,t4l*WC let on rheumatoid arthritis if two tremendous changes in the stamped, self-addressed envelope accompanies request. TOMORROW: Plant pollination. i Today's Health Hint- cerned, even if back lo the lime wlu-n infections i country. were considered the culprits in! Address inquiries lo: rheumatoid arthritis. In such in- Dr. Theodore R. Van Dellen stances, the causative organisms I Tribune Syndicate, Tribune Tower, Chicago, 111. years ahead were to take place in American thinking, and all of them cost money. One—under President Franklin But this reader need not be con-! Abandon your electronic kitch- D. Roosevelt — was the decision to go ! en occasionally and cook in t h e : that the government had a responsibility for the general welfare. It found its voice in the New ( l)cal. Thai, and the general effort ,lo get out of the depression, cost money. The other- -and this still lay President Kennedy inherited this contest, and all it Involved, when he took over in the middle of the 1961 fiscal year. Tho debt for that year reached $288,971,000,000. And now, with the 1962 fiscal year ended, the Treasury says tho debt is a little over $300 billion. No one even dreams of wiping out the debt. The best anyone can suggest is to try lo reduce it a bit. r

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