The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 23, 1956 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1956
Page 2
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SnylniUit Crosby laycees Planning To Enter State Contest Ay history of the year's activities of! the Crosby Junior Chamber, of Commerce is being compiled for entrance in the state Junior Chamber of Commerce 'contest; SAVE UP TO $1,000.00 OX A NEW 1956 DODGE The Crosby entry is under the program advertising, the clcan-up. i ERNIE DITTMAN I 707 EAST TEXAS supervision of Jimmy Petrick. second vice president, and'must be filed in Brownsville not later than Apr:! 13. for judging at the Jaycee state convention April 19-20 and 21. Compiled In scrap booh form the Jog of the years activities will chronicle the various enterprises sponsored by the year-old organization^ Petrick said some of ihe entries will include newspaper ac- Crosby projects, counts of the Jaycee banquet for the football team, the FFA: PvOdeo paint-up campaign, and other civic contributions of the local club. Once at the convention city the scrap books will be separated according: to city-population of the various clubs, and trophies awarded to winners in each bracket. Petrick said Crosby Jaycees are optimistic about chances of bringing: home a trophy, as the scrap book is laden with accounts Navy Spends stricter Gets $45 Million On New Jets U.S.Loan Post Friday, March Itf, TRY SUN CLASSIFIED AD3 Crosby Seniors To Preview Play Crosby Sales Books As good and as cheap as you can buy any place! Let us handle your next order! matherne's Phone 8090 HOTTEST PORTABLE ON THE MARKET! Division is Made In Shanghai Pierce 1 Ranch At El Campo EL CAMPO, Tex. —UP— The historic, S5,000-acre Shanghai Pierce ranch, one of the oldest in Texas, has been divided presented for the Crosby school Mrs. Lacy Withers Armour and ******* at *" admission <*"«* of "WASHINGTON—UP—The Navy placed Friday a $45 , millionn contract Jar a new jet fighter piano . which can exceed 1,000 miles an or hour. The plane is an P-SU Crusader built by Chance Vought Aircraft 01 Dallas. It was !he second order placed by the Navy for the plane, described as the fastest Naval aircraft in the world. The first order, announced last December, was for S100 million. A Navy plan to set a- new world speed record with the F-SU last A preview of the 1958 High School senior play "You'll f a ij was canceled by the Defense Die Laughing-'' is scheduled for 1 Department. p.m. Monday, and the final showing for 7:SO n.m. Tuesday. The matinee of the show, directed bv Miss Janice Tuomi. will be Jack StricUler, executive vice ship service of Savings associa- prcsident of the Harris Count j tions and co-operative bunks. . Federal.Savings and Loan Association of Baytown, lias been appointed a member of the 1956 Public Relations Committee of the United States Savings and Loan League. The appointment was announced too/ay by "Walter H. Dreier, Evans-; ville, Ind., president of the League, which is the nationwide trade or- ganisation of the savings and loan business and represents more than 4,200 savings associations and cooperative banks. The Public Relations Committee studies methods of developing public knowledge of and enthusiasm for the thrift and home owner- YOU CAN AFFORD Hero's the newest idea In garage construction . . . a beautiful, modern, lasting garage that will not rust or rot! MOTOROLA WITH THE ROTATING ANTINNA IN THE HANOLII H iwwp ta ftattMn M mi itett MM ctv- Mirad* •rdl in Mirtcl • J-Pi) pity, Mft Nt WflTflMlp NOW JUST FROEHNER RADIO SERVICE 509 W. Texas Dial 2052 her son, Laurance K. Armour Jr., o£ Lake Forrest, HI., will take control of about S4.000 acres in the El Campo area. Mrs. Mary W. Runnells and her sons, John S. Runnells IT. and Clive Runnells are sisters and granddaughters of the late Abel H. (Shanghai) Pierce, a South Texas cattle baron who founded the ranch. . The acreage the Armour interests is taking over includes: the B.U. ranch and. Pierce tawnsHe and the convict farm and pumping plant near Wharton. The oil and mineral interests 1 will not be partitioned and will : remain under the suoenisio-n of j Bob Taylor of Pierce. The Ari incurs will take over about 7.000 | head of cattle. i The ranch had to be divided be-. | cause of the increasing number of I heirs to ihe estate. Mrs. Armour j put Max B. Rotholz, 34, in charge j of her ranch interests. I The interest that Mrs. Louise K. j Hutching of El Carnpo.had in the j ranch was bought bv the Armours I and Runnells before the division. | Mrs. Runnells did not say who j would manage the part she took. j Sam T. Cutbirth has managed the whole ranch for the last 10 years, i It had been operated as. a unit i since. Shanghai Pierce died Dec. j 26. 1900. ~ | The ranch was one of the orig-- \ inal importers of Brahman cattle i to this country. The ranchhouse j 5s -well preserved. It still contains j the old desk, chair and otner furniture Pierce used when he was a cattle king-. Crosby Baptists To Attend Meet Crosby members of the San Jaci:ito Baptists Brotherhood Association will attend the District 4 meeting at the Central Beptist Church in Eaytown April 10. Gerald Jones, secretary, said the quarter-annual meetings usually attract some 150 delegates from churches in Baytown, Channelview. Crosby. Deer Park, Highlands, Huffman. La Porte, Mont Belvieu, Morgans Point and Wooster. Slated for discussion at the business session is the Royal Ambassadors Conclave set for May 5 at the First Baptist Church in Highlands, daring which Bill Glass, Baylor University athlete, will be a featured speaker. The Royal Ambassadors is an organization of boys in Baptist Churches, originally sponsored by the Woznens Missionary Union, but now in the process of transferring to the supervision of the male members of the churches. The transfer was launched in 1654, to be completed over a pcr- i iod of three years, v.-itb 1&56 set | at the final year for vVMU super- I vision. i Secretary Jones said the corn| plete program of thu ail-day af- | fair is being cfraftec, and will be l announced soon. Trr Sun Classified Ads—Dial 8302 NOW in Decorator Colors! MIST GREEN • DESERT SAGE WHITE SAND • FRENCH 6RAY THE NEW Remington A WEEK ITwr JMH (Wi ptJVMn 25 cents. The' players will again don makeup Tuesday for the showing in the In test runs, the plane flew 1,050 mph. according- to authoritative sources. The Navy said that the Crusader "operates in an entirely new speed range well beyond the supersonic." The number of pianes on order is secret. The Crusader is a Navy shipboard, fighter with sweplback auditorium of ihe school with du- " vin - s an^a J-57 engine which de- c,ts gob* for 75 cents for reserved '™« »«*«!£ ™W'£™? •« seats, 50 cents for adult general admission, and 25 cents for students. Included in the cast of the three- act , "spook-show" are Wynona Flournoy. Dolores Davenport Geraidine Staffa. Darlene Kuntz. Emily Jo Miller, Patty Ray Moore, Linda Gray. Larry Anderson. Terry Anderson. Clifton Dusek. Torn. Lei$sner, Roger Ramsey and Gayle Hanson 1 .. The promoters are Chariene Drab and Tonie Kovalick, and the announcer is Joseph Hessler. thrust. It climbs fast and has an "exceptional combat ceilin?." More than a billion pounds of salt was iised for table and household purposes in the U. S. in .1955. Before You Buy or Sell CONSULT H. WILKENFELD PHONE 3-1744 Yes, it's here . . .an attractive 2- car garage with aluminum siding, roofing and two overhead doors at a surprisingly low cost. Other Sizes From: 10'x20' 24'x24' ; 24'x30' 44'x40' and up uuS tXHU'OA' NOW FK.EK COMVLETK IXFCWMATIOX • NO DOWN PAYMENT TAKE 36 MONTHS TO PAY Please send me free information on the Reynolds two-car garage.' Use of this coupon obligates me in now way. NAME ............... ADDRESS ./ .,.,...... CITY PHONE........ , B-S-3-23 I I I I g H :HARRY DOWN 760 SO. POST OAK ROAD MO 5-7474 LUMBER & CONSTRUCTION HOUSTON, TEXAS CO. AT LAST, A BIG 20' x 22' ALUMINUM E2-CAR GARAGE * THEIR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS! » NOW REVEALED! OUTSiM ORDERS ON HOW TO KILL LOW-RENT HOUSING! Opposition to morallv honest. Jew-rent housing is not spontaneous. Xor Is it Baytown voters wi!l go to the polls tomorrow with an opportunity to show their faith in the Golden Rule. The issue is low-rent housing . . . whether additional units shouW be built in this city, to house families now living in the squalor of slums. This election climaxes three months of maneuvers, manipulations, half-truths, misrepresentations and rather serious accusations from a smell group of vociferous real estate operators who would deny families in economic straits good housing . because no commissions are paid when low-rent houses are leased. Limited finances have kept supporters of low-rent housing in Bcytown from being able to counter some of the vicious propaganda fostered by the self-styled "Baytown Homeowners Association." Now, on the eve of the election, good friends—fed up with misrepresentation, have supplied th : " voice. The basic issue is simple and clear-cut: Baytown has grown from a consolidation of three smell communities, into a modern, progressive city of 30,000 population. Its growing pains have been both good and bad. Along with the new homes and subdivisions, have come slums, bad housing, misery, filth and delegation. "Slums" are not just empty shells of wood and stone. Slums are teeming with people . . .American families, who live there for one reason - they CANNOT AFFORD to rent anything better! Slums are excellent investment properties. They pay handsome returns on small investments. They require little maintenance and upkeep. If a tenant doesn't like the way his family is iivmg, he can move cut, they say. There's always someone else who'll move in ... again because he can't fford any* thing better. Baytown has its slums. Look around you, whe next you go for a drive. Look at "Bcytown Woods" as on example of housing. THINK TO YOURSELF: "If my income was low, WOULD I HAVE TO LIVE THERE?" And how about some of the sections in Old Baytown? Would YOU have to live there? Civic leaders, municipal officials, labor, management are all unanimous in deploring such a situation. Labor, for instance, has long recognized that a properly-housed worker is a better worker. Baytown tomorrow has an opportunity to combat its slums! It can give enthusiastic and resounding approval to a forward step in GIVING FAMILIES AN OP- POR7UNITY TO HELP THEMSELVES! Will more low-rent housing clear slums? tn the Cooperation Agreement between the City and the Housing Authority is a clciise which calls for "equivalent elimination." This means that over a period of time, for every unit of new low-rent housing constructed, a unit of slum housing will be eliminated OR BROUGHT UP TO STANDARD. Yes ... tew-rent housing will help rectify a deporaWe situation. As for segregation, no family will be forced to live in low rent housing against its will. New construction will be in areas determined by the Housing Commissioners, in locations NOW OCCUPIED by members of a particular race. There should be no difference of opinion when it comes to DECENT HOUSING. The fac?s ore plain—Baytown needs housing for low-income families! THE DECISION IS UP TO YOUR! ONLY YOU CAN HELP YOUR LESS FORTUNATE NEIGHBORS. Opposition to low-rent housing is carefully planned and specifically documented, by a fw individuals sitting under the? guis<> of the National Association of Real Estate Boards and the ls";>.tional Home Builders Association! " Unknown to the majority of voters Is the existence of a complete. 24,000 word outline, produced by the Home Builders, advising a LOCAL organization just >,-xactlv what, to do — what .steps to take, to KILL LG'V; RKXT HOUSING'! In other words, loud local opposition is not necessarily local, nor is it financed lot-ally. Ctrtaiply it i.x not original. i'aue •"> of the Manual dirUilfs: ". . . form a Citizens Home Protection ("oinmiltett to oppose public housing . . . J'ress, public statement--,, etc., should then of course, emanate from the Committee or its Chairman . . . On page *i: ". . . There are several strategic; points at which you can drat public housing out in the. open and rally public support against it. If you know these steps, if you watch for them, you can lake action when they are about to occur . . . slop socialized public housing projects in their inception ..." MOI1K KXCKKl'TS: ". . . demand an opportunity to refute public housing in an open meeting . . . point out the additional lav burdens on property owners ... if public bousing projects are already in operation, hire investigating agencies to rvamine occupations anil incomes of the tenants . . show their relationship with the politicians of the town . . . carry on a public relations campaign, pointing out. that the proposed public housing will provide finer apartments for the so-called "lowest income group" than the average taxpayer can afford for his own family , , ." AND ABOVi; ALL, THK MANUAL STATICS: ". . . when :t speei. fie project is proposed, develop a complete plan for an alternative, privately built and operated project ... to present tile local legislative body , . ." In other words. .PROMISE THKM ANTTHIXG ... as long as ;t confuses (he issue. Something can always happen to delay actual construction on the private development ... Think back. Mr. and Mrs. Voter; think of the public, st.atcmnrit.s against low-rent housinj?. the promises, half-truths, twisted, offorings. Then ask yourself if all the opposition here in Baytown was "spontaneous!".... REMEMBER AS YOU VOTE * TAXES ARE NOT RAISED Ton pay NOT ONE CKXT MOKK in taxes for additional low-rent housing in Haytown. There is nn incrwiso In any n.ssessment. Kathcr. the Housinc Authority WILT* T'AV MOKK TO THK CtTV In lieu of tim-ri. as provided by law. This actually means less that you piiy for muni- services . . . improves your community us well! * FULL LOCAL CONTROL LOCAL commissioners who are appointed by th>- mayor to se.rve without pay. They establish the policies iind (tov'prn 'oral operations. Honshu: Authorities arc NOT eslnbli.shed by thr fetler.t! government, their projects house I-OCAIj low-income families. * FEDERAL GUARANTEED Federal fiiuinchil assistance is necessary heciuise private industry CANNOT RI'IU) AXI) Ol'KKATK low-rent housing at 11 jirofit. The federal provernment jruiirnntee* payment, of the bonds and interest on housing projects, under the same housing legislation as FHA and 01 homed are financed. * For Low - Income Families Low-rent housinK does not compete \yilh private rentals. By law, rents must he ut least 20 per cent LOAVER than those on the private market. Moreover, rents are hiwied NOT OX THK SIZE of the unit, hut on the income nf the, family. When a. family reaches :ui income where It can afford private rentals, it must move! * Your Cost Has Been Paid You have already paid fnr additional low rent hou.iinc! Finances for the national housing: program hnvc nlrpady heen determine*! hy COHRTCSS, just the Mime ns all other reinilar national appropriations. And if for example, you paid t»x on an income of $1,000 per year, you pn!<1 (i cents to support, low-rent housinic. TIC HIT mum WITI MIKACLE TAI • • II A T T V f C m*—- *»*> matherne's VOTE YES • VOTE YES • VOTE m In Baytown Sun Bldq. fHONE MM SPONSORED AND PAID fOU FOUNDS OF LOW RENT HOUSING ADDITIONAL LOW-RENT HOUSING IS ENDORSED BY THESE ORGANIZATIONS: Greafer Baytown Improvement Group Carptnters Local 1334 Electrician* Local 644 Laborers Local 313 Painters Local 945 Bayfown Ministerial Alliance National American National VFW National DAV N hrf M

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