The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

S I 3 S « t · 5 THE T)ftTLY NEWS. TOEDESICK, WD. FRIDAY, MAY 20, 1932. man BY MABEL McELLIOTT 9193* AY UU fttVKt UK. i:i;,.lN HERE TOD A I Isl. hat !»««*·» I.K%K»T HK1TK. fcrr t» ='»cr. »k* I* \:\ M--K A» KBOVD. *-cirl «t kl« «\i3 "-i. Heaik's wife ha* Jut rb ; -r native !· fr«»l«l»c *· w-'- licath i *hc ««ir» la »*«- ^''i- fur the fvtvrv ot her Al'^T J l M!w wh* hmm «*n* tor her »nd~Hrath ka« minis** to **Jf4 krr «o»ik. *··«» to ·t»yl»*r with the M1LTO». oM trtrmt*. BEN I. V M P M 1 N . Mm u'.d .Bltor. akooli nl Hr*fh aae vlKht la a At at J«-a!on»r. bat the affair U ha*hp4 up. So«aa trie-* to tell Heath «he t«e» a«t l«»« ala» eavach t* mnrrr Urn fcnt Jee» aot rnnrr***. ' you both acd I've been through th«' helped Susan down from h«r *tr-oL day sooa. Now th« whole taiaf ImlU myself." H* paused and Sa**a "Forsire n:e for being a meddling bad lost Its appeal. She had occa- 'did cot attempt to assist him. old bujyb-xJy." he said at parting, siosallr a sensation of sheer panic "but think orer what I've told you." es she visualized her life tp com*. Susan promised, glad to escape. She would be a rich mac's wife. Large Poplar Springs House i e»..«J IS FOUnd gait, in charge of Herman Beck, chief, responded to an alarm, but due to limited water lacilitie*. was unable to save the house. The firemen concentrated 'heir attention to pre*eat the flatces from spreading nd were *uc- cessfuL with the result that a aearby hen house and a stabje were not ig- sited. S:aoe the flre was first noticed abou*. *he roof, st was thought that it might ! * fire Wednesday and .'. was re- as poss^^ :a*i sparks from h! have set the roof "The old man is a grand one. i Nobody knows that tetur than 1 ido." b« went on awk*arO!y ^ a bU set la his xrajs but : doesn't matter pirticular!?-. He's She would not adrcit even to her- She was cot at all sure she would OPERATOR ROUSES COUPLE picture- Heath tad Of cours* they that **·' " ow excited the was at the ot into the _ The td ** tD »' Boh h*l been looking for sketched for her. ' thing !§. are vou quite »ar* you k* r - That explained, then, the would travel for a while but the n care enough about him to m*Ve him abrupt transition from eagerness to turn would be ineTitabl* ana then happy? lie i had a stiff t:rae of iticoldnes* in his glance the night »tiatT Sbe had never !?arced to for the last 1" ear«. I happen to-betott. Seeing her with Heath, do the chtrcuag. useless things at Lnow." ' knowing she had left the office--.-shich rich women spend their · · · what would hia reactions oe? She'time All her life Susan had Urea He take* her to the theater wher» OCSAN was arcoved to find her- waa "ngry at him, nevertheless, for a worker. She might ba»e golf ·h« *«e* (Mnhar f«r th« ten tta* -^ ,,. -baring cocae to tb* conclusion hfe ; lesson*. She might study French. bad undoubtedly reached. He might She might even in tiaoe, discover deep anger swelling · bare fca( j j,,,,^ faith ,,, h?r ,j- e mjKenfs o f toe bridge table. "Are you shopping this after- All these would be merely devices in month*. Bah hu trie* to **« : self biusbing. Sb» wa con- her rrlihoat «»rrea» He U mm- cered at ·**!·*· her with Heath. ; SC1OUS of a A 3-a tir:\er'i artness helped zca- tfr.allv ji aMi:; : *o I-es ear"Thursday s fire o' ^nyr^rvjm or^Ui ' complexly det;oy«l tne three-story. !5-roorr, !rarce house 'jtofd an-d oc- · ti:?:ed by Mr and Mrs. W. A Rodgers. I Pc-?'-ar 6rr.ngs, on in* National h^gh- jxa-.. aboul laree as^e« east of R:dg«- -. .. The loss was estirsa.t*d at; ap- .y 55.000. par^y covered ay P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 ' cbirasey 1 ablaze .^^VS.'.v.SS. ' chased some taae ago by Mr. Rodgers d to Maryland from the Wesi. ser used on!y a ponica of tbe He "told Sremea tha: »-as carrec on the p ro perty. :ae amount o: which be did ar that t^ne Tae flr« ' around 1.30 o'clock Thursday NOW CO OX fCTTH TKK STOHT CHAPTER XXXIX [within her. What right bad this ', man to Interfere in her pi-irate con- coon?" Rose wanted to know 10 m i n u t e s later over the luncheon table. "No. I'm no:." ..TTELLO!" It was Jack W»rJn«. i Susaa scsiled with pleasure.} "There. 1 knew you'd think It She had not seen fcim for several was cone of my business." Waring weeks. She was a little erabar-. multered in d.sgust. "I knew I CCSAN picked up a spoon and laid rassed. though, by the man's air of : was going to bungle this. Maybe It down again. She bad BO ap- kaowtngness. ' I'd better not say anything more." : petite. sure you mean well," Susan "You ar* a stranger." he commented, taking fcer arm and steering her through the noonday crowd. "Come and have a soda. I want to talk to you." Susan followed him into the »htn- h " «*" Der a , kec ° sl * a . c ?; "I don't know what on earth Is the matter with you." Rosa re- !as drug palace and they sat down told him coldly, but really you don't need to worry. Everything U going to be all right." In spite of herself her voice'king with relish. "Charge ac( h e r disposal, shook a littio and the man beside i counts opened for you. and all. and i " er - "*'** ou're too bored to use them." "I said for kilJing time. At ih« prospect she shuddered. Life, should have more meaning than tea:. · · » CHE could catch an occasional ^ glimpse of herself in shop mirrors as she passed. A tall girl In last year's blue suit that rjst escaped being definitely shabby. : T!ns tiraa ceit year she would o n n dotens ot costumes. She would 'As long as I'm in bad." he ssld dryly. "I might as well go a tittle' marked, attacking her chicken a la have a new bouse, cars, servants at The thought tired o home." she de- .cSded suddenly. "It's stupid to wan' dcr about like this with nothing to I wouldn't." Susan re- ,j a » on high stools facing a disconcert-, further. There's just one more' minded her. "AH those things will | Mrs. Milton looked up in surprisa inglr bright mirror. Til just fcaie a glass of milk. I'm having lunch with Rose in half ats hour." the girl explained. That matter disposed of. Waring began to Question her briskly, all this I question I'd like to ask and then' hare to wait u n t i l afterward. Su^aa entered the house. I'm through. I'll say 'Bless you.! haven't any money and Ernest I "Why. lovey. I ' " .... . , . . .. - _ . _. . , ._, . thought jou my children and Join the mob k30W9 thac He .,j jus , naTe to take , wcre go!ng to gtay ,i owntowa t , u me as I am." | supper time- of n*im* plaui£ abCftit tri£ reef oJ the biildir;?. »e:« first noticed br Fred Rhoces. HaserstoTn. driver ol ·_Tie early-morimiff Blue Hldge Lice's cos, ?ro«elin£ from Baltimore toward :tus cuy Tn-orsday. Ke ttopped ihe b-js ' ind repeatedy bio ius core a ntim- iij*r or uasec Toge'Jaer wish W. C. ! Hasn. superinteadeat o! ta» Uae, and 1 Smw- ?::rl«r. this city. Tho -**r« nd- ' -".£ on ih« b-it. Rhodes assisted snorter jalteraard in carrying -.aluibies :rom j the blazing house. ' Mr. and ilrs Rodgers *ere asl«? arid ! -Aer« awakened by trie smoke and the | n-'p"'rg o! the bus rajm. They fled ' from the house alter saving as rcarsv I irt:^ei as posstole. Most of the firs: ' floor 'um:ture aad oilier articles '*'ere rerno'.ec. bu; Ut~e of :he clstJucg and second -l-xir valuables were saved. ; The Mt Atry Fire Department ea- __ »«-X Alight-. Harbor Gr*.e. ^. F . May 19.-- Tfce -i^'- DO-X, Gerniaa seaplane, en route to Germany from New YorSt. al^ated Trinity Bay. at 4 16 S. 5. T.. took on additional fuel aad aa ' -o'-»r and a half later took ofl toas Holyrood. 40 miles awaj. 'ALL-BRAN LIVES UP TO REPUTATION We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock SOD scene after that." on us." His tone was enough, but Susan though she de- "What is it?" "I just wanted to know if *iat Dunbar lad got Sn touch with you. hear about ( Ho was burning up the wires both' criog Miss Smith to agreeabla ! phone number." i "\\'hen was this?" Susan felt her, "I silly." " heart pounding now. tected an undercurrent of jarcasra. She flushed. answering th« chal- j "Oh. two lenge. , ?he felt his "\Vhat do you know?" she par-1 "Why. does 1enca?" "Everything " He smiled "I must admit I was surprised His manner changed, became sud- giren herself away! never heard anythlns BO" "I was." Susan said listlessly, sa'.ii Rote. "Ev e n Mamma, "bat I changed my mind. 1 got it TIMS perfectly proper f o r ' t i r e d . Do you know." she went oa your t ,j e .; you to take these things. After ail. childishly. "I've discovered 1 like '. they'll be yours ID a few weeks any-, home best. I used to think when I how." i went downtown to tiork that I en- Susan was stubbornly silent. 'joyed ail that glitter Now I t h i n k "Well. I wish I had the chance, all I've got to say." Rose it make any differ- her. "You come up to the I third fioor this afternoon and see at ber. "How can It now?" said Susan l n i t l i e new French lingerie and: I'm j tcascd rised " a roTce of d^palr. There -she had ,s«TM you 1| change your m n d . .. Scol Susan shook her head I can t. it would be wonderful if A u n t Jes- ·*:e an! 1 couii! bo back sn the little iioubt' together, poor as v.-e were." "Scoldings, and ail?" Mrs. Hilton Sbe had not , q u w t j y denly ^rave. "You don't miad If meant to sajr that. The words had Oh -ell. said Rose . cepU»g . Scoldlngs £nd a) , . s-usan continued ,o sip "come . v dismissal.i "Well. 1 ciu^t say t:sat doesn't while the sound quite right from a very 'lucky girl who's about to ba married." opined siisac said no. she dida't. 'orangeade. "It's never too late.' "lings are fresh. -Well, it's this way." toe m a n : you know." he observed dispaa-j The two girls parted a few mo- went on confidentially. "I hope, sionately. ments later. Rose returning to her - misunderstand ami you're perfectly sure what you're: Susan looked away. "Ah. but it j post with eagerness. Susaa wan- · ue - "" 5Ui doing before you go into this, be- · is. sometimes." she said. | tiered down Michigan avenue fu=e it's awfully easy to make a ' "I don't know how deeply you're rather aimlessly. It was queer, this i nrstaka that needs a lot of un- got iato this thins." Wai ing said. | feeling of not having a n y t h i n g dell-. which had baeu threatening all day doing.- '"but I can tetl you this. ;r . u u ' r e l u i U t to (Jo. Now that the novelty to cp?u!f h-r flooded over her now. "I know that." answered Susan . not absolutely certain you want t o l l - a d w n r n off :he was not sure t h a t ' "That's just it." she r.hisp-red. 'aintiy. puzzled'at his implication, so through with this marriage, j she !ikM it. At flrst It had been "I'm n--t l^PP^ aotl '"n = "I don't want to barge in -where j don't do it. I'm not oae to say i fun. Fun to dawdle past the shop ne\er sinll !-i!" I'm not wanted." Waring pursued.; they're made in heaven. Not all, windows and stare at the lovely j (To lie Continued) Her Constipation Overcome by This Delicious Cereal If you are troubled with constipation, read Miss Bundy's enthusiastic letter: "I would like to congratulate the one who discovered ALL-BRAN. .It reallv does live up to its reputation ·when it is said to 'relieve constipation.' "I used to feel poor all the time -- just down and out -- and after reading an advertisement in a magazine about AIA-BRAN I got a box. It has evermore helped me, and it is not hard at all to eat." -- Miss 3tarv Bnndy, Bennettsville, S. C. water paint on room in the house. Fatbo tfont rub off think jou weren't happy." uiaa stared at her. The misery STOPV ' "I! ou don'. rr.' taV-. ' *··» d ic. and .-jten a:'?nt:'.eh II! te!l ; 3 · . -.TV x c j o.ight to eat" He then heard D.i:ic; roar , ' 5pei-;inj; of -·-.'..(! :r.e lad I know :.iat 1 d DO m:g.-;y £".33 .' I could *-.»·.e a »:te cf lunch Mr.' 1 n-.t'.i.rg «-·! cio 'I.' j o u . : mawc .'sncjtiicricj .'or ·. and prornti«? not tvt fret and f^is, \c''. . ,:.oro-shly t-n;-»i t'nm ans be mucr. ' A".: r.j"" 1 . " rcp.:cd i.: rla. rnsr. |.-~n-.c A:.a vi'i.Ie '-^j are cr.,.';ir..: 'hoT. I .1 tc.I j ^j "^K ^t our ui^olf Ard so .ns.dc nis coor ar.u ate i.". t.:ie c-jjld e-il ro n-.ore · O;; S«," .si.Ji Scv-tj. "»hcu a lel.ou ca',i '.w« gii r.c :?ci: · T.^.e p'.a;. n:*n slid I! Tj^'rp decree-. a:.d al'^iji c.irelu. ho'?, j o i es:. the food ^ ao^iiu tc dD ;.oj gooa anu .N«P yoa feeUn? fit .'. you keep ca;. .jri^ T.:^ :.»rrn .: does w ".1 o-, erccrr.c th-- xv^r.c.- 3EZ HUGH-- KI\\L' T.'IS S T O K i . THIA COLOR TUr. PIC Tt BI, man p!a had to'.i t h r , that he could -.·.· trscra ~.ore ad; Ms;cr Sandrr-*; -·ri .inc p".3v. he had a on other ta^ss ga'.crc ' e-es are hea-~" '.035: it t::at O'.d ileov;;. ..^ad! Tito j'.av r!-.*n^ c'.jied 1:^5 e;.Si Lc'^ st^« h.m c'-jib Lr.'.o h^- S.-.r.k Wasc ur v jou can lie d.-"*T: r:rh* \ns i.*en tiicy .^i iiirn to fci5 occ zc Si?p«l down, jcerp".ur.' "Ic; \ery forty, ^ids." sa.d rw. captured me My I mus; s'.eep I -. ·? SOLD BY Eastivay Sto?~es. Inc. p. L. Har£ett Co., Inc. Allen G. Quynn Co. Sceger " Company Laboratory tests show brings two things needed to correct common constipation: "Bulk" to exercise the intestines; Vitamin B to help tone the intestinal tract. ALL- BRAN also famishes iron for the blood. The "bulk" in ALL-BRAN* is much like that of lettuce. Within the body, it forms a. soft mass. Gently, it clears the intestines of wastes. How much safer than taking pilis and drugs--so often harmful. ALL- BRAN is r.ot habit-forming. Two tablespoonfuls daily will overcome most types of constipation. If your intestinal trouble is not relieved this way, see yoar doctor. Use as a cereal, or in cooking. Recipes on the red-and-green package. At all grocers. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. ru »·- as oouxJ be as (To be cont^.^cd 1 '. 193_\ N~SA Scr..;e. Ir.c NOT Operated for PROFIT The Fidelity Building Loan Association ... is Not a Stock Venture! I *j. Your Home Brought Closer ^-f It is a mutual enterprise, operated for the benefit of its shareholders. Its pri- ;g mary object is to aid citizens in the very worthy object of acquiring their ^ own homes. ;i| The safety and security of its methods have been undisputed in good times .|| and bad. The interest rate to savers is | 4.68% PER ANNUM jj| free of taxes (the 1928 Federal Income Tax Law exempts profits up to $300 a jj| year). To borrowers, who are buying or buildiug a home, the rate for loans is 9 cents a week per $100 (or 4.68 cf per annum). 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