The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 15, 1934 · Page 12
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 12

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 15, 1934
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE 4-HE PARIS NEWS. JSUMDAT, JULY 1* **M Station From Pajje One) would, disturb the harmorsy and fellowship of our own membership. It is, and has ever been the conviction of those charged "writh the responsibility of the af- Xairs of our church, that their first w» frill appreciate year returning the- exhibits attached thereto. For your information we will say that we have not acted alone in this action but have entered into negotiations with the Sinclair Refining Company through their local agent. Mr. Eugene McCluney. of Paris. T^xas. -who has faltMully assisted us in every particular in our efforts to improve the above Witness <Coctinu«d From Oae) . _. , . . . i pror^ertv, and he >s now negotiat- obfcl^on to our church :s The re-| J^.- ^ CompaB> . to brir ~ about a mutual cancellation of the Tlie owner of ~the most photographed hands iti Hollywood," disappeared trout her Hollywood Saturday morning vrlxUe Miss Msurjorlc member of tlie district attorney** staff of investigators, \\as absent for 15 minutes while •possibility of sincere and* bar ntxonious ^seorship together: and i that nowever interested we may I)* in tiie lawful use and exercise of -whatever physical properties th* church may own. this interest must and shall renifvin inferior and subservient to the Spiritual •welfare of our congregation. That? lease on the property herein involved. In fact, it is our understanding with Mr. Hu?ene McCluney that our action is entirely satisfactory with his Company, and that he is now in receipt of necessary papers to effect a termi- ML« Fairebild returned to tlie apartment to ttud tl** 1 state"* star witness gone and a rambling. te^r-stained note on a table indicating Miss l>el.-ofig: planned to *-ommit suicide, Miss IK-Ix>ng had spent the entire day Friday on the witness scand in Superior Jud*e B. Re? SoJuuwt*:* court, telling details of the asserted Im- .ttJMJra.1 uwwy' J» Jxcr ajwurinnent last April *«. Most of the afternoon was spent In * severe i-ross-exaniiuatiott of the flaxen-haired witnes* by defence counsel. Jerry Geisler, and she frequently showed indications of nervousne*e under the intensive ffrilllojr. Sbe wa< to have resuiwd the stand for a continuation of the cross-exaannation next Monday at 10:30 o'clock. I term of summer school j Umlversiiy of Texas. the - ... s nation of the entire matter. bowever great our sacrifices may i be, although it mav result in the j ^> assure each and every one eventual loss, by foreclosure, of j of the Council of the City of Paris. tb* lot in Question upon which Texas that we sincerely appreciate -we Have expended more than Eight th " <*>**i<**^iioa that has been Thousand I>ol!ars. and apon which j accorded us b >^ '^ in th * above •we now owe only s. small balance: i matter. ar;<i remain. tre .most keep ever in mind that! Yoiirs ver - v truly * the absolute harmony between I e-jteh and every member of our or- i Realization must and shall remain ; of first importance to us. I \\*~A s^*ft S^fS,*" 1 ^ O"i *^*iC j^SLC^ ~^IS. T £- " 13-ear many people of the City of j Paris are of the opinion that the | City of Paris has a Zoning: Ordi- j J. C: \VYKICK. Board of I>ea.cons BEX F. MOORING, Chairman 3Jease Cote. JOE M. GIT/r/RSFIS Board c* Elders • Mrs. Morris Kimball has re- I turned from a 10 day visit -with : friends in r>alias, i T«Iiss Margaret Brown has gone to Guthrie. Ofela., to visit Mr, and iirs. J. Y. Hester. Mrs. Johaie Bennett of Hot Springs, .Ark., is here for a visit. with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Fields. ; daughter. Beaxrice. leave Sunday i I for a week or ten days camping ; ' trip in the foot hills of the Ozark ! ; mountains. They will have as their I • quests Miss Alva Jo Winters. They 1 I \vill be joined there by parties> front Dallas and several other I Mrs. Pat I>unlap and daughters. ! Misses Rose and Eugenia, are I visiting: Mrs. John Crawford in I Dallas- Miss Rose will return to ; Commerce Wednesday where she is Attending: the summer session : of E. T. S. T. C. I na-ce, asd that the granting of a } pertn!t to erec: the Service Station 5 ia question •would be an utter dis- | __ _ „ _ resrard of that Ordinance. The 1 CitT of Paris, as yon are aware, j Mr. and. Mrs. John, T. Eutchin- I Mrs. Will H. Campbell continues t to improve st St. Joseph's hospital j following a recent major opera; tion. has xhe same Ordinance that it I son are visiting i Gaiveston. has had since 192?. during: Trhich j period of years dozen? of other I Mrs. Tommie Kolt is a patient citizens have been permitted to so ; at the Sanitarium cf Pans. occurw and -use their property in :' the banner in which we have ask- ! Mrs. H, B. Binnion of Nashville. ed to sc Mrs. Joe Hancock of Petty and her guest. Miss Cora Kam, of Hea'cton. Oka.. were in Paris Saturdav. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Leigh and I daughters, Virginia and Patsy, of i Houston arrived Saturday to visit |. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Neville, Mrs.] Xeviiie's sister. Miss Maude Walk- i er accompanying them home from ; San Antonio where she has been i vsiiing since April. i William M. Smith, a student ai S. M, U. in Dallas is here for a visit with Dr. John Hicks. 125 Graham street- Connally ».v;on-inuexJ From Pare One> Bonds (Continued Prom Pas* One> the sewage facilities for Paris have been inadequate as concerns collection lines and this will be remedied along with the disposal plant shortcomings if the bond issue is carried and the funds made available for the work. The city has planned construction of two sewage disposal plants, one to be on the north side of Paris and one on the south. Also the plan is to lay additional lines for> carrying sewage to the disposal plants. These would, in addition to improving the facilities in parts of Paris now served by the lines, make sewer service available to residents in some parts ol not now served- Awards From Face On** a* provision of storage space for clothing,, wliile th* «ooperaior» were required, to have .foundation patterns. individcaUy fitted, and used in the making of the coyest dresses. Miss Helen Swift, district extension service agent, and Miss Minnie JSldLridge. Fannin county agent, were the judges. Miss Laura. Morgan, who is leaving Delta county to assume the post of "Washington county agent, and her successor. Miss I>oris Regester of LaRue. -were visitors, and a number of women attended from Fannin and Red River counties and Bryan county. Oklahoma, Recreational features marked th» two-day gathering with stunts by th* clubs Friday evening and a story-hour by Mrs. T, I>. Wells- Tlie remainder of the time was spent in demonstrations and a short meeting of the county council, A number of the women remained at the camp, overnight Friday, th© program closing with a picnic lunch at noon, Saturday. (Continued from Pag« One) any of those instances has been said or minted about such re- i Mrs. M. A. Rutherford, of Fin- , ^ qtsests. We are conscious of the | ley. Okla.. is a patient at the fact that the Citizenship cf Paris. I mar hospital. of "which "we also are s. part, hs"e j uot Ji-eretofore understood that j erect 3, service station on his prop- > erty depended to a very great ex- j tent iippn how much or how little :: Influence and pressure could be i fcrought tc- bear tspon the indivic- i Tial members cf the City Council ;t>f the City of Pari?. Tesas, in each particular transaction. Mrs, Jewel Clifford lias gone to ; Chicago to visit her father. R. E. ; Clifford, and her sister. Mrs. Bert ' SandelL ; ewis Hutchinson. son of Mr, a.nd Mrs. A. R. Kutchinson, Paris route 5. is a patient a.t the Sanitarium of Paris. .-ation visiting in Alabama for two Small Miss Ouida McXeal, 151 Graham, had her tonsils removed at the La mar hospital and ha.s returned to her horse. v i-=: :r -with Sirs, oe nsr, Miss "onie orie-s of !R.avenna is ; v:==itins: Mrs. Joe R. Daniels at • : 3-?3 Cleveland street. : "vTe asstire you that it wss no; _2ac.fc of knowledge or: our part of i James Grizfis. student at H- T. oar obligation as a citizen. and : 3 T. C. is here for a week end -each of us. to the general welfare i -.^JT of "the City of Paris, because ea.c-h of our raersbers. ar-s just ; -\Tis&=« Inga an-5 I-orine Suth- ateresrec in the welfare and . er -.i s ', e f t Saturday for Kansas C:ty -other citizen or groiip of citizens. : . We, and ma.~y -of ns have • AT i ess Hlisa-beth Duvall left Sa.t- ajiS are just as cevoted to its Tvel- \ ca.^" .s.nd progress as any other; Miss Dorothy Briney. tcho is at™- S- T. C. at Commerce ; is here for the- week end to visit T mother. Mrs. H. TV. Briney- perience are important factors in obtaining desired legislation and cited the continued service of Vice-President John X. Garner. Senator Connally cited an amendment to the tax bill which placed an excise ta^c on foreign vegetable and animal oils which were competing with cottonseed oil and animal oils produced in America. Ke was the author of this amendment and pointed out the increase in the price of such oils here which resulted from it. The speaker said that as early as January, 1933. while Mr. Hoover was still president, he was the first senator to ursre devaluation of The dollar in cVder to bring relief to Alked (Continued troin Page One) arm ana norne owners whose Misses Mildred and Anna Fay ; Property was mortgaged. He Price and Miss !>orothy Briney ; s " owe(i the importance of devalu- spent Saturday in Terrell -where ; a ,- ;io11 of the Q°par by pointing- out : thev x-Isited friends and retailv=«T t?la * ^hile foreign countries -were "'~ J "" """"" ""; still paying S~> cents per pound Mrs. Dick Ho^ner, wHo has been I in = o!d for Cotton. American farrn- a iati^t at tne's^ Joseon's hos- j ers ^~ re receiving: 10 cents per .- . - . , i-. Pound and more in the aevalaed . p:tai. returnee to ner nome on .ne . Arnericai , dollar _ jLamar road. Sa.turc.ay. ; citizen. '•fining- e. nor inclair He- ; Jack Stephens and Van Gil!ia.m ompany, cic not fee! when ] ] e ft Saturday mornin the above application : . serein that this affair v.-as a con- • for z. mot Mrs. G. TV. Griffin and Hmest Gazther of TVashinsrtoTi H>- C. are visitinsr Mr. and Mrs, Rube Hutcn- Russell Froni Page One) will be Archie M Hodgers of Dallas. : . ^h~ nas b«n a patient at tne San- ; ishnsss and courage' itarlum of Paris for several •a.-eeks £OOd soldiers in the cause." * ' Hdsar £,. XT:it. stumpinc •and "\ve do not so lee; -at this time. '• u—cerwent an opers-tion- „„'-". ". "" " ""~," 1 " ^"'~ • ~"^/.. '"""""I. ' "~ r7 ~~ "* . T " " ~ ; Gal vest on. reviewed his leasthv enssg='G nerem Trouid hs*~? m.arr- . on, Friiay at s-t. J~se?n s hospital. , . , . ,...." of This CiTv in the"7ea^tV ? " °'~' '^^' l . '* " P> °"'' .o^-^c..-,-^ -.^-.5. ^^ A , J ^, i ,; " s ._^._ have - r * Iurne 4 ' ^' u elect me you be electing •r" for The"s3k? of har-' Mrs. L>e-=r*y Hobinsor. -under- from & trip to Hot. Springs and a rcar - - r ^ and tested in office." y anc the Spiritual welfare of : " ent sponsible for the death of 12 people. Mr. Ailred also stressed the need for an effective law to control lobbying. He said the present law which exempts members of the state legislature is not effective. He recommended a law -which would require all lobbyists to file information as to what organizations are paying them as well as requiring all members of the. legislature to give information as to j the organisation? by whom, they I are retained as'lawyers. " i file voted overwhelmingly for the walkout. Unions -which already had voted to strike were instructed to walk out Monday. Those not having bal- lotted on the matter were ordered to take strike votes immediately. Like a flash the vote fired trans- bay union elements into action. The Alanieda county (Oakland) building trades council voted a simultaneous strike of all its nn- iorts. 1-abor leaders there - announced the Central Labor Council would meet Monday night and declare a. general -walkout—another 40,000 tnen. Forebodings of chaos, bloodshed and hunger settled like dark clouds in the background of this feverish activity. ICE Cold Watermelons £ teed, \V. A- XASH. WE BUY OLD GOLD! • Licensed Gold Buyer In Charge HIGHEST PRICES PAID We Buy Old Gold Every Day License No. 12-641 Let Us Appraise and ^ei^K Your Old Gold and Sterling Silver of • " ent an -operation at Si_ Josep •o-trr cimrch we nc~ desire :o. and ; hospital Friday morning-. lierevtith so (So." vrithora^r oar £T>- • - 3:11— Hx:b Hill, son of >Ir, s.nd plication £.bcve re-err*- c t Okla... Is llc-ins:" froiri 1 the. farther . '^~- th-e Sanlta—;um usideratic-- cf the '""jr.y Counc:! i treatment. of the City of Paris, T?^a=. and [ Paris for av*aiie. had his tonsils rem-; . Sat-j-da." 3.T.C. is doing: nicely. ELECTION RETURNS "Will be posted ags^n year o^ complete cou eotsrtesy of The Paris Xe-^ Visit our comer Sattrrc aigttt, July 2Sth. and v.-at tiie votes corr.e in. Hildebrand's :he iLamar hosr-ita". burned at the canning plant where Miss Mirriar. Wsrrer. cf HOUE- to her home. Mary 3. Hnes, • The condition of 'W. H. Greiner, '.of Ilfellas, TVSO has been ill at the Mrs. Zona Gregg of iiOustoT* *s • Sanitarium of Paris for some time, vLsz'TiTssr her cou^ir.?--, ?>Tr. and Mrs. ^ns reported not so '"rell Saturda~ , T —~,,-_ rr . it „,-___ ^_i »;„ _ f , ^_ ' _ 3;rs. ^.lizs:"--=• th Pilscn. c-f ZJirert 'H.o" X'ob-l?^ has r^tnr-ne'3 from -otr:e '. is •£. parent at tr.c 'Lamar .: Sv:;pr.ur, Okls.. -^-ricre he attend- -ospital. • &(-. th* b*'ls:<fe of W. 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