The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 17, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1948
Page 6
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*a, wy !*,·»,,? rtv * -v 25**** «r«rrf-« ^-- , . J)AU*YJIEGISTBB, 1IA1UUSBUUG. ILL.. SATURDAY, J A X U A U Y 1 « t U1S ^^^ AB^AJ^^^L"--- t , . ^ 1 2 ^ ' . " ; Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. Special Discount for Cash-with-Order Minimum Ad Accepted TWO Lines (1) Notices (4) For Solo (Continued);(4) For Sale MAKE THAT* 1939 CHEVROLET. RED BALL ·168-2 CR Ga td S M?f A 3 ??'Vod C glin Cn '' my hot. V^ In!, SkaV T0 RENT 5 OR 6-ROOM HOME ; Rev. and Mrs. A. H. A.ougun. , . Granser ^ {he ^ Cample*' bllsincss man . pho. 260}\. 16-ti nny e^enina, after 5. Thursday af-! NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE j Icrnoon or f i ,da Estate of Carrie Pankey Moore,,---'· 1' to -" a deceased. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Not That Bv Merrill Blosser afternoon, from!QAJLL 4 30 _E-Z CAB--FOR DE- 169-2i pcn(lable 24-hour service. 167-t£ a U ALEM!TE LUBRICATIpN ? -.SER-| GOOD FEE D that'ToSa^March t i . See K Dunn, "Salme Mgorj C i e e k P r o d u e e . the claim date in the OATS. 1948. is the claim date in estate of Carrie Pankey Moore, deceased, pending in the Court,of Saline County . and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or be- ·*· SUGAR 1684 :! EXPERIENCED GRILL COOK. *£;,£: i 5555^5-1* GIRLS: LADIES- 18fiTMr.t SSf iXZZ J? S" 3 h;. ionighl. Essies Home. 8 P.I 521 w . Poplar. 168-2 ', ... ,* rn lby*l __________________ · -----be filed , ,,. r*r* o - » r \ r i !fore said date of summons. without issuance -- T TO RENT OR LEASE. SMALL, REGISTERED COCKER SPANIEL farm in Sa ji ne county. Cash rent. ' Write Box YY, care Daily Register. , pupnjcs Paiti-coloied and black. Tel 917W1 415 W Logan. 4 169-1 -Administrator. T.-YNNDON M. HANCOCK, Attorney. 'Card of Thanks » We want to thank each a n c j everyone who helped in any way, through the sickness and following the death of our father a n d grandfather, ,W. R. Dunn. Abo lor the floral offerings, to-Bro- ther'Cole, the ones who sang and Mr. Gibbons, we are ~" WASSON COAL AND STOKER. | PASSENGERS TO MICHIGAN. » *...._.. T ^ _ f r 1 ^*] TTrkl O^C 1 ^9.1 f i i .._,, c*.._,4,-,i- t^irtrntn** PnO. . Jackson Ice Coal, Tel. 25G. 132-ti heaving __ -- -- -- 593R1 QUICKIES By Ken Reynolds 1 Sunday morning. Pho. ·(2) Business Services MOVING -- XONG 0.1 SHORT distance: , Also coal hauling. jSo. 5 vein lump-.and stoker coal, oil 'treated. Harrisburg Transfer Co., Tel. 87.. _ * 2 - t£ VACUUM CLEANERS ARE U» i-,^ L\--'--~S^^m rf! (So) Help Wanted MAKE EXTRA MONEY EASY Show- glorious new SI Everyday Assortments. Friends buy on sight! Up to 50c profit. 14 moneymakers: Birthday Cards, \\raps. etc. Samples on approval. Hertel- Art. 305 Adams. Dept. B-3L Chi- caso. "169-1 C'-'iLDREM.' \V- ! \T DiSe'RACC- cjI. L-VN.SUAGE'' A BITOCO- Mt SAYS.' /^' REMEMBER f TH P CHRISTMAS V SHS SCMT 'iCU .wry--SA SOLID ecu, oir OLD- BUTTON HOOg srD, T CO/1 AMP Mb BLAClv WOOLEN "First School Fund Connecticut \fas the 111 it Male · - · · pcnmmoiii hdiuol fui May. tn 15 . F XfcD A JiO v . 1MOSV AND HECTOR. BUGGY WHIP? 'LN Streamliner terailei Passenger Disaster Prevents GULFPOUT. Miss., .Ian. 17--n:» -- The streamliner Hummingbnu oi the Louibvilk and .Nashville railroad was der.nlfd today f i \ e miles from here at White Harbor. Miss. but a ittujor disaster was averted when a heroic passenger flagged do\\n a f i f i u l u train speed- iUS "towaid the wreck area. A Nc«ro poitci m the loun~e car va-^the only person seriously hurt in the accuicT, \vhich --a- (L-iaimicnl ir 'i.c j the 01. , ScH'.t'.i luh tram T^iESE Won't Protect You In a L i a b i l i t y Law Suit p i r a l P--V-. "hocked but "Mv f mv, professor, how you talk!" A scene from "Trouble With Women:' sta'mng Ray Milland. Teresa Wright and Brian Donlevy, showing a t t h e Grand Sunday a n d M o n d a y . _ ' "Gosh. I'm certainly lucky -- I j v j t h a R jster a Registration Representative .The Louisville Radio School has ! an opening for a representative in this community: full or part time work: excellent pay. Write for details, giving your experience. 1 LOUISVILLE RADIO SCHOOL 413 West Jefferson Street. Reveal Russia in line to Gei Seven Italian Warships WASHINGTON. Jan. 17--U.R-- Recital at Junior High School Tomorrow By Concert Pianist Among the selections include'! on the program of Miss Hazel ilar- famous concert piar.- '\erc ·.i"-o r i - .njiuies were ·s were deiailed. The enK.ii.od on the tracks Soon afte, tlv wreck, which occu:;cd .it 7-30 a m . a passenger v h o had left Hie scene and w:-s| ildmg in a Car toward Gultpon p'.*e\ented what mi-Jit havo been PERSONAL UAS/IITV . Russ j a j s j n n ne to get se\en com- Louisville, Kentucky-. "16o-- feat vesse i s including a 23.000-ton Durfee .,,_,,,, ,, ol^^ Saline Motor Co. AL' s ^ er -- ~~ ~ _ _ battleship and 30 miscellaneous Liszt: ''Valse -and, xiGHT WAITRESS AND MOixN- ships Qf the former Italian fleet pin: and "1 · ing cook. Apply mornings in POI-, w h c n and j£ she returns British , .vimor. Opu -- , son. Margaret's Cafe. __ . 1 and American warships that were j Tickets at ; N E - i -- , CTXV , T -r, nvirR 1 loaned to her, it was disclosed to-, ma\ bu pine p?i.;vrvTTvn \vr»MAX SINGLE. OVEK ! , . . \ ~e iv,,, nnnt ANT) . SERVICE FOR Electrolux cleaners. Johir Hodge, ( 7^; Tel. 922R. 109- tf W R E C K E R SERVICE DAY phone 69, nite phone 214R. Saline Motor Co., "Chevrolet Sales and Service." 127-tf 'OIL STOVES REPAIRED. ALL work guaranteed. Lor. Partain. - - - - - - , TJorris Heights, phone 1062R.-163-2 ( i.^r.n tieai c.iu.te. 3-3 Bus. 'Opportunities APPLY YOUR SPARE 1 MS TO operating new 5c Candy Bar Ma- ·"chine dispensing Htrshe;»s_ another will known candy. Ex'.ei It-nt profits. Cash investme.'.t required, $345. Give phone number ^and address. Will call n P~ r ^~ AVrite Box NJN, in care ». Tne Dailv Register. -i6o-_ High School Auditorium tomorrow at 3 p. m.. are "Perpetual .vio'ion. bv \\ eber-Ganz: "MazeppJ.' Liszt: ''Valse in A Flat." b_ Rhapsody in B 1- tat Opus li9. o Brahms. S1.20. tax jr.cluaed. ,.,,,. ww r ;ii chased from of 'the Bona Fide Federated^C!UD. Louis Gcotcs. of Cahport, sav. " froieht tram spjoch^t; lowaiu tlic wreck. Scores of pa^bcnv-'erb \.ere stili in the derailed cars. Ik- laced to the tracks and flagged down the freight. i .MA'iTAG \VASHING MACHINED . loan cor.diuon. 427 \V. College. jyOUNG WOMAN. SINGLE. OVER i^ j w _ 169-tf.ia under 30. high school grad-j ^ his was a hiii icr to secret phase {tponsori, oi the aitist. Mi;.. F -- 'uate, some college preferred, S l ' 0 i 0 r a -Q\O four agreement reached i Sherman, and Miss G«.»-uuuc XEW4-RM. HOUSE. THIS PLACE'month salary to start, chance f o r . " ° · ' · l - -can be bouqht for S1150 down: advancement. Apply in person to balance like lent Full price S2285. ;\i rs . Hanson, personnel director. Caii c; 8^2 V,' O'Gara or tel. Horning Hotel, immediately. No 524P.2 169-2 pho ne calls. *168-2 4ROOT.I SL^I-MODERN HOME,'MEN -- BOOKKEEPER OR AC- paii ted. new roof, corner j countant with super\-isory ability icL 50 \ 200 f t . S3500. Haupt- foi retail establishment. Write Daily 167-- \V. Church.,' BOX K-15. in care of The 168-2 i Register. Employment Wanted m mfers. , . 1 ne will also be sol 1 a. ,lhe door preceding the co"cer: to-! rnoon. . CALENDAR REFILLS AND NEW calendar pads. Harrisburg Printers. 22 S. St. Phone 1180W. i WASHINGS AT MY HOME FIRST 166-15 I p a Vt of week. Call 482R after 1 COMPLETE LINE OF DU Qualiiv Pairsts. National ?:.d V.'allppcr Co. PONT I P ' " f£Sj(7) Lost at the Paris peace conference February. 1947. . . . . . . . . The pact detailed the devision rr.oriov. afternoon. of the Italian fleet among the war-1 --~ time allies. Britain and the Unit-' firs Causes $30,000 ?o d gSf±£ rS^cf SSjOamoge at O/ney Russia has not. The ships originally assigned to this country and Britain are being scrapped by Italy. The treaty allowed Italy to retain a navy of about 115.000 tons. The remaining 152.000 tons were to be divided among the allies, ink or scrapped. The text of the four-power agreement signed Feb. 10 in Par- · is was made public by the State i Feed Despite Heat | Bass crten will fce found feeding j during a bla?ing hot afternoon , Phone 1000 around water vegeta'.ion and ob- I struc'uons. They a!so congregate around spimgs and at the mouths ' of feeder stream^, and wnere a moving current keeps the water THIS W Sec Us Today ROBERTSON, CRECEUUS, A N D G H E N T Rose CLASSICS ! ALBUMS Ik'elhoven Symphony No. · Cle 1 . eland Municipal Ore-last-. Hansel and Creta Operi A v.oii'Jeiful ptodtittion ot i!. M e t r o p o l i t a n Opera. The Could Rcpresentlno THE TRAVELERS, Hs.-«Jord Showca ;e Featuring Moiton Gould and h i - The Fire Bird Suite Igor Stravinsky and the Phil harmonic Sxmphony Orchestia The Recor at Wiley's ihop 11 \V. Poplar Phone 302 FOR PRIVATE banquets phone The Country Club. PARTIES County OR RIBS BY MISTAKE A GIRL'S them home bv the pound. S coat was taken from the H.. 5?1~W Poplar. IS. band room. -Jf · found, 163-2; TM call 169-1 i ..:OLNEY. 111.. Jan. 17--'f^--Fire- men were still pouring v.ater today o\er the smoking rums of a one-story building v.nieh caught rue last night ana fo c. time threatened to set an enti.-e bloc!: abla/e . Fire Chief Roy Powers estimated total damage at about 530,000. it and telephone \.ires were power was off in 15 minutes and man\ Fro 'in the Old to the New . still I ones still ,ere out of -top secret;-'* has -never been re-. toaa - (3) For Rent "ISHED home. prmv TV MOv)~^ Sonlar . Poplar. . EOMADE CHILI, j (8) Found AVe have plenty of containers: take · it home" by the quart. Jack's .N " - - --- -- , 000 PAIR LADY'S BLACK GLOVES, .2 Drive-In, 521 V,'. Poplar. 168-2 doth and i eat her. Inquire Daily _____ leased officially. It lists the di-i -- ; vision of the Italian fleet. b l U Extension It was learned authoritatively q t _ r{ . q Here Jan. 27 - *a rts "ere /on. s.. that under that 'part of the agree ment Russia will not receive the former Italian vessels until one battleship, seven destroyers and three submarines loaned her by -p ale \yilson. county supennten : i drnt o f sc ;- l0 ols. today announced j t -~ at southern Illinois unnersilyj conduct an extension class, OR SL^ MODERN STREAMLINE STORE shelving counters and fixtures. Write or call Tarter Fixture Co., Zeigler. Pho. 95R3. * 166-6 poster "Office. 169-2 *167-3 (10) Instruction (4) For Sole CHEVROLET. . Pankeyulle. T II 0 M A S * 167-3 MOTHER CABRINI MEMORIAL School of Nursing: Accredited 3- year course. 3 months affiliation in Pediatrics and 3 'months in Psychiatry. Maintenance and monthly allowance. 4 years high school re- cuired. For particulars address Britain and the U. S. cruiser Milin education in Harrisburg start-, waukee are returned to British ; n ' 0 Jan 27. . ! and American ports by the Rus- \" f lie course, to be given during t sians. 'the spring semester, is known as, The annex also reveals that E a 317, Audio-Visual Methods in France. Yugoslavia, and Greece Education, and the instructor w i l l i are to receive certain Italian nav- !je p ona id Ingli. The first meet-1 al units, in addition to those a l - j JRO w m be at 7 p m. Tuesday ; lotted to Russia. j a ^. 3-RM. HOUSE NEAR school. S2.000. Call 430. HIGH 168-2 GOOD LUMP COAL, $6 TON DS- livercd. Tel. 1168W2. 142-tf BOOKKEEPING SYSTEMS. COL- _____ umnar pads, ledger sheets, filing RADIO-PHONOGRAPH COMBI- equipment, filing cases, indexes, nal i on . perfect condition. S40. Call index cards. Harrisburg Printers. ; 430 _ 168-2 22 S. Vine St. Phone 1180U. Reverend Mother. Superior. Cabrini St.. Chicago /, 111- 1200 ,~X?- ^^^^^^.^fej^^^^^ ^ . ;··»/' V-'-vt · ·xww.-wtw.j. ,^,x,, ,«v« i ~5vT^ ,2TC y . .'*£.,£· :^^^^,Vj^^ J a^g.~q*J"r"'--r~.»~. ~fft»w^« B-FLAT TENOR Pho. 1027R. 166-tf , T HE FOLLOWING GOOD CLEAN reconditioned Chevrolet cars and trucks: '42 Chev. 1-2 ton pick-up -'truck. '40 Chev. 3-4 ton MARKETS LIVESTOCK ST LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- Jan 17-U»-(USDA __ ._ ner SPOT AND TRAP SHOOTiNC tjndav in m. Coy C. Elam. * 163-2 CO AL $5 TON DELIVERED. U J ' ' . -- W. O'Gnra. tcl. 1040W2. '- Compared with larkct generally 5 ^ top for week. S28.75: Vales 180 to 300 Ibs.. S27.50 to 1 "-'~'iS28- sows late S23.75 to $25. KEKO j Cattle: 100: calves 40. Ear- 250,000 Illinois Bonus Applications Processed to Dcte SPRINGFIELD. Ill- Jan. 17.-- (U.R)--The state treasurer's office said today that it has processed more than 250.000 Illinois veterans i bonus checks, totaling $101.350.167.58. A total of 125.219 checks have been mailed to veterans by the Cook county office of the Service Recognition board and 125.619 by the downstate headquarters at Springfield, the treasurer's office said. Payments have averaged about $407"a veteran. The office said that about COO.- 000 of the estimated 916.000 eligible World War II veterans have applied for bonuses. Deadline for applications is July 1. 1949. 2, Underhand Chop Record Australian axeman George Park established a world record for the underhand chop event at the RoyaJ Sydney show, by slicing through a tough 15-inch diameter log of black- butt in 45 seconds. In the underhand event the axeman stands on the log to chop it. Chopping times j in Australian hardwoods cannot be compared with those of the soft woods of America. DETROIT--Farm tractors have coir.c a long way siijce the Ford IMotor Company built its first tractor back in 1909. The old model abo\c boasted copper \\ater jackets ard the rear v.hccls came from a binder. Carl Smith explains to Gloria Carlson the advantages of modem, styling on the new Ford tractor n-.w in production at Ford's Highland Park plant, Detroit. Frank R. Pierce, president of Dearborn Motors Corporation, national marketing organization for the Ford tractor nr.d Dearborn farm equipment, announced thst Ford tractors arc now coming ofl the production lines at the rate of 400 per day. mi-Green ^fllraafj®??! ifo »!jjjji'o'3!:i^2sl LO , Corner Locust Mill -- One l?!cck East of City Hall JOHN DEERE MODEL D F A K M i - b U l t N E U 3OKTABLE KERO- J ---- ^"^^~ Compared tractor, good condition.L _. - - ^ r -c heater, prac. nc... · J ^ Cfc Yj w jth close last week, good and j choice steers and heifers steady i^ww wv ···*-- *----- » . - ~*v*«v *·*.*· i v · · j-..». -- - -- ^ t \vitH "del No. 5 trailer mo.\ci. .-i.. ^nr^tn. -iG^lj cutter bar. $1500. Call John F.-. bick TrtcVor Co.. tcl. fll. Manon n « lOj -i. __^ ^ULLXIKE MAYTAG AND OTH- cr washer parts. Service on ell raakcs. Williams Appliance Co 615 E. Poplar. Pho. 11*6W. »23^ ASBESTOS SIDING. BUILDER Lumber Co., Carrier aiuix VfiRY SPECIAL JIACHINELESS OIL rtcnts S4 complete. Beauty Shop. tcl. 433. at \, i "2'Cd ^il^/J\^^, 7.^.v.*J »···« -- -- -- ^- - . -rn:--T^r» -ivr»i ivr !to 50c lower: common and medium · COAL. COKE AND nlNDLING. | stcjjdv lQ slrong . spols un . Coll C,ty ConJ \ard. lei. MRl.,* vcnly hi g hc r: cows generally 'alwul'Sl higher: bulls firm: veal- · ~ TT ~'crs closed $1 under last Friday. HeUSC Destroyed by j recovering part of earlier losses. ;k or i v iTops for the week: choice 1271 .,v_fi/ steers. $33.25: choice P19 lb. pur-'.steers. S32.50: choice 918 lb. and ;".,,,... v nvnv and-3016 lb. mixed steers and heifers. , , a... a i i.i.wr« Jssi: good 930 lb. heifers, $29: good lo move into it. 3ot the, ^^ ^ good ^^ bu , ]s S22: {good sausage bulls. $21: choice occupied jvcalcrs. $33: good replacement was mov-! steers. $22.65. * m s i Franklin Processed OR TRADE: '40 truck, bargain. ·mi;Coal Approved Under St. Louis Smoke Law Church Notes m Kaaalitv First Presbyterian ?.B ifodcemcycr, pastor Sunday school; T. x. j ST. LOUIS. Jan. IV--']'?'_/, | new processed coal from Franfclin connl\. 111., h?-* been appro%en i as mectinii requirements oi 1h* !Si. Louis smoke law. smo\e coi". jnissioncr .lames H. Caru r -,,; I a. j Tree*. Arc E\crji\hrrc Forests cover more ;han 55 r/cr cc'*. c' the I'lT-.d nrca of So;.th Care- 1 lin.i rnd produce forest pmducts j^av ' j v.-il;cd /i more 4 J:r,n4T imli.on dol- ; j^ cnr ]onizcd bituminous c\1 l?.r=; r, cr.r In Kc»tucV.v. J-uf.f:hs ' ar tcr said, has been 3r\(]ojed of t.-.e srca .s timbcrlard--10,500.030 t jjy j np Chicago. \Vilmir.cton «''ud .,-.-,,, -KnoiiKii ·»·« -- ,, t , acrco-v.J-«ch 6i:pports i,c.ir3 2.00C t pjanklin coal company, w h u h hns , / f,ir^of this sen-ice will be j ^oo^.^^.r- ir.duslr:cs ir thru s:atc. (delivered about 200 tons to the u JSh«iiJon of a ncwlv-clcctcd . Tc ^, iS u . :n u v co-ssidcr^d .-. state ol I Si. Louis maikcl the last fo:r Ihc orom-Mv , _^^ c ( ^ jpaces. has a pmc forest 1 days. The fuel is beir^ processed deacon. _ m choir re- boj . aboj . ,^ c c ; zc of ;ho s!a . c O jt- m a pilot plant at the Orient N.^ · O p m' midweek sen--; d , 2 mine in Franklin county. a m Worship: sermoni '^Fnoufih and On Time. - MONUMENTS OF CHARACTER Prk-- Very Kt-jison,ji)lo Eldorado Monument Works rhunc K.I 010 .lib Si reel Kl.DORADO Morion Ozment Uarrisburi; I*hone Count\ 26F3 i^£ ^ii» N'S SI0P.E 1EWSP4PERS .FWSFAPFR!

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