The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 7, 1918 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1918
Page 12
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VAUK TWKLVJ5. THE tt.tJ T.CHINSON.. KEVfl SATOttftAY, ^PTEMfflStt, 7, 1918,; ; nlfn@dl Ad FOR SALE—MISCtLLANtOUS. 3D • • » * t * • • CI .A .SSIK/KD AtiVKRTlKINn (IATB • (INK CUNT A WORD KACM INSKIt- • llu.V Atibfevtut.'"iiH and scrte* of In • llials or nuni*r;iin rount n.* one word, • I'nd'-r this plan HannifWx| advertisers ciin tflJ In Kfj 'vivrice iho nxnvi cost of • tlutr ml. News <v I a Ml fed n<l« aro laltrn l>y phm.*' for your ar<.*oni||i''ila-_ • Inn, and all bill* nr<: due and pajabltf • »i:iy finiuwtux the dale of inner- • j on c.iri ojvi-U us ma tei bil'y If •; lh** 1'iihrtnr promptly un pre- •: in of BtiiK 'nicnt. • j • • *».***! * C65 Stelnwny Son upright piano at * | a sacrifice. UM Cable ft Nvlson piano *\t\[ a barynln f . Klliurn piano If soio at oiK't! at n lrur)p .iri. Hue or rail nrvlUe K. Hunt, piano tuner and salesman, 40« .Sherman west. JMione 735. i9-tt SECONDHAND 'Ires and tut)M. alt sites. AVe uuy old casings. For guaranteed repair work sr* UA. Mld-BUte Motor Tiro Co., ophite MJaourl Pacific depot. 9-it * Hull. • J'»U >a\ • Mill: tl • ... * A HI . lis.: . ]•; v. ii M )i k.i 1 S .I n SI It >.:: T H:I V »3 X S.I Ilutchiiism Typewriter Co. itOVAIi TYl'KVVK.TKltS In lb-built Machines. Kurabautft.-Wiley Bldg. I'liono 30«o. 1( BTKAM UOIUKU. .t:\Vc have a low pleasure toller for stea: . t healing plaiitr will bo told at a very low riRiiru. Sec U at News Office. ... 1 WANTtD-MALI HELP. MA N A' UHL Tl'.N I:; spb'inM.l nriii in:m P ti"t Who tlilS tl-::. h «"'l Hi'' 1 incut III lll> i Iit'^'-lll I" ill .-ii' N I'v hard win k In.-n -.uMc h-.> ni.•onii* h for lb" piirc<>.-i tit >•••*! 1 *3 "f ;iyt\ f lib. •-iti'in ;in.1 I 'Mi'iii'.ttly nij• 1 Imnt -M ,ff.rl In v t'-.ti fiiiifc Miir bt'.**-• •» nf rvi-/ bi- <-i>iiinm a Mm.- m„,,.,t;ir. j'uuji,' ?=nl.iiy will U> litiijt <-ii iiiit> by KMIII prixltJ't /tK fi'lf'l. tii|l nut iil'f'-iliiti'ly tHNi'Hsjiiy. MtiM tuui )••• .Jrici mini'il t-> wih hiird both JH'TII -illv phypii':i!ly fur si'H-il<'v>-l.ip- liu-lil. Si , I t r ;if-:« , i rlmimi.^ pri'ftM ence, *'Vp«-;-|flirt.' .iii'l .salary linii'.-d, <ir wbt-h will hi' IJ.-UWHI loiifbloiiltiilly. Ail- drf .SM ( >-M. 7.1 [ .1 yon SAUK TBU pairs mil di-or**, 2-10x 2 *-6. 4 slnglfj iini»n», 2-10x5-8" one Mash 1 <ht,ii - J-IOXK -!*: all l% int-h Ihlrk. and I sir.all amntint of old lumber. F. D. Wol- I, ''ulI, ph'iiH. ".'ITit". G-T |KIIU SAMO—Spt nf "Tcnchcr's Methods " i and ManaRfint ;il," H\X books In set; well bi»und; latt*si t^iiion. For further Information I'hoin. MS -W. 4-8 AUtoMOfclLt*, SECOND-HAND MJTOMOBIIiLE© iluicalmon la th« lot 'caJ m»iti»t j»» •econd-hiind »utomohne«. I 'rospMUvi huy«r» »hould wMth thin column tot com- plel* lint of burciina. U6M1J CAlt llAllOAIN'S. M'* hove a l!>lf> MHXWPII touring car Komi umnliiB shape which we win olfef at IMK than It Is worth for Junk: pllcc lor earth |)&0. Seirrnl mC Mnxivell lourliiBH, over- haui«t iiml ruirsralnH ut wtiat we nre n.iK- tnlc lor thorn, (.'onte nn<l look-the.«c over. Hit.I. UOWAW.) MO -lim CO. 129 Shcrmnn I5ast. 8-'t- Kon SAUK. , . One Iteo Truck UKaaia, in rirst -ciasB conilltlon; four practii.-iill)' new cuslnirs MHI tubes. An/onu wtintlng a uuck cnaais can save inoniy by looking this up. llj'-e*- quaiier tun sue. K W. giJNNlNU. 3-tf - - - BliiritnB, Knii. 11)11 SALE— 1917 Konl roadster with extra bixly and demnuntablr rims; 24 ll'g- gr.r Bast iphone talsvV. Call at iiuon_ or utter 6 IMi). 6-tt .RADIATOIW . Prann't services on repair work. O. K. Auto liaillator Co., 1.5 South Washington. I'hono 930. . ' ' ' '•>•" KOFI KAhB—1917 Kord touring, rirul-cliuw condition; -shock nhsorhers. »45tl; oi o Seventh l-Jivtt. phono 2'JOlJ evenings. 6 -Lt for KEKI) IIVR lit clr-aned Hcd rye for sale at the Jvan- sa-s Orain Co. per bushel bulk: Z7-lat I'olt SAL10 -Htraivberry itlants, progressive ami superbs. eierbenrltlKi 11 per lo.i, 2?,')o North Monroe; phono 3'H6\V. 6-31 HUl HAliK-'-Cash register Willi four lutals of eaHli; received .on acc-uunt thai tic and paid out, apply Kied Weesner. 7-10 l-*(^lt SAl^l^—Cheup: If sold quick; practically new Act ,rn }?ius range and IXoos- ier kitchen cabinet; call 2171. , 7-tf V\V*;TK1» Man with twit do faun v.orU, «i"'d wi • y.-M Nallonal IHilu; |ilv>u" pund teams I" iges; call - lu " 57S. 7 -llj KOK SAI^^-Polaad China boar at market price ;ulso -sow that will soon havo plk-<; Lt -N-4 IJIOICI Howaer. G-'i WANTl'D—3 in Momliiy mortiiii try iV l{|JB Co. lo.NK 10-20 If. I'. Titan tractor. New. ~ ~ ' I never plewtd an acre. Can save you en, apply 7 o'clock j KW.OO. w w. taiii. • 27-tf Full SAblS-A sturdy, little flve-passen- ger car. In llrst-cln.ia shape; phone 3f>i or call 26 Kirst West. «-» FOR SAI.K-JS17 Light BIX Buick. 'l»«otl- eally new tires, une condition, *J,100. Heno tlulck Co. KOK SALE—New Auto Tire tubes, 20 per cent off. Mayftcld Iladtator shop 11; South Walnut. Wll.liY'S Six, wire wheels, perfect mechanical condition. W. H. Iluglws. SJ9 10ast.Sbenr.un. 6 -> L TO TOAD15— Prnctlcally new Oakland Six Hpredstor for touring car or closed^ car. I'hune 896J. V\m •SAUE--Konl tourlpg; - IVi miles west oil Fourth street. ; O. U Martin. ^ Save Money on Farm Loans We ?re making Farm t»ans On 20 yfnr Amortlted or Rural Credit Plan. On this plan the borrower Is mauli-ed to pay his debt a little at o time, .via: JS7 .18 per each $1,000 bdriowed, annually for 20 vears, which pays the entlr« deht. Interest ajid principal. Privilege of paylnit as much sooner than 20 years ns you line. Average Interen figures about 4 per cent. No commls- slon charged. Loans on Straight 5 Year Plan Byi % Jusl now we have some eastern money to loan on pood central Karma* farms at the very low rate of 6% pee" cent with a reasonable connmissloti charge, Thin low rate may he recalled Soon, so (f yon will need money In the near future, we advtpr you to make application at ^nc«. Call at our office over Commercial National Dank. We Sell Farms We Write Insiirauce*T- Beg PgQ(hp<a>n(S(C-- IBun^ BcDimdlcS SB® JP™dl@iBi(i—Steir© TlbcgsBi nun ftfe® VannM ®U Tlh® F@nDGir©iBi L®aiia <& Tironsl €® c FOR 191" Ford Tuurlng car; like new? tiltT Sec It at Taylor Motor Co. POI1 SALK -Ford touring body ana pair of lots; llth'Wesl; phone 21-1--4. 7-1.1 Unloya you want to make money. Xo. 31R West Fourteenth street; flvo roonia: new: W00 wish; balatico monthly. No. 5-0 T^eutt Fourth street; five rooma; tnodern; ?300 casn; batanco monthly.. No. 15 West Thirteenth street; eeven rooma, funiae*; an<l Rai-ase; oak floors. No.- 1256 North M*afn atreot; five rooms; modern; easy term». Anion l'otll- Fort SAM'! —IVise burner In good aondl Hon; liuiulrc ro,-m ;,2U Horabaugji-Wiley WANTKI tli-il h, Fathers and ninthera to buy «,-hnr,l Mills nn credit, small „„, «n. balanif WW a wick. Voutbs long pants suits »l a wink. Comer (.'mnnleM e ''o., IT .V !'.» N Illdg., or 7'28 liast A. Foil SAM-V-One No. 1C Smalley ensilage cutter, pipe and distributor. C. F. Uu- rund Fluntatlon. 22-eod-lt Wain S-Ot S'.M WANTF.H -Men salt:-, Jir .Oa In diuvlt. Iitilane, $1 a ' wii-l; Coiner Oommc Walnut. buy M l-.'N Aned 17 t | \ ; I fill el; If.; tlieli new fall .small pa;, me 111 i ek. .Shoes See a •e Co.. 17 & N- rxpelieiKe ui.nee- meeiet lnve*lit;a- e\[K !lses; Ainell- AKini-y. -J.s'i KJ- FOR HA1.I-'—Some good setai litl-haiill sewing machines, one Singer, cheap; Fe'ls N.irlh .Main. ' 6-V 1'OK SAI.F—Coo*l w -Tk team; flat rack; combinutlun beater; 601 Kast Fifth; phone IM'SW. 6-3t Two gocd ivhlle Icsbiuu ciiickens; \Vi «t N-iuli; phone 252). li 2t FOR SA1.K- M. Ilcaohy, llutclilnson. tlotai; ie|»,l'ts; sal.i lull Foreign ln.-te Louis. _J_ WANTKI •• Uiboreis en ennsti ueti'in wo! I; at Morton hult Co., P'e p.-r lioar; buss to ai.u Irom Job. Wuhi-lspoon «t Lnglcr Co. ul KiN -yenr-old horcs. S. uiitcs snutti-wcst of 4-10 FOR KALI-:— Yellow Canaries, male and lemale; crochet of all kinds; No. 9 I:)ast Seventh. — 5-7 WAN! l';i.i—We Inive a few good places loi n.en. women or « i J1--; apply In person at uiir Main otfhe. ,-.mei lean Steam Laaieiiy. '"' waSTlib inelil i-i Mercantile FOR gunic uwes; Iiarlow. *ty entire flock of lligh- cied McMurray; phone 201 C-tl -Man li'iolouei -i .-r wllb Impl"- •eilenci; lliuTi, n y.iiiiincrnian Co.. Hut, huison, Ivan. li-2t \\'AN'TJ-:i>--Two men at A.T.S S F. co;il bliool to slioiti c-al; tt.-iuly emiiaiymeiit un,| g"<-d wages ;cali at SIH.UII. 5-0t A.\'J'l-;i.i--Man or^ woman, expciienccd |c, and liu.siiebttai,, Jlolfman )-riss. •W. o. ('.rant, Stafford, Kan. 5-:it JlFLi' WA.\Tlil>—Solicitor, ladj or gentle 11 til 11. and two fnsl-claiiH Mi;n painters. MUi Wesl Sign Co. (3-7 WANTKI)-ln-llveiy mall on Ford ears; oiu- who can liaiiiile ear and knows city. l...w:s I'leanlng Woiks. TO 15 SALIi—Fine single comb white leghorn hens; i'liono 2I.70W. ^. Thuw. and Sat. 5-14 Rill SAI.K—Oak folding bed; 603 First Ku»l. 6-lit l -"MR SALIO— Furnllurc of five-room bun galow; phone o26lW or '.!J!» Thlrtcentb West. 6-2t KOI, SALF— Mango iieppers, ltic per lb. Ijook out fur frost. C O. Curtis, 1'hone '.'775. . 4-7 FOR .HALF—llieedlrig ewes; F.II Miller, eight miles southwest of Hutchinson. 5-11 Full SALF—Two ninje Jersey pigs, weight 100 pounds; iilionu 302W; SllO West 11 t-7 U ANTFU—lCraial boy; one who Is r going to school this winter. Foreman |.'ni; SALIC--.Mango peppers; fur prlcess News office. ' j phone 11199 or call at 712 First West. C-2t WANTKI) Co)|«-r; steady work; ipply j.-olt SALIC—Two female bull pups; ch»ip Harlon Salt Co. pliuil or down town if i a |tc n at once; 421 Third Bast. ^-2t nrii,-,.. - >'» tf t — WANTKI)-Hoy to operate bulb _.. chine; overall factory, lli'^ South Main. ___ 7 -'-t FOR SALIC—Si FOR SALIC—One good set double driving ma- I harness; Or. Rcdmon; phone 311117. 0-21 WANT lil) lu ticisu -liey between 11, and IS; apply i. Model Sluaiii J*iundiy. 2S-II d rye, J2 Fbonc ;t-N-5. ,00 bushel do- NK\\'.;ir, caliber automatic Winchester rifle. Phone 3i5n, 5-3t Foil SA1.B—1917 Ford truck, llutihlnsnn Foundry &' Machine Works. 19-tt FOR SALIC—Ford touring Phone 2-6t ONE Saxon six, nearly new. 20W 13th. 37 -tt FOR SALE—Fords. Mc.Vcy Livery. 5-U MOTORCYCLES, AND BICYCLES. FOR SALE—Motorcycle, 117 South Main, Green's Bicycle shop. ' 6-at FOR BENT—FUBN15KID ROOMS. FOR HBNT—Room, rlrst-claas, in modern home; desirable for tcaciwr.l; i.uly preferred; 512 Notth Poplar; phone 053. . e-tf FOR KENT—Modern sleeping room for three college boys, J1.25 per week; 111 Avenue A East. &- tf FOR r.ENT— Very desirable rooms with hoard; single or en suite; 21 Easl Sixth; phone 37. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished modern bed room, close In. Phone 1599 after (i p^.mj FURNISHED ROOM with private bath modern house. Phone 32u5. 2-tf FOR RENT—Sleeping rooms; board of desired; No. 9 Seventh East. 5-7 STRICTLY modern furnished room In family of two; phone 2093^ 0-0t FOR RENT—Furnished room, 19 1'welflh East;'phone 480W. G 2t FOR RENT—Furnished rooms; Inquire at 812 East Fifth. i-U FOR RENT—Rooms; 222 West 71h; phone 1191. 7--t MODERN—Rooms. .ICItns, 128 First East. ^ 4-tr MODERN—Furnished rooms; 203 A East. 6-tt ROOM with or without board; 116 li East. •? 7-6t LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. FOR RENT—2 light housekeeping rooms, unfurnished; one sleeping room, furnished; furnace heal; phono 32117W. Bit FOR RENT—Two furnished light housekeeping rooms; 125 Ninth East.* 3-tf MODERN— Light housekeeping 1SU Kirst West; phone 3160W. rooms, 6-2t WANTED .Mauled man to work on j |.-OI'l SALIC -<Jood healing stove; Inquire farm. Ceo. M Nowliri, pllone liJ-^l-l). 115 East 5th. 7-10 , • ! roll SALE—New Zealand red rabbits. HI.ACKSJIITII —flood all mound man at| 12s .1st 0 ast. - H-tf, cm e: 10 to 57 pel liny. K K. Sill 111. ' .oil, Kin. WANTED- '''it'll "l« Arlington hold, Si. WANTED- H.,y ic trade. »|W at It; yelli •ws olfh 7 -tf FOR MA1.E- Thlnl East, in ii.rl ut j „ t:--t| FOR SAI.E- phonu 3M52. Smith typewriter; 421 li -21 WANTED Job iliilie I2E' l -:at oil far.-n. Fifth. WANTICI An exi 'i , ., all till 11 West. WANTKI ' Solllb M old to learn e. -l -i Kll -21 vJ ,.ry clerk. 4 -tf Oootl boy lot il.iiry wtjrk; *2l McDonnold medical chair; 7-21 FOR SALE - Small 122UW. heater, chea-p; 7-21 HOTEL Ji;i3J. Dlsbcs for sale cheap; FOR SALIC— C -.ia engine 1'/. II. P.. ItSSOJ. I'hono 5 -Jt WANTED—FEMALE HELP •l vll-tf '•'->' i FOR SALE—SI.\-holc coal range; Wesl. 110 It 5 -31 GOVERNMENT civil Huh IptlS.itl ||| f'ep Clellt, le.o it. r, lii.spee ly |.'-v, i net , -.itary'll aiint.t f-sai >. \\'oini vanltlia tloll.s <lo\erliniellt e-s, 1 eel-Ill 'li ' lei-k, V. I. t.\|:erleiiee ,1, s.rit; FUR SALIC East. Oak folding bed. FOR SALIC-tloOil mule tcolt; i'Cast. 601 First * 4-lt 521 Slxlh 5 -7 FOR RENT—Modern housekeeping rooms 330 2nd west, 17-lf. TWO furnished housekeeping phono 7 aa. rooms, 7 -lt FOR I1KNT-Housekeeping rooms; 19 East Fifth. 5-.iit L1UHT housekcplng rooms, 317 K-jst E 0 -tf HOI'SMCEISPIN'G room. 109 First Iiist. flit vn u f' If to .1. • l.ennai tj ' fonni r ei\ il : il. U'.t Ki-nois p. -.nais •Household furniture Foil SALIC- 2u2li. FOR SALIC—Slave silo. Call 10-N-12 Tin brigilt (.liable hull'.' emolislI a Ie ami sell we.l Kll' ,ylaliilKl,etl .le.ller.t, |2J. fl lallloatl lit if; v.' iraii-IIlK e-'-l" uses. Aibll'en i leh I n ug t:oini .in\ I lepi. ,1 .1'. .--tt Wll }--ei , ll'l- SALERMEN WANTED. TO TRADE. FOR TRAD1C—240 acres improved, 'flvo nnlea southwest of .letinure; 40 In cul- tlva.ion. balance - pasture; ever lasting wulcr; price 15,000; iniirtgnge J2.000, runs two yeais; ICO acres seven miles nortli- tast of Motuasuma, 15o broker" price JH.&iJO; morlgilge Ji,7u0; trade equity for clear town property or would tako good . car and curry difference us second Itiort* | gage. 320 acres mile and half north of i -pcarvllle; 10 pasture, balance fine ivheut land; Improved, price too. per acre; $2,000 cash; balance half the wheat each y« ' until pajd at 7 per cent interest. 80 acres in Crawibrd county, Arkansas; 35 Ri cultivation beanies xju fruit trees; Improved fenced hog-ilgbl; price ?2,00O; mortgage Jitjn; trade lor dear western quarter. IC. W. MOORE, Hpearvllle, Kails, cods Ut i sl- \.-ica nt y W \N shli- pat no I-: til. tt and sin bill' llnii HA1 .ICS.M ICN EM'tlletit peraiai tlon. '"liable sab smeu in U'nus.u .-'I'l'li ml".:' 15; .-tap!.- line !'.,;• gt-ncnil in, la'! In-tlc; liberal eoiiiinis.tion.T; J-ISuO v.'.eltty ailviijH'tt. Rice tic, 210 Wllbains lab imildliig, Diliolt. ' . '/. Ill N. Wainin POSITION WANTED—FEMALE. •A ANTEI ' ! e,,a!- atnl dots a. balantt lit s- SI ly their fall suits, t small payment j ,'k Ctiuier C.-i'it WANTEl'i-l'osltion us stciitignipher; ad- i'-lil cam News. 7- BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. I'.l N. Walliill. (t -01 i lfl'SINlCSS OPPORTI1 NIT Y— I am going - - ] to war altil must bell my Kansas City LMu' ' il'ICUA'i'l V1CS—ICxpi-i leu.,, nut star agency: good opportunity to get in. in eee.taiy ; we In . I met > on; travel, mtike . business for yourself; phone V5H3J. Mr. t .t nit esllgalittus. llalllty 1 leti elivn i Muiiuy. 4 .1J ' ' - ' - , FOR SA1..S -Restaurant; plenly of bit™ WA N 'l'ICD ICll" 1 l; lei .1 Lilly sleiiograpli-j Ineos; (own ql fldeen hllil'lledi reason cr, oile will' ll'Mii mm or lallloatl e:t-• for selling poor health. J. W. Chancy. peiUiift! plt.reii.,!. Utiitbt, Flout Mill Tlollv, l.'ulo. 7-12 Cot;,. D-tf- . . -- - Ili'U SAl Eesi eafc In statu; address Narrow liaiigc Cafo, ICIkliall, Kalis. 6 Ot lll 'JI.P WANTED In fin muni liHtiii; aplily lo Mr. Cr"' 11. a'ulMUgh-W Hey Dry (loiKf ma fl... WANTED—TO RRNT. WANTICI 1 -OU'l 01 ovttrnll Fiii'tory lu, WANTED -To rent a six-room cottage; uptime I'Uttou-holtt machine. mtitlerit furnace, with garage and plui-o for claeltens; by Ocl. 1. I'hono &7a. t>-3t WANTED -Olris over 16. Apply In pel • 0011 Model Slea 111 Uiundcy. 2VU WANTED- -ilirl for gcnerul Intusewurk; no washing; l-litino 931. '|-Iit WANTICI)—Experienced salesladies; F.W. Woillwurlh Co. I-S' WANTBD -tJiil Jor Auiiertil huiisc work; call S30. ' _' T -St WA NT ICP—Kxyorif iiciid Hotel. WANTED —l-'tie or six room furnished or partly furnished house, must be modern. Phone ti75. 5-7 WANTICI) TO RENT—Flvo mum. modern house. Cull Cwiiui at News office. 2-tf WANTICI)--l'"urnl.vhtt| apartiiit'ltt t -r home .fpr two people; 2002. b-'l falttiss, H 'lio'WANTBD- 'I'" ret' 1 . I»rgc h «u<< close in: >uj. ,fl"ioiH';»«««* * f.jn, To.fade Five room bouse In Partridge too acres western land fur liuloalason pi operlA', —Ask'ftlcNughtcn. Phono 15. 20-U, FOR TRADE—Colorado potato land for stuck of groceries or good auto, See O. W. Alford; plume 1931 3-U TO TRADE—Equity In 1 torn house, 60 ft. |al, on West 7th for vacant property. Phone 1306. 30-U Foil' TRADE—Lota on North Main and Uydt) Park, lor residence. Call 631 East Third. 2 FOR RENT—MISCELLANEOUS. FOR RENT—A new BtPre building with basement lalesi front and good for most any kind of business; Ln Pawnee Rock, Kansas. Onu of the best' farming acellona of the stale. Address A. Drlng, Pawnee. Rock. Kaus. 7-U Foil RENT— Piece of wheat land, edge of city; crop rent; Inquire 1106 A East. 6-7 Foil RENT—Building auitaWo lor «ut>ur- bau grocery. $03 liaifB.' l »-tf LOST. LOST—One string of clear-cut iimher beads; Ivory screw clasp, l-'tuder plouse call at Ailvoitislng doinwlment of Itora- b,uugb,-Wllcy l>ry Goods Co. and rcoolvo rowuid. * 6-2t WILD person who took boy's sweater from Itou Ton yesterday, by mistake, kindly return siuno lo b27 l^ast Hhitrinun or phone 2016, 7 LOST ---A gold wrist watch with muuo- lain L. M. II., and half of « (iult biacclei. grain 'L. M. It., ami Reward; ouU li* FINANCIAL. MONIES TO LOAM LADIES' SHOES , 60c a Week Clothing for Men and Women ON CREDIT A small payment (CI n U/ddlf down, balance •}» I fl fr tSUn MEN'S SHOES 60c a Week COMER, COMMERCE CO,, 1M9 /V. Walnut I -room house, close Id Finfrth alttict e(tr line, on Ford street; lights and gaa, acwer connections: J7V4 ft. front: M.l.tli; tatIO down: balancti paymcnls. 6-room, modern house, on F«st 131b; ail oak finish, nothing waiting; price II.50O; good termB. o-ro«rhi house', 'tin Mast l-J, ivatcr, >l«h» and gas; sewer eohlie.v.iIIU; i >»'>d Uobfo, small barn, >1,250: *250 cu.h Itulanco very easy tcrrnt;. 4-roOm house, on A Went; lights nnd.gaa 60 ft frontage tlberul terms. Ilttoo: 1 $300 ciish; bulanco 6-ro6m' with complete hdlh rt|Ulpmctiti 68 tX. rrenl; *2,00o; S7C0 tasll; balonco $18.00 per iniinth. - • • , . ' 4-room house, cloao In, on Ejnt Till! modern: price only {MOO; ttsk fnl- terms. 7-room house,' on North Adams; large porch, cave, fruit; pt-i"e S2,Ct)0; very !ib- erul terms. 8-room house, on North Mom-tie; bath; worth J2.500; price; owner -wants all cash, but I can get g)od on payment plan. First National llanK Buildina. FAIIM LOANS? CITY LOA^NS? —ask McNaghten! First National Bide. JO-W 1. Mght-rooin strictly modern hoi water, , furnace; homo on Noftli MaJn; owner on cltyliomea. liong terms on monthly pay, lwivini; stato; im cxcollcnt buy; twin*, ment plan. Fafm loans. 2. Four-ioijin, south iront, shady home, THE KINKLE AGKNCY. Ul .S-lo; terms; J300 ciisli and balance by Phono 2065. Stale Exchanso Bank Bide- month. Th)a f.s tho exact a-taesacJ vtilua- a-tf. I uon. -.^.w w W 0(s bntanei. por, month, pO *OU NKfc*D *50? Ibuya u pretty flve-uw*n cottage on north PrWute loans on furniture, piano, etj. • Ea^y payments. 1 Sherman west. 1-tf, ^ Uesldent lots at No. 203 Slxtocth liiaat; high and dry, 6Uxl65; at^560; two houses sulnc up In tltla block. 6. Two-story modyrn home, four blocks of post fflce at l-Z,2b\>; exct-ilent »l\apc. 6. Woll imptoved wheat, com and al- faJTa quarter; «ix mhos of Uutcltlnson; je .iHiO cash to handle; way down price, 7. Modem two-siury home; 1 blocks of business center; lar-jo front sluvdo an<l outbuildings; excellent rooming proposition; |3 ,7:tf. 8. J90G cash buys four-room cottaffo with 66 feet fronta-jo; rental $96o per year. ». Trade, two apartment, strictly modern, hot water heat home; larg-e yard » connection; one nf very be«t liomea and baJl-l*; locatione in city;, take a mdern bungaJow tis part payment; rentaJ value |1.000 per year. 10. Very pretty modern five-room cot- taijo with ffood collar and pjirajjo; north EVENT OF THE WEEK The Outstanding One Has Brtn the Pajsage of the Vosle. IT WAS A STRATEGIC MOVE Threat Against the German Lines May Make Their Armies Withdraw More Yet. American lleadqiiartfra In Francfc, FTldny. Sopt. (!.—(Rculcra)— The out stttiidlns cvont of the week on tho American (rant has been the passage of the Vesle find the -enrrylng of tho line forward to tho boi-dors of the Alsne. Not that the udvnnco wim a striking military opprntkm In Itself; Its admirable character belles that very Hjct nnd thanks to the blows Uiat General Munglu struck olRowhoro. The advance has been almost a walk over but It must be remembered that there wcro Americans with Mnngln's army as well ns with DoGoutte's and il was they who holped lo deal tho blow which withered tho German divisions along tho Vosle. A Big Advance. , Already by sheer strategy, Mnngln's Being unable to look after my business, on account of poor health, I will sell to some, one who can. C all and seo me at ttr nns yj s|)1|lced 80mo , hrlt M(m iood'ctnle'tfium? .ntoV'nlVuuio of tho enemy 's front and Is removing cash business; 1600 will FOR SALE OR TRADE. KANSAS CITY^MO., PROPERTY tor sale or exchange. Six rooms AMueen Anne residence and vacant corner lot. All improvements lu. Price $6,500. Subject to $2,800. Incumbrance ,but can deliver property clear. Six*" blocks north or Electric Park, 2 blocks oast of Troost cur line. Will sell on easy payments or trade fur clear farm, S. W. Kansas land, bonds or bankable papers . Ludwig AbL Kelgel Bldg., Muberly, Mo. lTOR SALE OR TRADE. LAND BARGAIN. 331 acres good wheal land of Bale at $10 per acre, under the market or would! 1)a4 . t; owner leaving"' 'price' j'iso'o. trade and fuse In stock of merchandise in. j u . Best producing wheat and alfalfa good location, located 3 mil north and l 1 improved farm In llono county; $4,000 lo into west of bpcarvllle, J ord Co., Kans. • j 6i0no dowll IUMl baJance y( . ar iy ; i m Call or wrto owner o. H. Johnson mbdiiitc possession; 4 Ohcres in alfalfa; 30 spearvllle ,Kansas. , a«ros of 40-bu. 'corn goes If taken by " T~ ' Sept.. 16. FOR SA-LE, KENT or Trade—7-room I 12.^-StrlctV modern Avenue A Hast house. No. 15 Twelfth west; newly; home; hot water heat, sleeping porch and painted, papered and revarnlahcd; mod-; garage; Immediate possession; close In. urn except furnace. See or phone Carl, 13 . close In Main street homo, in 600 Nelson, 627 South Main. »-U | block; completely modern: 60 feet; make good income renting rooms and In five FOR SALE OR TRADE—8-room Seml- tnodern cottage, double garage blue grass lawn, sliade trea 60 IL tront, win consider smaller property and difference. Phone 1612. • O-'f- FOR SAUK OR TRADE—For land, a 9-roomed house; all modern with barn; 06 feet front, location on .East A sl'-e^t. Peterson Hambaugh Inv. Co.. 126 yi North Main. — 7-U years sell for twico its price. KEJULTf CO. NO. 3 EAST SHERMAN. FOR SAI-E OR-TRADE— Buldc five paa- sanger ln first-class condition; will consider diamonds ss part or all; call phone 1532W or 11 South Walnut. 7-tf FOR SALE OR TRADE—Three lots on Second aventto east of Plum street for equity in house or for good auto. Ask McNaghten. Phone 15 4-tf FOR SALE—Or trade for city property a .good farm eleven miles north of city. Peterson Uambaugh-lrfS, Co. - ' 4-4t FOR SALE OR TRADB-^-Res^lince in Rosedale, lvnns., phone 408; write P. L. Hawley, Hutchinson, Kalis- * .. 7-3t FOR S-A1 .E—Or will -trade for ligut car, fiO foot building site, Shcrmiin Eiuit. Phone 343. A. K, Jurgcns. ,;' . 0-7 FOR SALE OR TRADE—For cur. four lots ill the 'eUtventU block on Eighth east; phone SKKW,, 2-6t FOR SALIC OR a 'RADlS—Soven-passenger cur; call 1064^|'.S08, Ninth West. 6-7 FOR SALE Oil TRADK -t -'A, Ford speedster; phone IIS6; 1209-Tblrd 1'ktsl. 6-31 NOTICE— MrBCBUU AN K0U8. MT. WASHINGTON Maternity Home for confinement, avdlda. publicity; charges ami .terms t» suttr ogviert iiwoticiil ca'o, nursing; • liomel(ko; ; Uablee .adnptodi Wrtle .Mrs. Janes, strictly : et?nfidontial.-. lSiJ» Mali), Kansas Clt» TtfoK • • bat-24 -tlr NOTICIC^-To^mon; my,prop? crly atM0t7 4North : Muflltiofi la off tho inaikut. Jot, J. B,<)pV,-. 7 -U C. H. JAME8,' oontraotbr and builder, Plans and ; upeoiflcatlon furnished, Pliono 30-F6. . . . , »-U. S1LAMPOOING ' unit ' scajp treatments; phono 3028 ttfitffoinjmmU, 6-31 WANTED— K!SC «LLAN «OUS. WANT13D—Cider apples In any quanUty at $1.00 pur hundred, commencing Monday morning; cai oh S.'nta Fe team track; weigh oh Young p Soha "*catea." Levi llayl. • • J. ;, s ':-<-. , •••• . ' 7-lOt WANTED— Sixty acres-plowed and seeded to ulfalfa, Jminedl»toly, - -John T, Cluliinian, Sir "oas.tVJFlrat. Phono 3089, ... ... ^ ."'..-:•'-' - , 5 -tf WANTED—A plape;'or a lj-yar-old boy to stay aniT go. w '.Mhoo' jn exchange for aptue tlinn -wtjrk; phone 166. WANTED-Cleah, »rl*h' Straw: will pay 14.00 per ton delivered to the Ifulchhiaoa Box Board sny.j»aji>r'CtY. ' >8-tl WANTBD—To c*aWaet,... your cemtint work, «ld«walij|. ij^|(ipt»talty. Call OT. ' -i» -,t. - . • 7-t», WANTED—Seeind-luuid huallng nnd oil •lovest PhOftti ^^W- , • eod7-3t WANTED—Soeont) hatvj furniture. Rauh Furniture Co. '»•» WA NTiau—CemeiiV block machine, phone 1108. • ; 'T-U REPAIRING —Tyrvvrlter; call un. FOR SALE-^EAl^^TATE. FOR SALE—We have buildlug loco lions at all prices. We build huines according to your own plans and sell them to yuu on payments like "lent. The Kliikcl Agency, Phono 806J, State JisohBHgo Jiank Bldg. i T -•' *«4jg-u The very deBlrablc business r.viin at No. 4 N. Main Xor lease. Inquire ot Masonic Temple. - S (l©sDp B@nl ©ir Suitable for heating plant for store or shop. Will be sold very reasonable* Inquire at News office. ©EL LEASE Have thirty acrre right In the heart of a thousand acra lea-«ie owned and now being drilled by Trim* hooter OU Co. 1 bought this laase right ami will set] any fractional part Cor $100 per acre. This structure was selected by pest Reologiats and when proven should easily be worth )>1,000 per acre. For particulars address; LSI. Barlow Rooms, Wichita, Kans. PROVIDE THEIR OWN- ENTERTAINMENT IN TdWN FOR SALE— CITY PROPERTY. 1'RlCEfl TO SUIT YOU, Seven-rooms, up to now.$10,000.00 Six-rooms, strictly modern 3,500.00 Six-rooms, strictly modern...... 3^)00.00 Five-rooms," on Fifth, not modern 1,600.00 Five-rooms, modern except furnace 1,600;00 SHINEY RISALTY CO. 12714 North Main. Phono 139 FOR SALE—Good four-room collage; 316 '- North Ford. This is one-half bluck from car lino nnd paved street, six blocks from Maiti; immediate possession;, special price for a few days only; will give time on pai'tglo right parly, rhone 313, A. R. Jurgfus. 6*7 BARGAIN BALK—5 room modorn cottage, flno coudltioti, 'near Liberty school and North Main, 12,400; phone 1306 7-tf 318 west 14th, St. new five room house, $300 cash, balance monthly, —Ask McfJaghten. Plioiie 16. J6 -H. ELEGANTLY furnished five-room bungalow; strictly, modern; north part;, garage; phone, 1768, - ' 6-4t FOR SALE—Two story six room residence. 208 13th West. E. T. FooU, phone 840. 2»-tf i'olt SALE—6 Room modern house, nearly new, Bast Seventh. Telephone 1661, •• 5-U FOR SAltE—Kight-room modern hou«o, $2,6*0; ISO Fltfh West. C-tf FOR SALE— 3 lots and 4 room house. 800 F west, 24-llH FOUNP. FOUND—Qontlonipn's coat, cliUd's skirt and sweater on East Fourth. Monday, Sopt. 2,; cull at 726 North Caroy street. 6-7 FOUND—Two miles south of, Burrtou, six-sldo curtalru, for largo ear; owner call at tills office. . J PPULTHY. FOR SALIC— Hens and, young chickens; inquire 346 West 12th; phone, ansa Sun. day. ' 7-it FOll SA.LB-White I^eghor|(piftns;" J207J FOP, lU'JNT—Reijdcpcc, $25.00 per month, phone M7W.'T ' ../ i-li FOR HUNT --Sevcij-rovin i hauaa; uhono 146 or 1898,. . - ' *-W FOR KENT—To. ^uUs, nlftO-rapBj house. American Sailors Have Hard Time While Away Time During "Liberty" Hours. It at one extremity almost-a third of that distance northward. That the Germans know they have io fear an even more complete strategical disturbance ul ItH hands is dramatically provcH by tho dead, with which they try to bar the path. Those dead lying at Jtivlgny plateau were not sacrificed ln any reckless spirit; they wore do- voted to nn attempt to frustrate tho greatest danger that now threatens the German line In France. Good Gains. The French have possessed themselves ot tho plateau northward of Ijindrlcourt on ono side of the Allette and have reached tho ravine at Vault- liillon on the other, while further north they are ou the borders of tho forest of Coney, cloao to Fresues. Seeing that they had thus pene- 'trated tho line—which one had ut. most grown to regard as a Gorman frontier—It Is tip wonder the enemy is sacrificing men, guns and moralo in a desperate effort to gain breathing lime for some fresh allotment of their reserves, since hero about tho massif of St. Geibain between l^o Fere and Lston is tho essential hinge of the lino. That hinge broken, more disaster would happen then than from the fracture ot any other part of the line. Hun Troops Hurried, in the efforts to avert such a calamity tho Gormans have brought ono division by road from -Met* and another from Hholms, sending them almost starving into the battle. Hut tho defenso of St. Gobain means much more than tho defeat of Mangin's army, for Laon and St. Qtiontin aro flanges of the hinge whose pin is nt La Fero and one point Is ns essential to its security as any other of tho three. Ilut Tor the American forco interest Is In the southernmost of the three, since should It An Irish-Port.—(Correspondence of The Associated Press.)—The thous ands of American sailors stationed at the Destroyer Base in British falors have been forced to provldo their own S've way they'will have haiku most entertainment to while away "liber-1 creditable hand In the business, ty" hours in tho small town. And after General Mangln's tolling Ono of the chief features of tho strides all oyes will naturally be rly- "Men's Club"i Is the theatre which will seat about l.'OOO persons and wherol there Is something going on free ov-| ery night. Asldo from the morlngj picture plftyB all the entertainment la! produced by the sailors. Some of tho; scenery for tho stage was obtained In London but some ot It was produced right hero at tho baso. Tho talent uncovered haB resulted In a brass band of 27 plocos, an-orchestra an largo, an acrobat, sovoral vocal soloistB, a yodler, half a dozen black-face comedians, a quartet, sev. oral piano players, and enough good voices to stage a minstrel Bhow. Here is an average Saturday night program: a one-reel comedy, seven concert selections by tho band, a four-reel feature film, half a dojien songs by the quartet, the yodler aud popular songs by "all hands" with tie word* thrown onto tho picture screen. ' ••' The last feature Is what tho sailors like the best as they all seem to want to get in tho Bhow.. They put real enthusiasm into songs about wlnniug the war and "getting" the German fleot 'but when they sing something about home, the' sunny south or a girl left behind they fairly raise the roof and ilng the choruses over aud ovar. They never tire of one feature although they have participated in the New York sky-line is dropped. As the first faint 1 light dimly outlines the picture the orchestra -starts to play "New York Town" and -overyouo bo- gins to sing. Before the song Is ended many of the men break* into cheers and throw their while hats into the air. „ "I ain't from New York," said a trim specimen of middle-western young manhood one night, "but that sky-lino was the last thing I saw ln the'good old U. S. A. an .4 that picture with tho orchestra playing that song just naturally makes a; ' fellow want to aihg." But even with such expressions of sentiment thore is little hprtjeslcknesg hero. Tho sailors, many of theni mere youngsters are glad they are in, the thick ot war but many of thorn bare salt) that "the more they see of foreign shares (ho totter .they Ufce The Cash on Delivery Service. Wo havo found a few peopio who have-not heard of our, Cash on lJollv-- cry Service. This system waq started on September 2nd, 11)18 ond applies lo all business sent to our Institution, For those who find it rinconvpnient or impossible lo havo the cash ready tor each delivery, u deposit can be made on which we allow a 20 percent discount. This method haa been adopted to avoid an immediate advance of our present prlcos and also to conserve on gasoline, man powor and etc, It IB our aim and desire to give you tho best Work and service it la now possible to produco. Eliono 107 or 8107. 7-U AMERICAN STJSAM LAUNDRY, oted on the two armies which tiro closing up, ouo from the west and the olhcr Boutli, on the positions by which Laon is still so formidably defended. To look for victory hero would seem too wild an' expectation, but then who, a month ugo, could even havo expected to look for troopB 'f Nothing Doing, Former Senator Bailey of Texas, said ln Albany tho other day; ;"The Germans believe that a pacl- flo nation 1 B a coward nation, l'ruposo - poaco^to the'Gormans and *they will fall upon and crush you t- convinced, 'that you're afraid to fight, ' "The Germans aro like the chap itt evening dresB who went up to the bos office man and said eagerly; "'pave you got two front-row seatB on Uie aisle for.tonisht?' - "'Yep. Hero - you are/ said the box ofjicn ufnu. -•.•'•' "But the chap In evening dress frowned, '"Keep 'eiyi,' be said. 'Tho Show can't bo any good,,'" • i - - it- Notice to Family Wash Cmtemerf. We are now prepared to, do your family washing. Tho Family. Wash cars and tho American Laundry cars are operating for the African Bteain laundry plant, Sent} your' family wash, shirts'and collars, - and dry cleaning, all at the same time. Phone 107_prJW7. ^ . I-M | STEAM MWRHV, ' i»Yt> £*-"•< 4 r >1fi- . tr* I j^ty " i tf.'l

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