Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 16, 1972 · Page 12
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 12

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1972
Page 12
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I * . f AMPA OAIIY NtWS I'AMI'A. TEXAS 66th YEAR CARNIVAL Friday, June 16, 1972 Legal Publication sunn: IIIHIMIIKIIS I In ( Hi ('nimni-Miiii nl Ihr I Ml "I i'.tinp.l Ti'\.^ «ill lui'lM' M'.ilril lilili III II,, rut CuiniiiisHim llmim ('ill II.ill I'.llliti.! IIA.IS Mllllt « I" ,\ U '' " T liiiMl.ii .him- .',' l'i;.> I'M tin-liill'mini: W \1KHWIMIKSM MNS \\IM-S HI TISCS :iml KIIIMIYIiHANTS i hi' ili-liu rril I" S M I Ml I'll! II.ill nil- Ti II11 1 rlniti lMlll|i. I'|I,|,,,S, M-l III I'll Kncini'i-r S.d.'v T;i> ll-.ll! ll till I It! Irvi t ! r 1,1 till I.Ills Mill Inrm.lllllr- I In ml S|irr limn Mil- >' I'm II.ill I 1 . , till' n^lll I" mini! iillil li'lri I ;mi S M I'llll I'KMlKN Clli Sr< H'lill V "Have you ever wondered, Lucile, whatever happened to the joy and comfort she was going to be in our advancing years?" i News In Brief NOTICE TO CREDITORS orTHEESTATEOF GEORGE WILLIAM CRUMRINE DECEASED Notice \t hereby flven thil the underfiined hn b«en duly appointed Independent Eiecutrli of the Eitile of George Wllllim Crumrlne. decened on June 12. I»7J. by the County Court of Gray County. Tei«i, and qualified n fuch on the I!th day of June. II7J. All perioni havlna. claim* «|iliut Mid otate ire hereby required to present the lime to the underlined within the lime preicrlbedby la*. The reiidence ind pott office addreii of Miry J. Crumrlne U IW E, Francis. Pampa. Te«as7M«S MARY J. CRUMRINE Independent KltcuUU oflheEilileot George Wllllim Crumrlne DecenedNo.4141 County Court Griy County. Tens MH General Service Klcclric Razor Service. Any make. Any model. Authorized service on Remington and Royal office machine. Time clocks. Memo machines and most other office machines. Call us for free consultations and estimations. Rear Pampa Office Supply. Phone 669-3353. 14J — General Repoir WEST TEXAS Shaver Repair Remington Authorized Service. All makes repaired under warranty. 2132 N. Christy. 669-6057. UN — Pointing DAVID HUNTER PAINTING AND DECORATING ROOF SPRAYING. 665-^903^ 14Q Concrete Work FOR ALL types of concrete work See S. L. Gibby. B5R S. Sumner. 6691626. June II.1172 A-72 W(X)DS HOLE. Mass. (API — Scientists digging into the Caribbean seabed as much as three miles beneath the ocean surface have found sediment they believe may have come from New England or Nova Scotia three million years ago. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute reported Monday on studies done by its research vessel. "Knorr" as part of a study sponsored by the National Science Foundation to learn what happens to waste deposited in the oceans. The vessel returned from the Caribbean after a three month voyage with almost a ton of mud samples recovered from the Antilles Outer Ridge north of the Puerto Rican trench. Dr. Charles Hollister. chief scientist on the mission, specu- 1 , lated that rivers in New England or Nova Scotia carried the sediment to the seas during glacial times. He said ocean currents subsequently moved the sediment south. NOTICE Classified Deadlines READER ADS 'for Publication: Deadline: Sunday 5 p.m. Fri. Monday 11 a.m. Sat. Tuesday i p.m. Mon. Wednesday 5 p.m. Tue. Thunday S p.m. Wed. .Friday 5 p.m. .Thuri, DISPLAY ADS 10 a.m. proceeding day of publication for Tues. thru Thurs., 10 a.m. Friday for Sunday , and 5 p.m. Friday for Monday. The above are also deadlines for cancellations Classified Rates 3 line minimum Approximately 5 words per line 'j day, per line 40c 2 dayi per line per day 33c 3 dayt, per line per day ... .28c 4 days, per line per day ... .26c 5 dayt, per line per day ... .24c 6 dayi, per line per day ... .lie 7 days, per line per day ... .20c 14 dayi per line per day .. 20 dayi, p*r line per day .. .18c Pricei above are tubject to no copy chang< adt not run in tucceiiion will be chargec by the day Monthly Line Rate No Copy Change Per line per month...$3.64 Classified Display Open Rate, Net, per in. (1.75 The Pampa Daily Mews will be responsible for >nly one (1) incorrect insertion. Check your ad immediately and notify us ol any errors. PITTSBURGH I API-The Allegheny County coroner's office has a device which Coroner Dr. Cyril Wecht says will detect marijuana in body fluids and tissues. Unlike alcohol and heroin, marijuana eludes most laboratory procedures, leaving coroners stymied when they want to find out whether an accident or a crime may have involved the substance. The new instrument—a spectrometer—costs $50,000 but Wecht got his free on condition that he tell the manufacturers everything he learns about its drug detecting capabilities. It also may find heroin, LSD and other substances. Legal Publication NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE Is hereby given thil i public heirini will be held before the City Commission of the City of I'impi. Tens. In the Commission Chimbers. City Hill. at 1:10 A.M.. Tuesday, the 11th diy of July. 172. •! which hearing the owners whose ames appear below or any person nlerested is hereby directed lo appear and how cause why any of the following escribed Improvements should not be emollshed and removed from the remises: Nature of Improvements and Street Address Structure (MJN.Cuyleri Legal Description Lot Sli III. Block Eight ill. Buckler-Wllks Addition to the City of ampa.Teias. Owner and Address Braly Properties PO.BoiSM Pampa. Teias7»MS Nature of Improvements and Street Address Structure IIMTwIlordi Legal Description Lot Sis ill and Seven 171. Block One Ml. >ark Hill Addition to the City of Pampa. Tun Owner and Address Joe D.Parkinson I Deceased i: Mrs. Parkinson last known to be in Caia Del Nursing Home In Pampa. Teias Nature of Improvements and Street Address Structure (Ml Roberta I Legal Description Lot Ten ilOi and Eleven I III. Block Seventeen (III. Talley Addilion to the City of Pampa. Tesas. Owner and Address Westslde Baptist Church MINaida Pampa. Teias7IM5 Ncture of Improvements and Street Address Structure UIIN.Chriityi Legal Description Lot Eleven ill and Twelve 1121. Block Forty-One Uli. Talley Addition lo the City of Pampa. Teias. Owner and Address Wesley L.Bruce PO. Hoi 7441 Amirillo.Teiil7»IW S.M.CIIITTENDEN City Secretary Sealed proposal! addressed lo (he Board of Education. Amarlllo Independent School District. Amarlllo. Teiai. covering the construction ol Academic Classrooms and Vocational Education Addition lo Caprock High School. Amarlllo. Teias. will be received in the Auditorium ol the School Administration Building,. Amarlllo Independent School District. Amarlllo. Teias. until 7:10 P.M. COST on July 13. 117!. and then publicly opened and read at the same time and date. Detailed plans and specifications may be obtained at the office of Shiver-Megerl tj Associates. A.I.A.. Architects t Engineers, at 102 East Ninth Street, Suite 200. Amarlllo. Teias • 71101. The plans and specifications shall be returned In good condition nol later than ten 1101 days after the opening, of bids. Each proposal shall be submitted on the Contractor's Proposal Form enclosed herein. All blanks shall be In longhand. The completed forms shall ihow no erasures, alterations, qualifications or additional material of any kind whatsoever. A five per cent Bid Bond will be required with each bid. Information concerning any phase of this proposed work may be obtained by contacting the Architects 4 Engineers. Shiver-Megerl t Associates. 102 East Ninth Street. Suite 200. Amarlllo. Teias • 7*101. Phone 172-SM2. The Board of education for Amarlllo Independent School District reserves the right lo reject any or all bids and lo waive formalities. BOARDOF EDUCATION Amarlllo Public Schools \ 4S Plumbing A Healing Septic Tanks and Drain Pipe Builder*' Plumbing Supply 533 S. Cuyler 665-3711 I4T_ Radio A Televjilen ___________ BAR TV SERVICE We Specialize in servicing RCA and Magnavox. Charlie Koenlg 1105 Gar- GENE A DON'S T.V. Sylvania Sales and Service 11 Help Wonted HELP WANTED: Full Time Service Station attendant. 6«»-76«3. 30 Sewing PROFESSIONAL SEWING Machine Service. Cut Rate Prices. 120 W. Foster-Phone M9-MD4 or 6697736. DRESSMAKER portable sewing machine, $69.25. 25 year guarantee, Johnson. TV tt Furniture. 40« S. Cuyler. 665-3381. _ 48 Tree*, Shrubbery, Plontt D~AVIS TREE SERVICE AND NURSERY. SHRUB PRUNING. TREE SPRAYING, TRIMMING AND REMOVAL. FREE ESTIMATES J. R._DAV_IS 665-5659. ______ TREES SAWED and trimmed, chain saws and custom sawing. Call Dennis. 665-2252. ___________ PETUNIAS, MUMS, vegetable plants. Fruit and shade Irees. Red oak clumps. Farm and Home Supply. Price Road. 60 WRKWf S AND MACDONALO si 3 .! cuyj«j_ Shelby J. Rtiff Z1U_N ..HplM. 1 ! Jess Graham Mutual Instrument* 91 nd Off*"* Rental Purchase Plan Tatvley Itoiik to. 117 N. Cuyler M5-I25I FOR RENT: efficiency apartment. Located at 420 N. Cuyler. Dills paid. June II. 1172 A-73 FOR SALE: lings for onl; these three dwel- '750 down payment located at 825 S Barnes They are - • • ' s some repair furnisheineed! work MLS 807K FOR RENT: duplex efficiency apartment at 429 N. Starkweather. FOR SALE: a very lovely 2 bedroom home located at 506 N. Wells. Priced reasonably. MLb FOR SALE:,tWO-2 bedroom with ;e. Well located at 408 N garage, Dwigm. MLb 913. FOR SALE: two bedroom dwellings 331-333 N. Davis. Priced rigfit. MLS 914. FOR RENT: Iteply decorated 2 bedroom loc«SrVW«S *. H. W. WATERS IfALTOt MfMlf tS Of MLS Office 665-2331 H. W. Waters Kes. 668-6616 lere's a winner! 3 Bedroom rick in Mesilla Park with 5" 4 per ent existing loan you may ssume. Nice Kitchen with lots of ining space, 2 full baths. Good quity buy. MLS 927. \n older home with lots ot live- ble space on FHA terms. 3 bed- •ooms, 2 baths, double garage ind dining room. Nice yard. MLS 105 07 East Browning is a two story tome with 2 Bedrooms and bath oeach floor. Now priced to bELL dt'3.950. MLS 925. New listing at 124 North Wells. SI Well cared for smaller home with nice panelling and carpet. Bedrooms, dining room, ducied-in evaporative air. MLa 939 Bargain 2 Bedroom, neat as a pin. it has carpet, attached garage and is selling below appraised price Hugh Peeples HA AREA BROKER 6eS-»t' oub 665-1369 O. K. Gaylor 669-3653 lubi rancher 669-711 • Marda Wite 665-4234 Norma Ward 665-1551 Huah Peeple, 669-7623 Office 129 W. Francit 669-3344 CALl ANY Of THE AiOVI NUMKftS ANYTIME! June 18.21. U72 A-74 2 Monuments SALES and SERVICE RCA WHIRLPOOL We Buy Used Appliances FLEMING APPLIANCE 665-3743 1312 N. Hobart HAWKINS-EDDINS APPLIANCE 854 W. Foster 912 Kentucky Factory authorized sales and service. Zenith, Magnavox. Maytag, Frlgidare, Amana, Kitchen Aid, Hot Point, Magic Chef, Fodders. 6693207. JOHNSON TELEVISION A FURNITURE MOTOROLA-CURTIS MATHES Sales and Service 406 S. Cuyler 665-3361 14Y —Upholstering BRUMMETT'S UPHOLSTERY 1918 Alcock 669-7581 18 Beauty Shops PAMPACOLLEGE OF HAIRDRESSING 716 W. Footer 665-3521 19 Situations Wonted ODD JOBS. Yard fence repair and paint, yard filling with top soil, etc. 665-3496. WILL DO Babysitting in my home. Prefer 2 years and over. Hot noon meals. Reasonable rates. 665-4864. MARKERS-Monuments. Best material. Lowest prices. Phone Fort 665-5622. Ill S. Hobart. 3 Personal ACTION GROUP A.A. and Al-Anon meet Wednesdays 8 p.m. and Sundays 4 p.m. in West annex of Church at North Gray and Montague Streets. 665-2521. ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS and Al- Anon meet every Tuesday and Saturday at 8 p.m. 727 W. Browning. Welcome. Call 665-1242 anytime. 5 Special Notices VAC-PAC NOW) Don't miss out on The Pampa News while you're away! Order a vacation pack for the period of your vacation by calling 669-2525 or be telling your newspaper carrier. Your VAC-PAC will be delivered to your door upon your return. Be sure and take advantage of the free otter. PIANO LESSONS, Call 669-7124. Enroll for summer session. Beginners are a speciality. SPOTS before your eyes-on your new carpet-remove them with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampoorer. $1. Pampa Hardware. TOP 0 TEXAS Masonic Lodge No. 1381. Monday, June 19th, study and practice. Tuesday. June 20th, feed at 6:30 two MM degrees. Visitors welcome. Members urged to attend. 14 Business Service REFRIGERATOR AND AIR CONDITIONER REPAIR. D. J. . 665-8894. Circle 'S' Appliance Repair Service on Washers and Dryers, 1100 Alcock. Gary Stevens. 665-8905 14D Carpentry RALPH BAXTER CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER ADDITIONS-REMODELING PHONE 665-8248 Concrete Storm Cellars Any size, foundations, driveways, floors, house leveling. Free estimates. 665-1015. ASPEN STREET One of the most attractive homes n Pampa. Extra quality, full equipped. BEAUTIFUL yard. •31,500. MLS 884. CHARLES STREET '^ story 6 room home. 2 baths extra nice inside. $17,500. MLS 875. CHARLES STREET Large brick 3 bedroom, dining room, ceramic baths, electric kitchen, servel gas air conditioning. 2 fireplaces, custom drapes, 2 basements. $24,600. FHA terms. MLS 631. HAMILTON STREET 3 bedroom, carpet and drapes, gas range, 2 air conditioners, big garage. 8x20 hobby building. $11.900. MLS 796. NEAR HIGH SCHOOL Large2 bedroom, newly finished, nearly new carpet in living room. Garage and workroom $8.850. Good terms. MLS 783. Graduates Realtors Institute M Helen Irantley Marge Followed . Mary Lea Garrett Mardelle Hunter 669-7*67 669-1441 .665-5666 .669-9837 .665-? »03 Volma lewter ...... 66 c> -9865 Bonny Waiter ...... 669-6344 Frances Threatt ..... 669-2375 Darrell Cafhey ..... 883-7341 G. Henderson ...... 665-1990 171 -A Hughes Bldg .669-2522 TREE SPRAYING G. R. Greer 669-2987 321 _N. Perry_ Evergreen,rosebushes pax, garden supplies, fertilizer. BUTLER NURSERY Pcrryton H^Way^i 28th_ _ _669-968t Lawns mowed, trees and shrubs trimmed. Louis Rosenfield 728 Locust St. Pampa. 669-9757. FOR ALL your gardening needs. Rices Feed Store. 1945 N. Hobart. 685-S85l_.__ TAYLOR SPRAYING Service. Stale Licensed. Homes, lawns, and trees. Eugene Taylor. 669-9992. 50 Building Supplies ArthlM Aluminum Fob Storm doors & storm windows 401 E. Craven 665-8766 Houston Lumber Ce. 120 W. Foster 669-6881 White House Lumber Co. 101 S. Ballard 669-3291 Plastic Pipe Headquarters Builders Plumbing Supply 535 S. Cuyler 665-3711 "PiSmpertumBer Co. 1301 S. Hobart 665-5781 _ 57 Good Things to Eot A FRESH LOAD of produce, Fred- ricksburgpeaches. Leggs Fruit Mar- kei408.81 Bailard. HOME MADE PIES FOR SALE J165-3209.. FRESH~WHOLE~milk, 665-3477. 2'/« miles South Pampa, Bowers City Hi- Way. 59 Guns WESTERN MOTEL Guns, ammo, reloading supplies. Buy, sale, trade, repair. Financing 50c month interest. Open 8 AM-8 PM everyday. UNDSIY FURNITURE MART 105 S. Cuyjer _____ eSMJZl "TIXAS wRNituRi co. 210 N. Cuyler ~"THIUNlOU!SHOf 1950 N. Sumner ^ 18 cubic fool upright freexer. Good condition. $100. 1935 Grape. 865-8715. 69 Miscellaneous GERT'S a gay girl-ready for whirl after cleaning carpets with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer «1. Pampa Glass_*^Pajnt^ WATER WAGONS for bass fishing. $5 will hold on lay-away. Pampa Tent and Awning. 317 E. Brown. 665-8541. TAKE UP payments on repossessed Kirby three months old. 512M. S. Cuyler. 669-2990. 4,500 CFM air conditioner. $75. Brown hide-a-bed. $40. Both good condition. 665-3666. ^ _ _ Garage Salc-957 Barnard. Large assortment. Thursday thru Saturday. GARAGE SALE-1119 Kiowa. Wednesday thru Saturday. Furniture, baby items, toys dog, car, clothes, lots of things. BIGGEST GARAGE SALE EVER! Yard tools household items, anything for baby up to 4 years. Lawnmower, furniture, canning Jars. Thursday, Friday, Saturday after 10:00. 1119 S. Dwight. OPTIMIST RUMMAGE sale: 321 S. Cuyler. Saturday. GARAGESALE: 10:0a.m. Saturday continue through Sunday. 1117 E. Foster. 21 Help Wonted PICK UP payments on complete automatic sewing machine. Like new. Small balance. Call 669-3817. GARAGE SALE: Friday and Saturday. 105 N. Dwight. FRONT YARD SALE: Chain length gate and posts. Coronet. Coffee table, recliner. Boys clothes 12's and 14's. Girls clothes 5's and 6's. Thursday-Saturday. 300 Tignor. GARAGE SALE: Chevrolet Pickup, Lawnmower. Saturday. 806 Main Skellytown. H form Animal* Roping horse, saddle for sale. 86»3712 day or 669-3222 nights. 77 ilventetV EXCELLENT TRADE-IN on New Longhorn Saddles. Reins »3 pair. Used saddles. Saddle repair. Custom Leather work. Chaps. Hollyoraft Leather Company. 712 E. !«th. «65229*. Open evenings 6 to 9 only. JO Pets and Suppllts REGISTERED DOG-»IO. Good pel for children. Has all shots. 6.85-3371. BABY PARAKEETS $3 and M 1048 Cinderella. 669-2848. Puppies, kittens, birds, tropical fish and supplies. Visit the Aquarium 2314 Alcock. KITTENS TO give away. 334 Doyle. 669-2338. 14 Office Store Equipment RENT late model typewriters, adding machines or calculators by the day, week or month. TRI-CITY OFFICE SUPPLY INC. 113 W. Ktngsmlll 665-5555 89 Waned to Buy WILL BUY good used guns. Pampa Stamp & Stereo Exchange. 1822 N. Hobart. WANTED: Good clean used cars. Will pay top prices. 665-2731 after 5:00 665-2102. _ 95 Furnished Apartments EFFICIENCY VERY clean, antenna, air conditioner, bills paid. $45. 669-2343. REDECORATED 4 rooms. Also extra large 2 rooms. Air conditioners. Inquire 616 N. Somerville. CRESTVIEW APARTMENTS 2 bedroom, refrigerated air. Laundry facilities. Walk-in storage. No pets. $120 or 1 bedroom, $95 plus electricity. Genevieve H. after 6 p.m. 665-1990. NICE CLEAN 3 room garage apartment. Carpeted, close to town. 6658769. 3 ROOM FURNISHED apartment. Antenna. Garage 1 or 2 persons. No pets. 608',i> N. Gray. 669-6712. NICELY FURNISHED: Three room apartment. Air-conditioned, bills paid. Apply 618 N. Frost. 869-9518. FO R~RE NT" 1 ~Roo m "dupiex~apart- ment. Furnished, near Marie Foundations. Call 655-6153. Extra nice, one bedroom house »«« apartment. paneled-carpet-80» N. Cuylef. Inquire 1116 Bond. 2 Bed7oo"m house for rent for sal*. Couple only. No pets. $1M moirtMy- Phone 355-2644 Amjirillo,j»ner_«._ 3 ROOMs'flllTs paid. Suitable for couple 111* S. Hobart. Inquire 11*1 Starkweather. 869-3706.^ ^ FURNfs~HED HOUSE for rent. Inquire 941 S. Wells. N °P ets __ 2 BEDROOM nicely furnished horn* with air cooler, automatic *«'"«. large garage and large lot, west sine for $75 month with a Security Deposit. Wm. G. Harvey. Realtor. 689-9315. 98 Unfurnished Houses 3 BEDROOM AND den. Fenced yard Carport. Call 669-6889 or 8«3118. 1 BEDROOM with garage and front yard fenced. 312 N. Rider. 669-3972. 3 BEDROOM. GARAGE. Plumbed for washer and dryer. Antenna. 62» N. Gray. Jess Hatcher. 669-203L 3 Bedroom"unfurnished House. Carpet, antenna, cable. 2207 Dogwood. 665-5452. 2 BEDROOM HOUSE Tor rent. Carpet. 802 E. ffajncjs^ 689-6974. NEWLY~DECORATEL> 3 Koom unfurnished brick house. 530'*. N. Gray. W. S. Fannon. 669-2617. UNFURNISHED 3 bedroom house. IVi miles south on Bowers City Road. Antenna. Call 669-2031. UNFURNISHED HOUSE: Extra nice two bedroom-large garage. 101J S. Farley-Inquire 1116 Bond. 2 bedroom. 1801 Hamilton. Call 6817176. 2 BEDROOM, attached garage, back yard fenced at 321 Henry St. in Pampa. Call 537-5174 Panhandle^ NICE UNFURNISHED House. 2 bedroom, low rent. 665-1579. HAVE A comfortable 2 bedroom home, living room carpeted, fenced yard, large garage and storm cellar, east side for $75 monthly. Wm. G. Harvey, Realtor. 669-9315. 100 For Sale or Trode FOR SALE or rent-3 bedroom, bath and >£. 2909 Rosewood. 669-2916.^ FOR RENT-Trailer space. 721 Malone. New utilities, metal carport, utility building, fence. 669-9877^ 70 Musicol Instruments WALNUT SPINET piano. Like new. $450. 2537 Mary Ellen. 669-2976. NEED EXPERIENCED refrigeration man. Call 374-2332 Amarillo, Texas. CHOOSE YOUR UNIT-Wouldn't you like to work with a proud outfit in this area? You can. Just talk to your Army recruiter, SFC Kenneth Baker. He can guarantee you will spend a 16-month tour with the III Corps Field Artillery at Ft. Sill, Okla. Call him at 665-2022 or visit him at 115 N. Cuyler. TODAY'S ARMY WANTS TO JOIN YOU AT A MUCH HIGHER SALARY EXPERIENCE WAITRESS NEEDED. Call for appointment only. Pampa Country Club. 669-3286. DEPENDABLE MAN wanted for work in lumber yard and delivery. Commercial license required. Only sober men need apply. Apply in person to Jerry Holmes, White House Lumber. 101 S. Ballard. Absolutely no phone calls. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS AND COCKTAIL waitresses needed. Apply in person only please. Red Keys Steakhouse. 1101 Alcock. SCHOOL SECRETARY-Bookkeeper wanted at Miami School. Applications should be sent to Preston E. Cleveland, box 368 Miami, Texas 79059 or call 868-3981 for more information. Shop and field welder needed. Apply in person to Rusty Neef, Necf Welding Works 1320 Alcock. -1965 CHEVROLET CAPRICE j Extra Clean. Power Steering, Brake & Air. Excel-| lent Condition. Mutt be seen to be appreciated.! Call Newt Secrest-9-9361 or 9-2227 | TRAVEL TRAILER SALES A RENTALS -AISO- PARTS & SERVICE Superior Auto Salts ft Leatint 160 W. fottir 665-3166 ELECTROLUX CLEANERS W* Service All Makn ALES-SERVICE-SUPPLIE We Pick Up And Deliver We Have Rebuilt Kirby ft Electrolux NICHOLS & SONS 719 W. Foster 665-2431 SPECIAL OIL & FILTER CHANGE '4.95 with 12 gallant of gal includes filter and 5 qt. oil Multi-weight oil >5.95 DISCOUNT TIRE CENTER 1835 N. Hobart N COUNTRY SOUTHEAST 4 icdrooms IV-i story, 1600 square "eel solid wood sheeting for sid- ng covered with asbestos ihingle. 1 ;, real well built. We can iell it for $5000. with qualified >uyer taking over a $3,188.88 loan >alance that carries NO NTEREST CHARGES! Payable at $65.08 monthly. Fully carpeted. MLS 944. HOME AND BUSINESS ON ALCOCK 3 bedroom home with connecting business in front, [deal for a couple to operate with ittle overhead. $10,500 total price, clear. MLS 730. TWO 3 I) E I) ROOM REDECORATED HOMES One northeast at $8,750 on terms with $75 monthly payments; the other Northwest under $12,000. with attached garage with $104. monthly 5U| per cent interest rate loan balances that buyer can assume. MLS 910 and 929. OTHER GOOD BUYS-in quality homes-both inside and out of City. Call us for your needs. THANK YOU PAMPA for several nice deals that you had the confidence to send our way recently MLS-VA-FHA Broken .669-9315 Norma Shcakelford .665-4345 Home Salei Farm Sales Commercial Sales 111 [ wfC We Tell It Like It Is! Didn't Get - A Special Factory Purchase Didn't Get - 1 00 Units Specially Designated for a Specific Time Still Intend To Fulfill Our Responsibility To Pampa And The Surrounding Area As We Have Done For The Past 45 Years. We Don't Have It—We'll Get It! IMPALA 4 DOOR NO. 92 Full Power - Factory Air, Radio Tinted Glass, Hydra Matic Trans. Our Price. *3674 33 FLEETSIDE PICKUP NO. 265 long 350 V8 Hydra Trans. Heavy Front & Rear Springs Power Disc Brakes. 3.73 Axle. Our Price *2781 24 USED CARS 1 965 IMPALA spt cpe automatic trans, air, power. White *795 MIS-VA FHA Hem* Sales Farm Soles Norma Shackelford .669-9315 1 965 IMPALA 4 door automatic trans, air radio, Tan Color 1965 CHEVY WAGON automatic trans, power A factory air *595 5V 3 1 969 IMPALA 4 door, hyd. trans, air cond. power steering, radio, '•aU.' sharp-Light Green J 1 970 NOVA 6 cyl. air cond. radip ; it's extra nice M695 1 966 IMPALA 4 door, power glide air cond. power steering, radio Tan Color *845 (yLBERSON-^OWERS 80S N. Hobart CHEVROLET 665-1665

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