The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 22, 1931 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 14
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DAILY HXWS, FUDWUOK, MD* TtTBMJAT. USOEKB1 ivai. * L Lester Miller, Recently Out Of House Of Correction, Re- Sentenced There. TAKES APPEAL TO COURT ON MOST RECENT CONVICTION Denies Driving Car Though Three Officers Say He Did. A Smoky Chimney For Santa Appearing for th* fourteenth ten* before local courts on charges at ttola- tions of the state automobile laws. Lester MtUsr. East Third street. was sentenced to six months !n the Hoose at Correction for operating «n automobile on a revoked licesae. by Justice Sherman P. Bowers In PoUc» Cottrt Monday night. Ee noted an appeal mod his parents win attempt to arrange bond of $500 today, which win release Miller pending the action of Circuit Court. Ts« tefendant'» long record of traffic misdemeanors was offered as ert- denee by State Corp. Louis Bloom in the case Monday night. It revealed flne» or Jail sentences for operating while under the infiuesce of liquor, reckless driving, operating on a revoked license, failing to keep to the right of the censer of th* highway, no registration card. no license in possession and others. He served four months in the House of Correction for driving on a revoked license some time ago and the magistrate said he could not reduce this sentence, but would augment it- More recer.tly Miller served time for participating in several filling station robberies and was only recently released from prison. He attempted to plead a Jury trial Monday night but w»s informed that automobile cases were heard only before the court. Files Immediate Appeal la the face of testimony by three city officers that he was driving an automobile early Sunday morning tbrough the c:ty. Miller pleaded not guilty and stated that he was not driving the car. Hs appealed immediately after the sentence, was announced. Officer George Layman, who arrested him, said ae had been informed to look out for a Studebaker bearing Pennsylvania tags. He saw the car parked to front of a. local rcsaurantand MEier had been driving It, accompanied by another man. Upon inquiry. Miller 3' first refused to produce his license but later said be had none. Officer Arthur Hoffman saw him driving the car earlier in the evening, as did Officer Free Straley. , A second charge involving unauthorized us* of the machine was dismissed when the alleged owner of the car. A. A. Clark. Hunhall. Pa. failed to appear to testify. Michael McCoy. Pittsburgh, arrested by Officer William E. Miller on charges of drunkenness and vagrancy Saturday night, was given a suspended sentence o? three months in the House of Correction pending bis quick 'departure from tae city this morning He said he | was on his was, to Washington to get j a discharge from the army The officer i and witnesses said he was begging and i acting in a suspicious manner. ! A fight in an alley leading off East | Patrick street which attracted nearly j 500 people Saturday night. Officer Mil- j let estimated, ended in the fining of | young William Harm Monday night. He ; was lined S2 50 or three days in Jail. Another boy. whom Hahn blamed as , the aggressor, is sought by police for tr.a'.. Given 90 Days Sentence A ninety-day sentence for drunken- ; cess, imposed on George Wallace, color- i ed. up numerous tunes on similar charges, was transferred from Jail to SJontevue hospital, where the defend- ' ant is easp;,-jed He was unable to pay 1 £he fine of SIOO and casts He was ar- ' rested by Officer Alton ShaS. Discourteous conduct, uhich Officer Lesser Hoffman charged against young LeHay Rerasberg. of near MKkiletown, after u:e officer stopped the youth for passing tac Parkway-College avenue intersection ane a scnool bus at the , same time Monday afternoon, weighed more heavily wi;h the magistrate than the violator* of the law He fined the Day siO and costs, wruch was paid "I dont consider this a case for a minimum fine nor would it be appreciated if I dxi," ne commented in making te- Taeced for double park^ig. Lewis Stx?nseIIer. t3» city, was ci-imissed when he brought oj: that re stopped for only a minute and -Kas urab.e to get closer to the euro. He is as taczed by Officer Fernando Ta.beru wno .iaid he was S or'f.r.g the efTcr's of anc'taer car dr»v- er to 71"" a'say from the curb C~arles Ea.-.n. Neli-e PiuU.??. Palmer Sr:c-v ?--··? Fra-cis Dav.s forfe.ted SI collateral C~.-nf»a cc-ored. was SI f-c -carfcr.c a" r zlr or. the s'-^eti S^t-rcar ar: CITY MAY GIVE BASKETS TO : Police Collect Truck Load Of Produce And Goods Of All Kinds. Bread And Wine-And How $150 IN GASH ALSO RECEIVED ON MONDAY Believed Slain showed up today, and Jew ereo of tbew remained on the floor to hear th* scattering speeches. eluded: Duet. Miss Harriet Shoot H Mrs. DeWitt P. Zuse: reading, MoUfc R«V. Dr. ASH* J. Martin; Traver; reading. Mrs. chorus by the members. "Blest Be The That Binds." The committee in Service. i Mountain City Lodge. No. 14, Pythian ! Sisters, held their »rmnai memorial sernce Monday evening at 7.30 o'clock i charge of the affair was: Thelma Cul' at the regular meeting nth a large ] ler, Mrs. A. H. Derr and Mrs. Wfl- number attending. The program m- I ham Y. Anderson- piiiiiiiiiiiiuHiiiniiiiiiiiiiiirniiiiiiiH I Carty's Gift Ideas Richard WaU. above. 31-year-cW = Annual Distribution To Take American ivmg in Pans, was robbec. . = murdered and a!s body thrown ai tee j -- Plac« Throughout Frederick \ S«to«. according to a confession obtain- I =: led from a. young Freuchznan. an ac- ss Quatstance of WaH. PoJice are «earch- Ing for the body. Thursday. Pennsylvania Representative Who Attacked Hoover Inquires Of Brown. · SAW REPORTS IN PAPERS BE WAS TO BE "PUNISHED" Immediate Reply Will Be Ex- pected," He Tells Postmaster General. Washinptor.. Dec 31 --The stormy j McFadden. of Pennsylvania, today { sought to learn the extent of his p'un- j ishnsent for his recent attack on the ' administration j In Snn iansroaze he wrote Post mas- i ter General Brown, one of tne party ' leaders, lor · d=Sr.!te and immediate advice" to confirm Tor himself ria .oss of postmaster patronase in }sl dtftric' Brown recently re-.o'ca McFaddon ·· privilege--one triat u« ia"v _s accorded aU Repub.ican congressmen--of recommending postmasters for apoo-nt- ment as a purt-shcncnt for the Penn- ' sylranian's cnarges that President Hoover had ' sold ojt to Germany in proposing the moratinam " The PostofSce Depart men* ncad took act-on at the requrs- of Sens H^-d and ferred the pairor.aie A rep'.v in · due co.»r«' ' « TJ prom- jed bv Bro.xri3 offic^ nc*a arx. Davis declinea to Collection of goods and produce of an kinds from merchants and housewives of Frederick for distribution Thursday afternoon by the police to many needy families of the city is progressing splecd^lly. it was reported Monday night. The distribution of the baskets to the poor is an anmnil part I of the police program and it is planned j this year to extend the gifts to as many j families as possible. From Saturday through Monday, i Officers Lester Hoffman and Sdgar} Crum collected s. truckload of produce and goods of all kinds from local businessmen, as well as $150 in cash. They said the response by local businessmen j to the campaign for the poor has been unusually gratifying and indicated that was hoped to distribute baskets to i A Sewing Cabinet I a is always useful Convenient bin- = die for carrying: about. SEiTETO RATIFY 1 PACT I H A Magazine Carrier is always useful. A large selection to choose from. A very unusual one at $2.75 JohnSOH MakCS Bitter Attack | == == "TO THINK OF FURXTTCKE IS TO THT3JK OF CARTT* On Hoover's Foreign Policy. = ACTION WANTED TODAYS C.C.CARTV ESTABLTSHED 1868 It Washington. Dec. 21.--H'ram John- i -n, California, made h!s assault upon -about 200 families. i ^ HXJTer deb , s-oratoriam before ~ As the contributions come in, they i c-o-s-ded galleries and an intense Senare being stored in the room of the i ate toda5r ,ri th a bllter denunciation of I Mayor and Board of Aldermen on the ' tfce President and his foreign policies. Mrr Hoover** moratonum an- u to n BAST second floor of Citv Hall Alrpariy, MD- . packages are beginrur.K tx fin comers | r«ourcement w:th its pledge of support j ·of the room and more are expected i Wednesday, when c.ty trucks will pro- j ceed to \ anous parts of Frederick and collet the remainder of the promised I donations, which include clothing, fruit, vegetables, shoes, etc. By Thursday afternoon, the baskets from "leading members of Congress.' Johnson shouted "this is the sort of thing that makes dictatorship and this is the sort of thing that arouses rebel- j * hor." I" "Abolish the Senate." he said. "Why j ha-.e a representative body if certain ! will be made up and the distribution j leaders may be taken into the White j *! to needy families win begin. The ef- House and upon tneir ipse dixit leas- \ S i forts of the police are expected to, , bring joy to many Somilies who wouli | , otherwise spend a cheerless Christmas . | WALKED OUT OF COURT; HAVE UNIQUE EXCUSES upon tneir ipse dixit iegis lation may be enacted. Taese are symp- j toms that always precede upheaval and , :f truigs don't cnaage to a degree you j may look forward anxiously." The Johnson attack concluded the first day's debate. Ha voice hoarse, lie Cahfomian moved adjournment at 5 o'clock .n the face of a threat for a continuous rus'nt session. Chairman Smoo; of the finance com- AHeged Smugglers Say Peculiar' m1 ^- and Sen. Walsh, ^Montana,^e Things Upset^Them. | tae debate be carried on witix a v.ew ~ \ ;o expediting action Johnson replied Baltimore. Dec. 21.--Bringing ex- tha6 Ue thou s ht a roU-caU could, be cuses with them, three of 17 men on reached tomorrow night or Wednes- trial la District Court for consotacy i ^ at the :atest - bat ~ ae re fuse(i to en:er an agreement to,that effect. He will resume the attack tomorrow, but he believed that there were only two or three others desiring to join. ! "Talk of the Town" I conspiracy i to smuggle liquor into the country reappeared today and asked that tneir bond, declared forfeited, be returned. Two of the tcree d^appeared last ; , . . _ . . ,. , Saturday duncg a recess, and the third i Proponents of tne one-year deirt noli- , was one of a grout, of lUe who failed 1 da - T - confident of an overwhelming ma- j jonsy. rested tneir case on a five-minute talk by Chairman Smoot. j Sen. Howell, Republican. Nebraska, t ooened the opposition deoate. When he concluded, Johnson was the only to appear when the trial was started several days ago. The total bond of the three was aoproximately S4.000 Benjamin Steams and Joseph Underwood, who "walked out* last week dur- NEA Pnlladelphla Bureau Bjt it ww.'t a j'lir of w!r.e. as 'r. Omar Khayyam s famous "Rubaiyat." · l a t ac-Tispan.rrt this !nf o: br--ari I.-jstcid .; '\as a '5-vM'e o* brandj---one of J ing trial, -aere tne first to reappear a r. jrnber -f o? t'c c'.e\cr;\ p:dc*n :i^:de 'oi-c of broaa receued at the Phlla- 'steams said he had received a tele-j delphla pcstoffire licre P wtmast^r I'nmts McLc:=tcr -*· 5no^n examining the ; phone message from New York that so | leakv loaf ·* hich f .trnishcd the · t p-otT " to the cnt-re i.licit shipment i upset him that lie d^d not kaow what' -- _ !he was doing when he absented him- its argumentative pace tooay wita tne · (.-i* moratorium question at issue despite The Copaer Stale" ( «-i- o:her speaker ready to proceed. Railroads Want Money. Dec. 21.--The Senate hit .L ! fe ·ec and ordirsan'.v nou'd have attended th" conference Two members of subordinate ran* ncrc in", itcd instead SHOWS ALL AUTO TAGS Underwood explained that he had South Ca-o'.na apparently is more | T^^ ^-^^ to p!e3d rallt y and that - ^.cn with cxploitir-c its title of "The , it so frightened him that he did not '. ' State" than .^ rca'. name. The i know what he was doing when he rhile the at issue the certain? of ratification, i Daniel Willard, president of the Bal- ! , timore and Ohio Railroad, testified to J , a Senate committee the railroads woald \ ] i have to suspend work now going on an- i ' \iere forthcoming before of that his en;, '·dcvx' was ga.j-.v-d f"»jrr. ne^op.irrr rfport, 1 ; McPadtier. sa.a r.c cwjtd cjr.f;r.T.3;.on of taerc as he has sc.era". aoaomt- of pojtziia^t^rs anc o*".i"r pos'-a! t matters rT.d.ns ' I atn ask^ig -ou th-' " ne adcec .n order tSat I may adiise my c-insti'ti- cnt* prooer'.v " The Ic'fr concluded with · Vojr immediate rc2";. ^."1 oc ·. \- pectcd ' Tri-os far the actorrtis'jat.on has taken no formal not.ce of tne attack on tne P-esiccrt except f . ' a ^ c MrFBd- ccn Oat of a recent W -. '· Hi ^o breakfast conference of H- . " ci:-.^ .-; r^n-.- Marker* Of Other States Displayed I" C ommi-Moncr s Office. B-i'^. D"- -'. -- As a a:rert^sc- n:^r.' for :'io5^ automobile who ?.-c P-'- -2 so...r.:-.K '932 "..ccr^ic ''3:0^ n-^^ rr.a-:'. stand .r. .:r.e for ;;.-^T:. E Aost.n Ba.:;;h:nan. comm^- cf motor ··'·h.c'.es has a'.aced on n-'play nc^ tacs of tri-$t of the , o'.T-r sutcs ar.d sc-.cral Canadian pro- ' been s'rur.f across the i!Jis:on EJ. c.ig at th«- f.ic-.ns; ·.-..- '.-cr_=e ap- ^a;t 'o ?'· 'tie.r fees ca^ ^.r.aoas co'.or coc:b.nat.3n ap- ^o'-iv. but plain b'.ack The most c ^ f r f j l tag 7 :-,in;s a: t«c at "ne c.florer. E\ery possib H".rs ,,". "he ·i~.d x n "o ; - m _^=o- -. i ·· arr ·»-. i STICKLER SOLUTION "A good idea--" "But I know a place where you'll get many, many more ideas for Christmas gifts--at Hendriekson's." ^ ry .·.-i A £N A i £ V I a 3 A A FOR FIFTY CHRISTMASES this Home Store has 1 been giving ideas for Holiday Remembrances that trasc on Arkansas tags have a rakish s.ant. There are small pistes with numerals so tiny that they cannot be dis- . ccrncd a few yards distant Xcw Mexico , nlen t has ' The S^risrune State" across the bottom of its tac and a shining sun ;eaarat«s tne njrr.erals instead of the -ivpnen used on Marvland markers. Tic Marylar.a p'-ites stand in the -arne class as no co.or duplications :a the rest of the Child Not "Lost.'* were occasioned some exate- ilonday evening when a call came to headquarters to be on the alert for a missing child. The child, little 9-year-oid Louise Roberts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Maurice Roberts, this city, was reported to have been last seen crossing the "swinging bridge" near Parkway school after leav- i jv| are representative of the best merchandise in the country. *I DO THINK A HEAVY. /s DUE 70«o;W "Dn." 'r.c red ri and letterir not returned home for supper. She . was fouad later, it tras stated, at the , § home of a grr! friend. j and "Due" are ?Ke a^e sentence. from GIFTS A 5 s A a ^ of the cirr.T ' fr ;r · ·-- arijt^r.c H-- 'j; ri- or. in The Newa. Pick Cliicago For Convention City Kannony Grove CorarnomtT Club. r; C.S_;E C,^ri=:r. "3s r.^tess v^."r -ere pre-^r.: il as --es-^rs ~-.e oo^ HDT Firrr. a Pc^ndst-i lcr_s Prayer r .- c^I". . " fo'.o-sec by «.:--: acr. cvc- ·s -.- a=r.--r...-.i A-'t'7 the 1 y.- M Cir^"-~-s csro"^ ^ere ; ." -. Lir.^ -as C - T ; ty Xrs Gra?- 'z -era M^s" Xar^rt: rean. a cf t£S Mar;or.e Welter £. ~. . -^-;tor.. er.tertamect »sth ^. -. r -i-jja -~ charT..r.; man-' r-r 1"-; .-t\t r^te:^-.g 'si- oe he^a at t^ -j-r.e of Mrs Soberi W.-»r arx 1 tie M^ses W.f-r. Jar. ^s-- S --bui." ttiDst rncs^^rr. x*~. "-.*.^r. I~.^--^ .n i- 1 "? onvf" v "-r. ~. " "· .£ .r. Z^ p K Give It a feat* SC5 ''*: a r c .- .- , .".. n MEEICAN BIOGEAPHTJES IN MINIATUBS MILES STANDISH (1584-1656) IK 1504. HK 5TRATt«Y AN? "i «mcKs w« VW9t MS Lf THS OIOMY WON L»tnHt fl WYMOUTH, Romantic fi?trres of AmrriraX past are a part of the poetry of life--ideals to spnr a man toward infinite possibilities. Courtesy is a dominating spirit of our organhatiars C. E. CLINE SON FTNTERAL DIRECTOBS Md. AMBCLAXCE SERVICE Phone 355 for the Family Circle! I \ Wool-fiUed Eayon Comforts, $7.79 Special S A ' Kenwood and Mariposa All-Wool Blankets, fin- 3 5 est made, $8.50-$12.50-$15.00 ~ ^ Candlewick and Homespun Bed Spreads, old Ken- £ Jg tucky patterns, $2.95 to $3.85 | | | "Made in Ireland" Table Cloth Sets - fj $A Lovely Damask Sinner Sets, quality high, prices U low, $8.75 to $12.50 J yf. Hand-made, Hand-embroidered Linen Scarf-run- S| ners, Vanity Sets, Appenzell PiUow Cases. | | Umbrellas, that shed rain, made of Swiss Gloria | H and fine silks, $2.95 to $4.95 each 5 You Will Feel Better at CJiristmas in One of Our NEW v DRESSES Afternoon and Party Frocks jttst arrived. $9.90 $16.50 at · -fi «v ,« fa OOt STOKE WILL BE CLOSED SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26fh, A LEGAL HOLIDAT ^Bl^UiANm^-QF-M^^^^^^ ESTABLISHED I8TT Jlh.H'VUccr

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