The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
Page 7
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THT- DAILY NEWS. FPEDEBICK, MD , FRIDAY. MAY 20. 1932. SEVER merely ihur*':! read, a distance of abjut soc"- forosed the delegates '.hat the budget ; for the present year is exhausted but i thai they *JU give it consideration ~ i . r.e -County Commissioners recommend j improvements. A number of years ago ; ·..hen the Graceham-Rocsy Ridge road; v as unproved the state »uieyed thi , rc-ad and intended to complete it after living the Gra .--sham-Roc'ST Rid?? stretch. Hoping to revive State art:pr. .·-xn this portion o: the road leadihs :rc3J Graceham to the Thurssoat square Ccmmission Tnose from Thurmoir. .'.ho made the trip were: Villism J. ^:; Lester S. Sirely, J. M Emory Wssoui: and Fred --Th? S?nir class of the Thurm-xit H:gh School presented its annual cUtt "iy Friday ewnms in th-e school sudi- ^r.urs. The plsy '·Rose of the S^uth- . .-.nd." a combination o' drama, comedy ·ni mystery, -s'ss staged cy _:h* ciS- 1' s:uder:-.s. Miss Ruth Willhide ?:sy«i j.-\eriJ piano scl.e ind a comet a": ·.rorcJ»rie duet - .vas g:v«-n. ^y L*stt-r a dec.uecly desoencms Krone and Benton Arbaugh. Trse scnoo. blow, la pJdi'.»n he used 3 very sh»l- \ ordsestra under thejdirection o.' Prof lea- or th-n laced club. [Charles Stu'.I rendered re-e:..^ ^.A. With tto ccmtin 3 ;ir. the ifeo : j Mary Roddy a:* Mas X G. W :tt coax ..started lo-s- and rose abruptly. When: ^ the CkYPHANH 1 Miss Lorraine DISAPPOINTED ANGLEfc i A New Windsor No* Winds^c. May :0 - Mr. and Mr? Frank Potry. Mr ai-.i Mrt. George Petry. chiiireti. Mir-. Georg* anc Harold, .?·.·:-.-. Sunday in Was.hin»tor.. D C »;·.;·- Mrs K le^ Myers. Balti- ;:~ Mrs. Ri-.vsnl Baker and -ie B,r«r. L:Derty:o-a-.. ve- i-d Mr^. G. P. S ii:s'.a: BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Krvwo mod Wtaltr S. C. L*jh«rn». $»-l(K Bar. White and BuU K»«. AnrooAs. Bait IL«1 Black Mlnorc«». Krd*. Goldm Whllr and Silrrr-Lard Hy»od»tt«. IK prr 1MB. Itnr* Blara tliaBt». Lit hi Brahma*. BuB Orplczt«n«. MS prr hundred. A»prl*d mivr4. S» p« '·»· ** P" *«'· d«*i»«rj tuaranlrrd. I « K .»»»-»!) cblfl... Turkr» rwjlt». i»r. locMi»t«. t«* Fm l'»l»l»t fhM* Ml. Airy 110 BECK'S HATCHER V Dept. l_ Mt. Airy. Md, -- Mr. Mrs. Fa^ iled Mr. of Trusty -.:: h.v.d a Mke sale ;ts flight v.'ss spent i" cropped light- , ^ ©!«A LOTT^ HQKi)N\! BASV' ' he n. jiposiible tor hon Whenever quickly, i: is al.vays setter to press a. horter club than sparo "he long-er or.e. Many stars or«n ?l2.y a 'uli shot driver, and he hit :he bail as square- j !y in the beck as possible. Thurmont .her don't have to hit the ball so acca- -mtely in order to make it stop Many a eolfer may be able JO p bv Bobby Jo-es" earlv experience f- :th Thursday before the State Roads Com- ; ;Mrs. · --Loyd H-xver and f3rr.'.:y. ",Va '. txro, spent Sunday e'-enin; li»t \ -.\ith A. D. Hoo'.^r and diu;: Thurmont. ·Miss Ethel Crawford and Miss Mary .«?" Yvtinj and Mr; D W. man. --Soy Cre«*r has been conflned to home -aith an attac-i: cf :h* jrrippe. --Miss Laura W_^si ar.d P. D Sa-m? '.vh. hid txx-r. :'.! a: their horces are able to be out azain --Audrey Er'irr. little daughter of Mr. ar.d Mrs. Merit- Beiser. hs^ return- id to h?r home here from L-as Angeles where she spent sorr.o tinv* with her aunt. Mr. and Mrs A. W . Ecker. qrar.di?ir?nt* o! the child. a.--o:npanie-i '.x-r :i-;-me by rr. t ?r --Mrs. Irvin '.V. Loy quietly -b*erved her e-?hty-sixth bir.hdiy on Tuesday. May 10. Mrs !*JT had pre.-ous-y been i.: for several o'eok5. --Mr. ar.d Mrs. Hmost W Staub. near Bl-e ?ilountoin. are re re;-, in?: con^rat- ula-..?ns -r. the birth of a son, Calvin --Mr. a::d Mr J M Souiasett. Balu- 2»ore ipcn; iu:iaa\ »;;r. Mr. and Mrs. Murray iSiile. --Bom Sunciy to Mr. and Mrs. Frtxi Yohn a daughter, at the Maryland General Hospital. Baltimore. : --Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Roop. Mr and Mrs. "- C. Ropp. i.-hildrtn. Betty Jane inc Cas«l. visltec Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hoc?. Mt Airj'. ! --Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beneiict. Git- ; tings, spent Sur.cliy with th Jorrcex's · parents. Mr. *nd Mrs. Ersie Benedict, j --Sunday visitors at the home ol Mrs ' Emma Snader -A-re Mr. and Mrs. Noc: D. C : Mr. and Mrs Stany Schnauffer. daughter. Louise. Tomson. Dr. Glenn S?e:vher. Wf^trninsKr. spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Donald Middletoa-n. Pm. When your children, like the buds of flow ers, blossom forth in spring attire, just notice how much they have grown in a year. There should be a new photograph to keep, for all time, this record of change. It must be made now. Make an appointment today . . . PHONE 799 Edmonston Studio -While You Are About It . . . Get » Good Picture" The BULOVA BAGUETTE "MISS AMERICA" v 'ie New Nationally Advertised Up To-Fate Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market St. Frederick, Md- PPE SINCLAIR MINSTRELS... Tune in NBC Network Monday evenings You PAY NOTHING EXTRA for this ace of motor fuels with its 7O% increase in anti-knock (superior to some premium gasolines)...the result of ^18/GOO/OOO in refinery improvements. Here are the facts. We have just spent $18,000,- But not in anti-knock alone has this new high-test COO to give you --at no increase in price-- a new Sinclair Regular Gasoline with 70% higher antiknock. Trie new Sinclair Regular is actually supe- -icr today fo some premium gaso//nes selling at leveral cents more per gallon. motor fuel been improved. For split-second acceleration in traffic, and power on hills, you'll find the new Sinclair Regular meeting your every demand! Use this amazing gasoline for 30 days and you'll be a regular customer for Sinclair Regular Gasoline. NOTE: For best results use either SINCLAIR OPALINE AAOTOR O!L or SINCLAIR PBNlNSYLVANiA MOTOR OIL Both of these oils have not only been c'e-woxed, they hove also been freed from petroleun jeily at as low as 60° F. be!ow zero. -- a new G a so/in e (*?. ie) RCA'SOKI »=0li IT |'t SAy yC5. BUT I'M SURE rHen's WOT - I'UU SAV WO ' PASEZ:- "When you have broken (flass replaced br the I-rederick Paint Jt Glats Store you are sure of getting prompt and clean work at a reasonable price.TM FREDERICK PAINT * GLASS STORE 2/8 N. MARKET ST. PHONE 1424 (Notables In The Public Eye IRVING S. BISER--Postmaster No duties are more exacting thaii service in the United Slates Postoffice positions. This is especially true in the important office of Postmaster in a busy territory such as Frederick. It is true that Federal offices or this kind of oftumcs fiHcd by the men of the same political faith as those who are in power, but o! recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the actual fitness of the man. regardless of partisanship. When political laith does not have some bearing on the appointment, it is noticeable that the man has had a wealth of experience in that particular kind of Troric. in addition to being politically eligible. Take for example Postmaster Biser of Frederick. In him we hare a man of much experience, whose work has not only shown an indefatigable effort to work conscientiously at ail times, but in addition, it has been ft kind of work that has shown real and lasting results, the kind of results that count and that make for greater efficiency. Such achievement is a direct result of careful training p'.as large inherent talent. Postmaster Biser is conceded as being one of the real experts in the U. S. Postal Service and his work has not gone without due recognition of those higher up. There :s indeed no post in the service for which he is not well fitted and higher office is surely in stare 'or him. DR. JOHN D. NICODEMTJS--Delegate Ever mindful of the Interests of the people of his district. Dr. John D. Nicodemus of Waikersville. has proved himself to be a man of fairness and complete understanding in the Legislative Halls of Maryland. Never once has he shown a selfish or ulterior motive in his actions: never once has he attempted to serve others than those g:xd citizens back horns who sent him to the capito! with their confidence and trust. So man or set of men could ever cause him to waver from that straight path he set for himself at the very start of his career as a statesman. That is the kind of man who is a credit to any community and causes his name to be spoken of with price. Moreover, he is not only honest but he is a man of intellect and a man who understands the needs of his people and he serves those needs with such indomitable force of character that his efforts bear remarkably successful fruition. Public spirited to the highest degree, as he has always been, even before ever holding public office. Dr. Nicodemus indeed proves that he well merits the commendation so frceiy expressed by his constituents as well as the entire citizenry, regardless of partisanship. HOLDEN S. FELTON--Lawyer An important figure in Fredericks legal circles. Holden S. Feiton, has come rapidly to the front in his profession. Possessing a wide knowledge of legal principles, together with their application in modem court procedure, he has scored many notable victories for the causes which he has espoused: and in addition has been very active in civic affairs and the general life of the community. In the years which have elapsed since starting his profession. Mr. Feiton has come to be regarded as one of the leaders at the local bar. a clever lawyer and sound legal adviser in ali legal questions. Ke is one of the busiest lawyers In Frederick, as is evidenced bv the constant activity to be found in his offices in the Pythian Castle building. Here he acts as legal adviser to some of the foremast individuals. arras arid corporations, many of whom would not think _of making any important move in their financial or business endeavors without first setting a legal opinion from Mr. Feiton. However there is another side to his achievements. He Is just as ardent in his endeavors toward civic projects ar.d thus has the right to be called a leading citizen as. well as man of affairs. CASPER E. CLINE, JR.--Delegate If ail the public officials who have obtained political preferment were possessed of :he qualities of statesmanship that is true of Casper E. Cllr.e. i~., C. E. Cl-r.e S^n. prominent furniture and funeral directing concern of Frederick '.he aiTairs of the slat.? would be nrjch improved. He is Democratic Delegate arid the youngest member in the Hall of Delegates, and it is a notable fact his actions ar.d vot-e have always been governed by the wi5h»o and r.ieds of the electorate and have been prejudiced by psrtiss- l?anir.?s. The people were gratified ~hen he was elected a Dele- iate ar.d :he in which hs has so ably acquitted him=elf of the Arc'-wus ·duties of this ofSce well the fa:t that their conSder.c-; --?-s well olacc-d. Moreover, it shews that real of ability do accep". See. Mr. Clir.e'.= in the Hal belf?at-?= ;s or.e of which both he ar.c tr.f people well feel prc-jd. Kc should be kept .;·: that body of lesi='-a"-;rs but his excellent re:;rd of constructive achievement w;ll no doubt take him :·· other arx: higher ofSr? where he well It is z pleasure tD talk about a. man who so we'.", serves his community in such public spiri'«d manner. SHERMAN P. BOWERS--Police Judge The men who have been rr.akir.j: Frederick what, it is today arc fr-r- quentlr those who have been brought up ir: an atmosphere of hard work -.1th -Z. cDr.scientious foal before them. Su?h ts true of Sherman P. 3---w-rs. ^r.e cf our leacir.g lawyers ar.-c also Police Judge, with offi-es ir. the Peoples Fire Ir-s.ur3r.ce Co. builclir.g. One of his chief aims is welfare in th« best Kr»se of the term. It may a:» be said that the ablo ir. which he c:r^ervcs the interests of his clients is also a tyre o: welfare for so many of the citizens of Frederick have him as their legal adviser. To be a eood lawyer or.e rr.u" keep in sacred confidence the affairs of cl-ents. Th.s is one of the large contributing factors to the high regard in whirr, the legal profession is held. To this must be added inherent of a fir.c order as well as a technical knowledge that borders upcr. being er.~vrlop2ed:c Judge Bowers also has the acJvar.tage of a sour.d sense ·-·*. ar.c a keer.ess of rnir.d that has contributed to his being or.e of the abst judges, as well as rn"st sticcesj-iul lawyers, and or.e of the fairest tco: fair ir. r.U decisions on the bench and fair in his practice when with unswerving fidelity he fights for his cause, the interest of o. 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