Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 7, 1965 · Page 5
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 5

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1965
Page 5
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Forrest Everybody.s Club Sets Spring Schedule Of Events r^^mti ,Se ^Sn^Sea^^^^'rS-.ain house with Mrs. Feenie Conklin Mrs. John Reagan presented the dishes and dessert to ™mni litest * Gan M p Buy WiSe " Pr ° gram ' ^innie Iment the coverecf d^iSd MM hinn TV „ n '' ™ gfln gflve a ceramj c report, in by the members. County Home demTstralinn J/ 1 fn/T , U ,!li, declde , d t0 meet f ° r n The next meetin S wi]1 be Mav DEAR ABBY: What happen- elodrldty. Your mother's pro- nn nrnvSprf n SImnl.1 r g " f - "" fflVors for the 20 wilh Mr3 ' Cecil Moon «nd e(i to a11 lhat wonderli.i enter- forenco for electricity Isn't jrXSm3eM?xM^ the Conchas M "- ^ely Best as hostesses, jtainment we used to see on nearly as shocking as yonr bui' M,, Fnmfi n N«nJ ^ « ! Da ™ clu f; «"<« also to do repair Attending the meeting were:: TV? All we get laielv is stuff band's altitude. f .ot t'nn.l g the work on the clubhouse floor. Mildred Conklin, Elsie D e a n. about crime, murder, divorce an Ro call wns an.wP.-M hv o,m n Teagu % annoimccd 'hat Addy Yates, Sue Yates, Fan- young girls going wrong. But DEAR ABBY- I am 26 have •€STfS'^^^ meeSinMa ch mill T a ! Wl " be " o(lfie(1 'f this occurs. ; Hall, Blanche Burton, Donnieirun cold. Is this the wav to en-hove with a marrind man 1 3J«-««W ""•"Xn™. n™ announc .'™» "-.K^.^.^^.O^,^^ --^^ -n- ^1~ SSH our children to think clean and about his wife I quit seeing him lofty, but with all this junk and but I never really completely violence on TV we don't have a got over loving him. He saw a chance. Isn't there something friend of mine one day last week "" '" "' ' '"' " told her to tell me that he now divorced and he wanted -•— " , ^.,. lu gee nig again. How can I He noted that Oov. Campbell Y «u can write \n the sponsors ijml out if he is really divorced IflH t/nf nnrl t m a Wilt W^hMMttAM 11*« f\f a ti/ilt frit*ik>ft*it >•••* a *> *> tt rut >** 11 ; i i i\ *-i . CtOVtS DIAR AMY Wai -Run! AMjal V«i girl who looked good to him you put this in the paper, she misses your column. *«« that he is married to you. Loie might get the hint, as she never you. WEAK STOMACH Mrs. ed the 4-H Club was sponsoring i GdUntll \A/AttlflM C /*llll% a Hootennanny, May 14, at the 1 , WWMI1T y ~**"lCin S WlllQ Forrest School Oymn. ' "* * —* The club discussed food to be provided for the occasion. Admission for be 75 cents for adults ... . __ ...~..i.... R , imiinuay, VTIUI lor students, and 25 cents for eon at the Silver Grill ™nSor!:, a !!^^ m ^ '?"< '!«•'«•-»«<< •WM^wTuTb^TC---* , «» MM, tin,.; C M ,o u 'help -n=< conmnuioa 10 me 4 n L i u b meeting to.order and the report governor did not feel that this plain. You can also cnmplnin ' P Receives Brochures irr«a«lnn TU n ,-, . ^ v_n«ni_v. isn i uifie sumtlllimn , men fhV pviifit win u, " r ^ FTft Democrflll c ^apportionment bill and water we can do about it" oncl •dull'5 cen LTn?™ 11 ' 1 ' leld ?', m ?" tllly le « lslati °n which he had spon- DISGt'STED MOTHER • was ! 9! nn«i , meeting, Thursday, with a lunch- sored. U K A R DISdL'STKI): Yes. to « J AI) CCniS for ann nflK/\ai1* rMM n«;lt tr _,....« — . .. »f. i^«. County Queen. " - • »...-L. ^..w i^^wiv f," T vi ii^t uiu JIUL Ice I lllUi III IS K* ulllt J " u *.-«ii «n«u i; tun |MM ill on the national scene was given bill was the answer to the prob- to your local television station liv Mrc Knn U/Mfn i«». „_.! __i- n i ONCE BURNT DEAR ONCE: Do not walk Mrs. Mildred Conklin announc- by Mrs Ken White lem n I u *h od the need to observe items Mrs/While had condensed the Mr. Norvell also pointed out complaint along VXc 'net' - RUN ' in thp «"»' Action; irrn g .C%^r mc ir r n f^^-- *- ^-h.^ ir m ss; b S3T iP 3 ^ u^:^ ^ ^OT- allergy flareups for members, out in brochure forms, which to be voted on in the next elec- disgust, something will ho done. ren ! ly dlvor « d or not ; !t w « n>t ^d by both Sen. Ander- tion. one heine th P nmpnrtmpni Hut nil ono mnthpr r ; ,,, ,)„ in niakc ""^ ""'crcnce in his be- could "forget" to tell the next \TrV PnvmnViH Hnn,, „„ n n'Miia. wnil.-(l ill DC V0ie<] On in tttC ttCXl C CC- '"SKtlSt. SOIUPlh I1R W h(' ( 0110. ' "'"•' " "" «•• " """ * ,,r isrsTM"™"-?^ rr ^iSL,*^: is-i^sf^-.r,?r r ^.T^s™^.-^ 1 : --"^ ST,^,^,"^; "CnS/KSc^rc,. " m ™T r ,^ lto - c °— i;' 9 ,,r'i5 ,rr r: *• crLira r": ^r^^-s^ sa?jj A£ «^5 .loan-up day would bo sched- son and Sen. Montoya. was dls- ' " !e(3 - cussed, and Mrs. White gave de- ' he noxt mpct ing will be June company W« havp boon m;ir- tails on the Kldercare bill which 24 ' at thc Silv(>r Gri " for rictl four V'- 1 -' 11 ''' a » ( ' ;)11 ' hn) luncheon at which time Mrs. C. timo niv Inisbjind ii;is boon try to him, DEAR ABBY: 1 have a very dear friend who has been the best friend I've ever had for many, many years, and I wouldn't chance hurting her feelings for the world. But here is my problem: She has a dog. And this dog doesn't look too clean or healthy to me. He is old and very devoted to my friend and he doesn't leave her heels for one minute. When 1 am at this woman's home while she is preparing supper for the two of us, she will reach down and pat the dog's head, and scratch hta neck and ears. Then he rolls over and she scratches his stomach. Then she goes right on peeling vegetables and setting the table. Finally she sits down to eat without ever having washed her hands. I have a rather weak stomach and this doesn't set too well with me. I could never tell her, for I do love her a lot, but If DEAR ABBY- My husband is the manaerr of a gas com- Ranchvale Presents Officers L flunn will present a play on Parliamentary Procedure, and Frank Foster will be a guest. ' thn AMA is sponsoring The group received information on why Senator Montoya had sought and obtained membership on tho government op- Thorp were 20 member'; pres- crations committee, even though ent and two guests. Mrs Victor Th, Ranchvale Extension Club aU^' '° * ^^ '* *' *™. J ba!ler0 antl Mrs ' Bud ^™' nu-t Tuesday, April 20, at the David Norvell was the guest ' K F. A Building with Mrs Loiee speaker, and he told of the dlf- Kimbrough as hostess There ferent bills that had passed the were 12 members and five visi- House, such as the Bypass Bill furs present Officers for thr following sear «<TC presented to the club They arc Mrs. Virginia Hi-id Mrv Beverly Lockrniller. Mrs I'orothv Jones. Mrs Nat Ic mv Mioth'T \ c hir cookinc: ! U MANNERS prrp and Mrs Maroella A d'-nvm Oration on \\-.v : .i!:"!: df C.'.i.'ipM 1 - F,....,i ••••:! I- Mr- K»ia M.u- Vr 1-V-UT Sr:;.;i,-r. Mrs Marihn l-.ur. Mrs. Dorothy Tate, Mrs \ :n:;r-..'.i Kfi/i Mr-.' <"!<•!!;) fw ' •• Mrs Nan li>'nd; u k-, and -cop. M.-- B<n;!.i!i Mitche!!. Mr< BM}>• >••• Stagner. Mrs. Dorothy Joncv •'••<i Mrs. Bovcrly I/». km.Hcr *"> ! tho visitor v Mrs (>., ;ir Vru'Ii-r Mrs M.'irg;iro! Maw,Mr«, NH! Walline Mr Dunvwvd K •'.!>; "Uk'ti. and Mr K>lj,Mr (\>,> Elidan Feted With Shower Fl.IDA • Special ^ and relatives Klicia ('' >!> H MO* <. oiipcr w.'inse marriage cerr- M-ai! a! the K'.uia H a p t i s t Church Saturdav cveninp 1'r.c bride's chosen colors were ( '.!<!'.i»w ani.l \s|iite. and were iJ-od in the (lecorations of the ^er-. ;:;i; tabie and aNo in tur- q:iO;«e and white carnation cor- •-,K>--. presented to each honored The refreshment table was laid 'M!!i a while taffeta cloth, over- iaid u;'h white net witn a don- Introduce small children to the library early to encourage reading. to buv a My mo ( i> i ;in electric and a~ mii'-h to p'»n«i> my doesn't think she would be happy with a p a *stove Mother is bavins h c r kitc!-,en comp!ev!v remodeled, and she is piittint; in a neu h'.iili-in electric stove Needless '-) say. my husband i< mad Do 1 '"'ii think h" is Justified in fee!:n;' !his ua\" After all nr mother is «'M< who has tu co.>k "n it. HKH DAl'(,HTFK DKAR DAKIHTF'IR: No man (not c\en a sim-in-law) c a n chan»e a woman's cooking hub- its. But if \oiir husband wants l<> be "mad." he can conk his as \\i'li IT'S TIME TO REMEMBER Qjibstm GRADUATION M ' CARDS Say how proud you ara with thoughtful congratulations! See our complete selection for every kind of graduate. THE CARD V*AKV roawFB CORNER ° FFICE EQUIPMENT 509 MAIN ST. 'I'^n^faff^fffK^yy^Kiei^mmf nm Q X KGCCHl ,-andlr n n v ,, ( Tlwri!!,. sh..,.. cake wa>ri.v- •rated wuh ,ur,,u.;« and Vim, ro>es Mf< Ann Johnson Tay. lor c;i; t;!,- cake, wit;; Mi>v I.ON!- at C'o-.-hrain serving the punch, :rnn: a cr. st ;i i |, .,-,>; 'Hi.- honnrce wa, aisiv > ,, , wedding shovu-r was f;iven r,r l , ly lo h<i » t ; r - NI| > l>tMf ' ; " tlM " np n.-r "eU-n Louqb. m -'e Iin-llr (if Mrs i-,,y HalhM Thp honoretl ls thc brid Batl>4lonp " f ^hoen ol Mure tiian 30 ijnests called lium:,; the t'venms. and the {,"ae-t of honor and her motiie: (>re.>ented pink carnation hv wm m<.ff>T M:, U,-s!c;, C a sKtcr. fVn.M- and I.a Tlu- MTUI:,; table was la:,I '•••• CiK-hram Mi- II i r k \\itr, un ecru hiu-n cloth, and the :•'/ i>rr-if!fd u\ t':o ( ccntfrpn-re was a tall arrange- an I alsn rt^^U-ic.! t !u- (iifi-.i of s;,r:!i^ f'.ouns I'uik punch was served from i TV- -i (•!•> s!a! bowl, with Mrs Arthur <)f(l Mornmri presiding at the punch Hi!!\ Kike'- had d-a','- j>roL'ram winch in.-hided in Miv-, Kat;.ieen KiKer e Call You Sweetheart ' .,', Tile <;,.,.«! Lord llle-,5 Y !><* \V., ''.".;-*• K"nr.T": f);\Mfi \V .1 'nc. H }'. Self. l.uck\ Moore -,1 Dee Sjd!c!\ Monte Cwh- r Hi!!\' Kiker Hust.'r Dixr.n rje (.!::n- f ;aw. John Wer- M.iMliv;^ Hurns Joe Smith, t ;;,.-e ll'^'er. Dirk Moore, s. ' S " I:T: \.cklas. s: Uei;. aiu] James Gibson. !e The boMe— f,ii\ was an «-!ec- tti - lr> jiaii Hostesses for the affair were ead- M." Hai!-> Mr- Murn;.,:'. Mi- \Crnon Allen. Mrs Beth C| a . mcs M. T - i-'<t Ander.-o:i. Mi- .1 i; i l>a\>. Mrs Hurford Wrathe: Mr- K-.j^ar C'lujptr. Mr.s C K lieiinett. Mrs Lawrence Maber- r\ and Mr- S C Moore MOTHERS DAY A Olviiion of City Product! Corporation IS (JOOD THRl SI T X.JWTOLE QUANTITIES LAST i• • 12:00 TO 6: 30 • WEEKDAYS • 8:80 TO 8:00~ MOTHERS DAY CARDS 5c to 25c T : PERSONAL GIFTS V-i ,:i,i Ya'.en'.e . ::•••-' ..:i trie ne'.'.'.->!k a'sn Iv ow ,e: i 8)83 L~*I ....• iU ult(J»K. rcr ^ Calendar FRUHV l " J> m (iyls' Sewing Class, Kxceptional Children's Center, 521 Oak 7 p m Physical Education Program being held Kri d a y at £i«ment»i « School GET YOUR FILM NOW FOR MOTHERS DAY PICTURES WITH K\ril KOLL OF BLACK A WHITF. OK COUIK FILM |*KOCKKS VOl (iKT A FREE 5x7 ENLARGEMENT 01 THK PK1XT OF VOl U CHOICE 3 PRINTS FOR THE PRICE OF 2 IF VOr OK1IKK 'I I'RlM^i ON ANY ROLL 01 FILM WL PKOCKSti YOl GET A TII1UI) PRINT FRFK OF C1LIRGE FAST PHOTO FINISHING SIRVICE Sporkling Cologn* BATH JIST FOR MOTHER LIVE CARNATION TO THE FIRST 500 .MOTHERS IN TG&Y STORK SATURDAY BE SURE THAT MOTHER GETS HER FLOWER BOXED STATIONERY 20 Sheets 24 Envelopes n SKAMLKSS HOSIERY First (Jualilv \YU)\S 79f Yalui* * vaaie*- »ox«d ^HANDKERCHIEFS 77: 2 or 3 in Box t«cul tj! Jwm Hondktrchltfi in *uort«i! Sr,l«i ard Colon. An r Noturflex* Show-Time BRA «ms • and \ ulues lu lax BLOUSES V\ Sl«evel«si All CoHon Siz«> 32-38 . . ICK. cdg«d Top ^' l\ A <-\\ (• .^- \\ $1.00 VALUE Pflnty— 7 a rn Hummage sa!v Grand Church oi Chri*t of Latu-r Ua> <Jl? MAIS CLO\ $l.*J« \AL1F. DUSTERS GIRDLE Cootfortablc and S«i«olh f lime layan r«w N«t Fei«» w.ih Nylen Crelch tl Cattvt. Seersucker Acetole and Cotton Blend Size* 12 to 18 $097 Join >fi« flioL_,__-. Switching to WARDSl MONTGOMERY WARD 307 MAIN -- CLOVIS SATURDAY SPECIALS JUST IK TIME FOR MOTHERS DAY BEG. 3.99 DRESSY BLOUSES Our Complete Line Of Fine Dressy B'ouses Reduced For Saturday Only. Sizes 32 to 38. REG799C SEAMLESS NYLONS c Carol Brent Sheer Nylons In Proportioned Lengths For Perfect Fit. 2 King Size Pot Holders In An Attractive Bun Warmer Basket. yEG.79clTA!HiESS™ FLATWA1E SET 5 Modern Swirl Design On Gleaming Sram/ess Steel. 24 PC. -• Service For 6. SAVE 3.2e •• TEFLON PA 16 4 Heavy Gauyc Aluminum For Eas\' Oiykint;. 1 A: .". gt. Oven ajid lo" SkilK-t - l j lu> ; •- All Tcfl-m Lined in.'i;,in^. 5 i. t )i. Dutch .. k Anudi/wl C'ovew. CHINAWARE SALE off •15, 57, 66 & 75 PC. Sets of Importi-d and Domestic CiU- we. Regularly priced from 10.05 lo 47,^)5. Uii YOUR CREDIT .. CHARGE IT$

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