The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 7, 1918 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1918
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

1MA- ¥HE ,at?f OB.IKNEWS, PAGE ELEVEN. MliHILIII: , OF LONDON Yankee Soldier Anxious lo Find Uut All He Can. THERE IS NO SUCH THlNQ Occmise II Died in 1915, When the Huns Ucgnn to Bom* bard the City. and de tlicmsel»e'8 a »c11 on Scandinavian hosWtnlltj. * • *" -A Always On the 6a,. Then 1 showed hijn tlfe Wast India Oild Kaet:lndift docks whorft the (tight llie was ©qiirUly strenuous. Wheh these Mack and yfeUofc fteameh sleep 1 6t> not know. Pci-liang they neter sleep at all; which Is, why they noter object, to'dying, because It gives thefn n much needed rest. Anyway, they are alwnys at It, and at H more furiously at night than during the day.' Tho authorities have killed the Blent, lire of pleasure, but the night lite of toll they encourngp In every possible way. When wo hod seen the Victoria and Albeft'the Surrey commercial and the test of tho dockn, and It was time to return westward, 1 asked my American what hn thought about tliein. "Well," ho said, "the docks nre good, i hey re as good as any docks I've scon but what really gets me Is the way tliey'ro kept full ot ln-comlng and outgoing bonis. By God, your fnercliant seamah . Is some kid. Tornedpes, u-'bOals! he seems to treat 'em illte ham and eggs for breakfast." "Sny," remarked the long, loan boy from Colorado,.as wo stood In'J'lcca- (lllly UlrctiH, and twiddled our thumbs, "I've en ton with you and J've'hnd drinks with you, and you'vo bftf-'n to our bull games and our Kngle Huts, and I've taught you now lo chew gum, and you'vo taught mo how to tnlk to a taxi driver, and you've shown me till the good little sights of this town, hut tlicre's one thing, I'm still short on." . "Uh-huh, What's that?" 1 asked. , "Why, when you rirat came to tho Kngle Hut, you said we'd have some nlgtts in town. Well, I've heard a lot, r.nd read a lot about the nlgUt-llte of London, Now 1 want to see. It. 1 don't wnnt just to trot round London at n.'ght, which Is what we been doing so far. I want to sec tho Jilght life, (lot me?" "I have," I replied. "And you've also got me. There arc all k\nda/b( t K .in <;8 1 can do. I'm mighty clover In spasms. I can get. a taxi on a wet duy. I can lunch at a big restaurant wllhoul tipping the waiter or getting Ws goat. I can get a drink after half IP'.SI nine. I can get into an editor's private room without sending up my card. 1 can get seats In theatres when the house Is sold out. Uut I cannot, old bean, I cannot call spirits from ihn vasty deep. There tho magic of my chit-chat becomes null and void. There ain'l no night life In London. It died in 1915. It is burled in Wlhte- h .ill, witli an order in Council ftr Its headstone. I'm afraid I can't help you. You want Prospero or Herman tin; Great. With darkened streets, bars shut at half -pust nine, theatres t,nd restaurants Bhut at half -pant ten, and no traffic on the BtrbetB nfter eleven, how can there be any night life?" Underground Business. "Well, ain't there nothing doing at all?" "Yes, sir. There Is a certain amount of underground business jjolng on, but It's no longer the honest, healthy, amusement of the people, li 's the furtive dirty amusement of the few poof flsii who think that secret dissipation is a good enough substitute for public merry-making. Around Mayfair and Belgravla and Soho you may find 'plenty of gambling dens—or, rather, you won 't find them. They're there all right, but you 'd never spot them unless you fell In with llie charming • trangor of the cafp or bar, and wore fool enough to accept his Invitation to 'Just a quiet" rubber' at his flat. Tho gambling den is the mildest form 'of this underground noctambulism; there are other forms. And, despllo the efforts of the police they aro not decreasing. This Is only to bo ox- pecled. If you take away the healthy amusements of a people, you drive them intV dark places in search of other recreation. However,—If, by the word 'life', you mean JUBI that, and not carnival, I 'll show you a bit of night-life. ,Now watch me get a taxi." The Docks. Very aptly I performed tho trick, and cried "Docks" to tho driver, and we slrimimmgh Kast London and tho City Toward Wapping. . The docks of Jxjndou lie closely In a group—Wapping, Shadwell, North Woolwich, LimehoUBO, Mllwall and Black-wall. Bach has its own atmosphere, so sharply defined,, thai you may know, through the senses ot smell or hearing"alone, in which dock you stand. These doek$ seem to me to be the most emphatic glory of London. Kor the major architectural beauties I care little. Abbeys, cathedrals, old churches, museums, leave mo cold; the fino -shudder bout the shoulders I suffer most sharply at sight of those -haphazard wiuarjtrles "brick and stone flung together by exigencies of modern commerce, 'heir fortuitous ugllnew accomplishes its owu special beauty. It was now 10 o'clock and the West was retiring to bed. But hero, In the east, there Is nothing save (lie sky to mark day and night. Savage and noisy labor proceeds unceasingly. In the Isle of Dogs the ring of hummers rose above the roar ot furnaces, and the vociferous life of the cauals and cuts above the scream of the siren and the moan of the hooter. Ureat arc light suspended above a cargo boat, flung into fantastic illumination or shadow tho faces and figures of the Malays and stevodqrea, as they stag gered up the gangways with their loads. Leaning against the bridge, supping from their cans of tea, wore nut-brown islanders to speak to, and could tell you Vhere to get good whisky in Sarawak or-Formosa! Stnange Sights, At Shodwelh JJlgh gtreet, which' borders tho group of docks known as Hie "Idiidou' docks, 1 called a halt, and asked my friend whether Hudson river or .East river docks had anything on us. He was bound to admit Hint they hadn't, J snowed him .the docks, parked with cosmopolK &u shipping. 1 showed him tho High street, a fuitive, low-lit highway .with four alleys and an uocaslpna) mlsslon -nall or coffee house, for ScaudluivvJan seamen. Uuder a recent order lu council the Scandinavians are not allowed to laud from their boats, and the streets are tlie poorer by ft touch of color. In iht: old days, In tho uppor rporas of tlie taverns they would have great timed. There would bo singing and dancing to a cracked_ piano ana a jsiUK 'rannuated banjo, and* the glrl« of tUo quarter WOtlW share »<,YB \ry 4> f, <5 >,5> ,j. ^> ys, ,g, «, <t. 4><g> <3><j> •$> ' . .* «>THANKS CANTEEN WORKERS* <!• . • <fc<E , <§'$'<£<$ 1 3>'$><£ The young men who loft last week for Camp Funston truly appreciated what the Cnuteen workers and the Holnrians did for them Just before they left and they wrote their thanks lo Uie Exemption. Board. The letter >Js as follows: I Tort Hlley, Kan., M. O. T. C, Group K-10, Gun Sheds. *To tho Sheriff oflteno County and Exemption Board: , — We, the happy 44 Avho left Hutchinson on tho 30th day,or August, wish to take tills melius ot thanking Hutchinson and the various organizations for tho Bend -off we received when we left the city. Wo thank the ladies of the Her! Cross for the Ice cream; also thank the Kotarians for ths candy and cigarettes. \ / You can bet that lh\r coach was covered with-candy boxes and filled Willi smoke. As wo did not arrive In Fort Hl­ ley until 9 p. in. and received no breakfast the "candy was. at a premium ubout 8 a. m. and also- all food supplies in sight ot the train was In great danger. Again thanking / you for your klndncBS, we beg to remain, THE HAiTiY 44. By Roy L. Aigus. EYE OF CAMERA IS USED FOR SOMETHING NEW NOW Takes Place of Rapid-Firing Guns in Recording Direct Hits on Enemy Planes. oj'll tfo Thol Dallas, Tex., August—Tho eye ot tho camera instead ot rapid-firing guns Is being used to record'direct hits on "enemy" planus by aviation cadets in Texas training camps. After the great thrill ot the first solo flight, the hose dive, tho tail spin and the loop, blouses are discarded and a course of study in geometry, mathematics, and physics entered into by the cadets that far surpasses that of many a scientific school. Days ot drill and Btudy, hot mornings at the rifle range, and then comes tho first big lesson In aerial gunnery. Out the cadet goes Into the air armed wllff nolhing more doadly than the camera to put Into practice the knowledge he has acquired. An airplane* soars nearby in the guise of an enemy ship and is snapped by the cadet, whose degree of accuracy is indicated by the nearness ot the picture to the center of the lens, which is marked in circles. The school ot aortal gunnery al Ijove Field here is turning out flyers having a degree of accuracy Uiat will give their great confidence once they| reach the battlefields of France, officers declare. This accuracy comes only after the hardest study and practice. • For'the actual ground practice a hill has been build back of tho target range. Thousands ot pounds at bullets already havo been poured into It from student's guns. A tiny wooden reproduetlon of an enemy piano is the object of this practice. The'target Is an unlndlcated Bpot In a nearby white Sheet before which the plane, flying at a given speed .would bo passing when the ^American pluue's shots reached It: The student figures out the speed Ihttd the angle ot ascension and distance of the (Tuemy, adjusts hls_gun and aims at the tiny plane. Then if he is accurate iu his Bhootlng and hiB calculations, tho bullet should pierce the spot marked on the back side of the white Bheot, Students also are carefully drilled in the strategy of maneuvering .Into one spot lu the rear of the enemy plane whence he cannot shoot. From this position they can pour their own shots Into the enemy,. JOHN WEIDMER. (\ i * J_ run Quality Ta Plainl With Price a Close -Second s The sane man knows that merchandise of all kinds is higher than in tlie past. Any attempt to deceive the public intp thinking that clothes can be bought at the old "Befbrc-the-War Prices" goes into one car and mil of the other as bias the thinking sensible dresser is concerned. Considering our twelve stores, we unquestionably have .the largest buying power and outlet of any firm in Hutchinson. Where other firms buy hundreds, we buy thousands of dollars worth of clothing, shoes and furnishings, having men who do nothing but follow the market and buy for our interests—in this way buying for " our customers' interests. No argument further is needed to prove to you that we buy at the lowest possible price. Our line of Suits, Overcoats, Furnishings and Shpes is complete in every detail—and we can save you from 10 per cent to 20 per cent on any , merchandise we handle. This is not idle talk. The merchant of today does not advertise fancies and dreams—but must talk straight facts. We cordially invite you to inspect our wonderful line of HELDMAN iui; and KIRSCHBAUM Suits and Overcoats Price Ranges From $15.00 to $40.00 A look costs you nothing. Out 1 salesmen are polite and will show you the same courtesy whether you buy or not. Serges, tweeds, plains, worsteds and all the newest cloths will be found in our line. Latest war models, built along the exact neat and trim conservative lines, that Uncle Sam demauds. We extend a cordial welcome to State Fair visitors and would like to have you call and get acquainted with us. Make us a visit while here whether you arc in the market for our merchandise or not. A checking stand will be open for yoijr convenience during fair week. We make no charge for this service. 12 Stores 12 Stores 12 Stores Home of Kirschbaum Clothes Corner Ave. A and Main \ 12 Stores 12 Stores railmobtU THAOt HMX Ma. OS f AT. OFT. LATENT* APPUtD fOU, it THE MOTORLESS M010R-TRUCK For More Than a Hundred Years He Fought for France. St. liouls, Sept. 7.—For more than H hupdred years there has been a Johp Weldmer lo fight in defense, of France. Toduy it is John Weldirier ot the 84th Co., 6th ttegiment, y, S. Marines and he has participated in some of the most^vQesperate engagements and escaped unscatchod. His great-great grandfather, John Weldmer fought with Napoleon 1 through his first campaign as ono of the Swiss guards HJE grandfather, Johu Weiduier, also a Swiss, fought with the French in the Crimean war and later was iu (he Union Army during the Civil War. The parents of John Weldmer, Marine, live at :i538 llalllduy Anenue, this City, i V '••/.; Notlco Chapter D, P. E. O. Members cap secure the new year books by calling at tho J. T, Piown Jewelry Store. 5-?t Dr. H. C. Hook, osteopathic physician, IT year* practice in Hutchinson, Siipw )pcated over ?lnn's Jewelry , Store, »H Nwyn jjftte uWeet. 8-6t A good business man will buy any­ thingthat Will make an $xtra good profit. A'Trailmobile will do just that and we can prove it. Call for free demonstration. See Our Display at The Fair The Trailer Co. • * 316 2nd East Hutchinson, Kansas^ The Consolidated Flour Mills Co. 110.20 Rorabaitgh-Wiley Bldg, Hutcninson, Kan Baa Operating mills at Wiufield, Caldwell, Newton and Hutchinson, Kansas. Daily capacity 3500 bbls. #We iuvite the inquiries of Flour and I'eed Dealers (Carlots only) U«e UNITED FJour Oldsmobile Sets the Pace 21st Year iu m»w«ttp« »dy wtlMMMBUi pleaM mention 'J%§ New* Six.Cylinder! Roadster, with concealed auxiliary seati at rear, for two extra paetenoert- T HE handsomest car on the road—and the best performer in its price class, too! Let us prove it. Lots of people still think of the Oldsmobile as a high priced car. That is natural. The Oldsmobile'Six is a medium priced car—in spite of the tact that it looks and behaves like a high-priccH car. It^is a light-weight ear—a tire saver and a gaaoliue saver. Kconomical to buy—economical to buy—economical to operate aud maiutaia. It is the war-time choice of the people who are practicing real ecor^iny. SEE DISPLAY AT KANSAS STATE FAIR Demonstration or Further Information Prom HAMPEL AUTO COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS 18 South Walnujt,' Hutchinson Kansas. . fat Answering Advertisements Please Mention The News

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