The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 8, 1948 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 10
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Tfct Item*. rnAvtek, M4.. Tkinto?. J«iy S. ItU i Guard Against Set With Safety Play *« VAJ19C 3 *f 54 N 1 * J I O f f ) W E S D*o(«r · K 9 5 4 A A K Q 7 * AS3 f · Lestoe Kand--Both vul. |5«lt* West Serth Cut = J A Pass 2* Pass j2N.T. Pass . 3* p«* s s * A Pass Pass j-- · Q United* Score Five Time* In One Inning Sewing five run* in the fifth i main* to break a $-5 deadlock. thfr Unitcds defeated the Ideal i Farms Dsiry nine. -iO to 8. in their ' first encounter of the second half of the Municipal Softball League m Baker Park Wednesday cven- JQf. Potomac Edison v.on the first $ame of the second-half Tuesday j ' evening by turning back C. P.. 9 to 3. Hicks and Martz hit: · homers, i The score: ' Uniteds Ideal Farms Knifings, Barber Baker and S C!cm The score' C i P Potomac Ed:yt"i Hill and Mallonee. MOJS. Represented Key Post R 10 H E 1J 3 S 12 4 and Ko'.b. * H Court News By WILLIAM E. McKENNEY Aaierica's Card Authority Written For XEA Service , I would like so predict that it w31 not be long before tournament! Georg* Howard bridge vvil! be p'^ed in Midland.' Audrey R Shaffer bill of com- fexas. Miss E^a Toad, formerly p!amt fo , an abso!u . c j :vorce . of Clevelanc O. nov. in Midland. HeicR N Hendrsckson vs Omcr games in j£ the country. Shaffer *nd it will no: be surprising if , ,!imonv and counsel fee sense of her plsvcrs compete and do Marriage Licenses ·n-ell in the big Texas tournaments. *ocn- Safety plas are a fsvonte topic 17. AdarrMown. Route 1 James F. Capsno. 22. 49 K »ireet l^ S iOr Goxcrnor and Mj ^ Grove Brunswick and Dons L " · - · · - - - -"·**'·»* W a ' a c e " ' and Ana Grove. left So right. An-,cric«n L«'gMn Auxiliary, at Mi" Bcouii w a ruiane'-up \: baJ- clected general clerk for ii? Chansb-r-s -Aas one of the e chosen So npp»ar vn a . , * C J " Anrr 'P c '^ recent!} raf!j ° program to explain she purposes of Girls Sf»t? or mine, and I rc.-ncmber discuss- ByrorJ L. Oberhr.!?er." ^'-'. Shadv phebu " "un^?!'or so s^c local ^ L Da-.^. C Burn* and w.fe to Gouker and husband. Robert H Routzahn and \vife '. Roy T Guv ton and \wfc. county. IHR one of th?rn \\:th Miss Todd Grove. Pz . and Helen when I jaw her last at Hollywood. -21. Grecncasllc. Pa FIs If you hola four trumps, and Propcrt\ Deeded a good, runnablc fn - e-card suit on Harvey the 5ide. it aocs not «cem that any , Nicie C. safety play i- required That is c * l v - S«0- not true, however With a four- card trtin-.p rust, you must ahva;. s suard against four '.rumps bc:ng $ in in one hand. ' In today's hard fnr example- i f ! "^'-MC AUGUST 7 declarer does not cuard asainst. Thc annu3t Picnic of !hc Locurt four trumps sn one hand Ea=t w i l l ! Va " e ' Church of God Sunday interrunt the runntnR of the club' schoo! - Rcv - la!rc Ebersolc. pa«=- suit The ittax:mum number of )°-'···'""c neld in Guy ton's tricky can be made bv winning the tv '° mltcs " orth Kram Mr«- MaryJatf! u*cd on ihe program o «ppe«rcd on Mr Re'fi radio pro- S Rodock. this cstv . prepared she bri"f hi:or% of LOOK TO YEAR'S PROGRAM , months, prosram co-nmittecs are While the main prosra.T.s of She v. for iniiructixe and inier- Maryland State Society Daughte-s csl!n K Pfsranvs for next jear and of ,h. African Rc^u.,*,. and ^^^^ Tl^Srr^K tPo.-e of it-, thirlv-thrrc chapter* Nie'd. !=:ate regent. :s alrcadv plan- nro suspended during thr .v.muncr her calendar for-1943-1949. opening lead of the queen of dia- August it will an ail-day play he protect, Mr. o l .-n s X - I 5 "'"* 1 fOUr «'» be the evcmnc speaker Music trumps m one hano. but five. w l l l bc b , hc Rohrerw .,,, c Baad West will v.-m the spade trick ---- 1 --.______ ·with the nine-spot If he comes back with the sec of hearts, de- ' clarer wins the second heart trick with the king, ruff? another diamond in dummy, and now he can pick up the trump* and run the club 5uit Thus he makes cie\cr tricks. Conservation Law Changes Suggested Baltimore. July 7 lip,--The State Game and Inland Fish Commission today suggested several changes in Maryland's conservation laws. At a Legislative Council hearing, commission officials asked authority to put new regulations into effect "immediatclv upon publication" m event of ftrc hazard or "similar emergency." While the council--interim committee of the Legislature--reacted favorably to this proposal. Considerable opposition appeared to a companion proposal which would permit the commission to put other regulations into effect upon five days" notice, without a hearing. Garner Wood Denmead. chairman of the commission, said the present provision for 10 days* notice o£ a hearing plus ten days' subsequent notice before a regulation became effective hampered the commissions work in some cases. The commission also sought a law to require fur dealers, tanners and taxidermists to take out licenses It also ssked numerous minor amendments to existing regulations. B e e c h - N u t Foods for Babies · STRAINED · JUNIOR SPRANKLE'S NORTH END GROCERY 625 X. Market St Phone 1715 Goodness Knows . . . You'll Know It's Good mm' 25 -^^ Internal paraiitics of livestock J cause an annual loss of 125 million ' dollars i we CRUSTS Light and Saky pic crusts, top and bottom, by just adding -prater to Flako-- thea roll and bskej Precision-inising does it. Get Flako--proven for 23 yesrs. ·*t Ka^ Lloi Thousands acclaim MRS. FiLBBKT'S N£W YELLOW QUARTERS! Now..-Mrs. Filbert's couatry-fresb goodaess comes right from the package to jour table--in ready-to-serve, inviting golden quarters! Delicious! Tastes better than the most expensive table spread! And what a time-sa^er! Even with the lOc per pound Federal Tax you pay, Mrs. Filbert's jeliow quarters are uonderjul! #1 ALWAYS Others choose MRS. FIlBCRTlS "M THE BA6"! Costs so little! So easy to use! Just break the"press-to-chacge"capsule...knead the bag lo 2 minutes Mrs. Filbert's becomes buttercup yellow! No dishes or hands to wash 1 It's the easiest coloring margarine you can fau\! And the best-tasting! Spreads smooth on bread...enriches all 3 our cook- Jag. Stays delicsously country-fresh in the air-tight bag. 49 SM^ QUITO ntoeuen COKPORATION Hrw ·rMitwkk, N. J. You'll 0grea... bought YELLOW or "IN THf BAG" MRS. FILBERT'S MARGARINE is the finest fable spread j-^ yoM ever tasted I y n ^ ,..* cdMrs . r S ^'-TM Barters for ick table use. Try 'en; both' °ur groWs now. 15,000 UNITS OF VITAMIN A fORTIFY EVERY POUND! BE WISE ECONOMIZE AT BUY WISE T« dealers: If your .tore do« net have s.ocfc, you can obtain bv callins ,. H . Filbert, !nc, Ar mS »ron S *. Maplewood, Hagerstown, Md., Hajrcrsiown 4208 " , SKULL'S Home Cured HAMS 65c SHOULDERS 4yc Home Made SMOKED SAUSAGE 59 C BOLOGXA 59 C Home Dressed Beef SIRLOIN ROUND 79 C CHUCK ROAST g5 c GROUND BEEF 59 C ROASTING FRYING CHICKENS RABBITS . 69c f orkhill Sliced Baron 09c Pork Chops . . . . 65c Complete line FROSIEDFOODS GROCERIES . .J. Miull A 313 E. Pat. St. FHEE DELIVERY Phone 49 PRICES EFFECTIVE JULT 3 AND 1» KELLOGG MUSSELMAVS f let's fake a Coke I" PILUBURY no Sheen CAKE FLOUR « th 36 SAUCE 2 34 21c BOSCUL TEA BAGS 65 pack 43 C G. L. BAKING COMPAXT BLACK PEAKS CHOCOLATE COVERING 45 XABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT . . » 19 MARYLAND'S Rough Top Ginger Snaps ' 31 Delicious In Between Meals STJXSHIXE Krispy Crackers WOODS SYRUP · ^ ^ ' Tr«r*« T»« f~l*t-m1t4r- *«J T r t _ _ _ _ Best "\Tith .Salads or Soups 27c PVG Tops In Quality *nd Fla-ror 2 *· - 28 DILL PICKLES . . . . . . 25 VINEGAR . . . . . . . . 19 SUB-JELL . . . . . . 2 * 25 Jar Gums *» 6cj ONE BOTTLE Paper Napkins 15c| FREE! Paper Plates 15c j ^ Ten-B-Low lct M^ m 33 c j JELLO . . P v 9 9ci Flako Pie Crust pig. 19ci COOLAID . . P*C 5c ***** x tae WITH ET oOi you buy 5c P^ bott!e HADE WITH Real " ·v n wvj-v/.» t»t_'Jl X C.J TOILET SOAP bar 10 SOAP FLAKES EAST ON PAINTY THINGS 39 MORTdW$ATt^7~^7 10 Welchs Grape Juice 29 ^ 55 SALAD DRESSING . . . - 37 SWEET POTATOES w *TMn - 23 RICE , MUSTARD . . , » 10-, For A Tnrp %hitf Wash «· 35 MeCORMICK'S Insecticide "5 "*· 45 c Scivl Saw! Sfor*/ ^^ CARMACK'S GROCERY CO. COMPLETE MARKET THIRD STREETS SWANSOOWH or SNO-SHEfN OC CAKE FLOUR . . w.w. QD 1 Kenny's EVAPORATED /JO MILK 3 *IO ( Chase Sanborne or CO Wilkin's COFFEE *.* 3D 1 KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES box 17 JELL-0 GELATINE or PUDDINGS (».»w «,,,,,,) 3 Maine Oil or Mustard SARDINES . . . 2 CANNED HERRING (Use Like Salmon) 2 KENNY'S ORANGE PEKOE TEA . . TALL CANS 29 ·i v» TKG box Duff's Devils Food or Ginger Bread Mix APRICOT or PEACH NECTAR JUICE 2^1 FANCYTtORIDA ORANGE JUICE 4^ tM8 SNOWDRIFT FLOUR . . . it 23 10 69 BLUE RIDGE SMOKED HAMS 65 SUGAR CURED COUNTRY BACON ib. 39 FRESH LEAN GROUND BEEF 59 CHUCK ROAST FRESH PORK ROAST Ib. 69 57 MEATY VEAL CHOPS Ib. 59 FANCY LEAN BOILING BEEF fc. 39 ARMOUR'S All-Meat FRANKFURTER'S . . * U. S. No. 1 IRISH POTATOES . . . 10*. tlOO IB. BAK .f.3.f 39 RED RIPE WATERMELONS iGUSRANTEED) tick $ 1.19 $ 1 .49 HOME GROWN COOKING APPLES 4 IBVSHEL FANCY FIRM Slicing TOMATOES 2 * OC 00' LARGE CALIF. CANTALOUPES 29 LARGE SUNKIST JUICY LEMONS , dot. HOME GROWN GREEN BEANS 3 *»· 41 25 CANNED DOG FOOD T*LL CANS 25 I r i t f I i it I \ Xit it. a- kc orne 74

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