The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 15, 1934 · Page 11
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 11

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 15, 1934
Page 11
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SUfCDAY, JULY 18, 1*34 IW MM NEWS* News Classified Ads Get The Quickest Rental CLASSIFIED AD Information N*«« not t*i*t * p. im. Xo i>« to p*i il!Tu»*«" IS* p«i word. •••'•* Ti»»»^» *0e D*» word. oatnbvr of vorO*. at* ox tine* MI im **»* o ib* twt*»« of «1* wor4« ta tfc* Ua*. CifcBJJtl^d »d» .At in all eft pit*) I«»t»r» « •>*»* -ui to* tor «»d ad* *r* Krror«: Tte N*»»» «UJ not M r«aix>a>Ibt« tor cnor* thun o»* incorrect m»*nioa. w* r*««r»» til* 1 rljcht to «<lit **;<! e*n«or »1J copy tot th« b=»t isxt*r*«t» «f t>oic *.dvertis«i a.od r«»<l«r. Box onmoer* car« N«w* »1U your «.<!• to O«IT A«J TaJt«i* It PbOo« 1*1 OR Announcement* "BEMOCKAT1C PKJ31AKY July 2S. 1»34 for Representative from tto* S District. A, T M- AJJtlK. JR. (Re-election Second Term,) For Iteprtssenuulve SSthJ>istric» C. C. CAKON ••'" < Re-election second tcmu> For €o*int? M."D: EMERSON FRAKK D- WEAR IdUERBERT i- JONES STURGEON- C, A. MAJKTIN J. M. BHASWELL -VAN E>- AJNDSRSON- JTor Sheriff": < Re-election, second t»rsa-> Snperinteudent Lamar Co. School* I*TER TURMAN NSS LJNDSAT iRe- : eiei.-Eior:. Second Terra.) J. G- BRUNSON. CHARJL1S R. DUGGER MAR T MA-NESS PIERCE P. ll'CHISil. Announeem+ml* Card* of to «xpr««B «ur thanks to our friends, neighbor* and undertaker for kindness and sympathy «howc us durinf the death of our darling son and brother. Madison S. Jones, and * for the beautiful flowers, and especially do w« thank Bro. Roby "Ward for his consolinj: words of pray«r. the singers for their b*autiful soncs. May God bless each and every one —that is our prayer. Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Jones and family. FOUKD—Pair of «old rimm«4 glasses found at Wade Park. Get them at the News office and pay for ad. Strafed or Stolen L.OST—Brown female German police do*, 3 years old. Reward- Dr A. Moore. 102 S. 19th sir**!. Phone 666. Personal WE BUT UCSTCOI-N HEAD PENNIES—"Will pay up to 52.00 each If over ten years old. Indian Head Pennies worth up to 551.00 each. Send lOc for BUYING CATAL.OG- CONTINEXTAr. COIN CO.. Box 1T22. Chicago. Professional GmrQr CHARLES PRICE Phone 896 ^ West Houston G*n*rai lasnraae*. R. D. Griffis Gladys Griffis XV. M. Griffis DRS. GRIFFIS & GRIFFIS I>*nxist5 OKTHOOONT1A X-RAT Emptoymtmt Belp Waited. Stale STJSADY "WORK—GOOD PAT Reliable roan -wanted to call on farmers in Lamar county. No experience or capital seeded. Write today. McNESS Co., Dept- S., Frteport. Illinois. MAK ••WANTED—To supply customers with famous Watkins Products in Paris. Business established, earnings average $25 •cv-eek- Jy. pay starts imcaedlately. Write J. R. Watkins Company. 70-92 W. Iowa Are., Menaphis, Tenn. IKustnese Opportonfries 54 ANOTHER business forces me to sell my pit stand. Priced ri»:ht for cash or will trad* for li^bt delivery truck. Crawford's Pi* Stand. SS Lamar, Livestock Birds DofES, Pet Animals 70 BEAUTIFUL -*rhite Phone 2403-J. Spitz pups. Feed PtaaU a«« Seed Queen of Dixie Poultry Feefls Sure Nrff Stock Fe«J Field Seed —- Garden Seed Poultry remedies. Bulk Bird Seed. Bird Remedies and Sup- olies. Dor and Puppy Food ChigSer Chaser. Guaranteed to Keep the Chisx«rs Off HARRY BOOK &7 Grand Are. Tel. **4 Werchandtie For Good Tbiocs to Eat ANGEL FOOD CAKES, 60c, 7Sc. 51.00. fl.25. Mrs. Ro^er CounciL Macninery for Sale NO. 6 McCormick Both i« good condition. Priced right. Lamar Truck & Tractor Co. The city of Arlaara, Ga-. at first named Marthasville in honor of Martha. Lumpkln, daughter of an early jroi'ernor. for Sale It has been estimated that crops grown in th« United States remove about six billion ponnds of plant. food from the soil each y«ar. PLUMS for jelly. Phone 167S. Musical Instruments BARGAIN: small reconditioned piano, quick sale $30. Denman's Masic Store. for Sol« Wanted to Ship gold, silver, platinum to South^est's largest Buyer for quickest, best results. We pay «%c per X per Dwt—S K. 52c; 10 K. 65c; 14 K. Sic: IS K. 1.17: Clean Platinum. l.SO; Sterling Silver 34c; Gold filled spectacle frames up to $1 per oz.; 20 and 25 year -watch cases up to 1.50 per 02,; Gold filled and plated. Jewelry 25c to 75c per oz. -Make trial shipment. Be convinced. Reference—your banker. TVOLF & KLAR. Fort Worth. Established 1S9T T TO BUT a good used, automobile, preferably *23 to '30 model. Will consider a. wrecked or burned job. if the motor and the rest of the car are in good condition, since rhe car will be rebuilt for a customer of ours. Price must be rfsht. Cash paid. Write us. or drive your car to MORSE LINE STATION. 43 Grand Ave. Real Estate For Rent Furnished Rooms BEDROOM beautifully furnished, ceiling fan. Ne^s,- Plaza hotel. Phone S5S, Ettate for Rent Furnished Room* *l TO GENTLEME^C bedroom close in. Phone 1223. TTV'O FURNISHED ROOMS to adults. Phone 2S1-TV or call at 133 North 2~th. Apartments for Rent APARTMENT, furnished or unfurnished. 123 Bonham, Phone SS2. FOUR-ROOM furnished apartment. All conveniences. 193 South 25th. Houses for Rent FIVE room furnished house, close in. Phone 704 5 Rm. Fum. Hm. and Dup.^—855J. A NICE six room house, located across street from 4ti» -ward schooL All modern conveniences. Recently remodeled. Reasonable rental. Telephone 2259-J. Arturo Toscanini has been given the original manuscript of Debussy's "L'Apres-mid: d'utj Faun' 5 by Gasna Walska and the Orches- tre Symphonique -de Paris. Blue Licks battlefield in Robertson county. Kentucky, scene of the last engagement in the Revolutionary war, has been converted into a state park. Real Ettate For Sale farms for Sale FOR SALE Before the •war -when cotton selling for 12 cents per pound, grood land was worth approximately $100 per acre- Now good farms can be bought for mush less money. Isn't that about the best argument why you should Irsx-est vour money in farm land NOW? The First Trust Joint Stock I_and Bank of Chicago offers for sale Ko. 4337—1ST acres 1 1-4 miles South, of Clarfcsville on grave! highway to Bogata. 125 acres level. black tvaxy. 40 acres good mixed soil all in excellent state of cul- tix-arlon, 22 acres pasture. One good set of improvements, one ser ordinary improvements. Price S6C per acre. No. 30S4—65 acres 4 miles southeast of Clarksville adjoining school and ehnrciu 60 acres black soil in cultivation, 5 acres pasture. Four room^bunsalow house, 2 room tenant house, bam. etc. Price f SO per acre. Ask about other farms in Far>- nin, Lamar, Del^a, and Red River counties. CHAS. F. HILI* Gibraltar Hotel. Paris. tor Sale 10: I TALIHEV A LOC4LS, | PERSONAL ITEMS I TALJHIXA. Oklsu—A revival I E&et-tlsg as the Assembly «£ God | churcb. starts Saturday, July 21, i the Rev. and Mrs- Wilson *rj2l b* i assisted by Versa Wells of Sop«r. Mary Kathleen Stabbs 2* •pending a month's vacation at Blytli- f rille, Ar-c-. and ilerap&ls. T«in« S Miss Thelaaa Holsnan !s on ».<tw« s n-eeks vacation trip to GalTe»ton, {Tt-sas. I Doyal Greer o? Prasue v is irlstt- ! ingr his mother, Mrs. D. W. Robin- 1 son. ; The your.? s~n o* Mr, and Mrs, I Waiter Aberrsathy is in a Fort, | Smith hospital critically ill with j typhoid fever. i ilrs. J. JC. B&ara Is «p*ndinj ! three weeks •arith iier dansfcters. j Mrs. Bernard Thiele and . Miss | Pauline Bes.m, in Chicago. j Mrs. J. H. BelJoi returned from San Pedro, Ca!., where she viait«d her son, Joe Bella*, sc-w recoTer- ins fron^ a. majcr operation. The revival meeting at the Methodist church conducted by Rev. \V, O- Buoy assisted by Mrs. ilaxine Stark of iluskcsee -will'be. continued another treek. Services are being- held a^ 3:3C a, m.. for ths boys and girls, at 10 a. m. and S p. m. FIVS-ROOH house, bath. 441 E. Cherry. Apply ! ICE Cold \YatermeIons guaran- Special Notice* 10 BUT YOT2R A± MDCVOWS CROOK. 15c and ±5c Per Dozen Ws h*ve all kind* of bait and give prize of 100 minnow* each month for largest fish caught •with our shiners. BL W. EARLY HIGHEST cash pric* for iron beds, other furniture. Furniture Exchange. 35 Clarksvill* *ireet- Phone 478. Call 1044J. For County Clerk: K. V, I BOB J KA < Re-«lectiots. Second term) lor Automobile* Aato Repairing Paintinjt 14 Clerk: i-ATTlMORS, JR- second term.) at Assessor Taxes: IH>KOT J 1 V U A T i M ER. CX-YDE HUMPH RET and Collector of For CotnmisSloneT Prc^-inct r^O. : .RUP-HRT i_ BAJLL-A-RB ' | ^[For fte-ciftction. Second T«rm.> I For Commissioner, Precinct 1: I GSORCS TERRY f NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! « have an *a»y pay plan on painting, fender, body and eclc work. Ask about it- Grand Ave-. at l»th Street Mor*e Bee Unc Station Telephone SO3 Aatomobilcs for SaJr It Fot Couunissloser Precinct 2: ROY a. -DUXAGAN (Re-election second term) J. FRAXK JONES. 1923 STUDEBAKER panel truck. good condition- Se« at S9th and Larnar. For Oonanslssloncr Precinct Three j L. R_ HOT CAV1NESS I K«-*!eciion. Second Term.} MARK i H. JOHNSON. For I*«?cinct 4: KlISSCLi, <R»-«scctSon Second Term). F. H. BOOTH For PwbUc tVelsrhcr. Ptmce 1. Wlii. THOMAS <Re-*5&ction Second Terta.) Fw Cotton \Vclcher at Part*. CLJLREKCE SECR&ST R.5X fBOB> KASH. For 4n*tlc« or the Peace No^ I, Place >"o, 1 : A. W. SHEFnEl-D. ___ ___ For Pr>blic \\>ichcr. Precinct .> Marvin. COOPER- For of the 1*0100, Precinct 1. Place 2. t>amar Connty. J. -A. f Arthur* JOHNSON. CHAHLE'S For CotistaWr. Precinct I: SAM CA.RUANTX J. C. fJOHN> PP.IDH. J That's what you'll find in ! this list of cars. Many of them have been driven so little they are really ne^* cars, yet the discount is most liberal. Call us for prices. '34 Binck Victoria Coupe *34 Pontiac Sedan T 33 Chevrolet Coupe '31 Brick S«dan *3O Chevrolet Coach And several other light cars at the right prices. Ross Ilif f Motor Co. Mattress and Roc 39 AH anrf r*«is i.oix:f- NO. r; A, r. »n«r A, M. P:»*«?J rorv.r«smiv-» :!*>«» Cn-t •rr-J *th Frl- •i*? 1 »v«*si(«ir* »,<i!-«i rnowtft T'SC t«, rn. V^jttrs* ^r<^J^r«•s^ <-or<;s»!;r inrctoi} t. J. tJjg-ony TV. M.. H, '» Ureio-ientan, S»e. CHATTKU NO. «* R., M, COrN'CIt. NO t»HS ««"*n*b!y -* T '•"> xv «> V» SS <*f»MMANr>KWV SO 9 KNIGHTS Wwryt f» H, KHAUD M O. V, T». K. R, M<«n- OK tHt e.\STKUN STAR NOW TOU CAN HA VIE VOl'R MATTRESS RENOVATED On,.The Easy Paytnemi Plan! OTH. I>ay Service P*ri* Mattre** A Awning Co. SO \V. ELECTRIC FAN und motor rewind iny. M*?R Salvage Co. 25 North Main St, Employment SIt««fKms *1 LADY \vith four yrar old child %vant>* houi«rk*«jpiriy or hole! work. 2 S3 folk * tract. Financial GALBREATH, DEWEESE AND PRCX:K O«n*rml Itt^ fit teed. W, A Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE The Doctor's Doing Nicely! By E. C. SEGAR for ^uto « Katy Mone 43 Gimad. i po THE BUNGLE FAMILY Hartford Is a Perpetual Suspect By HARRY J/ TUTHILi; j THAT REKIKDS ME__Wft 1 nA-tnAr =- cjva-snsiM« »srv;» STORJMS? OH DARUNG W"i4T DO YOU KEE? AU_ C*i nxa: OVER THE SL.USKY IOiS VOU GOT FROM HUM! A. WEEK C PEGCY; WE'LL BE KE D5DN * TKf TO KEJUS? 1 "^^ V*Jr£FvF?ODMT TALKSNG TALKED i I 70 ^^^^ CF H * ^Xrj I 5AJLORS WHEN \\=L WEMT TD LOCK S, MONTY DSD SAY THAT ONE Or HIS SAJLORS. PUTTING SOME SGKT O? 3OG 5N KE'D DO a TO MAKE YACHT LOLLl^i2 AROLJI«> IN DECK: CHAIRS AH, THAT'S THE KKV1 v '/3i ~ ~. V 1 . j ? 4\\ \ V J DJANA DANE HOMER HOOPEE Is This Serious? \S W TO B€ /( rt rr? HOWS \\vo\i Ste 1 MO T HE'S B€EM iM HERE FOB ^S TO SEE ^H SA\D -HE WAS OIF TO VOliR HOUSE ^D^O^B5AY/ \ ictL \\=1 SA\D WE WAITED TO SEE ^ ) t t / ' $ WHO THH V\ECK ^ ^ ^ f ' / \S MR. KLXKJK ) f** <r? ^ C^r? ' ^ I f<- ^ ^\ v^r^ SCORCHY SMITH A Night Venture TUE GOODS ON AS «r *erf BARK , T'U. <so

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