The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 6, 1964 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1964
Page 3
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toft*! w**M km te ke i (fa**** I Jehn hlieielf )*Mh**Mff«Hte I l*ll Ik* whole I Maty. Tto lint I three OiaaiU ttn I ot sue? auntta; llut the F**Mh I Oet*el telli ef _.. anly ieve* ef- ^BAsU t*tk*k*ja> atfa^ -A lijtoaa llasi WQM, jenftTwiy et •*•"*» J*r M0HW tl.4ltfRftMe Mik TM ftrst three flsMila «m ten whet to*i aMM ike reader *j*k* M* ." Jm t urn tarn T** ff * wnr Wty <*«*. ••*••< yea •ritM MfM tket tt wat **t fan at •«. Jhtt » wee. He tee* Gospel meeting set by Church of Christ THtPKTV ., Me»*> », „ tae fketlini (H teaBy wu et their keela«a».tkryeiily ni'ln") M "l ..... tfetl to • iteUewbNitte le. If we take fWIvOTeMM JWH.W Ike •MBtefef lift. * aUeiwil Inn lo, we H* net i tike wreat feet. k*t 1. eMe4tenMil ei*wpiei . a** »f itii ilmaiiet at Itim nnrtie •ad tee In H a eMitfe ef Ike way faHh cnwa. I* Itartf tto et*ry to tadeei riaMt*. Tk* nan wheat Jem cwtd mml hw» ken • vetMncwn ketnr. fer the dleH- •kia knew ke hadheea keen Mat. Jem *uee "«tar" art ef eftMIe Mrs. Studdard to head Clute Jaycee-Ettes CLUTE-Th* Clot* Jayee*th* eomlBc y*ar aadar*pr*i- eaUy worklac on Mmwlr pte atuhloM for at* NaUoaaljar- oM-ctt* convention wtu*b •mral member* plan to at- hi* illBtaa Jen* was a proptin. «MaiM«at*ieM**MllM*rer,a t^nWtiMrtiwite^.B^jBMrtt eM vfce flMafkai ttiuft 1flrtfc» • MVMler. A •reslul we* Ha* a an**** IM* the axed ef Be*. Ffiafcaia were ""tafeWTStttey I men. they M wltt'lawe), they were *ea*Hlar4 M IM wm ef Oed. Many have eeaw oato tato far an the way te * fan Wtb. •*! whe ahall call IbearuabtHevtnT Jaaua did net ffpaWt W Uw aMIMV WwWfl t*M flUCl* Met ef Jem* had tewardi him. He olieet undeiin him et alt lo we •aeuM to akw ekoot *eaytag tto >"Ckf»eUa»"er"btll»w-to atm «*d wenn et em* own line whe tktak.ef Jetoa elaply M a •M* M eae ef Many teetken. The bert teak Ihto nun where be wa* «d htlftd hta t* a Mill M»Her New ofttaMNi at* N*ttl* Otaddard, previdMtf Jo An Pate, vle*,pr**kie«t| 8b*H>* Muck, MMMtarjrs Batty Conover, treasurer; Sylvia Bbodo*, ctat* dtmtort Mri Maryctta Cralt, way* and ta**B* aad poblteity. Member* are prueatly fHhlonlnf 60 wrMptaotMb- lou In tto *hap* of th* State of T*xa*. Ta*M pUt eoabtoa* will b* clv*a away M *on» vwlr* durlnc the national eon- *»>lluii to b* hekl In Delia* injnn*. Plan* ar* underway by IMV- m A*mb*n to attend tb* eamtatlon. HD balce sale CLUTB-T** cm* Horn* Dmnoutntlon drib will bold * Mk* **1* on Saturday, al two localloa*, Travis sonar Market and Beck 1 *. A vartety of UOOM bak*d «ood* will be offered for «al*.. 4-H bake sale BRAZORIA-A bate Ml*, iMgUmlnt at 9 a.m. 8at»day, i* •etodatod by tto Brasorla 44 troop. A vartety of b*k*d good* win b* oo nal* at Parker** aid Loot* Food iintot. BULLETIN II B, order that tto PWMOM! of pr**erlptlon* DM. of Greater Bracoaport might have th* opportunity to attend ehureh and bav* a day off wttt ttolr fanillH. tto ftrm wtn beflB etottac for bMiMMonSmdayiandmost total bolldty*, *ff»«ttVBtBn- day. March «, Erwtn rnafe*. jr., V. yre*. * Oe*. M»r. of tto phRrmaey ha* an- TkeeeeUfd Je*M etked Ike man. flaaUy. if be baHned I* the "Ion ef Maa." Ve* add 1 BUM net aadmtand that ewttloa. but thte ana did. -*** ef Mae" waa ene ef Uw eem- ate* e»fri«aloni m**alBi "Me* aUh« er "GhrM." both «5 whlth were* wen *e«er In (be ptaral. Thef* we* le k* enly one Sen ef Ma*. In a daat atone by hlnu.ll. Tfcla waa mm than Proptwt, lor •reeheta wen nuay. Al It* heUhi; raHh teeka al Je»w net at a imra nun, net e»e* atone ameng other r««aUr« ef fled, net even at the Tint Bateli tart a$ Ood'i -only bttetten Sen," Oed fenueid In a Unfit BWV Ike mteUM point of Ik* hwaan end Ike dhftae. Se the •en whe had been blind. In nere wan IhM on*. hM Ua eyn epmcd etlvt to what Jeraa laid he him- •rtf WM: the Ught of the World. And M be did what no mm hai a rtghl to do te Mother nun: he •ataklin* Jenn. HK heart had found It* home al lad, In Ood. iratRtv.ouMiattw* COLLUM, pastor of tto First Baptist Church in Pnmont and a former Freeport resMeat, win to the evangellat for a revival which begin* Sunday at Temple Baptist Church In Clute. He la tto son of Mr. aad Mrs. John R.McCo»um of Freeport. 8*rvie*s for tto revival, to continue through March 18, will to told at 10 a.m. and 7 t 30 p.m. dally. Bob Own* of Roiharon will to tto long leader. Tto public I* In- vlted, espKiatly friend* of th* Rev. McCollum, and a nursery will to provided. Specie) services BRAZORIA - Poor night* of special **rvle** are planned at the Assembly of Ood Church In Branrla, beginning Thursday, and contiBu- tnt through Friday, March 13. Tto Rev. R. L Stewart of Lubbook will to tto speaker. Tto pastor, tto R*v. Roy qulllln, invite* all resldeat* of Braiorla and tto surrounding area to attend. S>. Timothy's LAKE JACKSON-Tto Very B*v. Cray M. Blandy, Man of tto Episcopal Theological Seminary of tto Southwest, Austin, will to tto preacher for St. Timothy'* Episcopal Church'* observance of Theolofteal EdueatlonSunday, March 8. Dean Blandy wUl tell of tto Seminary, It* Uf* and It* need*. ntCEPOMT - A* meeting u tout jUnnsil for M*r«h n threugh April s at ^Ch*r**rfCh«si,»eiw**t FoofUl Sfirfnl Hk Ffiepull. Tto eWet* of tae«*«re**- tk*, Roy u MVIS, w. o. •»Hh, and Sidney AeJMutt, nave nvited Dan B4flln«*ly of Od****, Ten., 10 to tto speak•T. Mr. Btttlngsly hi* **rv*d flv* year* u a mlMtomry la Stoekhom, Swede*, SUM trav- •ting IhrtJughoutKorway, Den. mark, and other part* of the continent, in IN* he traveled Ihrouan- out all of tto Blbto Land*, making colored *lid** and teaching. "Tto gospel meeting I* intended to to a apaela] bene- fil, on a community wide b*. •I*. It Is our purnoM to serve mankind, to assist where possible in helping our friends Maverick Club elects officers New officer* have been named for tto Maverick Square Dance Club, which to* a membership Including both Bfaiospnrt and Angletoo resident*. BUI Olrod of AngUlon ha* been named president of tto group; Lou Thomason of Lato Jackaon, vie* president) and Mrs. Lorraine WhlttteofLak* Jackson, •ecretary-lreaaur- er. Tto group will hold • dance at the Oran Robert* School In Lake Jackson al ?t>0 p.m., Saturday. Jay Neighbour* will call thtedanc*. appreciate tb*d**|»r rnaiw and important* <4«hri<tt ratty," KhMr Cunt* MKJ. "Wt toll*** II i« tmrvrttit tar everyone***!?, tto WW«I of G«l in .trd* r K> establish • eto**f r*uti«i- •hip with Him. W» are turpj to u*» IM» melt* t,< »neo«rag» you IB Owning ott'»tr.w and will lo you. Mid r»<rt*. RW»r OM«*iiH saw >-DM BItllsstsJey'll »*rwrt»ne« a*l i prove* ability a* AH *v«*f*. ll«« tr» the main tncni.||»Mii of any effective effort tote*«h ttofacprt. W*fcor»thatmMky •III avail tnemMlv** «t (hi* lly tohrar him." ON SALE CHARGE SAT. 9:30 A.M. IT! MEN'S WASH 'N WEAR COHON DRESS SHIRTS! SHORT SLEEVES Man to be topic lor CS services it* nib)* USHMI *t tto Christian Selene* Church thin Sunday in Freeport will explore tto question from Ptatmii (fcS), "What I* man, that thou art mindful of htm?" GoMen T»x» : "Cod created man In hi* own Image, In the imaf* of God created b»hlm" (Geneat* t:»X one of tto major theme* will b* the** UDM from •'Selene* and Health with Key to th« Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "The undersUndlnc of hi* splrttual individuality malt* man mor* r*al, more formidable in truth, and enable* him to conquer stn.dia- e»*e, and death" (p. 3n\ PIECRUST When you use latd In pie ctuat, you might like to *4d aome sugar end epiee. To do Ihli. alfl two teaapoon* each of auger and nutmeg with the dry Ingredient* before cutting in the fat. Part Read" Service 900 HWY. 2BO CLUTE & •rrni* action Uflwrttorkat- Ufted after compUUnt.*t»m month *«p*rtJMntal »urv*y aad study of ttobu*inM**o- Uvtty te Sunday* and most total holiday*." Franto *ta- tod. H* wen* on to nay that tto *urv*y r*v**tedthat*otin4 bwineM pruwtotoi do not •vpport tto te**tt>Uity of re. awiats* op*n on tto** day*. "By takint tnto action," Franto MM,, "Viwvilvtlons, He. wiM eontiM* to nuOn- tala th* v*ry eomnettUve pmcrl|itiM**rvte*prtc«* tt UK nwte avOWrt* totk« w*- M*nt* of ir*at««r fttwHau port." laaertoncy M* after-hnur*, Mrvtce*adtf**d*UMrywUI nnMiito to avaUabl* ttsll WDM by dlallni AM 1-sltlV K •» aMwer call Frute rmurtod, '«w*win «* v«ry sntoM *>J»** ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY 9 • C \£ I f\ k SIBLE rocmsize *. e^Mjpift «8i1»ECiAi PtMP ^^i" l^aWW^ipW 9 •T^P^' *^^^*~^!^~' i-i _ _ - _ __ - g«j.|»iitsral ^^ ^tfllggV. ..aafllla^lttL •MA* far maA ...Ml.! *-*• ••*•••-•'^ ' *" **-l£±m+m ••!• •••lss* l ' '• "^W*T *f ^fflWBw flspe^Hf DACRON 'N WOOL TRAVEL COOL TROPICAL SLACKS f***1J*««**t* *ri*«... *•*•"**• Tk«y'r*h«**| M ICWe»* •J**Jt*4 «* »IU* InMt atedeli '•**/* to *JI ^ -,, —, -j^» jiVw^-^a.

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