The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 18, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1924
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. [mE ^HUlCHlNSON NEWS Published Dally hy The News O^mpan* |- W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. I' ESTABLISHED 1B72. I Sintered jit the 1'mluJtna In Hutchinson, KnnsAB, for tranaiti .Kalot. through thn malla a. aorond-claa* Blatter. TELEPHONE 4400 Prtvalo branch cxchariufi". when Operator anawerM, (Ivo iicrHon or do. partntcnt wanted. j TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION ! Drat. Second and Third Zone* By mall, nno yeat 14.ou By mail, .13 munlhR 2.(1" By mall, thrcft mmitha l.^i By mall, on* mnnth bv Fourth, Fifth. Sixth, and Seventh Zone!. Hy mail. on. yi-ar .1 II «" By malt, six mimtha 3.0" I?y mall, three mtintlia S.M Hy mall, ont month By falTlrr. pur u-rult J 1" Weekly Ncw». onp year I MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' AS50CIAT,ON. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS Th" Asawlntefl Proa* Is delusively entitled to the UB9 for republication of Rll ni'wa crndlti'd to It or not other- »-lae credited In this paper, nnd al»> tho local new» oue-llnnec! herein. All rlitht of ti'puh'li'atlon of tpocla fllaoatrhoa heroin are also reserved. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, .illy prefer \ha political ]|f 8 after political death which. Is tho pros- wit constitution. \V. Y. MOHQAN. TheSidlinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS, T.tannon. it. No. IT NerBi Main atrial. Hutchlnaon. a • • CRIME BOOKS. • » • • The wondrous fascination of * .* crime la manifest In books that • • swamp tho nation—their print- • • era never rest. Tlmo was when • novels Kory were looked upon • f na trash; the hoy who read a * •• Htorji of criivm would feel tho * • lash. Tho authors who wore • t • handing out yarns of people • . • killed possessed no decent * !.» standing In any writers' cuild. ' /.* But we havo progressed furth- • \.- m er lhan had onr dads, I guess, • '•• anil tales of bloody miirlhor " i* come reeking from tho press. • !.f And not by outcast bllpbters • .• are all these stories writ, but • .• pave and stately writers drip • ..* blood and mako a hit. They • • seem to strike their true gait • .* In these ferocious times; from • f chronicles of Newgate they dlR * • forgotten crimes. They inter- • • view the warden of every • .• gloomy pen, and poor old Liz- * t* rlo Flonlon la featured once " i* again; the hanpman has his in- » • ning, nt lust hes wearing hells, • • nnd with n smile that's win- * • nlng his grisly tale he tells. • f With hones lnmlldewod bask- " cts out authors come, in * .-• crowds; they're rifling ancient * m caskets and pawing mildewed " shrouds. To mnko thn sad * • world gayer, and grab nnpleaa- • .* and gain, they resurrect the • slayer and disinter the slain. • [' The old hlftorlo killers come • ,» grinning from tho tomb, und • ! - wo are swamped with thrillers 1 * that deal in blood nnd doom. • • And It Is sad that writers who • •* might be penning tracts must • • hand us tales of fighters and • • goro In cataracts. • • —WALT MASON. • i. ,i, j. $ <$, rtl if, .J> <i> 13 THERE ANYTHING BETTER•'(• Hy Hath Cameron ... •;. .;. .;, ,i a, <$> <s, .; ; .,, I ling today tho song of health nntl a sense of being eyiml to the day's work. tih, the joy of feelins well and able to do yutir wurk! if (hero any other Joy In the world lo compare to it! Other joys are tho cream puffs and Lhe bomb gl.tiu:es of existence compared to tho solid meat nntl bread of the Joy of work to do and tho capacity and the health to tin it. For the past few days I have been In that condition known as "just nolo to drag around." 1 have gotten along hy doing Just as 1 i 1 tie as 1 could, but that liltlj has heoa a tremendous effort. And everywhere ahuul me I have seen work lo ho done and 1 simply couldn't do It. 1 hadn't the strength. To muko either mind or body function was a torture. It seemed as if the house was sitting on my shoulders crushing mo to earth. I wonder If there Is a house motlvur In the world who hasn't hail that teellng. . . . Then this morning —a crisp, happy 1'all morning—I woke feeling myself once more. Oh, tho joy of it! Oh, the differ- encn to me. "Poor .Mary," someone said to me tho other day about a mutual friend, "sho certainly does have a. hard row to hoe." "In what •way?" I asked. "Why you know how hard she has to work. Those throe, babies and no help to speak of." . "Does she seem unhappy over It when you go to see her'.'" "N.o, I don't know that she does. Hut she's always working like a dog. She's awfully plucky, poor Mary." "riucky, no doubt," said I. "But poor, nothing. .She's ouo of the happiest people I know." She is. Why shouldn't she he? She loves her babies and her husband and has a pleasant home. She has a lot of work to do and the capacity to do it. She is deft, competent, abounding In health. She has the faculty of turning off work, as my mother used lo put It. I think. I quoted you the other day that thought about Heaven that I came across iu my reading. ..Never to be old. or tired, or sick, tho negatives of Heaven, what must Its affirmatives be." Well, 1 | don't know- as we shall need many 'affirmatives if we have those spleu- i did negatives. ; "We shall work for an ago at a : sifting and never got tired at all," ] is Kipling's way of putting It. | Who could not truly think death "the greatest adventure in life" ! it he felt sure that were true? Daily Thoughts Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.—Mark 9:24. llelng nl me when one's belief Is firm, Is not lo bo alone.- Aucrhach. tho private car of the general superintendent. Atchison common hasn't passed a dividend since we got Into II, nnd jii .it tho other day, it touched 113. What Is that but luck'.' It seems we have misjudged Lady Astor. Hho really has a fine sense of humor and. as one who has sat In harsh judgment upon her, we wish to make the proper acknowledgement. What did she sny that was so funny Shu said tho United States will enter the League of Nations, aud soon. A part of tho propaganda for tho new "dress'' for women, which 13 anid to bo n modified form of trousers, is Hint the o'.d-fashioned skirt gathered perms. Wo are nn Incredulous soul. Wo don't believe tho old-fashioned skirt galhoretl genus. Wo don't think It would make any difference if It hail. We go further; We hereby covenant and agree to pay $.1 for every germ gathered by an old-fashioned skirt that Is brought to us. Call It the Elrod. The Tollman Cafe on South Mnin Iwll ho known as "The Elrod'' In the future. 10. C. Elrod, who purchased the cafe rreeritly form Geo. Leasure and Jess Moore, wanted to ohanco tho name, so offered $"> for the best name that was. suggested. H. L. Jessttp, cashier of the Central Stato Dank won tho prize. A Puzzle a Day dD GD (ID (3D OD 0= 0 ON SECOND THOUGHT By Jay E. Houso In the Philadelphia Public Ledger. "LAME DUCKS." The Constitution of the United Btntes provides that Congress shall Ui< ot at least once In each year and thin It -hall convene on the first Monday In December unless nn- cllier date is chosen. This means that the congress cl'.-< led on the 4th of November, V.-'l\ docs not meet In regular session until the first Monday in December, liCa. Thirteenth months is too long a time lo stand between the osprosslon ot the voice ot the : People at the polls and the meeting of the body which Is elected to •carry out the will thus expressed. ... <s> ,s. .:, .i. ti f ^ Q .j> For seventeen or eighteen years we wrote a daily column tor a newspaper printed iu a secondary city in the .Middle- West. Tho adventure was complicated with sun- dory other forms of newspaper work, but the old pay cheek re.illy hinged on tho column. We violate no confidence iu saying that within the circumscribed urea ir. which it found circulation the column was a tremendous success. It was daily commented upon, both pro and con, from White Cloud to Hugoton and from Rawlins to Baxter Springs, and came In time to be Institutional. Through it we built up a very wide personal acquaintunce and un impressive following. But, ss far as we. know, outside the comparatively small circle in which Its chronic slate of perturbation dally was noted, nobody paid lhe slight-! est attention to It. There was an „ . , , i excellent mousetrap with the pres- The congressmen really tuke of-, u ge of yoars 0 , succeSiful m anu- flee and hogin to draw pay on the I facturo behind It nnd not a single Gth of March after the election. But i editor trying to beat a pathway to unless the President decides that j ^« '1°"" » any of them , ; knew tho venture was being car­ ta, sufficient emergency exists and ril ,,i 0D ^ eclls the now congress in extra- j '" [ordinary session, which he can do i One day wo put on a now blue tuv time after March 4th, the con- j »""^lue hose, a lilue-strlped shirt " • ,,, , ., . with tie to match, drew our Kol- greasmon will not como together ( i L . S0 -Kut overcoat aboul us, picked The drawing shows ten checkers, lettered from A to J. The problem is to set them so they form "kings"; namely, one checker on another, as shown in the corner drawing. In making the "kings," pick up any checker you choose; but you must pass It over two checkers, In either direction, before you set It on another checker. This procedure must fe repeated until all five "kings" are formed. A "king," naturally, counts as two checkers. The puzzle looks easy; but It Is not. Try It! Yesterday's answer: "With high IDEALS for hearts and hands, TheBe LA DIBS SAILED for tant lands. The words: ideals, ladles, sailed, are all spelled with same six letters. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 18, 1924 ton, O., will ho In tho cockpit of thti Berliner helicopter this country is entering In tho tests at Farnliurottgli, Ku.-., next spring. Gsrage and Cars Burned. Knterpriso, Knn„ Nov. 18.—Tho George Mutts Raragrj burned here yesterday. The ftt'o stnrtcd nViottt 2:15 o'clock. Tho garage burned to the ground and a number of cars were destroyed. .lust call r.9 and wo will put a heater on your Ford In a short time. Uagland-Kingsley Motor Co. 18-lt MISSIONARY PROGRAM AT LUTHERAN CHURCH Tho missionary society of the Zlon Lutheran church will celebrate Its annual thank offering In thu church Sunday morning. At the evening services CO young people will prcsont a pageant, "Thanksgiving Gates" nntl Dick Kali's orchestra will play tho prelude and several special orchestral numbers. Clenn clothes feel warmer than sollod ones. Lewis Cleaners. Phone 1335. IMOt Big DOLLY iven You Count ttie Dots Get Fine Prize Can j*cu count the dots on dolly'» bonnet ttxtngs? You can do this if you try. Just write to Polly Goodhart. tell her how many dots you find and for doing this she will send you a very pretty cut-out dolly ith two beautiful dresses, a winter coat with levins, hats, furs, gloves, ribbons and several other pretty things. She will also tell you how to get a really beautiful big walking, steeping Ma- Ma dolly for your very own. Dolly Says Ma-Ma Plainly She is a real Ma-Ma. toddlingdolly with big blue eyes, brown hair, rosy checks, ruby Hps and she closes her eyes when you lay her down to sleep. Dolly is dressed in a bright rose colored organdy dress. She wears half hose and pretty black slippers and is just the sweetest, prettiest dolly you ever saw. Polly Goodhart has already £Wen more than 500 dolls to girls. This means you too can get a beautiful doll. This is not a contest. Dolly will be giren to you on my easy plan just for a little favor. Two Dolls Will Be Given Write to Polly Goodhart right away, tell her how many dots you found and she will Immediately aend you the cut-out dolly and tell you just how to get the big beautiful MajMa dolly for doing a little favor. Send 2 ccnu to help pay postage on the cut-out dolly. Address Polly Goodhart, 371 Popular Bldg.,' OH Moines, Iowa.. * So easy! You just mi* water with A unt J emima Pancake Flour, and bake 'em. A unt J emima PANCAKES! Give Your Children the Advantages of a Baby Grand Piano Little luxuries mate pleasant journeys at California The Rock Itland-Southera Pkdfic tlM |OM OM atep further than merely providing tha modem comforts oi travel. Homelike, yea; plui all the facilities of i politan club. Bathroom, barber shop, valet. And attendants who appreciate that courtssy is their contribution toward satisfied paase&fsra. Ne> extra fare. Leave Hutchinson via Rock ItlmJ Lhm at !k40 p. m.~through sleepers to Los Asfeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara. The Callfotnian bom Hutchinson at 6:55 a. m» daily carries standard and tourist sleepers and coaches to Los Angeles, It's the short, interesting, low altitude way through the sunny Southwest, with a touch ol quaint, colorful Old Mexico here and there. Atk for descriptive booklttt and f*B infimmttim Pilots It officially until mora than a year altor election and less than a year Jielore the sent election. 'i The Inconsistency Is apparent. (The old congress, many ot the members not reelected, meets the mouth following the election which has already chosen a new congress and otmht to have tho new on the Joh. Tho old congress, tho lung over, may he uut ot sympathy with the election result and may go ahead k'.'tlKlulliig on lines which tho people, condemned by thoir votes. The in.'W congrcus, the latest voice ot I ho people, Is kepi closed at least until March 4th, usually until the following December. This Is thn reason why such a session as thnt which convenes next month has boon given the nickname "lame ducks." Congressmen beaten at the election and therefore lamo ducks who ate soon to politically and congressloually pass on, may legislate regardless of what tho voters said In Novein- J)er. There has been much talk, of febauglng this unfortunate schedule lot Congress. In the present Con- 'grest the Senate passed a constltti- l tlonal amendment which provided ' for the Inauguration of tho Presl- ; <Jont and tho meeting of thu new eangresa In January after thu election. The amendment was not fa- forably considered by I ho House. up the Malacca walking stick which Adelaide had given us one Christmas and went out to sell our- self to the metropolitan editors, in one way or another we saw twelve. Seven ot them offered us jobs. "We didn't tell mem what wo had done; wo told them how good we wen;. Knvint; looked nt tho label, seven ) editors offered to huy the product. We frequently refer to the debt most of us owe to luck. Wo wrote just the other day ot our vain at- 1 tempt to csiubllsh the Opolis Daily S'in. It was u grand experience, of which «-(» wrolo only tho essence. Tho Inhibitions of BPaco prevented us frum "dollliiis" It up as we should otherwise havo done, tllvcn credit for $500 — or even Wall—at the bank, wo could have put the Sun across. We hud no credit nnd the venture failed, nnd that is where luck broke for tid. Hud wo succeeded, we'd havo missed most of the colorful tweniy- elKlit years that have since ensued. Instead of Joyous memories wo phould have only tho dull revu;- lection of having successfully established a country newspaper. .None ot the grand adventures and experiences upon which wo shall live more and more as tho >ents crowd upon us would have, been vouchsafed us. And we're better off today In every way than we should havo hern had we made the ^un a t'olng concern. Wars ago we bought a little Atchison common—so much "s wa could assimilate nt the munient—at K, or a fraction over. At the time one railway stock meant no mure to us than another. We bought Atchison because wo played golf with the cenernl passenger agent, casino wllli I In; general ntloniey Lieutenant Harold It. Harris, chief pilot of McCook Field, Day- ANTACID CORRECTIVE LAXATIVE THE CHAE.H PHILLIPS CHEMICAL CQ tir:w VOHK Kibabljr the congressmen yawou- j U nd rode around, upon occasion, in D URING the first months of music^^^ ^ study, your children's ear-training is — ft very important. It is then that the child acquires a true or false impression of tone. Start their music lessons on a Brambach Baby Grand—a beautiful instrument with a glorious tone. The Brambach' is being used throughout the land in Conservatories of Music and Music Schools. Think of the satisfaction they will know in later years in the companionship of an instrument which for many generations—since 1823—has been honored by musicians. Limited space need not deprive you of a Grand. The Brambach fits charmingly in a tiny corner I And as little as $50 sends a Brambach to your home. The balance on easy monthly payments that you will find very convenient. Call, or mail the coupon for a beautiful free booklet and paper pattern which shows the exact floor space required. ODnvip.ce yourself how easily a Brambach will fit into your home, BRAMBACH BABY GRAND 'Brambach is tM» world** targtat • • W txcluiire manufacturer of Baby ^L_W _^LW J Grands—which accounts for Brants bach quality at such a low price J''%JSo>(sWs\cCo. Accept only "Phillips," the orl- Klnal Milk of Macnesia prescribed by physicians Tor lit) I'rotoct your doctor tind.yoiirfeit' by avoiding Imitations of thu Bonuino "i'lillllps " lifi-ceut bottles, also all-cent bottles, contain directions— any drug stora ip^t — Hutrhlnfion, Knncaa. Mail this coupon for Beautiful Fret Booklet 1. W. JENKINS SONS' MUSIC CO. Please send me paper pattern showing siae of the Brambach Baby Grand. Name P*kntile€k St'l'l Clip nimdfnt fotts at an txlra tost la yo*. mmunT JGNITO* SKY CELL .'aariios. asaia MSAU tali aaata. mam. 1 tUf t'lfl. 'alia ami kariwara •lam. (nml «l.r»t - ami FOR RADIO— COLUMBIA IGN1TOR! The proven dry cell, /or oil radio dry cell tubes WHEN you buy a .Columbia Ignitor, you just know it it reliable and wilt give satisfaction. Widest distribution of any dry cell on the market There is a Columbia dealer convenient to every radio user. Manufactured and gutrtnteed by NATIONAL CARBON COMPANY. IMC, Columbia Dry Batteries -the} lut longer /for FinerTexture / and Larger Volume in your-bakings I SamePriceN for over 33 years] •25 Ounces for 25 , 7 Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald. OPERATION ADVISED FRIEND SAID "DON'T Do IF TftLyduEJPinld.tun'aVeg* etable Compound First. Proved Good Advico Chicago.Illinoia.—"Just a few linaf to let you know what Lydia E. Pink•i • iham a Vegetable Compound did for me. I was married going on for three years, and went to a doctor and waa taking treatment* twite a week for paiaa every month. I used to lie in bed three or four days with them and the doctor would call and inject aomethins into my arm to put me asleep so J would not feel the pains. At last she said I would have to be operated on if I wanted any children. Well, I just happened to go to aee a friend with her first baby and I told her I was going to the hospital, and she said, 'Don't do ill You go and get a bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound and you won't need any operation.' Bo my husband got me a bottle right away. Now I nave two lovely children. I recommend the Vegetable Compound to every woman. It baa helped me and a lot of my frienda." — Mrs. A. MCANDLE88, 1709 South Morgan St., Chicago, Illlnoia. In anawarlng advertisement*, please mention The News-Hsrald.

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