The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 6, 1970 · Page 2
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May 6, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 2

Des Moines, Iowa
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Wednesday, May 6, 1970
Page 2
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r PEOPLE in the NEWS Briefly * i Paternity Case * A paternity suit'was filed in Honored Santa 1 Monica. Calif., actor Gary " Grant, Cynthia Biiron. 32, who claims he is the father of her daughter, Stephanie Andrea, born Mar. 2, The petition asks that he pay child support as well as hospital and 'legal expenses. In a recent interview of- a - paternity Grant commented against 66. \v after rumors i suit spread,] on the fact! Hliflcktr • Raffaele Minidiiello.- 20. (he former IhS. Marine who hijacked a TWA Boeing 707 over California at ,,jiunpoinl last November and forced it to land at Rome Airport after a 7.00fl-mile journey, will go on trial in Rome M a y 2fi. He faces eipht c h a r g c s Including kidnap- ing, violence and (ho illegal introduction of arms into Italy. If convicted on all counts he faces 35 years in prison. CZECHS GREEf SOVIET CHIEFS read Campus Protests of Student Deaths, Cambodia Policy Oes Mdinas RAFFAELE MINICHIELLO Audra Pambrun, a 41- year-old Blackfoot Indian nurse, who about a year ago established a suicide crisis center for the Blackfoot teenagers on her Montana reservation, has been honored by nurses attendjng jhe_Ameri-. cart purses' Association (ANA) annual convention in Miami Beach, Fla. Miss Pambrun received the ANA "Be Involved he had a lew lawsuits against him: "I'm lucky, I guess. I don't get it as badly as some —Frank Sinatra, for example, or Errol Flynn. Poor Errol," Abortion Raid • Detectives who raided a clinic in_Los Angeles and found an PRAGUE, CZECHOSLOVAKIA (AF') — Soviet Communist party leader Leonid I. Brezh- Alexei N. Ko- herc Tuesday to the praise for the 19(58 NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) - A a r g e portion of academic America, from university presidents to college freshmen, joined Tuesday in protests against President Nixon's Cambodian policy and the killing of four students at Ohio's Kent State University. There were rallies, prayer meetings, vigils: student strikes, and dashes with police. tSome universities shut down altogether. Boston University canceled final examinations and its commencement exercises at which Senator Edward M. Kennedy (Dem., Mass.) was to have been principal speaker. The university actions across the nation were touched off by the slaying of four students at Kent State on Monday by National Guardsmen who had L T. • bor '°" '" permitted Nurse Search" award worth tf ] e doclot-to-ttJifipIete the oper- $2,000. The nurse who says that young Indians try to kill "themselves because they have nobody to emulate, said the atlon becal| se they feared the woman s lif e would be endan . they stopped it, pollr-«»»---"« »*» ohn. center has received 140 calls and has had only two deaths. said. They arrested. Shriver Gwynne, 28, on a charge of criminal abortion. Gwynne is awaiting trial on five other counts of abortion AA^ir. ITU c »« r. . i an d one °f conspiracy as a re- Adrmra1 John S. McCain r sult of a raid Oln |he c|jnic jn r,r H A™H *nr Armed Forces r f T c • US ' March. He has challenged the will deliver the c ommencement address June 3 to about 840 midshipmen at graduation exercises at the -U-.-S-; Naval -Academy at Annapolis, MdT McCain, top JOHNS, "ranking officer MCCAIN, jr. j n tn e Pacific "area and a native of Council Bluffs, la., is a 1931 graduate of the academy. Denied Parole • The California Adult Authority announced in San Francisco it had denied parole for Dr. Bernard Finch. 52, convicted with his girl friend, Carole Tre, goff, 9 years ago in the murder of-his-socialite wife-irr"ertx)5~ Angeles suburb. It wasJFineh's second bid for parole from the life sentence for first-degree murder and conspiracy.. Miss Tregoff, convicted of second-degree murder" and conspiracy, was granted parole May 1, 1969. • .1 __ ._, i'lcii vii. i 1C- lino v,.iimit IltttVl 11IC in the Pacific, stale , s abor tibn law as unconstitutional. Wanted The FBI has added Law- Tence Robert Plamondoh to its list of "10 Most Wanted Fugitives." Plamondon, reputedly the minister of defense of the White Panther Party, is charged with the 1968 dynamite bombing of a Central Intelligence Agency office in Ann Arbor, Mich. to maintain order in the staged a show of public affec- lion for Moscow that would have I ace ° f . demonstrations protest- been unthinkable even last year, | mgUi ejnva««i_ rfCambodja when the last open criticism of the Soviet-led intervention of 1968 was stifled. Brezhnev and Kosygin are to and mutal assistance treaty Charles Gonzales, president of 110,000-member Student National Education Association, called for a nationwide student strike and there appeared to be Fixed Bayonets National Guardsmen with i fixed bayonets broke up a dern- ~b~v~27000~stUdefits-at today. Czechs who were not part of the organized welcome an-. .... . peareri to be ignoring the visit. \ onstration Public buildings and offices! Ohio State-University who were were hung with Soviet andich an t i n g "Remember Kent ' State." The Czechoslovak flags, but hardly any private apartments had flags-* despite officials' appeals that they be flown. Thousands of Czechoslovak army soldiers and police Were in the capital to maintain security. Organized formations of thc estimated'70,000-80,000 Soviet troops based in Czechoslovakia since the invasion were riot" seen in Prague. The Soviet leaders made an official call on President Ludvik- S. Svoboda at the Prague castle. In the afternoon they started political talks. Svohoda was also at the airport but the arrival ceremony was dominated by Brezhnev and Gustav Husak, Czechoslovak Communist parly first secretary who succeeded the liberal Communist party leader, Alexander Dubcek, year-agO; more than a guardsmen were withdrawn without explanation about an hour later. It took city and campus police to free Gov. Paul Laxalt's car from 300 demonstrators the University of Nevada Reno. In Washington, students from American University passed out leaflets to motor- Jsts — Secretary of Defense Melyin R. Laird among them — protesting Southeast Asia policy, they attached a copy to thc antenna of Laird's limousine and Laird, after speaking briefly with the students, continued to the Pentagon. Student leaders Tuesday night announced plans to disrupt, rush-hour traffic into Washington this morning. At the University of Maryland a faculty committee said THE DAY IN WASHINGTON WAJHINO OTON, 0.6. , M»r MW« WIREPHOTO (AP) First Down at Madison Dane County sheriff's deputies wrestle n protestor to the ground during an nnti- \var disturbance at the University of Wisconsin at Madison Tuesday. The violence took place as students demonstrated for a sei-ond day against the United States' invasion of ciimbodiu. Silent Vigil on Capitol Steps _Lilie-National Guard has agreed to leave the campus by noon today unless there were.further disturbances. About 350 faculty members said they would take over (AP)—!watch duties from the 500 ton was in the third day of a strike aginst the Cambodian invasion and announced that classes were being suspended for the remainder of thc semester. Among schools where presidents criticized the bodian intervention : for the march on House Saturdav. the White the Demonstrate at Texas Capitol AUSTIN. TEX. (AP) Flag Law Voted In MADISON HKlCillTS, MICH, i APi -- An emergency ordinance h;is been approved by the City Commission in this Detroit suburb making it a University of Montana, -Kansas J 0 n~the Texas-Capitoh-grounds 7"'' me ln ilt:t contemptuously State College and State University. Cam-j|j ce fj rcf j t car gas at several were the hundred anti-war demonstrators Michigan President Robbin Fleming of the University of Michigan suspended indoors. Tuesday, then drove them out of the Capitol with more gas and clubs, when the protesters fled against either the American or President Gave House and Senate leaders of both parties and members of Armed .Services Committees of the two houses an optimistic report on the progress of U.S. operations }n Cambodia. Officially proclaimed Sunday as Mother's Day. .-v Said he will nominate M". Helen D. Bentley, a former Baltimore Sun maritime editor, to a full 5-year term on the Federal Maritime Commission and to be its chairman. Gave Senate and House foreign policy committees a-jceport on U.S. operations in Cambodia. Senate Judiciary Committee approved by a 17-0 vote the nomination of Judge Harry A. Blackmun to be a Supreme Court justice. Commerce Committee approved a bill to establish the first federal minimum standards for product guarantees. Jiouse.__.. Executive and Legislative Reorganization Subcommittee. recommended that Congress turn down the President's plan fir set up ~<T domestic council with equal ranking with the National Security Council. Education Subcommittee heard a group of college presidents testify the death knell is sounding for small private colleges in the U.S. because of declining enrollments and rising costs. Agencies Pentagon announced U.S. warplanes "had conducted a fourth large-scale bombing strike on antiaircraft gun and missile positions in North Vietnam over the weekend. Federal Reserve Board cut 4ls.margin requirement for buying stock from 80 per cent to 65 per cent of the purchase price. 'Suspicious* Car At White House ;AYASHUlGTON^JlCL_iB1 TERS) — Police sealed WASHINGTON, D.C. Nearly 1,000 women . and ~a| guardsmen and police who have j participate in an anti-war rally, | f rom the street alongside the White House Tuesday while they towed away a parked car that falsely aroused their suspicion, classes today so students could j The demonstrators came j ry Ford Pickering, argued the j A U.S. park policeman said Michigan flag. The commission i ordinance' Mondav passed the night after off a 'its sponsor, Commissioner Hen-j Warns Israel Will Fight Russian Pilots for Egypt TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (REUTERS) - Prime Minister Golda Meir Tuesday said Israel would fight against Russian pilots flying for Egypt if that became necessary in self-defense.. of men assembled on the Capitol steps Tuesday in a silent vigil against the war in Indochina. Many of the protesters came from an adjourned national meeting of the League of Worn- i » Interviewed on the" Israeli Army radio station, Mrs. Meir said Israel is < not at war with the Soviet Union. "But if Russia sends pilots and they fly against us, and if they cause us to fight against them, then we shall have no choice," she said. Israel has no such" plans, "but if it should become necessary, then we shall not run away from our lines. We shall not concede our defense on account-of-whoever sits in the cockpit," Mrs. Meir said. The prime minister reiterated that Israel knew "beyond any doubt that Russian pilots are stationed in Egypt, flying planes with — we believe — Egyptian markings." "We do not seek opportunities to engage Russian pilots in combat; we do not even want to fight Egyptian pilots; we do not want to fight at all," Mrs. Meir said. Replying to questions, Mrs. Meir said Israel was in fact at war. . She said she believed Israel and the United States agreed in their attitude to Soviet entry into the Middle East. "Israel has always desired to live in friendship with the So viet Union, but Soviet Russia should not interfere in this part of the world. The U.S. does not want the Russians in this area either," Mrs. Meir said, Israeli Raids On Egypt, Jordan , TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (REUTERS) ..— Israeli Air Force jets blasted Egyptian'military tar- Bury Coffins Notre Dame University can celed all classes today, as die Northwestern where 3,000 stu- and University of New Mexico campus, President Ferrel Heady scheduled memorial services today for Hie Kent State slain. i The presidents of 37 east schools sent a petition to University of Texas ; T ,,., t ,ic,, bl ,c t s north of the Capitol. Four demonstrators were arrested and charged with parad- was needed because federal i the car was suspected of con without a permit. The City outlaw flag decals on automo- Pickering said, adding The ordinan which calls Uerald Warren said that nothing f ()1 . a maximum sentence of 90 : unusual was found inside. ays amj $500 f j, 1Ci wou)(1 not j N O bomb threat was received Council recently had turned down ts by lnc studont by the White House. The car was towed away simply because it seemed suspicious .Jor it to be meeting ot ine League 01 worn-1••-'""•;-•".; -•• -. r • . ^ "" "'idown requests by tne student: that there would be.instances it seemed suspicious .jor it to oe en Voters in another part of the | aents buried tour cottms in President Nixon criticizing his j Mobilization Committee for pa-: when wearing a flag sewn to a I parked just outside the White nitv ;memory of the Kent dead. Acion nn i;n; n c. TV,^ u;uu« u«,.,,«i .-1,10 ^nr-mite • :„„!._! ^u:_t ... n ..i.i u» iu«,,cn tvocf r.^e, ; memory of the Kent dead. There were scattered indications of campus support of the Cambodian intervention. The student newspaper "Daily Universe" at the Mormon Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, said: "We understand the rationale behind Mr. Nixon's decision and support him in it." _ city. During their noon-time stand in the warm sun, the women displayed small handpainted signs: "Peace Now;" "End the War;" "Quit Cambodia Now;" "Fight the War at Home;" "Not My Son Too." Participants said they heard about a vigil promoted by the staff of Representative Michael Harrington (Dem., Mass.), and arranged to join as individuals. Volcano Erupts ^strat™. In C*t«*A fs*x>Jr»*vrJi P'^—damaged - the ROTC in oouiii jjcefnnaj building at the Un j Ve r S ity of REKYJAVIK, t C E LAND! ldaho - lAP) — Mt. Helka, a volcano in southern .'Ice!and, erupted T/ues- Asian policies. The While House i rade permits. acknowledgeri receipt of the communication, but said Mr. Nixon has no immediate plans to meet with them. "The President, of course, understands the feelings of many students and faculty members on. the war and he respects the right" to express Two large windows' were bro- , missable and ken in Ca P ito1 dobrs - Twn cars ' would not. wefe d cd b firo or smokc 6 . jacket or shirt would be per- 'House East Gate. times when it! DIP IN CHILDREN STUDENTS, MARCH BUFFALO, N'.Y. (AP) -About 1,500 students chanting; ]9H3 anri two in 1964i the Health " " The Reserve Officers Train- i those feelings," Ronald Ziegler. d ing Corps (ROTC) program ; thp President's press secretary, wepe was a particular target of dem- j saicl The deans of 15 medical schools throughout the United State?, also sent a telegram to day, night and inhabitants has- tossed' a fire bomb was i the President urging a quick into the University of !-end_toJighIingJn Indochina. Utah.ROTC building but failed to ignite. The ROTC building at Founded In IMt Published every weekday morning 715 locust St. Vol. 151, No. 315 _^ e L^9 l H es ' '*-./P** May'*, 1970 gels on the Suez Canal twice j Tuesday and flew a two-hour sortie against Arab guerrilla bases in Jordan, a military spokesman reported here. All planes returned safely from the raids, which began with a two-hour raid on the Suez Canal Tuesday morning. The second raid of the day • was in the afternoon when the jets hit Arab guerrilla bases in the Jordan Valley intermittently for nearly two hours. The spokesman said the air strike was made against positions from which Arab guerrillas had fired Katyusha rockets at Israeli settlements Monday night. The jets hit Egypt again late i burning til/'began evacuating.,nearby jSeton Hall University in South areas: ' Orange, N.J., also was fire- News Offices OFFICE S k°£,u»t Street tun, ChM of Burtau ;r?rua Bids. UIPOM) In Wisconsin, Gov. Warren P. Knowles called up the National Guard' to~ deal with anti-war areas - |v/xa,, BC , «.„., «,.«, „»- _ disorders on the University'6f ; Twn nr morn lava streams bombed. Wisconsin campus in Madison., noUed down he sides oMhe About 500 University of Okla-|The mobilization came after a; poured down the. sides of the,^ ^^ ^^ with j n i ght O f violence during which! more than 100 police in an anti- \ hundreds of students set fires ROTC demonstration. Demon-! and smashed windows, stralors occupied the University ! In Washington. D.C., anti-war of Arizona ROTC building. Cancel Parade Remember Kent State" left a iand Welfare Minist(?r reported- rally at the State University at Buffalo Tuesday and marched Main street until they turned back in a brief clash with police. Windows were 'smashed in branch offices of the Marine Midland bank and the Manufacturers £ Traders Trust Co. bank along the line of march. There were no immediate reports of any arrests or injuries. '^OIL U MOSCOW, RUSSIA (REUTERS/ — Scientists have dis- TOKYO, JAPAN (AP) - The Covered oil in an extinct vol- average Japanese family haslcano, Uzou, on the Kamchatka 1.8 children, down from 2.3 iiY peninsula opposite Alaska, the Soviet news agency Tass said Tuesday. IF YOUR BANKSAYS 4,747-foot mountain. Ashes and debris rained on farms over a wide area. At Burfell, site of a newly inaugurated hydroelectric plant about 30 miles from the volcano, red hot stones from the exploding mountain broke car windows. There are few homes in the area. No casualties were reported immediately. Parrot Helps Save House From Fire PIN FOR MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER groups called for rallies and vigils on Thursday, a national | Kansas University canceled an ROTC parade scheduled for Friday. ROTC uniforms were burned at the City College campus of the City University of New York. The faculty at Rutgers Uni- GAMBRIDGE, E N G L A N DJ vcrsit V- sta ^ university of New (REUTERS) — Polly the Par-1 Jersey, voted to phase out the rot'j? habit of screeching "fire"l ROTC program, as did the Fac! every time he saw something j "Uy Senate at Case Western i burning saved the 300-vear-old I Reserve University in Cleve- day of mourning Friday and a! march on the White House Saturday. "If there is still a campus in this country which has not yet struck against these crimes of the Nixon administration, we call on them to Join us immediately," said Carol Lipman, Traditional circlo pin In 12k gold filled or sterling silver with simulated birthstone of each Child. 12.50 national executive secretary of j Immediate Delivery Tuesday afternoon attacking military targets in the southern sector of the Suez Canal intermittently for 75 spokesman said. minutes, the thatched cottage of his owners Tuesday. Firemen were called by Perek Barrett, Polly's owner, and prevented the blaze at the bouse from spreading. land. Also in New Jersey, Prince- the Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam. Another anti-war group, the New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, called HELZBERG THE "I AM LOVED"«JEWELRY PEOPLE 521 Walnut Mother'* Day U May 10 By m«ll oo R.F.D. route* la low* «nd Iowa town* .where nellher ReoWer nor Tribunt *rr er-urv u i available, tzs ft ««"l«*Vlo*a, I3I4N" ci«s» posuse paid at Des All unsolicited manuscripts, articles, let- ten *nd picture* tear to The ResiMer are »rJfie owner's r!*K and Dtt Moinet ribime Company e*preuly liability or.responilbfiTly Mrtf »r«» owner-* ReaUter «nd Tribu custody cr return. When a storm is about to strike warns you Last Two Days May 6 & 7th in Des Moines CUSTOM TAILOR ARE YOU HARD TO FIT? lU-li Suit io Measure Clothing from 10,000 Imported Fabrics—Full Satisfaction Guaranteed. 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