Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 16, 1972 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1972
Page 11
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CHANGING STUDENTS BENtON, III. (AP) - High school students today are less respectful, less interested in being attractive and less informed than students In past years. That is the opinion of Ellen Burkhart, a Benton Consolidated High School English teacher who is retiring after 45 years. "It seems to me there is a lack of respect - they're not as respectful as they used to be," she said. "Nobody opens doors for me anymore." THWARTS HOLDUP IRVING, Tex. (AP) - Two Irving businessmen are putting on the market an electronic safe which they think can foil holdups at grocery stores and service stations. Charles Williams and Joe Arrington say the new device is time controlled and designed to serve as a safe place for a day's receipts. It doles out change periodically and only in small amounts. It gives the clerks adequate funds for making change but not enough to make them a target for holdup men. STRENGTH IS COSTLY LONDON (AP) - When Anthony Hoyle and his brother-in- law stole the wheels from a parked car they didn't need a jack to lift the vehicle. Inspector Harry Glover told the Oldham, Lancashire, magistrates: "Hoyle is a powerfully built man - he lifted the car bodily while the other man took the wheels off." Hoyle, 24, was fined 139 and his brother-in-law, George Davis, 28, was fined $52 and ordered to pay $104 restitution. Television And Radio NEW YORK (API - Leonardo da Vinci, who painted the Nona Lisa and died more than 400 year* ago, Memi likely to emerge as, if not television's man of the year, at least its man of the summer. CBS announced in March that it would present a five-part summer series dramatizing the Ufa and works of the IMh century painter-inventor-architect- adentist. The programs were made for and originally shown on the Italian television net- Malcolm Hinkle, Inc. 1925 N. Hebart 669*7421 Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Sttflt tri StrviM PLASTIC FISHING FLOAT With Bach t«il...Mort $QO95 Comfortable Than Ordinary Ploatl W T MINNOW BUCKET It Float*—Guaranteed 5 Yvara *3 25 Temperature A Depth Finder for Accuracy In FUhlna, 95 No. 150 GARCIA REEL With 1SU»T««tlln« WHIU THIY LAST *14 95 Oklahoma and Texat Fishing Licenses PAMPA TENT & AWNING CO. 317 I. Brawn, Highway 60 Cat* 645-1541 work. CBS acquired them, frankly, became of the re- aaonse to and preatlfe gained tat summer when It broadcast "The Six Wives of Henry VIII," a six-part import from British television. NBC, earlier this month, announced it would present an hour-long special called "Leonardo: To Know is to See" on June 20. Since the CBS series had long been scheduled for five consecutive Sunday nights starting Aug. 13. this suggested a Leonardo competition. "I have no doubt that the NBC hour can only help CBS," said Chandler Cowles, producer of the hour-long program. "Our program is concerned with Leonardo's paintings, sketches, models and even his music, played from notes we found among the Da Vinci ar- chives in Windsor Castle, The CBS programs are dramatizations and there should be more Interest in his life because of our show." Cowles' special was shot as an educational film under a grant from International Business Machines (for an unrevealed amount believed to be around 1500,000) to the National Gallery in Washington. It was designed originally for use in schools and colleges. "We were in Ktirope a and shot 40,000 feet about seven hours," Cowles ••Id. "We have been going through the agony of cutting it, first to two hours, then one, since January. The National Gallery people saw the rough cut, were impressed, and word leaked out. A man from NBC in Washington saw it and said he would like it. pe a year of fmV*». Seat Cover Headquarters • Cuttom-Made or Heady-To-lnstall • Auto and Pick-Up Scats Rebuilt • Door Panels Rebuilt Hall Tire Co. 665.4741 flic J9 a m pa Daily News For The Week Of June 16, Through June 22,1972 Friday Evening 6:30 4-High Chaparral 7-Bcwilched 10-Green Acres 7:00 7-JacquesCousteau 10-0'Hara. U.S. Treasury 7:30 4-Movie. "I Thank A Fool" 8:00 7-Room 222 10-Movie. "Crawlspace" 8:30 7-Odd Couple 9:00 7-Love. American Style 9:30 4-Auto Racing 7-U.S. Open Preview 10-GovcrnorandJ.J. 10:00 4.10-News. Weather. Sports 7-News, Weather. Hotline. Sports 10:30 4-Johnny Carson 10-Movie. "Cutter's Trail" 10:40 7-Rona Barrett 10:45 7-Perry Mason 11:45 7-Dick Cavett 12:00 4-News 12:05 4-Paul Abalos 12:30 10-News MOTOROLA QUASAR *499 121 "COLOR TV. REMOTE CONTROL WITHOUT REMOTi CONTROL M69.95 95 [[JOHNSON TetevWen 4MS. Cvyfar CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING GETS RESULTS Saturday 6:30 7-This Is the Answer 6:45 10-Cartoons 7:00 4-Dr. Dolittle 7-Jerry Lewis 10-Bugs Bunny 7:30 4-Deputy Dawg 7-Road Runner 10-Scooby Doo 8:00 4-Woody Woodpecker 7-Funky Phantom 10-Harlem Globetrotters 8:30 4-Pink Panther 7-Jackson Five 10-Hclp! It's the Hair Bear Bunch! 9:00 4-Jetsons 7-Bewilched 10-Pebbles and Bamm Bamm 9:30 4-Barrier Reef 7-Lidsville 10-Archie's TV Funnies 10:00 4-TakeaGiant£iep 7-Curiosity Shop l»-Sabrina, the Teenage Witcnn 10:30 10-Jo.sie and the Pussycats 11:00 4-Mr. Wizard 7-Johnny Quest 10-Monkees 11:30 4-Uugaloos 7-Lancelot Link 10-You Are There 12:00 4-Farm and Home 7-American Bandstand 10-CBS Children's Film Festival 12:30 4-Your Own Backyard 1:00 4-Baseball Pre-Game Show 7-Movie. "Ski Parly" Sunday 6:30 7-Chrislopher Closeup 7:00 4-Encounter 7-Three Stooges 10-Gospel Hour 7:30 4-Your Questions, Please 7-Gospel Music 10-Revival Fires 8:00 4-Day of Discovery 10-Oral Roberts 8:30 4-Life for Laymen 7-Popcye 10-Church Service. Baptist 9:00 4-Human Dimension 7-Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad 9:30 4-Rex Humbard 7-Here Come the Doubledeckers 10-lnsight 10:00 7-Bullwinkle 10-Religious Questions 10:30 4-This Is the Life ' 7-MakeaWish 10-Face the Nation 11:00 4-Faith for Today 7-Lost in Space 10-Movie. To Be Announced 11:30 4-Herald of Truth 12:00 4-Meet the Press 7-News. Weather. Sports 12:30 7-To Be Announced 12:45 7-Baseball Pre-GameShow 12:55 7-Baseball 10-AAU International Champions 2:30 4-Beethoven's Missa Snlpmnis 10-Movie. To Be Announced 1:15 4-Baseball 3:00 7-Wide World of Sports 10-Wrestling 4:00 4-Bill Anderson 4:30 4-Bowling 7-Golf Tournament 5:00 10-Sportsman's Friend 5:30 4-NBC News 10-Buck Owens 6:00 4-LawrenceWelk 7-News. Weather. Sports 10-News. Weather, Sports. Paul Harvey 6:30 7-Hcellaw 10-Lassic 7:00 4-Kmergi-ncy! 10-AII in the Family 7:30 7-Movie. "A Boy Ten Feet Tall" 10-Mary Tyler Moore 8:00 4-Movie. "Show Boat" 10-Dick Van Dyke 8:30 10-Arnie 9:00 10-Mission: Impossible 10:00 4-News. Weather. Sports 7-ABC News 10-News, Weather, Sports. Paul Harvey 10:15 7-News. Weather. Sports 10:30 10-Boxing 10:45 4-Movie. "Istanbul!" 7-Itoller Derby 11:30 10-Movie. "The Racers" 11:45 7-Movie. "Prisonersof War" Monday Evening 1:00 4-Parade of Champions 1:30 4-Lee Trevino 2:00 4-Sports Challenge 3:30 7-CalloftheWest 10-CBS Tennis Classic 4:00 4-Monroes 7-Golf Tournament 10-KidTalk 4:30 10-Anima! World 5:00 4-Wild Kingdom 10-60 Minutes 5:30 4-NBC News 6:00 4-News, Weather. Sports 10-News, Weather, Sports. Paul Harvey 6:30 4-World of Disney 10-Movie, "Welcome Home, JohnnyBristol" 7:00 7-FBI 7:30 4-Jim my Stewart 8:00 4-Bonanza 7-Friars Roast Joe Namath 8:30 10-Cade's County 9:00 4-Bold Ones 7-To Be Announced 9:30 10-Death Valley Days 10:00 4-News, Weather, Sports 7-ABC News 10-News, Weather, Sports, Paul Harvey 10:15 7-News, Weather. Sports 10:30 4-Wagon Train 10-Movie, "A Breath of Scandal" 6:30 4-Sanford and Son 7-1 Dream of Jeannie 10-Untamed World 7:00 4-Baseball Pre-GameShow 7-Perpetual People Puzzle 10-Gunsmoke 7:15 4-Baseball 8:00 7-Movie. "The Sheriff of FracturedJaw" 10-Here's Lucy 8:30 10-Doris Day 9:00 10-Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour 10:00 4.10-News, Weather. Sports 7-News. Weather, Hotline, Sports 10:30 4-Johnny Carson 10-Movie. "A Global Affair" 10:40 7-Rona Barrett 10:45 7-Perry Mason 11:45 7-Dick Cavett 12:00 4-News Tuesday Evening 6:30 4-Ponderosa 7-Mod Squad 10-Jerry Reed 7:30 4-lmagination: Father of Invention 7-Movie. "Two For the Money 10-Hawaii Five-0 8:30 4-Leonardo: To Know How to See 10-Cannon 9:00 7-MarcusWelby, M.D. 9:30 4-This Is Your Life 10-Wrestling 10:00 4.10-News. Weather. Sports 7-News. Weather, Hotline, Sports 10:30 4-Johnny Carson 10-Movie, "On the Town" 10:40 7-Rona Barrett 10:45 7-Perry Mason 11:45 7-l)ick Cavett READ MAINLY ABOUT PEOPLE TODAY ? Wednesday Evening 6:30 4-High Chaparral 7-1 Dream of Jeannie 10-Rollin'on the River 7:00 7-The Super 10-Mclba Moore and Clifton Davis 7:30 4-Cutler 7-Petticoat. Junction 8:00 7-Movie. "If A Man Answers" 10-Medical Center 9:00 4-Night Gallery 10-Mannix 10:00 4.10-News. Weather. Sports 7-News. Weather, Hotline. Sports 10:30 4-Johnny Carson 10-Movie. "The Day They Robbed the Bank of England" 10:40 7-Rona Barrett 10:45 7-Perry Mason 11:45 7-Dick Cavett 12:00 4-News 12:15 10-News Thursday Evening 6:30 4-Adam-I2 7-Stand Up and Cheer 10-Mayberry. R.F.D. 7:00 4-NBC Adventure Theater 7-Alias Smith and Jones 10-My World and Welcome to It 7:30 10-My Three Sons 8:00 4-Ironside 7-Longstreet 10-Movie. "Assignment K" 9:00 4-Dean Martin 7-Owen Marshall. Counselor at Law 10:00 4.10-News. Weather. Sports 7-News. Weather, Hotline Sports 10:30 4-Johnny Carson 10-Movie. "Signpost tc Murder" 10:40 7-Rona Barrett 10:45 7-Perry Mason 11:45 7-Dick Cavett FOR BEST COLOR AND B&WTV RECEPTION... Get on the Cable! Just Pennies A Day...Call PAMPA CABLE TV 1423 N. Hohart Ph. 665-2381 Daytime Schedule 6:15 10-Film 6 -.30 7-Kindergarten 6:40 7-Farm. News, Weather 6:45 10-Farm and Market 6:55 4-Farm and Market 7-telectric Company 7:00 4-Today 10-CBS News 7:25 7-News and Weather 7:30 7-Cartoons 10-News and Weather 7:35 10-TuggifTime 8:00 7-S. -'me Street 10-Ci. : n Kangaroo 9:00 4-Dinah Shore 7-Gilligan's Island 10-LucilleBall 9:30 4-Coricentralion 7-Jeffs Collie 10-My Three Sons 10:00 4-Sale of the Century 7-Flintstones 10-Family Affair 10:30 4-Hollywood Squares 7-Bewitched 10-Love of Life 11:00 4-Jeopardy 7-Password 10-Where the Heart Is 11:25 10-CBS News 11:30 4-Who, What or Where 7-Spl it Second 10-Search for Tomorrow 11:55 4-NBC News 12:00 4-News 7.10-News, Weather. Farm 12:20 10-Lucille Rivers 12:30 4-ThreeonaMatch 7-Let'sMakeaDeal 10-As the World Turns 1:00 4-Days of Our Lives 7-Ncwlywed Game 10-Love Is a Many Splendored Thing 1:30 4-Doctors 7-l)atingGame 10-Guiding Light 2:00 4-Another World 7-General Hospital 10-Secret Storm 2:30 4-Return to Peyton Place 7-One Life to Live 10-Edge of Night 3:00 4-Somerset 7-Love, American Style 10-Amateur's Guide to Love 3:30 4-Movie 7-Daniel Boone |0-Rifleman 4:00 10-Star Trek 4:30 7-1 Love Lucy 5:00 7-Petticoat Junction 10-Truth or Consequences 5:30 4-NBC News 7-ABC News 10-CBS News 6:00 4.7,10-News, Weather. Sports MMM DAILY NtWS )npl , '' I'AMI'A. TEXAS (WlhYRAR Friday. June l«. 1972 A Computerized Concert, No Less Ky KRNKSTINK (.UttUKLMO COMPUTER CONCERT—Whirl . . . click . . . Jones, Mary, 123 4th Avc.—eligible to buy tickets for concert. Notify. The elaborate system for obtaining tickets for The Rolling Stones' New York concert makes you stop and wonder If it's worth all the trouble. According to the rules, to get tickets (all priced at fff.SO) you have to send your request on a postcard, no money, with tickets limited to four per person. Postcards will be selected at random and processed by a computer. The lucky ones chosen will get the announcement in the mail. Then they must pick up the tickets on the date indicated by the machine. An independent certified public accounting firm will supervise the selection process and make sure the computer isn't playing favorites. The alternative: No limit to the number of tickets which can be sold and selected stores selling the tickets. And what happens? New York offers a series of low- priced concerts during the summer and everything isn't going smoothly. Low-priced concerts have attracted big- time hustlers who manage to buy all the tickets and then sell them for three or four times as much as the face value. So there's a good reason for computerizing. RKVNITK FOR THE NIGHT—The rumors about I'eter, I'aul and Mary cominy together for a benefit for Sen. Georoe McGovern are true. Simon and Garfunkel will also 'sing together for the very last time for this benefit. MICK IN THE MOVIES—Mick Jagger will play Billy the Kid in a movie of Michael McClure's play, "The Beard." THK ODD COUI'LE—Alice. Cooper and entourage will have to tone down a little for tlieir next concert. Cooper will be appearing at a benefit for the Muscular Dystrophy Association in Nazareth, ['a. Later in the year, Cooper will give the money from the benefit to Jerry Lewis duriny his annual telethon. RING AROUND—Nothing can dull the nerves more than watching the war droning on the TV set while people go about their normal lives. There's an atrocious monotony to the listings of the numbers of war dead and people missing in action. So many people have gotten used to the war. Unfortunately, the monotony seems to be broken only by major escalations, which remind people that the horror is still going on. It's important that there arc some people who arc still concerned with the state of the world, who have not given up and are working for something better. Joan Baez and Coretta King—to name two—are organizing "Ring Around the Capital," a march on Washington by women and children. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) HAPPY RAND by International Shoe Co. PATENT FINISH HI-HEEL 2-tone Widths B-C-D *20 oo You Never Have To Wait at Kyle's All white or all black. Widths B-C Free Gift Wrapping THE NEW LOOK For extra wear! Padded cushion about the ankle Several Colors. e Shoes *1 2"° ,o *24" SPECIAL- MEN'S SHOES Big Selection: Choice Styles, Colors. MO*. 2..M9 SPECIAL: MEN'S KEDS Group: Reg. »6 VV Ideal Fishing Shoes $2 88 / ' C 7. O ij 1 1' .t _ ri n v ^ )fi oi'.\ (In- Hi,, HI- .,1 M.J...I ..... 109 N. Cuylei ,,1 ku.,-1 Mini". 669-9442

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