The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 17
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 17

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 17
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CAMPAIGNING FOR '60 Nixon Strives for Image of the Man Americans Will Trust to Keep Peace WASHINGTON — (NEA) — Vice President Nixon, the most important understudy in U. S. history, reaches now for the crest of power. He thinks his countrymen may award it to the man they trust most to hold the peace in a barely peaceful world. Sitting in his ornate Ciipitoi office at a desk clean of papers, coiled in the tense repose of a man who vSpends every moment in dead earnest. Nixon tells you only a' steep economic plunge may turn voters in 1960 from their quest for a president judged first as a fit guardian of their freedoms. He sees this search as one made among men as men, for be believes Republicans and Democrats will stand side by side for a strong defense and a firm face toward Russia. Real party differences ov^r the roles of private enterprise and government in domestic affairs may be shunted to the background. ^'^'X controversy hisiget supplies for "Nixon's Mar- The ironic contrast in this P"'"*'^"" offensives have stirred.Ikel," his father's grocery store S^nafor 'Shorty' fo i'Foofer BOSTON — (/T) -- It finally happened Iridny— someone called Dcnuuralii" Sen, Kevin B. Harrington of Salem "Shorty." Harrington is six fret, nine Inches tall and he has never been called that before. It was a Senate visitor who called Harrington "Shorty," The visitor. Conrad Furrows, 38. of West- fieid, is eight feel, one inch tall. |1" IIJ |i .llUHIil |,.|li ,lJM |HiMii NIAV SIAIMP The Post Offiie ncpartnicnl iclcascil this photo of n 7-cent commemorativr air mail stamp. It is to he issued the day Hawaii is formally admltird statehood. 'I'he color will be announced later. Firecracker Injures 10 at Parade RACtNE ACNDAT BtTLLETIK July 1»5I Se«. 1. I ^tt* Mf BritishJetPilot Wins" London-Paris Air Race Vice President Nixun: lie plays to win and always has. prospect does not trouble Nixon. At 46, he reflect.s a tantalizing blend of conflicting elements. The fine seams engraved on his boyish face record the personal ordeal.s that have sprung from this mixture. Controversy and crisis dog himP[ another all Men ask whether a possibly "divisive force" can forge an undivided country. Some jwho put the question once helped shove Ni.von to the front line. Pushed Into political battles his installed in a converted Quakeriformal diplomatic meeting house. jless the charges Delicate Paths Nature equipped him poorly :for football, but he spurred his teammates from the bench for LONDON—(/D—A British jet flier qualified as the English Clinnncl's fastest traveler by liiklnp the top prize in the big I race bet ween the centers of I London and Paris. Squadron Leader Charles Manghan of the Royal Air I'orce collected S.OOn pounds (SM.OOn) for his 40 minute, '1! second dash from the Arc of Triumph in Paris to Lon-1 don 's Marble Arch. 11 Days of Noise The skies above both cities A crowd watched thcihave buzzed with the noiise of downtown parade, held in con- helicopters and jet planes ncction with the 'list annual throughout the II days of the convention of the Missouri i ;ontost, It wn.s organized by department of llie Legion. itho London Daily Mail In com- imemornto the noth anniversary on sus- i>acn ^aiurciav, miiiciing sugni fr-L D,,LL: Icmnl "'^ VAwifi nieriol 's tvnilbla/.ing picion of stealing. leg wounds on ten persons. .^"'Cr KQDD OT ISrOCI „ie Knglish Chan A U.S. spokesman victims were taken to DieS AftCr Long IllnCSS said that Bohlen protested lo" lu)spital in an nmbuhuKe atnli .ll^RDSALLM - i/P) Or, . H-^ n-mpelKors could r. All were treated andilsnac Hnlevy Herlzog, 71, chief released. Witnesses saiil llie fire KANSAS CII'Y U. S. Asks Repudiation of Filipino Accusation i MANILA — (-^1 — U.S.j Ambassador Charles E. Bohlen j has asked the Philippine gov- 1 firecracker, apparently thrown ernment to repudiate a charge'from an American Legion pa- iby a provincial official that 20 rade vrliiclc. foil into a crowdi I'ilipinos were murdered at a in front o( the Hotel Muehic ;U.S. Air Force base on sus- l)ac)) Saturday, infliciing slight |^Q()|)J of IsrOCi combination of motorcycle, helicopter and jet. Maughan, 35, used this method. Nothing >that moved on wheels or wings wa« barred in the cross-country part of the race. Methods of transport ranged from roller skates to n horse and buggy. A Plutonian year (one revolution of the planet Pluto around the sun) takes 247.7 earth years. Foreign Secretary Fclixberto Serrano orally a week ago and told him that he would file a protest un-^cracker were wilh-i drawn. Bohlen has ah appointment to sec Serrano on Monday. steadily. Blows from Opposition If no vice president ever has life, he hardly fits the stereo type of easy conviviality generally expected in politicians. years. In his brief moments on field, his eagerness drove htn\j "offside" so often a linesman ';always,kept the penalty marker! police car. All were treated andll.saacHalevyHertzog. 71, chiefj^-'^""^^ '"^""^ "f ' rabbi of Israel, died Saturday!,,, ^j,,,^, „f ,„,„^ ^^,1 morning after a long illness. Hipy hin\ to cross the channel, Hert/.og's son, .lacob. is min- by air. ister and charge d'affaires at Horse In the Ac( he Israeli emba.ssy in Wash In the end, the only cnmpcti came from a model locomotive in which members!, of the SI. Louis chapter of the Forty and Light Society were .riding. inglon. live method proved (o be the WHERE YOU SAVE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Racina't ONLT FEDIRAL Savlngt b Loan Aii'n. 3009 Wotk. Ava.«Wtif Raelna His smile, a trifle wintry. doeSi'"^"^y" not come quickly to a face! Through high school, college given a somber cast by his and law .school, his record glit- dark brows and full jowLs. tered with As and Bs even Still. NLxon has been riding l^rifl^'tnlin" 1 a rocket since he leaped into "f- , ^. ' The champion school debat-lpolitics 1.1 year.s ago None ofi ^o one who knows him the persistent volleys of anti-|"iinks he will now. with thej matched his stature and influence, no party politician ever has had to stand longer a.s target for the opposition's raining blows. er, who In seventh grade ar gued the proposition that insects are more helpful than harmful, brought the storm about his head when he began shouting the affirmative on: Resolved, that Democrats are more harmful than helpful. The Nixon his critics brand AS a political immoralist who would crush men's reputations to get votes grew up under Quaker discipline. As a youth he broke the leash but once, to climb through the dean's tran- missile missiles from his dedicated detractors has knocked him down. Hive of Activity White House on the horizon. He faces realistically the possi-i bility his massive professional! party .support, fed by gratitude, for his grinding campaign ef-l In SIX years a.s'standby orr^ns. could melt away beforei Presiden Eisenhower the vice^he Rockefeller threat, president has turned his office from fodder for the comics into a hive of activity. Working without a shred of genuine executive authority, he has made himself master politician (practicing and consulting), congres- som to steal a look at his jaw'^'o^^'-^hite mediator, school grades igoodwill ambassador to four Once entered In combat. he|^°"^*"'^"l^a"^ influential con- one-man assault force,i«»lf«1^ «"d adviser to Ihe ad- is a driven by powerful competitive! "V"'^l':«^'°" through huiidreds; instincts instilled by his parents. Yet Nixon tells you he has no love for campaign rough , ^ „ , and tumble, says he prefers 8"?^'^^''d- EaH Mazo, canvass the lawyer-like contemplation of cabinet and National Security Council meetings. Whatever Nixon touches he ing his career in the book, "Richard Nixon," found that he punished every challenge with; 'driving intensity. He has delicate paths toll tread to hold both conservatives and liberals with him. But; this is the man"who three timcs!| stepped gingerly past the Eisenhower sick bed when one false move would have erased him' from the future slate. Nixon knows controversy spins about him. He is ready* jto show he can win despite it,' by entering the 1960 primary; lists against Rockefeller. AndJ he plainly hopes the telling image will be of him as a man, Americans may trust to keepi themselves safe. i Africa Leads World of the issues. Partisan Offensives He is the man who plays to Hard work was the crucible- n '«mrt «,l ^t'^^ win and has always won (save,that produced the Nixon whO| I'lamona rroaUCTIOn a single school election). But now strides leagues ahead of CAPE TOWN—Ninety-seven the danger tha^ stalks his pres-his nearest GOP presidential per cent of the world's dia- Idential hopes is that many key rival. Gov. Nelson Republicans will, in the end, be feller of New York, governed by fear that he can-: not win. A. Rocke- monds are mined in Africa. Current world diamond pro- Asa young man in Whittier.duction of about 2.'} million Calif., he made pre-dawn tripsicarats a year would fill about Such fear may be grounded'many miles to Los Angeles loi?.') bushel baskets. WATER'S FOR PLAYING IN-BUT SEVEN-UP IS YOUR real thirst-quencher! Nothing does it like Seven-Up! No Down Payment 36 Monthi To Pay • Twists • free Bark • Scrolls • Florals, efc. 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