The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 22, 1931 · Page 13
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 13

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

1OEWS, mDElICK. MD, TUESDAY. DECSMBEB 22, 1BS1. Jiitdren Make Known More Of Their Wants To Santa Claus ear Santa Claut: OK, bat, gloies. ila*. cedar ctkest. · candy. orasjes and naa, also Frances Carte, Boydi. _j Santa' Piease bri2g aae feigfc choet, Indian glares, drum, Hon. iti*. soj pipe, a gun, some candy, aad Magerlaes. W. Kenarta C*r- JT, Bores. Claus. Please conae to jae and bring aae a tea set. area*, shoes, candy. BUIS aad M. Mary Louise Carlin. Bojds. Santa: Will you piease * tricycle, popgras, sxry book, traet- eaaiy. nuts and oranges. Hear! tcr, B^irkKtsviIIe. ear Sana.- Please bnng nie a pop. mouii organ, tricjcle and candy. I and oranges, and don't target ie and Arthur. CarroSl HuCer, kltteiii* tear Santa daus: Please bring me -l^ied coat, gssa. bows, a pair glores. somecaing for pair of arctics, a Jo2. a little Iron, bas 0J candy and oranges, and bring little sister a rattier and ssics of peppermint candy.-- Catharine Gesenere Dear Santa: Please bring me a doB. a pair ol arctics, gum bar. ircn. candy aad oranges.-- Margaret Alice Vage. Woodsboro. Dear Santa Claas: Please bnsg aie a kiddie car. a Uttie irox set of dJsaes. doSl baby, candy, nuts and orange*.-- oranges aad remember b»by aicter.-- Petsr and Beverly Jtort. 17 But Fat- nek street. Dear Santa: Pfeaae briat m * doll with rcSer skates and one vita long curls, a *et of dishes, games, clothes. wick. Dear Santa. Please brtn» a» * 4cU bair. can. a little broom, candy, nuts and oranges.-- Betty Itoti Breeden. Brusvick- Dear SaaU: Pfeate brine a» a little Ue wagon. Ray Duncan. IjamsrUl*. Dear Santa: Please bring me a doll and cradle, candy, nuts and oranges Crebbs. Frederick. Route 3 Richard Eugene cariiy, nuts and oranges--Geraidiae broom, telephone, candy, nuts and or- Bker Ford, 317 East Patrick street. an auto, and candy. WUes. M)ersviUe Dear San:* Cla^ Dun t forkct to b-^ae me a aajou. A licelosirrow . -j-c\c Dear Santa: Please bring me a gua. [oranges, nuts and caady Bi-ile Wisc- a toy automobile, candy, nuts and or- , ner, 314 West south street anges. David B C«bb». Frederick, Dear Santa. Please brirsj ax- - blacs- aLr«et --DnjclOa Breeden. Brunswick. Kx::e 3 A.paa Dear Santa: I vish yoa would bring j jjar sas;a Clau: Please bnag me a ate a Irtsle aawmobl. aad a caoo- i s^ tisat cries, a del! cama**. bed choo traia 11th moat candy aad auts j aa i chair, for her, candy, aat» *no --Paul Om. l*»ri*wro orangca aad a tree, and soae toys Dear Santa- Piease Swiag me a desk f 0r Jackie-- Mary L*u»e Biggs, I^me some boots, gaaaes. a *ason, a china x:in tea set some nats. oranges and candy. ia- Santa Ctaas' Pfease bring me --Elizabeth KseMer, WajkersvlE-e. Dear Santa: Please bring nie a steam roller, steam shotei. foostjall. spoors, story bcoi, cancy, oranges and' 1" me a a Siie. a b.g io.l. set ol oisnes. pair o! bedroom sLpptrs. kr.:»«s. forks and Leaora Vlrpnia Bdwards, CHrtaburg. i SOEC* candy, nuts and oranges and don't s j^g --Anna Fraley. Thsiransnt. Route ! Dear Santa: Fase bring aae a teddy ' iorge: GSenn --Geae Lare. WalkersvJle | Dear Sacta I *aat a choo-choo train bear, a rat-ch. baby doll dreiss. t»ja| Dear Santa: Please bring nie a set | S raj ccOl. a^a an automob .« w:th b^ baby dolls, a pair of na.re_ng- sappers o! a-b-c blocks, a toy pistol. story t_res --James Sii2 and tr:se my tre* --Margare: Croae. i oooi, a sidenralk bike, caady. nuts aad Middietoaa. board, doll and onse Frederick ,r.:a XV :i you r- [sad set oj'dahes, plenty ol nuts aad ! sx a train of cars, box of candy Connie Smith. , aaL soaoe garrt.* Sillle Slrnmoi,. 324 | Dear Santa Claus pleas* bring me an j N«th Bec'-z street i a-r rifle a dxjnp track aad liuie auto- Drar S*r:i W..1 rcu picas* b-lns a» ajob.'- -3 ride in, an elephant, a ' » coil bav sr.d ra". a:xi a. r.ew drrss | game c *«r game sxam roller. 8r« j Dear Sai/a I -*ant a Tom engine a S-inday sa eater. poii. wagon. Jxwii. a do.: aad oranges Al- b-s b'cTcle 3:xi j-wc f \V S''rr-i 2P7 R £««·.: Dear Sa- "\ P'.- **f br to Dear Santa Claas: Please brae 1 orar^es --Franklin Stottleaiyer, a warn. Route 1 big doll, a little baby carnage ' Dear Santa- Please brjag me a black- andy lea Eauard WIi«5. MyersTllx Dear Santa Clans I Trouid like hone a pair of hifhtop shoes, a of 2ocfc. lightning raider sled, a Sunday cap and sweater, a pair of boo'-*. pair o: s-ppers, a school bus. j tablet and *om« peocOs. aa at riflr nuts and orange* acd don't («nd sjrpr!** package and pas* trim sLs:er La\i«r and lasogene ' trie tr«e Ernest Floyd Wis, Myers- Dear Santa. Please bring me a nea sui: tae w.:h l^-nltar j-we ^xiics Ruth Te-rae* yt -"" a doll. Mt '· 1 re toa-x\or \--« O--- G book, ar.d a Sa'-n.-'Ot- Et-"f ~ Man Storai -C7 R«^k-*f.: ier- j\a a kiddie car. candy, nuts aad oranges n^aoed coIX a cradle. cand. nuts ar.i shoemaker. Frederick, Route S. --Hilda Adkias, Middietowa. oranges--Glacys Wachter. Woodsboro Q,,, santa: Please bring me a high j Dear San'-a CSaws- Please briag me a Dear Santa. Wi^ yoa pleas* brag me . Dear Santa: Please bring me a p.nk! c hay. jueaier. boots, and some cand pair of high-op shoes, a Sunday cap A" auv m a'io cor" picier and hcsk- er s t*o «ork ol 16 nirn and has its appearance _:j n'lctLe-'ieEtein iric train, sonse caady aad auto. Uk Allen Gardner. Jr.. Mi. Airy. «»r Santa: Piease briag aie a tra«- a Christmas stocking, some caady, | · and oranges. Robert E. Doaslfe, i odsboro (ear Santa: Please bring me a cboo- :raia «?" some caadr. nuts aad nges. Elmer Doasife. Woodsboro. ear Santa: Please bring m« a game, i called Orphan Annie, a set of deling clay, some caady, nuts aad ages. Ophelia Donal/e. Woodsboro. tear Santa Claus: Please bring me a I of suppers with roses oa. a cook- jet, pair cf stockings, a book satchel, idy, nuts and oranges aad a tre*. Louise Stroup. 228 East Seventh Wt. 3ear Saata Claus: Please bring so* a S of high top shoes, a wrist watch, 1 of cloches, story book, caady, nuts 1 oranges. Howard Milton Stroup. 228 * Seventh street. ear Santa Claus: Please bring me a kbag. a-nauoa game, two tablets. See set, candy, nuis, oranges aad^a· ·Meivia !ee Wachter, 33 East th street. Jear Santa: Whea you.come this year ag crayon, games, a i^mall doll, ratn- t and a surprise slocking, candy ts and orang*5. Betty Barthlow, ·derick. ear Santa: Please bring us a com- te doll outfit, scrap books, games, yoas, auts, candy aad oranges, aad ase bring small sister aa Orphan ate doll. Peggy. Helen aad Bertha ua, Frederics. Jear Santa: please bring me a jungle lery, a box of crayons, a music box, ikaife, some books, cornet and a OL Donald W. Clem, Frederick, ate 3. Jear Santa: Please briag me a !M!e », a. rconkey on a string, a ball with 6er in :t and a duci swimming, oed- slippers with rabbus on them, DO-cnoo train and music box, and nember Millard and Buddy. George SCK. MiddletoTm Dear Santa: Would you please brmg a little baby doll thac says mama, ·ei o* unoreakable dishes, toy tele- one, aluminium plate with a-b-c's on two pairs of anklets and please re- anber Cnarlotte. E^abela Minaick, ddletown Jear Santa: Please bring me a little , ^picture book with alphabet, jack- the-bos, a little dog thai says bow- w, and a new silk dress, candy, or- ges and nuts and toys for us alL ie "VTmnlrfr, ^LddletO^TIl. £ear Santa Claus. Please bring me a baby, ra_n. coat and cap, umorella d galoshes, oranges, nuts and candy, d bring Edith LaRae a doll baby, isical coy aad olocks. Dorotcy Louise meet*. 27 Bast Seventh, street. Jear Santa Please bring me a. set ol Cks, ro^er skaMs, story books acd lot* oranges, nuts and caady. Alphoaso BE, near Frederics. Jear Santa. Please bnag me a com- nlon box, a. dress, pair ruboers size pair stockings, some oranges, nuts d candy. Vivian Ross, Frederick. Dear Sairta: Will you please bring i two-vheel bicycle, a. tool chest, goa, pair of high top shoes, rubbers, suit of clothes, underwear, popgun d target. Byron Ross, aear Freder- Dear Saata: Please bring me an air- me. drum, dump cart, oranges, nuts d candies and a teddy bear aad doH Blaache. Lawrence Ross, near Fred- cfc ear Santa Claos: Please bnag aie ft s, war tank, truck, airplaae, fruit, ants aad caady.--George For= 317 Bast Patrick street. .dress, a cap and a , a t«etaiag ricg. a cr.b b'jmket.--Flora pair o! bootees,! rattler and a Belle Corum, i oranges. Victor Masser. Frederic*.. a. Dear Santa Clans: Please briag me a ·mtmaia doll, a tea set. box of powder. Dear Saata: WDi you pleaa* briag aje' Frederick. Route 4. _ ._ trac»r, small airplane, truck, somel Dear Santa: Please brsag me a doll, and a string of pearls. Helen Blank, oranges avnd some new , set of dishes, a kiddie car, set of btocks. Frederick. Route 5. sweater, tablet and pencils. gaa«e oi rook, and some other games, box. sled, air rifle, story book lunch about iclo 'street. .--Bdy Ford. 317 East Patrick SOJB* candy, nuts and oranges --Bealaa Corum., Route 4. Dear Santa: Please brtag ase a Dear Santa: Please bring my sister and aae a doll, aet of dishes, some amall toys, shoes, clothes, nuts, candy and birds, book sawh*;. fUshlight. not* book. . candy, nuts and oranges Karl Calrta ! Wiles. My*rs\-i:e Dear Santa: Please bring me a doll. ' Dear Santa Claas- Pa$s bring ase a a doll car:, a pair of stockings, some caadv. nuts and oranges. Flo Belle wagon, some ckthe*. candy, nuts aod, Dyer. Frederick. Route 2. oranges--John WiEiam Breedea, Bruns-1 Dear Santa. Piease bring me a llt- cap. pair of Sunday, shoes, sweater. game of Uncle WSggily. popgun, a Ut- tle wagon, tablet, some pencils. Old Maids game, dump truck, a toy farm. L tute t By JEAN PATOU BARBARA SCHWiNN JULIA BLANSHARD On the Woman Jmtot? AakTMvOnwch* fx eu^ittm to. BroxlFttUiaBeJ You Don't Have to Go Shopping for Good Coal-- Just telephone us, lite mo-t folks do who have traded "vaili us f o r years. Yua'll like our coal, our service and our prices. MARKELL FORD .Xi PHONE 202 Many Christmases Have Come and Gone T I V O L I T.KTT.A HYAMS RALPH BELLAMY "THE BIG PAEADE" Jumbo Fruit Cake . . . 2-lb. size 69c Tinnt (juility In«T»illenU (howsrer. not a T|J* nne'.r at the costl'est) are n»«l In 6aW=r car popular Jumbo Fruit Cake*. Sanico Fruit Cake . . 3-lb. size $2.49 Ou- Sanico FnUuCak* o5e-» roa the »TT finest Si- Frolt CaXw TOJ con buy n j brltf- r»«ranl!e l 3 of pHce. Tb)» cake Till a'«o max? a tno«t accTtabie nft. as it is picked In a b»aj- tilui U ho?-3?''"i ta. Diamond Branded Walnuts . lb. 29c California'^ fln^t Walnuss b^ar the familiar red en a mood Toa are ascom! cf btartt* the finest waen rm cpon tuese branded nu:«- Nonpareil Papershell Almonds .lb. 25c Jfonparcil Aimond* are ntcectiona!Jr Bne !n ocabtr. aoS the she!!» a-e -o ib.n tSas roa can easily b-eak ib'm beiween rour Bnj"-E Schley Papershell Pecans . . lb. 35c !*rl!id= ot tcca'e kno« and t!-aiar.d Schie^'s Pecaaa. Th«c Pecans 2-e -h» TCT fanciest and. ailfaoart rot jn!te se larse as MCC o ·-- « 3-e popular bec3a«e of their tiaror. Fancy Mixed Nuts . lb. 20c, 4 Ibs. 75c 25ot the uatial connncrxrial mfccturc. bat mcch higher in cnalltr. Just the nnts for the bowl on rour liTinar room table. Fancy Brazil Nuts . . . . . . lb.20c' These are the t-err fla«t auaUtr Braril*. guaraatecd to crack OT«*r 90 ^ ffood. 5-Pound Box Chocolates . . . 98c TTTLETIBE CHEEB. deUcimw cbocoiate corered cream.. Jnit the box for home ccnsumpUcn or tor s til:. Cellophane Bag Candy lb.18c, 2for35c Pore and u-holesoaw CB.EAM ASD StTM XTKTCHE acd BSIIiI\XT HARD 2ILXVCKE put up ia the n;r*-. sanlta-y esJlDpane b-iffs. Hershey's Chocolate Kisses 1 ^"" 35c 3x»s » la-ronSe csndr. W e rffcr. at tW» Christina*, a 1»4 pcrond box at th!» low price. All 5c Cum Candy . . 3pkgs.10c A 'wid* variety to choose from- jnst the Item with Trh:ch to decorate your Chnstmaa tree mad put ia the kidd*"s «;ockinsrs. Chocolate Whipped Creams lb.19c DeLaoi»l- pur? and ^hoiesome candy We i«l itire yoa wll! app-ccia^e thi* i^sa at thU Terr Jo-*r price. R R Plum Pudding . . . . can29c Mcba-d«oi: k Sobtrfm' has lone been a Vachina-ton ra-roriu. Cranberry Sauce ..... can15c Siofceirs i«at. 'War botser to cake CraEbenr Sauce at home vhsi Ton can bar this de.kdoTu!r Eood CnnTxaj Sasce. Mince Meat . . lb. jar 20c, 2-lb. jar 35c Sooul Chib. Anothftr TxtpTJlar i--*-: witlx onr putrooa. Wliy »ot =iakc -- onr Chr±5tcsza r * \\ *h this fine ss*nce s^cav' Bell's Poultry Seasoning . . pkg. 9c Ioa"t ferret *«aeoa£a«; for yc~r The pick of the season In fresh fruits and vegetables is on display at our SANITARY Stan*. No matter what yon want for roar Christmas table or for TOOT holiday festivals, we believe yon will find it in oar nearest store and we assure you the price will meet with your approval. Jumbo Bread . . lb. loafSc ' Nolhlar Uke It Jor a nickel" Boy wreral loarrt anS 1« it sti stalo to u «. « or tarkpr ttuK'.nr. Green Bag Coffee lb. 25c A TVaihinr-on (svor te tor altnon twentr T«»ri. Strre G.-wn Bar wi»h yoar Ch-i«tma« brrakfait. ' Sanico Sliced Bread . . . lb. loaf 8c More than mere cvrr-enlence. Your choice- Home Ka2« arw or Sandwich loaf. Land O'Lakes Butter. . lb.carton41 c A rood meal U usade eren better tor rood Batter. Ton can b-Jj no finer than Land O' I^ikei. Sanitary Butter . . . . . lb. 37c W*. -pound prints) Top Notch Midget Peas . . . tin I9c Wyandotte Ripe Olives . . pint 25c Se-re Slje Ollrai trith yonr Chne:aa« dlnntr, and sM aa extra xttl. Ribbon Sour Cherries. . . . can 19c Pleas* ~Sjo." Make a tour chenr pte. Flako Pie Crust pkg. 14c Take no ehancw on the TOcxrsa of ronr pie enat. C»e Flako, aad bs as«ir-ed ol sseee*x. Pefer-ParvPeas. . . .17c, 3cans49c Serre Pet*- Pan Psa«, «cd Toti »re turc of rettr ihe rooet BCltCl *AS fTQVTLt Peter-Pan Corn . : ; : : . ; .can 15c Thir. 1* deUdocslr srood irbol»^n^hi Golden Baotani Con- Scrr» it on ronr Chnalzaas t»ble. Richardson's Mints . : . ; . pkg. 10c Alter the bearr holMay meaj. Rtdi»rf»on'» Hint* ·»·!!' be Bread Butter Pickles . . . .jar18c StiH mad' by the critical formula Br'tS mi Bot- P'-klet ar» ar ai*e · -in to anr m-al. Queen Olives . . A 10c 7 S.% 32c The hoUdar meal ts hardlr compliM wlthowt O*b of OUre*. Serve Hunt's Supreme Foods--They Are the Very Best We were able to boy Hunt's Supreme California fruits at the lowest prices in over a. decade, yoa, as the consumer, can bur these products from ns at prices probably lower than you have paid before. Yellow Cling Peaches. ^ ^ ^ c Royal Anne Cherries. lgf Peeled Apricots Tge ^ can 25c Bartlett Pears lge " Red Raspberries . . . -Korean* Fruits for Salad Spinach Nk2£CT * ^ c Fruits for Salad -- . No Spinach lge -« 14c Fruits for Salad J ^«- 25c These Prices Prevail in Frederick Fancy Dressed Hen Turkeys Bib and Loin Pork Eoast lb. 12c Fresh Killed Chickens Lean Fresh Hams lb. 13c ( Small Smoked Hams Small Fresh Picnics lb. lOc ; Fancy Chuck Roast OYSTERS Selects gal. $2.25 Standards lb. lb. 35c lb. 15c lb. 121/2C gal. $1.85 C ity Opera House}], ------- n. t TONIGHT AT 7.30-9.00 FIERY, TEMPTING!! y. Mattered Tom«d^W«r By Powerful Brut* Pore* ! BEBE DANIELS AS THE ALLURING SIREN IN ^FAMILY OX T11E STAGE "AMATEUE NIGHT" SIXGERS DANCERS COMEDIANS JCVGE THE WlJfMBS S--CASH PRI2EES--$ D,a»o WILLIAM Tf« SOttOfS NEWEST OB. COVERY--WITH A NEW" BRAND Of LOVE MAUNG. THAT W1U. SOON MAKE.' HIM THE FAVORITE OF- ALL FEMININE PATROHSJ from Slory By BALZAC --EXTBA-- Bueb-Nirt A Comedy HK Other Let Us Help ~You make your dollars go furtber and give more satisfaction. DYEINa LADIES' DEESSES AND COATS $2.50 op MEN'S SUITS AND OVERCOATS $3.00 CLEANINa AND PRESSING Ladies' Plain Dresses and Plain Coats, A + f\f\ Men's Suits and Overcoat*, ' «K ··· · "U QUAKER CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST. BIGGEST AND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS mBBBBBBBBBaBBBBBRBBI Xltl It I 1~9T *K* -this C-HRISTVUS IT WE you got the "Christmas List Blues"? Does it seem as if you just couldn't decide what to give? Let flrmers supply the answer! Their \ivid beauty has a universal lure for -womankind . . . the most gracious and most highly prized of all gifts. Come in at your convenience. Shop in comfort, unhurried by holiday throngs. Your flowers will be sent exactly when vou wish them . .. fresh, fragrant, k»\ely! Oar line rf Potted Plants ana Cnt Flowers is complete. We yonr inspection. ZIMMERMAN'S, Florist College Ave. Phone 1251 I

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