The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 18, 1924 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Tuesday, November 18, 1924
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TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 18, 1924 THE TTUTCHTNSON NEWS. THRFE. SPORJT W NEWStf AND^VIEWS STERLING AND BULLDOGS READY Rival Coflet* Grid Team. Finish Preparation* for Game in Hutchinson. Sterling, Kan., Nor. 18.—A pall it gloom fell over the Crimson tootbnll camp today when It was announced by head conch Warren Woody that Gordon McMillan, smashing full back, would bo out of the Sterltne-McPlierso.i clash tomorrow nftcrnooii at Hutehin- nan, due to injuries received In the final scrimmage yesterday utter- nooil. McMillan got a shoulder knocked down when he tackled a second team. Upon examination of the Bhoulder Inst night doctors announce<l there was not ft possible chance that he would get into tomorrow's fray but probably would bo In shnpo to play against Hayes Normal Thanksgiving Jay. Following the Injury of McMillan last night, Coach Woody w»s forced to make a shift In his backfield. According to present Indications, Smith and Calvert will bo seen lugging the ball from the half back he ths with "Bill" Stover at full and Taylor calling the plays when tho big Crimson ma chine swings into action against Coach Mishler's Bulldogs. •With the exception of McMillan Sterling will send a, team against the Bulldogs which Coach .Woody declared would be In the pink of condition. , Tho Big Crimson will go through a light signal drill today and wll forget football then uulll tho whistle sets them charging down the gridiron on tho Hutchlnson athletic field, Fifteenth avenue and FANNING BEE HIVE] If weather like the post two days prevails, there should be a record >f««klng crowd out to witness the" F 00l b a ii fnna will have Hie op- Sterling-Bulldog grid battle to-morrow afternoon out on the Athletic Held, Fifteenth avenue and Monroe streets. The game will be called promptly at 3:15. Both Sterling anil McPberson .cams are In good condition with the exception of MoMlllan, full back on Woody's eleven, and the game bids strong to be one ot the best In the Kansas Conference, this year when tho rival college grid machines start down tho field to- Sterling will miss the fine worlt of McMillan. The plunging full bade ban been ouo of the bright spots on Woolly's aggregation all season and will make a strong bid for a place on the mythical all- Kansas Conference cloven. •will be packed to tho limit tomor- tow afternoon. portunlty to see two of Oie host gridiron officials In the country work the Sterllng-McPherson game. E. C. CJulgley of St, Mary's, nationally known athletic official, and Leslie Edmonds, of the Topeka Dally Capitol and one of the best officials In tho Valley, have been secured to handle tho game. It's worth the price of admission just to BOB Quigley officiate. Possessing a wonderful personality and knowledge of the game, Quigley Is well liked by athletes and coaches all over -the country. Besides football, Qulgley Is a bear at oasket ball and baseball, bavlng worked In the recent world series with the Giants and Washington. Woody'e — x — charges got worried Monroe streets, at 3:15 Pk m Wednesday. Crowd from McPherson. McPherson, Kan., Nov. 18.— Plans to send a large delegation of rooters with the McPherson_ grid team to Hutchinson for the" all-iinporfant game tomorrow with Sterling college were completed today. Hundreds of Bulldog followers have signified their Intentions of motoring to the Salt City and will be on hand when the whistle blows to back Coach Mlshler's aggregation to the last ditch. Two regulars will be nnable to get Into the fray. Bllwood, left end, has been bothered with bad arches, and will be out of the game while Strlckler, right half, Is Injured and will watcl. the game from tho sidelines. Mlsbler, who has been alternating at one of the halt back berths may not be able to play on account of Injuries. Coach Mlshler put his Bulldog grldsters through a light scrimmage yesterday afternoon and following a short signal drill today, will halt gridiron preparations The team Is In good shop outside nt the two cripples and are anxious to even terms with Warren Woody's Crimson team who In tho past two years has humiliated the Bulldogs. Head 'Coach Mlshler has been trending a lot of time on the backs ind on the perfection of formations while Coach Lay, assistant, has Men concentrating his efforts ii whipping the forwards Into shape when they learned that a "wonder girl" ut McPherson promised the Bulldogs a victory. Some of the Sterling players came to Hutchin- son'over tho week-end and consulted an old negro woman regarding the outcome of the fray. She assured them they hnd.-nothing to fear for Sterling would emerge triumphant. —x— The "fortune tellers" evidently have diversified opinions regarding the outcome of the game. It Isn't going to bo a walk-away for either team and fans should get their money's worth easily. A |1 per adult mid fifty cents for high school students Is very reasonable for a college football game. —x— Pretty co-eds from Sterling Col go Invaded Hutchlnson yesterday elllng tickets for the game. Ap- roxlmately 250 were was Btlniated last night. From Pros nt Indications the .Athletic field Kansas Swedes to Make a Tour Olson's-Terrible Swedes, a T»s ket ball team of Coffeyville wil leave Coffeyville December 8th on * tour covering eight western itates. Important gainoii havo been bookd at Denver. Salt Lake City Pueblo, Albuquerque, Jerome, Los Angeles, Riverside, Sail Francisco Oakland and Eureka, This club toured Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado las rear winning forty-seven games o tifty-flva played. "We would Ilka to arrange lame with the Crlpe Baking Co Basket Ball Club of Hutchlnaon to ho played December llth, th »nly open date on our early portion of schedule,^ writes Manage 0, M. Olson, "Olo" Olson, was former short itop of the much touted Enaloy Bar tour's Muskogce club of 1923. Minnesota's defeat, Walter Johnson Leaves Senators Washington, Nov. 18.—Word that Walter Johnson practically had completed a deal for part owner ship of tho Oakland club of tne Pacific Coast League was received by Washington fandom with regret that ho would not pitch tho Senators to victory again, mingled witn sincere goofwlshes for him In his enterprise. President Griffith and Manager Harris agreed that Johnson's departure means a big loss to tne Washington club, but for the veteran star's sake, they were glad he was about to realize his hopes, Griffith, when Informed ot the developments," reiterated that he that he would not stand In Johnson's way, but would give him tils release from the Washington team. by a player. Another change Is that the, ball la now kicked from the middle" of tho field Instead of the 40-yard line, What happens when • player Interferes with an eligible opponent after * pass has been made? No player ot tho side which did not put the ball in piny shall In any manner Interfere wl.h an eligible opponent who has crossed tho lino of scrimmage. Such players, however, havo the right to try to catch tho ball or bat It to the ground In order to break up the play. If an eligible opponent Is so Interfered with, the penalty shall bo loss of the ball to the offended sldo at tho spot whore the foul occurred, down shall bo the first. The TODAY— and Tomorrow. Two Great Stars United! MILTON SILLS And NAZIMOVA of Bob Zuppko's fighting Illinl probably will be the outstanding upset In tho present grid season. "Red" Grange, Idol of the gridiron, made a touchdown early in the game but after that the Gophers stopped him In his tracks. When Grange was Injured late In the game, ha was tackled BO fiercely that ho was thrown for a ten yard loss. Upon examlnatien of the star, doctors declared ho probably would be out of the game the remainder of the season. If that Is true it would be a real blow to Illinois, Zuppke's crew still have Ohio State to conquer, a team always a Btumbllng block to the Fighting llllni. —x— Notre Dame's overwhelming victory over Nebraska was rather a surprise to the fans. For the past tho years, Coach Dawson'g players have been a Jiu-( to the Irishmen. Sport writers have dubbed the Notre Dame eleven, the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame. Such a brilliant combination as Kockne as put on the'gridiron probably will not be equalled In years to come. It Is a hackfield with each member a star himself. Bazine's Strong Team Challenges Bazlne, Kan., Nov. 18.—Bailne defeated the strong Macksvllle town team here yesterday, 21 to 0. Macksvllle threatened the locals goal lino only once during Ike game and that was In the third quarter when after a series of passes, worked the ball to Bazine's 10 yard Hue but lost the ball on downs. Uazino will play the all-victorious Hoislngton American Legion elev in hero November 23 and a real game Is In store. Holsington was o play here earlier but owing to njurles received Armistice 0»y they were unable to come. Bazine issues a challenge to any good American Legion or town team in tho state of Kansas for a ,'amo Thanksgiving day. Bazine las a powerful aggregation assembled and teams who are interested should get In touch with Paris Jackson, manager. .»•*•• 9 O E "VILtlAM 9 8PORT ANSWERS. Dear Sir: Was Pop Anson • soft drink or a short fly? In embroidering red undershirts I* It advisable o USB a No. 2 Iron or a mashle niblick? Yours till the barber brows Landis for • three-yard loss. —B. V. D. Ans. Your horizontal! are) per- ect but your vertical* are cockeyed. Bum!* My grandson fol! oft a 'Ivestory building and landed on his head this morning. I fear the worst. Any advice you havo to of' n er will be thoroughly Ignored— DEUCB3 WILD. Ans, Let nature take) It* court*. Maybe he would have gone, In for crossword puzzles, anyway, • * * Simple: I'm a great bitter and as a fielder I cover more ground thai a Minnesota snowstorm. I'd like to got a job with tho Giants but know nothing about bribery. Havo you any suggestions? If so pleace keep *them.-«CUP AND SAUCER JAKE. .-« ' rlnce of Whales had gone on that Ide Instead of Paul Revere! » • • Sap: In playing a friendly game t seven-up Nick Arnaleln, Abe Atell and Ponzl, la It considered good orm to lead the king?—J.DEMP- EY. Ans. What's the matter with your eft? jrandvipw Golfers Play in Tournament On the all-steel Kansas City -Florida Special Spring and Florida are less than forty hours away. Observation Sleeping Car, «very travel convenience, and Dining Car Service by Fred Harvey help make the trip delightful. Reduced round trip winter tourist fares. Stop-overt permitted. ~ X Streets A. ....ted from W. B. Maxwell's novel, "The Ragged Messenger" Christie Comedy "Savage Love." News A Vlewt Usual Shows A Price* THURSDAY TIM Saturday. Reginald Denny In The Reckless Age" Cold Wave Coining Get ready for the change in weather — prepare yourself with winter comfort and enjoy wearing these warm Overcoats the whole season—here are the best values at— $25—$30—$35 $40—$45—$50 Perrin fCi'cf Gloves $2.50 and up Uv. Kansas City 8:00 pm Ar. Jacksonville 7:45 am What chanje has been mat,.: relative to the klckoof In football from the custom of prevloue yeara? The artificial tees used to get height as well aa distance to tho kicks have been eliminated. The klckoff Is now made in a manner similar to that used In trying for a goal from placement, the ball being held Ant. You should weigh 111 pounds with ycur can) washed Sand self-addressed envelope am I will tell you what Mr. Coolldge really thinks of Al Johnson now. Dear Bologna: What Is tha dlf ference between a master mind In j baseball and a guy who thinks he's Grand Duke Laughltoff of Russia' I read your column to my kill every night. It hasn't failed to ])' them to sleep yet.—SWEET Si. TEEN. Ant. Can you Imagine what wou have become of the country If tl The November handicap tourna ment of' tha Grandview Golf club was played last week with the elimination ot half the players. All matches must positively ba playod .his week, by Sunday, Nov. 23, by i p. m. and the cards turned into tha professional. All matches not played will be forfeited. The fol- owlng Is the pairing and handicap for the week's play: First Flight, Third Round. Perry Sweet, 16 (hdc.) vs. Dr. F. M. Maine's, 4. D. D, Taylor, 16 TK, Courtney Campbell, 13. Ike Goertzen, 18 v«. A. W. Estos, 16. T. E. Golres, 18 vs. J. D. Canard, 6. Second Flight, Semi-Finale. W. J. Scholl, 25 va. M. A. Bennett, 29. S. M. Babbitt, 11 va, George Noyes, 28. Consolation, Second Round. Fred Vickers, 8 vs. A. Goodpastor, 16. J. B. Elwell, 17 vs. Jess Corsaut, 4. C. B. Ladd, IS vs. R. B. Van Zandt, 18. John Petrle, IS vt. C. M. Davis, 15. HAIR STAYS COMBED, GLOSSY Millions Use It - Few Cent? Buys Jar at Drugstore , via Frllea LlnM and Southern Railway DWsf Car Scrtiu An Tie Wa» FreJ Ham? Mull m Ike Fritt* Oswnatioa Sleepiaf Car Kaaut Cilj to Jacktan ill* For Illustrated literature aboul Florida, sleeping cat reservations or for othar information, call at, phone or writ* Friico Ticket Office 709 Walnut Straat Kansas City, Mo. F. R. NEWMAN DJnnlon Pa'ikwjK'r Atfvnt, Frisco LlaM 7» Witaiit St., KUDU Cllj. Mo. M COXWELL Dla.Put.Atft.. Southern 11*11 WMPSyrten 4ZJRaUw«jE«n. U!dv.,K*naMC1ty.llo /FRISCO > ErTeetiT* December 28thThrough Sl*ar> ^ Ing Car Kansas Cirt to Miami. TODAY "BEHIND THE CURTAIN" Mysterious, Sensational, Breath-Taking. A Swift Moving Romance. Also Aubrey Comedy— "Kingdom" ROYAL Now! RIN-TIN-TIM •fIND YOUR MAN' „ "Our Gang" Comedy—"Cradle Robbers" Jsual Shows—Prices Mats. 10— 20c. Eve 10— Me. tvcning lOc TONIGHT—Constance BInney In "Three O'clock In the Morning." Duster Keaton In "Convict 13," comedy. 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Distributor N1I.IS A MOSER CIOAR CO., 922-924 Broadway, Kantaa City. Mo Lioyment Favoiita He itialght

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