The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 6, 1964 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1964
Page 2
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**> I **., r JAMlt t. NAtQIi «•»« Meet* ....................... t**** •nti* I, tie****** ........... loilMi* M*MBI> . OMTft • «•»• Mn*t (M* MO OMn*f >« «i***ti» m t f** aienimi »»**. HMMW •» Te*e» ***** *»•»• »«•»» !»•»•« *«tM «**• new tun i >n»)*a t, r*rn*r, *««, «M •<•*•>, II.Maer **enk «*B rele* •» «n mil «»»• mutual eeiM** to eenm, giaerM M ****** • « «l ' •**»** W M»rM I. Many fear prices to absorb tax cut ID :iAM I Al> lluaines* New* , NEW '. OBK <AI') - ! lr> *h* pr|r» »»f etiffaf m»sh rniir* l» irw ar*r*ie family than II" rrtwl |jflr»* uf *l**l «r»t aluminum prwlurl*. Ami *'i '!" any txxieli In ur Mh»r (ran*. n 'CHH« ami any In- pMal Inturaii". .'in wr»«uan*a* nv*r a IK*• IMi, w|it*«pr**d Im r»a*e In Itv |ir|r«. of gnuda ant *»rv- |i *•• 1* ln*lfi« i*vld*nrf»r) |n. rraailngly, NUT (!•»« Hh*l|il«lMrnlhal llrllaln. having |<r»af>*r*il mightily after a cut Inlsxea, I* Ma ihrcaUnxl with Inflation, a* art* In* Inrrvaslngly affluent Rrniuinil** uf many Continental European nallona, The I'nllort Mlilna alao Is trying a ta» rul In tioo*l*ron- ninlr gr'fwth. Aral th* punjllla, ixith mi Capitol Hill and In (tanking ami l«)u»lry, are as. «*<mlng ll» | »«»IMe *neetson UH> price* of rommodllles. Thea* hsv* atared remark' ahly alalil* In r*c*nl yoara. Th» miwanl trend Intnecoe! of living ha* t*>*n I raced rath, nr lo the liwreajiixl charge* fur *«rvlres and th* greater roat* uf dlatrlbulliin of gooda. Th* Joint House-Sen* I r Ecimnmlr Commlllee Is of two minds about tte effect of the American lax cut. Tte IU.J- bllllon stash, meaning adVIl- tlunsl rnniumerbuylog power, will )u*i boost eruaoenic grnwth but wont set off another Inflallonarr trend-ao THE WORRY CLINIC a*y* l The Hev'il.llran minority *•«* it* *\t* »f the rut Is "llk*ly to refult In a nnlldap »f Inflatl'inary |,r«*«ur»a." If thla |>rf>«»ur» develop* It rould conw from several thing*. A blf buying •pre* could txiiM up demand fur (o»d* lo a point *n*r* In- rtuatrlea mrrently rvculated l,» romp*<lllim wiwld t* fre* to rale* prlt**. Or lit* prviaur* rouldrom* from labor'* tnnooiwxlInten- tion* to ask for larger pay In. rr*«M< thla year Inspired at least IB part by th* tump Ul I»<U rorporat* profits—put st 10 per <*nt over (Ml, wlthlto increase In Uw IMJ fourth quarter ever the third coming to IS per cent. Wage IncreaMs, tied In with greater burtng demand, might reauil In higher production costs being passed along lotto conaumer In the form of higher price*. Finally, those w«o fear lunation charge that th* price- wag* spiral might he given an additional whirl by govern- rnent financial policies. Wfcal tk (tared 1s a ton- btnalion of tax cuts. Increased government spending. Treasury deficits, and easy money policies that rotrid etwll eione- tarr laOatton. The argamenl is that any narked tacrvejw la the sappty of WMMwy aad cradH mold to- eventenlly O*4l M)* U IWntnEp • frffll Cip* line -Vd»nU UKof..* t*u r*tv«. Health fads don't do but half a job lly l.KUHUK w, CRANE, l>h. U.,»l. 1). CA8K S-405: Marl* !>.,aged 27, was a vtvaclouaroung wife alui «ntert«ined Mr*. Crane and m* when I as on a speaking trl|>. We had noticed that her face was marreil l>y hundreda of liny puck mark*. And durleg our dinner, site briefed us on her background. "Ur. Crane," an* confeis- exl, "f was aa *<trem* hoalth faddlat when I waalnlheteens. "And I followed In* physical cullur* magatlnes then in n>gw. Th* publisher had wrll- ln. that If you eat In* right fxida ami eaerclM properly, then yuu will NKVEH gel sick. "He eveno|ipu*ed vaccination uf all aorta, saying such medical aids were entirely unnecessary for people who es* right. "Well, 1 believed him Implicitly. So, when | waa married al the age of JO, I had n»v«r even been vaccinated f"t amallpna. "Hut i*ourhn*eyHMwairlp, I ritntracted a mIM caae of •inillru*. n Ml myfacemar. i*il with Ihea* hundreds of tiny, |4npolnt elevtllons. "linllgnaaUy I wrote lotto m»« HA* editor about my cuw. llut he still claimed I •utild never have contracted smalipot if i haileat*nright." GKAPHIC FACTS When I captain medical ur pnycrwlogleal e*ae* la lkl» educational columa, | always try tu ahuw »«i grapbto r*a- auaa ur aimpt* analogies by which you C4a get |h* point. !k> we'll oo the same right her*. There Is a great dest of truth to tte vie* lh*4 U weeat pruper fowla, we shall be te*Wu*r than twten. A*4 If we wet* h> use a«a water »r otherwise glee uur kadw* a etiasx* to receive all tto 44 v*ior autsfew cte«l**l •wmeeas w ueeaa w»t*r, w« utigta »*rd «g} many defMl- *n*y ailments, MM* «a gray hair, baldness, aad possibly cancer, too. Bui not sll illments are of. tte "deflcUncy" sort. Many diseases are caused by known germa or viruses. And a g*rm la simply comparable to a tiny mltoorehlg- ger, but much smaller. You readers know very well that even the most rugged football player or th* health. leat athlete you ever met, will not to Immune to tte bite* of woodtlcks or fleas or bedbugs or mosquifaws or houaafll**. Then why think thai same rugged physical health will prevent microscopic "bugs" from biting you? This I* tto fallacy of Uw health addicts which Marl* mentioned. You may go along poaslbly 80% of the way la Uwlr sale* talk but then refuse lo let Item general!**) 100%. For Immunity to disease does not depend primarily on your rugged muscle* or your tanned outdoor akin or otter •Menial symbols uf rugged health. Instead. II depends on the chemistry in your blood! b? you have been viMlnsted, then your blood ha* build up aMI^udle* for tte germ or virus against which you were vawlBattd, Even if you tr* frail and akiany or Mealy looking, you are far more Immune thereafter to that disease than tte most rugged tot unvaaelaaesd person) do please visualise Uw analogy of tte wocdtkka aad bedbugs, which wlti btt* husky peopw n*t *« rMdllyaasklB- ay, wan and alekly looking folks. K*m*eator, our bodies are simply tto soildaied "rlvnr bank*" at ewr Mood vessels! Co toaMh u a matter of «*»«• Wtryj not of bulging muscle*! *f*)«jM *•>*«**-.>•> *>«•> THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS OPINION - ANALYSIS - FEAWES 6. 19A4 THE WORLD TODAY Congress' pay hi increase in costs ke 3 times of living Dy JAMES MARLOW AP N*wt Analyst ASmWROD (AP) - This ay4aafg*eTtMcr*n I* ,. OB a $te,C4kVa > >ye*r pay rats* for Itself: frocB $Il,SOOto tU,SOO, a* tscruse of 44 per oeat. Uvtne eoet* have go** op oaly abort IS per cent sine* Congress last boosted it* ow» •alary la 1WS. That was alao s tie,000 Increase, from $11,500 to IZ2.SOO. The measures approved Wednesday by tteHowwRul** Committee, Urns clearing It for a vote, would raise tte salary of most other federal employe*. Including Supcem* Court Jostle**, CaWn*t numbers and lop officials. All Una tad tar blessing of Pre*id*aU Kennedy and Johnson, m his next year's (Beading budget, which Johnson handed Congress la January, to asked |4BS million to take) axur* of *oeh salary increase*. Carller b*ty*artwogroups - ttw Natloaal civil 8trvto» League aad a *p*«tal It-maa advisory puwl appolaUd by Kennedy-recommended raises. OM r*«urr*at ttome la tto push to boost geJariM la that pr***al*alsry tfro getting tto kiad of ram oeed- ed to run It ggneteaUy. But aa important nous* aaxnlwr «»% aa *ven newar way for CMagr*** to spead more mlllloas oa Itself. This was Rep. Wright Patman, D-T*x., tte HOB** Banking aad Curreaoy Committee ehairmaa. Pttmaa *ugg*(t*d "con- gre«* a**4s a va*t taerease" la tto aonter of Ma tMhateal eonsultanta aad stgal aad •ooaomte adviaer*. H* proposed still saottor rww offle* bulldlag tor tto 498 House That would to tto fourth for them. They already occupy two, BJK! • third la Bearing eompKtioa itaa* all mated coat ruaalaguptoSUa million. Hot all memtors have Uw gigglM at tto thought of more tak*-hom* pay. Looking at tto work don* by this Con- gr**s, which lama waa oa* of tto toauuit la hlatory, Rep. J. Arthur Young*., ft-calif., amid la Oeiotor that If pro- duetloa wu to to Uw yardstick, "w* •tottM to r*tnra- ing put of tto (alary w* are now r*a*lvlag." He said tto cost of living wouldn't juatlfy an Uwreaae of tto ait* twlng eonsld*r*d. ' 8*0. Prank J. Lauanto, D» DAILY CROSSWORD I.Area*fw 0.0*1* »," - •.Oetrlch- Ilk* bird* 3.Brasesi print. 14.D*. 10. Look* U,B*ctlonof n UnTe wtoa; 11. mower J4. Keels taAfrifin n. «hut •-Kin-: L. payment 29. Coa- M. Pithy snyw IT. It. •ufftat ta. Pint man *»-< , taVOedof n.V*hlcw ItlUaort la. Cowboys Men. ls. Chum lt.0er.ere. M. Caspian ».Untnt w*rh Und. date », State 1. Actrtaa .' :i'i:.i •:,!..; .HI .<:.,.•:. .vi> Veetveaf* Awwee SB, Stag* In Insect d*> myth. SO. Mm 11. Wife of U.ABMS*. fntet* tl-KMertsJa 4».ChrtsUwM «t.Anungu. 4T.1 a.MaJe red deer evettd; vnr. 1 Tree trunk Ohio, long •nough In Congress to tmdmtand tto told |to Sciul* all thV ta tolng underpaid, "ttyolikam* la tor* with a (tebjun, you eouldnt get tto members of tto Smut* and Hount out of tto Capitol." H* •M u «gt* any nMmtor of tto Sraate to eit* "OM la* stane* wter* an sppolatmant to tto 8upr*m* Court has been decllntd by a lawyer toesus* tto salary Is Inadequate." Economy was tto;favorlt* RcpubUean song last y*ar and thla. Bnfer* tte Hotta* passed tto U* eat bill last year-It ha* been passed by tto Senate, too, and Is now taw-Repub- ltoanstrl*dbutfal**dtoputa airing on It: no tax cut unless spending la out. When Johnson In January submitted Us (pending bud- g*t for next year—$97,0 billion, which was Ms* than Kennedy'* of a year ago—He- publicans called tt a 'figure JuggUr'* dram." TTny BttKNWSed it flfHIsH b> cut by $6 billion to *l billion bat ttoy said ttttl* or nothing ibont cutting oat Uw$4Bt mil- Jon Johnson Included for f«d- *fa|;nay rain**, including Yttt^'for m*mtor* of Con. Bat on* tupubllccn wto Is always urging economy- Rep. H. B. Gross of Iowa-said W*dn*aday after tto Kuwa Commltto* approved tto pay rals* jit Is "unJunUfUd, la- aad extravagmt." are aom* oJ tto otter propoaad by th* , comparad with a»Jarl**i prwMwnt (Uwr* isnt r of ttw HOUM, and lunUes* of tt* Sttprem* Courti from to »49,000i chiat jiutiott from $M,MO to 149,800} Cabinet m*xator*: from ttS.QOO to •z^^^ ^MS^^^^^^^^ Jim uunopc Po^ry reading being neglected poetry, mat trt* tenaty an* PUN, I* MKoOt to •owe nppmtcie it. Otter* da so*. fto 1st* President Ml *n affinity for H, and co*Jd reett* • tew melancholy poems oOtend, A man who lite* poetry -Ilk* DM who appreciate* load ptinUfuj*-«cloYrm DM * *<f»j* mvortt*. everything depend* *Bon mood. Mr. Mnnedy one* found • pott In * matt unlikely pine*; tte united Malt* Embassy In Ireland, oar »mb**s*dor, 0ml Stockdale, tad • *U», Alice Boyd Stockdale, who liked lo lite lonely walks to psrt* of Dublin and writ*. U WM, tte (MM* tte saw. A tew ««ra MM by tht President, and to urged tte l»dy lo writ* • book of poems. She thought Iw wu htlnt Mud. Be«Me«, Ite mother of flrt children htsat much Him tor HmMc reverie, mill. Kennedy «rg«d h*r again. Mrs. stockdal* decUed to try. Whlta (to WM working on Iho book, tor husband died. Tk« Mr wortod htrdtr «t nuuc Uw ohiMrw. WlMa II WM flnUhed, «h* itnt II to PrMidtnt Ktrnwdy. Ht MM It In on* WMkMid tl C»mp D*rM and iaM idln Ihtl hl» ftvortl* WM • Illtto thin* called Yotmt Man, Strol- llnf. A IHU* UUr, wn*n Dooblmtay dteldwl loptiMUh lh» colltcllon M a book called "To Ireland, With Love" the Pre«ld*n» died. It la fltttnc. perhapa. to quote Prerident Kennedy'* ta»- orlle! i Votwc man, I tave teen you ttrolllnc In Uw (11*060 of the Park Day alter day, hand In pocket Of Ifce aUm, familiar Jack*!, TwtllcM Into dark. I have come to know your whlaile*, Know your eolUe, know your cap; Haw seen the atraftllnf cunlliht hold you, Watched the emerald traa* entoJd you In (!• lovlnc lap. With your llchened awltch I a** you Pllok the mufhrooma In your way, And I know what you are thinking. Would that, Ihrouth the soft rnlat faUlnc, You could hear a atrancer calllnt! Stay. For m*, poetry la net a happy dlreralon. I turn to it when the day I* dark and the eplrlt low. The potma I ae- toot-Poe, Mlilay, Wilde-do not lift Uw mood; they atnk It deeper. I haw read wilde'a Charmlde* more frequently than any other. The ffioriotonoutly doleful cadence of The Ballad of Read. Ing Gael, when Wilde watched a young aoldler In the priaon enrelM yard—a aoldler doomed to hang for Uw murder of hi* young wU»-U, Ilk* a muaty odor, difficult to ahed. Remember? He did not wear hi* scarlet coat, For blood and win* are red, And blood and wine were on hia hand* When they found him with the dead. The poor dead woman whom to loved, And murdered In tor bed. He walked amongat the Trial Men In a auit of ahabby grey; A cricket cap waa on hi* toad. And hl» atop (Mined light and gay; v J9ut I never aaw a man who looked tt> willfully at the day. 1 never «aw a man who looked Wltlt aucb a wUtful eye Upon (hat little taint of bio* Which prtMoer* call Uw sky, And at every drifting cloud that went With sail* of silver by. % The reading of poetry is neglected in America. In Europe, fathers dill read It aloud to the nxmtly after dinner. After •Mb reading, there Is a general discussion (including the youngest children), about individual Impressions, it Is a good habit. In any poem, each one sees something different I eavy all poets, Including Mrs. Stockdal*. I cant rhyme mice with nice... FRIDAY ON TV Hal Boyle's People Dream is at best when but a hope You're Telling Me! By WILLIAM RtTT THE SWAJUDW8 relumed to Captstrana In California and the busanrdH enme hack to Hlnkley. Ohio, rt«*l an eeted- UM thin year. Bvcrykody. it aeenia, kmnr» •erlM I* tot* «wept tto WenUier Mnnt I I ! T*< r*.(i», ,( fml IM flW* . MN Hour In i«>ir* (frw. Tkfn •* l*«f •*O*)W NEW YORK ( AP)-Curb- stoo* comments of a pavement Plato; Ttor* an two kiad* of goals in this wortt-laos* you do something about, Una* you don't. tt Is tto goals yon try to sehwv* (hat often turn lite into a Blghtmar*. tt la tte fouls yoa only daydream about that (om«timM glvo you your ireataMt satfsfaeUon. Everyone has ambitions to purcu* mor* la phantasy that IB r*al lift. They am a portion of childhood'* woadarful world of ra*te-$wlla)v» that w*> carry over into adulthood and twin tocp us yo*ng. Bom«tltn*s th***d**ir*c fear of tolng rtdlcul*d| wn hid* them in a ntent cor. n*r of tto heart. And whether men dr*am*eoma triw is renlly unimportant. I hav* a friend whoa* hobby tor BOM than 30 ywra has been trumpet nlayiagv..- During all that Urn* to has entertained • dr*aia-to gtv* a solo aonntrt In Caraafi* Hall. "i don't w»nt to auk* any money out "of my c<»o*H,' > to my*, "i dent *vna want tt«k*U to to soUonot *v*n as a charity tiaafll. {want to r*nt Uw tall wtth nyown nunwy, aad.lavtt* only ttw people i want la to ih*r«- Mlows Uto •BMuno Amstrong, MUM DaWs, At Wrt and Harry Jam**, p*o»w wto taowaalwn*4ltrum»*twton tteyknaront. "14ont even want tny utter tte background. ( Just want to stand up Uwr* in that big spotlight aad blow mybraina out on that trumpet for threo hours." ttt«rmltt*nUy, this frtond go** back aad tak*sfmahlns- sons to kntp hi* lip sharp. But ov*r tnm* d*e*de*, to'* as bad a* to *v*r was. There) is no etonen what* nowvw to will gif* a oonotrt in Canwgl* HalL If to did, to'd «*t JSM mualo back half a o*9tary. But to'* happy wtinhisdnam. I tov* another frlnndwhos* ambition la to beat to a palp tto tlBtttCMBt to ntrred und*r in World War U, a wish common to many *x^nUst*dm*n. Aettully, toU do no such ttfag. if to did m*«t up with bis old looty, ttoy-d to toek- slapping •sen otter in flv* mintttaa and talking about what a BMat war tat* hadtocattor. Mcaawhll*, to najoys bis Bsrml*** r*»*cg« dream*, I tow <M_ oCtto C*rW**VplQW^^ Vn*r^RnT|K9^ffn^ WjWB U'( to wrtt* tte gnat Am*r. ' Had this goal alno* I was it, Btartnil to writ* u» thousand Um*«. H«v*rcotbwyond. ttoOrttBaragrapn. After tto opnalag unPin.i, I gtart day- drnamiag abo*t how I'll Mil W nUtUon oopi**, salt it to tto nwvent for t» Wfcyi «ttry- laff towrtttabouBtnatnuy lim <w if9 pt Softi!* wNw I «**<«** »^ ttof« and najoy oft* r*ntajnbath(a>*s, CHAlDftL O KPItC-f» & AFTEftNOON '"§*£?**£?*• ,«|r:rrrs5.v? .._.., TnVr*'! Uf*" (•«>. Bob He**, William Bendlt. Omrg* Coo- lort* ISlng of «mll owntrr m Ban** lend* hH ftneraf te rtew^York » find me heir to AFTWNOON BLJ^ff^J^*** 1 f**R*ig» mt *- **%*£?£ I uJarkwr* ihem .1S3K 1 It "TtM CoHWon." WH tnd Skip f«» * ttopert. mmtillrulli«r*u«eafUi*lr In- tnlmntt with • doctor 1 * dl- rltkm lo imputtlt • mm'i »rm Tim Nol»n tint Bob Brron Cen*w*f; Bporu, 5:13 B Cerki Cfe**JI*ri (Uv«) 9 J» B W»aH R a r »i "Clatllng Gun." K*rp irmpathlM* with Indlani asalml the while men i ttewti Walter Ctenklt* i What** N*wT j l»*w*i Chet Hunttoy and SvM Brmkhry weather, Tom Bvan*: Our Bavag* • Newai Nick O*arh*rt; WeaUier, Bid Uther B Ntwti Larry Ratco, Tom Jarrtet: Sport*. Dan Lav* «:!» B Newai Ron Cortiran • Piskiiflili t* Ik* Newai TV Hllnrtal; World Headline* m Wewereeli Joe H • g a r; Weather, John Wttatnser »•» m Deatrri "Th* Nice*! Olrl In Oomorrah." BertrVk"••"«•' of fortune m soM willed lo ptnon ehgetn moil dewrvlng rlllten of Oomorrah B Great A«v**lemi "Wo Room for Kings." John C. Fr»- mnnV* early npedltlon* In the Mnlctn'twM land of California. Hip Tom, Carol OCon- more, Ma. 1:00 • WHtam BeettMn: Country rnintc •1:10 §9 Sperta S*erlali Army.Navv . wrvlre •oilrrny nmiiriitiim In rtKW wlnltr rpi>rl> •! Piilnt nnrl Ann»i»i|lt Niinh bnb. , ," ».•!-' •^•• M-< "»". »^nr ina* rM. N.V : Wlnlrrnatinnal riroe tar-Inn, Purmma. Cal B «'•* (Mf <ft*»lr 5:B» B RM« *« Oe*erh* 10 Mv*eer r«aHi Oiiid |. i,,rn lnj*| Wllft IWn felinlltr* *l 4 H wtimiii* MH-S her r*.hn«t>,MMl in *- "Clrrui 7:00 | 7 JO --• Imu m*» Mi.lland" Faml. ly troupe In daredevil and acrobatic art*. Don Anwehc, taeei PubMe alfalra -Wbe Kinel "nr, Lord?" Burkeg**aeB«r lut it eeetnlrte nttpetts In d»th of Indintrlall*! m •••)*• Jeeslet Tim Feather*." Jan* Marrow. Penny and Dcvld Bramh live beyond Ihelr mean*. Penny I* caught thopllfUng -s^s-.-—.. "windmill, set BHD "Th* juare Peg." Bob cummins*. Joanna Moon, Burg*** Meredith In comedy about meek per~ psTchalojItt hind to ~~1 operation* of a EVENING OD Nrmi I'lmtli- llntu.,..|| »™HMT. T..m Kvnm: .|..ti.. On> Havn M . • llrMII V.ll, r !>,„: -.,,„,„ Mviiml.v," FiMMulhii! "f lli'nr»l ma I 1:10 frit* I* MfMl BO) Cullen I IMMI - TwIllskl IMMI "Queen of Nile." Ann Olyth, Le* Phillip*. Beautiful movie rtar who never inow« as* b deadly tun for Inqulililve matatto* writer O rmlval el Ik* Art*! Shake- ipeare'i "tUmlel" •B Tkal Waa Ik* Weak Thai West Satirical review of topical comment, on praeUcatljr anything and anybod o:oo m Flakl *t Uw Terrell. C niirr M>» mil I" lrn|> niniili-rrr ul mini tnuilnl hi- i»Mn- ami rlllrm. fur hi- iwtl In loiilim- .,( pub. It' 1 nwmv |D UmHnumri Pnm Cmtrr. VIT»MV »f Ti nm».w Mil, ,\,. iiiilil. C'arU>r rmiiilv. Ti»vHvr» Thnv. Nlii-li II, ,i! A\. lim. jUmim S|.trr>. Srirn,li|,in Sln«cr> ami Vaunhli M«-,,l,.r^, O luttlt Olrawai J . r k iW Frtiiik Fmilanic. II.M. btira Heller. June Ta>h,r Dunrvra R LIralmiMli -Tiiur i.f Dul> ," irlm nlunu fr»m HVVI »*>•<> In l«rn lh«l hU wife wn> killwl whllo rlrilns with inolhcr man Hkntdu Munlalbmn. Luuu Nyc. . , .. 2s r y '-<*i« w «><i T:M Q Lawrann Wtlk • Dtftadtra: "Judsmtnl Ev»." Drama about unprtdlcl. able nalurr at IS lurun In murder trial S Alfred aWeBnek; ?Murder" w." John CuMvelM, O«n» llnwland*. Pair of acton re. lume* romance sllhough girl I* married _i__ B Jack raar. rnsn Lord dili MountbalKn, Col! Phil Cochran. Jonathan WIMer*, Jackie Coosan, Belly Johnaon »:« tO Maerla rranki Sport* com- mentarr 10:00 BJ) New*. Ray Conawsy; weather, Tom Evan*; ipnrU. Guy Savage R Newii Ron Stone: weather, Laiher B New*: Larry Ratco; weather, ChrU Chandler, iporU, Dan Urve 10:15 O L«t» "kewt "The Iron Mli- tren." CS1). Alan Lartd, Vlr- Itnla Mayo. Jim Bowl* and the Invention of the Howie knife 10:10 (0 WreaUlas lojo a Tealiki! man Jorotnv Canon 11.-JO JB Octlawu Thirty a Month." Ufelons dream turn* Into lra«- k reality for three cowboy* 12:00 B MMsJaM Wtth ktwtetla li:IO B Mewat Bob Young li:*o B I* 1 *- tat* Stewi "Jlvaro." CM). Fernando Laraai, Rhonda Fleming. Three mm and a woman attempt to find hidden meni nf turnllure.thartay Joey «>|wcl> hl» TV nputuon (or dinner , *:00 ftt Saturday NIsH at Ik* Hnleit OBBD "Rally Round th* nas Boy«!" Paul Newman. Joanne Woodward. Joan Cob lira. Suburban community dl*. approve* when th* Army at. laeta their town a* ill* (or "lop wret" proHet a:00 give* hi* young nephew tome »dvk* on how to roniine* tall W.M....^«! Quint and Fe*. — fall for a girl In Wichita and Invll* her bick lo Dodsr •:»0 CB r (bn>« Ike atam Mike Stokey hotta 10:00 B New*i Charlc* lUrrlwa: weather. Tom Evan* B Newai Al Ball B Nneai John Raymond: •port*, Bruce Layer 10:10 B Acadeaur .Award Theatre* •Th* Lail Tim* I Saw Part* ~ CM), niiabeth Taylor. Van John ion. Waller Pldgeun. Three Interlocking theme* Ml In ptxUWorld War 1| Part*, young American* In Part*: break-up of a happy marriage: tragedy of woman cynical over lot! lore 10:19 B WeMi Terror 1* • Man.- CM). Fnncli Lederer. Orel* Thyuen. Richard Derr. Sol* lurvlvor' of »hlp I* found oiv deaolal* beach by diwliir. Dncn lor'* wife tell* him about an animal being uied In doctor** enperiment and a*ka help In eacaplng B aVg Mevtn "Aunll* Mam*.* CM). RoaaUnd RuawU. forert Tucker, Roger Smith, Peggy C**., Fr*<S Clark, Patrie Knowle*. Comedy about Uw adventurer of young boy who I* brought up by hi* only *ur- vlvlng relative—hi* madcap, ectenlrlc Auntie Mam* 11:49 BLU* WeMi I mrnkMnattar, aVensalL an. vM beautiful linger by hyp. l*:00 B teto. Lab (tevi "Happy <K Lucky." <'«>. Man Mar. Un.SMi Powell. B*tly Huuon. P* ">•*•* Brooklyn girl* fly and Stop •y MNNITT CMP— ' HeVYOBICtratfleoo^sg^tmUc«w*sdniwntoalnd> **• notorlct who WM cnbirjv tjrhrinit down the wronf_tW« of SA •nmm« H* stopiwel hnr and taqulMd tntyiy, *Dtttt ym Ibnwr what that wfclt* Hat te th» BriMto

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