The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 15, 1934 · Page 10
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 10

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, July 15, 1934
Page 10
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EATON PLAYS GOLDMAN FOR WESTERN TITLE Stewart and Thompson, Man Of 1,000 Holds Will Yates Drop \QpposeGlen Wade In Mat Headliner From Chase rr Texan and Oklahoman to Play 36 Holes For Championship OKI-AHOMA CITY. ;^— Eaton of Oklahoina City will celebrate his twenty-first birthd&y STindsy tryinsr to win the Western Amateur coif championship and <o spoil It by beating the slim tournament medalisr out of the first sajor title within his .eras?. Goldman. *5-y?ar old. "ol<5 man* of the seir.i-i^a's, reached the finals of the 26th a.r.nt2al -ouma- ^nent with a hard-fought 1-up ( victory over Charley Tatea of At- | lanta. the national collegiate ' champion, "while Eaton easily defeated Verne Slewarr of Albuquerque, K. M-. ar.d Star:ford university « a.r»d 4. To oust Stewart. Bator, r.eedec only to hold ss much as he could of the 7-up advantage with ivhio*! he finished the morning 3S holes, "but for Goldisau it was a tigrht battle', ail th? way after he tsetii to iaaeh thir.kin? about a 1-up lead the ±0 year c-ld Georgian held over F AN By Dub F ARE Furey CUXI>AT afternoon at « o'clock, for a slight fee. Parisians who like their baseball can see a game that gives promise of beiagr a fast Asnerican E»a!!as. Laundry team from %Viison Bohauoji. a famous In- melee all the way when the local diar. right hander of these parts Battlers wade into Hap Morse's j and who has pitched for Antlers — — | several years, probably will be the starting: mound selection of Manager Gene Z«oss- _3<?n in Sunday's game. A left- hander. Karper. whose home is ac Bogata.. also will be around for chunking 1 chores ret too toush for The C*> io -* The Behind to ! J^l^y ^chin^^a* be ittended to by a youn? amateur Cavalcade Three-Year Old Champ JtTOni in steadied to a .1 S«.tur- dsy afreraeon. ar.d was one up OTI Yatei. s-oiKgr to the thiny-sixtc. where both pushed their second shots to the right 01 the jrrcen. but vrere not ~iy:rne-I l-y the -oaks fringing the green. <Joldma.i> •>.'.'as av,ay and he used a putter from 1 ;• fo:-t off the green- He was a.ur-rt-ximatr'iy 1- short. In Thriliins: •Heralded AS amour th* best fc«avyweijrb.ts in the ^aun« : today a_r>d one of the best ever to show here, Touamy Thompson, 212 pounder from Oakland, California, is beins counted on to Jceep Glen TVade busy every mintite. of their bout Tuesday night tEkt will headline tb» weekly wrestling: program ar Paris Athletic dab. Thompson is known a« the wrestler of a thousand tolds back on the coast. where be has achieved most of his fame, and is a pupil of Earl Cadock. also known by the- same title be has passed to his protege daring the time be was a contender and finally a. holder of the heavyweight championship. Paris followers of Glen 'IVade. generally accepted as "being the equal of any wrestler ever to show here, are confident the Nebraskari can take the California tin ear Tuesday nssht. Wade has never lost a match here and his backers can se-e. nothing: but another victory for aim when be- xvades into named CHICAGO. C^P 1 —Surging forwar from las-t place. Mrs. Isabel I>ocse • has caught in. amateur and s< Slearre's Cavalcade won "the $35.000 ; pro circles for some seasons now. scrub I added Arlington classic by four j Durham likely will open back of j seng-ihs Saturday, capturing the ; the plare. iriih Ray being: h-eld it: thre-e year old championship ct | reserve for possible relief work. 'he American turf in a dramatic: finish, which &e" a. '.:r>_>-vd of 30,- t Thompson. They will wrestle two out of three falls with a two fc.onr time limit- Billy Bums, now a, full fledged lieavyweisht carrying 210 pounds, •will swing: into action asrain in the local areana, against Pat Tvellly. who holds -draws with Juan Humberto and Jack O'JDell in time limit ind a local boy. j matches. He is. scheduled to Dexter Ray. wfeo j wrestle Arthur Von Saxon, a coni- err.i- ins German heavyweight, in the semi-final of the Monday nig:fct card in Dallas. TTade opposes Humberto in the mala event of this show. t Reilly comes heraMed as the roushster who makes such wild Cubs Move Closer to Giant Nine Big Jim Weaver Hurls Victory In First of "Crtt- cial" Series NEW YOB.K. (/P)— Bis Jim-j i^er led the Chicago Crubs through a maze of base hits up to within one game o* the world champion Giants Saturday as the league leaders and. the foremost challengers opened the first gen- ine five game •'crucial" series of the National league season. The Cubs' margin was 11 to 7. Weaver allowed amon twelve hits, them Joe Moore's homer -»vith. one on in the ninth and Mel Ott's double that cleared the bases In the seventh, and he almost crippled himself for life in the Chicago ...100 170 101—11 3.7 1 New York .002 009 S02— 7 IS 2 Weaver and Hartnett; Bowxnan. Bell, Al Smith, 2-uque and Maneuso. Ivlcha.rd.5- over. ' ";-Goldinan"s one-aver-par 71 'thfr.aftern.ooii Tx-as the bfst CO plcte" score of the tournament, was one under the score ei wliicb Eaton has shot five ijtrres. :Th-& cards (niorruns ryund ' i Par" out ~._..-444 354 344-—3j Hal: a. ie-igib ba.^k of I>iscovery ! reii Wright,el" Chicago, '*;th Ris- I several players who are kn Saturday's race o.t a. mile ar;a aj t - :±vi -i "In addition 4--J, a full sevo;id \ c !uc> -, -vith Goo-a j h&5 - Deen lookin. PHO^S AV1X P>AIK PHILADELPHIA. i^P> . The Phillies" latest drive from the lo'w- regions of the National league boost Sa.t- y "Wilson's innazi Reds t-bill, eoual- record in one Roy Hansen held the Reds to four hits whlse the Phils pounded out a.n IS to 0 triumph. Euel Moore. Indian right-hander, outlasted Paul I>er- to * from the opening whistle to trimi rin ^ r in the ^ J S btca ^ »^_ ~** er { Paris baseball fans, including Dan- j oisen here. The Sailor has proven i ph! ' 5 Ponced home with a o to , Against this local array D fling a line-up that proiessional game against Buck Olsen, the methodical S-x-eae. Baris striving hard 10 get nearer the top in the ranks of the aeavies i* has promised to be sci I- oisen here. ontests. : -i-=-:3t 10 the yosi a. p paid ?2.?-. to . T'.'St^r. SteTcart- findinsr plenty of -ro-j- ; „, ... '". 3.3 2. . sn:T :e* ,;<-. popular -with Paris far.s a.n<5 last •sreek T\-as the victim of an accident T »-hen he collided with Oscar say's knee while attempting Boyd and Jum- Thc record ecjuall-ed was that for ecoud-innins scori-ng, the Phils to these Morse has '• say's knee Trb.i!e attenipting; to piling ut> the huge total of 11 runs ol<! kias on his I execute a flying tackle. Jn five ap- in the second frame ol the opener have been attracting a I pearances in Paris the Sailor has | Sixteen Chills came to bat in the Rtioru In fact Bill Bssick 1 won threw bouts and lost iwo. \ ir.nlng and nine hits were pounded the -N-ew Tork Tar-kee^, t Pans who derived s. lot of pleas- j out. , them over ir. re- I ur« from a. four round boxing * In the nightcap. ._.,Sunny tled down. ho~-'e~er. by o-ne stroke v, ith ^ .comiiig mne ioT~ i;^ LeTir; iilel foiirec ths first eisrhte-pr'. sr- * - -Stewart oega-n h-s la.s: futile a ptitxea. the d Iea«3 --r. f;-.* So they mast Uarej "»tca that opened^ "last ^^^ £ | BouomleV^s"tfce'only" Red man | program wU! have another oppor- | w find 3; oore - s slants ro his H&illff . , tun;t v to s-^e th*» izttt" z*i<~*'t -Q~ . , . i - 0 -. ^;" ,_,.;. ^ T - 0 "j_ J; «5- _r_ _,~ ,'v.riand hammerec out a parr of ?iorr!- y~~£, MORE shot at the Western I f. iaCiV sr? -'p= -"^'-' *.StS .^ rtx ..n« ers Buckv Walters hit for The cir-„,*- •* ' fi0or * J P I0r 'our more -ounds | „ :t , .:,„ ^.t,.-, raateur. r;ow ;ust an_-..,ner goii i Tuesday. L^st -s-eek the little ne- ! - a *- i " Or L| "" - -^s. sm*n-; slrsce our entrants { ,. roes ^ OT , _ bfe nand ar , a FIRST GAME put our. and ^-e"il pass it by. ] shower of change for their d:?rnay f Cinerama. 0 0 & '-' f - M -' «0*— 041 r-;'aho^.«. City sports column- i of ^ w --.ii;n~ r . e ssi to either knock j Philadel- 5 II I 001 00-x—IS 19 3 or. th«? ^."estern. j ^ c - I/n or te icnockec down for four) Brenuari, Be-ion. Kleiniians, •a out *.he -Jiris-uportsmaniike ', -^..j-os or less. . rjlanion and .I^ombardi, .Manion; c; o- ire -part of s fe-*- gal- \ %f. o. Hike wf!! be on iianc to | Hansen and Todd, Holden. KatoT>-H£Tnrnan ? re feree this week's irra:ches. he SECOXDOAME Tigers Come Back to Beat Yanks 12-11 Driving Finish Bring* Victory and Gives Detroit Lead Again XUSXROXT. W — Wobbling around on tfc« verg® <*£ *. knockout in. the early innings Saturday, the Tisers came, back TO administer the finishing blows themselves to the ninth and defeated the Yankees. 13 to 3.1. to "regain the American League lead. The triumph, which, thrilled a croxvd. of 23.000 as Mickey Coeh- rane's cJub finished -with a starring: four run rally in the ninth after having trailed by as much as eight runs, save Detroit first place by two percentage points, .625 to .623. One more- ^amfe remains in the "crucial" series. Playing sensationally behind "Vernon (Goofy) Gomez, the Tanks "built' up £ 5 to 1 margin in the first half of the fourth, reaching their climax when Ba5e Ruth belted his 15th home ran Tv-ith two mates aboard. They drove "Vic Sorrell out in the first and rapped jSldbn. Anker hard for a Trhile, but after the fourth their oniy tallles came on Frank Crosetti's homer in the seventh. I-iOu Gehrig maaasred to preserve his record string of 1,427 consecutive games by sakins' the first time at bat In the opening inning. He hit. a single, then retired in favor of Red. R*Ife, Gehrig. tvho is recovering from an attack of lumbago -which forced him oat of Friday's game, 'was listed as shortstop and lead-off batter wrhile Jack Saltzgaver played lirst. Xew Torfk 402 300 200—-11 14 2 Detroit ...001 313 004—12 20 1 * Goxner, Deshong, Vaziatta, Grimes and Dickey: Sorrell. Ay Seer. Hogsett, Marberry au-d Hayworth. Cochrane, HAKJOER CL<EVEL^O:D. <*?>—in his first Performance since "bis brilliant pltcbing in Tuesday's Araerica.n- Narional 1/eagae game, >lel Harder. ac& harler of. the Cleveland ludiaus, shut out the "SVashins^on Senators £ to 0 Saturday, allowing only four hits. Washington. 000 000 000—0 4 Q Cleveland .,O20 000 00x—2 S 0 Wfcitenltl and Sewejl; Harder and SATURDAY'S ItESUl/r« - TEXAS LEAGUE Dallas 4, Beaumont 2 Fort "Worth S, Houston 6 Oklahoma City 20.- Galveston 11 San Antonio 10. Tulsa 10 (called in 14th account of. dust storm.) AMERICAN liEAGCTE Chicago 10, Philadelphia 5 Cleveland ±, Washington 0 Sf. Louis S, Boston 7, Detroit 12. Xe-nr Tork 11. r UEAGUJC Chicago 11, New York 7 Brooklyn ^10. St. Louis "3 Pittsburgh 4. -Boston 3 Philadelphia 1S-5, Cincinnati 0-4 STANDINGS TEXAS Team— San Antonio . . Tulsa ... . Galveston Beatimont Dallas Fort Worth .. , Houston Oklahoma. City W. 1^ ...52 40 ...4S "41 ...43 42 . ..4S 45 ...46 47 ...44 46 50 55 A3IEKICAX I/EAGtTE Team— "W. I*. Detroit . .., ....50 Tork . Boston Cleveland , TTashington St. 30 29 36 Philadelphia Chicago - . ... 4S ! 43 .. — ...40 37 ...... .40 40 .Sf 40 -- . ...30 47 ..... .27 51 XATXOXAL, Team— . New Tork Chicago St. Ixjuis Pittsburgh ... .__ Boston Brooklyn Philadelphia. Cincinnati TV. . 51. .50 44 40 3V I* 30 31 34 35 41 '47 45 5- Pet. .565 .539 .53S .527 -435 .4S3 .451 .402 Pct. .523 -S±3 .519 .500 .444 ,390 .34S Pet- .630 .,617 ^564 ,525 .494 .420 .415 WEST BIXtE IfAGVK Henderson T. I^afkin 6 Pale^ine S, Longvjew 3 Jacksonville 9, Tyler ' S,. 5 nas 5 TT,-=, the fans rol- ! :h -?'ere a. bit rude ; Trans - Mississippi j "V^QT ItiJS'-^a.TS^^, Xl^° COi- ^ msn i^ex* HT'-'inars on £ promised >Ianager Uoc Gi:- litv-e negro fighter*, •arjll go on promptly az 3:30 o'clock. Or:? TroTTiaT; i\";;l hs a>imi"e;i free of charge •with each ticket in :"-e floor cha?r and ringside fea r . sec- ' e ! Cincinnau ..012 001 GvO— 4 Z S Philacel. ..010 004 90x— 5 II 3 Derringer and Lornbardi: E- Moore and Wilson. . .. - ..•XS.TBJOttJBOSrOX... 5 ST. I>OUI5. £?)—Rollie Hemsiey singled in two nrns in the ninth, to Siv» the Browns an S to 7 victor;- o\*er the Boston Red Sox and even the series^ at ons ^atne each. y-rits" Ostert!5itelle.r, Re>3 Sox so'cthpaw, failetl to pusrle the Browns and was foilowed by Ma!- ligstn, Pennock and "Welch. Boston .....000 {H»± -iOl—7 s e St. Ix>uis ,.01± 050 002—-S 1$ o OstermueHer. Mollizan. Per.- nock. "Welch and K. F^rr?-!!; Ha-d- Jey and Herosley. WEST DIXIE Team — ' Jaclcsonx'iile Henderson . . Longvlew L.uf kin . ___ ,. Pales-Jne ........ Tyler .11 ... 11 . lf> , 1.1 3 Action Is Assured In Sunday Game Local Team to Play Hap Morse's American IJIM«. dry Team Sunday . Plenty of action is assured tana who visit the local ball park Sun. day afternoon vt-hen Manager Gen* Logsdon's Battlers square off with Hap • Morse and his America*. Laundry club from Dallas. Th» former Dallas Stoer skipper, ifter demanding and receiving a «ub- stantial guarantee, offered ta play on a **winner-take-ali** ,baai». doubtless, going on the theory that anything: that comes from i>alla» must be superior to any home -talent. • . ;. ; Admittedly Morse- has a "food bal! club, but ho will find tto «et- up when the. clubs -squar* away for action Sunday afternoon. Th» Battlers! • will have a aice array of, talent on hand, -which will indudV one of the best infields that can bo scared up in this section of tb« state. It has hitting power -aad defensive ability. Perry Spear*, a heavy hitter, -will be at tirst,-Jol6i GIIHaav another good hitter- at second. C. H. Terry. ClaxksTille» at short aini Morris Bailey, on* of the best yotrcs infielders now out or professional ball, will hoJd th* third base- assignment. The outfield will consist of Gordon Burke, a heavy hitter and jood Oy chaser in center 13eld, Johnny Cox. former class D player in left, and who has stSl has plenty of liitdns: power. whHe the ciyht field, -win. be patrolled by Jimmy Underwood of Bogata, another whale of s, ball player. 1 Th* pitching- staff will hav* Wilson Bohaaon., famous Indian righthander, with Antlers for several years, Karper. left ;hander from Boyata. and probably another left hander. an Indian wb.o has heen playing with Antlers this season and who has been well recosi- .mended. Bull Durham, one of ; th» b*st known semi-pro -catchers.,in this section <md Dexter Ray. local boy, will handle the back stop JLS- 10. 32 12 .524 .429 .333 Cats Down ,8-6 the seventh and each wjtJi the bases vacant. ' • •• -•-.-." ;-:.>••'..;.--.;.. Beaumont , .. .C?o 000 "00—2 S.I I?alias ...... . 400 000 OOx—4 S ;2 "Wade anc! Tresb; Vance and ' PAIRINGS GIVEN I> TENM5 TOURNEY ~t "V5s a bit shy Steers Get New Players i BUGS OCTLAST BRAVES | BOSTON. (JPy—Gss Suhr's home 1 run smash into the right field. • psvillion. in the 1 2th inning Sati urday gave the Pittsburgh Pirates I a 4 to 3 vrin over the Boston j Braves in the first game of the | current series. i .Pittsburgh , . .039 000 S90 OGI — 4 j Boston . ..... 000 120 000 000 — 3 | Swift, Mconey and Padden, ! Grace: Brown. Mangum. Smith { ST!d 'Spohrer. .The 'cards 13a.t<Hj out , Stewart, out Kacon out • the rallery 3T7'; for ? :o :&£>:. V."^ r-eiieve Sus s Major Prospect Tn Loop I DODGERS MATTL/ CARI>S | BROOKLYN. (<•*• — Johnny ! Babich, Brooklyn's yonsg recruit ! frorn the coast league, harls-d his ^ FTKK AT HUGO KUOO. OK is. — I/asna^c t-r t tbe r.onve //;' Soottb J str<---r-: ";?'" T -'-.' ! Satwrday afternoon. 'o=r;zinr that carr hr o II O?5 of th« wrecked playing roster of the "Dallas- Steers starred Satv-T-day •wh&n Vice President Bob Tarlo;c*r, a-nco^ncexi the acquisition c-f four players. i wh^ c«ttchsr ^*-'ho has "~-eeTT doing r^H5k * ^*^^ first complete yame a?> » Saturday and turned back the St- Ix>tils Card?na1s with four hits, to Babich was in trouble only th*?. seventh. Tor:? Cue: his eleventh o* for Oakland of tbe Fa season in the third. CHISOX TK.tM A'S CHICAGO. (.?? — Taking' better of t.heir II blo^vs than the Athletics did of their ten. the "White Sox defeated Philadelphia. I<? to 5. Saturda;- In the second same of the series, Home runs by Manager Jimmy Dykes and Zeke Bonura. ths latxer hls season's 15th, each -with oa« on. featcred she attack: against Sill Dietrich. Joe Cascarella. and I-eRoy 3,Ia.feaf£ey, PhiUcel. ..004 001 000— S IS 6 Chicago ...1-0 254 IGx—10 11 0 Dietrich. Cascarella, MahafJey and Berry; Gas ton and Shea. Fort Worth Entrant Cotnes From Behind In Closing Innings FORT WORTH. Tex, >?F — After beinsr he!^ to one hit a~d thro^wn five runs behind in th* first five Jrtnina^t. the Fort "^"orth Cats, still wearing: their jirn-breaking s:reen road suits, surged ut> in three rallies fit I^Gra-re field -Saturday- night to defeat th* Houston Buffs S to S in «. scaip-ttspllnsr cop SI>T:<;KEST CITY. {fP}-— In a! srcoring spree. Oklahoma. her* Saturday Tiigbt- Oklahotoa. City scored 20 runs--, on 15 while Galveston srot II Jssts 11 runs, - • ., '- ;/.•- Galvestcn" -3«4 <?00 301—ll'-li 5 Okla. City 1130 022 l.lx—20 15 5 TT a 1 k •« p. • Jorsr-esis, "JatSeucId, Shires an-d L4ntoa; MatuzaJk, ' T£v- aiis and Horton. Houston 301 1C«0 100—S 10 2 i Ft. "Worth ..000 002 42x—S 9 3 Pippen. Payne ^rth arrd SOUTHERLATVD TEAM BEATS RALPH WILSON -2 4 of the Chicago' Brooklyn Oil -IOC- 25x—10 11 I .nip" 5ch;n^, •', •- ^."alker. Vanc», Hajnes an«J 3>e- fiekler Cha:tanoo,fa of HAVE YOU TRIED - . - ' .» 1 oousrr: !-»-- se:n 5 ^^agronat- toward ^^ J *-*a,ir;Trja.": v."h" ii;Tn" S fi caus < s h^ J t I " ~\. ." . . " -, , I T>a« probably Afier you've tried ail the others, jnve by our retail station and try oi.-£ of our ice creams .. ?'rom then on you'll aVA'a;»s say"s, for our ice cream b the same high qual- t;\ that has made the nsrne Boede ; :- r?. the most famous in Texas, f<?" a, r% "Jhv ice cream. BIG DOUBLE DIP ICE CREAM CONES 5c PifiU IOc T PinU 15c; Quart* 25c BOEDEKER ICE CREAM * ClJWk*vilie >u:ch» Prather. first baser-.^r:. fhi from Naab-'Jl!e. have b".^;- to the locai ctab. plavfn- an Okia- f p ^** ^ i!! replace the depart- fee Babber Jonsird. Charnoer.isn probably ^iH replace Kott a: »*c- fcr havicsr to apologrize Gi:d base " S^^ 1 ^ 0 wij ! be **»«f'*« 0 ,,.., >oma r ,; v ^ij^^,. ^-^Jar, outfield b«rtn, prooa&iy r*r«ic. ,: ^^"reyre"; Vha'v* to iT ^ Fre^I Besntit in left fi*^. r>ok..2">£ for s Paris sa.!!«ry Vfhile the OaliajE wreck:«; and artsians <:ooi<l be that -w-ay. I tercsr. 'B-au Beii. Garveston - •" 1 fi«!der and the yoangster la ncey; Ix>pe-z, VICTOKIOCS HEXDKRSOX, OP;—The HetJiJer- ffo-n Oilers contsnced their victory inarch Saturday as they score's a taliy Jn the ninth to br*ak * ^!ftad- and r.o?« oat the; I>afkin to €. .....701 001 350—6 10 2 n -Oil 400 001—T 14 5 and Summers; K«*p5^r, ..'ho I Jabonaa -.—Hrnin, San WTX AN'TL-ERS.—Sisr J««« Ro»»Tt«-r.. jpearir.g 1 for th<- first time a« a arriT^g pitcher, pUche<5 the Mout>• ; r*«?«-rs '.5 a. victory fe^r* Friday .n ^CCTC of 3 TO i o*-"er the jstron,£r Piesis-8.r-t ream. Tisr^e fast v* v *•;*«• ™^'*5zv* fev ^iH mst*ej5 j urois^ect.. slipped trsio the ba.?*.;r.^ ? | leadership through Friday li.srhs j 5&mee with a haeky .355 av^raari*. j *Jx mare points Ch-ar; Manaifer K*:u | Harve! of the Oklahoma. City In-J rJiany. who h<sl<3 she s'K'at crov. •.: I 15. Supply Ralph Wilson. IS'xo 2. Fr*£ay art- ernoon in a' city !«asrue basefaaJI aram*. T*he Sapply- utr.*;, oat for a victory, ee-wcd up The* by hard b:ttir>jEr. including circuit wallops by Jackson. Cross as<5 Grif- ihe "Wslson tsasn scor* until the last Crasn«>. L^rty Morria Bak«r. piichias *or the 5oc;h*rland team, -whlifed 11 aa h» »trod« for A shutout Tictory. Batteries for So9th«rland Sap- ply '*«re Ealc«r and Jackson; for Ralph TCilssn £<! ant! An Wbiw? Au«J Black and IVTiltc FORUM $5 SHOES To Close O«t *O "* JOHN SNELL At. Jew "W'nnsch Store t.^ 3 )—Joe to th» mound Sat night for th« Dallas Steers and" t-crn&d in a fine exhibition cf piichiss to &*»£ aoothparw Jak* "VV'ad* of th* BeacTccnt Shipper* and sri"e th* herd th« opener of the series. 4 to 2. Vane* let th« Sxjsorters do'wn •ss'ith thre* sale knocks. Urfor- ttinaitftjy, ho-!«--eT«r. fwo of the three hits it»s ga^a «p T^«re homers by Sh»ney and Tresh, both rornia^ in Sore Bleeding GtunA Only oai bottle I>eto's Pyorrh«at R«zrzedy "s is«ed«d to convtnc* anyone. N ma-tter ho-w bad your s*. »et a bottl*. o»» as dirscted, arid if you ar» uot satisfied dr»s> Sists -will r*fand yoor money. Palac* I>ns» Store.—Adv. IT IS DANGEROUS And expensive to drive your automobile with flse wheels out of aiign- ment \Ve hare the finest equipment aisd factory trained mechanics ^ho spedalize in wheel alignment Hid frame If your car does not steer as u*eH as when new or if .your front tires are showing unusual wear T drive your car into our service department for a FREE inspection, . - . WINS N'ET TT.TtfE OMAHA, vP,'— • Lawrence <*s prep school e Jia*» I^OK, Car! march r«5ay Th* fi-2. NOTICE A3; water bJJJ* re*»aiKiisaj UK- PAID a.f«*r tb« I5th of th« mouth Ara subject to ..beiss cut off. vltljt- «%3t forttoer notice, OF WATER WORK* *or eeverai weeks. Morgan. Antonio's ac« KiusS'?''". g»'irs«d l>Ia,c« Friday ns^hl wish a leaders games foli «xa* Friday nighl Tots- hits ton; 0. jss; B« Galv«ston.. nfan. Pan Ar?T.or!*o. 25. Triples- — Binrfer, Ofeiahon-^a City. ; Kooky, Tylss, 1 *. run*- — E^li, Gilvestorj, Tulaa and York, Fort Worth. IS. * Runs baxte«J Jn— English, GsK-en- B««.«! g. Stolen b*se»-— gh 50c GOLF CLUBS •no No. 9 $1.00 GOLF CLUBS r, No. 2, 5 and * $1.50 GOLF CLUBS P*ter No. 2, 4, 5 «ftd 7 CUb» Xo. JL *, 7 $1 JO Woo* er, Br SfMKNi HOUSE HARDWARE COMPANY Storrs-Schaefer Co. wm B« M Self Clothing Co. July 16, 17,18 you to a.n<3 ff<"* th^ new fall »n«l winter fabrfcan <51«- pj»y^t by ** Crow.

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