The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
Page 6
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THE DAH.Y flEWB. FX2VCK1C, ttOJ., FRIDAY. WAY 20,1932. IN ^^t£^MM^ '^MMA^MM^. ^^M^B^^ NATIONAL LEAGUE Olympic HopeS By Claire Burcky 3: Brooklyn. S. , 4; ct=c^=a.t: 3. Oth*r club* not »e*j*iu:»c Teams Again In Virtual Tie For' First Place. · Game* T»4»». P:«»burKh »t St. Low* Chicago a* Ne* Ysrk »v BrooklyE ili at FOXX GETS 11TH HOMER Of THe Clobt. W I . 3! 9 IT 1C II 1" St York, M*- 19 --The Washir.gvcn Seaasors bro'^sht ' "e Yan'ees' string oJ successes » irs aor^p- sr.d vxlay and slugged and waUed :n*^- *-3y i=to a TUtsa: t.e with New Yc.-k lor the : American I*ag~-« l*«d or- 1'innirf: bo'.n gaaiea oJ a d: - .o-«eac*r by »cor« of »-« »ad 12-7. T.-ve iirst garrc WWR: 10 Carl Reyr.oldf' tr.ple in the -J-CKI the 2--sv ws-.e Bab* R j t h · aoanec'.ed for his e;sn:r. hxntr Us She" first :=i;.:# ef T.e r.-?h: cap The score. R K E Washiugtcn .... - 8 "'2 2 Nnr York - -. . . « : : ' Bartenes: Crowder. Marberr- ar.d i Spencer. Bers ar.d MUol?. P-.pRraj. Go- ' siez. We'.is. Broirn aid Dici^v Brooklyn _... 15 _ .13 _. _ .12 10 :o 16 14 AMERICAN LEAGUE Second j R H E. _ :s :: : New Tors T 14 1 · Bro*^:. FiKher. Ras'.and i and B*rs. Maple: K.-.-^ie# M-r?iiy. j Huffing *ac D::»e:- ; R«»ulU. .~..lac:*lp:via 4: ·N«a Ycri. 6-7. Other cl^ijB nal s.iveiul«; ·pirjt can-.e :0 :nr.u-.sS Games Today. t Ijou-s at Clevelir.d \Va»hir.rton at New Yon. St Lou:* ·'. OveUnd Dc:ro.t a: Chicag^ Standln» ef the Clubs. PC-. 71C 4S4 ' 4 3 J - .V.4 ! .4J1| .370 8-12. N»- York \Vashinevn Cleveland Detroit Philadelph^i V.a.. 19 -- J-3-..-r.y elevenih home run of »ca»o:i. aisde ; ( la the first lr:n:r.s with tne biies load- ! j ei. jave the Athlet:r.« a 4-2 victory over , Boston t^dav Mahsftey \.elded t h e 1 Red Sox 10 h.w -in-e :ae A s h*d or..T SJt. W .19 31 IS 15 . 14 15 .. 9 .. 5 L. 8 9 M ! J 14 23 Pet.. -04 ! TOO rHEMLOCK SPLINTERS LEAD : i INDUSTRIAL DIYISION 1 Defeat Ox Fibre Team By 1O ! To 7 Count. T.-e Hezslocic Sp'.infrs s.-ee!ba.. _ '. the C.t; ijK^coa.1 I c'it a high, boaaeer to tiiird. scoring. Riioder.oc juso taliied. beai- !' .2? tie throw frosa L. BracSey. Davis : S : ec to f-.. · Tae lioeupo: Ox Rare--ilartz, ftfieki. Rxhard : Bruchey. catcher; Harriscc, shortstop: ; i "A'-srie.-. ri^htfield; L**recoe Br^chey., firs: base: Burc*t".e, cecteriield: i LJTCl 3«L5C ^ KGJ32.OE.C+ f£COu-va , seeded oa.i? Te H. i F. Trainmen ce Star aad Crescent C.'-b be---; ie:eatee tee H, inz F Triiisici. AO of tr.e thre.' -dme- -,-t cr.ppoi' .^^.j"' tot^il p^fall ::. a. 2iit..t : - .«: .:: g'.tl'. Star And Crestrnl N-Jz . . 148 H. i F. Traicatta CuUer :·. 3 S7 564 \V-J;e S;:?rc-l. viho - B-a-.^r- Br.-.^s ,!:-._i:v itnis :r.f Ox !rsr. » r f ~ * . ii^ »*ii^r£ rw-cc. ~ri ..-c "AS" * ~* o **"3ir£!3 ** ** ** iv3 **is % "jfi"*it~ i " · - o 'it' tr.e contest The SpUnvers put · to .". Bmchey Johc Land:: s^njl^c tc ; :. -r arid advancr«c to secoi.d ·?.·."£ i Bev jji, foul«i o-t to H Brtitr-e 1 .. c_t it^M.-- 4, Ls:ic^ BarcSetj* S...O'*-· fa ':.? Mil to s*-: a'*ay f.-v.T. :~«i , T*-.-r.t«-y hlj to left, isor.nj Eruche'. - 1 j Sas: r'.nocer:ti was safe Rhea Cratch- aci catcher; Bes:. : G. Br^chey, centerfield: ! *: Boiers, jnort £til*y, second :: Br-ch- Pioersiy. first iis». .'u.T.blfd his ffrotinoer. j .T.."-_Q T".e::tey to s'.op a" ; ·'.:. I'-.-Ci e-o:ic! E t;::r^ ar.d Won Their Matches. i "!:-.:· t::r«e Fretier:ck boys, Lease Bus- . ;rrc Edgar and \\CJOT Palmer. n:?tn- ', cers 'j*. the Weswrn Maryland :eiini5 ·can. "-^a t::e-r sinuses natche; iron: t.':e L'li.".**r5 % ty of InylanS Wednesday The Pajieis sron in the doubles, bm Bii:5a:d ivho »ai teamed v;:th Perko^ , v as defeated The Terrors ivoa, 1 to ; GEORGE EALIKO- I SOO i Slr * Practice »f i'jpplylr.g Uncle S.»m ^ not ye', a q-.iarj«r-:ni hurdler, tr.ere . .469} *lti: topnotch Olympic hurdlers. Tfce! a ever;.- r?aion to believe he irill be 321 pr»ct:c« continued throogh 192«. And ! T "-" ftrs - '-- m « " r -° ver raced a quarter .179 INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE The scor*. H 3 H E 10 : Phi-acelphii ........... * « - Battenca. K.:::c. Useribc-e and Tate. ! Manaffey ar.c. C-;l'.rane I Yesterday's Results. Jorsey City. 4: Baltimore. 2 Toronto, 4. Montreal. 3 :ns S: Newark. 3 BuJTa'.a. 11; Rochesler. ^ ** did *' Games Today. May 19 --^tephenson's 'Jersey City a* Baltimore, twelfth, scorir^ Rich-! Montreal at Toronto. Reading at Newark Stiff a lo at Rochester. ocurg t-2d«y Si - -e the leasue-leacir-s i C-ibs a 4-3 dv-r-ilcn ir. the first jarr.e of a fer.fs ^.th the t.itri p'jace Otn- i The scor;. R H E j Chicago 4 15 0 ! Clncinr.ati . 3 H 0 . Biiffalo 19 Batteries- Gr_-r.e5 and Harinett. Car! Hoche^ter 17 roll and Lor.-.oard: Xfar..or.. Baltimore - *.B | Montreal 19--T:v Pirates I Toronto SUndine Of The CIub«. W L. 19 :: T i · ih-r. inrtr.c so- ' Jersey City 19 13 :o 13 '.4 33 31 aith the Olympic coming to ihis , ^' | couatrj- Sii Atijrjat. Georje Saiini-. -932 j " 351^7 w""^ years o!d 6 feet 11-2 !owa track caplals. Is ready to fceep -j; | tall, rs.«-:?hs only 155 ;xur.d^ and '.he good woric ', hails from Corydon. la. He's a senur Off hli performances on f.vo succrs- ; !ha year, hav.ns sta?*d out of j-.-r.oo! =ive April weei-ends, 8aJ:ng becme an i is. \ 931. ouLsUr.dlnc candidate. He topped the | The Hankeye has cot been beat?n j lilgh sticks in 14.6 seconds :?. prcl^r.- · th-s year. He won the Big Ten indoor inary and finals heats at the Kansas j 70-yard event and no opponent finisn- j Relays. A. weei ia^r he outstepped tho | ed aiihin 10 yards of ban at Kansas ! field at the Drate Relays to win ir. 14 4 j ar.d Drake. Taking a time trial the ; leconcy. equaling the official norid rer- i other day with no competition, he raced j 1 °'°- ««er the 220 lows in 23.4 seconds. ; ! Charley Brookins and Chan Coulter 1 Saline encounters his stifles', test ir. ' j first carried the Iowa banners into ! Jte't Keller. Ohio State flash, at the ' j Olympic hurdles competition in 1924 J B:; Ten outdoor championships Mav : I Theirs was the 400 meters event. Four I 31. it so happens that" Keller also :s ' Pet. j ye»rs Ut*r came Frank Cuhel. another' unbeaten. Will that be a hurdic race'.' j .513 ! -= -- - , : r j .533 ! ^-----^---- i .581 .576 .448 303 .250 s.r.j".«s. a h:t oatsmaa. ; ics final. 5 force pla:- an- a Hy orc^:ht th* -inning Hack \V;js^n cc.?- Srated HIS returr: to line-jp with one h:: in :»ur attem^is. The i-cor^ R H. E Brooklyn 2 6 1 3 10 CITT SPEEDBAU, LEAGVE · Indtistrial Division i Ymlerday's R«nlLi. Hemlock Splinters. 10: Ox Fibre. 7 G*mte Today. Batteries: Sha-tc. Qii'Jin and L^pez: 'E--er«!y vs. F. I. S. tUpp«r. Krth) Soenc-r. Chasr.or. and Grace SUndlnc Of The Clubs, W. L. Spimtcrs Taiionnff Co Leads Terminal Nine. -Hogcy" Fry v-,;h an average of .513 ;s leaoii-? the! N:nr baifball! Ox Plnre Brash Co. ... spiin. according to tiie averascs releas- j E\-^j-edv cd by Robert L. V."al-er official scorer i F T ^ s A. Cannon. ·» ilh an average of 500 u ! _ . ..'... __ ' ..'_ __ n.;iiner-up tn Fry and Clarke. «i'.h au ! average c: .444 L.- third Kruoplc. u".th i ti^ee Mctorles and rx defeat*, if the j leading pitcher · Players ?-nd their averages are. Frv., .518: A Cannor. .500. Clarke. 444: T. Draftinc Baketball Schedule Working on the supposition that the league will consist of four clubs. C Cyril Klein, president of the Park Outdoor Basketball Leanc decided at a .154. Foelc 078. i i | Olympic Hopes i I feet by 55 feet, ^ith a p'syins area of _ ; 75 feei by 45 feet, is being built back af 11 the oath house. . ! ." by Claire Bnrcky ^ursr. s history be- Select Your Saturday at KEMP'S For Onlv txx-zz O "tr.D-C ga-- ·«« Th* rr.«. 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