The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 25, 1986 · Page 18
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 18

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1986
Page 18
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4-B THE BAYTOWN SUN Friday, April 25, Television guide 1 FRIDAY • CD 8TOKT8 TOM8HT S 0NEWS YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVI- 8ION ) SPORTSCENTER ) MACNBL / LEHRER NEWSHOUR IC8S NEWS )RAOK)1990 _) BARNEY MtLLER _> GIMME A BREAK! 9Q&IATRAMPA 9 GD S 100,000 PYRAMID ©CDMONEYLINE ®BENSON ® DJFFRENT STROKES &30 O WHEEL OF FORTUNE CD DANGER MOUSE © STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS Division Final. (Live) (NOTE: Starting time is tentative. Game is subject to blackout.) 0 NEWLYWED GAME © 3D WILD, WILD WORLD OF A^ MALS 0 3D BOB NEWHART © PRIVATE BENJAMIN © GD $1,000,000 CHANCE OF A LIFETIME @ CD CROSSFIRE ffi THREE'S COMPANY S) THAT'S MY MAMA &35 © SANFORD AND SON 7:00 8 HANDSOME HARRY'S Zany characters patronize a St. Louis barbershop. Stars Scoey Mitchell, Art Evans and Ketty Lester. GD MOVIE "Rotten To The Core" (1965) Charlotte Rampling, Ian Bannen. O BUSINESS REPORT & CD SHOWTIME GALLAGHER- THE BOOKKEEPER !n this San Jose. Calif, performance, Gallagher twists the serious world of finance into a spoof with his latest props and offbeat humor. O) CHARLIE 4 COMPANY (B WEBSTER SZ) OD THREE'S A CROWD Q® 3D MOVIE "Bustin' Loose" (1981) Richard Pryor, Cicely Tyson. © 3D MOVIE "Thunder And Lightning" (1977) David Carradine, Kate Jackson. QD HAWAII RVE-0 @ Q£ MOVIE "Asi Es Mi Tierra" (No Date) Mario Moreno, Margarita Cortes © © MOVIE "Tank" (1983) James Garner, G.D. Spradlin. © GD © NEWS © CD PRIMENEWS © MATT HOUSTON 7:05 (S NBA BASKETBALL Playoff Game (Teams To Be Announced) 730 O WALL STREET WEEK O> LEO * LIZ !N BP/ERLY HILLS IE) MR BELVEDERE © CB ASSOCIATES © GD BASEBALL New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals (Live) 03 PM MAGAZINE 8:00 O LAST PRECINCT O ADAM SMITH'S MONEY WORLD © CD SHOWTIME RICH HALL'S VANISHING AMERICA As he travels down a few highways, former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Rich Hall focuses his attention on the pieces of Americana that are quickly becoming prized artifacts. (D MOVIE "He's Not Your Son" (1984) Donna Mills, Ken Howard. (B MR SUNSHINE O CE) CHASE SD MOVIE "Death Scream" (1975) Raul Julia, Lucie Arnaz. @ CD LARRY KING LIVE ffl WRESTLING S3 MOVIE "Killdozer" (1974) Ctint Walker, James Wainwright. 8:30 0 WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW Q 6 JOE BASH 01 CB MAXTRAX ' (29 GDViDEOEXrros 900 8 MIAMI VICE CD SHORTSTORIES O GREAT PERFORMANCES © CD SHOWTIME HARRY ANDERSON'S: HELLO SUCKER! Harry Anderson from "Night Court" puts his gavel aside to provide satirical tips on the fine art of conning with guests Turk Pipkin and John Larroquette. Taped at Hermosa Beach's (Calif.) Comedy & Magic Club. QD FALL GUY O) CB) TOMA © CE) MOVIE "A Nightmare On Elm Street" (1984) John Saxon, Ronee Blakeiy. © (B © CD NEWS ® GD MOVIE "El Testamento" (No Date) Federico Luppi, Julia Von Grcrt- man. © (H) MOVIE "The Rosebud Beach Hole!" (1984) Colleen Camp, Peter Scolari. ® BOXING Eddie Davis (30-5-1, 18 KOs) vs. Kelvin Kelly (12-0, 1 KO) in a light heavyweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds live from Lake Tahoe, Nev. fc30 © AUTO RACING Formula One Grand Prix of Spain, from Jerez, Spain. (R) © BASEBALL Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers (Live) O ASTRO WORLD 'B6 1(MO S 0CE1NEWS STUDIO LIVE WITH FREDDIE HUBBARD O FOR AUCTION: AN AMERICAN HERO The farm crisis in America is seen through the eyes of an auctioneer who setts off the possessions of bankrupt farmers. O CD SHOWTIME JOAN RIVERS (AND FRIENDS) SALUTE HEIDI ABRO- MOWTTZ From Caesars Palace: Joan Rivers and her friends pay tribute to Joan's promiscuous friend Heidi Abrc- mowitz with vignettes of Heidi's well- known exploits, g (fZ) 3D MOVIE "White Zombie" (1933) i Lugosi, Madge Bellamy. ) (E) WKRP IN CINCINNATI | BOB NEWHART _ ' HILL JMONEYUNE I TAXI 1030 ITOM8HT I DYNASTY <B CB MOVE "Tha Franc*) Woman" (1«1) Francoiaa Fabian, Dayta Haddon. 1tM GD MOV« "Rattan To Tha Cora" (1965) Charlotte RampHne. Ian Baman. 8 AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL MACNEN. / LEHRER NEW9NOUR O CD sHOwmte WEIRD AL YANKOVtC: THE COMPLEAT AL Waird Al Yan- kovta brings his rock parodies to this special that features his songs "i Lost on Jeopardy." "Eat K," "I Lov« Rocky Road" and "Dare to Be Stupid." • UAQNUM. P.I. • MOVIE "Pocket Money" (1972) Paul Newman, Lee Marvin. 8 MARY TYLER MOORE 83 MOVIE "La Querida" (No Date) Rocio Jurado, Fernando Feman-Gomez. QGDHAWAHFTVE-0 8CDNEWSNIQHT ® POLICE STORY 1130 0 FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS ® GE) MOVE "Darby's Rangers" (1958) James Garner, Etchika Choureau. 8D ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS ffi ALL IN THE FAMILY (D NIGHT TRACKS ) MAUDE ,_»(R COftNC RBJCF H Schedutod: Bitty CryM*. Whoopl OoWbwg and RoWn no** thte banafit parformanca to ratoa money for America's homataaa. CD SKIING Porsche Corporate Challenge, from Lake Tahoe, Nev. (Taped) © CD SHOWTIME RICHARD LEWIS I'M IN PAW CONCERT Stand-up comic Richard Lewis offers humorous anecdotes on pain in this concert at Hollywood's Improvisation Club. Cameo appearances by Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, Rob Reiner and Madeline Kahn. (S) CB NIGHT FUG HT © MOVIE "Kill And Go Hide" (1976) Richard Hanners, Laurel Barnett. ©CD JOE FRANKLIN @ CD CROSSFIRE S3 GET SMART 83 MILLIONAIRE MAKER 1235 m CE) MOVIE "Hardbodies" (1984) Grant Kramer, Teal Roberts. 12:10 ID MCGARRETT 12:15 © NIGHT TRACKS - POWER PLAY © CE) MOVIE "The Little Drummer Girl" (1984) Diane Keaton, Yorgo Voyagis. 1230 S3 CE) NIGHT FLIGHT 39 (G) MOVIE "Oficio De Tinieblas" (No Date) Juiissa, Enrique Lizalde. © CD NEWSNK3HT UPDATE ffl NEWS 1*0 O AMERICA'S TOP TEN CD SHORTSTORIES CO SPORTSLOOK © CD SHOWTIME FATHER GUIDO SARDUCCI GOES TO COLLEGE Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello) of "Saturday Night Live" fame takes to the stage for a concert of music and irreverent comedy at the University of California at Santa Barbara. (g) CD) NIGHT FUGHT © GD MOVIE "Meet Me At The Fair" (1953) Dan Dailey, Diana Lynn. ffl JIM AND TAMMY €Q INDEPENDENT NEWS 1:15 © NIGHT TRACKS ID NEWS 1:30 Q FRIDAY'S C£> SPORTSCENTER (E) MOVIE "Anatomy Of A Murder" (1959) James Stewart, Ben Gazzara. © (5) NIGHT FLIGHT © CD SPORTS LATENIGHT 03 MOVIE "And I Alone Survived" (1978) Blair Brown, David Ackroyd. 1:35 © CH) MOVIE "Reckless" (1984) Aidan Quinn, Daryl Hannah. 1:45 HI VIDEO COUNTRY MUSIC £00 CD STUDIO LIVE WITH FREDDIE HUBBARD © AUTO RACING NASCAR Modifieds, from North Wilkesboro, N.C. (R) © CD SHOWTIME SUPERSTARS OF COMEDY SALUTE THE IMPROV Byron Allen, Dana Carvey, Billy Crystal, Andy Kaufman, Robert Klein, Bette Midler, Joe Piscopo, Richard Pryor and Robin Williams salute the innovative club that helped launch the careers of some of today's top comic talents. © CB MOVIE "White Zombie" (1933) Bela Lugosi, Madge Bellamy. © CE) COMEDY BREAK © MOVIE "The Strange Case Of Doctor Rx" (1942) Patric Knowles, Anne Gwynne. © CD NEWS OVERNIGHT S5 MOVIE "The Return Of Mr. Moto" (1965) Henry Silva, Terence Longdon. 2:15 CB NIGHT TRACKS 230 QNEWS © CE) MOVIE "C.H.U.D." (1984) John Heard, Daniel Stern. © CE) INDEPENDENT NEWS @ C© EN VtVO CON RICARDO ROCHA 3:00 © CD SHOWT7MECHEECH ft. CHONG: GET OUT OF MY ROOM Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong bring their antics to this special that features music videos from their latest album "Get Out of My Room." O CE) MOVIE "Once Before I Die" (1966) John Derek, Ursula Andress. & GD JOE FRANKUN © CD LARRY KING OVERNIGHT 3:15 ® NtGHT TRACKS © (H) MOVIE "Police Academy 2: Their Rrst Assignment" (1985) Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith. 325 ffi MOVIE "Nickelodeon" (1976) Ryan O'Neal, Burt Reynolds. MO © CD SHOWTIME MARTIN SHORT CONCERT FOR THE NORTH AMERICAS The SCTV veteran brings his characters Ed Grimley, Jackie Rogers Jr. and Nathan Thurm to the stage and wet- comes guests Andrea Martin, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas and others. • MOVC "Revenge Is My Destiny" (1971) Chris Robinson, Elisa Ingram. (D AUTO RACING Safari Ratty, from Africa. (R) f WCO COUNTRY MUSIC CBNWHTFUQHT (jt> MOVE "Some Kind Of Hero" (10B2) Richard Pryor, Margot Ktdder. SHOWS SPECIAL Tha fictitious 2S*h anniversary of "The Garry Shandfeng Show" to celebrated in a parody of TV talk shows that's fiaed with dips of memorable BONANZA NIGHT FLIGHT NEWS SHOWBIZ TODAY SATURDAY 5*0 CD ARM WRESTLING Major League baseball teams compete. CBNEWS ffiREBOP ® (H) ADVENTURES OF CURIOUS GEORGE Animated. © S) DAVID TOMA ® CD NEWS / WEATHER / SPORTS 530 BDECOLORES CD AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "The General" (1927) (Silent) Buster Keaton, Marion Mack. CB CARRASCOLENDAS O (B SUPERMAN © FUNKY PHANTOM © (H) REMEMBER WHEN: GO, TEAM, GO1 © GD FACE-OFF © CD INVESTIGATIVE REPORT CD BREAK THE BANK 535 CB BETWEEN THE LINES 6*0 QREFLEJOS CD POWERHOUSE CD AGRICULTURE U.S.A. (B VfVA HOUSTON © CB JIMMY SWAGGART (SB 3D MOVIE "Ride, Vaquero!" (1953) Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner. ©CD CARTOONS SD SPEED RACER © CD NEW JERSEY PEOPLE © CD NEWS / WEATHER / SPORTS 03 CARRASCOLENDAS Q3 BJ / LOBO 6*5 CB HOGAN'S HEROES 6:15 © CFJ BUYERS FORUM 6:30 B ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS (D KIDS WRITES CD WORLD CLASS WOMEN QD GUMBY AND PROFESSOR BILL CB CROSSROADS © CE5 ISSUES UNLIMITED © INSIDE INFORMATION (21) (S MOVIE "Blame It On The Night" (1984) Nick Mancuso, Byron Thames. ©CD NEWS © LkJ SPORTS REVIEW S3 RAINBOW BRITE Q) OUTLOOK 6:35 CB GET SMART 7*0 B SNORKS CD OUT OF CONTROL © TENNIS Volvo Monte Carlo Open, semifinal matches, from Monaco. (Tape delay) Q WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW g © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Way Out West" (1936) Stan Laurel. Oliver Hardy. CD WUZZLES g CB PINK PANTHER AND SONS g (2) 3D ALIVE & WELL © CB U.S. FARM REPORT © JERRY FALWELL © CE STRAIGHT TALK ® CD NEWS / WEATHER / SPORTS © POPPLES S3 BLACK FORUM 7*5 CB WRESTLING 730 B ADVENTURES OF THE GUMMI BEARSg CD BELLE AND SEBASTIAN O WALL STREET WEEK CD BERENSTAIN BEARS g CD LITTLES g © CD MOVIE "The Last Dragon" (1985) Taimak, Vanity. © CE) WILD KINGDOM © CD BK3 STORY 83 ULYSSES 31 €0 WORLD TOMORROW 8*0 B SMURFS CD STAR TREK Q TEXAS GOVERNOR REPORTS CD JIM HENSON'S MUPPETS. BABIES 4 MONSTERS CB BUGS BUNNY LOONEY TUNES COMEDY HOUR © CE GO FOR YOUR DREAMS: CASH FLO EXPO © (B GARNER TED ARMSTRONG © VOYAGERS © CH) MOVIE "Isaac Littlefeathers" (19B4) Lou Jacobi, Scott Hylands. © CD MILLIONAIRE MAKER © CD NEWS UPDATE / HEALTHWEEK © BIONIC WOMAN GD LARRY JONES 6*5 CB MOVIE "The Public Enemy" (1931) James Cagney. Donald Cook. 830 CD MR. WIZARD'S WORLD © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "George Washington Slept Here" (1942) Jack Benny, Ann Sheridan. © (D MINORITY BUSINESS REPORT © CD MONEYWEEK CD GARNER TED ARMSTRONG 9*0 CD LASSIE § MISTER ROGERS (R) HULK HOGAN'S ROCK 'N' WRESTLING CB LAFF-A-LYMP1CS g © CE) KEYS TO SUCCESS OCDCHARLANDO © CD WRESTLING © CD SOLID GOLD @ CD NEWS UPDATE / SHOWBIZ WEEK LANCER »30 PUNKY BREWSTER DENNIS THE MENACE WELL-TEMPERED BACH WITH PETER USTINOV CB EWOKS ANC DROIOS ADVENTURE I CRAFT VIDEO MAGAZINE _ _ MOVIE "Remember The Day" (1942) Claudette Colbert, John Payna. O CD PEOPLE TO PEOPLE a CD STYLE WKTH ELSA KLEM8OH HOLLYWOOD J OB WORLD TOMORROW SIMMO TEXAS I © EL TESORO DEL SABER (D MOVC "The Competition" (1860) Richard Dreyfuas, Amy Irving. 9 GDCB WRESTLING ® CD NEWS UPDATE / SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY WEEK tB DEATH VALLEY DAYS KMB CB MOVIE "Destination Tokyo" (1943) Gary Grant, John Garfte»d. © CD SHOWTlUe MOVE "Ten From Your Show Of Shows" (1973) Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca. 1630 S KIDD VIDEO SPEEOWEEK 8 DUNGEONS 4 DRAGONS SUPER POWERS TEAM: GALACTIC GUARDIANS g © CB GO FOR YOUR DREAMS: CASH FLO EXPO © CE> STAR GAMES © CISCO KID § © FLEISCHER FOLIO CD BASEBALL '86 © WYATT EARP 11*0 B MFLT (D YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVISION The kids attempt to prepare bright young minds tor college. CO BASEBALL'S GREATEST HITS The 70s. 8 POLE POSITION WEEKEND SPECIAL "All the Money in the World" A boy is granted a wish — for all the world's money — after saving a leprechaun from a well. (R) g © CB MOVIE "Satanik" (1969) Magda Konopka. Julio Pena. ® CE! MOVIE "American Dreamer" (1964) JoBeth Williams, Tom Conti. © THIS WEEK IN BASEBALL @ CE) VIDEOS EXJTOS © GD VOYAGERS @ CD NEWS / WEATHER / SPORTS 8B MOVIE "Return Of The Master Kilter" (1980) Wang Lung Wei, Liu Chia Hui. ffiKUNGFU 11:30 B SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS CD LITTLE PRINCE d) AUTO RACING Formula One Grand Prix of Spain, from Jerez, Spain. (R) O FOR AUCTION: AN AMERICAN HERO The farm crisis in America is seen through the eyes of an auctioneer who sells off the possessions of bankrupt farmers. CD GET ALONG GANG CB AMERICAN BANDSTAND © CE) SOUL TRAIN © MARSHAL DILLON © CD EVANS i NOVAK 11:45 © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Forever Darling" (1956) Lucille Ball. Desi Arnaz AFTERNOON 12*0 8 BASEBALL New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals (Live) CD BELLE AND SEBASTIAN CD TRAPPER JOHN, M.D. ©WILD, WILD WEST IS 3TLUCHA LIBRE @ J, MOVIE "Deathsport" (1978) Da- vMCarrwflne, « CD NEWS/ SOULTftAM (D STAND** CD AUTO RACMG MSA Grand from OatoaavMa. Ga. (R) PGA GOLF Houaton Open, __. round, from Tha Woodtenda, Tex. (Live) • DAMNATION OF FAUST Tha Opera Company of Philadelphia perform* Bar- aoz's 1B46 work. Curtis Rayam, Jamaa Morris and Nadina Dante atar in this story of Faust's bargain with Maphi- stophaie*. (EnoUah subtitles) § BONANZA (Z) TWILIGHT ZONE (H) MOVE "Kentucky Woman" (1983) Cheryl Ladd, PhWp Levten. S CD NEWSMAKER SATURDAY 1* CD THE SEVEN WISHES OF A RICH KID QD MOVIE "The Unforgiven" (1960) Audrey Hepburn, Burt Lancaster. CB SAFARI TO ADVENTURE © (S) MOVIE "I Walked With A Zombie" (1943) Frances Dae, Tom Conway. SD CD MOVIE "Oliver!" (1968) Ron Moody, Oliver Reed. O CD FAME CB BIG VALLEY © CD NEWS UPDATE / HEALTHWEEK CB MOVIE "One Away" (1980) Elke Sommer, Bradford Dillman. ffi MOVIE "Superdragon" (1978) Bruce Li, Tang Pei. 130 © CD SHOWTIME COLGATE COMEDY HOUR B DRAG RACING Wintemationals CB VIVA HOUSTON © CD STYLE WITH ELSA KLENSCH 2*0 CD TREASURE OF ALPHEUS T. WINTERBORN A curious man and woman follow a mysterious string of clues that eventually leads them to a fortune left by a wealthy eccentric. Stars: Dody Goodman and Keith Mitchell. CB PBA BOWLING S250.000 Firestone Tournament of Champions, live from Riviera Lanes in Akron, Ohio. © CB BUGS BUNNY © MAVERICK ® © ESTRELLAS DE LOS '80S © CD MOVIE "The Ninja Mission" (1984) Christopher Kohlberg, Marina Lindahl. @ CD: YOUR MONEY 2:15 © CE BASEBALL Montreal Expos at Chicago Cubs (Live) 230 © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Skidoo" (1968) Jackie Gleason, Groucho Marx. CD NBA BASKETBALL Playoff Game (Teams To Be Announced) © CH) WHEN WE RRST MET This modern-day Romeo and Juliet tale features two teen-agers who fall in love and are separated, only to be reunited later through tragedy. © CD SPECIAL REPORT ® SKIING Subaru World Cup Freestyle, from Lake Placid. N.Y. Inverted aerial competition featuring acrobatic leaps. Takeoff, mid-air style and landing are judged. (Taped) 3*0 B PGA SENIORS GOLF Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf, third round from Onion Creek Club in Austin. Texas. (Live) I • RAWHDE CBOCXCAVETT (5) MOVE "B Seminarista" (No- Data) Pedro Infante, Savte Darbaz. O (D NEWS UPDATE / SPORTS- CLOSE-UP • MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ASTRO WORLD'M 330 • WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS Scheduled: U.S. vs. U.S.S.R. Gymnastics Meat, women's competition live from Worcester, Mass.; Kentucky Derby Trial, a one- mite race for Kentucky Derby hopefuls. • live from ChurchKI Downs in LoutsvHto. Ky. ® CD MOVIE "Mass Appeal" (19ML: Jack Lemmon, ZeJjko Ivanek. — ® CH) MOVIE "House Of The Long! Shadows" (1983) Vincent Price, Christp^- pher Lee. -c- 85 CD BIG STORY S TWILIGHT ZONE i: I 335 -•;.: CB FISHIN' WITH ORLANDO WILSON -" 4*0 "• 33 UVEWIRE eSUPERSOCCER ® CB CARTOONS CD ALIAS SMITH AND JONES Si CD GREATEST AMERICAN HERO @ CD NEWS / WEATHER / SPORTS S GOOD TIMES WONDER WOMAN 4*5 ® ROLAND MARTIN 430 {£> AUTO RACING Safari Rally, from Africa. (R) © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Bananas" (1971) Woody Allen, Louise Lasser. @ CE! MOVIE "Fuego En El Mar" (No Date) Manuel Ojeda, Norma Hen-era. © CD NEWSMAKER SATURDAY ffi SMALL WONDER 435 CB MOTORWEEK ILLUSTRATED 5*0 O EBONY / JET SHOWCASE CD OUT OF CONTROL O ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL •) LORNE GREENE'S NEW WILDERNESS e BUCHANAN H.S. © CE DANCIN' USA S) FAME © GD WRESTLING @ CD NEWS / WEATHER / SPORTS ® CHECK IT OUT1 €B BUCK ROGERS 5*5 CB WRESTLING O NBC NEWS (D STAR TREK CD SPORTSCENTER CB CBS NEWS CB ABC NEWS g @ CB MOVIE "1916" (1985) William Converse-Roberts, Hallie Foote. (3 CE PUTTIN' ON THE HITS 5J CED MOVIE "Blame It On The Night" (1984) Nrck Mancuso, Byron Thames. @ CD 1 PINNACLE ffl TED KNIGHT SHOW SPRING SPECIALS FROM SYLVANIA An excellent quality VCR plus * FREE *60 membership *FREE 5 year parts only SYLVANIA AUDIO-VIDEO SYLVANIA VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER Model VC2233SL Front load 14 day/2 event programmer 82 channel tuner Channel up/down 5 function wired remote One touch record with 4 hour standby Scan, still, frame advance, slow motion (SIP) Picture sharpness control Auto rewind Counter with memory All this for only $299 I DOWN SYLVANIA AUCHO- VIDEO „ Phravfrw: 5 YEAR PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY for PER MONTH ON ANY ITEM IN THIS AD WITH APPROVED CREDIT STEREO TELEVISION SYLVANIA 25" DIAGONAL SUPERSET Model RLE355PE Broadcast stereo ready Dark-Ute 100 picture tube E-4900 Superset chassis with comb filter Automatic Color Circuitry Random access digital tuning with bi-directional programmable scan 152 channel capability 17 pushbutton IR remote control with Quick View 4 watts per channel at 1% THD tram tOOHx-SfcHz Built-in stereo decoder and speaker system Trebie, bass, balance controls Expanded audio switch Audio input Jack Boom light monitor Traditional cabinet on concealed castors Pecan finish on wood and non-wood products $ 749 I NO SHOW ) MCK ROCKS: VK)EO TO OO ~\ MAOAZME REPORTS

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