The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 6, 1964 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1964
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VOL. 32 NO, 5 TOURNEY FINALISTS DEC/DED If** THREE DIVISIONS OF SCHOOLBOY BASKETBALL-PAGE 6 THE BRAIOSPORT FACTS FRIDAY, MARCH6J9M Ta» IX Are Bfaaoapaft it growing older, indicate. The completed tanas! eahool ehows that daring th* pul ywair the ana gtlaad tt stadeats-tb* smallest gro*Ui •IBM UN dletrlet waa formed IB tMt. TMt year'a flgurea, tad UN forecasts drawn from them, appeared to bat* <nl • ttNorjr advanced lest year by eahool trw- teee. TOs *tew wax that Braaoaport Itbeoom- !•• teat yotUhfal that H has baa*. T*a average adult la otter. Children are formlat a smallar parnartaia nf Iha pnpiilitlna aa i etting r?--school growth slows wbolw. rotimej* IB future yeere-i* baaed saw <* people «ow lath* district. rtdoeaaotooB- •Mar new paopte mortal la. On thla baata, H appears that tha nettbar of students IB til gradea will eoaUnu* to grow, but at a daereulng pace, aatH apeak Is reached four years from BOW. Than an* roUment will bagtn to daelma. from this iwar'i §,347, MM dietrtet wtU bmraaa* to * peak a( »,«• IB tba I8S7-8S aebool year, then begin a de«Une. tkta la tha all-grade* ptetar*. wheaaep- gMda <n»lslon*, alalhiUe* a«ow eve* mor* titafty tba MMHWtW of at* EtemeaUry ef|-jttma-4pajita nest yasr, Hip fW aBOtha* year | than * deeMa) tor tha remaiMnc Art* years ol tba n«w*y*ir projaatton. fatal jwttar MMPmoUnMBt eoMinwes to iwraaaa tea pHTtB ItS-Ms, held* atari* tor a year, deeHaeaaharpty tors rear, tb*a begun a part* «t several years of stalte enrollment. High aabool paeJ* atm Mar fern lefctor Kith be***baWBiS » aligBt iMUaa. mm sc*w-,t *\n he* tarty for * yearj rtaa lh» not* year tad r»m*ln steady fc* tyeari 4tcti«* «ttte« OB* y*»r-ia»7«68j than ellnb slowly to i path «4 tfcM* 1,878 » I fit-IS. IT. Lester Mehardai*!, saperMeaaeai of Braaeapnrt eahcol- loM tr«*N*a tt a utiBt ttal ua ttw twata of U»aa n aapMMd lawwaaawy •! tttl* llmt to pal toh> affect pUaa fnr m»)or B»« MMtacafcr nMtlMit HwlaMa. A ntavnfcavaal|i papo? I naMilHvd ai Uw Urn* of Ika taaaaa iwpnrt ahmwl tkat tl mU-rabra>ry data, U|h» hw rnr't tlm*. TH* t»w wt« 41 •aa 3 tl uk» JMkm«. la Ik* drop ol 54 18 fr»»T"T1 Cr**kX * tTf f <4 ii i" cr»«M q( tt la pl«»f» to rim* 1,0*5 clal* «aa • JqM« MM M ta- th» thraa ct<H* .ill to IWlhif Mfh*, I Jk* JMelK* i, »,. w » vth ft>r Mw i»in, HIM m h- aw m ifia.te, uirt >i tM> Fr»»port •III h»v* a M*«ty drcllo* from • t,m to 1,000 in !«•*••. Uka *ill tev* • ihw dMluw from • pr***a! I,in (o I«M.«7, ihM IB i CM* 570 m tf)i.74. *to i«»k Hospital htaitnf is held SWKENY-A nllm oath* validity of tea Svacny Hoa- pllal Diatnct la net agptctad from (ha T»xaa supwnw Court for 80 or » daya. District Board Chairman O. K. Hitchcock »aW. Itonavar, It may be aa long u alx monte btfora M» court haada down tti nfllni. followtnt thla ««tk*a htarint In AuaMn, ha addtd.v The Swacny HomWal DU- trlct wu taprtaantad by in attomay of ! lh« Houston firm ralalaad by ill» DUtHcVwtth a rapraaanWlva of Attoney Ocmral Wufoner Carr'a of- Hca pNaaajfnc brtofa In br. half of thai li^^^§5?S$SS$S;:$:'SNs«1 •• ^Bv .*. gf_ wONaMl l UeD~'l • ^*W B^gkAaVae^^S eam ^aV ' aw TUB AeaoctAtto Masa • ^SSr ••• • «n»7«ggr aw, eaj-a] -avap in tanker explosion ATHCKJ, Craaaa - Kia« PMl of Graaea died tvday, all daya altar ha wu «tnck*« with compllctlloM from a atamaeh oparattw. Crowe PTlBC* COHUatlBt, 13, who wu tt Ua tothar'a oniahJ*, aataaada tha it-y*ar-»U GIRL SCOUTS SAY THANK YOU TO LIONS Ftaeport Girl scouta thanked tba Freeport Llona Club for tba raeai.i ramodellnc of the Qlriseout House, by praaantlat cklendara to, from left, Llona Vice PraaMant Walter KratiM, President J. a Baker, Faat Pntaldent Buatar Curry, and H. C. siaafhtar and Ait ootdatta. vice pr*«l- denta. Olrl Seouta ara, from left, Jean ABO MeCuUoHfh, VIekl Georfa, Mary Hall Sbiflat and Pamela Faya Jonea. on bnad for tba hear- SpaJfhman, of the' " " " DUKE CARLISLE UT quarterback Texas QB is txes speaker Vincent fc. DUttno, director j of the unWrstty of Tesas «s DAtLAS - Proaaotttion it- toraaya *inact to «ompl*t* tba atala'a dtraet taattimwr tiilnat Jiek Ruby today •» mora pujiaawaa tail «hal h* taht In tha ftrat momcoU aft- ar ha had allied Ua llarvwy Oaw»H. FORT WORTW-Jfh* t»aw- alto of lia* Harvay oawitd u atlll aadir 14.l»ar fuart at a coat of 1100 aday,eonttwHd by Iha city at Iha urtlw ottlw Warran CommiMion. ANACORTCa, With. (AP>An ampty taakar iiphxM awl nnk only IS mllaa from U* <t«itln«tloa aarly today off WhMbay laliadin Pvaat Sound. Cotat Omrd raaew craft picked up n (urvttort, IMT- th* «raw frttm the taster ttwawr Hill Moscow-Firat Daputyso- Ttat Prtmlw A total Koafata told aa AiBtrteui covtrBmaot datofatlon "today that '" Kramlln «iaU a lonf-tarm trada uraamoot «rtth tha UA Political *°* II ~ rally to Jiuldaatboroftbal uaBer •atb tba dlstrtct wa* created.! Hitchcock aaidibapteaalaga of both man rMreseatlag tba . 'district were wall raeatvedhy , uxt: apacbU TB TESTS COMPLETED One district has half of 'positives e One achooJ dlatrlct produced almoat half tba coun- ty'a positive reactions to tuberculosis teats, thoufh tha dUtrict had laaa than 13 par cant of the atudenta taatad. Thla waa dlacloacd today In a report of the annual laatlng program of tba Bratorla County TubereuloalaAaaocia- tlon. Out of pearland'a student body of 1,400, teiU were given M 1, 18S, OfIbaaa, S4 had poal- Today- . Hit* I8i0$p.m; No low Saturday- JllfhltOSp.m. Low 3(81 •.m. VELDA KAV, MILDRED GR10AR and daughter, CONNIE, off Saturday on t week's trip to San Angelo to visit VELDA's mother, then to El Paao to visit VELDA's son and family... ROGER 8UMUN, son of the, L. «. 8UMUNS of U, atoete* vice prtfUant of PI Kappa Alpha Fraternity at North Texas State where he's aaan- lor majoring In narketfng,.. The A, J. DAVISES, on resldenU but reWly taking easily retired emu HttmMa a|e)|0b BttMff,»» - - - -- tsitut ' tlve rancUona to tba testa. IB' the county aa a whole, 9.21U were taatad, and Tt had positive reactions. Paarland Is In the north part of tba county, in the vicinity of Alvln. Alvtn la the only dla- trlct In the countv which neither permits the TE Assn. lasts, nor requires privately- (tvan testa for school admission. Lull year, polaU out D. H. Klnc, president of the TB Assn.. there were a total of 30 actual cues of TB In tba county. Of this total for the year, IB were from Alvln, Kln« said. Tba taailnc program, financed by contributions to tba TB Assn. IntheannualChrtst- ma»vsoal eampaitn. la carried out la all achoola except Alvln and Braxosporu Brasoaport reojulraa an an- &ual tubtrcuUn test made by a private physician before an- rollmenU Alvln neither requires a private lest, nor at- UcaaJi4afta| torn them to be given by tha TBAssn. King said that tha results of the testa ware "positive" or "suspicious" or "negative. " A positive reaction does not always mean an active case of TB, he said, but does separate out a group that should be tasted further. These tr* the results of the county teats: Pearlsnd, 1,183 tested out of a total of 1,408 students, with 34 positive and 64 suspicious. 117 students, W tested, none positive, 18*us- plaloaa* Anglaton, 3.676 tested, 16 positive, 88 suspicious. Danbttry, 300 students, tt» teated, none positive 6 suspicious. Manvel, 160 tested, none poslllva, 6 suspicious. sweeny, 1,8*7 students, I.- 84S taatad. 6 positive 71 sus- ptctous. Columbla-Brinoria, 3,31t atadaote, 1.046 tested, '14 (nalUve, e suspicious. [Facts in Brief Mother diet ANOLETON - Funeral services tor MM. W. A. Holder Sr., mother of W. A. Hold. er jr. and Robert Holder of Angleton, ore sat tor a p.m. Saturday In a church si Holder Cemetery In Jasper County, with burial In that cemetery. Mrs. Holder, of Laurel. Miss., died there about 1a.m. Friday after an illness of about two weeks. The body will Ua In state at tba Memorial Chapel in Laurel 111 service Use. At Jicyee Meat FREEPORT - Three eoa- ples are repreaentlni tba Freeport Junior chamber of Commerce at tba Area 6 Jay- eaa roeetlng being bald this weekend In Port Arthur. At the meeting an Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Meaaa and Mr. and Mrs. Noel Walters. Awliter hire.) sWEEN^--carroll n. Hax. well of Rlebardfon, Ta«. f a certified public arfOdnlajrt, baa bean employed by tha City of Sweeny to make their annual audit. Aaaoclatlon annual ban~«wt Saturday. The banquet att***aehant- ad mm U» AnHaton Cow, manlty inn aa prartoualy an- «, HaMatera to oa his wsy to sUgon for a shock oath* war todatermlaewhateaabedoaa to reverse tba tide of Cam* manlati Tb* aorvt rot », bedly bar n«4 and tot, wer* taken l« hon» pltais her* and at whldbar Island Navtl Air Sttlioa. Can** of tk* dlaaater I* not ret known. A crewman, shaMon phU- lips of Seattle, t*M th* 804. toot teafcer was bw*rt lor the Shell refinery at Aaecorteet from Taaoma, Wash., wftaa it wa* ranked by a aertea of *«- ptoaMu shortly after 4 a.m. Tb* vvseel aank ajuiafcty atoot 18 fflllaa ffom Abaanrtei aad 8(1 BjHat' aajth of Saaltte. ptrtttlaa a*U he waa wash- tag tank* whan Ih* bUat «e- ,ad a r«r«a««tf anaarlyda* .e^oaf^^ftt. ff ticket (Oontlnuedoa; »»•»») utSbow ready -flckete ftjr. tba .Qal"«aaa auitrtct's ABnaal Boy Soeat were.sehednlartteanoa la tba. Braaoaport area •b, sbowabttrmsaii. E.;Moy auwuneedtoday. 4 TMs yaaffi she* will be "I OB Saturday, APtttMm TWa year'a abow aetltltua win open with a parade at i P.m. Tba ahowvtttatartait p^n. at tba aama atta aa teat year, M Orel* Way between TMa Way aatThat way. There ware 4( aiblMU la IMS, and 1,168 boya parti* WASHINCTOM - Coagrwa has been loM fadaral lavaati- gators have broken a Earo- Baaa-Amartesa rtot attempt- tec to divert oceArabaad UA IMhiatrlal goods to Caba. MEW YORK-Formar Vtoa PresMaot Richard M. ttlxoa said today be Is ready to se- capt tba KapatillBSB nomlas- tton 8ar the same pool again, "whtob te importsat aa tba praatoeaay" lavtewof Pras- Maat Johnaoei'* praaaat post* DALLAS—A Dattea lasur- anoa niia WM ralaaaed after grUttag by Ib* FBI aad slate pottl* In Mawarb. N.f. after ha waa aata carrytac a tttt* at l wu da* PnM^Bl syfrom ticket sales wffl go to th* say Area Council and to unite la tba Quln- taaa Dtetrlct. It will be used lot capital improvements on tba district's permanent camp attest Karuksws. J»r, te u fellows; Ticket Sates, J. L. <Bob) Wilson; Auditing, t, L. Ma* Daat*!; ArrtagenMtBtsa Judging, JMk E. TurnerjOroaads, H. C. Slaughter, Parade, J. Troy israalt publletty. Jim Co POOOIBOMI, laly-The aa yau-oM wtte of a carpenter «m> birth today to girl naad- raptete walgbteg aboat foar Binnii aaab aad all reported to be la good >-«mim, Tba lotbarahil- The (while I* Invited to t 'potltlcaJ rally at 7i39 p.m. 'tonight at id* Operating Engineers Local 5M Hall at SSI S. Avenu* c in rreeporl. The procram will N> limited to caadldale* for Ih* office* of sheriff, and for juxtlceotlhr peace and ronaiable places of Justice Precinct V (nnsos- Port). The rally la •ponaored by the Brasorls County commute* tor political education, the political arm of organised labor In th* county. Sponsored by th* asm* group will b* another meeting on Friday, March II, st which candidate* for county commissioner of Pitelnote I and 3, -MttytMM**sa*r*coU*c- tor and remaining *onUat*d constable offic«a will b* Invited to opeaa. T. B. Crow, a COPK Official, said stweklnt lime will b* allotted only In randldate* for county office* where (her* ar* conteau. i«i all candidate* are lavtteO to attend IM meeting. Crow urged voters to attend the rally lonKM and n*it week in heller acquaint themaelvea with Ih* candt- d»l«* lnr fount y ufrice. jote caafhUn, aSeelltera- dlo aewaman, flytag ever the aaaae, in ttn*ark> Strait, reported that debrla wu e«at- tered uver • wide are* "and the *>i>l<»k)n muM have been terrttte." Tb* Dunker Hill -*at duwa about two houra hef'ir* dawa. Survival time la pugetSoaad'a frigid waters la th* wmtar la estimated at little more the* aahow. The tanker was owned by the Keystone Taakahtp Corp., Wilmington, Del., aad earned petrol*um tvodutts for Ih* Shall oil Co. rifts Sattrdfy Partly clouiiy, warmer to- al«H,Satur<l.y mii*4lyel<i<i4r, saettereit ahimtra, fr**h tu oa«ask»««lly -tr»ng southerly wtads ahinint to mrtherly hi|b Saturday 12, pool iiN IMP Two filled for striking officer * LAKE JACKSON - City Councilman may bedusUncoff jeoples of an ordinances which wu eawldarad eewral weeks ato for regulation of poet Th* renewed intereai In the Pfopoaed ordtnaaea to btbaj broogbt about by aa tafltOry aaaoirajagopaaingapoolhalt. Tba CoaneU bad r*a4 and iMifamait brtefly ai T*8 cbargaa all arose free. c4daats ooMay* $. 1849 wkaa UANDUHV-fuejwal leee for a Daabury <nan«hoea age wi* Hated el ill year* are aakaduled for 10 a.m. Satunliy. Tb* aervue* for Coreopto Parr* will to held w «. A»- thony'a Catholic Cfturab IB Daabury with th* Rev. .Ink Jones oOlculteg. Hurls! will be tn Uw CatholM Cemetery in UsMwry. KoMtry *ill b* recited at • p.m. rrtd*y in Itw A«ita>nB Funertl Hum* Cbupal. Parr* had b*en a reatdaai of BratorUCuoniy for Iha past M yetra, «»1 tl«ed InBtatoB prior i" th*l lime, M* mad*) Ms kom* willi hi* K», Fa**- tla». l"arn, «ku I* Uw only survivor. Crash cause still unknown .AKaLBTON-Two Aagtaton btethera entered gultty pleu c«thraaebarg*s*achtnclwd- Uet * ebarga of aggravated a a pattea offleer. typ«;a|baajai«.> The miter «*»-* ware Jake satf Clyde Baaty who war* cbjurgad one count of abusive aad OB* count ol to pahUc tMk la ad- to «it fjkarca of aa- Bath federal asaastea !«*• tag Into the cause of th* f*UI atr arash mr Lake Jaahao* Taaa*ay MfM ha«* aomptetex lavasugiUMM but a» wot*) has b*«a raaatvad *a to ttetr Rattm*. Beth of the i*|ured puiaa gar*. 0«y Menu aad Kan Kan- ay. beta baa* traaatartae) t» few tram * baitaaa* brlpte L*«. staa*. n» aiM, w. u tr*0a u< 14»* Jaakma, dtea* as*re' MM at e» araab. Nevtti, •tuwaaettllaBlba srtUMl Hat bat ipas-aaltyaa. to tesva Commmttf UoiplM at BMS teaky to traaaea' te . Ufa ta Maaatoa ««d are of tk* Dew Cbaia- A fas! Agaaay ttMlMlli- taUV aaMtoaty I Avtettoa «M CttM Aem* M ear a . Alrfawt Taaaeajr, tatvtMg M* see*) r**«- « •*******>*•<*» cf*;'. «* b

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